the beach.

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here are a few more photos of our time on the beach in florida last week. we had so much fun on this last little trip as a family of 3 + kingsley before baby boy arrives in a few weeks! eleanor is at an age where she loves splashing in the water and finding sea shells and running from the waves… big improvement from when she tried to eat 5 million handfuls of sand the last time we were at the beach… and of course mister kingsley has always been a big fan of life in the sand and sun. so we were glad he could join us.
if you’re interested, here’s a post from last year around the same time when we stopped by this same beach with eleanor and kingsley. and it’s fun to look back at this post when we were in florida and i was pregnant at the time with eleanor. now she’s here! but i still have a baby bump at the beach… and no swim suit that fits. that’s always fun…

for those who have been asking, i bought eleanor’s red swim suit on GILT a few weeks ago. and her sun hat on clearance last year from janie and jack (for $6!)
also, our red sandals are salt waters for those who have asked. i’ve lived in mine for years and eleanor will most likely live in hers until she out grows them. little sizes here and adult sizes here!
  1. She's already a little ballerina (see eleanor's feet on the pic where she gets thrown in the air…almost a perfect passé:) love your blog:* andie

  2. The most beautiful photos. I love your daughter,. She is very amazing:)
    You have nice blog :)

  3. @andie, we were laughing so hard at that! almost every photo she was up their in perfect position! loved it. :)

  4. i love that ALL babies can do the asian squat. certain things in life would be so much easier if we were all blessed with that squatter balance, keeping your bum just inches from the ground :P

  5. love all the photos! getting me excited for when I go to the beach next month!!!

  6. I love how poised she looks in the photo where your hubby is throwing her up so high! My daughter was terrified of that and would freeze up and scream if you tried to do that!

  7. Beautiful photos, love Eleanor's swim suit and the last image is very cute. Have a lovely day!.

  8. Beautiful photos! I'm sure you've answered this a hundred times but what kind of camera do you use?

  9. I love the height he gets when he throws Eleanor! She is going to love those photos when she's all grown up :)

  10. adorableness all around.

  11. Luv the matching sandals, Eleanor's such a fashionable baby, just like her mum! :)

  12. all the photos are wonderful and i am pea green with envy for a beach trip! i am due at the end of aug. and your dress looks so comfy and cute. where's it from? i can't get enough of all the adorbs pics you post of your family!

  13. Beautiful! You should do a post with all the different pics of Eleanor "flying" She will treasure those someday!

  14. Ms.S

    beautiful throw.. i imagine she's doing a pirouette. beautiful photos


  15. Evey

    Lovely pictures!


  16. this looks like a perfect day! :) and her swimsuit is SO cute!! and I like your matching shoes :)

  17. these photos melt my heart, you have the cutest little family!

  18. Fun! Our bulldog loves the beach, too :)

  19. If you don't mind me asking, what beach is that? I live in Florida and would love to visit that beach. The water looks Gorgeous. :)

  20. Eeny

    These pictures are so beautiful – just like straight out of a catalog. You should get some of them framed.

    Little E's poses while flying are totally awesome. She's a natural.

  21. What a little ballerina! She has a nice little coupe in the first photo of josh throwing her up there and an almost passé in the second! Guess it runs in the genes :)

  22. Such gorgeous photos! Looks like such a lovely day x

  23. It's absolutely gorgeous and I love the colours! For me, it's the best family blog ever.

  24. i can't believe how much more grown-up she is since those photos at hilton head. i mean, just look at her now – she's a flying ballerina! ;)

  25. Elle

    Lovely as always, Josh can really throw a kid huh? Glad you guys had fun! Love Elle xo

  26. Cady

    You are all so beautiful. Lovely pictures, xo.

  27. Saar

    Ok, so I have a board on pinterest which is called 'My heart melts when I see kids' and your little girl is the perfect example of what I mean! :D Se is so cute and I really love her little head and swimsuit!

  28. such lovely photos! your daughter is sooo cute! :)

  29. Erin

    beautiful pictures! you make me want to go to florida SO badly. :)

  30. tinajo

    Lovely shots, love your daughter's bathing suit! :-)

  31. Cheryl

    What a beautiful day for the beach!!! What camera & lens did you use for these shots? Eleanor is so fashionable ;)

  32. awwww, this makes me miss home so much! so beautiful.

