1. Little rockstar! You capture my heart Eleanor

  2. Kirsten

    Oh my goodness! Funny and precious!
    I bet it would be fun to be raised in the city. All the excitement!

    I love her sweater. So cozy : )


  3. she is so adorable! love reading your blog, puts a smile on my face!
    xo, jamie

  4. Jenna E

    Our kiddos are growing up in different worlds!!!

  5. you've been there what, a month? two? what a quick lil learner! and a real cutie, too. :)

  6. Lyndsay

    Her little pig tails are so cute! She is the most adorable child!

  7. brittany

    she is stunningly gorgeous!

  8. Marie

    Aaawww her smile is so sweet & lovely. Her eyes are beautiful too! :)

  9. somebody is starting to look more and more like her cute mama!! That girl is to die for.. how do you NOT squeeze the life out of her everyday bc of cuteness and smiles!!!

  10. kwistin

    i cannot stop smiling because of those pictures.

    related to taxis and such: some of my favorite signs in NY were the ones that have a fine for honking. good ol' new york. ;)

  11. Katie

    She is the cutest damn thing I ever did see. Her smile makes me smile.

  12. She looks exactly like the cute little girl from monsters inc!!

  13. Loulou

    What a little sweetie. Her hairdo is perfect for her!


  14. Andrea

    shes kinda gorgeous. seriously.

  15. Sarah

    Hahaha! That's the sweetest. I wonder if she would have picked out a dolphin or surf board if you guys lived by the beach. Every toddler has a signature thing they do before tantrums…. my two year old happens to do a little tap dance jig before the tantrum rears it's ugly head lol!

    - Sarah

  16. Oh my goodness! I think she is starting to look just like Josh :)

  17. She's adorable! Look at those cute little pigtails and beautiful eyes!! Not to mention those cute little outfits! You guys are doing a beautiful job with both of them! xo

  18. Chelsea

    she is darling.

  19. Kayla C

    AHH! Heart be still- those little pigtails! SO cute!


  20. Lea

    Her toothy little smiles are pretty adorable. Whilst there are probably tantrums and closeted awful moments at home, I must say that you perfectly capture the happy moments that will matter when you remember her early childhood.

  21. Paige

    she's looking so grown up!

  22. Steph

    Haha, so cute! That second photo is killer adorable.

  23. You guys make adorable children. You must make about 10 more. ;)

  24. Karen

    Oh that little Eleanor of yours! She is absolutely adorable! I see she likes cars, too. I have a 22 month old and she loves cars, and I was a little worried. But I guess I have nothing to be worried about. :)

    ps her eyes in the last picture – stunning!


  25. rachael

    taxi cab telephone! so cute!


  26. Truly a city girl in the making- Eleanor, you're adorable!


    brooke elyse

  27. luthy

    So cute! For some reason, she reminds me a lot of my baby sister in these pictures.


  28. Jessica

    so freaking cute!

  29. Could she be any more adorable! Seeing pictures of her makes me want kids!

  30. Crystal

    what a gorgeous little series of pics. And I am absolutely loving those little piggy tails! Truly an adorable little girl. Come visit NZ some time!

  31. Omg seriously she is just too BEAUTIFUL!!'


  32. Britney

    That second picture just makes me picture her as a very independent, city-loving, smart, and sharp 15-year-old girl on her way to private school. I don't know why, but I just know that girl is going to move mountains!

  33. Mariana

    Oh, a fire truck and a taxi?? Your little girl and my little guy would go great together! And the siren would be spectacular. :)

    She is sich a beautie!! Just look at those eyes…

  34. Oh my goodness, can she be any cuter? Love the last picture. So adorable!

  35. that girl really has the best eyes I've ever seen!

  36. HayleyR

    She's beautiful! Your family makes me excited to watch my little girl grow up. You make halving toddlers look like tons of fun! Xx

  37. Ever so cute, as always!


  38. Carly

    these photos! she totally is a little adorable rockstar.

