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today we are excited to be hosting another giveaway with our sponsor, sole society! if you missed out last time, sole society is giving away 3 pairs of shoes to 3 lucky winners this week! the great thing about sole society is that they introduce a new on-trend shoe every day to members (it’s completely free to join) and most pairs start at $49.95 with free shipping both ways! to enter to win, please visit sole society and register if you aren’t already a member. then come back here and comment below telling us which pair is your favorite. the 3 winners will be drawn at random and announced next week.
sole society is also offering $20 off your first pair of shoes to US readers with the code ROCKSTAR20  until december 15th! and be sure to check out their cyber monday deal which runs all week!
UPDATE! 12/8 :: congrats to our 3 winners below! please email me your contact info!
rockstardiaries {at}
  1. Tracy

    I have two favorites- I love the Katarina and the Tami!

  2. I like Carolyn riding boots :)

  3. I like the elsa bootiies!

  4. I love the tami!

  5. OH man. I like them all! Ha!

    I really like the Sophie boots and Alison pumps.

  6. roza

    elsa bootie in taupe color! so perfect!

  7. oh! please, please, please! I love the alison pumps!


    Love the tammi and the kirby!

  9. Jessica

    I love any and all of the booties!

  10. These kinds of things make me wish I lived in the states. Their shoes are all so cute!

  11. sarah

    I like the Annie flat!

  12. I love love love Camilla & Cassandra! Gorgeous!

  13. Bridget

    They have a Bridget shoe…but it has four inch heels, blast! I do love the studded Sadie flats, though!

  14. Emily

    I can't decided if I loke the TORI of CARLEE shoes better. Both gorgeous!

  15. A Dee

    SO many cute ones–but I'm loving the Elsa bootie!

  16. Teresa

    Hello! Love the Harper and the Camila! :))

  17. DanaS

    Elsa bootie is so cute. Actually they are all so cute, i dont know how to choose

  18. my favourite pair is layla. love them!!!

  19. hmm, love cameron! but i dont know for how long i would be able to stay on these high heels :)

  20. Mol

    I've been a sole society member for awhile, and I love the Martina boot!

  21. the elsa boots are my favourite!

  22. Courtney

    Oh man! The Dylan flats in yellow are to die for, or the Carolyn boots in brown…I'm drooling!

  23. Kat

    Love the Carolyn! Love tan & black you can wear literally anything with that combo! Perfect pair of boots!

  24. kate

    Annie flats!

  25. I love the Peony ballet flats. I also registered with Sole Society!

  26. Jenni

    I love the Abby booties!

  27. Alma

    Im loving the ELSA ankle boot! Thank you!

  28. loving the tami slippers!

  29. celeste

    The Elsa boot is just what I've been looking for..

  30. Cata

    I NEED those pink booties!!!!!!!!!!! I am MORE than in love. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I really love them!
    Love your blog BTW. Kisses

  31. I love the Poppy flats! – Amanda O.

  32. Liz

    Love the Elsa in taupe

  33. I love the kirby flats.


  34. love the carolyn boot and the noah heels :)

  35. love the carolyn boots and the noah heels :)

  36. SadeAnne

    Annie!! i liked them all

  37. Robin

    the margie heels are so cute!!! they remind me of the ones valentino came out with a few year back!

  38. I love the Elsa!

  39. BTaylor

    I love the Monica, but there are just so many that I would love to add to my closet!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Brittany H.

  40. My favorite is the Cleo! I love the fun color combos and the chunky heel is perfect for a klutz like me!!

  41. EricaP

    Hello Sabine, Harper, Maxwell— to many to choose just one! Merry Christmas to me?!

  42. EricaP

    Hello Sabine, Harper, Maxwell— to many to choose just one! Merry Christmas to me?!

  43. Emily

    I love too many of them! But the Nolita heels or the Elsa boots are awesome.

  44. Marsa

    i've registered for sole society! :)

  45. Marsa

    my favorite is the rumer boot in black!

  46. My favorite is the Elyse bootie!

  47. Love the elsa booties!!

  48. Natalie

    I love the Josslyn in blue!

  49. Liz

    I really like the Margie strappy heels – perfect for Christmas parties!

  50. Loving the Gold Peony glitter ballet flats! <33

  51. I love the Kirby in black!

  52. Sophie

    Love the Tami!

  53. dan_nay

    Love! Annie in Blue, Dylan in Yellow, and Lyssa in Black.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  54. Elsa bootie for sure! Fingers crossed!

  55. Rose

    Love the Noah in camel! :)

  56. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sole Society! I have been eying the Cleo in purple. Btw, you are amazing and have such a beautiful family. I enjoy reading your posts – they make me want to start my family with my husband!

  57. I love the Carolyn boots!!!!!

  58. huge fan of sole society! love the carolyn riding boots & elsa booties :)

  59. L

    Already registered with Sole Society, bc I love them! I am loving the Addison in cheetah print. Rawr!

  60. susanB

    i like the marcia and isla shoes. so pretty:)

  61. M.M.

    I have two favourites, Elsa taupe and Brandy burgundy!

  62. kate

    I'm loving the elsa booties! and the poppy flats!

  63. I love Sole Society and the Brandi boot is definitely the one I love the most!

  64. sarasue

    The maxwell booties!!!! So cute!

  65. my favorites: LYSSA, ankle bootie

  66. Sarah

    Oooooh! I change my mind each time I look. I really like Elsa and Sadie and Katrina.

  67. Taylor

    love them all!! Loving the maxwell booties especially xoxo

  68. i'm so in love with the martina boots in dark chocolate!! awesome giveaway :)

  69. Kelsi

    Love the Carolyn boots!

  70. I love the Marcia! Such a classic style…

  71. Ahh i love love love all their shoes but my absolute favorite are the Martine studded flat :)

  72. Trisha

    Love the Marigold studded flats! Very girly, which I usually don't go for! :)

  73. Love their shoes! I think I would get the harper oxford flat in cream. Love em all!

  74. kelli

    Carolyn, definitely. Love!

  75. Sarah

    Love the marcia!

  76. Jacqui

    I love the sparkly Marilyn heels! They are perfect for the holidays!

  77. Kelly

    It's so hard to pick just one! Right now I'm leaning towards the Sharon wedge. Love that pop of yellow.

  78. MollyD

    I love the aster!

  79. amber

    Love the Martina boots and the Harper shoes!

  80. simona

    I'm in love with Elyse!

  81. i am loving the new carlee shoe. the perfect conservative & stylish shoe for work! thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Morning, Naomi! The Marcia pump is perfect; I'm already planning outfits around it. Get excited because it's supposed to snow here today. :)

  83. R.J.

    Love the Miram boot!

  84. I have such a hard time picking one! Isabella or Kylie for warm weather, or Abby or Martina for cold weather. And the sparkly Marilyn heels are amazing too! Gah, I'll stop while I'm ahead. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Meaghan

    Loving the Suzanne & the Cleo! Too many fabulous choices to choose just one! I recently ordered my first pair of SS & couldn't be more excited to receive them. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway!

    xo Meaghan

  86. Marlo

    Loving the Isla (blue) and the Tami. So wearable! Fingers crossed.

  87. Chrizzle

    elsa in taupe <3!

    The first ones in your picture are perfect for you!!

  88. My favorite would have to be the Elsa western bootie in the grey suede! What a cute boot!

  89. rachel

    Addison, Elsa, Audrina!!!

  90. Samantha

    I absolutely love the Tami in Bronze Black!! I've been wanting this style of flat ;D

  91. Carolyn riding boots!!!! Xoxoxo

  92. Dana

    I love the Cleo, so perfect for the holidays!

  93. K

    I absolutely love the ELSA boots in both Tan & Taupe.
    Thanks a lot for this nice giveaway.

  94. MoKa

    Oooh, I love this shop.
    I'd love Martina and Carolyn boots and sandra flats.

  95. I love the Red Margaret buckle detail wedge, so festive for the holiday season.

  96. I love the Dahlia! I need classic black pumps.

  97. kristen

    I think this is my third (or fourth??) Sole Society giveaway; I'm still vying for those Valentina boots! Wish me luck!

  98. Caitlin

    There are so many I love… If I had to pick one right now it would be the Aaliyah in Marine!

  99. still loving the Miranda! Great giveaway!

  100. alariv

    The Elsa!!

  101. Love the Tami in bronze!!!

  102. Erin

    I like the peony and rielle flats!

  103. Lindsey

    I love the Elsa!

  104. Maxwell, Azura and Halle!!
    size 7

  105. Knagel

    Love the menswear-inspired Harper. So chic for work!

  106. Molly

    I would love the Dylan in yellow. So cheery!

  107. I love the Audrina and Tami! Pick me :)

  108. Stella

    i love the Miranda and Sabine!

  109. OMG! I love Sole Society Shoes.
    I am loving Noah in Black, Elsa, & Harper in Mauve <3

  110. I have had my eye on the taupe Elsa booties for a while now. They would make such a great addition to my closet!!

  111. I really love the Alexandria in gold for New Years!! I hope I win! :)

  112. Sara

    love the black audrina shoes!

  113. I LOVE the Audrina and the Carolyn! Thanks Naomi.

  114. keeeeemy

    in love with the 'audrey' wedges! thanks for doing this giveaway. :)

  115. kember

    I love the Kirby! They are so cute and look so comfortable!

