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today our new sponsor sweetgreen, is giving away a republic bike to one lucky reader! we’re really excited to be collaborating with sweetgreen over the next few months as we’ve been big fans of their local salads for a long time now. in fact, sweetgreen was my biggest craving during my pregnancy with samson because all i wanted to eat were light and fresh ingredients, not pickles and ice cream like the saying goes. ;)
if you’re unfamiliar with sweetgreen, they offer salad with local ingredients, frozen yogurt and a new organic cold pressed juice line which just launched this week. they have 6 locations around dc, and a few others in virginia, maryland and pennsylvania, too.
to enter to win the bike, please visit sweetgreen and comment below telling us what you like in your salad. the winner will be drawn at random and announced this friday. good luck!
this giveaway is only open to US residents for shipping purposes.

UPDATE 6/29 : congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info, rockstardiaries{at}

  1. Brenna

    spicy sabzi is my go to!!

  2. I love spinach, feta, hard boiled eggs, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette on my salads – sometimes with wasabi!

    Kat Skull

  3. I would probably order the Guacamole Greens.. although all of their salad creations look amazing!

    Thanks for this opportunity, I absolutely love your blog!

  4. Amanda

    my favorite thing in a salad would be avocados and blue cheese! sometimes the occasional radish :) great giveaway!

    xo, amanda

  5. fresh peaches and baby spinach – and maybe a dash of sriracha!

  6. mmmm avocados…berries…spinach….mmmm

  7. Elyse

    roasted beets & goat cheese! *fingers crossed*

  8. Jess

    I've never been to sweetgreen! but their chic p salad looks to die for! I also love santa fe salads with black beans and corn. Pick me!

  9. Tracy

    I don't have a sweetgreen near me, but if I did I would get the santorini or the june salad! They all look amazing!

  10. Marie

    fried kale, grapes, hearts of palm and crunchy pita chips!! i love sweet green!!

  11. Katie

    oo yes to curry gold! and my bike tires just fell apart so this would be perfect for my city biking about!

  12. E

    Mmmm! Take sweetgreens' June salad, swap the goat cheese for gorgonzola, OR sweetgreens' guacanole greens salad without the chicken and oo la la, palate bliss! Elizabeth

  13. Wow! Republic Bikes are amazing!! I can never have a salad without tomatoes.

  14. Kat

    Arugula, avocado (makes it creamy!) and apples make such a delicious combination when I'm making my own, but the Sweetgreen June salad sounds amazing!!! Peaches, almonds, basil, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette! YUM.

  15. awesome giveaway! i love corn in my salads!

  16. Unknown

    Love your blog!

    Fav. Salad: Thinly Chopped Romaine, Avocado, tomato, toasted pine nuts, with ginger dressing!

  17. Kate

    Thanks for the chance to win. This is awesome!

  18. Ally

    avocado, cranberries, walnuts, turkey, and apple! i love all of the sweet green salads though- especially curry gold!!

  19. I love their chic p salad! It has all the great stuff in a falafel sandwich without the extra calories from a wrap.

  20. The June Salad looks amazing – I love pears and goat cheese together.

  21. Ohhh, I love Sweet Green! My favorite is their chic p salad and their frozen yogurt. So delicious!

  22. Goat cheese makes any salad extra awesome. xo

  23. lurso

    Love their guacamole greens! And what a sweet bike!

  24. Valerie

    I love peaches in my salad!

  25. Chit

    Love the Sabzi with avocado and chicken. It's awesome how you can make one all your own or modify one off their menu. <3 sweetgreen!

  26. I love avocado, spinache, almonds, vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese (or any cheese really!)

  27. peaches! taste of summer. thank u naomi! :)

  28. Sweetgreen is one of the things I miss most about living in DC!

    The guacamole greens salad was always one of my favorites but in the summer time, I love grapes, almonds and fresh basil in my salads :)

  29. es

    I just took my husband to sweetgreen on Capitol Hill for the first time on Sunday :). As 37-week pregnant woman I couldn't agree more on the need for fresh and tasty foods! I'm a big fan of the guacamole deconstructed. He loved the salad with wasabi peas.

  30. Kirstie

    Mmmm peaches and almonds!

  31. meggo

    i looove a spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese and balsamic!! And that bike is too adorable!

  32. i am experimenting with raw veganism at the moment so i haven't met a salad ingredient i don't love! my ideal salad has crunchy romaine,beets, avocado & raw walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette!

  33. can't wait to go there next time I'm in DC! I'd love their guacamole greens! I love avocado on salad (ate one today!)!

  34. my favorite salad right now is watermelon, feta cheese, pine nuts, mint and balsamic vinaigrette. perfect for a warm summer day.

  35. can't wait to go there next time I'm in DC! I'd love their guacamole greens! I love avocado on salad (ate one today!)!

  36. I would totally go for the guacamole greens! Sounds and looks delicious! :)

  37. .micki.

    I love falafel so the chic p salad sounds amazing! Too bad we don't have one here in Nebraska.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  38. lots of avocado!

  39. Unknown

    Bondi is my favorite.

  40. Love spinach, avocado and cilantro with champagne dressing!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jessi Lee

  41. Camara

    i love buttercrunch lettuce, avocado, fresh tomato, balsamic vinagarette and dill. mmm.

  42. CM

    chopped chicken cob with lettuce, tomato, chicken, feta cheese, bacon. corn OR
    wedge salads with lettuce, grape tomatoes, cheese, a sweet balsamic vinagrette reduction and blue cheese dressing

  43. The bondi salad looks amazing since I love hearts of palm in my salads.

  44. I lovveee their Chic P salad! So fresh and delicious! thanks for the giveaway!!

  45. Meg

    I love to build my own salads with green lead lettuce, feta cheese, red onion, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and a sweet balsamic vinaigrette :)

  46. Baby spinach, hard boiled eggs, craisins, feta, chicken, and poppyseed dressing!

  47. katilda

    THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVERRR! a bicycle? a GREEN one? yes please! for my ensalada preference…guacamole greens. this AZ girl is a sucker for a good southwestern salad :)

  48. Suica

    I like to keep my salad pretty standard, cranberries, walnuts, green apples, feta cheese and, if I want protein, tofu. The dressing is always balsamic vinaigrette!

    Awesome giveaway!

  49. That june salad sounds amazing. I also have a special place in my heart for avocado, so I'd also like the guacomole greens! Yummers.

  50. Caitlin

    Beets, goat cheese, and green beans – yum!

  51. Nicole

    Oh my the Sazbi looks perfect! I hope I win this bike, it means I will finally be able to take my 13 month old son on bike rides with his bike trailer!!!

  52. Breanna

    The guacamole greens salad looks delish!

  53. Curry gold, hold the nuts! Always!

  54. Guacamole Green! I can't get enough lime and avocado when it is summer time! I have been on the hunt for a new bike, as I just gave up my car for true city living :)

  55. yum – i would definitely go for the santorinin salad. i'm in love with anything involving feta & mint!


  56. jane

    avocados! as long as there's avo, i don't care what else is in my salad. :)

  57. Ashley

    guacamole greens is the best! i swap the chips for black beans

  58. arugala and spinach, cucumber, red pepper, chickpeas, feta cheese, dried cranberries and a little plain pasta and grilled chicken
    dressing- balsamic vinegar

  59. arugula, spinach, hard boiled eggs, avocado. yum.

  60. Dee

    i absolutely love dried cranberries on a salad and wish there was a sweetgreen in nyc actually. because then i would totally try the curry gold salad. nom! i mean… dried cranberries and curry pineapple dressing?! i. die.

    Heh. Lol.

  61. Erin

    Everything about thier guacamole salad looks perfect to me! I love avocado in any salad.

  62. rachmh

    apples, carrots, pepper, feta & turkey — yum!

  63. I'm a sucker for a delicious Cobb salad. Yum.

  64. krista

    avocado, lots of cheeses and peppers, carrots!

    this bike would be so amazing to get! i'm moving to d.c. in august and can't wait to try this place!


  65. Kelli

    I love spinach, almonds, and berries with balsamic dressing! yum!!

    yumyumyumyumyum I just can't get enough!

  67. Love the bike! Goat cheese is always a must on my salads. I love berries, pecans, and almonds as well.

  68. i can't get enough of avocados in the summertime! :)

  69. Definitely the derby cobb salad! With extra tomatoes! :)

  70. i love cranberries, chick peas, and feta cheese!

  71. I love any kind of cheese, cranberries, apples, avocados and chicken!

  72. Kayla

    I love spinach salads with artichokes, beets and feta cheese!

    I desperately need a bike for school next fall but I don't have the money for it. Winning this bike would be such a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. I love spinach, bacon, almonds, goat cheese, and avacado. Yumm

  74. Avocado for the win!! Grape tomatoes, feta, and strawberries are all necessities as well. NO OLIVES.

  75. Avocado, beets, sunflower seeds, red onion, goat cheese and apples. Yum!

  76. I wish I lived near a Sweetgreen! I love creative salads with fresh ingredients. I always want avocado, cherry tomatoes, and some kind of nut on my salads.

  77. Awesome Giveaway!

    I like tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, black olives. and Italian dressing!


  78. Rock It

    I wish I had a Sweetgreen location near me. Their guacamole greens salad looks so good!!! I love any salad that includes avocados.

  79. I love strawberries, walnuts, and feta cheese on my salads!

  80. I love fruit, nuts, and goat cheese in my salad. I also LOVE the Sweetgreen curry chicken salad. Hope I win!!

  81. Gillian

    This month I've been eating spinach with strawberries, chicken, almonds and balsamic vinegar – takes like summer!

  82. kelsey

    I'll eat anything with goat cheese on it!!


  84. Abbie

    The Santorini salad looks amazing. I've been addicted to a sald with peaches, avacado, and pistachios. Would love, love, love to win the bike to use on the trails around my house.

  85. Avocado! It's the best on everything. I promise!

  86. Sadie

    I love chicken and onions in all my salads, the rest varies depending on the day ~

  87. Natalie

    I love roasted veggies of any kind in my salad with some dried fruit mixed in! Thanks!

  88. Lindsay

    I love a salad with beets, walnuts, and goat cheese. To gild the lily, I'd add some arugula or avocado, but it's so delicious it really doesn't need it!

  89. Love avocado!! Their guacamole greens salad is my go-to! So good on a warm summer day!!!

    Fingers crossed for a win :) Would love to have that bike.

  90. Amber

    I'm pregnant and am loving salads too. I'm thinking the Curry Gold salad would be my pick if I lived close…next time I'm out East I'll definitely try it!

  91. Colleen

    Anything with avocado (and goat cheese)! yum!

  92. BMarie

    I want a sweetgreen here in SLC!!! i heart salad with avocado, beets, goat cheese, tofu, candied walnuts topped with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette!! YUM!! what an awesome giveaway. fingers crossed i win.

  93. Guacamole greens, please! I've been head over heals for Avocados lately!

  94. Alyssa

    I don't have one near me, but their bondi salad looks incredible!

  95. Nicole

    i would take the derby cobb minus the bacon and mix it with the chick p salad – perfect!

  96. their chick p salad looks like a grown up version of what i put in my own salad creations.
    and ohmygod fingers and toes are crossed for this awesome giveaway.

  97. sara

    The sabzi looks insanely good! I've been eating a similar salad for years and love it!

  98. It's all about the spinach, strawberries, and pecans for me! :)

  99. My salad from there would have spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, corn, feta cheese, parmesan crisp, and balsamic vinagrette. Yum!

  100. eden

    those salads all look so good! it's hard to decide. and what i want in a salad depends on my mood… (:

    the more veggies the better. throw in a few fruits and i'm in heaven.

    i love – romaine lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, avocados, celery, strawberries, apples, bell peppers, kidney beans, and broccoli. yum!

  101. I like spinach, red onions, mushrooms, poppyseed, bacon, swiss cheese and the yummy sweet and sour dressing that usually acompanies this wonderfulness.

  102. I would LOVE to win! I love all the ingredients in the Curry Gold salad- my favorite would be the beets-
    Thanks SO much for the chance to win.

    Ren Lady Of The Arts @

  103. Kendra

    Mmmm, strawberries and feta!

  104. jenny

    Mmm… Lately I love golden raisans, goat cheese and a honey balsamic vinegarette. (:

  105. Baby Spinach Avocado Grape Tomatoes Red Onions Cucumbers Roasted Tofu Lime Cilantro Jalapeno! All 35 grams of fat! I built it on there, what a cool website. Anyway I hope I win, my birthday is Friday!

  106. Leanne

    I'm definitely a spinach leaf, goat cheese, and cherry tomato kind of girl!

  107. That bike is beautiful! Don't have a sweet greens in my area but their menu looks awesome! Can I just have spinach with every one of their cheeses??!!

  108. jen

    the Bondi looks amazing.. and that bike! oh I'd love to have that bike :) Crossing my fingers.

  109. Ashley

    My favorite salad includes spinach, cottage cheese, green olives, radishes, crumbled broccoli, brussel sprouts, sunflower seeds and a quick drizzle of Dorothy Lynch and blue cheese dressing!

  110. Spinach FOR SURE! Love it!

  111. A.

    bell peppers, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, chicken, balsamic dressing. YUM!

  112. Wishing there was a sweet greens in Texas, the derby Cobb looks delicious!!

  113. Taylor

    avacado avacado and more avacado!!! It's my summer go to for salads

  114. Jill

    Lately my favorite salad is baby spinach, hard boiled egg, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, grape tomatoes, and Brianna's honey mustard dressing.

  115. the caesar reggiano is pretty much my perfect summer salad!

  116. Audra

    Bondi! I love mesclun, avocado, pistachio, cranberries – yum!

  117. These days I'm loving blueberries and local pecans with spinach and arugula. Also loving that bike! Sweet!

  118. spinach, peaches, and goat cheese. mmmmm :)

  119. Karina

    I usually prefer guacamole, onions and nuts. That is why I go for the guacamole greens with an energize sweetpress at Philadelphia! :fingers crossed:

  120. Arugala, beets, goat cheese and wlanuts is my most favorit salad combination ever!

  121. I love spinach, avocado, and topping it off with a poached egg. It's lovely.

  122. Guacamole Greens, please! It looks delish!

  123. Oh gosh I love mushrooms and feta cheese in mine! I love sweetgreen too!

  124. lizz

    the new june salad is my current favorite!! but, it always changes– such great, refreshing options!

  125. mp

    sweetgreens has been my pregnancy craving too! i was having more of a mexican type salad but lately i've been getting a spinch/mesclun salad with apples, grapes, red onions, avocado, walnuts and balsamic vin. yummy!

