autumn in the city.

autumn is in full swing in new york city! we’ve pulled the crock pot out of the cupboard, i’m sneaking pumpkin into everything and all four of us have been wearing thick socks around the apartment. before you know it… just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling, too…. ;) ah! i’m getting ahead of myself!!!
anyone wanna swap “pumpkin anything” recipes? stews, baked goods, how about stuff you cook inside a pumpkin? i’m all ears. please and thank you.
  1. tinajo

    Such sweet and autumn-like pics! :-)

  2. Your little girl is sooo cute!

    My husband makes apple and blackberry crumble but adds some sweet pumpkin to the mix to make it really creamy, you could always try that?

  3. Lauren

    Oh my goodness! Look at those little lime jeans & lion beanie! I love how you guys get into pumpkins this time time of year.


  4. Natasha

    You guys are SOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!

  5. Marie

    Aaawww your children are adorable! Samson looks so happy in the 1st photo and E looks so cute with her pigtails. Lovely photos :)

  6. Love this! I think we may suffer from the same excitement disorder as fall welcomes the holiday procession of this time of year! Yay fall!

  7. gladley

    I'm having a whole month of Octoberfest – you should pop by and learn the history of the pumpkin pie ;)

  8. HayleyR

    Your family is too adorable! Ahh I'm already getting so excited for Christmas. Xx

  9. I still haven't made it to an orchard yet to pick apples & pumpkins.. the jingle bells need to hold off for just a little bit longer! Your pot roast looks sooo delicious. I'm really upset I don't have a crock pot right about now!

  10. Ams.

    Pumpkin Pasties! You know those tummy treats they eat in Harry Potter!

    Pastry Crust:

    1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
    1 tablespoon granulated sugar
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    5 tablespoons cold butter, cut into chunks
    3 tablespoons vegetable shortening, chilled and cut into chunks
    4-6 tablespoons ice water


    1 cup canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling
    1/4 cup granulated sugar
    1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    1. Place the flour, sugar, and salt in a large bowl and mix together. Scatter the butter and shortening over the flour mixture. Using a pastry cutter, mix until it resembles corn meal.
    2. Sprinkle 4 tablespoons of cold water over the mixture. Toss the mixture together with a spatula until its starts clumping together. If its too dry, add more water 1 tablespoon at a time (better too wet than too dry). Gather dough into a ball and pat it into a disk. Wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate it for at least 1 hour.
    3. Combine the pumpkin, sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Mix well. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Roll out the dough 1/8 inch thick. Use a saucer to cut out 6-inch circles.
    4. Put 2 to 3 tablespoons of filling in the center of each circle of dough. Moisten the edges with water, fold the dough over the filling, and crimp with a fork to seal the edges. Cut slits to make vents. Bake on an ungreased cookies sheet for 30 minutes or until browned.

    Makes 6 pasties…enjoy!!

  11. I Lelli

    Beautiful colors ot Autumn in New York…… Autumn is coming also in Milano…… and Leo are sick ……

    Have a beautiful Monday

    Xoxo Lelli, italian family

  12. Meg G

    2 Ingredient Pumpkin muffins:
    Spiced cake mix
    1 can pumpkin

    (add Chocolate chips to make it a 3 ingredient recipe)

    Just mix the cake mix & pumpkin, its a lot thicker then normal cake mix – and put in cupcake or muffin tin.

    After they cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar (ok, now that make is a 4 ingredient recipe)

    So good, so easy, and if you are not too talented in the kitchen, almost no fail. Just don't let them burn ;-)

  13. Astrid

    Love your pictures…remind me of such great memories in this beautiful city(I was an au-pair in the States and spent all my week-end in NYC!!)… husband and I are planning a trip in April…can't wait!!!…sending you all my love from France….and courage(with your two kids…..mine are 3 and 2 years old so I know what it is taking care of two young kids :-)

  14. Love those Sole Society flats! ;)

    Such a sweet fam!

  15. i swear, you have the HAPPIEST babies!!!!

    xx, kara

  16. your family is like an inspiration!! beautiful all around!!

  17. Faith

    I just love this time of year!! Your babies are seriously the most adorable!!

  18. Whitney

    love it! so cute.

  19. AH! These fall photos make me feel all warm and fuzzy! I'm in th mood to make pumpkin EVERYTHING…cookies, breads, soups…bring it on! Hope you guys stay warm and have fun!