  116. Lindsay

    Love the Elsa and the Kelly!

  117. Cat

    I'd love some Mary Janes or cute flats.

  118. The "harper" in mauve is so classic! <3

  119. I love the Camila Black or Dylan in any color!

  120. I just love the Cleo heel and the Peony glitter flats!

  121. vm157

    The Marilyns would be perfect for a night out!

  122. Ruth Eve

    ooh, the dylan! pick me, please!

  123. Loving the Marcia in either mustard or fuchsia. Thank you!

  124. My favorite is the Tami, a perfect shoe for the holidays!

  125. I love the Carolyn boots! They're absolutely perfect!

  126. Emily D

    I love the Carolyn two-toned boots! Also, I've been eyeing a pair of shoes like the black Camila Loafers. Wow, so many choices!!

  127. I love the Elsa and the Annie!

  128. Love the Carolyn riding boots!

  129. Sarah

    I love Sole Society! Every time I wear their shoes I get stopped to be asked where they are from. I am a big fan of the Isla right now but I like too many to list!

  130. manthony

    The Maxwell booties in black are fabulous!

  131. Sadie

    In LOVE with the ISLA!

  132. McCall

    Ooooo. I love love love the AILEEN BOOT in Camel. :)

  133. The Tami and Katarina!

  134. Oh these shoes are lovely! So excited about the promo code. Merry Christmas to me!

  135. Amanda

    Awesome giveaway! I really like the Tanya flats in bark and the Sandra 2.0 sandals in mint. :)

  136. kg.

    I love Sole Society! My favorites are Sabine, Gabby & Camila… or any really. ;)

  137. jwhitley

    I love the kirby flats! Fingers crossed :)

  138. Christie

    So hard to choose! Already have the Alison in both colors. Love Aaliyah in the burgundy — how classy

  139. Rachael

    I love the rumer boots in black.

  140. Gwynne

    my favorite is the gabby bootie in black!

  141. LeD

    The Leila wedges are perfect for the holidays or when you want to have a little fun at work! :)

  142. Kira

    My favorite of the moment are the Bridgets!

  143. amy

    love the elsa and lyssa booties!!!

  144. Loving the Audrina wedge booties, the Katarina flats, and the Tami flats!

  145. Miranda !! <3 Merci :)

  146. Abloss

    I LOVE the Harper Oxford in Pink!

  147. Alex

    I've been OBSESSED with the Gabby boot for months! I hope I win!

  148. Leah

    I love Stella, Andrea, Carolyn, and plenty of others! Gorgeous shoes.

  149. Sarah

    Tami shoes are definitely my favorite!

  150. Chelsea

    i like the camila smoking loafer flat!

  151. My favourite pair of shoes: Dahlia!

  152. Kate

    The Sarah in Cranberry needs to grace my closet soon!

  153. brittni

    I love the Kelly Pointed Wedge–i just can't decide if I love the leopard or the nude color more! So cute!

  154. I'm absolutely in love with the blair, martina, and tami shoes. All three would be great additions to my closet and would go with everything in it.

  155. Kiki

    I love the Dylan flats in Lemon Yellow!

  156. Those Elsa Boots are pretty awesome….or the sparkley Tami flats…or tan Katarina's…or…I could go on!!!

  157. I love Shoemint! The rielle is my fav of the moment. Been looking for a cap toe flat for awhile now!

  158. I love the Audrina tan ankle boots, or the Katarina nude/tan flats…they have so many adorable shoes!!

  159. Sandra 2.0!

  160. Betsy

    I'm a member! I would either be between the margaret which would be great for work or the Cleo which would be great for new year's eve!

  161. I adore the Tami flat! So cute!

  162. Audrey

    I love the Elsa!

  163. the Margie!

  164. Loira

    My favorite at the moment are the Julianne heels as well as the Marcia heels. Beautiful!

  165. Jess

    The Audrina booties and the Sarah moccasins :)

  166. casey

    I could definitely use those Elsa's or Monica's…love them!

  167. I totally dig the "Josslyn" boot. Fitting, because my name is Jocelyn! Coincidence? I think not. I need these bad boys.

  168. Thanks for the FYI about this site! It is waaay better than the previous shoe site I was registered to. I love the Layla's!

    Love your blog and photos with the hubby and kiddos! Ur awesome!

  169. Can't decide between the Cleo in Cranberry or the Tami in bronze black…..decisions, decisions! ;)

  170. Unknown

    ohhh tha Rumer suede boots!!!

  171. Michaela

    Love love the Leila's!

  172. Megan

    Eek I love Sole Society! I have been eyeing the Brandi and the Marigold!

  173. Brittan

    Love the Yellow Marcias. They would look precious with dresses and tights. And the Katarina's in the neutral color would look great with cigarette pants. So cute.

  174. LOVE the black Kylie! Great giveaway!


  175. Addicted to this site now! The Cleo in black is seriously the most perfect chunky heel pump.

  176. jessica

    I am absolutely smitten with the Alice booties!

  177. Meghan

    I am obsessed with my Carolyns, I get so many compliments! I first started using Sole Society because of your last Rockstar Giveaway and absolutely love their selections! I have already recruited my best friends to join!

  178. B

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the Cleo, and am obsessed with it's chunky heel. I'm crossing my fingers for sure!

  179. I like the Nicole peep toe. So fancy!

  180. Cadence

    The Blair flat in the russet luggage shade! Fingers crossed!

  181. Haleigh

    I am in love with the Audrina bootie!! Thanks!

  182. lizard

    Kimberlee in bronze is sassy!! I want it for my own!

  183. Katie

    the Suzanne heels are perfect for parties this winter!

  184. Sarah

    I NEED the Sadie! They look so comfortable (preggo and chasing after a small toddler), but ADORABLE!

  185. Kate

    I love the ones with the bow, but in pink!

  186. Oh dear, I can't decide . Noah is one I really like, but I like a lot if them. :)

  187. Halili H

    i'd love a pair of katarinas ! x

  188. Emily

    i heart Tami!

  189. I'm in love with the Elsa and martine in snakeskin print! They're all great!

  190. LOVE the Kelly in nude and valentina in chocolate! =)

  191. gray dylan is super cute!!

  192. Wow! These shoes are to die for. They all are fabulous. I specifically like that black flats with a gold ensemble. Its simple but elegant.
    web development Sydney

  193. I love the 'Monica' in Canyon Brown!

  194. kallie

    i love the cleos and the marcias! adorable ;)

  195. Chrissy

    I really love the Judys! And it's my moms name :)

  196. Bethany

    I just registered there. I am in love! I would pick Sabine for sure.

  197. I'm absolutely in love with the Audrina black booties. I've been looking for the perfect black bootie (that is affordable) for a few months now and this seems perfect! Plus, the sole makes is ideal for those snowy days in Michigan :)

  198. So many cute ones!! But I love the Alyson pumps, and the Carolyn boots!!

  199. Megan

    Oh my heck, I love the Kirby in the black and gold that you've got pictured! So cute!

  200. Just joined! I'm thinking real hard about those pointy-toed leopard print heels, especially with the $20 off!

  201. Leti

    cameron in croissant

  202. S

    I love the Pauline motorcycle boot! Would look great with leggings and a chunky sweater for winter in Chicago :)

  203. fée

    I love Poopy in blue and black! And also…because one pair is not enough, i like Addison in grey!

  204. Nicagal

    I adore the Carolyn riding boots!!

  205. right now i've got my eye on the kelly pointed wedge in nude!

  206. Love the Pauline boots and the Leisha platforms!!

  207. C

    Love the IVY in black and white!

  208. Love the Carolyn Riding Boots & the Elsa Booties!

  209. I love the Tami flats!

  210. I'm kinda in love with the HELENA low cut bootie in chili red!

  211. Nicole

    Oh the Marilyn would be perfect for an upcoming Christmas party! My fingers are crossed!

  212. Sophie boots Sophie boots!

  213. Eliza

    I love the Elsa booties and the Cleo! What a great giveaway!

  214. Eliza

    I love the Elsa booties and the Cleo! What a great giveaway!

  215. BBC

    i LOVE the LEILA!

  216. I love Cheryl, AND Kirby!

  217. Jessie

    I love the Sarah in every color!

  218. oh I need new boots!

  219. Love the sparkly loafers!

  220. I'm a sucker for sparkels, so the MARILYN is my favorite!

  221. Nicola

    I love the Elsa booties :)

  222. Mel A

    I actually ended up choosing the three pairs that I would get! Sadie (super cute flats), Krista (wedges with a sparkle), and Annie (everyday flats). Great website!

  223. Jill

    The Marcia shoes are pretty amazing, I like the heel height and they would go with everything.

  224. Mallory

    I love them ALL!!! But I would choose the Tanya!

  225. Jennette

    I love the Jeannette. Which is funny because…my name's Jennette

  226. Ahh! I would love to have the charcoal color block Aster! So cute!!!

  227. ewheeler

    I LOVE the Gabby! Sooo cute for winter!

  228. Laurie

    i love the sarah flats!

  229. Unknown

    oh the harper…in every color, love them!

  230. Kaitlyn

    I think my favorite is the Elsa Western Bootie in Mauve — but I'm also in love with the out of stock Carolyn riding boot.

    light0a0candle at hotmail dot com

  231. i loveeee the tami flats! anything glittery is good with me!