  126. I love arugula, spinach, feta cheese and really good balsamic vinegar in my salads!

  127. Guacamole Greens looks soooo yummy! Yum, yum! That bike looks great!

  128. charity

    wow, sweetgreen looks amazing, and i wish they had one here in california! i think their "june salad" with peaches looks absolutely divine! i want a republic bike more than most anything in the world – so i'm entering a blog giveaway for the first time in my life. fingers and toes crossed.

  129. i love tuna in my salads! and arugula. xx

  130. Chelsi

    Oh I wish we had a sweetgreen in Oklahoma! I love salads with garden ingredients like cucumber, tomato and then some chicken. Throw in a little feta cheese and a french dressing and I'm set!

  131. Mmm! Curry Gold for sure! I LOVE cranberries, almonds and pineapple yogurt sauce!

  132. pez

    I love cranberries, almonds (walnuts or pecans), dark greens (spinach, kale, etc)…and FETA!

  133. Unknown

    I like to make my own salad at sweetgreen. Right now I'm loving spinach topped with broccoli, red onion, grape tomatoes, parmesan, croutons and the cucumber basil yogurt. Perfection!

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Kait

    nom nom – I love sweetgreen! my fav salad is spinach, blackened salmon, black beans, and corn!

  136. anything with nuts is my kind of salad. I've been needing a bike now for a few years at BYU, so this would be awesome!!

  137. Valerie

    I'm a big fan of berries and pecans with a light vinaigrette on dark leafy greens! Salads are the best for summer when you can't imagine eating something hot :) This is a great giveaway….looking forward to checking out sweetgreen soon!

  138. When I go to a salad bar I love peas, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and carrots in my salad!
    A good chicken Caesar salad can't be beat though.

  139. Strawberries, Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans and a Vinegarette

  140. Ack, sweetgreen is my favorite!! I will forever miss their spicy pickles from April or May or whenever they had spicy pickles as the ingredient of the month.

    My typical sweetgreen salad is: mixed spring mix/spinach, chick peas, tofu, roast broccoli, cucumber (R.I.P. spicy pickles), tomatoes, and carrots. Curry pineapple yogurt dressing or Lemon Hummus Tahini if I'm feeling naughty.

  141. The June salad looks divine! I would have to say everything in that. I love fruit in salads, and I especially love peaches (and I mean love!)

  142. junebug

    this is so hard. okay, baby spinach, broccoli, parmigiano reggiano, roasted shrimp, pita chips, and caesar. yes please. get in my stomach.

  143. Erika

    Guacamole greens for me! Love anything with avocado or southwestern. Will have to check out sweetgreen when in DC this weekend! Awesome giveaway!

  144. sweet green was my biggest pregnancy craving too! caesar reggiano!

  145. Mesclun, avocado, hard-boiled egg, sunflower seeds, pickled mushrooms and big beans (from the anti-pasta section of the grocery store) with olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and some cracked pepper. What a nice post! Look at all these great salad options!

  146. Sarah

    my favorite combo would have to be spinach, cranberries, pears, red onions, balsamic, walnuts & plenty of feta!


  147. walnuts! yum… :)

  148. I love beets, walnuts, feta, and arugula. Can't go wrong :) Adorable bike!

  149. Yum! The Derby Cobb salad is divine!

  150. Emily

    awesome giveaway! spinach, almonds, goat cheese!

  151. I love to load up my salads with avocado, tomato, goat cheese and spinach! yum!

  152. Elise

    oooh! The guacamole greens!!

  153. ellen

    I would love peaches in my salad.

  154. Dawn

    Spinach, avocado, mushrooms(sauteed in BBQ sauce), goat cheese, alfalfa sprouts, red bell peppers, kalamata olives, and red onions are my absolute favorites. :)

  155. Katie

    i like walnuts, dried cranberries, wi bleu cheese and apples — bals vinegarette

  156. k-k

    I am so jealous you have a place like Sweetgreen in your neck of the woods! I love spinach, avocado, berries, goat cheese, dried fruit and nuts for crunch…give me everything on the menu! Yum.

  157. Stefany

    goat cheese & baby spinach all the way!

  158. avocado and sesame seeds! thanks!

  159. i like salads with grilled chicken (lightly seasoned), red onion, and feta

  160. Caitlin

    My favorite is the Derby Cobb, YUMMM!

  161. ashley

    We don't have a sweetgreen in Florida, unfortunately :(

    Any kind of cheese in my salad is such a treat, but especially goat cheese! Fresh tomatoes and walnuts are a close second.

  162. I am now dying to try the guacamole greens!

  163. Kelsey

    A bed of spinach and arugula, a nut and seeds combo for added crunch, some soft cheese like feta or goat, dried fruit, and then some leftover flank steak with a white wine vinaigrette and a side of strawberries. Mmmmmmmm.

  164. anything with avocado and some crunch!

  165. Natasha

    Can't wait to try out Sweetgreen next time I'm in DC! I love avocado and feta in salads. It makes it nice and creamy when paired with balsamic vinegar!

  166. Melissa

    Awesome giveaway! My salad would be simple with spinach, dried cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese and balsamic vin.

  167. I'm all about romain, fêta, mushrooms, craisin and a little bit of blue cheese. Delish!

  168. pear and feta!!

  169. my faves in a salad are definitely: avocado, feta cheese, some basil, and balsamic vinaigrette!

  170. The baked falafel is a MUST!! Man, now I'm jonesin for some Sweetgreen. :-)

  171. Kate

    I wish I had a sweetgreen near me!

    I love grapes, raspberries, candied pecans, and avocado in my salad. Top it off with some wasabi ginger dressing and I am in heaven!

  172. byelyse

    My new summer favorite is watermelon and feta with balsamic…so refreshing and sweet!! Thanks for the fun giveaway

  173. Shaunna

    leafy greens, cucumber, feta cheese, craisins and pine nuts. Yum…

  174. e_holl

    Avocado and bacon are my too loves for a salad along with some fresh grape tomatoes.

    Love the Sweetgreen in georgetown!

    -Erin H.

  175. i love chicken, avocado, something crunchy, tomatoes, and some dressing :)

  176. Krystle

    goat cheese. and more goat cheese. also love the sweet sour crunch of apple slices. garlic vinaigrette to top it off.

  177. Their site is pretty awesome. Their Santorini looks really good! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love having lettuce, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, soft croutons and balsamic vinaigrette :)

    I'm having a $20 Gift Card Giveaway on my blog, check it out if you're interested. :)

  178. Jhan

    I really enjoy sweet strawberries in my salad, especially during the warmer months. :-)

  179. Daisy

    What a sweet giveaway. I'm in California so I'm guessing It's not here either.

    I like spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and lemon.

  180. i love feta cheese and pepperoncinis on my salad!

  181. e_holl

    Love avocado, bacon and fresh grape tomatoes on my salads!

    Huge fan of the sweetgreen in georgetown!


  182. I love strawberries in my spinach salads! I also love goat cheese! YUM!

    A few years back my bicycle was stolen off my second story balcony. They left my husbands (same bike diff color) and only took mine. It was right around Valentine's Day so I'm pretty sure a teenager (which we saw a lot of them frequently walk through he parking lot) gifted it AND I never bought a new one. So sad…

  183. salads are my favorite thing to eat! I love tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, shrimp, tomatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella, tomatoes, croutons, and touch of oil and vineger. And tomatoes.

  184. mixed greens (w/ arugula!), almonds, avocado, and goat cheese!

  185. I love avacado and chickpeas! Always. On every salad. They seem to go with everything!

  186. meg

    Ceasar Reggiano sounds like perfection to me!

  187. Exciting giveaway! I'm in the market for a fabulous bike!!

    I love goat cheese, avocado, and lots of green veggies in my salads. Their bondi salad looks especially yummy!

  188. i love pea shoots in my salad!! i can't get enough of them.

    also, spinach, fruit, and nut combos are hard to beat.

    (with some feta and kale!)

  189. Katie

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  190. their june special salad looks so yummy. i love goat cheese in salads, and pears, but peaches sounds amazing too!

  191. Katie

    spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, candy nuts… yum! I love salad!

    don't mean to be a sob story, but my bike was stolen Sunday night. It was so sad :( I would love to win a new bike!

    katie.muirhead (at) gmail (dot) com

  192. Ryan

    The June Salad is actually a staple at our house, only with poppyseed dressing instead of the balsamic.

  193. Wow this is an awesome giveaway!! Whoever wins is super lucky! I love salads, and usually eat at least one a day. I seem to always gravitate to spinach salads with avocado, feta, and chickpeas.

  194. Shira

    i love everything in the june salad! goat cheese is the greatest.

  195. I love a good salmon salad. The best would be a salmon nicoise salad which has salmon (obviously) lettuce, kalamata olives, boiled eggs, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes and onions…delicious!

  196. KTC

    Their chic p salad looks AMAZING!!!! Hands down would want to get that.

    For my own I like baby spinach greens topped with red/orange/yellow bell peppers, goat cheese, grape tomatoes, and beets (sometimes broccoli or carrots instead) in a mandarin olive oil/balsamic vinegar.

    Om nomnom! Great contest and with an awesome place, too!

  197. The derby cobb salad looks amazing~ I love blue cheese crumbles on just about anything. :)

  198. KTC

    Their chic p salad looks AMAZING!!!! Hands down would want to get that.

    For my own I like baby spinach greens topped with red/orange/yellow bell peppers, goat cheese, grape tomatoes, and beets (sometimes broccoli or carrots instead) in a mandarin olive oil/balsamic vinegar.

    Om nomnom! Great contest and with an awesome place, too!

  199. KTC

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  200. Abby

    The guacamole greens salad sounds AMAZING!
    abby.weimer at gmail dot com

  201. The Guacamole Greens salad looks amazing!

  202. ohh, so many things: avocado, sunflower seeds, goat cheese and baby greens to start!

  203. strawberries, snap peas, avocado, and feta!


  204. KTC

    Their chic p salad looks AMAZING!!!! Hands down would want to get that.

    For my own I like baby spinach greens topped with red/orange/yellow bell peppers, goat cheese, grape tomatoes, and beets (sometimes broccoli or carrots instead) in a mandarin olive oil/balsamic vinegar.

    Om nomnom! Great contest and with an awesome place, too!

  205. Lindsay

    the derby cob looks amazing!!!

  206. I love avacado in my salad! The bondi salad looks awesome!!

  207. {N}

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  208. Sky

    apples, grapes, avocado, cheese, chicken, tortilla chips and honey dijon dressing

  209. Krysta

    Amazing giveaway! I was just reading about Sweetgreen earlier today! My favorite salad combo includes: arugula, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, peas and either avocado or a little goat cheese!

  210. I'm always a sucker for caesar reggiano!

  211. Tatum

    I am drooling over there June salad on the main page…minus the goat cheese. I love salads and all things fresh too! How lucky for you that that's what you craved during pregnancy. Your little family is so sweet, love to admire your blog and instagram photos. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. Priya

    The caesar reggiano salad sounds delicious! I wish we had Sweetgreen here in California!

  213. Melissa

    Ooh, I'm a fan of the classic sabzi with a few alterations:
    mint instead of basil,
    almonds instead of cranberries,
    arugula instead of spinach.

    (And goodness, I love that this comment box says "you are a rockstar!" at the top. Thank you!)

  214. Leah

    Yum, that bondi salad looks divine, although the June salad is mighty tempting too – I love any salad with goat cheese atop it!

  215. I like a whole mixture of stuff! Avocado, peaches, raisans, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, mango, nuts, strawberries, feta or blue cheese… basically everything! No boring salads :)

  216. Absolutely love avocados and sliced almonds in my salad!

  217. K.

    Orange bell pepper, avocado, spinach, and homemade salsa. YUM!

  218. mah5160

    the derby cobb salad (sans blue cheese + feta) sounds incredible right now. a recreation for dinner, perhaps? i think so.

  219. xtina

    chic-p all the way! i can't get enough of those crunchy little bites of pita chip mixed in with the inspiration behind the name – the chic/garbanzo beans.

    looks like i know where i'll be headed at the end of this work day…

  220. Deg

    peaches and almonds sound great!

  221. Sarah

    I love a salad with chicken, grilled veggies, black beans and feta cheese with a savory dressing like caesar or pesto!

  222. walnuts! bucket list item–win a contest. this could be it.

  223. Meg S

    I love spinach, feta, and strawberries!

  224. Ali

    mmm, i would love spinach, raspberry, mint and feta topped with balsamic vinaigrette. great giveaway!

  225. Teresa

    I love candied walnuts and any kind of cheese in my salad!

  226. Brooke

    My favorite salad is a bit on the unhealthy side but it has bacon, Swiss cheese, peas, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs on top of lettuce with a creamy white dressing that drenches everything. So delicious!

  227. Mia

    Yum, these all look great! Will have to stop here when I'm in DC this July. The June salad they're showing looks seriously good, but from the regular menu I'd happily eat a sabzi!

  228. Beth

    Mmmm…nothing like a yummy salad on a summer's day. I love strawberries and sugared almonds on mine!

  229. Megs

    Normally, I love anything with avocado, but their curry gold salad looks AMAZING! In my opinion, the more fruits and veggies in a salad-the better :-)

  230. mayleaf

    I love sweetgreen! Count me in for the June salad- spinach, peaches, goat cheese? Yum! =)

  231. Janice

    I like salad 100 different ways … but the caesar reggiano appealed to me … I also LOVE mandarins or strawberries in my salad. Now I am craving one … off to the store I go! LOL

  232. Sabrina

    The Santorini. Yes, please!

  233. Brandi

    That guacamole greens salad looks pretty perfect to me, although I might like it even more with red bell pepper. :)

  234. Kassa

    Chic p salad definitely. I may need to make the trip into DC just for this place.

  235. Carris

    I like organic chicken, beets, organic cheese, and raw onions in salads… Their curry salad looks amazing!

  236. I make a mean spinach strawberry salad with toasted walnuts, feta and homemade poppyseed dressing. It is so delicious and summery.

  237. I make a mean spinach strawberry salad with toasted walnuts, feta and homemade poppyseed dressing. It is so delicious and summery.

  238. Yum yum, love sweetgreen! And love that super stylin' bike that would be so much fun to ride around Bk. The best salads always include avocado and radish – a balance of creamy and spicy!

  239. Kat

    avocado and greens (especially kale!) are my all time favorite salad ingredients.
    the chick p looks delicious!

  240. spinach, spinach, spinach, feta, spinach. And avocado. And spinach. Mm.

