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today we have an exciting giveaway for you from our sponsor, sole society!  there will be two lucky readers who walk away with a new shoe closet (5 pairs each of their choice!) sole society is great because they release a new pair of shoes every day. and most are priced at $49.95, with free shipping both ways. also, they have some of the cutest flats ever.
to enter to win, please visit sole society. then come back here and leave a comment below telling us which shoes are your favorite.  the winners will be drawn at random and announced next week.

ps. sole society is offering $15 off your first purchase (US only) with the code ROCKSTAR15 at checkout.  expires 10/31.

update 9/30: congrats to our winners below! please email me your contact info. rockstardiaries {at} thanks to all who entered!


  1. Erin

    I love those two-tone riding boots!

  2. ---

    I love the poppy flats!

  3. Noelle

    I love the Addison wedge bootie.

  4. The riding boots are so pretty!

  5. Unfurled

    carolyn boots! fabulous!

  6. Lizz

    I love the Kacie pumps!

  7. two tone riding boots or the gabby wedges!! thanks for the giveaway =)

  8. Simi

    my favorites are the carolyn riding boots…so much chic-ness :)

  9. Chloe

    I love the Margaret shoes! They would be so cute for fall for a casual outfit, or dressed up.

  10. Jackilyn

    I love all their flats! Especially Annie, Dale, Kirby, Hope, and Dakota. It would make all work commutes so much easier on the Metro.

  11. I LOVE the Rumer & Helena boots!!! Thanks X

  12. Lsia C

    I love the Peony gold sparkly flats! Perfect for the upcoming holidays.

  13. Peony, Neve, Brenda, Austin, and Fairfield!

  14. I love the black rumer boots!

  15. Lexi M.

    I love all their flats!

  16. Kaitlyn, definitely Kaitlyn!

  17. i love the jasmine shoes!

  18. Stella

    Boots!! I really need a new pair for fall/winter. Love their boots.

  19. EES

    Wow, I love all the shoes! My favorite are they grey Alice ankle booties.

  20. Megan

    Wearing my Rielle's in pearl blush right now :)

    Also love the Dale, Judy, Megan and Simone!

  21. Ambs

    I love the lizzie flats!

  22. joleen

    i love the carolyn boots! perfect for fall!

  23. Kate

    I can see myself rocking the Betsy for Fall, when I visit NYC next month.

  24. Jules

    love the dale flats! would look cute with most things

  25. the poppy flats are beautiful!

  26. Brenda

    I love the Camila flats. They look so comfy!

  27. J

    Monica — SO CUTE!

  28. I'm in love with the Abby booties! They're so cute :)

  29. E

    Hello Carolyn Riding Boots!!! And look at you Tanya Ruched Ballet Flat in three colors – oo la la!!! Such eye candy – pick me! Pick me! What a lovely site! Elizabeth

  30. Z

    The Carolyn riding boots!

  31. haley

    I love the Dylan flats and the Dane ones. Also those Heather booties! So many cute choices.

  32. sarah

    love the helena heels that are truly classic.

  33. I love the "Cassandra" wedge shoe in yellow and the "Hope" mini wedge in lilac/pink!
    PS: love the blog!

  34. I love the Carolyn, Louisa and Dakota! So cute!

  35. Emmy

    I'm really loving the classic Alison and Addison bootie!

  36. the two-tone boots! Darling.

  37. Sara

    CAROLYN Riding Boots are awesome!!!

  38. Julie B

    i absolutely love the rumer boots as well as the adorable peony flats!

  39. I love Judy, Sharon, or Hazel. Super cute!

  40. I'm having a secret love affair with the Dakota loafers. Get in my closet, or better yet, on my feet!

  41. Lindsey

    I've been eyeing those brown Miriam boots. Super cute!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Unknown

    This is great!

    My favorites are:

    The Judy closed toe wedge in tan

    and the Kirby snake detail flat.

  44. Tonebone

    Martina is my favorite. They would match authum in Norway well. Love from cold Norway!

  45. I'd looove to have the Dahlia stilettos, perfect for a dinner or drinks in the city.

  46. I adore the Martina boots! Great for fall.

  47. alli

    The Carolyn Riding Boots are my favorite! They are all so cute!

  48. Amy

    Love the NEVE!! xoxo.

  49. cathy

    The flats and the sandals.

  50. Maddy

    I love the ruched ballet flats.. I want the pink AND the camel color.

    Honestly thanks for sharing this place, great prices! Always good to have a decently priced shoe resource ;)

  51. Jayme

    Holy Moly I would just Die if I won this!!! This is hard to narrow down, I would choose the Carolyn, Betsy, Miriam, Addison & the Pauline! This would do me some good for the fall & winter season! I think I own only TWO PAIRS of boots!!!!

  52. Love the Betsy boots!

  53. kristin

    the liana shoes are so awesome!! love that dark purple

  54. Ethaney

    love the two tone riding boots! love this giveaway :)

  55. Hi!!

    I am loving a bunch of these shoes but my favourites are the Dakotas, the Ilenes, the Annies, the heathers and the Harlows!

  56. Brydee

    I love the Addison boots…they look ready for Autumn!

  57. oh my gosh LOVE — I'd have the Sydney wedges!!! o/

  58. Michelle

    Love the poppy flats or any of the tall boots. Soo many options!

  59. I love the Miriam riding boots and the Ava pumps! Great fall shoes!!

  60. jessica

    I love the Carolyn riding boots!! I also love the Kacie!!

  61. fawn

    This giveaway is amazing. They have such a lovely collection. I'm crushing on the Simone wedges. Thanks for the chance!

  62. Laurel

    love the addison booties and the peony flats!

  63. Naomi, you have the best giveaways! Kudos to your sponsors.

    I love the Pauline motorcycle boot. It makes me SO excited for fall!

  64. I have a shoe OBSESSION!!!! but I love nothing more than cute boot! I love all of them please pick me:)

  65. What a wonderful giveaway, I just discovered Sole Society and have been swooning hard over everything especially the Addison olive wedges and loving the Dakota in taupe, the print is so perfect.

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  66. Traci

    Five pairs to each winner? Wow. My favorites: the monica heel and the harlow flat. I could easily come up with three more, though. :)

  67. I'm eying the Camila slippers in leopard!

  68. i love the poppy!

  69. sierra

    LOVE the Ava shoes in Chili!

  70. k.bowman

    they have a gorgeous and very affordable collection. i love the zoe, double band heel. i will be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding and these beige heels are the perfect match to go with my dress!

  71. mlong

    the gabriella is amazing!! nude, black AND silver? it would go with everything!

  72. The cheyenne woven ballet flats are perfect, I've recently moved to New York City and with all of the walking, a pretty pair of flats would really be lovely. I also love the nikki buckle platform heels in magenta combo, so pretty!

  73. What a dream! 5 new paris of shoes! what what?!? I love the camila, dakota, rielle, ash, jamie and annie. I guess I have a thing for flats.

  74. Jaclyn

    i've been saving for fall boots, so this would be so lovely to win!

    I've got my eye on the Carolyn boot, the Tanya ballet flat, the Judy wedge, and the Addison ankle boot.

  75. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Lindsey

    Although we're drifting away from sandal season, I love Sandra 2.0!

  77. Julia

    I Loooove the DAKOTA flats and the TAMARA wedges!

  78. One Girl

    LILAC tribal flats!!!

  79. Love the ADDISON for winter! Would be great for trotting around Philly.

  80. They are so gorgeus! I love the poppy flats!

  81. Kate

    Love all these, especially the boots and flats!

  82. Adria

    Oh, the Peony flats! So cute.

  83. I think my heart skipped a beat when I read this! Love Dakota & Zelda

  84. Unknown

    oh my goodness, they are all gorgeous-the camila and the shiloh especially, my two fave shoe shapes for fall! ~janine

  85. Carly

    LOVE the Maria's!

  86. K$

    YES to the Riding Boots!

  87. Katdidi

    The 'Tina' flats are so incredibly adorable!! I love this site!

  88. ashley

    i love the hop and the austin!

  89. K$

    YES to the Riding Boots

  90. Oooh I am loving Camila and Dakota! I guess I'm in the mood for loafers? :)

  91. The Peony Flats and The Addison Wedge Bootie are at the top of my list. Gorge.

  92. Vanessa

    Love the heather booties!

  93. Thanks for such a fun giveaway Naomi! You always host the best ones:) I am smitten with all of their flats!
    And the Carolyn Riding boots:)

  94. Oh my gosh, the Jasmine, the Brenda, the Lizzie- I want them all!

  95. melissa

    love the carolyn boots!

  96. Abi

    I would love any of the short flat boots or some cute oxford flats i'm dying to update my shoe wardrobe for the fall!

  97. I'd pick Annie, MIMI, Dale, and 2 pairs of the Addison booties. They're all so great!

  98. Oh goodness… the Cameron heels!

  99. I am loving the Carolyn riding boot. Perfect for fall.

  100. Those Parker leopard wedges are phenomenal! I need those in my closet :)

  101. Liana Ankle Bootie in Light Grey!!!

  102. I LOVE this site. Great shoes that are so affordable….a girls dream! My faves are the Margaret red wedge and the Orleans. I would take them all and give them a good home.

  103. Mandy

    I love the addison!

  104. Katy

    Loving the Arizona!

  105. VIOLET

    I'm in love with Kaitlyn heels. They're perfect for me!

  106. dot

    Dakota, Megan, and Carolyn are my favorites!

  107. I LOVE the peony and poppy flats and oh my goodness the brooklyns and Avas! They are all beyond cute. I love your blog!

  108. Sydney

    The Carolyn boot is my favorite!!

  109. K

    love love the cameron heels!

  110. i love the Megan loafer-like flats! they are super cute and i can already thing of plenty of outfits for them :)

  111. Lauren

    Love those Rumer boots!

  112. Nicole

    I love the Carolyn and Alice!! Great shoes for great prices! I love it. :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  113. Esther

    love the two-tone Carolyn riding boots! lovely!

  114. Court

    i adore the cameron and tabitha pumps! oh- and the gabriella wedge is to die for!

  115. Jessie

    love love love the elisa's!

  116. i love the addison booties! sooo cute!

  117. .......

    what an amazing and generous giveaway! my faves are the kaitlyn heels they are just so my style. thanks! Gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  118. Lilli

    So many great shoes! I'm loving the Carolyn riding boots!

  119. Sharona

    I love the tina and camila!!!

  120. I am loving the ASH toe cap slingbacks – So feminine and classic! :]

  121. Oh so many! Carolyn or Addison, or… :)

  122. Heather

    I want the Brenda,Carolyn,Stella (oh my, Poppy, and Azura, Please pick me.

  123. Laurie

    I love the Daisy flats!

  124. OH MY GOSH! The addison wedge ankle bootie's are perfect. The green is just perfect for fall!

  125. jessica

    I am absolutely smitten with the Alice booties! Talk about sassy :)

  126. i love the Addison bootie!!!