  232. Kathreen

    I couldn't decide…I loved Monica & Kaitlyn! Been looking for brown heels and I just love the inside red lining of the heels!

  233. MeLisa

    I love the Cleo! So fun for jeans or a night on the town :)

  234. Mindy

    been looking for sleek black boots just like the miriam or carolyn ones! would love these for winter

  235. Unknown

    Western bootie, taupe!

  236. Im loving Isla and Sadie right now… so pretty!

  237. i like the rielle shoes!

  238. Jessica

    the annie shoes in "mist" are absolutely perfect!

  239. ooo i am loving the cassandra, tami, and katrina!

  240. Chelsea

    I love the Harper oxford flats and the Tami loafers! So cute!

  241. Angie

    The sabine bootie in tan = gorgeous!

  242. Candice

    I like the Caroline riding boots, I signed up!! Thank you! I need winter boots :)

  243. Susi

    I like the "Heather" shoes.

  244. Laura H

    I love the Sadie flats! What a great giveaway!

  245. Ashley

    I love love love the Harper and the Josslyn!

  246. Katie

    I love the Dylan flats with the bow! :)

  247. Rachel

    I love the Blair flats!

  248. Kelly

    LOVE the Marcia!

  249. Jessica

    Love the Audrina. Wedges are just super comfortable.

  250. I love the TAMI loafer flat in Pewter Silver. So cute and cool. Thank you!

  251. Lisa

    I like the leila heels.

  252. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Julia

    I'd chose the white Shiloh wedge, or the black Camila flats, or the Rielle white ones!!
    And much more if possible…

  254. LopezA22

    my favorite is the classic round-toe pump Christy in the pink plaid.

  255. Stacy

    I've been looking for something just like the Harper oxford flats in tan–so simple and versatile. Thanks!

  256. E Abide

    I love the Elsa boots!

  257. How could I not have known about this place before! Win or lose, I am definitely going to own those Cleo chunky heeled pumps in navy. This site is amazing!

  258. ooh I loove the Tami loafers, marcella pump, camila loafer,and the dylan flat! So many shoes I love…

  259. Lauren

    I love the Maxwell, Elsa, and Carolyn! They are all so cute and I would wear them all the time!

  260. You always have the best giveaways!
    my favorite is the Kirby in black aqua

  261. Katie

    I'm a huge fan of Sole Society! If I win, I've got my eye on the Carolyn boot, or perhaps the Maxwell booties (for an extra dose of Rockstar).

  262. kristin

    Love Harper and Cheryl!

  263. Katie

    I love the Valentina boots and the Kaitlyn heels!!!

  264. Katie

    i'm pretty much in love with marcia… & i think my nine months preggo body could handle low heels like those! :)

  265. I'd choose either the Katarine/Tami flats or the Carolyn boot.

  266. Alex

    the carolyn in black burgundy, the cameron in croissant and the kirby in black gold are all amazing!! would LOVE LOVE to rock any/all of these.

  267. Right now I'm loving the Brandi shoe in the burgundy color. So pretty!! Love your blog!

    Liz McNeil

  268. ...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  269. Thanks for the giveaway! Katarina are my favorite!

  270. Maggie

    how can i choose just one! the kacie in nude would be perfect for those professional or demure/girly days. the alison in black is for those fierce days. and the bridget is for the holiday parties that i already have paired with cute outfits!

  271. kenzie

    I love the gabriela, the carolyn, and the waverly! Oh and every other shoe they have. What's not to love!! Fingers crossed to winning :)

  272. The Cleo looks perfect for winter and walking on snowy sidewalks

  273. laurin_p

    i don't really buy shoes for myself, but i love the sydney shoes!

  274. Destiny

    i love the katarina studded flat….but i can't decide which color yet.

  275. I love the Heather booties (everyone else does too, cause they are sold out!) I love the Sarah moccasins too!

  276. Love the Arizona sandals!!! Need a pair like that…

  277. ooh those sparkly loafers are great! perfect holiday shoes!

  278. Eva Rose

    I love the dylan flats. so cute!

  279. i love this giveaway! I joined sole society with the last giveaway!!!

  280. Hannah

    The Elsa booties have my name written all over them!

  281. Jill

    I love the Kirby!

  282. I like the Camilla flats and the Miranda booties :)

  283. Just ordered the Carlee in red last night, but also dying to get the Martine! Thanks so much!

  284. Allie

    Best giveaway ever! I love the Dylan in grey and Katarina!

  285. emi

    loving the rielle! i joined the site, fingers crossed! xoxo

  286. I love the Carolyn riding boots!! Great giveaway!

  287. Oof I am loving Audrina wedge bootie in brown!!! Thanks, Rockstar!

  288. The Sandra shoe is lovely, especially in mist green <3

  289. I think it's a tie for me between the Elsa booties and Kirby snake flats!
    Either would be welcome with open arms into my wardrobe!

  290. I looove Rumer!

  291. mmmmm the Dylan or the Carolyn. So lovely

  292. definitely love the Harper oxford flat in the brown leopard print and the Audrina wedge bootie in black.

  293. I love love LOVE the Jasmine Wedges, and I also love the Marissa sandles, it makes me want to vacation somewhere warm :) If we ever have enough money with a little one! One can dream <3 It would help if I didn't spend money on shoes? Perhaps a giveaway would help (wink..nudge)

  294. I love the Monica! And the Tori! It's hard to just pick one :)Thanks!

  295. The Audrina booties or the Elsa booties. Love them both!

  296. Slapdash

    LOVE the Chantal in Caribou!

  297. Love the Poppy and Elsa. Thanks – I could use some new shoes! This would be perfect timing.

  298. I looove Rumer!

  299. The Elyse needs to be on my feet right now!

  300. i love the peonie in gold!

  301. I would definitely get the Audrina wedge bootie! Too cute. I love Sole Society, and cant wait to use my promo code to buy my first pair!

  302. Annie

    I can't decide between the Sadie and Tina. They are both classy and fun looking and would be the perfect shoe for work!

  303. i love the cleo pair! thanks for sharing.

  304. millie

    The Dylan ballet flats in yellow are to dye for!

  305. I really like the Katrina in all taupe bronze!

  306. Katrina

    Love the Audrina! Perfect for fall & winter.

  307. Virginia

    I love the Marigold in tan!!

  308. I love the Carmen in purple. Instant glam with that color.

  309. I love the Addison.. although Audrina and Elsa are close contenders. I have a thing for heeled ankle boots right now.

  310. Chelsea

    Audrina bootie all the way!

    so cute!

  311. Stella

    I love the Rumer ruched boots in black, but they're all sold out in my size. :( So I might go with some ankle booties instead. What a fabulous site!

  312. Unknown

    Harper and audrina are super cute!

  313. I love the Kira!

  314. The Sandra 2.0 would look amazing on my honeymoon to Mexico next month! Hopefully the shoe fairies are shining down on me ;)

  315. Rachel

    I like the Krista wedges :)

  316. I love the Marilyn shoe! It's so sassy, and perfect for the holidays :)

  317. I LOVE all the boots! However, I especially love the Addison boots in leopard!

  318. Whitknee

    I love the Monica in brown! Such cute heels!

  319. Brittany

    I love the Tami shoe! Anything with sparkles!
    smith.d.brittany at

  320. Love the Kirby style! :) Definitely my favorite.

  321. estylee

    the tami!

  322. Oooo, Black Audrina's, to go with every holiday outfit. Is black the new black? ;) [also loving the brown Sharon's, THANKS!!!]

  323. I'm more of a flats girl, but I'd love to try out the Valentina boot. :)

  324. Wow. How do you pick one pair of shoes from Sole Society? I even narrowed my choices to booties and flats and it was still hard! I adore the Elsa western bootie. A classic look!

  325. alli

    I love the Elsa western booties and the Marcia round toe heels!! Love Sole Society! Great giveaway!

  326. The Elsa boots. Oh the Elsa boots. I've been needing some new boots for a while, and I've been saving up for these, but I had car trouble and the money went to that. Sigh. Maybe I can win them instead of buying them! Good luck everyone :)

  327. My fav is THE KELLY! loving sole society!

  328. The Elsa boot is my favorite. They remind me of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots which I cannot afford so this will be perfect. I also love the Cleo and Noah heels

  329. laurel

    My favorite is the Camila flat in adobe- it's a neutral without being boring!

  330. kamber

    I love the Turquoise Daphne flats. They are so cute!

  331. The Elsa booties! Love.

  332. kamber

    I love the Turquoise Daphne flats… so cute!

  333. Since it is winter time, Audrina seem to be the perfect pair of ankle boots. Those were definitely my favorite!

  334. elsa bootie!! =)

  335. I love the Carolyn boots! They are perfect for this winter!

  336. The Margie shoe is my favorite, the studs are so cute. :)

  337. Azura Round Toe Pump! *LOVE*

  338. Jenn

    I've been looking for some classic black heels forever, so I might go for the Dahlia!!

  339. Laura S.

    LOVE the Elsa in taupe and the Harper in brown.

  340. the carolyn boots are amazing!

  341. elsa boots are fab!

  342. Bayree

    Favorites: Noah and Camila. Thanks!

  343. JenLee

    Hmmmm…I love the Isla shoes, but I also think the Sandra 2.0 sandals are so cute! Too many to choose from!