  20. Kym

    first and last picture make me smile ear to ear :) little smiles are the most contagious!

    gah! don't start the carols yet- i'm not ready, lol. and i have never heard of anything cooked in a pumpkin but my goodness, yes! that would be amazing.

  21. Tyra

    beautiful family, 1st picture of S= new header. he's presh!

  22. I LOVE you blog&family.; But everytime I see you babywearing the little one in an outwardsfacing position, it makes me cringe!!!

    if you're interested have a read why it's not a good idea to wear them outwardsfacing:

    9reasons not to carry your baby facing out:


  23. Last night we made a chicken roasted on a bed of onions, carrots, yukon gold potatoes, and butternut squash (not pumpkin, but you could easily substitute) seasoned with garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper, and it was so good!

  24. AmyLu

    I just adore the little mocassins your littles are wearing – would you be willing to share where they are from?
    Thanks for this blog – you and your beautiful family make me smile :)

  25. in Nigella Lawson's book Nigella Christmas she has a great recipe for something or another… sorry, my book is not with me right now. I highly recommend taking a look at it next time your in a bookstore. And if I remember correctly, their is a recipe for an orzotto with pumpkin. I also have great pumpkin pie recipe that I was given years ago. I think the secret in it really is that it includes sour cream ( just a teeny bit) and the crust is first glazed with heated apricot jam. Those two things seem to elevate that pie to absolute stardom! Happy Autumn!

  26. Love to see your happy family. It always an inspiration to see how happy you are with all the photos that you take. Eleanor and your son growing up to be a gorgeous littles. Maybe you and your husband are so proud. God bless your family more!

  27. ro

    hello Naomi, I love your blog. I'm writting from Uruguay. Uruguay is a small country between Argentina and Brazil. Here we usually make stews at pumpkin (similar than yours pumpkin) . We call it "carbonada". Do you know speak in spanish? there's a lot of recipes of carbonada on the web. I found one in english…but the fact is that you could change the ingredients as you want. I hope you like it!!

  28. LEIGH

    Oh my gosh! Your family is just so adorable! It looks like Autumn is definitely your favorite season! If I found a lot of great recipes with pumpkins over on A Beautiful Mess! You should maybe check them out!

  29. Such a sweet, happy family! Love these fall photos, and Josh is such a super dad!

  30. Your little girl is sooo cute! :)

  31. Dulce

    omg the first pic, i simply love his face, you are so blessed with this beautiful family of yours <3

  32. Clio

    Samson’s face in the carrier. All the time. It’s the CUTEST!

  33. The Egg

    mama and her baby boy are presh!
    im heading to NYC tonight and cant wait to see autumn in the city!
    i hope to see you around town ;)

    xo the egg out west.

  34. The Egg

    mama and her baby boy are presh!
    im heading to NYC tonight and cant wait to see autumn in the city!
    i hope to see you around town ;)

    xo the egg out west.

  35. nazli

    you make me want a second child, my first one is 18months now.

  36. These pictures made me smile! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful fall!

  37. These pictures made me smile! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful fall!

  38. Kathy

    eleanor in those pigtails is the cutest thing ever! and samson looks so happy, especially in the first photo. Such a lovely family! :)))

  39. love your photos. I imagine NYC in the fall must be magic! I made up a pumpkin recipe by accident (due to not having proper ingredients) – essentially modified joy of cookings oatmeal cookies and turned them into oatmeal-chocolate chip -butterscotch – pumpkin cookies. They were delish!

  40. aaahhh best time of the year! looks like you're having so much fun x

  41. Jay

    Hot Pumpkin Chocolate.
    Pumpkin Pasta.
    Pumpkin Bolognese.
    Pumpkin Lasagna.
    Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal.
    Pumpkin Yoghurt (just add 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice to 1 cup of vanilla yoghurt)
    Pumpkin cream cheese bagels
    Pumpkin, roots, carrots and chickpeas roasted. Add bacon bits or fried eggs.

    :) Hope you found something you like.

  42. Kirsten

    Ooohhh!!! Autumn! It just got chilly in VA, and it is WONDERFUL!

    SO excited to get to bundle up : )

    Love the pictures of your cute family!


  43. Amanda

    Your photos are so lovely (and they make me really miss the city, especially this time of year)! Happy Fall!