  127. I love the Carolyn riding boots!

  128. i love the tanya flats!

  129. Raya

    I like the Sandra 2.0 in coral! They are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. if there was ever a giveaway that i really wanted to win- this would be IT! the rielle flats are on the top of my list, then the cameron heels. oh my word- SHOES!

  131. Kate

    I love the Layla pumps!

  132. amazing giveaway! I looove the Carolyn riding boots and the Kirby flats. :)

  133. Jessica

    The Carolyn boot in all brown! Please let me win!!

  134. Nicole

    Love them all!! But my must haves are Addison, Pauline, Analisa, Camila, Dakota, and Kirby!! Great giveaway Taza :)

  135. meg

    I would love the ash flats or the miriam boots! I was just talking to the husband about how I need to replace the majority of my well loved shoes. This would be great!

  136. I could definitely use some new shoes! Love the little gabby boot!! what a great giveaway :)

  137. Katie

    the cassandra shoes would be perfect for my upcoming spring wedding!

  138. Sarah

    I love the Sandra 2.0 in both coral and mist green!

  139. I love the two-tone riding boots!

  140. I'm loving the Jasmine wedges and Dylan flats! It's so hard to pick favourites from them!

  141. MEL

    I love the right-on-trend burgundy Ava heel and the color-blocked Ava flats!

  142. Laura G

    i love the kelly wedges in black!

  143. jackie

    love love love the Miriam boots!

  144. Suzanne

    Five pairs? Amazing! Hope I win! I love the leopard wedges….totally not practical, but SO FUN!! And yes their site has really great prices!

  145. carly

    love the liana booties! as a new mom I would have to find somewhere fabulous to wear them! darling!

  146. I love the Megan Lace Up Moccasin! Perfect for a FL Girl!

  147. The sun-yellow elisa pump with a side-bow has stolen my heart. It is perfect to make a winter outfit more "happy" or to pair with a floral sundress! Hopefully i will win and add those beauties to my wardrobe.

  148. Melissa

    The Stella!!!

  149. Hikari

    I love the Jasmine shoe. All of the shoes are fun though.

  150. Lindsay

    I love the heather!!!

  151. I could go for the elisa heels or any of the boots or flats, all are so cute!

  152. You're right! The flats are cute… But I'd have to pick those two-toned riding boots. I've actually had my eye on those for 2 years now!!! They're beautiful…

  153. The Rumer boots are to die for!

  154. Laura

    I never thought I was much of a shoe person… then I saw the Brooklyn shoe in glitter. Love glitter, love these shoes! Great giveaway!

  155. sarah

    I love the Halle flat!

  156. Hi Naomi!! My shoe collection could use a major revamp, so I am probably going to have to go with the Abby wedge boot if I win this one. And the Phebe. And the Dale. And the Stella. And the Constance. Fingers crossed xx

  157. heatcam

    I would love the Mirium round toe book in brown!

  158. Erin

    Pink poppy has stolen my soul, oh, I mean sole. We walk everywhere, and I would love to rock those poppies!

  159. I love the flats and mini wedge…poppy flat is my favorite

  160. I love all their flats (I can't walk in heels!), and I especially love the cheyenne ones. Darling!

  161. megb

    Love the Addison! Super cute for the fall!

  162. Phoebe

    I love the Carolyn two-tone riding boot. So cute!!

  163. Charline

    I just love the Carolyn riding boots !!!
    But I love your blog even more ;)

  164. CW

    I love the Addison Ankle boot! So perfect for fall :)

  165. Amy

    Love the Addison bootie!!

  166. I love the red dahlia pumps! Absolutely perfect for fall!

  167. seguita

    I love the Tanya flats in pink and the Addison ankle boots!

  168. Marissa

    I love the riding boots!

  169. MK

    Oh my goodness, all those shoes! I love the Addison and the Ava…And the Cassidy. I could go on and on!

  170. Kelly

    I love the addison ankle boots in army but they're sold out in my size :( The dakota flats in taupe are super cute too!!!

  171. Emily

    Love the nude Kacie!

  172. Lisette

    The Stella are definitely where it is at. Such fun shoes!!

  173. So many choices that make my heart pitter patter. my favorite, at this moment, are the camilla's!

  174. i love the addison and the dakota! :)

  175. Jill B.

    I'm obsessed with Wedge booties! Even if I don't win, I'm thrilled. Thanks for letting us know about the site. Can't wait to order!

  176. Carmen would look PERFECT with my wedding dress! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  177. I have ordered from Sole Society a lot. Too much probably but they are too cute to resist! I would love Krista in black. oh ya!

  178. Kimberly

    Love the Kacie heels in black and white polka dot! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

    xo-Kimberly {allons-y kimberly}

  179. Great giveaway! I love the Rielle flats

  180. Nicole

    love the pale gold megan flats!

  181. The Brooklyn shoe! So pretty!

  182. Candice

    I love sole society!
    The Megan shoes are my favorite!
    I also love the Dakotas, Tina's, and Many others!!

  183. Lille

    I am loving the Azura pumps. So classy :)

  184. I'm in love with the Shiloh wedges and the Hope mini wedges in nude. Awesome giveaway!

  185. I love the Miriam boots in brown!

  186. Ah hell I really like this company, great giveaway Naomi! I love the Carolyn, Gabby, Liana, Addison and Louisa. Like a lot.
    And the Alice. Elisa. Jasmine.Camila. Dakota…..

  187. I love the Dakota and the Shiloh!! hope I win!

  188. Stephany

    Carolyn boots! Been needing those for awhile. :)

  189. Wowww! Love, love, love the Carmens :) xx

  190. Jena

    Nolita pumps in Crystal Blue! I work for a political party that makes them highly appropriate- they'd be a hit for sure! :) I'd love the peony glitter ballerina flat as well.

  191. Melissa

    I would die for the Federica and Liana shoes. Yum! Must have! Love your blog!

  192. abby

    the addison is pretty adorable!! so is the gabby….hmmmm I could easily find 5 pairs I want on this site!

  193. Bethany

    Those Addison boots are pretty nifty and I wouldn't mind adding them to my boot collection!

  194. Corinna

    FIVE pairs?! That is incredible! The Addison would be a great starting point! Gotta have walkable shoes for my San Francisco hills! :)

  195. The Tabitha and Stella are making my heart pitter patter!

  196. tbrick2

    I love the Alison pump. It fits the colorblocking trend, but is still really versatile. A new classic.

  197. Hayley

    The green addison wedge booties are to die for! Love this site.

  198. The Addison bootie is lovely. So many choices! I could spend hours looking.

  199. Molly

    love the Dahlia, the Camila, the Dakota, and the Cameron! Beautiful shoes!

  200. The Eva pump and the Addison wedge bootie! Awesome!

  201. ruby

    The Maria booties are amazing!!

  202. Hilliary

    the Rumer boots and Elisa heels have been in my shopping bag for a week! I just love them! I could SO easily pick three more pairs too ;)

  203. laura

    i love the blue, purple, and orange heels in the pic above – they are so fun!

  204. Katy

    I'm still stuck in summer mode, and I am loving the Sandra 2.0 sandal!

  205. Tessa

    either analisa or kylie. very ahrd to settle on just 1!

  206. The Dakota, Lilac, Camila, Dale, and Krista are my favorite. SO cute!

  207. Kayla

    What a cute website!!! I love the Peony, but who couldn't with all that glitter? I also really like the Lizzie and Annie (in mist).

    Definitely going to shop here!

  208. Emily

    I am in love with Rumer and Alison!

  209. Pam

    Love the Halle flats!

  210. Kate

    I love the Cassandra snakeskin wedge in brown–so versatile!

  211. The Carolyn riding boot in the "luggage rust" color is a must have for me! So perfect for fall.

  212. Konfuzja

    Ilene heels! perfect design, perfect colour. i'm officially in love!

  213. Sara

    The nude Kacie heels are gorgeous and very classic!

  214. Aubrey

    What a great give away! I love the Nadines!

  215. Erin

    I need the Sharon's in my closet!

  216. Abigail

    It's so hard to pick just one favorite! I love the Addison wedge booties and the Carolyn riding boots.

  217. Danielle

    I don't know if I could choose just 5. Especially since they actually have a good variety of shoes at size 11. Freaking big feet.

    Loving the Camila flats, Constance (cute for dressing down "work" clothes), Val heels, Roni, and Anneka (you don't usually see something like that in the shoe stores).

  218. Kinsey

    I love the Margaret wedges!

  219. Beth

    I love the Helene! Thanks for the chance!

  220. I love the kelly and the sheba for every day!

  221. That's what I call a great giveaway!!
    I definitely think that the Kelly pointed wedges in Burgundy would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe.

  222. Heather

    The Rumer boots for sure, perfect for fall!

  223. MKM

    The Halle flats are my favorite — they are the perfect mix of classic & modern!

  224. love, love, love! the Carolyn *new luggage rust (color) beautiful!

  225. Cadence

    Elisa bow pumps in red!

  226. I love the Kirby snake detail flats and the Dakota Loafers! :) Great giveaway!

  227. Loving the Julianne!! I'd love to mix that cobalt color into my wardrobe. Great giveaway!

  228. Wow! What an amazing give away. Those Tabitha flats are to die for!

  229. My favorite are the two tone pumps in the berry or blue velvety color. I really hope I win! I've never won a contest before so I think I'm pretty due! /,3

  230. The Pauline boots are just gorgeous! So good to style with so many things! K xx

  231. Courtney

    there are too many to chosse from! the tabitha is gorgeous…but i'm also loving the mariam boots in brown!

  232. Erika

    I want those cute Dylan shoes with the bows in pink! so Cute!

  233. oh my goodness, do i love shoes!! i would love the Addison booties, or the Camila loafers, or the Carmen patent wedges…I could go on and on. Thanks for the giveway!

  234. Justine

    I love the leopard print black wedges! So perfect for any season or any outfit :)

  235. Mallory

    Love the Helena booties in black!

  236. Unknown

    I love the Annie flats! And so many cute wedges.

  237. Love the Carolyn Boots!

  238. NITSIRK

    I like the Addison in Clove.

  239. Jane

    i love the addison wedge ankle boots! so cute.

  240. Jessica

    I've been dying to splurge in a pair of riding boots. After just adding our second little in two years, I don't want to spend on clothes that (hopefully) will be too big before long. Shoes would be just the boost my wardrobe needs for fall!

  241. Katie

    I love the Peony glitter flats and the Leylani boots. So many cute shoes!

  242. Jenna

    The Kelly leopard wedges are my fave! Thank you!!

  243. It is extremely hard to narrow it down to five pairs, but here goes. Love the:

    *Gabby in black
    *Nolita in blue
    *Betsy in black
    *Alison in black
    *Dakota in blush

    I could go on forever :)

  244. Lilith

    I would die for the poppy flats!!

  245. Brooke

    I love the Krista Wedge!

  246. HillsRus

    I LOVE the Louisa in Hot Fushia. Gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  247. The addison wedge booties are awesome!