  344. The elsa bootie, harper oxford flat, and katarina flat are all on my christmas list!

  345. AyyAnnie

    love the alison pumps! fun!

  346. I found the perfect summer shoe and there are only 3 left in my size. It is the Sandra 2.0 mini wedge sandal in Rose Gold. They would go with everything. What a fun site!


  347. RachRizz

    Love the Elyse bootie!

  348. RachRizz

    Love the Elyse bootie!

  349. Karen

    The Marilyns and Sabines are pretty great.

  350. kristi

    Lovin the elsa and gabby right now! Can be casual or dressed up… holiday parties here i come!

  351. Lindsee

    Loving all the wedges! Sharon, Cassandra, Judy….could go on and on! Thanks, great giveaway!

  352. I love the camilla [in gold], and the dylan [in yellow]!

  353. Unknown


    I love love love the shoes from sole society!

  354. Rebecca

    This is a lovely giveaway – tell me, how did I not know about this website? And how COOL are the Margie stud pumps in Citrine Cuban Sand????

  355. Gaby

    I'm loving the Elsa! I could really use a new pair of booties!

  356. Justyna

    Love, love, LOVE the Margie in Black Cuban Sand– hot!

  357. I need the Valentina Boot! So many cute options!

  358. Lauren

    I love the Chantal in brown – perfect work shoes!

  359. I've been eyeing the Elsa for a while now! So cute.

  360. I need the Elyse in my life.

  361. Shelbey

    Pick a favorite? How about all of them. . .

    But if I have to, my fave is definitely Kirby in black and gold.

  362. Rilee

    Lovin' the Heather Buckle Wedge Bootie. They would go with almost any outfit!

  363. Annie

    I love the camila loafer in leopard and rumer boot in black leather! awesome shoes!

  364. Love-love-love the Judy wedge in chili red! oh… and Carmen in charcoal. Loving wedges lately ;)

  365. Laura

    The Elsa or Josslyn in grey for sure!

  366. laura

    love the elsa!

  367. em

    i want me those pink boots!!!

  368. Love the Miranda booties! Super cute!

  369. Hailey.

    These shoes are so beautiful!!!! It's so hard to choose….. but I think my favorite is the Alison Suede Pump (black).

  370. My holiday closet could absolutely benefit from a pair of the black and gold Kimberlee heels!!! Although, the nude colored Kelly platform pumps are timeless and great for the whole year 'round.

  371. Karlene

    Love love the Cleo and the Isla…perfect for this winter!

  372. Makenzie

    Obsessed with the Carlee!

  373. Carly

    I like the Elsa booties in Taupe!

  374. Sarah

    I would love the Maxwell shoes!!

  375. Oh there are so many to choose from. I really like the chantal, peony, and I cannot think of the last boot I like but it was greay in the wild west boot section. Thanks!

  376. the martina boots and i are totally MFEO!!

  377. Kate

    Loving the Christina flat in stripes and the Gelarah in Mustard. Love this site!

  378. TanyaG

    Gabby is pretty dang cute!

  379. oddly enough, the "bridget" is my favorite!

  380. Courtney

    Hmm… I'm thinking my favorite is Marcella. I mean, tortoiseshell heel and platform, how could I pass that up?!

  381. amber


  382. Joan

    I love the Noah in Jungle Green!

  383. I love the poppy!! What a great color (the royal blue with the light blue rim!!).

  384. I love the "Annie" in blue or the "Lilac" in the tribal print. Oh my, so cute!

  385. The Rielles in Frost Gold. Durable and beautiful!

  386. bri

    love the miriam boots! i've been searching for a new pair this season. and the maxwell studded bootie is just perfect!

    socal mama

  387. i LOVE the Margaret wedge!!!

  388. I love the Elsa, and their new pump in a muted gold

  389. jordan

    karlee and liana! holy moly!!!

  390. skaggs

    LOVE the Elsa bootie!

  391. i love the gabby! they are very "rockstar"! i've been looking for booties for forever!

  392. I want the Lyssa ankle bootie so bad! Love them!

  393. Amelia

    love the elsa & the gabby :)

  394. my favorite pair: the dahlia (for their classic look and simplicity)

  395. My favorite is the Bridget bootie. So sparkly and cute for the holidays!

  396. Hanna

    elsa all the way!

  397. I love the elsa booties! thanks for hosting :)

  398. Kelsi

    Love the Carolyn boots. Thanks Naomi!

  399. Julia

    My favorite pair of shoes are the peony glittery falts! I Looove sparkle! Love sole society hope I win!

  400. andreia

    I am currently so into mixing patterns and/or textures… so my favorite right now would be the Alison! It can be dressed down or up too, which is always a plus!!

  401. Kaylei

    The Elsa in mauve… swooooooon!

  402. I love the harper, and the sadie, and pretty much all of them! I would love to win!

  403. lauraboy

    I am in LOVE with the Marilyn glitter pump! It's so perfect for my New Years Eve outfit!

  404. Love the elsa!

  405. Can't decide between the Harlow and Harper-Love them both! :)

  406. I love love love the Camila loafers!

  407. Jenna

    The Hillary would be absolutely perfect for work! I don't know how I could just choose three? I guess I know what I'll be adding to my christmas list this year.

  408. i love the camila in leopard!

  409. Catrina

    I've been looking for a winter heel. I love the black aster ankle bootie. Thanks for the givaway!

  410. The Carolyn boots in "new luggage rust" are my favorite. I hope they come back in stock!

  411. Melissa

    love the ADDISON ankle boots

  412. Donna

    What a great giveaway! So many choices!!

    The ELYSE & SHEILA in mustard and pink are amazing!! Thanks!!

  413. LOVE the Carolyn Boot! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  414. Great give-a-way! I love sole society. I'm a member, but have yet had the opportunity to purchase their chic shoes yet. If I were to win, I would choose either the katarina flats or the elsa booties.


  415. AALIYAH is my favorite…in red!

  416. Giselle

    love the anastasia!

  417. bonnie

    Martina boots and Harper flats!!! Such cute shoes!

  418. Oh the Krista are my favorite!

  419. I love the Audrina wedges, and the Aaliyah pumps, the Carolyn boots, and the Krista wedges. How's a girl to choose just one?! Beautiful shoes!

  420. Patricia

    There are so many great pairs! I especially love the glitter Tami flat and the taupe Elsa bootie.

    Great giveaway!

  421. raelynn

    How can you just choose one?! I do need some sparkle for NYE and the Tami shoes would be perfect! Awesome giveaway!

  422. Denae

    The Nahla shoe is amazing!

  423. minta

    in love with the Carolyn, Cleo & the Cassandra!

  424. emkat28

    The Pauline boot is my favorite! Thanks for offering this great giveaway! :)

  425. Unknown

    Love the Tami and Suzanne! FIngers crossed! xoxo

  426. Another great giveaway! :)

    Im in love with the Pauline Mortocyle boot!!


  427. these are great!! thanks!

  428. Maggie

    I love the Audrey heels! xxx

  429. Meg S

    I love the Carlee!

  430. Cortney

    I'm craving a new pair of wedges so I would go with either the leila, carmen, or chantal :)

  431. It's hard to decide. Maybe Kaitlyn or Katalina, or Madelyn….

  432. The Cheetah Camila Flats are to die for!!!!

  433. kate24

    I love so many of these shoes! I think my favorite may be the Valentina boots though – so cute.

  434. Love the TABITHA shoes!!

  435. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia….perfection in yellow!

  436. i love the marilyn!

  437. Oooooo I love the addison ankle boots…in the leopard print! Yes.

  438. Swooning over the audrina wedges. perfect for the dressy Christmas parties!

  439. A Mitton

    I looove the Sabine oxfords, they are so cute. And the Sarah moccasins look incredibly comfortable.

  440. SAK


  441. Ok, I might be horribly indecisive, but I can't really pick a favorite pair! There are so many different styles that I like to suit my different moods.

    Among my favorite are: Isla, Sadie, Valerie, and the STEPHANIE.

    Ok, the Stephanie is my favorite. Merry Christmas to me?

  442. Danielle

    I would loooove to have the Elsa Booties! So cute!

  443. Emily

    difficult choice! but I'm going with the Else.

  444. Pretty sure I love them all, but I am especially loving the Sarah shoe. In all three colors, ahem. :) Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  445. Rebecca

    i love the marilyn and the aaliyah!

  446. I have two favorite :ELSA and PAULINE
    but all are grate, It was hard to choose:) I really hope to win this time:)

  447. Margo


    I love the Bridget and Addison, to bring a little life to my feet in the office. And the Carolyn, because every closet needs a gorgeous riding boot.

  448. My favorite are the Rumer boots :)

  449. mooK

    I am loving the Carlee and the Lyssa. This is a great giveaway! Woohoo!

  450. Erin

    I love the Carolyn Boot!

  451. I have officially fallen in love with the faux suede HARPER oxford flats!

    I hope I win!!!

  452. I love the Martina and the Camila (leopard!)! Great find!

  453. I love the Harper oxford flat with the glitter! I can dress them down for school but get use of them at the holiday parties to come!

  454. I love the Leila wedges!

  455. The Whip

    let's see…katrina, daphne and cleo are my new bffs.

  456. Mary Jo

    love harlow, with jeans or dressed up!

  457. maja

    I love the Sarah moccasin flat!!