  241. amy

    What a great giveaway! I love strawberries and avocados on my salad. The sweetgreen June salad looks really yummy!

  242. This would be great!
    I love salads lately and their Guacamole Greens sounds amazing! Minus the chicken, I'd love the avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, crushed tortilla chips; topped with a lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette & a fresh lime squeeze!

  243. I love a good spinach salad with tomato, avocado, tortilla, almond slices, a tasty cheese & light dressing. :)

    Such a fun giveaway!

  244. Hi Naomi!

    I was just wishing for a new bike!! ;)
    Since I cook a lot from home I am BIG fan of salads so my favorites are usually spinach,berries,goat or mozzarella cheese and red pepepers with honey lime or ginger lime dressing!I love LEMONS!

  245. meg

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  246. Justine

    Sometimes I love a sweet/salty salad. Something like baby spinach, goat cheese, thinly sliced apples/pears, crushed hazelnuts, and a balsamic vinegar!

  247. My fav salad is one with arugula, almonds, cucumbers, radishes, and garlic pita chips! yummy!

  248. meg

    i'd order the spicy sabzi. oh sweetgreen, we need you in anchorage!

  249. id love their june salad, without the peaches. I like lots of greens, plus candied nuts, feta cheese, and cucumbers. plus some yummy dressing :)

  250. I did a "make your own salad" and chose baby spinach, edemame and avacado, feda cheese, honey roasted turkey, sunflower seeds and whole wheat croutons, and top it off with basically any vinaigrette :)

  251. Camille

    I'm in LOVE with Sweetgreen! Their golden curry salad is to die for!

  252. Annie

    All the salads look delicious! If I had to pick one, I would pick the bondi salad. Now I am hungry:)…

  253. What an awesome giveaway! The June salad looks amazing. I would add some cried cranberries or dried cherries to go with the goat cheese and peaches, too!

  254. Kylee

    Any salad with spinach, pickled beets and bleu cheese is my favorite. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  255. Deborah

    i pretty much love everything in my salad. but, if i had to name a few, it would be red and green bell pepper, hard boiled eggs, and red onions :)

  256. Jill

    Chickpeas and avocado….always! Love the bike! Yea!

  257. Kim

    Brie and pears! Mmm

  258. spinach peaches feta lemon-oil



  259. rachel

    avocado, grape tomatoes, edamame and sunflower seeds.

    all those salads look delicious! i'm sad sweetgreen isn't on the west coast.

  260. Baby Spinach is my ultimate favorite thing in a salad! Fresh blueberries & peaches would be yummy to add in too!

    Thanks for hosting!


  261. Erin

    I love sweetgreen. Usually I go for their seasonal salad — that way, I'm never bored.

  262. the guac salad looks so good & of course blue cheese on any salad is great. i wish there was a location in the midwest! ill have to use it as inspiration for homemade salads :)

  263. I love blue cheese crumbles on my salad – not healthy, but sooo yummy.

  264. lindsey

    i love avocado, blue cheese and walnuts! yum! that bike is gorgeous! i would love a bike to take trips around brooklyn.

  265. Watermelon, feta cheese, basil and spinach would be amazing! Thanks!

  266. Ooo great giveaway. I like salads in general and would eat any kind (unless it had nuts on it.) I really like Cobb salads though.

  267. Margo

    Avocado on the June salad would be perfection. I've never tried a salad w/ fresh peaches, but I can imagine the mix would be divine. We'll have to go next time we are in DC!

    I'm entering my first giveaway ever… here's for hoping!

  268. This may sound odd, but I enjoy leftovers on my salad. Especially crock-pot left overs. It lightens up my lunch but gives me all the taste I desire.

  269. avocado anything is my favorite! the june salad looks yummy!

  270. Laura

    Sweetgreen's June Salad looks delish, yum…I love an element of fruit in a salad…lately I've been making a salad with avocado and mango.

  271. The guacamole greens sounds soooo good! Yum!

  272. molly

    I love my salads with baby spinach! Sadly when I was pregnant I could not eat greens. Made me gag! Would love to win the bike :)

  273. Love love love baby arugula, avocados, mushrooms & asparagus!

    Great giveaway!

  274. Sarah

    I love salads filled with chickpeas and feta!

  275. karla

    My current fave is super simple – romaine, red onion, feta cheese and a champagne vinaigrette. Delicious!

  276. Alie

    caesar salad, cobb salad, guacamole salad…hit me up with any of those!

  277. Arugula, parsley, roasted red peppers, pine nuts and black olives! Topped with homemade dressing: white balsamic vin, evoo, salt, pepper, garlic and fresh squeezed lime or lemon!!

  278. I just love baby spinach and beets! And with their curry pineapple yogurt dressing I can only imagine it would be heaven :)

  279. The June salad looks spectacular! (I would swap the peaches for mandarin oranges, though)

    Also, how cool is it that they're giving away a bike? I need a new once since I got rideden off the road by a fellow triathlete :)

  280. Leigh

    Any salad with avocado and my mom's homemade balsamic viniagrette (fresh basil and crushed garlic are her secret ingredients…shhh!) is perfection in my book.

    Can't wait to visit Sweetgreen when I am in DC next week!

  281. Baylee

    The sabzi looks awesome!

  282. Jessica

    Their guacamole greens salad would be right up my alley!! Anything with avacados, cilantro & lime juice is a winner in my book! :)

  283. salads are my life. I have spinach, strawberries, pecans, blue cheese and chocolate chips…love that bike! :)

  284. I have to put goat cheese and cherry tomatoes on my salads. Love those cherry tomatoes!

  285. A good salad ALWAYS has avocado (I'm lookin' at YOU, guacamole greens and derby cobb (hold the blue cheese, please)!

  286. Love this giveaway! My favorite salad toppings are apples, goat cheese and candied walnuts. Delish!

  287. Pamela

    I looove the chic p salad! Sweetgreen is one thing I really miss after moving out of DC — my homemade salads just don't taste the same!

  288. Tess P.

    Love this giveaway! I love avocado, hard-boiled eggs with some balsamic dressing. Yumm!
    Thanks so much!

  289. Margo

    Avocado on the June salad would be perfection. I've never had fresh peaches on a salad, but I can imagine the combination is divine. We'll have to go next time we are in DC!

    This giveaway is also perfect. I'm entering my first giveaway ever… here's to hoping!

  290. Beth

    The June salad sounds deelish! This is a great giveaway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ~Beth

  291. mmm…the guacamole green. They all sound so yummy

  292. Oh my goodness, I don't know if I've ever wanted to win a giveaway so badly! I need to visit DC soon just to go to Sweetgreen, that place would definitely be up my ally. The June salad on their website looks amazing. I really love fruit in my salad and avocado too. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  293. Lauren

    Just got their June Salad today for lunch. It was delicious! But I did miss the avocados I usually put in my salads…

  294. My favorite salad has avocadoes, spicy broccoli and lots and lots of blue cheese!!! :)

  295. I am drooling over that Bondi Salad, Nom noms!

  296. Louisa

    love a bit of extra crunch in all my salads; from granola, to whole grain chips, to fresh onion and sometimes almonds.

    and boy would a bike give me joy–no car and no public transportation in my neck of the woods. the midwest can be rough.

  297. Anne

    My favorite summer salad is fresh spinach, goat cheese, pine nuts, yellow bell pepper, fresh sweet corn, avocado topped with a light raspberry vinaigrette. It's delicious and nutritious!!

  298. Landrie

    derby green hold the egg! i'm addicted to sweetgreen.

    chopped romaine with roasted chicken, blue cheese, egg, bacon, avocado, grape tomatoes; topped with a honey dijon vinaigrette.

  299. LOVE their guacamole greens salad. I'm a huge fan of avocados!

  300. OMGOSH. it is my DREAM to own my own bike and since i'm moving into the city in september this would be PERFECT.

    i like avocados, bacon, egg, and tomatoes in my salad. yummy in my tum tums. Thank you sweetgreen and rockstar diaries for this amazing giveaway! <3 <3

  301. lisa

    fruit. i live for fruit in my salads! sweetgreen should definitely come to utah.

  302. Olivia

    the derby cobb salad sounds to die for! i'm practically drooling right now as i stare at a picture of it…

  303. sbk

    the june salad with the peaches looks delicious! i also love spinach salads with avocados or boiled egg.

  304. I'm obsessed with the Bondi salad, particularly the wasabi peas! :)

  305. theresa

    I want to try the Santorini, yum!!

  306. This comment has been removed by the author.

  307. This comment has been removed by the author.

  308. Mixed greens, lots of fruit and nuts with a vinagarette dressing. Heaven. Hope I can win a bike for my hubby!

  309. June Salad! Peaches, basil, spinach, goat cheese, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette! YUMMY!!!

  310. I'm loving grains on salads right now so the Sabzi looks amazing..Quinoa, radishes,beets. I think I'd prefer a spicy green like arugula, some blue cheese, and some sort of nut as well:-)

  311. Amberly

    I like spinach, avocados, tomatoes, & feta

  312. I've tried about half of the sweetgreen salads, and they are all amazing!

  313. YJ Park

    i love guacamole!

  314. Mommara

    I would take spinach, feta, cranberries, avocado and chickpeas. Maybe some candy nuts and chicken if I was feeling frisky.

    Thanks so much!

  315. Emily

    Their Bondi salad is absolute perfection!

  316. alice

    I love avocados and sun-dried tomatoes in my salad. Either that or a classic caesar!

    lovealice22 at gmail dot com

  317. The sabzi sounds delicious! I've never thought of putting quinoa in my salad before!

  318. I've been loving the june salad lately! But with the carrot dressing instead. Delish!

  319. The best parts of salads are the combinations of textures between crisp fresh greens and soft juicy tomatoes, and a good dressing.

  320. kristen

    Hmm.. I'll have tomato, cucumber, feta and red onions with a vinaigrette, please. I love Greek salads! Is it dinner time yet?

  321. Unknown

    Spinach. Always spinach. So Sweetgreen's June salad with peaches, baby spinach, oats, goat cheese and some basil is just the ticket! Oh, and some arugula, please!

  322. the sabzi is the way to go for me–love beets, especially fresh ones sliced thin!

  323. Put avocado on a salad and I'm sold. Guacamole greens sounds awesome, but I'm also a fan of garbonzos and dijon dressing, so it'd be a tough pick between chic p, derby cobb and the guac. Can't go wrong with curry or beets either. They all sound amazing! Wish we had one in the west coast Washington!

  324. KLV

    An arugula salad with peaches, feta, mint, candied walnuts, and the champagne vinaigrette. I could probably eat that salad for dessert! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  325. Candice

    guacamole greens salad without the chicken has my name all over it!

  326. Le Dub

    great giveaway!!

    my fav: avocado! of course…there's always goat cheese. Mmmm, and now the craving hits.

  327. Maggie

    Don't even need to look at the menu, know it by heart.

    Mesclun mix with sweet potatoes, hearts of palm, carrots, and beets. Add chicken and goat cheese.

    Love the lemonaid too!

  328. Bridget

    I love to fill a salad with as many bites of delicious tastes as possible. Roasted beets, goat cheese, walnuts, carrots, the list goes on & on. If I win, I'll ride my new bike from Chicago to DC just to eat!

  329. Katie

    the chic p with some added avocado — looks amazing!

  330. kgreen

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  331. i love their philosophy.
    the salads all look incredible, i think i'm in the mood for derby cobb.

  332. Skye

    I live in the DC area and still haven't been to sweetgreen! I really want to try it! Some of my favorite salad toppings are avocado, dried cranberries, apple slices, cucumber, and gorgonzola cheese (not all together). I would love to try sweetgreen's "chic p" salad.

  333. Legs

    My favorite Sweetgreen salad combo is strawberries, candied pecans, goat cheese, spinach and champagne vinagrette. Delicious!

  334. lauren

    wow, this place looks amazing. the bondi salad looks delish.

  335. kgreen

    I'd be all over that chic p. Garbanzos are my favorite for protein and fiber!

  336. spinach/chard with berries, almonds, feta, onion and a homemade vinegar dressing. so light and delicious!

  337. Aurora

    The Bondi without the chicken sounds fantastic. I've also been discovering my new love for sundried tomatoes recently.
    Boy would I love that bike!!


  338. I love a simple salad, with goat cheese, tomatoes, walnuts, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.


  339. Unknown

    the guacamole greens and caesar reggiano look delicious:)

  340. Maggie

    Derby Cobb for me – love any "meal" in a bowl!

  341. Maddie

    I like red and hot peppers, with baby kale and goat cheese.

  342. Julie

    this is all i ate when I was in d.c. last summer! Falafel and avocado and alfalfa sprouts please!

  343. i have begun to love citrus on my greens this summers. so good!

  344. Hilary

    I love combos like feta & beets, or avocado & bacon in my chopped salads. I'm a big fan of sweetgreen's Santorini salad!

  345. Kelsi

    I'm allergic to lettuce (weird, I know), so I usually go for spinach, red onions and avocado (and sometimes blue cheese) with a homemade vinaigrette. That guacamole greens salad sounds so good though!

  346. Katy

    wow, i think peaches in a salad would be amazing!

  347. The curry gold salad looks right up my alley! I love salads that have nuts and cranberries.

  348. I don't know if I'd rather win the bike or the Derby Cobb. You can never go wrong with a nice honey dijon vinaigrette.
    In General, however, my salad philosophy states: the more ingredients the tastier.

  349. Even though I am currently doing a 30 day vegan trial run, my usual go to salad includes: beets, onions, goat cheese, craisins, roasted red peppers, chopped up cilantro,& grilled chicken with lemon juice & balsamic vinegar.

    I love to bike ride & I love your blog!

  350. Jasmine

    I love a salad with spinach, grapes, nuts, and cheese with a light dressing!

  351. HEAB

    Romaine, avocado, spicy quinoa, goat chevre, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, roasted shrimp, and lemon hummus tahini dressing. YUM.

  352. Lindsay

    usually i put cheese on my salads: feta, goat, gorgonzola, or blue…but sweetgreen's vegan sabzi salad looks fantastic…love those perty radishes :)

    sweetgreen, please come to NC!

  353. Unknown

    Mmm gotta have peaches in mine!! Yum in my tum!!!

  354. Guacamole greens looks pretty tasty right about now.

  355. The caesar reggiano looks delicious, I wish they had a location close!

  356. a salad with green grapes, fresh strawberries and lime cilantro dressing.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  357. i love feta, dried cranberries and toasted almonds on any sort of salad. their curry gold sounds amazing!

  358. Green bell peppers, onions, and steak!

  359. Hannah

    My favorite salad consists of baby spinach, strawberries, mandarin oranges, candied walnuts, and blue cheese. So, so good.