  248. I love the poppy flats!

  249. So many cute ones! I love the booties.. especially the Addison ones!

  250. Eeeep!!
    I love the Leylani in mushroom, the Arizona in gold, the Carmen in yellow, the Miriam in bourbon, and the Camila in Adobe. <3

  251. Oh my! It was love at first sight with those Nikki heels.

  252. kristen

    I love those poppy flats!

  253. savy

    So many great options! It's hard to choose just ONE favorite.

    I really love the Roni sandal. What a lovely shoe for spring and summer! Maybe even into fall…love it!

  254. Daisy

    My favorite are the
    Dakota flats :)

  255. Deborah

    A definitely toss up between the Carolyn bot and the Tina flat!


  256. Abbey abbey abbey!

  257. I love the Jeanette pump… Perfect for work!

  258. Loving the Bethany heels in soft pink!

  259. Wow…I'm coveting them all!

  260. I haven't tried Sole Society yet…I like the addison wedge boot.

  261. i am in desperate need of some new, cute shoes! what an awesome giveaway!

    xx, kara

  262. Elle

    harlow is adorable!

  263. Suzanne

    I was just visiting sole society this morning and LOVE the Dakota and Kirby flats!

  264. Isabella! Catalina! Oh my goodness the Carlyles!

  265. Chelsea

    the two toned riding boots are amazing!!!!!!

  266. what an awesome giveaway! i am in desperate need for some cute, fall shoes!

    xx, kara

  267. cindy

    I must own a pair of Rummers. Those are beautiful.

  268. k pratt

    I love the Gabby boots!

  269. Oh my! I love the two-toned riding boots, the Riele flats (love the toe detail!!), the Cameron pumps (classic)… I could go on! This is a great site–thanks for sharing!

  270. Louise

    I know they're simple, but the Halle flats are my favorite.

  271. katie b

    I love the Carolyn boots, the Camila flats and the Cassandra wedges! Lots of cute styles.

  272. oh man! i love the dylan flats

  273. Ali

    5 pairs?! :)

    Loving the boots for fall!

  274. Natalie

    love the addison boots!

  275. Sarah

    So hard to pick just one favorite! I love the Dakota flats though :)

  276. I love the Carolyn boots and the lizzie flats!

  277. Leigh

    love love love addison, helena, audrey (so fun), josslyn, and alice!

  278. Katie

    Love!: the sydney wedge, helena heels, two tone carolyn riding boots (they are my fav!), the jasmine wedge, the nadine flat…and the list goes on and on…

  279. I love love love the black and burgundy riding boots. So perfect for fall!

  280. Love the Elisa and the Alice!

  281. Mrs. A

    Love the Camilla flats and the Carmen wedges! Awesome giveaway

  282. AW

    I love the Kirby flats with an ankle strap!

  283. I adore the Tabith pump!

  284. Ooh, I like the Azura, Poppy and Camilla. I also like almost all of their boots…

  285. I loooove the Addison boots, great giveaway!

  286. KB

    I love the Allison, the Rumer, the Betsy….so many cute ones!

  287. calinai

    poppy flats!

  288. I love the Dahlia, but who am I kidding, I love all of them.

  289. B

    Yes, please let me win.

  290. Lexi

    I absolutely love the "Cameron Heels" in the Classic Beauties collection!

  291. Virginia

    I adore the "Heather" bootie!

  292. I need a pair of new leather boots! There are so many to choose from!

  293. I LOVE the carolyn boots! Perfect for fall!!

  294. Maca

    so many choices! i can't decide! im in love with the Kaitlyn pump

  295. I've got five words for you:
    Addison, Poppy, Dakota, Cheyenne, Alisa! Oh and two more…THANK YOU!

  296. I love the Dale and Addison. Cheers!

  297. I don't normally enter these, but my goodness I love them!

    Carolyn riding boot. And the Poppy ballet flat.

    Thank you for the chance!!!

  298. Candace

    I love the Nolita patent leather pumps, the Peony sequence flats, and the Cassandra wedges. I can't believe these shoes are so reasonably priced!

  299. Betsy

    I love the Annie in Navy and the Ava in chili red!

  300. hailey

    I love the Audrey!

  301. Paige

    my favorites have to be the Dale ballet flats with the metallic capped toe!

  302. Kerry

    So cute! My favorite are definitely the Dakota in the neutral print. Perfect for walking around NYC.

    Love this blog, as always!

  303. this is my DREAM giveaway!!!! I LOVE SHOES! My top five favorite (and boy was that hard to narrow it down!) are: the lizzie flat in brown, the dale metallic toe cap ballet flat in gray, the dakota slip on loafer in red, annie asymmetrical flat in cream, and i'm IN LOVE with the carolyn riding boots in all brown.

  304. this is my DREAM giveaway!!!! I LOVE SHOES! My top five favorite (and boy was that hard to narrow it down!) are: the lizzie flat in brown, the dale metallic toe cap ballet flat in gray, the dakota slip on loafer in red, annie asymmetrical flat in cream, and i'm IN LOVE with the carolyn riding boots in all brown.

  305. Neve heels and the booties are great too.

  306. k

    First of all, why have I not known about this website? So many cute shoes! I would love to add the Dakota and Camila, along with the Betsy and Miriam boots to my shoe collection.

  307. Jessie

    I just had a baby and "grew" out of all my shoes. I could use an entire new shoe wardrobe from those sexy boots to those cute purple flats to some awesome high heels.

  308. Annie

    I love the Valentina wedged boots! Super cute. They have some great shoes!

  309. bables

    I can see myself wearing the Addison boots all the time.

  310. Elisha

    Two-tone riding boots!

  311. H

    *Adore* the Alison pumps. Perfect to be just a little outside the box at my stuffy office job!

  312. What a great giveaway! I'm am drooling over the Judy wedges in the leopard print! Perfect for fall!

  313. Lindsey

    I love the Gabby shoes!

  314. Hello Liana! We were made for each other. As well as Camila, Lizzie, Tori, and Helena. Love these!

  315. addison booties!

  316. I love the Alison heel. They're gorgeous!!!

  317. I love the Stella in yellow, brilliant color!

  318. Aly

    LOVE the Carolyn boots! So on trend and practical for a new mom :)

  319. Kate

    I have had my eye on the Heather for a while now. If I win 5 pairs of shoes, I will definitely try to branch out and get some heels :)

  320. I LOVE the Besty Boots! They're so cute =)

  321. I need the HEATHER buckle wedge bootie! Perfect for fall and to wear to work! Love them!

  322. LOVE the addison!

  323. Lala

    I am LOVING the Valentina tall boots AND the Addison short boots! Cannot wait to get some for this fall!

  324. Unknown

    l-o-v-e the carolyn riding boots! and the poppy flats!!

  325. mommalo

    Goodness! So many pretties to choose from! I love the Peony glitter flat. So lovely!

  326. Tish

    I love the Lianas!

  327. I love love the Carolyn Riding Boots *crosses fingers! xx

  328. I adore those Carolyn boots!

  329. I've been searching for new boots, and the Carolyn Riding Boot in brown is just what I'm looking for! They're so beautiful! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  330. Love the Camila gold loafer!

    My other top choices, dylan in grey, alice boot in black, dahlia nude pump, and audrey black wedge!

    Five new pairs for fall would be amazing!

  331. wow! i love the lizzie ballet flats!

  332. I've been searching for new boots for a while, and the Carolyn Riding boot in brown is exactly what I've wanted! Thanks for sharing this beautiful store, and awesome giveaway.

  333. Oh how AWESOME! I love the Carolyn boots & the Krista wedges… It would be SO great to win! I just had hip surgery so I need all new shoes, no more heels for me :( Wedges & flats only. SO glad I found this site, their stuff is CUTE!

    Thanks for the info & the opportunity!


  334. Kira

    I LOVE Gabrielle!!!

  335. what a wonderful giveaway! the hazel colorblock wedge is absolutely darling to me. definitely my favorite :) thanks!

  336. Roxy

    Favorites are the Betsy Boot.

  337. aerhicks

    Alison in cranberry, what a namesake!

  338. Molly

    I love the Gabby booties!!

  339. A.

    Very hard decision, but here are my 5 fans:
    1. Annie
    2. Margaret
    3. Halle
    4. Tina
    5. Judy

  340. I love the Dakota and the Nadine! So cute!

  341. I love the Pauline boots, so beautiful and classic!

  342. boy could i use some shoes! and the ilene. gush! :)

  343. Since it's the beginning of fall, I have boots on the brain. The Carolyn riding boots and Leylani booties are calling my name! Awesome giveaway :)

  344. Lindsay

    I love the Betsy boots! So classic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. The Nadine flats are absolutely adorable! I'm in love with both the faux leather and mint :)

  346. Sadie

    LOVE the MONICA!

  347. kristi

    ohmyohmy the addison, jasmine, dakota, lizzie and the annie! tooooo too many goodies AH

  348. Dani

    Love the Dakotas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  349. L and P

    Oh my, those Carolyn boots are gorgeous. I would wear them all winter.

  350. carraoke

    I love Felicete and the subtleness of Sandra 2.0. Thanks for the opportunity!

  351. huss

    How anyone can pick just ONE favorite?! Those Martina motorcycle boots are divine, not to mention those blue violet Louisa wedges, the black leather Alice booties, and those gorgeous Dakota loafers!

    How on earth have I never discovered this fantastic shoe heaven before?!

  352. Love the Kelly pointed wedges!

  353. I love the "Ilene" pair. I have the exact outfit in mind that I would match it with! Great giveaway!


  354. Oh my goodness that website ROCKS! How have I not found it before today?! My absolute absolute favorite shoes are:
    Constance (!!!!!!)

  355. I love the Betsy boot and the Carolyn boot! There are just too many cute shoes!

  356. Um, dying over the dakota flats. So cute!

  357. Megan

    I love the flats!!

  358. flor

    Thank goodness we get five! Oh my gosh, so many choices… I'd go with the dakota, orleans, sandra, pauline, and kirby.

    lovely, lovely, lovely!

  359. Micaela

    I love the Constance ribbon-tie moccasins in navy with red & white ribbons — so adorable!

    Thank you so much!

    mklade (at) gmail (dot) com

  360. Pamela

    Love the Valentina boots and the Margaret wedges!

  361. bakerie

    I love love love the kristas, constance bow tie mocasins, the louisa platfrom wedge, and the dakota slip on loafer! they're pretty perfect!

  362. dld

    The dale flats!

  363. Love wearingbooties, and even though I dont normally wear heels, The "Mila" booties in brown look so fab!

  364. I love the annie flats!

  365. I love the Layla heels!

  366. Brett

    What an awesome giveaway! I had such a blast browsing their website! I am totally in love with the Leylani boots for this upcoming fall/winter! I also love wedges, and the fairfield's are adorable! Wouldn't mind having any of their shoes in my closet!

  367. Taylor

    The riding boots are pretty great but they also have tons of cute heels and flats!

