eleanor & samson’s nursery tour.

hello! today i thought i’d share a few photos of eleanor & samson’s nursery.
we’ve only been in our new apartment for a few weeks, so there is still a lot i’d like to do with this room. but to be honest, it will probably be months before i get around to those things (if ever! who am i kidding?), so here is the nursery as of now…
please excuse miss eleanor and her absence of clothing in these photos. she was striking poses all over the place while i was trying to photograph her room and as you can see, it’s hard to keep clothing on her these days. she prefers running around sans diaper, too, so be grateful. ;)

sources for the nursery :: the yellow dresser is an old black dresser from ikea josh and i painted a few years ago. we switched out the black knobs with mismatched ones collected from both anthropologie and the old lucketts store in virginia. the green settee was a craigslist find back in DC. the cribs are by bloom baby. we bought the alma mini crib when eleanor was born and absolutely loved it. so we passed it along to samson this summer and upgraded eleanor to the slightly bigger version, the papa crib, which Bloom so generously gifted us upon samson’s arrival. the little hanging pom poms are repurposed from a baby shower i threw a friend last fall. the globe was thrifted. the pillows and owl lanterns are from urban outfitters. and the house pillows on the floor are from my mom’s shop, pillows by poppy. ps. please note that we don’t use the bumper pad in samson’s crib when he is sleeping in it.
now we just have to figure out where to paint a new chalk board wall for E. i think she misses her old one. i know i do…
  1. It's gorgeous, I love the green couch it's beautiful, you've done a brilliant job x

  2. haha i can't even focus on the room because of that sweet little girl in the background! this room is gorgeous tho! and giant for nyc!

  3. omoriala

    What a gorgeous space for your lucky children! I know you've just moved in, but I'd love to see a full tour of the apartment–the period details like the fireplace with mantle are amazing.

  4. That's the most GIANT nursery I've ever seen!!! Your NYC apartment must not be THAT tiny :P

    Will we have a tour of the rest of the rooms too, I hope?!?

  5. Marie

    Eleanor is just too cute!! The nursery looks good- very simple & clean. You did a great job with it! :)

  6. Katrina

    Love this! So colorful and fun! Eleanor's artwork is so adorable. I particularly like the one with all the swirls and circles – so advanced! ;)

  7. Marie

    Btw the little hand-made decoration above the crib is beautiful…

  8. so little time in the place & already a very cool room !
    good job !!

  9. awesome natural light! you struck lucky with this place.

  10. Kathy

    its such a lovely room! so many vibrant colours :) hahaha i love the photo of eleanor having the hat covering her eyes. Her expression is priceless! :D

  11. Deanna

    I love it! Do they sleep well in the same room together? I have a two year old and a one year old and am hoping to combine their nurseries, but am afraid of how it will affect their sleeping…

  12. Teresa

    Oh its beautiful! We moved in our new house two months ago and my baby's room is still a mess! Love your style lady!

  13. Johanna

    It's beautiful!!!
    I really love the sofa in the corner !!!

  14. I love getting glimpses of the way people style their homes- and children's spaces are pretty much my favorite so this perked up my morning! I

    The paneling and details in your new place are wonderful, what a great space and a perfect backdrop for the modern pieces.

    I definately have some crib envy too!

    xo Lilly

  15. I love that the room is all white with pops of color!

  16. rachael

    i think it looks great. the kids can run around, and it doesn't look like "everything in its right place". it's a kids room! that's normal!

  17. HayleyR

    Its stunning! This has definatley given me inspiration to decorate my soon to arrive daughters nursery. Xx

  18. I love the bright white walls! But I bet a chalk board wall will keep all those surprise markings from getting on them, and I am sure it's a blast for the kids.

  19. This is a beautiful nursery. I love the bright colours. It looks so functional and yet still stylish. You've given me some great inspiration for my children's rooms


  20. Lotte

    I love it. It is very Scandinavian/Nordic in its style (I think…maybe because that's how my family lives). I love that you keep the books on the floor…

  21. Cheltz

    Love it! Great bones and pops of color in that room!