    Sweetgreen sounds incredible. I wish we had them in Utah!

  360. craisins and berries with walnuts and spinach. mmm!

  361. Cubby

    Fingers crossed for this super giveaway!

    My go to salald would include dried cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese, sliced almonds and raspberry vinaigrette however, curry pineapple yogurt dressing? sounds simply perfect!!

  362. M

    I practically live on salads alone during the summer in Texas! I love a strawberry spinach salad topped with feta and walnuts!

  363. mel.

    I'll eat any salad with fresh avocado and cucumbers! Sprinkle some cheddar cheese and I'm in heaven!

  364. laura

    My favorite salad at Sweetgreen is mixed greens, tofu, avocado, chick peas, peppers and broccoli, with the amazing! parmesan crisp. YUM!

  365. sylvia

    Garbanzos, avocado, and goat cheese – please!

  366. Suzanna

    i love spinach, egg whites, grape tomatoes, and chicken in my salads.


  367. blythe

    Guacamole Greens please! Yum!

    Awesome bike!!!

  368. Jess

    oh my goodness, I have literally been dreaming about bikes these days. Annnnd I have been eating tons of salad. What a coincidence. My favorite salad to make at home is spinach, fetta, crasins, cucumbers and oil and vinegar. As for the sweetgreen website, their guacamole green salad looks ridiculously delicious!

  369. Almonds, parmesan and olive oil are my musts. Need the bike for our new Beach bike lanes!
    Drey –

  370. Mattie

    I like spinach with dried cranberries, goat cheese, glazed walnuts, chicken, and a light dressing :)

  371. cathy

    If it has avocado, I am in!

  372. Dacia

    I have recently been loving spinach salads with roasted chickpeas, avocado, sprouts, sunflower seeds, and poppyseed dressing.

    All the combos they have look great! I would probably try the derby cobb first!

  373. JSKF

    Anything with avocado in it!

  374. ali

    strawberries and almonds. yum!

  375. tifsong

    my favorite salad is turkey, bacon, avocado, sunflower seeds, wild coyote ranch!

    and holy crap coolest bike ever.

  376. Rachel

    That Chic P salad looks amazing! They need to open one in Utah!

  377. Shea

    oh goodness, i'm on such a salad kick right now. i would love to try their guacamole greens salad and maybe throw in some quiona and jicama!


  378. Kayla

    Oh, how I love soft cheese (goat, feta, bleu, etc.) and fruit on my salad. Alas, I must wait until my body is done making baby to have soft cheeses again. But I can still ride a sweet bike like that!

  379. Oh my. Although salads aren't my all time favorite food – I enjoy my veggies separate, ha – the Sweetgreen "chic p" salads looks amazing! I wish we had one of those babies in Oregon!



  380. Vaughn

    I like lots of fruit in my salads!

  381. dot

    This giveaway was made for me! I am a Sweetgreen addict (fave salad: spinach, falafel, chick peas, grapes, sprouts!), and I am in dire need of a bike as I move a little closer in to the district this fall!

  382. M

    I HEART everything about Sweetgreen, but I have definitely been known to crush their Santorini salad :)

  383. April

    Goat cheese!

  384. i love feta, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette on a spinach salad– yum!

  385. Kaitlin

    YUM! Every time I've been to DC to visit friends, I've made more than one stop at Sweetgreens. I LOVE their guacamole greens salad!

  386. Did somebody say biking? Even if I don't win a bike it's an amazing thing that you guys are giving away one to a reader. I wish more sponsors and companies did giveaways like this.

    I love biking and have even blogged about it a few days ago. It became a new found hobby of mine that promotes good health and sight seeing.

    Love-And-Whimsy Blog

  387. My favorite salad is caesar (especially from sweetgreen! I love the toasted cheese bits) I didn't know about their juices, but will have to check it out now.


  388. Raylan

    I'm simple. I prefer a Caesar…I'd spice it up a little with some hearts of palm. I live on the wild side occasionally!

  389. Lizz

    i love going to sweetgreen and getting anything with goat cheese and their amazing vinagrettes!

  390. C

    The sabzi looks amazing! I love that they use local, fresh, sustainable ingredients! That is so important to me when choosing a place to eat!

  391. Anne

    I like a simple chopped salad.

  392. spinach, a squirt of lime, some charred corn and some avocado! oooo, and I add a little dash of sriracha to my dressing. yay, sweetgreen!

  393. Whoops I forgot to write what I liked in my salad and it consists of avocados and almonds. Any type of salad that contains those two key ingredients is a great salad for me.

    Love-And-Whimsy Blog

  394. Steph

    the santorini looks amazing!

  395. Rebecca

    What an awesome giveaway! I've got to say, I love spinach and strawberry salads the best!

  396. {Erica}

    To me it's all about the dressing. A balsamic or Cesar would be my all time favorite.

    I also like chopped salads and not huge leaves of lettuce that are difficult to get in my mouth.

    Their salads look amazing and their ingredients/combinations are perfection!

    Now if you will please excuse me…I'm going to go and make me a salad!

  397. erika

    Love sweetgreen on the hill! Guacamole greens = fabulous and Yogurt = AMAZING!

  398. Lindsay

    Ooh I LOVE salads… one of my favorite is a spinach salad with balsamic chicken, feta, and strawberries. :) Yum.

  399. What don't I love in my salad? Goat Cheese, Basil, Tomoatos. Apples and delicious dressing. Really food. I like food.

  400. I adore any salad with goat cheese and apple slices!

  401. I like spinach and strawberries. mmmmmmm

  402. M

    I practically live on salads alone during the summer in Texas! I love a strawberry spinach salad topped with feta and walnuts!

  403. Stella

    I love avocado, bacon and cheese in my salad!! (And veggies too….)

  404. Goat cheese! And olive oil.

  405. YUM the sabzi salad looks amazing!!!!!
    baby spinach with spicy quinoa, white beans, raw beets, radish, basil, sprouts, dried cranberries; topped with a carrot chili vinaigrette!
    Also, I LOVE bike riding, I would be so grateful if I won that beautiful bike! my old bike is getting really old and broken :( THANK YOU!

  406. baby spinach, goat cheese, and avocado!

  407. I like berries in my salad!

  408. Nicole

    avocado and hard-boiled egg!

  409. Unknown

    Spinach, arugula, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, red onion, cherry tomatoes and balsamic. mmmmmmmm

  410. mm, peaches and spinach! also love that combo tossed into a blender.

  411. Kayla

    I wish there was a sweetgreen near me! I live in Washington state. That June salad with peaches sounds so good!

    My favorite salad is spinach, strawberries, sliced parm, and candied walnuts with honey mustard poppyseed dressing! It's my favorite summer salad :)

    p.s. resubmitting because it didn't work the first time.

  412. zandi

    anything with goat cheese :)

  413. Amanda

    Avocado and strawberries is my favorite combo!

  414. Rachel

    Spinach, avocado, pears, feta, bacon, walnuts and champagne vinaigrette. What a great company…We need one in SEATTLE!

  415. Rachel

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  416. Alma

    Baby spinach, dehydrated cherries, feta, pecans. Especially when the ingredients are fresh from the garden : )

  417. Hilary

    The Sabzi or the Santorini look amazing. I wish I lived near a Sweetgreen!

  418. My fav salad has blue cheese crumbles, slivered almonds, red & yellow peppers, avocado, and a light honey mustard! So yummy!

  419. Rachel

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  420. joolee

    holy cow, WHY aren't there any of these on the west coast??!! the curry gold salad looks amazing…they all do!

  421. Laura

    Guacamole Greens sounds pretty perfect

  422. Micaela

    beets, avocado, and goat cheese are my favorite all-year-round salad fixings, but during the summer i really love arugula, watermelon, mint and feta together!

    thank you so much for this amazing contest!

  423. Jessica

    So many favorites but I love a modified version of their May salad: mesclun, carmelized onions, green beans, candied walnuts, goat cheese, and strawberries with the pesto vinegarette.

  424. Mangoes, roman lettuce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, diced tomatoes, and a nice vinaigrette dressing yum yum!

  425. Humm…too many to choose from..I love baby spinach, pears, and goat cheese on my salad!…But also love avocado all the time!

    Great giveaway…

    PS- don't be confused I'm still hold US residency even though we are currently living abroad..

  426. Brianna

    Simple salads are the best, but they must have a great dressing! Caeser is my favorite :)

  427. Eve

    Favorite Sweetgreen salad is either guacamole greens or santorini. Best homemade salads = mixed greens, tomatoes, turkey, pepper jack, hard boiled egg, avocado, and a homemade mustard vinaigrette!

  428. Sweet! I love the guacamole greens but I can't walk out, or even walk by sweetgreen without getting a small frozen yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, and mangos! mmmmmmmmm!!

  429. Court

    Used to live right by Sweetgreen, Georgetown! Love their balsamic vinaigrette with goat cheese, spinach, and veggies!

  430. Sophie

    Avocado, butter lettuce, cucumber, and yellow pepper is my favorite combo.

  431. I'd definitely order the Santorin Shrimp and Chickpeas. Yum!

  432. love baby spinach and any kind of nuts. need some crunch to keep it interesting. :)

  433. Pam

    guacamole greens for me. REALLY wish they had a location close to me!

  434. Molly

    feta, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red onion with romaine… no dressing! thanks!

  435. Alaura

    ill take the chic P and add some avocado! yummm

  436. The bikes are sweet! Avocados, gorgonzola and pistachios are a must.

  437. I love just about anything on my salad… especially when there are nuts, spinach, craisins, and avocados involved.

  438. The guacamole greens salad is right up my alley. But the June featured salad on the homepage looks tasty as well. Bring Sweetgreen to Atlanta!!

  439. merec

    A great salad has to cover all flavor bases (and textures!)… sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Radicchio, blue cheese, walnuts (for crunch), dried figs or cherries, a tart vinaigrette and some other goodies works for me.

  440. liz

    I LOVE peaches on my salad! Perfect for the summer!

  441. The Bondi salad looks amazing! I love avocados on everything! Just add some bell peppers and its the perfect salad!

  442. Emily

    this is lovely : ) and so is the caesar reggiano salad from the looks of it!

  443. i absolutely LOVE their menu from the looks of it. i wish we had one where i live!

    for my own salads, i love baby spinach, jalapenos and banana peppers, olives, chickpeas, and almonds. YUM!

  444. haley

    mesclun & romaine. avocado, grape tomatoes, chickpease, red onion. parmigiano.lemon hummus tahini. Please & Thank You!

    Oh, that bike is awesome.

  445. Balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, spinach!

  446. The Derby Cobb Salad is drool worthy, for I love blue cheese!

    This is a great giveaway! The bike would be a great thing to have next fall for my first semester of college!

  447. The sabzi salad sounds amazing! Now if only I could justify a trip out there just for this salad…. ;)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  448. Gotta have avocado, apple, goat cheese, and roasted chicken with a fresh lime squeeze! Yummy :)

  449. My favorite salads are those my sister makes. She combines warm and cold, bean and green, fruit and cheese… it's always a surprise and always a treat! And yay for bikes + salad…

  450. My all time favorite salad contains curried chicken salad, walnuts, oranges, Roma tomatoes and cucumbers on a bed of organic greens with a cilantro-lime dressing. (OH and with a side of banana bread) YUM!

  451. Steph

    I love Sweetgreen!! The Chic P is my favorite salad – love the falafel.

  452. Baby Spinach, almonds, avocado, goat cheese, sprouts, roasted chicken. Mmmm…

  453. the caesar reggiano looks SO good. sad that i'm so far away in portland. i hope i win that bike! i love bike rides with my husband :)

  454. KSarge

    Chick P salad looks fantastic. Falafel?? YUM!

  455. I love feta, pecans, cranberries:)

  456. Vanessa

    That guacamole greens looks delicious!

  457. Their June salad actually looks perfect right now…
    Yumm for peaches and almonds!

  458. I love everything about that Derby Cobb salad! It looks delicious!

  459. Jess L

    Derby Cobb for the win! I must have avocado on every salad!

    I hope I win! This bike is adorable!

  460. The curry gold salad is calling out to my pregnant taste buds :) I'm with you! I just want light, fresh ingredients!

  461. ife87

    The chic P looks delicious….especially since i love anything with chickpeas..thus the hummus and falafel.

  462. Alyssa

    I love black crunchy croutons. SO yum.

  463. Omg that caesar reggiano sounds so good perfect ingredients and wonderful giveaway.


  464. kate

    Jicama makes any salad good, especially with some mango too!

  465. Wasabi peas on a salad? I want to try the Bondi!

  466. Miss K

    I like the Derby Cobb because it's all about the toppings for me. My faves are blue cheese, pine nuts, and bacon. Healthy!

  467. Mmmm I love me some avocados, almonds, chickpeas, hard boiled eggs, and corn. Thanks so much!

  468. WOW i wish this place were in nyc! i currently love any salad with fruit in it… strawberries, cranberries, pear…

  469. Nitza

    I'd love the guacamole greens – sans chicken :)

  470. Guacamole Greens for me please! Great giveaway :)

  471. Lindsay

    Oh my goodness the Guacamole Greens salad looks to die for!

  472. Kylie

    I love lots of greens, sliced pink lady apples, sliced carrots, feta cheese, and poppy seed dressing.

  473. Chopped Romaine
    Shredded Carrots
    Hearts of Palm
    Red Grapes
    Roasted Chicken
    Candied Walnuts
    Dried Cranberries
    Balsamic Vinaigrette

  474. Lacey

    The Bondi salad is the best! Perfect for summer!!

  475. SaRaH

    Curry Gold sounds so yummy!! I need to go there!

  476. I love any salad with hard boiled eggs. The Santorini salad on the menu looks divine!

  477. I love a good strawbery feta spinach salad w/poppy seed dressing, nothing says summer more!

  478. Baby spinach with goat cheese crumble. Yum!

  479. I will put goat cheese on almost anything, but I especially love to put it on my sweetgreen salads :)

  480. Chic P looks delicious, with the perfect burst of protein! Samantha :) mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

  481. Unknown

    love pine nuts in my salad!


    Noelia Pahissa

  482. Hope M.

    anything with feta cheese and avocado…yum!

  483. Kate

    Any salad with avocado and balsamic vinaigrette is good enough for this girl! But that Sabzi salad looks pretty darn yummy as well :) Awesome giveaway!