  458. Oh gosh! I'm really loving the pink booties. So perfect.

  459. the gabby booties in black are spot on. love the two textures together.

  460. Jonni

    the "harper" is adorable!! but there are so many i love.

  461. I adore the Carolyn Riding Boots, and Harper flats. :)

  462. Stacey

    There are some great shoes. I like Harper, Gabby, and Martina. You cannot just choose one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  463. Love the Alison! Can't afford black heels and gold is my favorite color. Best of luck to all the hopeful rockstars!

  464. Megan

    I love the Aalyiah red pumps!

  465. I love the Carolyn boots, and Audrey heels!

  466. The audrinas!! I'm in need of some new shoes!

  467. sarah

    love the katarina!!!!

  468. Meghan C

    I love the Noah pump, and the Elsa and Heather booties. So many cute shoes!

  469. Love Sole Society! I love the RUMER ruched boot. Very cute!

  470. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Elsa Western booties in tan!! They are oh so fabulous.

  471. eek! Want so manyyy things! <3 <3

  472. Unknown

    Definitely the Carlee. Perfect for Holiday parties. Thanks for the giveaway!

  473. Absolutely LOVE the elsa in taupe! Great giveaway!

  474. Myomy

    I seen the pink Elsa boots in my dream!

  475. Myndi

    The Marcia heels are lovely!

  476. ang p.

    the marcia is my favorite :)

  477. This comment has been removed by the author.

  478. Love the Dylan flats, perfect for every day.

  479. My favorite is the Kirby! If they only had my size :)

  480. They are all so cute! I want the Kaitlyn shoes! I hope I win!

  481. Emily

    the mixed media mary janes {patent metallic & yellow suede} are darling!

  482. I absolutely love Harper in the pink suede. What a great addition they would be in my closet. Thanks Taza for the wonderful opportunity!

  483. I love love love the Audrina shoe!

  484. KSarge

    I love the Louisa in blue violet! Super high but so fun!

  485. I love the Camila shoes! They're gorgeous!! Would love to own them.

  486. Annies

    So many to love! I especially like the isla heels, katarina flats, and rielle flats.

  487. emilyc

    I love the Sandra 2.0 shoes in mist green! They'd make perfect wedding shoes!

  488. Alix

    Love the gabby heel in black!

  489. Perfect xmas surprise for my mom-the black brandi boots :)

  490. I want the MARILYN pumps!!

  491. I like the Carlee flats!

  492. Katie

    I love the Aaliyah pumps! Beautiful and classic!

  493. i really love the carolyn boots! They are perfect for fall :)

  494. I have a shoe addiction and Sole Society might just be the solution to my problem… Unless there's shoe rehab?

    I adore the Valentina boots!

  495. I love the Katarina stud flat :) Love the added detail that give it an extra umph!

  496. I really like the Chantal in black! Very demure yet sexy :)

  497. I love the Elsa and the Audrina!

  498. *amber*

    I love the aqua Isla heel. It's so pretty and delicate and would be fun for upcoming holiday parties!

  499. I can't pick just one- they are all so cute!

  500. I have been admiring the Camila in leopard. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  501. so cute!

  502. Valeria

    My favorite is the Harper oxford flat in the nude color. So cute!!

  503. Aniretak

    i'm in love with Elsa Western booties!!!

  504. I love the Aster Ankle Booties!!

  505. Laura MH

    My favorite is the Carolyn in New Luggage Rust! I would buy them right now in an 8 if they weren't sold out. Winter weather is already here and every boot I try on is so large in the calf and the Carolyns look so sleek and sharp! The 14" circumference is perfect for me! I hope I win because my skinny jeans would look Awesome with these. :) I also like the Tami in Bronze Black…how fun for New Years!!

  506. Aarika

    Oh my goodness, the Harper flats are sooooo beautiful. Do want!

  507. I love the Cleo in purple!!

  508. I am in love with the elsa and addison booties! <3

  509. Sara

    I love Audrina and Gabriella! And so many more!

  510. Kate

    my shopping bag is full of Audrina and Aaliyah. Mmm..cute :) One in every color, please!

  511. I love the Harper brown! :)

  512. I am head over heels in love with the Carolyn high knee boots! they are the kind of shoes you could wear with everything.

  513. priya

    Love the coral Dylan flats! so cuteee

  514. Love Tabitha! Also, do you know if they ever get shoes back in stock once sold out?

  515. Love Tabitha! Also, do you know if they ever get shoes back in stock once sold out?

  516. kristin

    ALL of them

  517. Makeda

    absolutely adore the carlee! thanks for the giveaway:)

  518. Unknown

    ooh, carolyn riding boots! xo

  519. Emily

    Katarina in Taupe Bronze!!!

  520. Libby E

    so lovely…they have a great collection. My favorite is the turquiose Noah is definitely my favorite…although I could do with any others, anyways. :0)

  521. I love the Tami and the Carolyn! Such a great site!

  522. Care

    I am a shoe JUNKIE and in desperate need for more! :) Hope I win and I'm getting the Alice booties!

  523. annie

    I'm so glad you're doing this giveaway again because it is so awesome! I can never choose just one favorite, I love the turquoise Isla, the red Tabitha and the yellow Marcias.

  524. O, I really like two pumps so much I can't decide which more: the Marcia in yellow and the Noah in turquoise. Is the giveaway not open to Canadians or just the discount? Love your lil blog!

  525. First off, Naomi you have such a beautiful spirit. Such a positive inspiration. Secondly I am kind of smitten by the Sheila heels! Happy holidays xx

  526. I love the Audrina in black!

  527. loving the aster in black, perfect for that whole day to night thing! thanks!

  528. Hear ye! Hear ye! I love me the Marcia, brigit, and the tami's!

  529. niloofar

    Gabby The ankle bootie in Black Pleaaase :D

  530. i'm torn between the tami loafer flat in bronze black and the harper oxford flat in party! both are amazing!

  531. I love the marigold flat in nude! Perfect dressy shoe for this pregnant lady!

  532. I absolutely love the Katarina style shoes!

  533. kaity

    I love the Audrina booties!

  534. Haylee

    I love the elsa booties!

  535. Katy

    Love the Elsa!!

  536. aaalll!! such great shoes <3 <3

  537. Erika

    really & truly love the Cassandras!

  538. justyna

    Annie Navy flats are so lovely!

  539. Jilly

    loving rumer in grey!

  540. ValRock

    I love the Annie flats! I have been looking for a pair of navy flats forever and have never found the right ones until now! <3

  541. The aster to wear with leggings and chunky sweaters!!!

  542. Ali

    I love the Isla!

  543. I so love the 'Abby' wedge booties!

  544. I love the miriam round toe boots in black!!

  545. Megan

    Love the Martina boot!

  546. Martha

    These kinds of things make me wish I lived in the states. Their shoes are so cute and the price is also good!

  547. bcoops

    Most definitely love the Suzanne shoe in the suede material. So very stylish; would be ecstatic to win a pair!

  548. Kate

    The Elsa boot in light pink is amazing!

  549. Kerry

    I love love love the Elsa bootie!
    Great giveaway, great blog. Thank you!


  550. Sarah

    Catarina and the Kimberlee!

  551. Holly

    I love the audrina!

  552. Becca

    Big, BIG, fan of the aster bootie. And a huge lover of all the DIY on the blog!


  553. Kimberly

    It is SO HARD to pick, but I love the Marcia. It would be a step outside my normal shoe box.

  554. I love the Miranda wedge bootie in brown, so cute for casual and dress up occasions!

  555. SHOE HEAVEN! I love the Blair and Tina flats. x

  556. Lauren

    I love the cheryl boots

  557. SHOE HEAVEN!! I love the Blair and Tina flats. x

  558. Lola

    Big crush on the Elsa (taupe) sober but very efficient !

  559. -J-

    Love sole society! Really loving the Kelly and Elsa. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  560. Vanessa

    I would love a new pair of flats or boots. Fingers crossed… thanks for the chance to win!

  561. Kelsey

    I love the ELYSE and the CAROLYN! So hard to choose!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  562. I love the Katarina flats in black!!

  563. Leah

    The Addison and Miriam are lovely. :)

  564. the Kylie is an amazing shoe! so perfect dressed up or down ;)

  565. kat

    the elisa shoe is divine. too bad it's sold out. but there are many other options that could make me happy.

  566. those black and gold flats…love!!

  567. Madeline

    I love the Margaret, Sandra, and Elsa!

  568. Ashley

    I need some new shoes!! I love the dylans in every color.

  569. Emma

    Thanks for this giveaway-
    My favorite is the Harper oxford flat!
    Thanks, Emma

  570. I love the Harpers and the yellow/silver Mary Janes on the ad!

  571. Ashley

    I love the Sabine heels! Super cute!

  572. Natalie

    love the tanya!

  573. signed up with sole society and looove the carolyn boot!

  574. oh how i'd love some new shoes for to kick off the holidays in style! love you taza!

  575. Katie

    So many choices, but I have to say, love the Tami!

  576. jemf

    I love the elsa bootie or the katerina flat. tres chic!

  577. Megan

    I love the Harper flats!

  578. gina

    love the elsa bootie!

  579. the harper in mauve would go with anything!

  580. Katy

    I love the Tami loafers!

  581. the maxwell!! amazing and so fabulous!

  582. amanda

    the audrey wedge in either yellow or orange…fabulous!