  44. I have an amazing recipe for a fluffy pumpkin dip.
    I tub of cool whip and 1 can of pumpkin sprinkle cinnamon as desired and stir.
    Garnish with more cinnamon and serve with wafers or cinnamon/brown sugar pita chips!

    Your blog is adorable!

  45. So I'm stealing all these recipes? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread?? Those pictures are so sweet!! Her pigtails are so adorable. I'm trying to wait patiently until my 15 month old has enough hair for this! She won't even keep clips in her hair! Oh and I love your denim jacket!

    I'm already planning for Christmas too! :) I shouldn't skip over all these fun fall activities because it is my favorite season (I'm trying my best, I did decorate for fall) but as far as I'm concerned – Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. I really can't wait. I'm already looking for coordinating Christmas outfits and pajamas for my girls.

  46. so cute!

    PS: where did you get your striped baby carrier?

  47. Cinnamon pumpkin muffins:
    1 box of yellow cake.
    1 can of pumpkin.
    1 bag of cinnamon chips.

    Mix together and put in cupcake pans and bake for the time and temperature the cake box says for cupcakes. (Do not add oil and eggs like it says on the box. Just use the 3 ingredients listed above.) They are a hit. I have yet to find someone who doesn't like them. And they are super easy! If you try it, let me know waht you think!

  48. Lovely photos =) Isn't fall just the best?!! As for pumpkin recipes…I snagged a great one for two-ingredient pumpkin cookies from Pinterest. A MUST-try, and super easy too!!

  49. 2busy

    Looks lovely! It isn't quite that Autumny here. But, we are getting there. Anything pumpkin I could send would be sweet, sweet, sweet. You're too skinny to consider eating anything of this sweetness.

  50. Pumpkin turkey chili in the crockpot! Ridiculously easy, makes for great leftovers and is the tastiest chili I've ever had. ( I add sweet potato, black beans instead of kidney beans, a dash of cinnamon and a bunch of kale. Also can't go wrong with pumpkin scones and pumpkin quesadillas! Those are a few of my faves :)

  51. Emily

    I'm not even joking when I say that I saw Christmas trees being put up at Lord & Taylor 2 weeks ago!!! I'm secretly okay with this. I just pinned a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies:

    YUM. x

  52. animru

    your photos makes me happy :)

  53. Noemi

    Pumpkin soup with cream and you serve it into the pumpkin ! So cute !
    Can you tell me where is the lion hat from ? I know you have it since a long time :)

  54. Melissa

    awwhh that picture of E and Josh makes me smile :)

  55. I love sharing recipes, especially anything pumpkin. These few have been rotating around in our kitchen at home:

    Petite pumpkin spiced doughnuts

    Pumpkin spice syrup for your lattes:

    Pumpkin pie bars

    These are all super easy and very yummy for falls in NYC.

  56. You MUST try pumpkin pie cake. It is incredible, and quite easily comes in neck to neck with actual pumpkin pie! (Who would've thought that could happen??) here is the link:

    It's yummy warm with whip cream…but it is really good chilled-with lots of cream too!

  57. Francis

    His little lion hat is too cute!

  58. Hilary

    Fall is my favorite. Although its probably because it means cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas is right around the corner. Lots to look forward too!

  59. BeaBambi

    Taza what's the name of baby Samson baby carrier please tell me. I love it!

  60. I LOVE this time of year but I love even more that you mentioned sleigh bells… sadly, autumn is just starting and I'm thinking about winter being right around the corner!… I can not wait! :)

  61. Shay

    So cute! Will you post where you bought Samson's hat and moccasins? I love them!


  62. Meaghan

    My husbands family has a Halloween tradition of making a pumpkin dinner, it's ground beef and rice with other things cooked inside a pumpkin. It is sooo good! The pumpkin becomes part of the meal because you scrap it off with everything inside. We are vegetarian though so we do the morning star crumbles instead of ground beef. Let me know if you want the full recipe. We made a tradition of having it after we go trick-or-treating while watching a Halloween movie.

  63. debhagg

    Pumpkin Dump Cake

    An easy fall cake that is "dumped" into a pan and baked.