  484. The caesar reggiano salad looks deeeelicious. Yum.

  485. I LOVE spinach and feta cheese in my salads!!

    I lived in Thailand and had Thai pumpkin in it . . . that was delicious too! :)

  486. Haley K

    What an awesome giveaway!!! kind of an odd bucketlist item…but one of mine is to outfit my little, growing family with bikes! I'd LOVE to win! :)

    and SweetGreen's June Salad looks pretty fabulous…i love fruit in my salads. :) And like the June salad, my favorite salad has baby spinach peaches…and avocado, havarti cheese, and a light balsamic vinaigrette :)

  487. Strawberries and avocado are the way to go :)

  488. slayer

    The curry looks dang good! And what better way to stay healthy than with a salad and a sweet bike ride?! PICK ME PLEASE!

  489. carly

    lovely! I love avocado, red grapes, chicken, and feta. Yum!

  490. I just love any and all fruit in my salads! So good. What a great giveaway!

  491. All the avocado, corn, and chickpeas!

  492. Roxanne

    I like strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and stinky cheese in my salad with a strawberry walnut vinagrette

  493. I love strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries with cinnamon almonds!

  494. Amazing looking bikes!
    The santorini salad sounds amazing. I love fresh mint and squeezed lemon in my romaine salads! Maybe some toasted almonds, too.

  495. I looveee chicken, blue cheese, egg, avocado, and bacon with blue cheese dressing! The perfect Cobb!!

  496. Heidi

    I love avocado, strawberries, or peaches in my salad with a little bit of feta… yum!

  497. Jessica

    I love spinach, boiled eggs, and balsamic vinegar in my salad! Fingers crossed for this one.

  498. skaggs

    I'm obsessed with baby spinach topped with strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese & coated with poppyseed dressing. Mmm, delicious.

  499. Alicia

    My fav salad includes: dark greens, carrots, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, strawberries, croutons, grilled chicken & ranch dressing. Delish!

  500. jasmine

    i love spinach, bleu cheese, sunflower seeds, and apples in my salad! and i'm getting lots of new ideas from scanning everyone else's comments. :)

  501. fawn

    Shiitake mushroom dressing. Gobs of sprouts. Thanks for hosting!

  502. my fave ingredients in a salad: spinach, chick peas, avocado, roasted nuts and some goat cheese! :)

  503. I love my salad with avocados, spinach, onions, cilantro & romaine lettuce with poppyseed dressing! YUMMERS!

  504. i LOVE bacon in my salad! does that still make it a salad?


  505. Dre

    the salads looks so good. the bondi salad looks amazing! wish i could have it right now!

  506. ellie

    I love cranberries, walnuts, and goat cheese, with balsamic. And I love bikes!

  507. lee

    the curry gold sounds wonderful (minus the chicken)!

  508. avocado, feta, tomatoes, and olives!

  509. Baby spinach, cucumber, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, hard boiled egg, roasted chicken all topped off with some Honey Dijon. Delish!

  510. Awesome giveaway!! The Guacamole Greens looks amazing!


  511. definitely the derby cobb! yummm

  512. Romaine with egg whites, crasins, motz, crunchy onions, broccoli and chicken or grilled shrimp…yum!

    Sweetgreen looks awesome!


  513. Jen G

    I enjoy all the unhealthy ingredients in a salad like croutons, cheese, chicken, dressing, etc. The lettuce adds texture. :)

  514. HAVE to put either the spicy broccoli or kale in my sweetgreen salad! To die for

  515. l

    that Chic P salad looks yummy :)

  516. Sarah

    Definitely spinach, beets, radish, basil, sprouts, chickpeas, & balsamic vinaigrette – a variation of the sabzi! Yum!


  517. Goat Cheese….avacado….blueberries…and a lemon zest dressing is the best! Some almonds added doesn't hurt either :)

  518. wow if i was in the area i'd definitely have to grab a guacamole greens salad. YUM! but since i'm nowhere near dc maybe i can be a copycat and make my own. thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

  519. I love sweetgreen! I go to the one in Reston as often as I can. Any salad with feta and tomatoes is my fave, and add kalamata olives and pepperonchinis and that's a winner!

  520. Mai Pai

    The bondi sounds like my kind of salad! Mesclun & baby arugula with roasted chicken, avocado, corn, hearts of palm, wasabi peas; topped with a miso sesame ginger vinaigrette. YUM!

  521. Erin

    I'm definitely going to check them out since I live in DC! And I like EVERYTHING in my salad!

  522. ooooh guacamole green all the way! Avocado…tortilla chips…jalapeno dressing, yum!

  523. I live in DC and I'm a HUGE fan of sweetgreen! I've been to the ones in Dupont, Georgetown, and Bethesda. Whenever I go, I always order the chic p salad because of the falafel and the hummus tahini dressing, but I'm also a fan of spinach, red peppers, tortilla chips, avocado, and feta cheese. Their lemonades and the bread are to die for as well. This is really making me hungry for some sweetgreen! Awesome giveaway!


  524. Sarah

    I love goat cheese, spinach, and a bunch of fresh veggies with a light dressing. I wish we had a Sweet Green in MN!

  525. I love nuts in salads, and this year, I am at last enjoying fruit like craisins and strawberries in salads. Avocado and goat cheese too! You can't go wrong.

  526. Simple! Spinach, chicken, goat cheese, cranberries, balsamic. YUMMMMMMM

  527. bairds

    Beautiful! :::Roasted Chicken, Avocado & Wasabi peas Please!!:::

  528. Natty

    Oh man,I've been wanting a commuter so badly!

    I love spinach, feta, dried cranberries, walnuts, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette (with lemon and white balsamics) Mmmmmm……

  529. rou

    What a rad giveaway!

    I love nuts in my salad; almonds, walnuts, cashews even!

  530. B

    the curry gold looks delish! I'm all about dried fruit for sweetness and some walnuts, pecans or almonds for crunch on salads.

  531. please oh please – i need a bike so badly!

    i tried sweetgreen when visiting PA recently… i adored the Sabzi salad. so refreshing.

  532. Meadows

    Goat cheese, chickpeas and avocados are an amazing combination!!

  533. I like spinach, blue cheese, avocado and bacon on my salads. Yum!

  534. i adore the sabzi! its so refreshing.

    plus i really really need a bike in my life… my friends all go for rides together on the weekend, and i've been so left out :(

  535. jdv7700

    feta cheese, berries & vinegarette in a salad are a must for me!

  536. ciara

    figs (dried and fresh), arugula, pecorino, and pine nuts. That is one perfect salad to me. crossing my fingers for a set of wheels…

  537. I love nothing more than a good, classic caesar. Crisp romaine, home-made croutons, just the right amount of parmesean to balance the salty anchovies.. making me hungry just thinking about it! And this giveaway is AWESOME by the way.

  538. I love fennel, a stinky cheese, candied walnuts and grape tomatoes on a bed of arugula drizzled with some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. :)

  539. amanda

    Goat cheese!

  540. I love avocado, red onion and cucumbers in my salad!

  541. the caesar reggiano looks marvelous and I sooooooo would love a Republic bike!!!!

  542. Megz

    Spinach, blue cheese, raw red beets and balsamic vinegar! yum! and I would love a bike!

  543. I love nuts, avocados and smoked salmon in mine!

  544. Avacado, peas, olives, cashews, spinach, baby corn, carrots, hard boiled eggs… and the list goes on and on. I want to top off my salad with a little bit of a bike on there too ;)

  545. Robin

    My favorite salad is one my mother in law made up, it has candied pecans, strawberries, goat cheese, with spinach and a sherry wine dressing…it is an amazing salad!

  546. Anything with fresh Avocados, onions and some fresh berries.

  547. Nova

    …what if I pay the shipping to Canada? haha DARN I really want a bike. For what it's worth I like avocado in salads.

  548. seeds, coarse sea salt, coarse pepper, drizzled in olive oil & red wine vinegar

  549. Jackie

    I love avocado and some kind of fruit in my salads. Keeps it interesting and delicous!

  550. Emily

    oooh, the derby cobb looks awesome–i am a big sucker for blue cheese :)

  551. Juno

    That bike is gorgeous and looks so light. In my salad, I make a fantastic homemade vinaigrette, and avocado is a must!

  552. Jess

    Mesclun, avocado, peppers, corn, pears, spicy quinoa, honey roasted turkey, pita chips and curry pineapple yogurt.
    Gotta go now. Hungry.

  553. Dejah

    I love avocado in my salads, but that Santorini sounds so good, with the mint and lemon in it. Yum!

  554. Wow, what a cool giveaway! Wish we had a Sweet Green in Portland….

    I LOVE a salad with spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, and nuts for something simple. But if I had to choose one of their salads, the Guacamole Greens looks really good!

    I also love salads with grains in them…mmmm, yay salads!

  555. Goat cheese….avacado….bluberries….with a lemon zest dressing = amazing taste bud party!!! Any lettuce is bueno and some almonds can be added if wanted :)

  556. Kym

    I love spinach salads with slivered almonds, grilled chicken, and mandarin oranges for lunch! Great giveaway. I would love to win a bike :)

  557. Emily

    The santorini salad looks so good! so does the chic p! I cannot decide which one I'd like more.

  558. Being from Louisville, I've got to say the Derby Cobb looks yummy. Love avocado.

  559. Goat cheese. You can never have enough goat cheese. Oh, and maybe avocado.

  560. my favorites include: bleu cheese, tomato, hard boiled egg, avocado, sunflower seeds and peppers. sweet green is absolutely delicious!

  561. Salad with raw tuna is amazing. I just like to pile the greens onto anything. This is an amazing giveaway!!

  562. Katie

    Awesome giveaway!! The guacamole greens salad sounds delicious!! No salad is complete without avacado!

  563. Jayda

    I need a bike desperately! Lately, I've been into fruit on top of my salad– mandarin oranges, dried cherries, grapes, etc.

  564. I love dressings with ginger in them, plus some hearts of palm on my salad, so I would definitely go with the Bondi salad. I'm hungry thinking about it!

  565. Olga

    What don't I like in my salad is the real question. I LOVE EVERYTHING!

  566. Laura

    What a super giveaway! My favorite salad has baby spinach, feta cheese, walnuts, cranberries, mandarin oranges, and tangy dressing.

    …Now I'm hungry!

  567. Unknown

    I love lots of green, avocado, pine nuts tossed with olive oil, figs and with olive oil and balsamic glaze vinegar.


    Noelia Pahissa

  568. Ali

    their Chick P salad is my favorite!

  569. Sara


  570. Tomatoes, radish, green onion, celery, & balsalmic!

  571. Brissa

    i love every kind of salad in the entire universe.

    spinach, craisins, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges with poppyseed dressing is one of my favorites.

    i also love bicycles.
    i also love winning.

  572. Meg

    I would love "The June Salad" shown on the home page. Yum!! I would also love love love to win this bike!! :-)

  573. wow, what don't i like…give me avocado, mushrooms, feta, pine nuts, craisins! mmm, getting hungry :)

  574. What an amazing giveaway! I love strawberries in my salads and of course avocado.

  575. I love avocado, spinach, and chicken in my salads. This place looks so great! I wish they would move out to the west coast!

  576. MellyB

    As a currently pregnant chick craving a good salad, hook me up with the Curry Gold. Curry Pineapple Yogurt dressing? Throw some sort of cheese in there and I'm there.

  577. Meg

    "The June Salad" looks delicious!! Yum.
    I would love to win this bike! :-)

  578. Maggie

    wow what an amazing giveaway! i'm about to be a graduate student at uva and this is exactly what i need! (plus some sweet green salads to help me keep in good health and shape). i'm s spinach and strawberries kinda girl, throw in some goat cheese and i'm yours forever.
    thanks so much naomi!
    xox maggie

  579. i'm a sucker for arugula and goat cheese salads…sometimes with tomatoes, sometimes cucumber, sometimes peaches.

  580. i'm a sucker for arugula and goat cheese salads…sometimes with tomatoes, sometimes cucumber, sometimes peaches.

  581. Laurie

    what a fun sponsor!
    I never know what to put on my salad and I wish there was a sweetgreen here in montreal!
    I love goat cheese and rasberries, mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinaiger. :)

  582. Gwynne

    Avocados and croutons are a must for me!

  583. nynga

    I like my salads very simple. Spinach leaves, onions, tomatoes, cheese, ranch dressing. That's my ideal salad.

  584. Wow what a great giveaway! I would love the Sabzi salad that has
    baby spinach with spicy quinoa, white beans, raw beets, radish, basil, sprouts, dried cranberries; topped with a carrot chili vinaigrette, it looks beautiful. :)

  585. Jena

    Hard decision! I love beets, avocado, and chick peas or apples, grapes, celery, and walnuts. What a great giveaway! I wish there was a sweetgreen near me.

  586. Jessie

    All of the salads look so good! I wish they had this place in Utah. Right now I love peaches on my salad.

  587. I am so obsessed with avocado right now! Love my salad with some avocado. Yum. Yum.

  588. anything with goat cheese and almonds or pecans in my salad and I am happy!

  589. anything with goat cheese and almonds or pecans in my salad and I am happy!

  590. Unknown

    Santorini for sure!

  591. avocado, spinach, feta cheese.. but for salads, i really could never be too picky. i'm easily satisfied when it comes to my greens.

  592. B

    I would love to win this! I love blueberries and Craisins on my salad :)

  593. Jessica

    I've never added peaches into a salad…that sounds so summery and delicious!

  594. M


  595. Wow – what a prize! I'm dying over that bike as I'm the only member of our family that is bikeless! Would love to join them on family bike rides.

    Sweetgreen looks so delicious – I'm craving their Santorini salad. My current fave is a watermelon, feta, red onion and mint salad. Very refreshing for summer.

  596. Erica

    The curry gold looks pretty good, but I have also been a sucker for curry!

  597. On my salad, I love spinach, strawberries, walnuts, feta cheese, and shredded chicken breast, topped with a Pomegranate dressing and slightly drizzled with ranch too! My favorite salad ever!!!!

  598. i like avocado, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and walnuts, yum! and a oil and vinegar dressing.

  599. Melissa

    Everything looks amazing…come to Upstate NY please!! I love adding fruit to my salads and am also a huge fan of Balsamic Vinaigrette :)

  600. I love pickles in my salad:)

  601. Derby Cobb sounds delish! & a new bike wouldnt hurt either!

  602. Sierra

    I love balsamic vinegar, feta, pears, candied pecans, and avocado!

  603. Alyssa

    Wow, I'd love to win this bike. I just began to start riding again and this is the type of bike I'm looking for.

  604. Tish

    I write for a fitness blog that is obsessed with "big ass salads" as we so eloquently call them. My favorite right now: mixed greens, spinach, jicama, tomato, cucumber, almonds, cranberries, broccoli slaw and some quinoa. It's delish!