  368. The Carolyn boots in brown are so gorgeous. Perfect for tromping around a New York fall.

  369. am

    There are too many to choose from. I love them all!

  370. Sara

    I adore the peyton heels…and all of the boots!

  371. ohhhh LOVE LOVE the Miriam boots!!!!!

  372. This was a really hard decision, but the Chantal, Carolyn, Pauline, Tanya and Audrey caught my eyes espcially! I also live in NYC and pounding the pavement really does a number to your shoes! Thank you for this awesome opportunity :)

  373. Kathryn

    Five pairs of boots and booties, Equestrian, Ankle, Western, Motorcycle, and dress!!!

    But it feels like cheating to get a whole boot arsenal for free…

  374. I adore Poppy!

  375. I know where I would put those two-toned riding boots. On my feet.

  376. I love the Miriam in Bourbon, so adorable! It's so nice to find a website that sells good quality, affordable shoes!

  377. The choice has been hard but, finally, I did it! :)
    I'd like to win the Viola shoes in dusty rose!
    thanks a lot

  378. taylor

    i love the Simone wedges! they would be great to wear to work.

  379. Kathleen

    Analise! I am on the hunt for a pair of heel loafers

  380. Black Miriam boots!!! :)

  381. Amy

    I love the Harlow flats!


  382. i love the blue kirby flats, lizzie flats, taryn wedges, kacie nude heels and the orleans wedges. so cute! thank you. :)

  383. DanaS

    I love the riding boots!! I need new boots for fall. thanks for telling us about this website!

  384. Katrina

    The Carolyn riding boot! So perfect for fall & winter!

  385. I love the SORAYA in Navy and the CONSTANCE! So great!!!

  386. mican

    Love the Harlow flats and Megan flats! Very cute! Plus, flats are perfect for chasing a busy two year old around all day!

  387. janet

    Oh, oh, the boots, the boots! Favorites: Pauline and Martina.

  388. I love this giveaway! I love the Harlow flats, the Cassandra wedges, the Cheyenne flats, Krista wedges, and the Carolyn boots. Love them all!


  389. yeah! Shoe giveaways are the best! I love shoes!! I love the Alice bootie (never owned booties, but going to give them a try this season) and the two toned riding boots are awesome! Perfect for a young mommy like myself. Hope I win :)

  390. I love the Pauline boots, great for Fall!

  391. Kali

    addison! miriam! jasmine! valentina! kylie! lindzi! did i list enough?! GORGEOUS shoes! :D

  392. Unknown

    I love the pretty yellow Elisa pumps!

  393. Kristen

    I LOVE the Heather!!!!! What an amazzinnngggg giveaway!!!

  394. The Jia or the Gabby. Love them both!

  395. This is too hard to pick! I am dying over the Neve heel! perfect for fall!

  396. Dana

    I love the Ava shoes in Navy!!

  397. Suzie

    Dakota flats are cute!

  398. Wade

    Blair … I mean … umm … I really like the Leisha.

  399. J.

    The Margaret wedges are super cute!

  400. I'm in love with the Nikki…and the two tone riding boots, AND the fact that they give styling tips…which I need desperately! Hehe xo

  401. Carolina

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  402. Dana

    The Helena is just beautiful!

  403. Moira

    Boots ! To hard to pick…

  404. #2


  405. Alfie

    Carolyn Riding Boots!

  406. Lindsay

    I could use those alison heels! Thanks!

  407. emily

    Wow- I never enter giveaways, but 5 pairs of shoes?! Sign me up! I love the riding boots!

  408. virginia

    Looove the Carolyn boots and Maria heels!

  409. I love the two tone riding boots on and the Pauline boots!

  410. Lady B.

    loving the Betsy Boots!

  411. I love the two tone riding boots and the Pauline boots!

  412. Loving Hazel and Cassandra.

  413. I love the Dakota flats!

  414. Kara

    Its so hard to decide but I love the two toned riding boots and the leopard print wedges!

  415. Amazing! Exactly what this girl needs to kickstart the fall! The shoes are lovely!

  416. Unknown


  417. Cams

    i really really really love the cheyenne flats!

  418. karlee

    I absolutely love the Carolyn boots!!

  419. Erika

    I love the Annie flats! So classy yet simple.

  420. Brooke

    I love the olive Addison booties! Too cute!

  421. Emily P

    I love the Stella shoes. They are darling!

  422. LOVE the betsy boots…and the lilac flats…the dakota slippers….the sheba heels…ok i just love their whole site!

  423. I love the Azura pumps. I would wear those every chance I got!

  424. Britts

    valentina boots! perfect for fall in boston!

  425. BTaylor

    Such an amazing giveaway!

    I just love this new company. I have been procrastinating throughout my days searching on the website ha.

    I love the Audrey and Monica, but honestly, I could name a million more.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Brittany H.

  426. Julie

    Maybe the Addison? But so many cute choices!

  427. love the carolyn boot!

  428. Holy cute shoes! Totally jonesing for those Gabby ankle booties!

  429. dusty

    i like the margaret shoes! they're really cute :)

  430. Sarah

    love the riding boots!

  431. I love the Ava heels! Perfect for fall in the berry color.

  432. I love the addison booties so much!

  433. Kayla

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this site! i love it! my favorite are the sandra 2.0 sandals. swoon. but seriously, getting to choose 5 pairs! i die.

  434. Hi! I love the Addison Bootie for Fall and the Ava Pumps are beautiful!

  435. Natalie

    love the dakota loaferes!

  436. Wow they are all gorgeous but I'd have to say the Carolyn riding boot and the Dakota flats are my faves! E is going to have so much fun raiding your closet someday ;)

  437. Kate

    mmm…Cameron pumps and Nadine flats are where it's at!

  438. laurel

    I love the Dale flats in bone. :) Cute, versatile, and, most important for a college student, walkable!

  439. I also absolutely love both the carolyn boots and the miriam. They will be so great for the Portland winter and rainy days ahead!

  440. The leylani booties are cute!

  441. the betsy boots would be great for my rock concerts going days and those edgy days when you want to spice up an outfit!

  442. and the winner goes to…. Good Ole BETSY! She's a rocker and glam girl all in one!

  443. Jessica

    This would be a-mazing to win!!The Carlyle are very cute, the Kirby flats, the Mimi…I could go on and on!

  444. Emily

    I love the Addison wedge! Perfect for hitting the NYC sidewalks this fall!

  445. The Addison boots are too cute! Sole Society is awesome! I got a killer pair of shoes for a wedding I was in recently from them. Happy Friday to you!

  446. kristine

    The Judy pumps…

  447. I love the Betsy,Dakota,Helena,Carolyn, and Alona!!

  448. the Analisa in the classic collection will be great for a professional yet modern look. Ok, who am i kidding, i would be happy with anyone of these shoes- obsessed!

  449. Jo

    What a great site! I had never heard of them before reading your post. Great find! And, I am in love with the Carolyn boot!! :)

  450. I'm having such a hankering for tall boots lately, so I have to go with the Carolyn riding boots. Drool!

  451. Unknown

    i love the hope tonal mini wedge in nude! i'm obsessed with all their shoes though! great give away :)

  452. Since fall is here I am diggin boots right now. I love the leylani boots both in the mushroom and black.

  453. Jade Rae

    The "Peony" shoes are amazing – I'd wear those everyday! What a great giveaway, thanks Naomi! x

  454. love the betsy motorcycle boot. this is a great giveaway!

  455. LOVE the heather wedge bootie!!! LOVE that they come in an 11!!! LOVE the site and all of the shoes!! LOVE rockstar diaries!!! :)

  456. So many choices! I like the Heather and Pauline boots, the Dahlia pumps and more…


  457. Molly

    I am loving the Tina's!

  458. The Helena in the fall collection along with the Alison are just to die for. I think this website is my new obsession.

  459. I adore the andrea heel–so bright and fun!

  460. Oh my. I love the two tone riding boots!

  461. marcie

    I'm loving the boots! Betsy, Pauline, Heather – love them all!

  462. Joanna

    So many great choices! Too hard to choose.

  463. Carolina

    The Carolyn boots are my favorite!

  464. I L<3VE the carolyn boot! pick me pick me!

  465. I love the peony silver flats! :)

  466. Cheyenne, Poppy, Dakota, Ash. Must I just pick a few. Love so many and need some good flats to run around after my kiddos.

  467. I love the classic Tabitha!

  468. I love the Peyton croc peeptoes. so cute.

  469. best giveaway ever! I love the Maria slingback bootie! oh! and the Sydney printed platform wedge. they would both make such a statement! die.

  470. The Caroline boot! Or the Stella heel! I love them all.

  471. I love the 2-tone riding boots and the Dylan & Mimi flats. So cute. There are so many cute shores there!

  472. Gracie

    SHUTTUP. The Carolyn boots! Too cute!

  473. Tara

    The Miriam boots are perfect!

  474. I love addison, peony, helena, acacia, Ilene

  475. id love the two tone riding boots!!

  476. Emily

    i love the shiloh wedges! great give away :)

  477. Anna

    Definitely the Camilas or the Nadines. So cute!

  478. Pakou

    I love the Carolyn boots, Leyanli, and so much more. A wonderful giveaway!

  479. love the jasmine shoes!

  480. id love the carolyn riding boots!!

  481. Unknown

    Love love love the Valentina wedge boot!!!

  482. What a great giveaway! I love the Carolyn riding boots and the Bethany low heels. Super cute! :)

  483. This site looks fabulous!! I'd love to win the Analise shoes!!

  484. Nicole

    The Madison heel looks so versatile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  485. Erica

    I love love love Kirby, Miriam, Rielle, Carolyn, and Addison!

  486. My favorite are the Lousia!

  487. Kaylei

    Those Carolyn two toned boots need to be mine ASAP!

  488. LOVE LOVE the elisa pumps! would look so cute with a white lace dress for my rehearsal dinner!

  489. F

    The kirby flat is perfect, I'll take a pair in blue!

  490. OOOOHHHH….the Judy and the Ivy and the Kacie! TO DIE FOR!!

  491. slunny

    I looove the Sandra 2.0 AND the Abby booty. Can't choose!

  492. ash2885

    I'm in love with the Cameron Wedges and the Carmen Nude Pump. Such a great site, thanks for the introduction. :)

  493. Hannah

    I would take the Hudson wedges any day!

  494. I love the Peony shoe!!

  495. I love the Addison booties! So cute for fall!

  496. Emily

    Betsy boot rocks!

  497. shawn

    the Carolyn boot is my fave. thanks for the giveaway!

  498. Miriam boots and Alisa pumps!

  499. Sasha

    BETSY boots are so cool! I still can't get ver studded boots!ARIZONA heels and CAMILA flats rock as well!

  500. Kelsey

    Hooray for an awesome giveaway! I am loving Dahlia, Julianne and Neve!

  501. Kristina

    I love the gabby booties! So chic!

  502. Wow! Thanks for sharing this site :)
    Love the Addison and of course the Carolyn boots. Ready for Fall here in TX!!