    Prep Time: 10 min

    Total Time: 1 hr

    Servings: 16 Servings


    1 (20 ounce) can pure pumpkin
    1 (12 ounce) can evaporated milk
    3 whole eggs
    1 cup white sugar
    3 teaspoons cinnamon
    1 (18.25 ounce) Betty Crocker Supermoist yellow cake mix
    (optional) 1 cup chopped pecans
    3/4 cup butter, melted


    1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9×13 baking dish.
    2 In a large bowl, mix pumpkin, milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon until well blended. Spread pumpkin mixture in prepared baking dish. Mixture will be very wet.
    3 Sprinkle cake mix evenly on top of the batter. If adding pecans, sprinkle them over the cake mix. Pour melted butter over the top of the cake mix. Bake 50 minutes.
    4 Cool. Top with whipped cream or ice cream.

  64. SusanZ

    What lovely pictures! You are all so adorable!

  65. Beautiful photos! Your family is just too precious. xx

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  67. rachael

    you are OWNING that hat naomi!


  68. Hearts Autumn!
    I even made some Autumn Tote Bags that are for sale on my blog ( Feel free to check them out! :)

  69. seriously THAT hat rules, where did you get it? Thank you!

  70. RoselyC

    Beautiful NY pictures. Food looks so yummy.

  71. I love that you're wearing your solly with him facing forward! I'm going to try that with my little boy. I was paranoid because it says "not intended for outward facing" but it doesn't appear to be choking him or anything :) I should have just tried it before I gave up on using it.. my son doesn't like to be facing me, ha!

  72. Beautiful pictures as always! I think we share a common obsession with hats! Where is the one your wearing from in the pictures! I love it!!

  73. Theresa

    Ahh, I can't wait to start cooking again when I get home! More pumpkin stuff, that is! Nothing makes it feel more like fall! Love love these pictures! Looks like fall!


  74. Alice

    Amazing photos !! Smiles & pumpkins, how perfect !
    Your boy is unbelievably cute and your girl.. pigtails ??! How prettyyy :)

  75. I don't mean to shamelessly self-promote myself, but… if you want a great pumpkin recipe I just posted one on my blog– it's moist, very pumpkiny, with good amounts of spice. Also think of pumpkin spice pancakes! I have a recipe on my blog but there are recipes of those all over the web.

  76. Jennifer

    Samson has just as big a smile as Eleanor these days!

  77. Coryann

    A bit obsessed are we? Haha, I don't blame you! Pumpkin is delicious : )

  78. I have been using the crockpot for every meal, it seems! Okay, not really, but there has been a lot of crockpot cooking. Love it!! There's a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe I've been dying to try, but haven't yet.

  79. It's so hard to believe that baby boy is newly come into this world! He looks so big and expressive – like he's been here the whole time. What a doll!

    I adore Autumn in NYC! There are certain cities and places in the country where I'd like to spend each season – Summer in Grafton, Vermont, Winter in Key West, Spring in Athens, GA, and definitely Autumn in New York City. Perfect.



  80. Jillian

    Try adding 3/4 cup of pumpkin purée to a custard for French toast and sub pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon. I made this for my husband and daughter who is two months younger than Eleanor and they both couldn't get enough!

    By the way, I love your blog and have been reading almost since the beginning. It has been fun to watch your family grow. I hope you always blog, it is so fun to get a glimpse into your sweet life.

  81. k love

    Not pumpkin, but my in-laws have a wonderful tradition of making a turkey meatloaf (they are health nuts) inside of squash halves for Halloween night – my favorite is summer squash :)

  82. Oh my, your family is just so precious!!! Would you do this mama a favor and share the source of your jean jacket and striped snugly for baby Samson? Pretty please? :)

  83. cutest fam ever. love your denim jacket! where is it from?

  84. Oh I love that denium jacket!!! Please share where you got it from! :)

  85. that little lion hat should be on every baby. haha, i just love the way you dress your babes. and e's pigtails! priceless.

    such a gorgeous family you have :)

  86. Your children are adorable as always…and where did you get those yellow flats? Love!

  87. Lair

    How do you get your hair perfectly wavy? Or are you a natural wavy kinda gal?

  88. Sarah

    Pumpkin drop cookies with choc. drizzled. Easy and amazing. Perfect if you want to make something sweet for the season, but not make a big production out of it (which is nice with little ones)

  89. With our first little lady on the way I'm so envious of the way you've been able to keep pink off of E. all the clothes we're getting is PINK!

    I'm drowning in PINK!

  90. Emily

    I just visited NY and was hoping for this, but it was warm and toasty. Glad I could see NY in the fall through your blog! I LOVE your pictures!

  91. Chrissy

    Love the pics, and I would love any crockpot and/or pumpkin-related recipes you want to share! Your food pics always look so yummy…

  92. Raya

    Lovely pictures! I love this time of the year!

