“why thank you!”

sometimes when i am out with my littles, samson refuses the stroller and insists on being worn as i am walking. this means i end up pushing a double stroller while carrying him on me in the carrier. at first glance as you pass by us on the street, you might not realize that one of the stroller seats is empty. this means a lot of strangers lean in towards me as they pass by to quickly say things like, “three babies!?! oh goodness! bless you!” sometimes i just want to simply respond, “why thank you!” because having two  deserves the same response in my book.
having two in tow has proven to be absolutely-completely-exhausting-twenty-four-hours-of-the-day… and there are moments when the chaos and frustration and selfishness kick in, and i daydream of my babies having make-believe ‘off’ switches on their backs, so i can just turn them off for ten (ok, twenty) uninterrupted minutes of quiet alone time. (don’t tell me you haven’t imagined that too.)  ;)
this stuff is hard, i tell you! but i have to tell you something else…between the postpartum hair loss (no fair), spit-up always and forever on my shirt, and bags under my eyes for days, there is this little giggly baby boy who, yes, might refuse to nap when his big sister does, but also kindly reminds his mama every time he laughs that her biggest blessing in life — is her children.
if you can get past my baby talking voice (ugh – when will i learn?), there are about 50 seconds of pure  samson magic in this video below…