  605. Janessa

    I love red peppers, carrots, broccoli, and snap peas in my salad. Yum!

  606. spinach, cranberries, walnuts and a little raspberry-oil drizzle..yummmm

    awesome giveaway!!!

  607. Jessica

    I love rice and avocado in my salads!!!

  608. my favorite is spinach salad with chunks of watermelon, blueberries, sunflower seeds, lots of feta cheese & a balsamic reduction dressing! too yummy in my tummy.

  609. KCN

    Endlessly love salads with kale, sliced almonds, dried cherries, dried craisins, crystallized ginger and a lemon sesame dressing.

  610. Lindsey

    this is making me hungry for salads! I would go with a salad with summer offerings – peaches, asparagus, baby spinach, baby arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and sugar snap peas!

  611. Kels

    Love a salad with strawberries, feta, pistachios, and yummy vinaigrette!!

  612. flori

    the guacamole greens look especially delicious. the crunch of the tortilla chips and the freshness of the salad greens and avocados makes for a simple, yet perfectly delicious treat!

    thanks for introducing me to sweetgreen! crossing my fingers for that sweet ride!

  613. Briel

    My favorite salad is Caesar so I'd probably go with that one! Yum!

  614. Ashley

    I'm a plain jane- I LOVE spinach leaves with every kind of but possible and fruits with a light vinaigrette! Delicious!!

  615. I love Sweetgreen! And their June Salad looks amazing, though it would be hard to go wrong with the Guacamole Greens salad, too. Anything with avocado!

  616. KCN

    Endlessly love salads with kale, sliced almonds, dried cherries, dried craisins, crystallized ginger and a lemon sesame dressing.

  617. I LOVE the guacamole greens salad! I could eat it everyday of the week

  618. K

    i went to sweetgreen a lot when i was going to school in philly! i love salads with red pepper and corn in them.

  619. NEC

    I love a good salmon salad with boiled eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, the works! Sunflower seeds are good too.

  620. Ashley

    I am a plain jane- I LOVE spinach leaves with every kind of nut and fruit! With a light vinaigrette!

  621. elaine

    I would go for the 'Bondi' Salad. I love anything with avocado. My favourite salad to make though is with kale, avocado, dates, lime juice and chicken. Oh my.

  622. Anything with avocados! Guacamole Greens, please! Mmmm :)
    Thanks for being awesome, Miss Rockstar!

  623. ariana

    berries and spinach, yeehaw!

  624. strawberries, to sweeten the intake.


  625. Ison

    All of their salads look fantastic, but I would have make up my mind and order the bondi. As for general salad toppings, I like a super simple salad of fresh avocado massaged into lettuce and then top it with a sprinkle of pepper and a splash of lime juice. So simple and yummy!

  626. sonya

    I wish there was a sweetgreen near me. I would definitely get the bondi salad. Roasted chicken avocado, corn, hearts of palm omgoodness, YUM!

  627. avocado and cucumbers are a must! yum.

  628. I love berries and peaches and other summer fruits in with the greens. But their guacamole green salad looks amazing too! :)

  629. Carri

    I love a spinach salad, with strawberries, glazed pecans, and feta cheese… Such a great summer salad!

  630. Annie

    I love spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and blue cheese! Yum!

  631. Goat cheese and beets!

  632. Everything's better with basil!!

  633. Carla

    I like the sweet salads… a little green apple, some blueberries, pistachios, and bleu cheese crumbles with a poppyseed dressing on romaine!

  634. I love avacados, Roma tomatoes, Dublin grated cheese, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, snap peas, flavored crushed almonds, cranberries, mangos, and ranch dressing! Yum! Off to make a salad right now!

  635. I love Sweetgreen!! I always have to have avocado in my salads :)

  636. delish! Love me some salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, onion, goat cheese, tangerines…. hmmm hmmm hmmm

  637. black olives, chopped heirloom tomatoes, chives and bacon :)

  638. Beth

    the "chic p" salad looks amazing!! for my at home/work, i love to have almonds or cashews in my salads but must always have edamame!

    thanks for the chance!
    bethdontje at gmail dot com

  639. Chickpeas and a red wine vinaigrette! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  640. Though I love many kinds of salad, my go-to add ons are mushrooms and avocado. Judging by Sweetgreen's site, I would dive into that Guacamole Greens selections. Need to hit up a PA location. :)

  641. My fav is the Chic P! Love sweetgreen!

  642. Amy

    Lately it's ben black beans, avocados, corn, grilled onions.

  643. Sarah

    Okay so I bike EVERYWHERE I GO! And it's not because I don't have a car, I just really enjoy it. And it's so good for me too. Anyways it would kind of make my life if I won this. So here's hoping!

    I love almonds and peaches in my salad. So yummy.

  644. Seriously with this salad:

    Derby cobb
    chopped romaine with roasted chicken, blue cheese, egg, bacon, avocado, grape tomatoes; topped with a honey dijon vinaigrette.
    I want it all on my salad ;)

    As a new transplant to the DMV area i sooo appreciate you sharing this place! I can't wait to go and give it a try!

  645. hayley

    Pears. Goat cheese. Spinach. Delicious!
    Wow that place looks amazing! Must eat there ASAP.

    Fingers crosssed. Thanks :)

  646. Mindy

    Spinach and fruit!

  647. Alissa

    Hearing about Sweetgreen makes me wish they had one in Michigan! I get so excited about restaurants that are committed to providing quality, local, sustainable ingredients and to top it off their website is super easy to navigate. What a great idea to include a nutrition calculator as you build your own salad. If I'm every by one, I'll pretty sure I would have to try the yogurt and a salad with avocado, cukes, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and of course dried cherries!

  648. Leti

    Sabzi or Chic P – both w/o dresses (I like my salads with fresh lemon juice)

    Also <3 Public bikes!

  649. Kara

    oooh – the June salad with Balsamic, spinach, and goat cheese sounds soooo good!
    I'd LOVE to bike around this summer with my 2-year old daughter in a toddler seat on the back. So fun!!

  650. Amber

    -Chopped Romaine-Avocado-Cucumbers White Beans-Grape Tomatoes-Raw Peppers-

  651. bethany

    baby spinach topped with beets, goat cheese, peppers, and mini tomatoes!

  652. Ashton

    This is such a great giveaway! I think the two things I can't live without in my salad are cucumbers and tomatoes. And sometimes almonds. :)

  653. Strawberries go in almost every single summer salad I create. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring blog-corner to visit, by the way. :) <3

  654. The Santorini looks perfect!

  655. Arelis

    This is exciting! I have been reading your blog for a while now and it is very inspiring and makes me look forward to when I start a family :)

    My favorite salad is very simple- spring greens, parmesean cheese, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  656. avocado, beans, corn…a mix of fresh and creamy is my favorite kind of salad! that bondi salad looks right up my alley.

  657. L

    Super awesome giveaway! I love carrots, spicy chicken and a few tortilla strips for some crunch:)

    Have been a huge fan of Republic bikes for some time now!

  658. I'm not a big salad fan, but that caesar reggiano looks delish! I ride my bike everywhere! Adding another to the mix would be awesome. Especially a republic bike.

  659. A to Z

    Yum! They need to head over to the West Coast! I love pears, Gorgonzola, spinach, walnuts, chicken… I'm starved now!

  660. Hmmm…romaine and arugula, black beans, red onions, chickpeas, sweet corn, tomatoes, feta, bacon, hard boiled eggs, and lemon hummus tahini dressing!! Sounds so yummy right now!!

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  661. Lacey

    The guacamole greens looks awesome! Perfect for summer.

  662. Em

    My fave salad = arugula + apples + parmesan + pines + balsamic vinaigrette :)

  663. Sweetgreen needs to set up shop in Atlanta! The food looks delicious, and I love the emphasis on sustainability.

    The Chic P salad looks amazing! Pretty much anything with falafel is awesome, and the name is totally cute.

  664. I've been obsessed with their June salad (spinach, peach, almonds, basil and goat cheese w/ balsamic)! I love sweetgreen, I'm so lucky I live right near one.

  665. kristi

    first off what an AWESOME giveaway! my favorite salad is made up of spinach, strawberries and raspberries (dried cranberries when w/o fresh fruit), feta, almonds and topped with a little poppy seed dressing. YUMYUM and now I'm hungry hah

  666. This comment has been removed by the author.

  667. I LOVE sweetgreens and love their salads! their special june salad looks absolutely amazing. My bike got stolen recently and would love this giveaway!


  668. Megan

    I adore a salad with parmesan cheese, croutons, and bacon! So lovely. I wish Sweet Green would come to Utah! Eh? Eh??

  669. my mouth is watering… i love peaches and baby spinach… to die for.

  670. The June salad is my go to salad, regardless of the name. So good. :)

  671. Sara

    Bondi looks amazing! I could eat avocado on everything! Great give away!

  672. Tracy

    I love spinach, fruits, cheese and grilled chicken. Mmmm.

  673. Yum! The June Salad looks amazing. I love goat cheese or feta on my salads. Lately I've been really into putting fruit on every salad!

  674. I love chickpeas on any salad!

  675. Joyce

    baby spinach, crasins, avocados, chicken pieces, and cherry tomatoes with baslamic dressing…yumm! sweet giveaway!

  676. KMB

    This place looks DIVINE! The seasonal June salad and the guacamole greens salad both look delicious, but would definitely need to be followed by yogurt! I will definitely be visiting this place the next time I am in DC.

  677. what an awesome giveaway! i'm moving to the virgin islands soon and could really use a bike! thanks for the opportunity!

    my sweetgreen salad would have spinach, broccoli, peppers, black beans, edamame, feta, mozzarella, and some hard boiled egg :)

  678. Lindsay

    Anything with arugula! I can never get enough. Add some pine nuts, goat cheese, tomato and cucumber and I'm in heaven.

  679. mamamac

    Newly obsessed with radishes!!!

  680. zay

    The ceasar reggiano looks delish, is a must on my next trip to DC :)

  681. Pepa

    I love spinach, lettuce, avocado, some tuna (if on hand), olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt. Yum! Fresh and light for a summer day!

  682. Meghan

    Curry Gold, yum!

  683. roasted beets & goat cheese!!!!! yumm!!

  684. meaghan

    Spinach, goat cheese, and dried cranberries!

  685. Taylor

    I do love a good Caesar salad…

  686. mary

    mmm… dried fruit, avacado and crazy cheeses on my salad, please!

  687. Carly

    Greek salads are my absolute favorite- cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions with a tossing of a light dressing and a slab of feta cheese. best served in Athens ;)
    thanks, Naomi!

  688. joslin

    These salads sound tasty! I would love the caesar reggiano salad! I love caeser salads! yummm.

  689. The fresh peaches on their June salad are so tasty, but I think a salad with avocados, quinoa, almond slivers, and a light-lemony dressing would be perfect on a hot day too!

  690. I love baby spinach, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, dried cranberries, and Balsamic Vinaigrette for the dressing! Simple but yummy :)

  691. Just moved from DC to Denver and miss my Bondi salad. LOVE hearts of palm!

  692. Unknown

    Almonds, walnuts, mint leaves, carrots, bell peppers, butternut squash, tomatoes, cucumber, berries….EVERYTHING!

  693. Tyra

    oooh! they all look so delish. chic p? caesar? make your own with all those yummy toping. i. cant. decide. i'm making a trip to dc toward the end of july, i will have to stop by for my first visit!

  694. maggs

    Oh my goodness, every salad looks and sounds Delish! I think my favorite from the site is the "Santorini", but its hard to choose just one!!!

  695. Unknown

    Pears, walnuts, and blue cheese – going home to make this tonight! :)

  696. Definitely goat cheese and some kind of nuts. It needs substance! Thank you.

  697. Tian

    any salad involving a fresh avocado is a good salad to me! bondi's looking yum. :)

  698. Me

    I like cranberries, feta and walnuts!

  699. I love avocado, tomato, beets, grapefruit and gorgonzola cheese!

  700. My mouth is still watering looking at the Chic P salad. O.M.G.

    Would love to win the bike, as a broke college student it would be so much help. Love your blog :)

  701. The Santorini most definitely! It all looks so delicious.

  702. What a great giveaway!

    I'm always a sucker for a nicoise salad. At home I love avocado, parm cheese and lemon vin.


  703. Their Parmesan crips make any salad addictive!

  704. Wow, their curry gold looks just like that, gold! I would love to have this bike to get around town!

  705. I have been hooked on beets this summer – totally gravitating to the sabzi!

  706. Jacqui

    My favorite salads are the ones with fruit (strawberries, grapes, pears, etc.), some kind of nuts, and then lots of feta cheese!! All in a balsamic vinaigrette :-)

  707. Candice

    I would die for a perfect avocado in my salad!

  708. MLKinDC

    Love their Santorini salad with shrimp and feta. Mmmm, dinner time!

  709. mesclun with roasted chicken, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, crushed tortilla chips; topped with a lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette & a fresh lime squeeze.

    Saw this gem on the website and my mouth is watering!!

  710. Unknown

    Oh man… I love salad, especially in the summer! I'll pretty much eat anything in my salad… dried fruit, chicken, turkey, slamon, nuts, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, onions, cheese, tomatoes, etc…. Not all at once of course. The santorini salad sounds great. This is why I miss DC so much. They have the best places to eat!

  711. Pepperoncini always makes salads taste more refreshing and gives it a nice little kick!

  712. Jen CK

    the santorini salad looks amazing! roasted shrimp + feta cheese are my favorites!

    thanks for this giveaway :)

  713. mesclun with roasted chicken, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, crushed tortilla chips; topped with a lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette & a fresh lime squeeze.

    Saw this gem on the website and my mouth is watering!!

  714. Ashley

    I need to get down to DC or Bethesda to try it out! I live in Baltimore and your salads always looked SO tasty.

    I think I would love the Derby Cobb. I am 38 weeks pregnant now and I have to say Cobb salads have been a big craving.

    Also, that bike is amazing!! Love the color :)

  715. i love some pecans and balsamic!

  716. so hard to choose…but I really love a pulled pork salad!

  717. M.

    Guacamole Greens, every time!

  718. I drooled on my keyboard just looking at the menu! I would start with curry gold and just keep eating!

  719. the chick p salad sounds delicious. My husband wants a bike to ride around with our baby girl. Fingers crossed!

  720. the curry gold look amazing! Wish I lived in the DC area :) Personally, I put some strawberries, feta, pecans and bacon with some white balsamic on my salad tonight. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  721. Tara

    Oh yum! Guacamole Greens = divine.

