happy halloween!

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happy halloween! 
we are in italy right now, and we didn’t bring costumes with us. i feel a little bit like i’m depriving eleanor of something life changing, but then again she has eaten gelato every day since we’ve been here, so….

we feel really fortunate to have made it out of new york city on sunday before crazy sandy came to town.  especially since we were told our flight was cancelled just as we were pulling up to the airport sunday afternoon. we got home feeling a bit defeated to find out our flight was never actually cancelled. how we made it back to the airport and onto our plane in 50 minutes (50 minutes!!!!) i haven’t a clue. but we made it. and we feel so grateful.

as we’ve been enjoying our time in italy as a family, we’ve stayed away from phones, computers and internet until this evening, so we’re just hearing now about all that sandy has done to the east coast. i can’t believe it!  hope everyone is safe and dry and with the ones they love.

also, happy happy birthday to our bully, mister kingsley, who turns 3 today!!! we really really miss having him with us in the city but are happy he is happy living the good life in virginia.

ps. past halloween costumes and pumpkins here and here and here and here and here (sheesh.)

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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solly-baby-logo-picfall-trio-solly-baby-2012-1 today we have a giveaway for all you new mamas from our sponsor, solly baby! solly baby makes the most beautiful and comfortable baby wraps which baby samson and i have loved using the last few months together.  solly baby is giving away a wrap of your choice to one lucky winner! you can see all the different colors and styles here.
to enter to win, please visit solly baby and then comment below. the winner will be drawn at random and announced next week.  good luck!
update 11/1! congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info- rockstardiaries @ gmail.com

enjoying autumn today…


we spent most of our day out and about with friends.
the weather was perfect.
the colors were rich.
and if you can get past the smell of garbage on the street corners,
you can kind of smell october.
which, by the way, smells uh-ma-zing.

“why thank you!”

sometimes when i am out with my littles, samson refuses the stroller and insists on being worn as i am walking. this means i end up pushing a double stroller while carrying him on me in the carrier. at first glance as you pass by us on the street, you might not realize that one of the stroller seats is empty. this means a lot of strangers lean in towards me as they pass by to quickly say things like, “three babies!?! oh goodness! bless you!” sometimes i just want to simply respond, “why thank you!” because having two  deserves the same response in my book.
having two in tow has proven to be absolutely-completely-exhausting-twenty-four-hours-of-the-day… and there are moments when the chaos and frustration and selfishness kick in, and i daydream of my babies having make-believe ‘off’ switches on their backs, so i can just turn them off for ten (ok, twenty) uninterrupted minutes of quiet alone time. (don’t tell me you haven’t imagined that too.)  ;)
this stuff is hard, i tell you! but i have to tell you something else…between the postpartum hair loss (no fair), spit-up always and forever on my shirt, and bags under my eyes for days, there is this little giggly baby boy who, yes, might refuse to nap when his big sister does, but also kindly reminds his mama every time he laughs that her biggest blessing in life — is her children.
if you can get past my baby talking voice (ugh – when will i learn?), there are about 50 seconds of pure  samson magic in this video below…