  93. You're all so very adorable, and fall in NYC looks quite magical!

    This is an amazing pumpkin dip that we eat with apple slices:

    6 oz cream cheese
    1/2 cup canned or home cooked/roasted pumpkin
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    2 tsp maple syrup
    1 tsp cinnamon

    Blend it all together in a stand mixer or food processor…sometimes it helps to beat the cream cheese by itself first.

    Enjoy all you new pumpkin recipes!

  94. I can imagine New York being dreamy around Fall, I can only say I'm super jealous, your photos look magical x

  95. Ashton

    These pictures are so beautiful! They make me feel all cozy just looking at them! Fall always makes me want to eat a lot of pumpkin based foods as well. :)

  96. Jessica

    I just love looking at pictures of your sweet little family. It makes me so excited for my own little babes :)

  97. Nicole

    If I may ask where the little moccasins are from I have an 18 month old and I think these would be good for him.

  98. I love pumpkin too!! My grandma comes from emilia romagna in italy and there they use it to stuff ravioli, have you ever tried that? It's delicious, but you have to make the dough from scratch in order to get a better result. Here is a recipe quite similar to my grandma's recipe:,,10000001046792,00.html
    She makes the dough from scratch and she also adds nutmeg to the mix for the filling, plus she only uses fresh pumpkin!!
    We also ate it grilled in the oven with grated bread, basil and Parmesan cheese (preparing the mix in the blender) and it was amazing!!

  99. Both your children dress better than I do!

  100. kate

    made this recipe twice this week and loved it (i'm a little partial as my sweet sister works for better homes and gardens and came up with this one):

    your fall photos in NYC make me want to move there TODAY. thank you for sharing a slice of your lovely life with me!

  101. Oh my goodness so darling! The first picture of Samson took my breath away and left a permanent grin. Thanks for sharing!


  102. love these little guys, they are so precious!

    x's & o's

  103. Pumpkin cookies – my take on another recipe – they have a cult following…enjoy!

    The much requested pumpkin chocolate chip recipe:
    1/2c brown sugar
    1 1/2c pumpkin – canned
    1/2c oil – veggie or canola
    1 t vanilla
    2 c flour
    1 t baking powder, 1 t baking soda, 1/2 t salt
    1/2 t cinnamon, 1/2 t nutmeg, 1/4 t ginger, 1/2 t cloves
    Mix together; Add 1 c semi-sweet choc.chips
    Bake 325 for 12-15 minutes; yields 3-4 doz small drop cookies and many many requests for more:)


  104. Beautiful post!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  105. Ahhh this has me so giddy for the holidays!
    Love your blog.

  106. Corinne

    Beautiful pictures. Cooks Illustrated (my favorite recipes EVER), has a super yummy no bake pumpkin pie.

  107. Hi Naomi,

    Beautiful photo's! I just love the little brown mocassins that both your little ones are wearing.. please can I ask where you got them? I'd Love to get some for my little boy due in December. :-)

    Thank you,

    Ashley xxx

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  109. Shannon

    How great! Can't wait for all the great things that fall and winter bring.

    Out of curiosity, do you feel like either of your two kids act or look more like one parent in particular? Just from pictures, Eleanor looks like a super outgoing little sweetheart. Just wondering.

    And lastly, will you be gone for Halloween?!? I hope not, because I'm already excited to see your little tikes in their costumes!!
    Regardless, great post.

  110. Lovely pictures, lovely family! and New York, oh I love it there!!

  111. You guys are the happiest cutest family ever! Love your posts and seeing your sweet pictures. And yes, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING right now. I had pumpkin corn chowder for lunch.. delish!

  112. Celia

    definitely: E is a Reid girl; S is a Davis one.
    Dont you think?

  113. Your sweet little babies look a lot alike. It's still FUMMER (fall&summer;) on the W. Coast. Jealous of your 'cool'ness! God Bless

  114. You capture some simply beautiful photos! This is my favourite time of year, the dark evenings, the misty mornings and the slow lead up to Christmas! I can't wait to see some pictures of your beautiful family celebrating the holiday's back in NYC and with a new addition! I am sure the photos are going to be fab.

    Happy October all! x

  115. Angelyn

    Please, please share where you got your jean jacket ?

  116. Emily

    Beautiful Autumn pictures… it still doesn't feel like Fall here in the Bay area!