  503. Jules

    i totally love the peony flats and stella heels!

  504. Emily

    Betsy boot rocks!

  505. Ali Kirk

    I love the Shiloh wedges and the Val heels….and the Martina boots. And basically all their shoes, period.

  506. bethany

    I have to agree with everyone, the riding boots are irresistible! Also love the cameron & alisa pumps & leylani boots.

    That site is like being in a candy store!

    What a fun giveaway! :)

  507. they are all so much fun. i'm loving the carolyn boots!

  508. Annie

    whoo I need new shoes, hope I win this! I love the gabby, dahlia, alice, and helena. Though some of my picks are similar…i'd have to look for a longer time through their whole selection!

  509. Stefani

    I love the Maria shoes!

  510. Such a great giveaway! I love the 2 tone riding boots, Jasmine wedge, Ava heels, Dakota loafer, Martina boots.

  511. Brandee

    I fell for Phebe, Abby, Krista, Peony and Alice. Love those prices!

  512. What a great giveaway! I love the Miriam brown boot, Judy wedge and Annie flat. So many great options!

  513. Carly

    Love those Carolyn Boots on the front page! TO Die for! Crossing my fingers!

  514. I love the Margaret buckle detail wedge!

  515. bethany

    I have to agree with everyone, the riding boots are irresistible! Also love the cameron & alisa pumps & leylani boots.

    That site is like being in a candy store!

    What a fun giveaway! :)

  516. Lauren

    i'm a huge fan of the red & black riding boots! love.

  517. P

    Great giveaway, I would like to have them all…I really love Helena :) , Dakota and Brooklyn :) :*

  518. Ali

    I absolutely love the camila smoking loafer and the Sheba! awesome shoes.

  519. love all the pop of colors! and the nadia's! :]

  520. Kelsi

    Love the Carolyn boot and Adison bootie! Five new pairs would be awesome!

  521. Carla

    the margaret… i'd love a pair of blue suede shoes!

  522. So hard to choose! I love the Marissa and Lena sandals… both so cute and fun, and it's not going to get that cold in LA, right…? :)

  523. Ohhh, those Rumer boots are fantastic, especially with fall just around the corner!

  524. I loved the gabi shoe. So cute. Cant get enough of the flats.pick me. I need a new shoedrobe. :)

  525. Oi I LOVE the Carolyn boots! Thanks for the giveaway

  526. -

    the audrey wedges are adorable!

  527. Marissa

    AVA block pumps and the Carolyn Riding Boots….

  528. Lindsay

    I love the Leylani Boots!

  529. I love the Sydney and the Ava, best giveaway yet!!

  530. My life would not be complete without the Elisa high heel adorned with a bow-in YELLOW! Amazing!

  531. katydid

    oh my word. how about all of them? i love the dylan bow detail flat. in all colors. haha.

  532. Barbara

    I love the Kirby!

  533. I love the peony shoe. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  534. danielle

    Most def some boots! I loved the paulines.

  535. shoot, i love sole society and all of their shoes, for entry sake i'll name just a few: MILA, MONICA, STELLA,BROOKE, SASHA, and many more.

    thank you!

  536. I think the Dakota flats are so so pretty. They would be perfect for fall!

  537. Danielle

    I ♥CAROLYN riding boots!!!!!

  538. Elise

    Love the Elisa heels!

  539. Karen

    I am on the hunt for some short and tall boots so the Carolyns in Brown and the Martinas would be excellent additions to the collection

  540. sbk

    so many great shoes to pick from!! I could use some new brown flats but I also love the Carolyn Black Burgundy boots.

  541. Thank you for offering such a fabulous giveaway!

    My favorite shoes are the Sydney in black, the Megan in gold, the Betsy, the Zelda in blue and the Felicite in turquoise!

    Beautiful shoes and wonderful opportunity! Thank you!

    size 8

  542. Sarah

    I'm loving the Rumer boots!

  543. Jenn

    I love the addison boots!

  544. Emily

    oh, i've been oogling Sole Society for weeks!

    like, carolyn, margaret, tina, hillary, camila….

  545. Sofie

    The Poppy flats are great!

  546. Love the carolyn and betsy boots! I'm in desperate need of some boots for winter.

  547. Liss

    I love shoes!
    The Addison boot and sparkly peony flats are great for fall and winter!

  548. MaMaria

    So many pretties! Love the Addison booties and the Hope mini-wedges. Also, they carry sz 5. AMAZING!

  549. I would love a pair of the Addison ankle boots! So cute!

  550. k love

    Martina, Ava, Stella. Love!

  551. Brenna

    oh my goodness so many to choose from! I think i'd go with Dale, Constance, Lee, Camila, Harlow, Rielle, Bethany, or Jeanette. It would be hard to narrow down

  552. BTM

    I love the DYLAN flats!! They are so adorable and will go with so many things!!

  553. The equestrian looking Carolyn boots are absolutely stunning. Clean and sophisticated with a punch of color. Perfect.

  554. love the Heather buckle wedge booties!

  555. I am LOVING the Addison! So cute, the exact bootie I am looking for this fall!

  556. Love the Brooklyn!

  557. Kristie

    The Peony flats are gorgeous! So glitzy!

  558. Nancy

    I love the Carolyn boots! Pick me! I would love to have these in my closet! :)

  559. Suzanne

    The Kirby is so cute and fun. I love the gold/silver combo on this shoe!

  560. Katie

    Oh my goodness, cute shoe heaven!

    I love either the Betsy boots or the Peony glitter flats. I just can't decide! :)

  561. Thank you for the amazing give-a-way! I love the mila and leylani booties !

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  562. I love the "Katrina" shoes to go with a fun outfit for work or a Saturday night, but what's not to love about any of the shoes they offer?!

  563. MCC

    I love the addison ankle boots!

  564. Gotta love the Carolyn, the Nadine, the Dakota, the Soraya, and the Rikki. All cute, and all mommy appropriate!

  565. Nicole

    I love the Elisa!!! and the Chantal wedge. ok and the Judy. I've been thinking about leopard print shoes lately and those might be the ones.

  566. D Dierks

    I love so many of them! My favorites so far are Rumer, Hahla, Acacia, Heather, Helena and Dahlia. All great.

  567. Megan

    I love the Mila and Betsy boots, plus the Kirby flats! Honestly there aren't many shoes in here that I don't like…they're all super cute!

  568. Summer

    loving gabrielle & louisa!

  569. I love the Rikkis! The pink flats look sooo comfortable and stylish. I am 9 weeks pregnant and am in need of some comfy yet cool shoes! YAY! :)

  570. Emma

    I'm in love with the mustard Elisa and the black gold Alison….my university's colors are black and gold, so those are perfect for dress up days!

  571. They have so many adorable choices, but I'm a sucker for the Hope wedges. With jeans and a khaki blazer…Perfection!

  572. A.

    Awesome giveaway! Who doesn't love shoes? I think my favorites are the Carolyn riding boots in brown, and the Tina flats in red. So so cute!

  573. Cierra

    i love the kacie pumps. i have been on a quest to find the perfect nude heel and these look like they fit the bill!

  574. Unknown

    love the Dakota loafers!

  575. Ashley

    i love the camila flats! i've had my eye on this style for fall! xo ashley

  576. Whit K

    Love the Addison, so cute!

  577. The Carolyn boots are SOOOOOO nice!

  578. Leah

    I love the harlow flats!

  579. Lauren

    I love the Liana Bootie – so cute for fall!

  580. krista

    i love the lilac. what a great giveaway

  581. Sarah

    The Addison! Super cute.

  582. April

    I'd choose the Carolyn two tone riding boots in black and brown.

  583. Shannon

    In love with the rumer boots- sooo cute!

  584. I Love the Rumer Boots!

  585. Dianna


    The "Louisa" shoes brings me to my knees! Love them.

    The Orleans shoe is great aswell..

    *SIGHS* love them all.

  586. I love the Hope Wedges! They would definitely perk up all my outfits! I love your blog :)

    Caitlin Koenig

  587. Unknown

    "My Closet" is full of wants, but I can't wait to have, Stella yellow pumps for work.

  588. Eva Rose

    I love the hope tonal mini wedge in nude, the dylan bow detail ballet flat, and so many others! love this giveaway!

  589. Sabrina

    Ooh, I definitely love the Ava Block Heel Pump!

  590. Angharad

    Five pairs?! That's crazy and exciting. I love the poppy flats.

  591. Megan

    Sole Society is the best! I am really loving the Carolyn, the Annie and the Kirby.

  592. Jill

    I love the poppy flats!

  593. I love the shoes: Zoe, Neve, Gabrielle, and Carolyn

  594. OH dear… where do I begin?
    … and obsessed with the Phebe coral color right now. Seems everyone else is as well. It's SOLD OUT!

  595. How fun! I love the Valentina in black. I'm a sucker for boots and can NOT wait until the weather starts cooling down a little more!

    Boots and sweaters everyday? Yes, please!

  596. Corlines

    I love the Audrey heels…and several others!

  597. rroot113

    I like the tina wedges!

  598. I love the Elisa Pumps and the Peony Flats – classy yet bold!

  599. The Carolyn riding boots are beautiful! I would love to add them to my sad little shoe collection.

  600. Sierra

    I love the carolyn riding boot!!

  601. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  602. Molly

    These shoes are gorgeous. If I had a cab and a big, strong man at my disposal (to give me a piggyback halfway through the evening, because I'm a wuss in heels), I'd go for the red Tabithas. Really love the green Mimis, too.

  603. Jessica

    I love the Dale flats!

  604. Kathryn

    i love the flats dakota and kirby! and the chantal wedge is such a classic design!

  605. moogs

    I love the peony flats! So sparkly!

  606. alyssa

    I could window shop here all day! I love the Abby and Heather booties…So cute!

  607. Rachel

    So in love with the Analisa loafers! So good.

  608. I just love love love Sandra in rose gold!! Also Peony and Dale ballet flats are so cute! <3

  609. Melanie

    I LOVE Eliza and Parker! They are perfect for fall! :)

  610. Tia

    I totally love the Camila smoking loafer flat. vant vant vant!

  611. Decisions, decisions! If forced to pick a top five I love Constance, Heather, Leylani, Audrey and Carolyn. Thank you for introducing this great site!

  612. Allie

    I love the Mimi flats!

  613. Laura

    I LOVE the Neve and the Camilas!

  614. Wow! These are all amazing. Anneka are probably my favorite, but it was stunningly hard to pick.

  615. Kate

    Can't possibly choose!

  616. Tiff

    I love the Addison wedges!!! They have such great shoes!

  617. I loved the sole society suede red pumps and especially their flats.. lilac!

  618. Joan

    Love "peony"…so cute!

  619. I want the heather boots! so cute!!!

  620. rebaruth

    I love shoes!!! I am loving all the bright colored shoes this fall!!!

  621. Ahh, so many great shoes to chose from! I love love love the Helena boots though! x

  622. Jessica

    I love the krista shoe!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  623. tammy

    the boots the carolyn the best,,,,did I say knee boots LOVE them !!!!!

