sprinkles ice cream in LA.

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at the top of my to-do list for our week in LA was to check our sprinkles new ice cream shop in beverly hills. sprinkles cupcakes are pretty much my favorite so i was really curious about their new ice cream. i met up with emily, one of my oldest blogging friends from way back in the day for the experience. i tried the salted caramel ice cream in-between two dark chocolate cupcake tops and it was delicious (but i mean, really. you can’t go wrong when you’re pairing ice cream with a dark chocolate cupcake top. you know?)
kind of hoping sprinkles has plans to open another on the east coast sometime soon. that would be fun for my hips. ;) thanks for a fun afternoon, emily!

LA part II

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probably my favorite thing about LA was this stack of oreo pancakes (they call it the black magic on the menu) we enjoyed at the griddle. why had i never thought about that combo before? so dangerous. and so so delicious.
more photos from LA here.

LA part I

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so far, this trip has been great. i wasn’t sure what we were in for, traveling across the country with two little ones under 18 months for a week and a half. i knew it’d be hard–and parts of it have been– like sleep schedules thrown completely off– but when our friend, vic, drove us straight to in-n-out from the airport for breakfast at 10:30 in the morning, we knew it was gonna be one good trip. :)
it’s been wonderful reconnecting with some of our favorite people who we don’t get to see very often, eating delicious food, and spending time in the sun without the humidity (somehow, it’s just more fun without it).

in LA…

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we are in LA right now
enjoying beautiful sunshine,
time with good friends,
and some of the tastiest tacos of our lives.
be back soon!