  22. Alexis

    I love their room! My son also loves to be naked! It is the age. I am thinking if you want to keep the diaper on to use duckt tape! Atleast that is what I am thinking about doing:)

  23. This is just too cute! So simple, but still finished looking. Great job! Makes me want to paint every room in my house stark white.


  24. Mariela

    Beautiful room, love all the accessories, colors and the natural light, also you have a cute model for your photos : )

  25. Mariela

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  26. sinika

    So bright, cheery and colorful! I love it!

  27. the chest of draws is amazing! I love the little owls too.

    white rooms are the best, makes everything else stand out


  28. Demmy

    the nursery is so amazing already! love it all. i think Eleanor looks amazing in only diapers! x

  29. Love it! So cute!

  30. Victoria

    That is amazing, it looks like a snap shot from the site the glow.
    I love it.

  31. Don't apologize for having E in these photos! She is absolutely adorable and your pictures look straight from a catalogue! Love the whole vibe!

  32. WOW WOW WOW stunning room for children!

  33. Hilary

    That fireplace/mantle looks amazing! Love all the character to your apartment. Can't wait to see the rest. Lots of light and lots of colorful toys! Love the Owl lanterns!

  34. Dianna

    great painting on the old black dresser! the yellow is perfect!

  35. Jill

    (we use crib bumpers… oops?)
    I love the nursery, so white and bright with lots of room to play. Thanks for sharing, it all looks beautiful!

  36. Jenna

    You did such a great job! I especially love the mantal/fireplace, all the little details are perfect. And I think she looks pretty cute. My mother has told me that I liked to be naked most of the time when I was younger too. Luckily, she will grow out of that ;)

  37. LOVE the nursery! And I love that E runs around without a diaper these days. She seems like she has the cutest little personality, and without a doubt her and my little Aria (15 months) would be fast friends ;) Perfect little space for your nuggets.

  38. Becky

    I love the idea of mixing the knobs up on the dresser. And the contrast of bright white and bright pops of color are beautiful!

  39. Ana

    what I lvoe most is how bright and airy the space is. So lovely and inspiring for little people.

  40. that green sofa has got to be the luckiest craigslist find ever!

  41. Shay

    I love it! And the room is so bright! I love your moms pillows. I need to get some for my nursery!

  42. Lottie

    i love this nursery and just hope the one i put togeher is as nice.

    and yes i agree with jenni that sofa is the luckiest craglist find ever.

  43. Alexa

    The room looks so homey and lived in – I absolutely LOVE it!

  44. jackie

    it's bright and cheerful, and I think it's perfect for a nursery :) no need to do much more. and Eleanor is adorable, striking those poses.

  45. Man, I wish my BEDROOM looked like that, haha. Definitely finding some inspiration in that dresser…

  46. Man, I wish my BEDROOM looked like that, haha. Definitely finding some inspiration in that dresser…

  47. amanda

    Their room is adorable. Also, your mom's pillows are the cutest things I've ever seen! Seriously. <3

  48. Abby

    Beautiful! You did such a good job with it. I love how sunlit and airy the room feels.

  49. Very cheerful and beautiful, just don't get the bottom comment…If you don't use the bumper when your baby is sleeping then,,,what's the point of it at all? Isn't it there to protect the baby from BUMPing into the wooden rails when they're sleeping…?

  50. Very sweet. Gives me hope! We're expecting number 2 in the Spring and are going to try to make it work in our 2 bedroom! Everyone keeps telling me we're crazy- but I do love a good challenge. :-)

  51. You have such exquisite taste! Gorgeous nursery, and all the best books, too. I hope you find room for the chalkboard wall soon :)

    <3 Josephine

  52. Love the nursery…. sounds like a dream for those cute kiddos! Hope you are loving NYC!



  53. I love the crisp white! It looks wonderful with the pops of color. I want to sleep & play there :)

  54. I really love it! All the light must be so nice as well

  55. kristyn

    i absolutely love it–just how it is, too! i love bright white with pops of color. your babies are only babies once, soon they would outgrow some uber trendy nursery and the painting and decorating would begin all over again. it looks like eleanor is enjoying it just the way it is :) although i'm sure she will be happy when her chalkboard wall makes a reappearance!

    glad you all are settling in well!