  33. Cassie

    my goodness, the colors in these photos are just stunning. your bright reds + the turquoise of the beach. my two favorite colors together!

  34. Kathy

    aww the flying photo is so cute! my favourite one is the third last photo,the colours in that photo is so pretty! and I like the way you wore your hair with the red bandanna :D

  35. this post is just perfection!!!

  36. Jenni

    Oh E lookes just like a little ballerina :D Love your matching shoes, too. All the best for the remaining weeks… :D

  37. Laurie

    looks like you had such a wonderful time at the beach! i love the color of all of your photos…did you use a certain filter for that effect?

    the pictures of eleanor flying are absolutely adorable! she really does look like a perfect little ballerina in the air!


  38. Those photos of E & Josh are so precious! Not that the ones of you and her aren't, but it just shows how much Josh loves the both of you by his love for E. Those tossing pictures are the best. And I love how you love Eleanor, how she means the world and how you bond with her now & not "when she can remember", because now is just as important as in the future. Thanks for sharing! Looks like fun! :)

  39. Aarika

    You look SO beautiful! I wish I looked that good on the beach, I usually just look like a crazy hot mess! >_

  40. Chelsea

    love the head scarf.

  41. Hannah

    your matching sandals are adorable!


  42. You have such a beautiful, lovely family! I need to train my husband to take more mom shots of me with my kids. The ones of you and Eleanor are so sweet.

  43. zezee

    im the biggest fan of your family!!! you guys re def. great and sooo cute plus im lil jealous on you(:
    kisses from Turkey

  44. Briel

    It looks like Eleanor is doing ballet moves in the air! So cute!

  45. hanneke

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  46. i love those pictures! and the matched sandals are adorable!

  47. you are so beauitful at all times taza!! just stunning!

    I thought of you earlier today and remember you are a DC lady too! You might already know about it, but in case you didn't there is this art show they have every few years in DC called Artomatic. It's multiple floors of full out creativity… art, paintings, music, photography, etc. Just amazing! I think you guys would really enjoy it. Opening night is May 18 but it's for two months and it's free for go and enjoy. It's right in Crystal City right over the 14th street bridge. Pretty easy to get to. Plus I have my own little wall on the 7th floor so if you stumble onto Luce there, it's me, yaay! :)Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know about it, and the website for it is if you wanted to get more info on it. Have a good day beauitulf family!

    Ashley Marie Wilson

  48. Just wondering where in FL this is, if you don't mind sharing. We are desperate for a beachy retreat and have no idea where to go.

  49. Just wondering where in FL this is, if you don't mind sharing. We are desperate for a beachy retreat and have no idea where to go.

  50. Jessica

    oh my gosh! I cannot get over how cute you and your little family are! Love your head scarf and dress and Elenor's hat and swim suit! You guys are just too dang cute!

  51. Seriously this CANNOT GET ANY CUTER!


  52. The picture with Josh throwing Eleanor up with her little leg crossed over…So obvious that she will have dance in her blood too.

  53. That's a nice comparison, she's grown so big in a year! The photos are really breath-taking, perfect combination of sea and beautiful outfits.

  54. Benthe

    Love everything about this pictures, they have some vintage feeling! Maybe because of Eleanor's cute bathingsuit. And I love your sandals, another thing for on my wishlist :)

  55. I seriously loooove the photos of your family.
    I hope I will once have one of my own and it will look as cute as yours!
    All the luck for your baby boy :)

  56. hannah

    you guys are adorable. :) love following your lives and seeing baby eleanor grow. can't wait to meet the little mister!


  57. I love how E cross her legs in the air. cutie

  58. Erin

    You have the prettiest baby in the entire world.

  59. I can't wait to go to the beach in a couple of weeks! You'd think with living in Miami, I would go more often, but I just HATE dealing with the crowds! ;)

    I'm jealous of all the shells on the beach up there- the beaches down here barely have shells.

  60. I bought my first Saltwater Sandals 3 years ago and they're still in constant rotation. they're perfect for kids of all ages (including big, grown-up kids)!