    And I love the moccasins you have on your kids, adorable!

  117. you seriously make "family" look like heaven.

  118. best pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel frosting ever! My family loves them! Heres the link:

  119. yum! pumpkin! i just started liking it a couple years ago and now I can't get enough! :) making up for all those years without it! ;)

    Here's a link to some delicious pumpkin cream cheese muffins ( ) I'm making them later this week for out-of-town guests!

    I also have a great recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but it looks like you've already been given several variations on that. :)

    callie @ this glorious maze

  120. Hi! What brand are both of your baby carriers? Is the striped one a moby? It looks less bulky. Thanks!

  121. my husband made pumpkin ice cream this weekend and it was to die for! it came from the "sweet cream & sugar cones" cookbook from the bi-rite creamery in san francisco – one of my favorite spots :)

    on a side note – what baby carrier are you using in the first two photos? i'm expecting my first at the end of this month and would love a recommendation. thanks!!

  122. OMG I love you and your cute kiddies clothes! Cute Boys ones are hard to come by as I've come to find out. Love the green skinnies!

  123. Lea

    Pumpkin everything is a staple in this household, but this year I have changed the muffins and bread. I call it "everything but the"–I include crystallized ginger, whatever nuts I have on hand, dried fruit (golden raisins are my favorite), and shredded carrots. Every bite has another texture but all conjure images of vibrant leaves and large pumpkins.
    Another concoction I have been working on is a pumpkin spiced blend for beverages at home. There is a local coffee shop that makes their syrup from scratch and I am doing my best to recreate/doctor it. For the non-coffee drinkers I suspect that steamed milk + concoction would be just as delicious.

  124. Ash

    Naomi! I am absolutely in love with that denim jacket pictured in the photo of you carrying baby Samson. If you have the time, and also if you do not mind, I am very curious as to where the jacket is from :)

  125. oh that first picture is priceless!

  126. Pumpkin Pot Pies! You bake the most delicious chicken stew inside of small pumpkins. It's an old Martha Stewart recipe, you can find it online. I'm having friends over for dinner and making them, such a fall treat!

  127. angel

    beautiful glimpses of fall <3 thank you for asking for pumpkin recipes, because now i have a bunch to take from the comments!! YUM. xo

  128. gorgeous photos! looks like you are having a great autumn! gotta get me a crock pot now!

  129. Annette

    I'm just wondering. Do you still get a chance to dance in between the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and blogger?

    - Annette

  130. You seriously have the smiliest children! They are such a joy! Too bad I'm not in NYC, would love to watch them for you sometime! Adorable. :)

  131. dani

    MMM I LOVE this time of year and I love pumpkin just as much.

    Pumpkin pancakes with apple cider syrup!

    To switch it up a bit, but still get my squash fix, we baked acorn squash tonight and made some awesome brown rice with cranberries, apple, celery and pecans. It was delicious!

  132. Hello,

    You are as flat as a board, and you just had your second baby..are you blessed? Or do you have some sort of secret workout routine that you follow everyday? Please do tell :)

    Sincerely..ALL MOTHERS

  133. Jessica

    Oh my, your photographs are lovely, as always. You have such a sweet little family.

  134. Autumn is my favorite season! Love the pics and that adorable lion hat! And a nice shout out to Regina :)

  135. Ana

    I love the first picture! SO cute!

    I can only imagine how amazing NYC must be in the fall!

  136. Your daughter is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. How can you not kiss her all day long?

  137. I really can't get enough of your little family. It is just the most precious thing!

  138. Dana

    That stew looks great!

  139. I was introduced to your blog last week by a friend, and I have to say it is quickly becoming my favourite! Your family is just oh so adorable and sweet. I've been reading back all the way until when Eleanor was just born and it's really nice to read about how your family has grown. You all seem like such nice people :)

    Recently I made some pecan and pumpkin muffins that were really delicious. You can find exactly what I did on my own blog:
    I definitely agree on the whole "put pumpkin in anything" front. So yummy


  140. kwistin

    ah! every time i see that ear-to-ear grin of eleanor's, my heart just feels all warm and happy!

    and these pictures in general really capture the mood and feel of autumn! thanks for getting me excited for the season. :)

  141. These Photographs are so gorgeous. So beautiful that you baby wear. What an enchanting young family!

  142. These pics make me absolutely ecstatic about autumn!! They are beautiful! Btw, when are you going to add that sweet baby boy to the top of your blog header?? I want to see what picture you choose of him!