  722. I love a good caesar salad! Especially craving them now that I'm pregnant. Their caesar reggiano looks devine!

  723. The June Salad, no doubt! It's perfect!!

  724. love love love sweetgreen! i usually go for romaine lettuce and mesclun, cucumbers, hearts of palm, avocado, pita chips, a squeeze of lime and a light serving on their delicious lime cilantro dressing xx

  725. kristen

    I love it all! Never really met a salad I didn't love, but my current favorite is artichokes.

  726. the chick p salad sounds delicious! My husband wants a bike to ride around with our baby girl. Fingers crossed!

  727. The curry gold salad looks right up my alley. I'd love to try their yogurt-based dressing.

  728. Onions & Olives >Delicious

  729. annie

    The guacamole greens all the way, you can never have too much avocado– yum!

  730. Lesley

    Spinach salad with feta, cranberries, scallions, chickpeas, maybe some turkey or egg and a balsamic dressing. YUM!

  731. Spinach, black beans, carrots, corn, avocado. It all sounds absolutely amazing!

  732. Beth

    The roasted chicken and miso vinaigrette look amazing!

  733. angela

    arugula, parmesan, and strawberries!

  734. Jenn

    Bondi all the way because wasabi peas rock!!

  735. holly

    Derby Cob –YUM! LOVE sweetgreen. Best Wishes xo

  736. Lauren

    Avocados, cucumber, quinoa, and hardboiled eggs are some of my favorite salad toppings! What a great give away! :)

  737. oh my word, all their salads look delicious! i'm craving a salad now! and I like just about everything but the kitchen sink in my salad. what a sweet giveaway! ;)

  738. Their salads look AMAZING! But my favorite thing to have in my salad is Ahi Tuna :)

  739. Yvonne

    I love sweetgreen! My favorite is the chic p salad. Chickpeas and falafel are my favorite foods!

  740. I've never been to sweetgreen, but the guacamole greens looks soooo yummy!

  741. ASH

    My favorite salad fixins are a greek-style with feta, cucumber, tomato, cannelini beans, and roasted red peppers.. or! or! or! champagne mango, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and some thinly sliced red onion. Either of those with a mixture of sturdy greens and olive oil & lemon….and a wedge of some toasty fresh bread–delicious!

  742. The June Salad looks AMAZING!
    I kinda want to go make something like that right now… I think I will.

  743. Unknown

    Avocado is a MUST in my salads!

  744. Spinach, arugula, avocado, tortilla chips, mini tomatoes!

  745. Nicole

    What I great giveaway! I wish we had Sweetgreen out here on the west coast. I love spinach and beets in my salad!

  746. Unknown

    spinach, blue cheese, cranberries, olive oil, pears and salt and pepper!

  747. janie

    i love spinach & avocados so, so much.

  748. The Guacamole salad, for sure!!! LOVE IT!

  749. mallory

    i'd go with the caeser reggiano for sure, add beets!

  750. mallory

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  751. Melissa

    Carrot Chili vinaigrette. 100%!

  752. c & t

    The June salad sounds just PERFECT! Thanks for the chance :) Always crossing my fingers.

  753. Goat cheese is what transforms an average salad into a super one–but then again, what can't cheese do? ;-)



  754. Kayla

    Guacamole Greens!! This look so amazingly delicious!! Can't wait to try it sometime. Might have to make a trip to the East Coast just for a special visit to SweetGreen! Love the whole menu. All the salads look delectable! :D

  755. I like feta and dried cranberries on my salad! Or strawberries and poppy seed dressing :)

  756. Spinach, cucumber, butternut squash, berries, almonds, walnuts, carrots, bell peppers….EVERYTHING!

  757. yummm… i want this caesar reggiano salad… how good does that sound? now im craving salad!!


    I've never heard of sweetgreen but it sounds amazing! Plus I love their website!

    My favorite salad is from an organic grocery/deli in Jackson, MS: ume vinaigrette dressing, tofu, edamame, broccoli, sunflower seeds, cucumbers and sprouts on top of mixed greens. Vegan and delicious!

  759. elimoff

    Sweet Greens is such an amazing concept! And how sweet of them to give away such an amazing bike, too. Beets, goat cheese, spinach and blueberries make my favorite salad. – el

  760. mks

    i would love craisins, almonds, spinach, balsmaic vinaigrette and tomatoes in mine. and i hope i win!! i really want a bike to take my baby on a ride.

  761. Shannon

    I actually ate here when I visited DC a few months ago! I think I'd go with the derby cobb if I went there again.

  762. fruit! fruit in a salad is a must!

    great giveaway! thanks, taza and sweetgreen!

  763. fruit! fruit in a salad is a must!

    great giveaway! thanks, taza and sweetgreen!

  764. I like roasted chicken and avocado in my salad!


  765. Candied walnuts, pears, and blue cheese – Now I want to make this tonight! :)

  766. becky

    What a great giveaway thank you so much!!! I would have to say that the guacamole green salad sounds amazing :)
    <3 Becky

  767. amanda

    spinach, strawberries, and walnuts. and a sweet dressing to go with :)

  768. Rachel

    Wish there was one of these in SF! I'd love to grab a guacamole green!

  769. Kate M.

    goat cheese, baby spinach, and a hardboiled egg!

  770. I think their santorini salad looks awesome great giveaway!!!

  771. I love any salad as long as it includes blue cheese & bacon- ya know, the healthy stuff ;)

  772. Katie

    Olives are my new favorite thing in salads!

  773. I like roasted chicken and avocado in my salad!

  774. I love bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles and dried cranberries in my salad!

  775. I checked out the website – the derby cobb salad and the chic p salads look soooo good!!

    I like all sorts of things on my salads depending on the day (hard boiled eggs, avocado, chick peas, strawberries, etc). My favorite dressing is just lemon juice and olive oil – so light and it lets the ingredients speak for themselves! :)

  776. I love that June Salad! I have been pushing the peach/nectarine add on for years now. Perfect combo with the balsamic, basil and chevre. A little mint would be fab, too.

  777. Sierra

    I love love spinach and fruit in my salad. What a great giveaway! I would love to win it!

  778. Jess

    I think I may try to recreate the Derby Cobb Salad tonight…sounds delish!

  779. Alyssa

    I'd make a salad with arugula, avocado, edamame, quinoa, goat cheese and lemon hummus tahini! I wish we had one in LA!!

  780. i love baby spinach, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, hard-boiled egg, craisins, apple slices and blue cheese dressing!

  781. Heather

    Sweeeet giveaway! We would love a new bike to outfit with a baby seat!

  782. Maria

    Oranges, feta, bell peppers and grape tomatoes!

  783. My favorite salad toppings are blue cheese, cucumbers, spinach, green bell peppers, and some hardboiled egg!

    This is an awesome giveaway – thanks!


  784. Lyndsay

    Their chic p salad sounds so delicious! This is an amazing giveaway!

  785. Erin

    I am so into Mexicanish salads (and everything else) right now, so I would dive into sweetgreen's guacamole greens so fast.

  786. i love sweet green! add avacados to my salads please!

  787. Awesome place! I would get walnuts, goat cheese,strawberries and peaches. Yummy!!!

  788. Amanda

    oh my gosh- a salad sounds amazing right now! the more "stuff," the better! especially fruit & garbanzo beans! and egg. and craisins. and avocado… oh, and how i would love a new bike! we sold ours a month ago, and i we are in serious need to get out and riding again!

  789. the santorini is pretty much my idea of heaven in a bowl. i wish they would expand out west. Love the bike they are giving away, would love to cruise around on that this summer!

  790. Allison

    Avocadoes, berries, craisins, walnuts. Anything with crunch and substance

  791. Lillian

    Chicken tomatoes, and lots of avocado! Wish we had Sweetgreen in Colorado!

  792. Lauren

    dried cranberries and almonds!

  793. The sabzi salad looks amazing too bad I live on the west coast! I love avocado, roasted pine nuts, and anything unexpected like a fruit or grain like quinoa in my salads :) also love fun dressings :) great giveaway I need a bike for when I move to Portland, OR!!!

  794. this has got to be the sweetest giveaway ever, and just in time for summer bike rides. my perfect salad includes: spinach, avocado, feta, walnuts, dried cranberries, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes!

  795. I wish we had a sweetgreen's near us! That guacamole greens salad looks delectable!

  796. meg

    love sweetgreen of college park! my favorite salad toppings are strawberries, candied pecans, goat cheese and grilled chicken. yum!

  797. The Guacamole Greens looks delicious! I LIVE FOR THE GUAC!

  798. green

    Basil. Yum!

  799. Lauren

    What an amazing giveaway! I love all salad, but the June salad sounds like PERFECTION. Spinach, peaches, almonds, goat cheese, basil & balsamic. YUM!

  800. Exteena

    their guacamole greens salad looks like the perfect summer salad! I wants!

  801. omg this would be wonderful! i would love to win :)

  802. Mary

    I love all the extras… roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, loads of avacado, cranberries, fruit, and anything else you can throw into a salad! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  803. rachael

    I would love a guacamole green! This bike is just too cute too! Living in Portland, OR and not having a bike is practically a sin. I need to get on this practice.

  804. OHHHHHHHHH the "Derby Cobb" has everything i LOVE! (Especially the grapes – I always put grapes in my chicken salad sandwhiches!)

  805. oh goodness, please please please pick me! i'm a salad fanatic– cucumbers and banana peppers are a must!

  806. HollyM.

    Guacamole Greens would be delicious right now!

  807. The Sweetlife Festival sounds like a great time! Sweetgreen should definitely find their way over to Oregon. Living in the Willamette valley makes me love blueberries! Even in salad!

  808. Vonae

    Their Guacamole Greens sounds delicious! It has everything I love:
    roasted chicken, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, and crushed tortilla chips!

  809. Oh, I love the sabzi! It's my absolute favorite Sweetgreen salad. It's just about perfect.

  810. Kate

    I had never heard of this place, but YUM!! I decided to play with the menu and "create my own" salad. I started with romaine lettuce then added, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, pears, broccoli and chicken (however, it would be good without this as well). Topping it off with a balsamic vinaigrette. My mouth is watering already.

    Such a fun giveaway!!

  811. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  812. Mmmm…! I love goat cheese, and raspberries, and glazed almonds or pecans, and spinach. The June salad looks tasty! Pick me, pick me.

  813. Claire

    love the bike! and the website. avocado can change a salad!

  814. Melissa

    What a beautiful bike!

    I love lots of yummy cheeses on my salad (Fantanella or Feta most), almonds, strawberries, and poppyseed dressing. Sweetgreen's Curry Gold salad looks so delicious.

  815. Rachel

    Wow, what a swanky bike! And as a fall student at the University of Maryland in College Park, I will be sure to satisfy my own salad cravings at SweetGreen.

  816. I like baby corn, cucumber, beets, hard-boiled egg, and spinach in my salad!

  817. The curry gold is money! Not to mention sweetgreen froyo is probably the best I've ever had!

  818. Kaylyn

    Chic P looks amazing!

  819. Corinne

    The chic p salad looks amazing! Any salad with chickpeas on it has my vote.

  820. I love apples, pecans, and goat cheese on my salad! I LOVE that bike!

  821. shawn

    what an awesome bike! i love spinach, avocados, strawberries and almonds in my salad. yummmmmm

  822. Katie B

    I've never been to or even heard of sweetgreen, but their guacamole greens salads looks absolutely delicious!

  823. i wish i had a sweetgreen by me! the curry gold salad looks and sounds so amazing! and so does the june salad!! plus i wanna try those cute looking juices!

  824. YUM! I'd add avocados to my salad. And chopped eggs. And crumbled blue cheese. And walnuts… I can go on and on.

  825. Kiara

    I'm a simple salad kinda girl. I love mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and a splash of my favorite Japanese salad dressing (Aojiso).

  826. Amy

    Haha! I live in Bethesda and love sweetgreen! My favorite salad right now is the June salad.

  827. lindsay

    Guacamole Greens looks fantastic. I'll take avacado on anything! All their salads look amazing!

  828. Their Sabzi salad is my absolute favorite — thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

  829. I spent almost EVERY lunch at Sweetgreen when I worked in DC. I would walk across the street to eat my big cobb salad in the sun. Ugh, need some sweetgreen asap. Thanks for the giveaway!

  830. I could live on avocado, greens, bacon, tomatos and blue cheese crumbles. I'm hungry just writing this!

  831. Kaley

    I love salad with blue cheese, apples, and candied walnuts! Throw on a light champagne vinegar dressing and you're good to go! I LOVE THE BIKE!

  832. Rebekah

    I love spinach, basil, avocado, chickpeas! I would really love to win a bike!

  833. sarasue

    My idea of a great salad is the mesclun with roasted chicken, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, crushed tortilla chips; topped with a lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette & a fresh lime squeeze. YUM!!! Oooh that bike would be heaven!

  834. chris

    Yum, arugula, avocado, Corn, black beans, radishes, egg, chicken, walnuts, and lemon miso tahini. Sounds good!

  835. Avocado. The more, the merrier.

  836. jessi

    Goat cheese with grapes sounds incredible! Yum (:

  837. K.

    I love that bike!!

    My favorite salad has baby spinach, apples, feta, balsamic, and chicken seasoned with lemon pepper!! – a little corn in there wouldn't be bad either!

  838. jessi

    Goat cheese and grapes sounds delicious! Yum (:

  839. Red onions, feta, strawberries, mint, and a little balsamic…

    but that chic p salad looks AMAZING.

  840. Red onions, feta, strawberries, mint, and a little balsamic…

    but that chic p salad looks AMAZING.

  841. xx sam

    I'm so boring with salads! I just like tomato and cucumber. Yum yum!

  842. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  843. such fun!
    love a salad with avocado, baby spinach, pine nuts, strawberries and cucumber….

    fingers crossed for a pretty new bicycle!

  844. Una

    After perusing their locally-sourced summer foods, I've decided I'd love nectarines, mint, and feta cheese on my salad—

    but sadly I don't live near enough to try one of these salads :(

  845. Peaches in a salad…. How delicious!

  846. What an awesome giveaway! I love fresh veggies in my salads but also fruits like apples and blueberries and avocados. I LOVE avocados. :)

  847. missDTM

    honestly, i love love love radishes in my salads. YUM. and vinegar. you can't forget the vinegar!

  848. amanda

    Hey Naomi!! (and Josh and Eleanor and Samson!!)

    I would absolutely ADORE a bike! I know Josh already rides to work and I am hoping to do the same thing!

    I just graduated from college and this money saving, super sweet ride would definitely be a welcome addition to my morning commute!