  61. Amazing, glad you had a fun time. Good luck with the birth, you have such a beautiful family. xx

  62. So cute !
    You are a lOvely family !!!

  63. I always get lost in your amazing pictures & your adorable family! Looks like such a fun time! :)


  64. Beautiful pictures of E and her daddy. I love how you guys always match such cuties you are. E's lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  65. I love your photos.

  66. you've got to be kidding me with how cute all of this is.

    her bathingsuit.
    your lipstick.

    ugh, i cant even handle it :)

  67. erin

    naomi, i have the same red ones. best little shoes there ever were. and eleanor's? even better. xo.

  68. Such beautiful photos! Really has me longing for summer again (which is a long way off because we are only just heading into winter).

  69. Gorgeous pictures. Umm matching sandals, I'm dying!! So dang cute! And that pic of your hubby throwing her in the air, look at her leg… it's like she's posing! haha sooo cute. Such a beautiful fam you have :)

  70. This is the cutest post yet! What photos!!!

    You are looking gorgeous Mama, you wear pregnancy well!


  71. naomi!

    where did you get those overalls? I love them! from your last trip to FL pictures.

  72. seriously, being pregnant looks fabulous on you! you should be more often ;)
    and i love those posts of you from the past. so very precious!!
    xo TJ

  73. I can only hope to have a family as happy as yours one day! :) Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! they are gorgeous!

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  75. Thanks for making motherhood and families look so wonderful =) That's one of the many things I love about your blog!
    Hannah Rosette

  76. my goodness. i love these pictures. those red sandals. your scarf. her suit. but mostly, i love that look of pure joy eleanor has on her face when her daddy tosses her up in the air. how do you manage to catch the picture right when she's at the highest? it makes my heart stop!!!

  77. yah well you you still look amazing considering baby boy is coming soon!! pretty sure i was just a blob by this point. thanks for sharing that info on eleanor's stuff :)

  78. Maren

    Look at that girls passe in the air. Like momma like baby?

  79. Holly

    What great pictures – your family is absolutely adorable!

  80. fanny


    could you pls tell me how you edit your pictures of this post?

    i just love the color/style. =)

    best regards from austria,

  81. the picture whit josh throwing eleanor in the air is so amazing. she looks like a little fairy!

  82. Oooh, super cute pics!! Your baby is precious, I love the detail of you and your baby wearing the same sandals!

  83. you guys catch the most beautiful and special moments on your camera!

    i just love all of these. can't pick any favorites, love them all. hope you guys had a lovely little vacation!

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  84. Hello!
    First of all sorry for my bad English, I'm from Mallorca in Spain. I love your sandals and my brother travels to New York next week, could you tell me a store where to buy them for me and my daughter? Congratulations on your wonderful blog, thank you very much!

  85. LeeLee

    Cute photos and what a fun day at the beach.

  86. AH! this is so sweet. You all lookso precious. Josh has an insane talent for throwing Eleanor in the air higher than any kid I've seen thrown! haha! Cute family as always!

  87. Gorgeous photos! You have the cutest little family… and Eleanor's swim suit is adorable!

  88. All of your beach pictures have just been too cute, and the last one with the matching sandals – !! You do have the cutest little family!

  89. Anna

    What gorgeous happy pictures. I am in desperate need of a beach vacation right about now.

  90. Iituli

    Such cute pictures! Eleanor's swimming suite is super adorable and her hat matches it well :)

  91. Your blog is so cute! New follower! xoxo A-

  92. I´m from Portugal and i´m absolutly in love to your bloog.
    When i´m going to work, the first thing i do at de computer is too see your posts and your pretty photos. Great work!! Love´it!

  93. lovely photos, cute family, so unforgottable! :)

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  95. I just have to tell you that I love your blog. Whenever I want to smile I look at your pics. Eleanor has to be one of the happiest little girls…you just can't help but smile when you look at that face! Congrats on your little bun in the oven too ;)

  96. Joy

    What a lovely family trip! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! It's so cute how little E crosses her legs when she up in the air :) Cutie!!

  97. Liz

    Oh my gosh, Naomi – you look SO cute!! How do you do it :)?