  56. meg

    Taza, first time commenter here but I couldn't help but tell you how cute E is in these pictures. And her sans clothes make it even better. You have an adorable family and I hope you're starting to settle into NYC with the two littles.

  57. Beautiful decor, Naomi! I especially love the mismatched knobs on the dresser.

  58. Beautiful decor, Naomi! I especially love the mismatched knobs on the dresser.

  59. im sorry you always have to say stuff like don't worry! "i'm not using the bumper in samson's crib" because crazy weird people will squawk at you if you don't. that's so annoying.

  60. Beautiful area for your children!! You are so lucky to have those beautiful wood floors and white walls.

  61. Kj

    I think it's so sad you have to put disclaimers about the bumper pads. One of the hardest things for me as a mom is the backseat parenting of strangers! Their nursery is absolutely adorable by the way! You are amazing :)

  62. Katness

    Simple, but very cute with all those pops of color against the white walls. I love it. And it looks like a big room in NYC standards! Good for Eleanor and Samson! X

  63. I love seeing what other people's houses look like and how they decorate! It's so interesting to me (I had my friends that live in the condo next door show me a tour of their place because I was so curious!) Whenever I drive by houses I try to guess what it looks like on the inside (maybe that's weird). Anyway thanks for the tour. Maybe we'll get to see the rest of the apartment some day!

  64. Brenny

    Looks amazing! So bright and airy!

  65. Erin

    What a beautiful nursery!

  66. Mrs. A

    Adorable! Simple and whimsical.

  67. You have the most beautiful little family, and your home seems amazing! X

  68. I love how colorful the room is, and that window brings in so much light. I love that you mixed and matched the knobs on the dresser, makes it looks so unique!

    The babes have such a lovely room to play in!

  69. Lauren

    Little Miss E looks so adorable in that hat!

  70. Katie

    I think, in this space, you could do almost *anything*, and it would look beautiful; it's just an amazing room! That being said, you have impeccable taste, and I love that you shared the room "as is", and not styled within an inch of its life, not looking like children live there at all — Wonderful!

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  72. great post :)

  73. great post :)

  74. RoselyC

    Love the white walls, the question is will they stay white? The settee is gorgeous such a classy touch to the nursery.

  75. What a beautiful room! The space between the windows looks like a great spot for the chalk wall? Have you ever had a magnetic wall. You put the magnetic paint on and can then cover it with normal paint. It's wonderful for displaying all the kid's stuff and they love putting things up there (though maybe for when Samson is a little older and less likely to swallow a magnet!)

  76. sylbeea

    I'm stealing the mismatched knobs for my daughter's dresser, love it. Also love Eleanor's artwork, exceptional! Thanks for sharing, the room is great. x

  77. The light and structure of this room is amazing – it could be totally empty and still be beautiful. I LOVE IT.

  78. Coryann

    What a bright and cherry space for your children to call their own. I love all the light in this room and not to mention all the toys that give lots of color to the space. Great job mama!

  79. Thais

    I am curious Naomi! You said you guys had 450sq ft… so is their nursery your living room? If so how does that work when they're sleeping and you guys are awake?

    We're having our first, a little girl, in November and we have her nursery in a corner of our living room.

  80. Kristina

    I have that same dresser in white! Great idea to switch out the knobs for random ones. I love how white and bright it is!

  81. Most beautiful nursery, everything about it is perfect

  82. Diana

    amazing space! look at all that light that comes into the room! wow. am so impressed. :)

  83. Emily

    Gorgeous! I think I like Eleanor and Samson's room better than my own! I'm completely in love with all the frame molding on the walls! Oh, NYC, with your charming old buildings. Steals your heart, doesn't it?

    via Emily

  84. @Thais, i never said we had 450 sq feet? we used to live in 450 sq feet (our studio apartment last time in nyc but not this time). I'm sorry for the confusion! we have two bedroom apartment right now in the city. i'm not sure of the sq footage of our new place, still tiny but enough space for us.

    but i think you can do a corner nook for your baby just fine! we had E in our 1 bedroom apartment in dc for the first few months before we moved into a 2 bedroom and it was great.