  624. Anita

    I love the Dakota loafer, the Audrey wedge, the Sharon wedge, the Lizzie flat….ugh I just love them all!

  625. Kathleen

    um i don't think its possible to choose a favorite, but i love the carolyn boots! also heather booties and cheyenne flats. great giveaway!

  626. Kate

    Addion booties! So cute! :)

  627. I love the Kacie shoes! They look so classy and timeless. Whenever I got pregnant, my feet grew a whole size bigger! Since having my daughter, they still haven't shrunk back and I am stuck with a closet full of shoes that no longer fit. Really hoping that I win this giveaway!

  628. Oooohhh, I love the Miriam boot and have never owned a pair of boots! whaaat?

  629. Jonni

    so many! the chantal, Jia, Judy, krista, and the camila loafer are my favorites!

  630. Suzanne

    Oooh! I'm a sucker for the Carolyn riding boots!

  631. jaimey

    Where to even start?? I love the Addison and Heather boots, and the Sandra 2.0's are really pretty too.

  632. the riding boots! gorgeousness!!

  633. Wow, I never knew about Sole Society! I'll definitely be taking advantage of that $15 off! So wonderful! I love the Phebe, the Soraya, the Leylani, the Hazel and the good old fashioned Elisa. Gorgeous!

  634. The Carolyn boots are so cute. Great giveaway!

  635. I Love love Addison and Abby :))

  636. What a great website! I am loving the Rumer, Tanya, and Camila!

  637. Colleen

    I love the "Jasmine" shoes! Such a great staple!

  638. am

    I love the Camila smoking loafer flat in leopard! So cute for fall!

  639. I love the Carolyn boots – so cute! Great Giveaway!

  640. Megan

    Been wanting some new red pumps! Love the Jeanette Pointed Toe Pump. And almost every other pair on the site… :)

  641. Alison

    Love the Kacie in black and white and the Alison in cranberry (not only because that's my name spelled exactly the same, but they're so cute!)

  642. I love the poppy flats! SO cute!

  643. Karlene

    Holy smokes – they have so many it took me a long time to carefully peruse the site – maybe they will forgive me at work if I look awesome all the time with new shoes! I could barely decide! I love the Kristas, the Nadines, the Avas, the Sharons, the Simones, and I REALLY love the Ryders!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  644. kristin

    Love the Addison wedge ankle boot!

  645. Rose

    Cute. Love the Addison boot and the Elisa pump. Thanks!

  646. I love the Carolyn in black and burgundy! Such a great giveaway!

  647. dale, cheyenne, hope….how do I choose?!?!? these are all so lovely!

  648. Oooh – tough choice between the Carolyn boots and Peony flats!

  649. Oooh, the Camilla's are so cute. Thank you!

  650. hollyhu

    I LOVE all the wedges! Particularly The Addison! Fingers crossed!

  651. oh, la la! So {too} many cute pairs to choose from. I'm feeling a little adventures today… and am going to have to pick the LEISHA heels! What a perfect rusty orange for fall! xoxo

  652. Jill

    I would choose the Megan flats, thank you!

  653. Molly

    I love Sole Society! I'm drooling over their flats, especially the Camila flats in gold!

  654. Teresa

    Hello! Love the ADDISON ankle boot in all of the colors :)

  655. melissad

    I would love some new boots, and the Carolyn boots would be perfect!

  656. melissad

    I would love some new boots, and the Carolyn boots would be perfect!

  657. I've been needing some new flats for fall and the Harlow style looks super cute and comfy!

  658. Alma

    Love the lizzie flats. So many cute choices!

  659. Thanks for the giveaway! I am loving the Addison!

  660. those two tone riding boots are ah-mazing. awsome giveaway!

  661. WOW! All of the shoes are absolutely amazing! I would have to say my favorite is Dakota…

  662. Danielle

    I love the Addison, Ava, Dakota, Reba, & Miriam! It's time for me to winterize my shoe closet!

  663. I like the Carolyn riding boot!

  664. Unknown

    The Dylan flats!!! That beautiful bright yellow makes me happy!

  665. ariana

    the carolyn boots are ta dieee for.

  666. Unknown

    The Dylan flats!!! That beautiful bright yellow makes me happy!

  667. I love the Addison booties!! They are darling and would be a great fall item to have.

  668. Neval

    Carolyn boots in brown, definitely!!!

  669. i lOVE the Jia and Annie! Love Love. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  670. cianne

    the carolyn riding boot is ridiculous. would love to wear those all fall!!


  671. I am loving the Gabby for Fall!

  672. I love the Poppy flats!

  673. susanB

    love the 'kirby' flats!

  674. Bri

    i'm loving the wedge booties! what a fun giveaway! thanks guys :) happy fall weekend!

  675. Jessica

    I love the Valentina boots!

  676. Lindsay

    I love the gray Addison boots! totally perfect for the fall and winter season! I would also like to get my hands (and feet) on the dokota loafer!

  677. Cool giveaway!
    I love the Carolyn boots!!

  678. Olivia

    love the carolyn boots!!!

  679. BriAnne

    There are so many cute ones! I think the Lizzie flats are my favorite.

  680. megg-o

    I love the cheyenne in multi red!

  681. I love the Annie flats!!

  682. I love the Dale flats in blush! So cute!

  683. I really need somthing like the Azura pumps for my wardrobe :)

  684. lau.mett

    I am loving the flats: Harlow, Ash, Hope, Annie, Sandra! So good!

  685. oooo…love the dakota flats :)

  686. Rebecca

    What a fabulous giveaway! I could use some new boots…I like the Pauline boots!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  687. I really need somthing like the Azura pumps for my wardrobe :)

  688. Alicia

    THose Leylani booties are so cute!

  689. i love the kaitlyn cut out pump for two reasons: 1. my name is katelynn…even though it's spelled differently and 2. because i am getting married and need a rockstar pair of shoes to do it in! <3

  690. Kati

    the ryan peep toe pumps in mint are overwhelmingly adorable.

  691. how fierce is the tabitha?! i think i'm in lust….

  692. Alli

    Love the Maya wedges! So many cute shoes, great line!

  693. Usually a flats kinda girl…but the two toned Sharon is to die for! Thanks for the cool new site :)

  694. Lindsee

    Amazing giveaway! How to choose? Simone, Abby, Noah, Dale, they're all beautiful! Thanks for sharing this site! Great shoes and great prices!

  695. Valerie

    Mimi in red are so cute! And very fall-y. Great giveaway!

  696. Anne

    I like the Sandra 2.0.

  697. lb

    love love love
    peony, audrey, zoe, andrea, dale and pauline. so many good ones!
    great giveaway!

  698. Liv

    Definitely the Pauline Boot, it would look so effortless with tights and a little dress this fall. I love the neutral color and "toughness" of the shoe.

  699. Autumn

    the taupe dakota is my fave. looks so comfy and i heart a feminine smoking shoe.

  700. liz

    Hey Naomi! I really love the Liana's, Betsy's, Brooklyn's, Cheyenne's, and Rikki's. But I mean they are all pretty gorgeous. Love your blog & so excited to see more posts of NYC!

  701. The Monica sandals in yellow are my favorite!

  702. ooooh! I love the Camila, Megan, and Hope styles! lovely giveaway!

  703. love the poppys, and this giveaway!

  704. Unknown

    Love the Valentina wedge boot!

  705. Becky

    LOVE the color block Sharon wedges and the Dale flats! Such cute shoes!

  706. I can already picture myself wearing a pair of red margaret to work. My wardrobe isn't always fab but these babies would change it up!

  707. I love the Martina carolyn or Judy! Alll so cute!

  708. What a huge giveaway; thank you! I like 'Margaret' because they are cuuuute! RL x

  709. Megan

    I love the Sandra 2.0! How pretty and feminine! And I don't even care of winter's coming, I want them! :)

  710. I'm a huge fan of the yellow stella heels–too cute!

  711. Michelle

    I love the Dale flats! Charcoal with a silver toe cap? I need these!

  712. Olya

    Dakota loafers are really cute!

  713. hannah

    i love the berry alison shoes! and the valentina bootss….



  714. Kayla K

    Loving Betsy Black — they would make me look dangerous!

  715. Those Carolyn riding boots?? Favorite. Also the poppy flats.

    What a fun giveaway!

  716. Giselle

    i love the nolita ! what a fun shoe to wear to work! i also love the alexis and the dakota. and oh, the ava! they are all SO cute!

  717. I could use five new pairs of flats for all the college walking I do :)

  718. Vicki

    Love Taza and her shoes!!!! I hope I win!!

  719. Kristina

    I just ordered the Chantal wedges in Caribou! I can't wait to get them! I also am in love with the black Dahlia pumps and the navy Annie flat. Thank you!

  720. Susan

    Poppy flats are adorable!

  721. Malorie

    The Poppy Flats are fantastic!

  722. Molly S

    The Miriam boots are so staple. I love them! This is probably one of the best giveaways I've seen!

  723. gina

    Love the two-tone boots. So cute and fall friendly!

  724. I love the kaycies and the brendas! SO adorable. Thanks for the great blog and the giveaway!

  725. Susan

    Love all the names of their shoes! Addison and Jasmine really stand out. And anything two tone is a yes please for me!

  726. An amazing everyday shoe would be the Camila smoking loafers in Adobe! SO CUTEEE

  727. I love the flats! They are all soooo cute! I think my favorite is the Lizzie flat!

  728. Britney

    I'm dying, I love these shoes! Thanks for the fashion tip, I can't wait to spend more time on their site.

    My fav is the Stella (heel in yellow!)


  729. I love the poppy flats and leylani booties!

  730. mamamac

    Love the Pauline boot! Great site!

  731. There is something about the Niki in magenta that makes my heart go aflutter! I'm a shoe fanatic and I think I might have to purchase them if I don't win them!

  732. I love the Andrea and the Ash!!

  733. Katie

    I love the Rielle flats!

  734. love love the Betsy motorcycle boots and the Camila/Dakota loafers!

  735. Callie

    I NEED the RUMOR boots! Perfect for this chilly fall weather :)

  736. Unknown

    The Audrey wedge sandal is real cute! Love it! and love your blog!

  737. Amanda

    The Addison heel makes me so excited for Fall! Amazing!

  738. McCall

    The Martina Boot is my favorite (of many). Crossing my fingers! Thanks Taza!

  739. pick me, pick me! ive never won anything. my favorites are: dakota and annie because im 5'10" flats are a better choice :) thanks for sharing the giveway! xxoo

  740. I must have those Gabby booties… How cute are there. Adorbs!

  741. Sole Society- AMAZING. Definitely getting on board with these (my hubs might have a heart attack with another addition to the collection:


  742. the harlow flats are just too cute…and I've been needing some nice versatile neutral shoes to add to my wardrobe!

  743. Alex

    My new puppy just ruined my perfectly worn in riding boots about two weeks ago. The Carolyn would be the perfect replacement!