  583. Megs

    would love this so much!! love the leonas.

  584. After looking through a lot of their collections, I have to answer with the Tori style. The perfect party shoe, and named after me!

  585. Gabby

    I love Harper oxford flat in glitter. So pretty!

  586. I love the Marilyn heels and the Blair flats!!

  587. The "Tami" glitter loafers are fabulous!! I would definitely rock them!

  588. Jennifer

    The Katarina and the Monica are fab!

  589. Maca

    I have two favorites, I love the GINA and the CAMILA

  590. I love the Audrina bootie!

  591. Love the Blair flats in navy. So preppy!

  592. Too may choices! But it would have to be the Blair flats (so I can chase the kids) or Rumor boots

  593. Diana

    I really like the Peony! Thanks!

  594. em

    Gotta go with the Katarina!

  595. Loving the Carolyn boots!

  596. Jodi

    Love love the Carolyn riding boot. Unfortunately my size is sold out.

  597. Maxwell are my favorite!!

  598. i love the carolyn riding booties!

  599. Aurora

    I loooove Elyse and Heather. They'd be perfect for Winter.

  600. The Leisha! Awesome giveway, as usual!

  601. I like the Sadie flats!

  602. Miss S

    I absolutely love the Heather!

  603. the Heathers are cute!!

  604. Katie

    I love love love the Cleo!

  605. I'm loving Audrina in "luggage". So good!

  606. Jess

    The Brooke in Emerald is just perfection…

  607. Such great shoes! I would say the Sarah in tan (to match my name, and style), The Harlow snake skin for everyday, and the Peony- love the glitter!

    Love these giveaways, thanks!

  608. ruby

    I love the Maria in blue or red!

  609. Britan

    Love the Abby and Elsie booties! Both on my Christmas list!!

  610. Kim

    katarina are adorable!

  611. Bree

    Instantly drawn to the Tami's… All their shoes are fabulous though. Would die to win this giveaway!

  612. minardcm

    love the cleo and marilyn pumps! :)

  613. Matisse

    I love the Rielle flats!

  614. Brenna

    Love the JOSSLYN style!

  615. While I could not find them on the sole society website anywhere, I love love love the pair on the bottom left of your picture. (I also love the Tami pair.)

    Thank you for writing such an incredible blog, Taza! I love reading it.


  616. While I could not find them on the sole society website anywhere, I love love love the pair on the bottom left of your picture. (I also love the Tami pair.)

    Thank you for writing such an incredible blog, Taza! I love reading it.


  617. Tami Harper and Elsa are wonderful!

  618. htomlin

    I love the Isla heels!

  619. Elyse

    love love love the elsa bootie *fingers crossed*

  620. Erika

    love the peony flats!

  621. so hard to choose one favorite, but the Elsa is really cute!

  622. huss

    Those pink Elsa boots: Perfection! They would look so cute with my black dress for New Years!

    Hope I win!

  623. I would love to win the Jeanette shoe in the camel color. I could really use an affordable pair of closed-toe neutral heels for work. :)

  624. I love ShoeMint. Koko is my favorite currently!

  625. Abby

    I love the Audrina!

  626. Lauren

    too many choices! Probably the cleo in black!

  627. Meredith

    Holy toledo… the Sabine's are fabulous!

  628. the CLEO! or the Sabine! gorgeous.

  629. Love the Tami and the Marcia!

  630. Unknown

    I love the Tami flats in sliver!

  631. The Sabine boot (in the trendy metallic color!) is just the perfect ankle boot to look adorable during the winter season but also to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your toes! My husband is stationed overseas in Sourthern Japan and it has become quite nippy. I could really use a cute new shoe. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

    Naomi- I have fallen in love with you and your family over the years. Thank you for sharing yourself and your special moments with us…you are inspiration in so many ways, and as a newlywed, I look forward to the years when little ones start running around the place. I also want to thank you for being honest, and sharing the tough moments, too.

  632. My NEW favorite is probably the carlee, I need some flats!

  633. JLusk94

    Audrey used to be my favorite but I really, really like Harper. I'm partial to oxfords.

  634. love the lilac flats!

  635. Monica

    I can't stop looking at the Sandra!

  636. Obsessed with the black Katarina flats! Love the ankle strap! <3

  637. zoandal

    fingers crossed! adore the aster, josslyn and andrea!

  638. Brandee

    A pair of Dylan flats in yellow would be so perfect!

  639. melissa

    love the carolyn riding boots!

  640. I love the Dylan and the Sarah shoes! :)

  641. I'd do anything to have the Carolyn boots in black :)

  642. Alex

    They have tons of fun shoes but I'm gonna go comfortable this time (I have 2 tiny kids) with the Sarah moccasin in berry. Fingers crossed!

  643. Love Sole Society! My favs are the poppy flat and the louisa wedge! So darling!

  644. The Stephanie (black), Calypso (cobalt), and Kylie (orange punch).

    Those make me squeal inside. XOXO!

  645. I'm loving the Elyse wedge bootie!

  646. Hey Taza!! I really love the Pauline Motorcycle Boots…super cute!!! Thanks!

  647. Jamie

    I love the yellow Dylan flats!

  648. Rhiannon

    I've been eyeing the Carolyn boots for a month or two now and I would love love love to actually own them.
    Crossing my fingers that I win this time!

  649. Maria

    I love the Audrina! Obsessed!

  650. Madelyn

    ELSA! So amazing!

  651. I love the kimberlee's and isla's. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  652. Danielle

    Oh, I love Sole Society! I'm mostly a flats girl (I teach, so my days are spent entirely on my feet), so my favorites right now are the Peony glitter ballet flat in Stardust, the Dylan bow detail flat in Gray, and the Margaret buckle detail wedge in Ruby.

  653. I love the Dylan. I'm a sucker for bows.

  654. I love the yellow of the Cassandra!

  655. I love the yellow of the Cassandra!

  656. mazoola

    ill say the Maxwell solely because it's the same name as my son!

  657. Alexis

    All the shoes are gorgeous!! I really like the bright blue Christy heels to wear out and about.

  658. Tatum

    I would love a new pair of black flats!!

  659. I can't choose a fav. I'm totally loving Kirby, Alison, Elsa, Isla, and Katarina.

  660. cbizz13

    I love the Elsa booties!

  661. Vala Z

    aren't they all so cute!



  662. I love the glitter flats! so addicted to sparkly things right now

  663. I love all the booties!

  664. I love the Laina in light grey!!

  665. sonya

    Oh man, oh man! Fingers crossed! I would wear Isla or Leisha for New Year's Eve or Carolyn for what is left of fall and then spring!

  666. Daph

    the kirby snake flat is amazing, i need this shoe. (:

  667. I love the Dylan bow flats in grey and the Cleo heel in blue and yellow. Thank you for an amazing giveaway!

  668. I love the Sheila shoes–in any color!!

  669. Carolyn, Sadie, Camilla!!

    Love them!!

  670. Elisse

    Love the Elyse! And it's my name. Pretty cool.

  671. I love the Audrina wedges! So cute.

  672. I love the Dylan flats in yellow for everyday!

  673. Kelsi

    I really like the Carolyn in Rust!

  674. I just love the Katarina flats! So cute :)

  675. C & M

    I would feel so lucky to have any of them! :)

  676. Rielle, Aileen, and Rumer. They are all so cute. Winning these would be amazing, can't really afford new shoes.

  677. I love the Tami Flat and the Elsa Bootie! I hope I win, mama needs some new shoes! xx

  678. VRoman

    I'd love the Kelly & Katrina for my wedding in February!


  679. Lindsay

    I think I need the Marilyn in my life. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  680. Ive been wanting some wedge booties like the Audrina!

  681. MayKay

    love the dylan flats! thanks :)

  682. Angela

    I am in shoelove with Suzanne! Especially the glittery strapped version.

  683. love the three bottoms!

  684. michelle

    The Marcia is definitely my favorite, that is one beautiful shoe!

  685. The Elsa boot in taupe is my favorite! Love 'em!

  686. Melissa

    The AALIYAH round toe pump, with some deep red lipstick to match.

  687. Gracie

    You can never have too many boots…but those Camila flats are too cute!!

  688. The Marcia in Charcoal is my favorite!

  689. Thanks for the opportunity! Oh, I woould so like to be the lucky one this time! I would certainly go for Harper, Camilla and Dylan!

  690. Jane

    i love the elsa booties in grey!

  691. Melanie

    elsa bootie

    I will partake of your contests until the day I win!! (even if it is until E is 26 and starting her own family…)

  692. JuliaGum

    Pauline motorcycle boot, Please! So cute!

  693. My favourite are the Carolyn riding boots! Gorgeus!

  694. My favorite is still the Carolyn riding boot but they've been sold out!

  695. pick me pick me!
    my feet are sad.

  696. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  697. Unknown

    I really love HARPER
    oxford flat and CAMILA
    smoking loafer flat shoes. They're so chic but still easy to style!

    Have a fun week and best regards from Europe,

    Noo Z.

  698. kat

    I'd love leopard shoes!!!!!!!!

  699. Piró

    I looove the Harper in mauve :)

  700. Absolutely love the Carolyn boots and the Kirby flats…. but of course I could go on with my list!

  701. Lore G

    I like Brandi the most! they are the boots you can live in an entire winter!