    @carline, in terms of the pom pom tutorial, you just cut 6 small round pieces of fabric for each pom pom and fold each in half and sew sew a stitch straight into the middle of all 6.then you fold out the edges of the fabrics. (i hope that made sense.)

    @deanna, they sleep in there OK together. both are such deep sleepers that when one wakes (usually samson by screaming!) he doesn't wake E. but E prefers our bed to her crib so i usually put her to sleep in our bed and then transfer her to the crib once she's out. our goal this month is to get her back to falling asleep in her own crib! any suggestions? we'll take em!

    @naomi kazs, you are right, the bumpers are used to protect the baby from the crib rails! but they recommend not using bumpers (or any pillows/stuffed animals, etc) in the crib for the first few months for suffocation reasons). we'll start using them once samson can move around more easily and reposition himself in his sleep. i don't have a place to store the bumper but his crib right now, so i just place the bumper on the floor at night while he sleeps for now. :)


  85. Teri B.

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  86. Love the setup! I love the white wall and how much light comes in! Also your craigslist couch is still the best find ever!

    <3 Denise

  87. Thais

    So Sorry Naomi. I must have gotten confused when you mentioned something about being glad to have seen Jordan's apartment in San Fran and how she made the tiny apartment work for their two kids and you were inspired by it.

    We have made a corner for her. We got the Davinci Anabelle Mini Crib and an Ikea dresser. Our apt is not super tiny (620sqft) but it's still one bedroom and I'm just having some new mommy anxiety of her being in an open area and how that'll affect her sleeping. Thanks so much for replying. We're right across the park from you guys. Welcome back to the city.

  88. Gorgeous! The yellow dresser adds a beautiful bright colour to the room and will be uplifting on those rainy gloomy days. :)

  89. Priya

    Oh this is beautiful! I love the bright white walls and colored furniture, and how you've mixed thrifted, handmade, Craigslist, and remade stuff all together! What a great space for the little ones!

    perfectly priya

  90. Lara

    this room is insanely beautiful! i am in love with all of it. where did you get the wire basket with the toys in it next to the chair? i am looking for something just like that for my nursery! love your blog!

  91. way cute!! one question though – with all that pretty natural sunlight streaming in- how do you keep it dark enough to keep them asleep??

  92. Teri B.

    is this the apt's living room and you just use it for the nursery?!

  93. naomi, my heart literally skipped a beat when i saw this post. every little detail is so beautiful…i love the way the colors pop in the bright white space. and their little messes are the good stuff of life. little e's boots look darling propped up on the mantle like that. thank you for building a life and space for your children that allows them to blossom creatively and explore their world. you're such a good mama, and that takes a whole long list of talents.

  94. Jessie

    I love your style! The white walls and mix of colors make it look so bright, clean, and happy!

  95. Jean

    i love this room. so roomy!

    my three year old niece walks around her house in her underwear. but when i go over, she feels the need to doll up even if i'm not. lol.

  96. Can I ask where did you get the wooden S?
    I'm looking for one for my son Stanley but
    all the ones I find are a little too 'girly'. I'm
    very envious – of both the amazing nursery
    and the sleeping babies! Stanley is still in
    our room as I'm too scared to put him in
    with his big sister til he starts sleeping

  97. The room is so whimsical, I think it is perfect just the way it is and hope you are all enjoying your new apartment!


  98. Love it! You guys did great!

  99. oh i love it!! it's so beautiful! and what a great big room for NYC! nice! i would love to see the rest of your place. i bet it's so beautiful, decorated with cute things. were you able to bring your piano? {hope so}


  100. caroline

    now that looks like a fun room! nice work.

  101. I love it!
    I have the same Ikea dresser and wold LOVE to paint it, but have been told I can' t. What type of paint did you use?
    Please, please, please tell me!
    Thank you so much!

  102. love what you did with the nursery!! it looks so bright and airy…i love how white is the primary color and then all then accessories and statement pieces are pops of bright color. p.s. eleanor is adorable! it must be so fun to watch her personality develop more and more as she grows

  103. Lily

    I love how (although the walls are white) you've managed to make it very colourful, cheerful, and warm. Nice job lil'mama!