  39. Annie

    I really love your baby. Is that weird?? But ahh, I totally do.

  40. aww, that is so cute!
    eleanor seems such a sweet little girl.
    xo, cheyenne

  41. She is the best ! :D

  42. She is the best ! :D

  43. She is the best ! :D

  44. She is the best ! :D

  45. She is the best ! :D

  46. Regina

    We raised Benedict (now almost 8) in Cologne – which almost is the German equivalent to New York ;-)

    Few parks, some playground and traffic noise everywhere (the trams made it even louder).

    We took him to parks and green places as often as possible and worried a little about the influence growing up in such a loud surrounding might have on him.

    In Germany kids are tested in certain times -the so called U1, U2 etc. Their ability to listen to very "silent" sounds also is tested then. At the age of 4 Benedict had one of the most sensitive sense of hearing they ever had tested!
    He developped a great love for classic music and loves to play several instruments.

    We´re very glad that the "sounds of the city" did not harm him and that he enjoyed that broader view on the world than he would have if we had lived in small, silent town.

  47. Asia

    little E. is the cutest baby girl I have ever seen !;)

  48. Emily

    I LOVE her pigtails!!!!!

  49. Natalia

    Soooo cute!!!!!

  50. Eleanor Just oooozes cuteness. She's just adorable. You guys are so lucky to have such a gorgeous daughter. x

  51. marie

    your daughter is too cute, she loves cars and trucks…it's funny!
    my daughter loved them too, but she always chooses the backhoe and concrete trucks…so you can imagine the imitations?!?

  52. Such a sweet smile x

  53. Eeny

    cutes girl in the city, that's for sure.

  54. Pauline

    Such great photo's and she's lovely!

  55. jumos

    sweet <33

  56. Laura

    i think you need a new header!
    cute pictures, by the way xxx

  57. Oh wow she is one incredible looking child!

  58. Maleńka

    You are the people who fill me with good energy and faith in life
    :) xoxo

  59. hey eleoanor, we love you! ehehehe
    so cute your daughter <3

  60. Diana

    she is just too cute!!

  61. Dianna

    too cute!

  62. So love her! She is sooooo cute!

  63. Kari

    She is the most adorable little girl, EVER.

  64. She is adorable. I'm going to go ahead and say you should capture that siren sound on vid!

  65. Lexi

    That's adorable!

  66. Camille

    Oh fer CUTE! Loving the taxi cab as a cell phone look :)

  67. Betsy

    Oh my goodness. She is seriously cute.

  68. Betsy

    Oh my goodness. She is seriously cute.

  69. are you kidding me with that last photo of E? so adorable!

  70. Dulce

    she's so adorable!! she has a strongh and loving personality :)

  71. 2busy

    I ♥ those pickin' cute pig tails. Eleanor, you are adorable.

  72. goodness she is adorable! so neat to be able to watch her grow through the pictures on your blog! thank you for sharing them!

    xoxo, hales

  73. kristyn

    you girls look like twins! :)


  74. dan_nay

    She's changing so much! Looking more and more like a big kid. Precious girl!

  75. Ashley

    What a sweetie.

    ashley // abingdonavenue.blogspot.com

  76. Eleanor looks absolutely darling. My husband and I are thinking of visiting the big city for the first time next month. For some reason I have always wanted to go when it is cold…. maybe the movies make it look better during that season! It will be fun to experience the taxi rides….. we don't see those much out here in Utah as you know!! Thanks for sharing these photos!



  77. when did she become such a little girl? she is just growing up so quickly :)

  78. Rachel

    oh my gosh these pictures are absolutely heart warming. can't help but smile after a long day at work… thanks for sharing your lovely snaps with us :)

    rachel x

  79. Tantrums?? Not that little angel!

  80. Best post ever!

  81. Briseidy

    it's a taxi AND a phone, how cool!?
    love the title !