  702. I would love a pair of the Harper flats in Mauve. I think they would make my feet supremely happy :)

  703. I love love the harper party!!Thank you for this awsome giveaway ;)

  704. Sophie

    I love Tami :)

  705. Love this giveaway!

    Blair, Krista, Dylan and Audrina are my favourites.

    Keep up the good work!

  706. Charline

    Elsa in taupe are my favorite ! Thanks for doing that giveaway :)

  707. The Carolyn boots are calling my name!

  708. My favorites are the Katarinas! but they are all so cute!

  709. Louise

    Audrina! they're pretty.

  710. Marijke

    I have two favorites! The kirby flats in black and gold and the Elsa boots. Fingers crossed :).

  711. Ironiqa

    Tami or Camila. These are perfect to me :)

  712. Ginger

    Kind of loving the Marigold!

  713. Ew@

    Wicked, I love sole society! So many lovely shoes… I just love, love, love: Valentina wedge boots, flat pink Tanya and flat Kirby! Thanks for that fabulous giveaway! And please, pick me… ;)

  714. Inès

    Love it all!
    Maxwell and Josslyn are my loves <3
    Isla is my little plus for next spring

  715. Heather

    I'm register via facebook {Heather Moore} and the sarah would probably get quite a bit of use in my wardrobe but also loving the elsa booties!

  716. ms.mooy

    The Audrina booties are my favorite… So cute!

  717. Love the sparkle Tami loafers!

  718. Mia

    love the elsa!

  719. miss_j

    I <3 the PAULINE. These boots are so me..edgy with a feminine twist!

  720. Joanne

    I love them all! Too many favorites to decide.

  721. My favorite is the Bridget, because I could rock these with a skirt, leggings or a skinny jeans.

  722. Jessica

    I love the Tami shoe in silver!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  723. Tugce

    SARAH moccasin flats in black, and ELSA western booties in taupe are my favourites. I hope i'm lucky enough to have one of them this time :) *fingers crossed*

  724. the Elsa booties look so cute and practical! i love all three colors, too! If I had to choose, I'd love to call the Elsa in pink mine!

  725. Samantha

    it's so hard to decide!
    the Elsa boots though are for me though

  726. The Sadie flat in Steel Blue are perfect for the holiday season soon upon us!

  727. Hannah

    I love the riding boots! especially the Carolyn!

  728. Johanna

    I love the Marcia in the canary yellow. Perfect parts girlie and vintage. So glad you introduced this to us!

  729. Meaghan

    Ah so many to select from but I love the Marcia!

  730. JessLynn

    Oh my gosh. In love with two pair! The Heather and Elyse! Sooo cute!

  731. Arianna

    I like the Stephanie sandals *_*

  732. Abby

    I love the Audrina, Aster and Carolyn :)

  733. Loving the menswear inspired Harper shoe in brown (which is really borderline animal print). I love when something so simple can make a big statement!

  734. Unknown

    I am loving the Waverly in Cognac!

  735. Sirje

    love Elsa!

  736. amy

    all of the boots! i love them all!

  737. Kaylie

    I really love Sheila and Bridget :D

  738. Kelly

    Love the miriam boot!

  739. Megan

    Love the Miranda! Now I just have to decide which color…

  740. I am in love with the Heather bootie in black!

  741. my fav is the audrina or the josslyn!

  742. tessa

    Marigold! Truely amazing!

  743. I love the Cleo and the Parker!

  744. i love the black katarinas!!

  745. hayley

    I love so many. My favs are the Katarina and Aileen!

  746. Oh! Those Sierra heels couldn't be more beautiful, especially in the burgundy!! Thanks! Kath xxx

  747. I am in love with the Sabine, the Gabby, and the Tina! All are perfect for casual and more sophisticated looks. Perfect!

  748. Mandy

    I love the Carolyn riding boots.

  749. Love the simple yet elegant Rielle. Can't live without flats!

  750. Elisha

    I can't decide bw the Aster or the Elsa (both I guess!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  751. Carri

    I love the Peony flat!

  752. she&him

    loving the karissa, kylie and isla!

  753. I love Sole Society! It would be awesome if I could win the Annie flats, Gabriella wedges, and the Audrina booties!!!

  754. Unknown

    It's so hard to choose! I like the Sadie flats, I'm in love with polka dots these days.

  755. the Rielle pair with the metallic toe!

  756. Vera

    Oh, the Elsa bootie would be so lovely in this weather. They would be cute casual and at a party.

  757. I love the TAMIs and the CAMILAs !! I work on my feet all night these flats are perfect.

  758. sole society has always had some of the cutest shoes. so happy you're having a giveaway.

    love the black or gray anastasia, such fun cutouts!

  759. Emma

    i love the carolyn and miriam boots and the aileen booties! cannot decide! love them all

  760. emily

    I love the eylse! So stylish!

  761. Raya

    I absolutely love the Waverly in burgundy or taupe (I can't decide!)

  762. Janny

    I would love to rock some martina boots. :) Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  763. I love the Lilac flats in the coral color, SO pretty! This site is awesome!

  764. Shilah

    the dylan is soooo pretty! i like all 3 colors =]

  765. Oh so many to choose from! I love the Judy cheetah wedges and basically every pair of loafers!

  766. Betty

    Carolyn riding boots and almost any flats!

  767. I love the Isla in turquoise!

  768. So in love with Dylan flats ;)

  769. VLanagan

    Great pics of Rome! And great giveaway..the Kaitlyn's are so cute!

  770. Love this giveaway, Isla red is gorgeous, Ivy and Kirby as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  771. kala'i

    Annie in beige or Sandra in metallic! Love it!

  772. holy moly. this is a tough one. i think I'd get the ivy in black snakeskin. love the kitten heel!

  773. K.

    I adore the Sadie & Poppy flats! And I'm in dire need of some good flats :)

  774. I love the Annie and the Tami. Great site.

  775. Annie

    the abby boot. yup.

  776. Andrea

    I'm in LURVE the Tami. Such a great flat!

  777. bethany

    I love the Alice ankle boots!!

  778. mle jean

    Oh I love giveaways…I need new shoes please!!!

  779. mle jean

    Oh I love giveaways…I need new shoes please!!!

  780. Unknown

    I am absolutely obsessed with the TAMI and BRIDGET.
    Would love to win this!

  781. B

    I love any kind of flats. Especially for holiday parties :)

  782. Ignuf

    My favorite pair is the harper in brown! so fun

  783. beckie

    Addison in grey, love booties these days.

  784. I would totally get one of the pairs of ankle boots!

  785. search

    I would love to have the ones in the bottom row towards the extreme left! The color is amazing and it will compliment my attire!! Never owned pumps before and I've never participated in a giveaway before lolol.

  786. search

    I would love to have the ones in the bottom row towards the extreme left! The color is amazing and it will compliment my attire!! Never owned pumps before and I've never participated in a giveaway before lolol.

  787. Kristin

    The Aileen boot is my favorite!

  788. search

    *^^^^^ extreme right* not left .. Oops

  789. Felicia

    Love the Isla and the Elsa:)

  790. HRO

    I love the Isla heel A LOT!

  791. I've wanted the Elsa bootie forever but they're sold out in my size! Bring back the 7s!!

  792. bhavana

    I love Tabitha. the red color is flaming!!!

  793. Kate

    I die for the Tami. So adorable.

  794. sams

    I really like the Audrinas and the Abbys!! :)

  795. I love the BRITTANY heels.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  796. I am loving the Kimberlee in bronze. Love all the shoes!

  797. Annie

    Beautiful shoes! I have a tie for favorite. I love Sabine and Abby. They would be fun winter teaching shoes :)

  798. Kate

    Sole Society is amazing. I'm obsessed with their Glitter Sabine oxford bootie. Perfect for the holidays!


  799. Kristina

    So many favorites! To name a few… Audrina, Pauline, and Miriam. Thank you!!!

  800. Kristina

    So many favorites! To name a few… Audrina, Pauline, and Miriam. Thank you!!!

  801. T and C

    Audrina and Brandi are darling!

  802. Vanessa

    Love the booties! I need!

  803. Jenna

    The oh so fabulous Kirby!

  804. Tuany

    Love the Elsa and the lilac!

  805. zlb

    I love the Cleo

  806. Love the Leila!

  807. Kirsty

    I love the Suzanne heels. Gorgeous! Thanks. :)

  808. I love the marigold studded flats. Too Cute!

  809. Kay

    I love the Marigolds!

  810. This comment has been removed by the author.

  811. I LOVE the Krista Wedge!

  812. I love the Dylan, tami, and camila.

  813. I love the Aileen boots in camel! So perfect :)

  814. Barbara

    Shoes, glorious shoes! I LOVE the Marcia in yellow.

  815. I love the Tanya flat!

  816. I LOVE the Pauline motorcycle boots! I've been thinking about ordering them for a while now so I'm loving this giveaway.
    Thank you!

  817. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  818. Wendiii

    Wow! Loving everything- especially the Elsa western bootie! :)

  819. Jaky

    I love the Dylan coral flats!
    Crossing Fingers:)

  820. Kat

    i love the isla shoes! so cute

  821. Oh, I love the Sarah… they look so comfy, and I love the tabitha pumps too.

    Awesome giveaway… again!

  822. So sad I missed out on the last Sole Society giveaway, but I'm happy I get to try again. They sell such adorable, comfy shoes!!