  104. @brian and amanda, yep! we were able to bring the piano! it's a tight fit but it's here.

    @helen, the wooden S is from anthropologie. we have a matching E as well.

    @teri b, no, this is not the living room. it's one of the bedrooms (the master bedroom). we gave the big bedroom to the kids since they need the space and we'll be spending the majority of our time in there with them playing. we took the smaller second bedroom as our own. once we find a sofa/ hang stuff on the walls, i hope to share the rest of our home, too.

    @lara, the basket/bin to the left of the sofa is thrifted and the others filled with books are from target.


  105. Its beautiful Naomi. Love the colours. And your photos are always so gorgeous. Eleanor is amazing, love the pic with the hat covering her eyes and her head tilted ;)

  106. That walker is so cute!

  107. Sea Mama

    I'm completely in love with this amazing space. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!

  108. Michelle


  109. It's adorable! I love that couch!

  110. hi! I just wanted to mention. I'm a chalk artist by profession and I use Valspar for all my projects (they don't sponsor me or anything like that). I learned about their chalk paint when I worked for a design company and we dealt with a lot of bad chalk paint! You may already know this! Congrats on your move!

  111. one more! what kid of paint did you use on the ikea dresser. It looks so great!

  112. love it! your new place looks stunning. i love the high ceilings and the wooden floors. looks like you were lucky to find a gorgeous new home.
    All the little bits of color in the nursery look amazing.

  113. Miss M

    So bright and beautiful.

  114. I love the colours in your muffins' nursery – it's like the summer in the middle of the winter and vice versa. Or first sign of spring in shape of lime cabinet. Stylish genius :) xx



  115. Anna

    Congrats on an adorable nursery (i think your model was perfect!) And welcome back to NYC. (sorry i'm so late on this…I'm slow when it comes to blogging, lately) I hope your getting all the support/encouragement you need! Holler if you need anything!

    -Anna (Woolf) Botts

  116. carli

    absolutely beautiful!! Love this bright and cheery nursery!

  117. Such a perfect little nursery for two kiddos, especially of different genders. Very pretty, the white and funky splashes of color make the room look so happy.

  118. Kristal

    I love all the white walls with pops of color! Not to mention this doesn't look staged. It's real life with real kiddos running around. Beautiful family!

  119. It looks absolutely darling! I love the white background with all the bright colors!

  120. Faith

    It looks like you found an apartment with a good deal of natural light! That is amazing! Your decor is impeccable, and your kids are just too cute!

  121. Kessler

    I love this space. It is bright and cheerful and perfect for your sweet babies!

  122. The room is so adorable! Great work… I love the settee! If you are looking for chalkboard paint check out Quiet Home Paints. They have chalkboard paint that is completely organic in lots of fun colors! http://www.quiethomepaints.com

  123. I love all the white! And it's like a really stark white, too. I know it's probably not the easiest for two small children, but it's gorgeous and really makes all the toys and colors pop.

    P.S. Never apologize for that chicka striking poses – it's adorable! Not to mention very entertaining. Ha!



  124. ADORE this! the prettiest little room i have seen in a while. Yes please, put up the chalkboard wall, I'm thinking of painting one too in my daughter's room! She's almost the same age as Eleonor!

  125. Shannon

    Naomi, you would be a fantastic interior designer! you have such a great eye. With all the spare time you have laying around right now… ;)

  126. so happy you mentioned the dresser – i saw this in a previous post and fell in love (and am planning on how to recreate it in my own nursery)! the yellow is lovely, and i love the mismatched knobs!

  127. Katie

    I love, love, LOVE the yellow dresser! Everything in the nursery looks absolutely magical!

  128. the perfect room! She looks adorable on diapers

  129. What a gorgeous room, I especially love the dresser :-)

  130. omgosh i loveeee that yellow dresser, YOu have one cool looking baby and look at the fedora, love!

  131. Cheryl

    what a bright little room! So happy! glad to see you are settled. :) eleanor is the cutest.