  744. Kenzie

    definitely the betsy boots and the gabby booties!

  745. Natalia

    Enjoy BETSY! :)

  746. i LOVE the caroly riding boots!!
    Also the acacia, annie, dylan and constance.

  747. I love: Alison and Val!

    Love your blog!!!

  748. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity. I love the louisa and gia wedges (:

  749. Love the Addison Wedges…so many to choose from!

  750. Beth

    The Jeanette heels are so sleek and classic. Love them!

  751. Le Dub

    Ooooh ma goodness, the dakota loafers are SO SO CUTE. Lovin the give away :)

  752. I love the Dale. So cute!

  753. Ah I could totally use some new shoes! Love the Camila flats!

  754. 800 comments?

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  756. Oooh! I love the red Judy wedges!

  757. Maria

    Oh how I love the Addison and I love your cute blog! Everything about it is cute– I mean who has adorable towel holders?! You do my dear! When I grow up I want to be like you– and I am a mamma of 34 (but I feel 27, so let's go with that, shall we?!). Thanks for a little piece of happiness daily! I sure do hope I win so I can be a stylin rockin mamma like you!

  758. Amy

    Talk about gorgeous shoes! I love the Carolyn boots and the lizzie shoes. So darling!

  759. Tracy

    I'm digging the Mimi!

  760. Emily

    great giveaway, the gabrielle's are my favorite

  761. KateK

    I really love the Gabby boots and the Tabitha heels!

  762. sofia

    nothing can get me more excited for a giveaway than SHOES! :)

    gotta love the carolyn boots!!! fingers crossed!

  763. I've been looking for a pair of riding boots, so the two-tone Carolyn boots are right up my alley. Wonderfully generous giveaway!

  764. Rachel

    I like the Camila!

  765. Allie

    I'm loving Miriam!!! I could so use a pair of boots!

  766. Dying for the Betsy motorcycle boot! So cute with dresses for the fall!!!

  767. I love the Carolyn boots! They are perfect. :)

  768. I love the Camila, the Addison, the Tanya and the Carolyn!! It wouldn't be hard to pick five !!

  769. Sara

    I love the PEONY flats! they are so sparkly and pretty!

  770. I love the Tanya flats. They would be the perfect pop of color to my outfits, walking around campus this fall!

  771. Hailey .

    I love the Carolyn boots and the Jia Wedges! Swoon!

  772. heather

    …my 5! love them.

  773. its hard to pick a favourite with so many stunning shoes but the peony flat is wonderful.
    great giveaway!

  774. Kate M.

    i absolutely love the peony, the pauline, and the dylan!!

  775. Annie


  776. Oh, the color of the Elisa heels! Those shoes would put me somewhere around 6' 2" so I would stick to any small wedge shoe. I'm not picky…:)

  777. Camila, Sydney, Phebe, Miriam, and Peony! So cute!!

  778. Unknown

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  779. Maggie

    The Carolyn riding boot is amazing!

  780. Paige

    Love the nude Azura pump! Classically beautiful.

  781. Ashley

    Okay I went all out and looked through literally every shoe (because I couldn't stop scrolling) and found the 5 pairs I am in LOVE with and can't live without. It goes a little something like this:
    1. Nadine in Mint
    2. Constance in Cognac
    3. Carolyn in Black Burgandy
    4. Dakota in Blush
    5. Phebe in Coral (yes, they're sold out.. I will wait-they are gorgeous!)

    This is the best giveaway ever!!! My closet could definitely use a good update/pick-me-up. Thanks so much!

  782. kelly

    oh man!! I love the addison and the analisa. Boy could I use some new shoes!!!

  783. Those Rumer boots are to die for, too bad they're out of stock! Second favorite? Those chili red Judy wedges for a mid-week date. Definitely.

  784. Stella –> perfection!

  785. Absolutely love the Carolyn boots! <3

  786. Meg

    I'm loving the Hope, Dale, and Bethany shoes! I'd love to win! Xo

  787. So many adorable shoes! I especially love the Lizzie, Annie, Ava, Kylie, Judy, and Simone.

  788. Steph

    The riding boots are amazing! I can never have enough!

  789. Marsa

    how did i not know about them till now??? i need to go use that promo code and buy something. I absolutely love their Gabriella shoe!

  790. Jodi

    love love the tanya flats in fuschia.

  791. Melanie

    I love the Sandra 2.0! They make me wish summer could last a little longer!

  792. Carlyn

    those colour blocked riding boots SCREAM fall!:)

  793. jess

    oh man to win this would be so, so amazing.. a few (just a few) are:


  794. Kattie

    I love the poppy and peony flats!

  795. love the rielle cap-toed flat! very chic:)

  796. annie

    i absolutely love love the Addison ankle boot with wedge heel in army green suede. Soooo cute and it can be paired with so many options!!:)

  797. Ms.LMC

    My favorite are the Dylans (flats!) So cute!

  798. Jane

    Ooh, so many good choices, hard to choose a favorite! I do love the mustard Elisas in particular though!

  799. Baize

    my favorites are the Camila smoking loafers!

  800. katie

    i love the peony flats. fingers crossed! <3

  801. Bonny

    The Dahlia red suede pumps. I've been looking for a pair for a looooong time.

  802. T.B.

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! This is like my absolute dream to pick out FIVE pairs of shoes! I love the Rumer boots, Ava and Peyton heels, Megan and Peony flats! Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway… I will be crossing my fingers until winners are announced.

  803. Brianna

    I am loving the riding boots, so cute!!

  804. Kamila

    I love the Carolyn :)

  805. malkire

    Love the Shiloh wedges and the flats!

  806. Dina

    What a cool giveaway. It would be so hard to choose but these 5 are FAB! the cobalt Julianne (for a night out) the mustard Elisa (for a pop of color) the Monica sandal (meant to be worn with a white summer dress) the taupe Dakota (cool and relaxed)and lastly a classy Kacie pump. Only dreaming. Good luck everyone!

  807. Joy

    Oh la la! i LOVE the camila and megan flats!!!

  808. Abbie

    I love the two tone boots, the harlow flats, and the sharon wedges. Love this giveaway

  809. the Cameron heel are amazing! not very practical for everyday Mommy life, but so gorgeous for a night out!

  810. I LOVE the Carmen wedges… die for!

  811. Lindsay

    carolyn boots and the glitter ballet flats!

  812. Keiko

    I love their flats and want all of them ! or just 5 :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  813. Tanya

    I love the Azura heel!

  814. Kristin

    Love that Audrey wedge! Their sandals and wedges are too cute!

  815. I looove the two tone riding boots!

  816. I loooove the two tone riding boots!

  817. Laura

    This is the most amazing giveaway ever! I'm such a shoe lover and these are all incredible. I would be so very happy to win these pairs, especially the Nikki (Magneta Combo), the Martina (Black), the Nahla (Natural), the Louisa (Black) and the Josslyn (Navy). These are honestly the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen in my entire life.
    Much love to you all xx

  818. Camila and Dakota flats, so lovely!

  819. i love the hot pink poppy flats. thanks for the giveaway!

  820. I loved the Abby in clove and the Annie in mist!! Awesome giveaway!! Let me win!!

  821. Bree

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I love their shoes, great selection and prices. Miriam,Rumor,Addison, Carolyn and Dahlia just to name a few. Amazing!

  822. Melanie

    I like the Lindzi!

  823. Krystle

    Asking a girl to choose her favorite pairs of shoes is like asking her which child is her favorite. I have lots of favorites. But I'll go with the peony flats and two-toned boots if I must choose.

  824. Oh, Peony or Poppy! I just can't choose…

  825. i am from Montana and love the Milas!

  826. rachel

    Dakota! Love the loafers.

  827. Ashley

    I'm a classic girl at heart and I'm LOVING the Annie flats in navy blue!

  828. Katness

    Poppy flats are cuteness!

  829. Karissa

    Swooning over the Miriam boots!

  830. Katie

    I love the Hillary, Carmen and chantal! I like the wedges for work and a close toe shoe is a must in my work place. Thank you for introducing me to this site! I might buy a pair before you pick the winners, I am too excited!

  831. Oh goodness I love those Peony flats or the Tina's. Too cute!!

  832. This comment has been removed by the author.

  833. This comment has been removed by the author.

  834. Rumer boots are cute and the Brooklyn pumps do my borough justice!

  835. I love the Monica pumps!! Too cute!!

  836. Such a great assortment! I love the Carolyn boot. Also, the Ava in Navy Blue, the Kelly in Leopard, etc, etc… Ha ha!

  837. Rachel

    I really like the NADINEs . it's hard to find pretty shoes in size 11!

  838. I am absolutely in love with the gold Camilla flats!

  839. love the azura pumps.. need some new nude heels!

  840. annie

    Oh my gosh, this giveaway is amazing! I am in love with the colorful Alison heels and Elisa in yellow and those sparkly Broolyns– holy cow! I only have one pair of good heels and so I think I'm just in love with every pair of heels on this site.

  841. Unknown

    I love the Carolyn riding boots! So cute for fall!

  842. Hayley

    love the cheyennes! so many cute ones!

  843. Whitney

    Where to start…. Audrey, Rikki, Constance…so many fun and cute shoes!

  844. Lauren

    I love the Carolyn riding boots (in luggage rust), the coral dylan flat, the mist green sandra 2.0 mini wedges, and so many more!!

  845. Cassie

    OMG, what ones do I NOT love? They are all super cute! Love the Tori in "cloud" and the Brie in camel and black. So STINKING CUTE!

  846. Gosia

    The LILAC flats rock! If I won, it would be a hard choice… I just moved and have 3 pairs of shoes to my name (don't even get me started on clothes!) so this would be fantastic!

  847. I love love love the Kirby flats! Adorable. <3

  848. lovin the heather. i'm kinda obsessed! fingers crossed, this mama needs me some shoes.

  849. FanLew

    OMG there are sooo many great shoes to choose from! Favorites are the Val, Alice, Kirby, Martina, Carmela, and the list goes on! Love Love Love!

    And love your blog, you have a beautiful family.

  850. I love the Lilac flats!

  851. Emily

    I love the Carolyn riding boots! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  852. I LOVE the Sharon style. Neon and colour blocking? Yes, please!

  853. Kate

    i am in love in LOVE with the Josslyn boot.

    Oh crossing my fingers!

    xoxo Kate

  854. ife87

    I am so eyeing the addison booties, the orleans and zella platforms and for flats, i am craving some star and dakota!

  855. I feel like I need the Jasmine Wedges (in Burnt Orange AND Light Taupe!! How do I even decide?). I also really like the Noah heels in Jungle Green. P.S. How great is it that they have two models showing off every pair of shoes?? SO Great!!

  856. Holly

    I love the poppy flats! I'm dying for some new shoes for Fall, but can't afford them with my grad student budget, so this giveaway would be amazing!

  857. As a current prego: I'd love the Lindzi, Sandra 2.0, or the Camila.
    Post babe: Helena and Isabella!
    Tons to love!