  823. They are really all too cute, but the gabby shoes have to be my favorite!

  824. Corlines

    I love the Isla heels! So pretty!

  825. Cony

    Oh, I love the Sheila in Tan rust oak!

  826. Jillian

    So many to pick from! However, Elsa is what I have been searching for.

  827. KasiaJ

    The magenta Daphnes. I'm a flats kind of girl and those are awesome.

  828. nicole

    I like the Dylan!

  829. nicole

    I like the Dylan!

  830. i love sole society! thanks so much for introducing me to them.

    i'm really liking the judy right now, a wedge gives my short little legs a boost but i can still walk in them!

  831. amanda

    Sophie boots all the way! <3

  832. I love the Elsa booties in the rose looking color! Too cute.

  833. Beware, folks!

    Sole Society has a $7.95 restocking fee for any shoes purchased with a credit card that are returned. Keep this in mind when you do your shopping…

  834. I love the Alison! Perfect shoe.

  835. Afielb

    I loveeeee the elsa boots in tan! the seem perfect for any season :)

  836. Jenn

    I die for Elsa!

  837. I am in dire need of some new cute flats and the HARPER oxford flats in party are just absolutely adorable! They are seriously perfect for any occasion and will go with anything!

  838. Unknown

    I love, love, LOVE the Marilyn glitter pumps. They would make any ensemble a showstopper!

  839. Sylvie

    I LOVE the Marcia heels in Mustard! Crossing my fingers! :)

  840. Lisa

    I've been a Sole Society member for awhile and love browsing their ever growing collection. I think my favorite pair today are the Elsa boots in Mauve.

  841. Colleen

    I love them all! The Marigold is perfect. Sole Society has great designs!

  842. I love the Lyssa style!

    I also love your blog! xoxo

  843. The Harper oxford flats in mauve are perfect. And then in party. And the Marcia heels. . . too perfect.

  844. Sarah Jo

    I am a member and adore the Tami sparkley loafers! beautiful!

  845. Oh my God, please please please, if you could just give me the Sandra 2.0! They're to die for! Any colours would be nice! Pretty please, Naomi!:')

    Thank youuu.

  846. Erin

    So many shoes to love! I think the ones I like best are the Audrina or Cheryl! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! You are awesome and your family is so adorable.

  847. Kandace

    Loving Camilla leopard

  848. Caitlin

    I adore the Julie!

  849. Suzanne would be the perfect pair to wear with my Christmas outfit.

  850. I like the Harpers– I've been searching for the perfect oxfords for ages! Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  851. Kumeko

    I have two favorites! The first, Audrina in black, the second, Poppy in black.

  852. The sharon color-block wedge is beautiful in tan & yellow! The wardrobe possibilities are endless….xx

  853. Rachel

    The Heather is the bootie I have been looking for!

  854. What a great giveaway. I love the Pauline motorcycle boots! Hoping I win, because I really need new boots! :)

  855. Jessica

    i love the aster in black! definitely a good work boot for the winter.

  856. LOVE the Harper oxfords!

  857. Monika

    Oooh I love these!!!
    The Cassandra and Marcia and I could go on and on!

  858. jsummica

    I really love Aster in Smokey Taupe or Marigold in Crema! Lovely giveaway :)

  859. I love the brown Carolyn. I've been looking for a good boot, awesome!

  860. Love the Aster booties!

  861. Lovin' the Audrina bootie! Fab giveaway!!

  862. Carolyn is perfect for everyday wear! Thanks!

  863. I love the blue ANNIE flats and of course the black CAROLYN boots are lovely too! :)

  864. I melt for the Sole Society "Marcia" shoe.

  865. The Sabine is absolutely lovely!

  866. meredith

    I really love the Tami flat!!

  867. I would love the Dylan in coral!

  868. Hard pressed to decide between the Tami, Harper, and Audrina. I've been awfully good this year, and even my 13-month twin baby girls agree: Momma needs a new pair of kicks!

  869. amanda

    Love the Carolyn boots!

  870. Audrina booties :) good luck to everyone

  871. Audrina booties :) good luck to everyone

  872. Those Elzas's are precious! Here's to high hopes :)

  873. I am loving the Marcia in gray and silver! So chic!

  874. My favorite pair are the Katrina flat. SO CUTE! Love their whole collection.

  875. Great opportunity!! I love the Cameron (platform pumps), so elegant!

  876. ah, definitely Katarina would be my choice. So much fun!

  877. Obsessed with the Audrina booties!!

  878. Ortita

    Sooooo many beautiful shoes! it's very hard to choose! but if I have to I would choose ALEXIS(Mojave pink) or MARGIE(new ultra pink.


  879. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  880. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  881. Danielle

    I'm loving the Dylan in Lemon Yellow. I've been looking for a pair of sassy yellow flats, and those are perfect!

  882. The harper flats in brown and party would be a great addition to the holiday wardrobe, and they look super comfy. And since I'm on a flat shoe kick (thanks five month old) the tami in bronze black would round that trio out.

  883. I love the Elsa and Annie styles so much. Love this site!

  884. the elsa booties are PERFECT! :)

  885. Laura

    I would love the Dahlia heels in black! I'm in need of my first pair of business pumps and those are gorgeous shoes!

  886. I love the dylan flats! So cute!

  887. Shi

    I'm loving the Isla high heel in Emerald, and the Peony flats in Stardust are pretty fabulous as well!!

  888. amh0212

    So so so many great shoes! I love the sparkly loafers :)

  889. Rachel

    i'm in love with those carolyn riding boots!

  890. Sydney

    The Sheila in Tan Rust Oak are AMAZING! There's so many that I adore on there though.

  891. I love the Rielle flats!

  892. Gilda

    So many cute ones, but I would have to say Harper, Sadie and Carlee are my very favorites.

  893. Jackie

    It is hard to choose a favorite but if I must then I would choose the Marcia in that beautiful yellow color!!!

  894. Joli

    Luv the Elsa! So versatile and I can myself wearing it w/ many outfits! Thx

  895. The red Dahlia is beautifully elegant!

  896. Loving the Rielle flats in gold!!

  897. Michaela

    I LOVE the Tami and the Kirby! It would be hard to choose!

  898. hello cassandra, judy, and harper!

  899. Oh wow! Carlee, Katarina and Blaire are the perfect stylish but comfortable shoes I need. My feet would be happy :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  900. I love the waverly!

    brittany k
    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  901. I love the brandi in black! gorg and so versatile!

  902. I love the Carolyn and the Elsa!

  903. Sarah

    I really like both the Anastasia and the Leila!

  904. susiqz

    I love the Sabines! So classy

  905. Megan

    I like the Katarina, Carlee, and the Harper oxford flat…too hard to choose a favorite!

  906. Alexandra-

    Love the Dylan flats in lemon yellow!

  907. I need a good festive flat. I am loving the Peony glitter flat.

  908. anamaria

    i just love the new ruggage lust carolyn boots. even if they are sold out, they are just gorgeous. otherwise i also like the srah black mocassin. lovely.

  909. Melanie

    Audrina bootie!

    here's to winning

  910. Karina

    What a great Christmas treat this would be! I love their flats collection like the Katrina and the Harper.

  911. i like paulina motorcycle boots!

  912. Jordan

    I really like the Nadine and Dylan. So cute!

  913. Flat 200

    It's hard to pick just one, but I'd have to say Chantal in the animal print! Gotta love shoes!

  914. Sarah H

    Oooh, I adore the Blair flat!

  915. Erika

    I love the Gabby! Absolutely in love with them!

  916. tess

    I LOVE the Tami loafers!! So Cute!

  917. It would be so amazing to win a pair! I am in need of boots : ) I absolutely love the boot "Elsa." <3

  918. Like the glittery Tami, a lot!

  919. Like the glittery Tami, a lot!

  920. I loved the lilac flats!

  921. Kristie

    I love the Sadie flats!

  922. Bek W

    Registered! And love the cleo :)

  923. audrina looks like a nice everyday shoe!

  924. I love the Margie shoes! They gorg!


  925. Dana

    What a fabulous site! I am 6 feet tall, but I LOVE the Sabine shoes in the classic collection! (The black and tan pair!) So cute!

  926. Shandi

    I love the Marcia in charcoal. So cute!

  927. the aster booties are beautiful! especially the royal blue/grey ones..i love suede booties!

  928. I love the Waverly in burgundy! The Martina motorcycle boots are also very cool.

  929. really liking the camila loafers!

  930. I love the Gabby! Those need to be a part of my wardrobe.

  931. i love the gabby booties! i would have a hard time choosing a color :)

  932. Lindsay

    I love the Rumor boots!

  933. So hard to choose but I'm loving the Audrina! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  934. Tara

    i love the blue strappy heels!

  935. I love the Sadie!!!!!

  936. I really like the Harper shoe! I have been looking for a new pair of sparkly shoes since my old ones were ruined. These may just be the perfect ones!

  937. i love the tanya in gold! would look adorable with a black tee and jeans or a dress :)

  938. Nikio

    I love love love the Carolyn boots!!

  939. Sarah

    I love the Miriam boots in black, perfect for everything!

  940. Love all of them – so difficult to decide!

  941. Kelly

    The Maxwell and Carolyn. Fun and Lovely!

  942. B

    Been eyeing those Martina boots for awhile!

  943. I love the Cleo heel in black and gold!