  82. Tiana

    Who knew a taxi could double as a phone? :)
    She is the best thing. And those eyes!? Amazing.

  83. Oh, she's so lovely.

  84. Rhianne

    That last photo is perfect, she just gets more delightful doesn't she :)

  85. GUHHHH ADORABLE!!!! adore your blog xoxo

  86. birdy

    Those eyes! Those cheeks! That smile! And those pigtails! She is just too cute for words Naomi.

  87. rosanna

    she's such a cutie pie!

  88. Holly

    Those eyes! They are so beautiful! You and Josh certainly know how to make them cute :)


  89. she's so adorable!!! TOO CUTE!!!

  90. by BUN

    your daughter is just beautiful!

  91. Oh my goodness her little pigtails are still killing me every time! SO cute!

  92. Oh my goodness her little pigtails are still killing me every time! SO cute!

  93. can't wait 'til the day my daughter's hair is long enough to put in teeny tiny pigtails. i keep checking, bit no dice just yet. they are so stinkin' cute!!!

  94. Eleanor~ I totally melted looking at your photos!

    love from sewingroom.typepad.com

  95. Eleanor has captured the hearts of hundreds of bloggers everywhere. She's just too cute to handle. (Little Samson, too!)

  96. Sarah

    oh my goodness, little miss E has the most beautiful eyes ever. such a cutie!

  97. Just stumbled upon your blog and totally fell in love with it!!!!!!! Your kids are soooo adorable!
    Kisses from DC

  98. Jo

    what a cutie! love her choice in vehicles…practicality and safety. smart girl!
    gorgeous eyes, btw!

  99. Alexis

    Have you ever thought about having your children model?? She's georgeous! And so is your son!

  100. July

    the cuttest girl <3

  101. She is the most precious little thing in the world.

  102. so could Eleanor be any more adorable? don't think so. she's so stinkin adorable, not even funny. :)

  103. What a beauty!

  104. Wow look at her eye colour!!!
    I love the cars and her utfit is so cute.

  105. Coryann

    I bet she can imitate car horns too ; )

  106. totally in love with her eye in the last pic!!!!
    And… I know a little someone making a phone of everything, like Eleanor.

  107. Ashley

    What a cutie she is! That's exactly what my Charlie would choose.

  108. she is your little clone!!!!

  109. i like her choice of toys, very cute.

  110. Sparkle

    aw new york city girl :)
    so adorable!


  111. Arianna

    What a sweet little New Yorker :)

  112. adorable… just adorable!

    everytime i see a post about your kiddos it makes me more confident i don't "have" to move to the burbs when i have kiddos of my own :)

  113. How perfect!! And those little teeth and pigtails just kill me. So adorable, it's not even fair! ;)
    xo TJ

  114. Oh my goodness.. that last picture melts my heart. What a sweet and precious little girl!

  115. i love that i found your blog. i love nyc. hubs is from east coast, so we'll be back one day. thanks for the inspiration that i could do a big city with kiddos! :)

  116. She's so growing up so fast!!! Love love love your blog!!!

  117. It's amazing how big children get when you look away for a second. I remember when she was the littlest bundle of joy and now she's a totting toddler – adorable ponytails included :) You have such a beautiful family

    The Indie Byline

  118. kaela

    she is the cutest thing…tugs at my heartstrings <3

  119. She always brings me a big smile.
    The most adorable baby ever!
    I love you too Eleanor!


  120. She always brings me a big smile.
    The most adorable baby ever!
    I love you too Eleanor!


  121. megan

    Eleanor is getting prettier with every picture, she will be such a good looking girl! I love the pictures :D Have a good weekend!

    x Megan

  122. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness, Eleanor is getting so grown up! I love her sweet fall sweater, too.

  123. lalamee

    your babies are the cutest! My boyfriend always say- "I´ve never seen such a sweet and beautiful little girl like eleanor!" And he is dreaming about having such a beautiful baby! :)

    Much love