  98. naomi, that last shot of e's itty bitty saltwater sandaled feet next to yours is something you'll treasure forever. you make me so excited to be a momma someday! xo.

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  100. cute pictures!
    i love your matching sandals (:
    xo, cheyenne

  101. L.

    You girls are beautiful!!! wish i were therw with you!!!
    and hope I'll become a perfect mom as you are!!!

    Hope you'll follow me, this is my blog:
    House and About blog

    kisses from Italy,

  102. Emily

    E pulls off a hat much better than I could. Such sweet pictures.

  103. I know you've been asked 100 times, I'm sure, but what camera are you using for these photos? They are incredible!

  104. I have been following your blog for a couple of month now while I have been pregnant. You give so much inspiration and happiness!

    A week ago our little baby boy Sonny Lou was born.
    It's amazing how much love it's possible to feel for this little person.
    I hope your pregnancy are going nice and smoothly.

    You can see our little sunshine here on my blog,

    best wishes and love

  105. Liz

    What a little doll!

  106. Wow – what amazing photos!!! Taza, you have such a beautiful family!!!

  107. Susan

    Love me some beach time!

    Two things made me think of you this week –

    First, my niece came home from the school library with the French edition of THIS book (note the author and title! Ha!).

    Then, a friend forwarded me THIS post on motherhood, written by a young mother whose perspective on raising children sounds so much like yours. Read to the very end, and try not to cry!

    Happy, happy Mothers Day!

  108. Oh my goodness. How perfectly sweet this is!

  109. Frances

    naomi, hope you don't mind me asking but what type of camera/settings/photoshop do you do to get these wonderful pictures?

    thank you!:)

  110. miscin

    You are such a lovely family.I love checking your blog. But just a little bit concerned about your husbands' acrobatic games with your little girl. Please be careful. Little ones can be very slippery.

  111. Oh my gosh, those sandals are adorable! X

  112. Mandy

    I love these photos,!!! You have a gorgeous family. I have to share though that a little boy at my school was accidentally paralyzed when he was thrown up in the air. Some how he slipped, of course it was an accident. I don't mean to be a downer but I never let anyone throw my kiddos in the air after I found out what happened to that little boy.

  113. Leah

    Look at her form when she is thrown up in the air! She is going to be a dancer just like her mama!

  114. Rae

    So cute! Where, may I ask, is your cute gray dress/swimsuit cover from?? Love it!

  115. What color lipstick are you wearing? I love it! And now I really want it! =)

  116. The photo of E high up in the air, look at those little legs, already a dancer. ;) And I love your headband and maxi dress, such a great beach look. :)

  117. Your photography just gets more and more beautiful every day, along with that family of yours. The shot of E up in the air… Perfection. Wishing you an as-comfortable-as-possible last few weeks and a wonderful birth and everything thereafter. Cannot wait to "meet" baby boy very soon;)

  118. awww…. Your pictures are just adorable. I can't wait to play with my Princess!

    The Simple Swan
    A Fashion, Beauty, and Maternity Blog

  119. This blog is SIMPLY amazing. It couldn't be better. What camera do you use? So spectacular photos! *.*

  120. Beautiful pictures. Eleanor looks so damn cute!

  121. Amazing! <3

  122. Omgosh, these are the cutest pictures ever. and your baby is GORGEOUS! thanks for sharing!

  123. Zoe

    I just got a pair of the salt water sandals in gold. They're awesome. That's the Taza Bump at work (not to be confused with the Taza Baby Bump, of course). :)

  124. Camila

    She looks like an Irish dancer when she's up in the air like that with one little foot perfectly crossed over her leg. Made me smile!

  125. ashliec

    oh my gosh! too many adorable things going on here!

  126. lily22

    You take the sweetest pictures of your baby girl! what camera and lens do you use?

  127. lily22

    You take the sweetest pictures of your baby girl! what camera and lens do you use?

  128. lily22

    You take the sweetest pictures of your baby girl! what camera and lens do you use?

  129. Nicola.

    Such a beautiful collection of photos! If you don't mind me asking, what effects have you used on these photos? The colours are fabulous!