  143. have you seen this on pinterest?

    it's sooo good!!! I added some trail mix to give it some texture.You can also do it with brownie mix! It's good for moms who only have a couple extra minutes to bake, really easy and fast.

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  145. Hi, just wondering which carrier you find more comfortable and easy to use. The stripe one or the red one? Im having trouble finding a good one. Beautiful family.

  146. mi

    My sis-in-law heard this cookbook author on NPR and then went looking for the recipe. We've had it many times since; altering it to what we've got one hand or trying something new. Even the younger people in the family have loved it.

  147. Where is your denim jacket from? Haven't seen that style before – Love it! (Super cute hat, too – just enough of a wide brim!)

  148. This post just makes me sooo excited for Autumn, Winter, Christmas and old weather!! xo

    Gina | pebbz notebook

  149. Kaitlyn

    That striped carrier is too cute! Samson looks like a little dapper gentleman in it. ;)

  150. you're family is really adorable! I'm always happy when I see there's a new post up! :)
    So exciting to see E grow and how S looks more and more similiar to her every day :)

  151. What is the recipe for your crock pot roast and potatoes? That looks delish!!!

  152. when it's getting chillier outside, i love to make a big pot of this ginger-coconut-pumkin soup:

    stir-fry one diced onion, minced ginger, one or two carrots, one big potatoe and pumpkin. add 4 cups of vegetable stock, bring to a boil, reduce heat and let it simmer until the pumpkin is done. puree in a blender or food processor and add 1,5 cups of creamy coconut milk. season with salt and pepper.

    my roommates love this dish. it's the perfect soul food, fills your tummy plus it's cheap and easy to make! :)

  153. great pictures! i am finally warming up to the idea that it is fall since the cooler weather has rolled in.

    and what a great list of recipes above :)

  154. i am dying over your hair!!! oh my goodness-definition of luscious locks right there! share your secrets sista! love your blog, love your cute family and as i said before- love your locks!

  155. Julia

    where on earth did you find Samson's hat?
    I'm due mid December so the baby will obviously be bundled so a "coming home outfit" will be completely covered…. so I was looking for great hat for the pictures!


  156. nancy

    gah! I miss New York so, so much! I wish I could have visited during autumn. sounds like the most beautiful place to be.


    Only 3 ingredients, you cannot go wrong with these and they are so easy.

    -1 can pumpkin
    -1 box spice cake mix
    -1/2 bag chocolate chips

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together and then place on greased cookie sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Enjoy! :)

    I am posting this recipe on my blog this week. Just made these this afternoon and I'm pretty sure I had about 3 of them while they were still warm.

  158. Anna

    I love your pictures! Could you tell me where you got the baby carrier in the first pic. I have been looking for something like it! (I love your blog!)

  159. Do you mind sharing where Samson's little green pants are from? They are SO cute!

  160. hi everyone! so many of these recipes are looking mighty tasty! i'm excited to spend a little time in the kitchen this weekend trying a few out! thanks for sharing!

    for those who asked, samson's lion hat is from baby gap from a few seasons back. his lime green pants are also from baby gap.

    their baby moccasins are from freshly picked and my denim jacket is from zara. and the first baby carrier is a solly baby wrap and the second one my husband is wearing is a stokke. i like and use both carriers almost every day. samson does not like the stroller yet and he also hates facing in, so both options have been great.


  161. Your pics always make me happy – they seem to encompasses everything I love about being a mother!

    We're in CT and fall is in full-swing here as well, and we've got a beef stew in the crock-pot today! Gosh, I love fall!!!

  162. I also love love love to mix a little canned pumpkin in my egg mixture for french toast…yum!

  163. Betty

    Pumpkin pie smoothies. You must, really.

    I won't put measurements because I think it is best left to be determined by your blender size and preferred taste. I add a lot of pumpkin.

    Greek yogurt
    Vanilla almond milk
    Pumpkin purée
    Nutmeg, cinnamon and ground cloves.
    (Optional: flaxseed)

    My favorite fall breakfast and dessert. Enjoy!

  164. cutest pics ever – love the baby's hat! :-D

  165. Betty

    One more, if you head over to the food blog Handle the Heat you'll find a pumpkin tortellini recipe that is outstanding.