    Thanks! and best of luck to you and your growing family!



  849. Abby

    blue cheese on everything! the occasional hardboiled egg too:)

  850. Molly

    Sweet Green was my go-to lunch when I was at Georgetown for grad school. There M street location was my saving grace so many days. I always get the mixed greens with carrots, red onion. apples, and goat cheese. So very very tasty

  851. The june salad looks amazing!

  852. i love all things green, cycling, salads, your blog (of course!) and anything with a bit of spice. I would love to try the curry gold salad from sweetgreen.

    rebecca of indy! x

  853. I love hearty cobb salads and light fruit filled salads, with strawberries, and blueberries! I'd also love a new bike :)

  854. LaurenB

    I think a Guacamole Greens salad, hold the chicken and bring on the tortilla chips would do the trick! Thanks;D

  855. I love Heirloom tomato salads or any salad with fruit!

  856. Jacque

    I love mixed greens with egg and avocado! yum!

  857. Flea J

    mmmm avocado is a must, the bondi looks divine! would love to ride my new bike over to sweet greens and grab a salad and juice for a summer picnic. ;)

  858. brandy;

    i'd love to try the june salad!!! yum!! awesome giveaway!!!

  859. crystal

    My favorite home salad is parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, garlic with lemon and greek yogurt dressing.

  860. Anne

    Oh yum I am drooling over their salad menu! I would have to order the guacamole greens my first go because it has my favorite- avocado! Their pressed juices look amazing as well, mmmm!

  861. Jen

    Young arugula!

  862. Ali

    Their guacamole greens looks amazing! I love avocado :)

    Love your blog! Great giveaway!

  863. MCC

    I'm a pretty simple salad girl…I like cukes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and dressing!

  864. I love big salad with mixed greens, spinach, and everything from other veggies like bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers to nuts & seeds for protein to fruits like peaches, pears, and strawberries for sweetness. Salads are the best, best, best…

    …and so are bikes! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  865. Sardines, capers, feta, kalamata olives!

  866. Unknown

    June Salad, yes please!

  867. Kristie

    I like all kinds of nuts in my salad with a little fruit. The June salad sounds right up my alley. I'm thinking Sweetgreen is in store for date night! Awesome giveaway!

  868. Kristie

    I like all kinds of nuts in my salad with a little fruit. The June salad sounds right up my alley. I'm thinking Sweetgreen is in store for date night! Awesome giveaway!

  869. maLyn

    Pecans & Apples!

  870. Britty

    The Guacamole green all the way! Wish we had one nearby!

  871. the caesar reggiano looks great!

  872. I love berries or grapes and blue cheese! So yummy!

  873. fruit, nuts and cheese are the best! :)

  874. Ryan

    Chic P!!

  875. Serena

    Love sweetgreen! Their sweetflow rolling around DC during the summer is a lifesaver, and the curry gold is currently my favorite salad.

  876. So cool! I think we should bring sweetgreen to the midwest! During the summer I love a berry salad with spinach, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, toasted pecans, a little crumble of feta and a nice vinaigrette! Delish!

  877. spinach, feta, beets, hard boiled egg, and sunflower seeds. and a smile. maybe not *in* my salad, but accompanying it :D

  878. I made my own salad with baby spinach, red onions, red grapes, apples, feta, turkey, dried cranberries, walnuts and balsamic vinegar. YUM!!! wish I lived closer

  879. I made my own salad with baby spinach, red onions, red grapes, apples, feta, turkey, dried cranberries, walnuts and balsamic vinegar. YUM!!! wish I lived closer

  880. Oh man, these look delicious. My friend just moved up to DC and I'm going to send her the link to this site.

    The caesar reggiano look fantastic. I usually like vinaigrette dressings with any and all cheeses, onions, and croutons! I'm hungry now!


  881. Unknown

    Anything with avocado!!

  882. Wow! As soon as I signed in, I was sold on the June salad. Delish!!!

  883. Brooke

    Arugula, pomegranate seeds, gorgonzola cheese, and candied nuts!! Yum!!

  884. Jade

    I so wish I lived in the area so I could be able to try all of these! I'd definitely start with the "Derby Cobb" though – "chopped romaine with roasted chicken, blue cheese, egg, bacon, avocado, grape tomatoes; topped with a honey dijon vinaigrette" – sounds absolutely delicious! Mmm…

  885. Sweetgreen looks amazing.Derby Cobb would be my top pick. Avocado is my favorite salad ingredient!

  886. E

    Your blog is so much fun to follow!

    My favorite salad toppings include almonds, pears/apples, goat cheese, and turkey SO YUMMY

  887. Valeria

    I love lots of different berries, crushed almonds or walnuts, and a poppy seed dressing! Delish! Thanks!! :)

  888. Valeria

    I love lots of different berries, crushed almonds or walnuts, and a poppy seed dressing! Delish! Thanks!! :)

  889. Jessica

    Great giveaway! I love nuts and cheeses in my salads. Pretty much all their stuff looks amazing. Here's hoping!

  890. The guacamole greens salad looks delish! Nothing better than guacamole in anything :)

  891. Lots of veggies, cheese, and boiled egg!

  892. I always get the guacamole greens at sweetgreen! So addicting!

  893. great giveaway (and great sponsor!) i like protein rich salads – grilled chicken, good cheese, hard boiled eggs. and occasionally those nasty bacon-bits. :)


  894. I must say I LOVE Cobb salads, so I would go with the derby cobb salad with romaine, roasted chicken, blue cheese, egg, bacon (which i love), avocado (can't live without it), grape tomatoes and finally the honey dijon vinaigrette…. after witting it down I feel I need one just NOW!!!
    derby cobb

  895. The Sabzi salad sounds delicious, dried cranberries are great on salads!

  896. I love spinach and avocado!

  897. Brenna

    I love spinach mixed with feta, olives, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, and a mustard vinaigrette. Yum!

  898. Jill

    Haven't tried the updated Sabzi, but that was my staple Sweetgreen selection for awhile! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  899. MoPanek

    everything. except beets. no beets please! :)

  900. We don't have one in ca and they all look delish, especially the chic p…

  901. oh face

    Great Giveaway! I LOVE baby spinach salads with peppers, feta, and olive oil. YAY

    -Ashley W

  902. I'd start with baby spinach for sure – topped with avocado, grape tomatoes, sweet corn, and edamame. I'd add blue cheese for some punch, sunflower seeds for added texture, and top it off with honey dijon dressing. Summer salads rock!

  903. Emily

    my go to salad is chicken caesar so the caesar reggiano would be the one I choose!
    Sounds delicious with chopped romaine with roasted chicken, shaved parmigiano reggiano, croutons, toasted parmesan crisp; topped with an organic caesar dressing

  904. Fruit, cheese, nuts! oh and Avocado..yummmmmm Can i have one now please? thanks.
    Also, I wish i could try those drinks!

  905. s

    sweetgreen needs some west coast locations! ;) pears and walnuts are delish additions to salads!

  906. year round i like mixed greens with beets, feta, toasted pecans, olive oil and balsamic. in winter i favor avocado and red grapefruit as the additions to greens, and a bolder homemade vinegarete (add garlic, mustard, tamari to the oil and balsamic .

  907. Lindsey

    MMM all these salads look amazing!!! Love how they calculate the nutrition value as you build your own salad too! I love feta on my salads! Also a big fan of eggs, and fruit on my salads!

  908. Cricket

    I am definitely all about chick peas, fresh feta, loads of tomatoes & cucumbers, and fresh ground pepper! Salad dressing optional or creamy!

  909. Pears, blue cheese + pomegranate seeds! A winning combination :)

  910. Megan

    My favorite sweetgreen salad is filled with spinach, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette. Yummy!

  911. What a perfect bike! Honestly, I love creating my own wrap. I like a wrap with arugula, spicy quinoa, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and the spicy jalapeno sauce. Oh, and I always ask for bread even though they usually just give it for salad people. :)

  912. Han

    this would be indispensable as a college student.

    i haven't ever been to sweetgreen as i live out in utah, but the june salad on their site looks good… i can always go for some balsamic vinaigrette.

  913. they all look so good! I like spinach, cheese, peaches and avocados!

  914. The Guacamole Green is my kind of salad! I love avocado. :) Great giveaway!

  915. Amy

    Derby Cobb for me…had it today for lunch!

  916. spinach, beets, and goat cheese–yum!

  917. Katie

    I love feta and/or toasted almonds in my salad. Mmm!

  918. LindsFM

    The June salad looks amazing! I usually put feta, tomatoes, and avacado on my salad. And I always make my own vinagrette.

  919. Add cranberries and advocado to any salad to make me happy!!!

  920. minerva

    The caesar reggiano salad looks delicious since I love getting ceasar salad everywhere I go. But otherwise I like blue cheese on my salad. Thanks for the giveaway!

  921. Tina

    yum! their salads look amazing – especially the santorini! great giveaway :)

  922. Britts

    strawberries, feta, avocado, tomatos, craisins and steak!

    love this giveaway!

  923. liz l

    Sweet Green is Awesome!! I love feta and walnuts in my salad.

  924. i want to win this for my husband! he'd be tickled. the june salad looks scrumptious — peaches & basil? sign me up!

  925. spinach, avacado, strawberries, pecans, feta, tomatoes…yum!

  926. Amanda

    I love cucumbers & carrots on my salad with croutons and ranch dressing on the side. All this talk about salads is making me hungry!

  927. Megan

    Peaches, jalapenos, cheddar, and avocado sound like the perfect salad combo to me. What can I say? I'm pregnant! :-)

  928. Morgan

    I'm a big fan of pine nuts in salad!!!

  929. I love avocado and blue cheese!

  930. Julia

    Any salad with avocados is divine!

  931. Becca

    the curry gold sounds amazing – dried cranberries and a curry pineapple yogurt dressing? yum! and then of course some tart yogurt with fruit…

  932. Strawberries, pistachios, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette! So fresh and perfect for summer!!

  933. I would go for the chic p! I love that they add baked falafel and the mediterranean combo sounds delicious!

  934. Amy

    I love a good cobb, but pickled beets are my all time favorite salad topping:)

  935. Rachel

    guacamole greens everytime.

  936. Elaine

    I love avocados, tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette! Awesome giveaway.

  937. thanks for the giveaway!
    i like my salad with a hard boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, and feta crumbles!

  938. I love avocado, grapes, black beans, and carrots with Parmesan crisps and balsamic. Yum!

  939. Ally

    if I could get on a plane right now and head on over to sweetgreen I would definitely try the chic p! mesclun & baby spinach with baked falafel, chickpeas, cucumbers, fresh peppers, pita chips; topped with a lemon hummus tahini dressing……love ever single ingredient. mmm yum!

  940. Raquel

    Chic P & Santorini both sound amazing! Wish there were one in NYC!

  941. Meg

    I really enjoy dried cranberries and almonds in my salad.

  942. avocado, tomatoes, feta, cucumber and i'm a happy girl. Wish sweetgreen would expand to florida!!!

  943. cheri

    I love salads with fruit in them but I think the santorini looks divine!

  944. Amanda

    I love salad with a mixture of fruit and goat cheese! This is a great company :)

  945. Love the Guac Greens!

  946. Kate

    SweetGreen is my favorite place to eat in Georgetown! I love the Guacamole Greens salad but the June Salad looks amazing, I can't wait to get it next time I go!

  947. My favorite salad is the curry gold! the almonds hit the spot!

  948. i love my guacamole greens! i will ride this bike to my closest sweetgreen (dupont!) and eat my guacamole greens on my new shiny green bike!!! healthy and delicious and so green.

  949. sarah

    well the "june salad" looks like perfection to me!!! i usually always add some sort of protein to my salad (tuna, chicken, steak or bacon) and a large spoonful of feta cheese. mmmmmm :)

  950. sarah

    well the "june salad" looks like perfection to me!!! i usually always add some sort of protein to my salad (tuna, chicken, steak or bacon) and a large spoonful of feta cheese. mmmmmm :)

  951. kribss

    I love toasted walnuts- it makes any salad extra yummy!

  952. The Derby Cobb sounds perfect– avocados, romaine, blue cheese, and honey dijon vinaigrette! Yummm!

  953. jami

    Spring mix with blueberries, strawberries, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken and poppyseed dressing. Perfect summery salad. And I would love to win this bike! Fingers crossed!! :)

  954. psbane

    I love avocado, steamed broccoli, hummus, walnuts, beets, and olives!!! Yum!

  955. Michele

    The caesar is my favorite. Great giveaway!!

  956. oooooooooooh goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette with spinach! mmmmmm

  957. i too loved sweetgreen when i was pregnant (the habit started before actually…:) but my favorite was the peach and goat summer special. although you really can't go wrong with any of the ingredients. i just moved outside philadelphia and was so thrilled to find a sweetgreen just 10 miles from my house here in PA!

  958. I will have to try the June salad next time I'm out that way! I would like some juice too

  959. Marae

    can i win some salad with that bike? :) these look amazing!

    on salads i love avocado, chickpeas, toasted seeds, kalamata olives, steamed broccoli …

  960. Wow their caesar reggiano salad looks amazing!!!
    My favorite new dressing is poppyseed! I can't get enough.

    Fingers crossed thanks for the great giveaway!

  961. I absolutely LOVE the bondi! It has the love of my life, avocadoes, and the zing of the wasabi peas, what I used to eat as a kid growing up in Japan on base…except in a more healthier fashion….

  962. Megan

    My favorite salad has tons of fruit in it and is topped with a sweet vinagrette! Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  963. Megan

    My favorite salad has tons of fruit in it and is topped with a sweet vinagrette! Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  964. Megan

    My favorite salad has tons of fruit in it and is topped with a sweet vinagrette! Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  965. Molly

    The Sweetgreen Santorini Salad sounds out of this world! The cucumber basil yogurt dressing and fresh lemon squeeze must be a perfect combination.

    My favorite salad has to include chopped romaine, goat cheese crumbles, pine nuts, dried cranberries, with a sweet cherry dressing. Yum!

  966. I love a good beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts! Now I want one!!!

  967. Tierney

    Oh my goodness, that guacamole greens salad looks to die for! :D

  968. loving the june salad- like a true gemini i appreciate the sweet and salty, tangy and mild all mixed into one! yum.

  969. Rachel

    I would love a derby cobb! An no, not just because my last name is Cobb. Can't wait to try sweetgreen again when I move to to the northeast!

  970. How exciting! I love Public Bikes!!

  971. almonds and goat cheese are a must!

  972. C

    Usually I just have fruit and walnuts on my salads, but I would totally go for their bondi salad! Also the republic bikes look and sound awesome!