  132. what a sweet little space! love it!

  133. Marie

    Lovely, bright & spacious room :)

  134. Jennifer

    How lucky you are to have such great light in their room… It brightens up the space literally and figuratively. The room may not be showroom-neat, but it is wonderfully lived in. PS: I love E's artwork on the wall–so colorful and fun!

  135. i absolutely love it. our styles are similar… i, unfortunately, have BEIGE walls tho! please put pics up of the rest of your house… even if it's not perfect, "yet." i'm always inspired. :)

  136. What a gorgeous large room! And so bright as well. I love the way that she is posing with the hat on, she's obviously so used to having her picture taken Bless her!

  137. Jittney

    Probably the most awesome kids room I have ever seen !!!

  138. Ali

    i have been wondering about those bloom cribs. was eleanor sleeping in the mini all the way until samson arrived? i had heard they were too small for toddlers. let me know your thoughts!


  139. I don't know how I haven't stumbled across your blog before but I've just spent so long reading back through your posts. It's honestly everything I love in a blog and it's really inspired me! It's fab to see your journey through life and all your wonderful, happy photos – I really need to take more photos myself so I can document my life on my blog a bit better. It must be fab to look back! :) xxx

  140. oh how sweet! I love the pops of color against the white walls. definitely a wonderful place to grow and play.


  141. Wel-Jel you are back in NYC!
    So exciting to be living there! Look forward to your adventures xx

  142. .

    wow! Whay a lovely room! Good luck in new york!

    Best wishes from sweden!

  143. Alice

    Hey Taza; I'm a long time follower – isn't that a bit creepy ?? uuuh whatever – and i love love love your style, the nursery looks great by the way.. But there is a big HUGE enormous problem :) Where is Sweet Samson on the banner of your blog ? I'm dying to read "taza &husband; baby eleanor & samson boy.. & kingsley too" hehe
    keep rocking the blog planet

    you go girl !

    Alice, a random French fan

  144. Marie

    I can't help but laugh at all the disclaimers lately. I know you need to do it. Funny world we live in. The nursery is beautiful.

  145. What a cheerful, happy place for children! I love all the light and the bright yellow dresser. You guys waste no time getting things in order!

  146. Beautiful photos! So glad I found your blog. I'm a mommy to be and it's super exciting to see the most important moments of your life here!

  147. Marie

    Eleanor is totally feeling it in these photos, esp the last one ;) cute poses

  148. So bright and clean. Well done! It already looks like the kids are having fun playing in there. Congratulations on the new home!

  149. GRACE

    this nursery is seriously the best i've every laid eyes on~


  150. teeny

    a little bit jealous you ended up in a nyc apt with such clean, fresh white walls! (in the best way possible of course) :)


  151. I CANNOT believe that this is a rented pad! You have made it look so homely and stylish, especially for a nursery! You are one talented young lady, hope the littlies realised how luck they are to have such a fab room to share!

    The yellow dresser is my absolute favourite, so cheerful!! :) Brilliant!


  152. Great, great, great! Happy kids, for sure!

  153. Dayna

    adorable nursery. love all the colors against the white. and i have to poke fun at all the disclaimers on your blog. just do your thing and don't care what people choose to assume!

  154. Michaela

    Such a fun space for them! Cute, colorful and creative. The perfect combo :)

  155. ellen

    The owls. I want to know where you got the owls! (Thank you!)

  156. Such a bright and imaginative space!! I love the fireplace =)

  157. cutest room i have ever seen!!!

  158. ummm perfection. can i come move in?? please?

  159. Brendan

    The nursery looks so beautiful! The stark white of the walls and ceiling make it look very classy and very clean. It also helps to brighten up the room, which is great for babies – it gets them used to lights and to colors much earlier. I like what you did with the dresser; that sun yellow is an absolutely gorgeous color, and the handles are a nice touch. That green settee standing across from the dresser really brings focus into the room, and their colors go great together, too. Congratulations on your moving back to NYC! Hope to see some more of your new home soon!

    Brendan Amorose

  160. Dani

    love the bits of yellow here and there.

    great job :)