  166. i feel ya with the all-things-pumpkin diet.. i'm currently on that one myself (trader joes pumpkin butter is going on everything lately).

    but i just stumbled on this pinterest recipe for spiced pumpkin fudge (!!) and thought it was worth sharing in case you haven't had your fill yet ;)


  167. No, you CAN NOT tease me with those Christmas feelings! Way too excited for words! And of course, your family is just too perfect, adore these pictures!
    xo TJ

  168. banana pumpkin bread! i made it three days ago and it is lovely!

    here is the recipe:

    i didn't have the pumpkin pie spice and just added a little more cinnamon and it's still perfection.

    ps. i love your blog!

  169. Amy

    Autumn looks so fun in the city!! Looking at your photos makes me want to hop on a plane from LA and enjoy the wonderful east coast weather.

  170. I'm slightly jealous as pumpkins are quite dear at the moment here!

    This is a totally easy soup that I usually do in the slow cooker but my little girl loves it. I put it through noodles and potato for her if I have extra to use up.

    Hopefully this link works:;=PT38&lpg;=PT38&dq;=slow+cooker+sally+wise+pumpkin+sweet+potato+soup&source;=bl&ots;=wkgpG-O7__&sig;=0E-fytB4sk2MRuc8grb8lyKrovI&hl;=en&sa;=X&ei;=KSl2UL2wM-7jmAWRyYHYBg&ved;=0CC4Q6AEwAg

  171. rhon

    I'm in to pumpkin anything so share away!

  172. don't you just love autumn? i love these pictures, and that dish looks delicious!
    xo, cheyenne

  173. bbthck

    I'm from France. I really love your blog… I just saw the winter hat ("bonnet" in French…) of your baby ! So sweet ! I would like to know where did you buy it ? Or when can i find one like that ? Do the shop have a shope online ?
    Thanks for all of your lovely pic !
    Yours sincerly,
    Elizabeth from France :)

  174. Hi Naomi – I'd love to know where little Samson's green pants are from? Sooo cute!

  175. Hi!
    I know you shared were a few things were in the pictures but I was wondering if you could tell me where your hat is from, I love it and I am looking for a fall one!
    Thanks so much, I love your blog!!!

  176. Samantha

    I LOVE ALL OF THESE PHOTOS, THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I also love the door to your place- so rustic.

  177. You guys wear babies like no one else! And living vicariously through you with Autumn in New York. Best time to visit in my opinion!

  178. Jenny

    Oh my goodness. Samson's face in the first photo. I think I just died of cuteness! Also E is the most beautiful little girl around, her smile brightens my day! x

  179. My new favourite pumpkin recipe is a pumpkin pie protein shake. Equal parts cooked sweet pumpkin and banana, 2 tbsp of vanilla protein powder and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. So delish!

  180. I am just so in love with your family! Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face.

  181. My favorite pumpkin recipes are pumpkin goat cheese risotto and pumpkin creme pie (which I think has a nicer texture than traditional pumpkin pie). Links:

    I also love Nigella Lawson's pumpkin lasagna, which I've adapted to use canned pumpkin instead of fresh because I'm lazy.

  182. As for something cooked inside a pumpkin, I direct you to the book Nigella Christmas, where she does this lovely pumpkin with a stew baked inside of it that serves a a kind of theatrical center piece (the way turkeys and geese do) but for vegetarians.

  183. Pop Neo

    This blog is just wonderful, every day. It has now moved to first place in my blog heart.

  184. Brook

    BEST PUMPKIN SOUP EVER! So simple and pretty. Prepare a sugar pumpkin as if you are going to carve a face (hole in top, scoop out seeds) Then pour marscapone, cream, s+p, lots of sage leaves and a little pumpkin puree inside and bake in the oven until tender but not collapsed. I think I baked it at 325 for 45 min or so. depending on size of pumpkin. Also cute with baby pumpkins

  185. Autumn in NYC is amazing but I have to say when I went to NYU christmas at Union Square had to be one of my favorite times of the year. The market is so beautiful to stroll at night

    x Kelly

  186. Awww, that HAT!! These photos make me with Texas would catch up with the rest of the US and turn into fall already…

  187. A tear is streaming down on my face :') cause you guys looks so happy, one happy lovely family <3 waauw!! YES I am jealous !!!

  188. your babies are TOO cute for words! i think all babies should have a lion hat and baby mocs! i want their wardrobe! it must be such fun dressing them up!
    cute cute cute!