  858. Tessems

    It's already starting to get chilly here and I think those Carolyn boots would fit the bill :)

  859. Me

    I love the Carolyn and Heather boots.

  860. Ashley

    I would die for the Carolyn in New Luggage Rust. I've been wanting riding boots for years!

  861. Jessica

    I love the Dylan ballet flats!

  862. I want the Elisa! So cute!!

  863. Loving the Carolyn Riding Boot in brown…but pretty much everything on their site is adorable.

  864. Anna

    I love the Carolyn boot. Too great.

  865. Haydee

    I love the cameron pumps in nude. I've been looking for a nude shoe like that for a while.

  866. Robyn

    love love love those carolyn two toned boots!

  867. The Chelsea peep toe, kitten heel slingbacks! I love them in pink – a great pop of color in a heel that you can still run around in to chase a toddler :) Plus I think peep toes are just the perfect feminine way to finish off an outfit :)

  868. I love the Krista, Rumer, Neve, Judy, Cassandra, Lilac, Catalina, Austin.. just to name a few, ha! There are so many great shoes :)

  869. Kayleigh

    definitely lizzie, cheyenne, noah, or bethany. all those are rad shoes. :)

    p.s. i love your blog.

  870. Stacey

    They have some great shoes. I found 6 that I just fell in love with. I like the Dora Wedges, Camila Flat, and the Kylie pump, just to name a few. Thanks for the chance.

  871. Jiz

    Alexis! love sole society.

  872. skoenig

    LOVE the georgia t-strap wedge and the sandra 2.0. I'm really looking to refresh my shoe collection and this would be a great way! Thanks so much! Love the blog.

  873. The red velvet Judy, please!

  874. The red velvet Judy, please!

  875. tawnya t

    um, green suede addison booties — yes please. : )

  876. Must have the Rumer ruched boot!

  877. Camila, Jasmine, Lindzi, Tina, Rielle. Love them. Top five!

  878. Jessie

    I love the Camila loafer!

  879. Kelsea


  880. Best giveaway ever! Please give me some riding boots for fall!

  881. alliep

    Love the Megan! Super cute!

  882. Alix

    Miriam and Maya are my faves!!

  883. Julia

    The Miriam boots and the Carolyn boots are my favourites for the fall.

  884. cbizz13

    I am in love with the Peony gold flats! Gorgeous!

  885. I love the Ruthie! So fun.

  886. Wow, what an amazing opportunity!

    I love the Carolyn Boots in brown, Megan moccasins in gold, the Krista wedges, the Nadine flats, the Lilac flats, and the Cheyenne flats! Ahh, I don't know how I could narrow it down to five!

  887. js321

    the Elisa pumps are so cute for the holidays!

  888. MLKinDC

    Love the Liana booties, Dakota and Lizzie flats, and the Val, Ryan, Ilene, Neve and Monica heels!

  889. Martins

    Did you see the Brie pair!?! Amazing!

    dinah.wahine at gmail dot com

  890. I love the Stella.

  891. laura

    I think I need those boots for Fall!

  892. Jenn

    The Gabrielle is one of my favorites. They have so many awesome pairs to choose from.


  893. I love love love the poppy flats!!

  894. The Camilla flats are calling my name….loudly!!!

  895. Ahhh! Shoes!! I love shoes way too much and these are just too cute.

    My favorite picks:
    - The green Ivy (snake slingback) is super cute and I can play it up or down.
    - The Dakota in red looks comfortable and adorable as well for everyday wear.

  896. This is a dream come true! Who couldn't use 5 pairs of gorgeous shoes?! My favorite {so hard to choose} pair is the Stella peep toe in Mustard Yellow! Love at first site!

  897. Gaia

    I love the Betsy, Leylani and Valentina boots (love boots in general) and also the Leyla and the Azura heels. Gorgeous!

  898. Ll

    Camila loafers in leopard, a pair of boots, and the Ava block heel pump in every color and I'm set! :)

  899. Megan

    Stop it! The Stella!!! I die!

  900. Anne

    Love the Addison booties!

  901. What a giveaway!! I love the Kelly pump and all the boots! Thanks!

  902. Almay

    The Andrea colorblock sandals are so vivacious!
    Definitely my favorite :)

  903. I just love the peony and betsy shoes! Camila, martina, and pauline are also adorable.

    So darn cute!

  904. I love the classic Cameron heels in nude – a closet staple that will never grow old! Beautiful cut and shape. Love love love love! Sally xoxo

  905. Dahlia & Elisa..LOVE

  906. Melanie

    Shiloh snakeskin wedges… Beeeeeautiful!!!

  907. I'm not done with summer yet, so those Phebe wedges in coral are screaming my name. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  908. I love the LEYLANI ankle bootsie!! Perfect for fall. This is a great giveaway!

  909. This comment has been removed by the author.

  910. Aisha

    These shoes are beautiful.

    For Fall I'd love the Martina boots and the riding boots.

  911. The love the Dale flats and Carolyn boots to name a couple. I can't believe they are giving away 5 pair!

  912. ALI&ANG

    I love Katrina. The silver bow buckle peep toe block heel so Mad Men retro! Love it! I swear my grandma had a pair just like it! I use to raid her closet for halloween costumes as a kid.

    Ali of

  913. Rebecca

    I'm loving the Carolyn boots, or those camel wedges are beautiful!

  914. CLK

    Love the Arizona heels!!! Would be perfect for my fall wedding season :)

  915. Love the high heeled booties. Perfect for fall!

  916. Love the simone wedge pumps!

  917. Katie

    I love the rumor boot!

  918. so hard to decide, but i love the Ryan and Sandra.
    Wonderful giveaway!

  919. Shannon

    my favorite is the hope wedges. super cute!

  920. Maya V

    I love the Miriam!

  921. Patty

    Love your soles! My favorites were the Peyton, Constance, Martina, Kirby and Neve!

  922. I love the Heather buckle wedge bootie :)

  923. Loving the Leisha and Monica! I'm in FL so open-toe strappy's are almost year round :)


  924. i love the katrina peep-toe heel!!! so perfect for work and comfortable enough for all-day!

  925. raerae

    i don't know if the giveaway applies to canadian gals, but i have to comment anyways because the flats ARE the cutest! and i am also in love with the Pauline motorcycle boot.

  926. raerae

    i don't know if the giveaway applies to canadian gals, but i have to comment anyways because the flats ARE the cutest! and i am also in love with the Pauline motorcycle boot.

  927. Rebecca

    I love the Miriam shoe!

  928. Can never have too many flats! Love the poppy flats!!

  929. JessLynn

    Oh my gosh! There are soooo many that I love! Some of my favorites are Jeanette, Alison Heels, Kelly wedge, Julianne, MILA, Addison and Dakota! SO cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  930. becca

    shoes are the best giveaway!

    I love the Rumer boots.

    thanks so much!

  931. Mattea

    My favorites are the kirby, i love the snake detail in the back.

  932. Regina Y

    Totally adore the poppy flats.

  933. Nicole

    Love the Dylan flats.

  934. I'd get the Dakota, Kirby, Dale, Martina, and Carolyn. This giveaway is so good.

  935. these are adorable!

  936. Mary

    It's hard to pick a favorite but the Betsy boots would be great for the coming cold weather! :)

  937. Quiana

    although it's sold out rumor in black is awesome!

  938. Jacqui

    My favorite shoes from there are the Jasmine Wedges, sooo cute!

  939. Addison for farmer's marketing.
    Elisa for languid Sunday brunching and cappuccino sipping.
    Poppy for twin-stroller pushing and dreamy window shopping.
    How fabulous is this giveaway?! Momma needs a serious lift, I hope it's my lucky day…

  940. Tracy

    love the addison, judy, miriam and dakota! amazing giveaway!

  941. Kimberly

    I LOVE Bethany. So classy!

  942. Kris

    Boots, always! the Carolyns with the black and the red are just fant-abulous!

  943. la MER

    all of the flat are wonderful! Dakota, Kirby, Annie, Dale, and Hope.:)

  944. Shannon

    wow, it's like sex on your feet! The Hope, the Valentina and the white Hillary's.

  945. Annakha

    The Dakota and Elisa are lovely! :)

  946. Here are my top 5: Martina in black, meredith in elephant, taryn in dusty pink, helena in black, and the pauline in tan…..simply gorgeous shoes!!! I am drooling!! Thanks for the chance!

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  947. Sophie

    I love the Dakota flats!

  948. MJM

    My favorite pair are the Addison booties!

  949. Hillary

    Oh my goodness, the Glitterati Collection makes me melt. I love the Gabriella and the Camila and the Brooklyn! Oh there are so many.

  950. The Sheba camel color wedges are adorable. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  951. Jillian

    I am really digging the Addison boots!

  952. Jillian

    I am really digging the Addison boots!

  953. CW

    I love love love the Alison. Classic with a little bling!

  954. Caitlin

    The Addison boots are fantastic. Great giveaway!

  955. Ahhh too many too choose from! …classic Alison, Carolyne boots, Ava heels….

  956. umm, amazing!! I'd love to get five pairs of their beautiful shoes!!

  957. Unknown

    addison and audrey are adorable!

  958. Rach

    I love the Georgia, so cute! They have some great boot options too!

  959. Shay

    I love the Rumor Boots! Great Giveaway! Thanks!

  960. crzyaunt

    I love the Hope wedges! Thanks for great giveaway!

  961. So cute!!!! Addison or Tamara.

  962. mrs. dtf

    i love the neve heels and the pauline boots :)

  963. They are all sooo cute! I love the Kaitlyn and layla, camia, lilac, tanya, rielle and so many more;)

  964. They are all sooo cute! I love the Kaitlyn and layla, camia, lilac, tanya, rielle and so many more;)

  965. I love the Miriam shoe! And all their flats are adorable.

  966. Erika

    I love this give away! I really like the pauline and carolyn boots. And the kendall wedges. But my feet would like the lizzie and rielle flats!

  967. Kasey

    Wow, love that site! It was hard to pick, but my favorite has to be the Addison ankle boot (in Army). Love the short boot, wedge heel, and fall color!

  968. I love the peony flats.

  969. Myself

    I am obsessed! I am on my feet all day as a teacher in a first grade classroom in NYC. I could definitely use a little extra support. :)
    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  970. the carolyn boot! pretty. thanks for the lovely contest, once again!

  971. Shelby

    So many cute shoes! I like the Mimi flats. Fun color.

  972. I love the Addison booties. So cute for fall!

  973. AHHHH! my favorite ones are the SYDNEYs in black ! ! !

  974. Jen

    I like Federiko!!

  975. cchon89

    The Betsy motorcycle boots because a girl can't have enough boots!

  976. cblack

    I'm definitely feeling the "krista".

  977. Claire

    I love those yellow Elisa heels!

  978. Greta

    The Audrey wedge sandals are absolutely gorgeous!! All lovely shoes though, really!

  979. Oh my heavens! What a fabulous giveaway! I am absolutely in love with the Shiloh wedges….in cream or mustard…y