strawberry picking.

a few days ago, eleanor and i went strawberry picking with our friends carissa and rinah. we picked some of the most beautiful and ripe strawberries i’ve had. and despite our efforts, eleanor maybe sampled every strawberry in the field by taking a bite out of it. oops!
i had big ideas of what i wanted to make with these strawberries, but somehow, one big bowl-full at a time, they’ve been disappearing from our fridge much faster than anticipated. thanks for coming with, friends! we love your company.
  1. Gorgeous! Love E's little Hunters x

  2. looks like a blast!! fresh strawberries from a local farm are SOOO much better than big-box grocery store strawberries! they don't even compare…

  3. Oh gosh this is all too precious!

  4. Too cute! Also, am now craving strawberries …

  5. Hilary

    That first pic is so cute! And i love the one of Rinah feeding Eleanor too. Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. omg that first picture with her boots gah kill me now.

  7. These photos are to be treasured forever! Both those children are beautiful and to top it off, you are in an orchard that has been part of my life since I was a child… and I actually grew up in Puerto Rico!

  8. so LOVELY pictures ! Eleanor is the most smiling baby (or… little girl now !) I've ever seen, she is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seing the new baby!

  9. I seriously cannot handle how cute your baby is…it's out of control…second, the twp pictures of the girls together, those are so precious!

  10. Shelby

    Oh goodness! Too precious. Where are these fields located?

  11. janis

    eleanor + rinah are so sweet together.

  12. abby

    ah, this reminds me of picking strawberries with our mom too. my youngest sister would always leave with a clown make-up of strawberry juices, no matter how hard my mom tried to make sure she didn't. such fond memories!

  13. ma

    The pictures are beautiful!!

  14. So Cute!! Cant wait for strawberries to be out in NY! PS do you know where the checked yellow and white shirt is from on your friend?? I love it and need it, lol!

  15. these photos are perfect!…especially that first one! i can't imagine how many photos fill your house and shelves ;)

    the most beautiful family inside and out!

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  16. ErinMSW

    Could she possibly be cuter in her little yellow wellies?!

  17. i love little miss E smile!


    seriously…these pictures are incredible! I especially love the one of the little girl feeding a strawberry to Eleanor…not to mention, a onsie and hunter boots are an excellent combo!

  19. E looks sooo cute with her gummy boots!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  20. Ed Rod

    They look like the worlds best friends! Such a cute relationship <3

  21. Zoë

    Beautiful! The strawberries, E and her friends and glowing Momma! I can't believe Little Boy is going to be there so soon – you look fantastic!

    E's little Hunters are so great. I can't wait to wear matching purple Hunters with my little one. (She's only 3 months now so we have a ways to go…)

    Love love,
    waiting for kittenheart

  22. gorgeous! perfect summer photos :)

  23. Strawberries are so good fresh straight from the bowl. Yum! Summertime arrived.

  24. Melissa

    How fun!! Love her lil outfit and yours.

  25. What gorgeous summer photos—E is truly too adorable for words!

  26. What adorable photos! Your daughter is so full of joy…you can see it in every photo! She's a little ray of sunshine and joyful energy.

  27. gorgeous photos. what type of lens are you using? do you edit the color of your images? this is an especially good batch!

  28. Pugh

    goodness – those pictures could be an ad campaign for lil' Hunters! So sweet!

  29. so fun- and where is you top from? it is very cute on you.

  30. Lola

    What I wouldn't do to be there too…Strawberries are the most delicious fruits on earth:)And of course you look lovely in the pics:)As always:) Eleanor is a little angel:)

  31. Gerri

    Just perfect!

  32. Love!!!

  33. lovely photos! little e always looks so happy!

  34. Maggie

    love those chubby knees.

  35. Erin

    These are some serious rockstar photos! Thank you for sharing!

  36. these are easily some of my favorite photos of e yet! and her little hunters — heart melting. xo.

  37. lina

    these are super cute photos : )

  38. oh how lovely! and her little wellies are adorable. i need to add this summertime activity to my calendar :)

  39. Leah

    Beautiful photos. Nothing like fresh picked strawberries! Of course they don't last long though.

  40. So cute! I love Eleanor's little rain boots!

    I'm doing a giveaway today, and would love it if you dropped by!

  41. Dianna

    how cute is she!

  42. 2busy

    Love fresh berries, and these pictures are making me drool.

  43. B

    I always adore your photographs, but this set is truly spectacular! Your little girl is just too precious!!

  44. you are such a great photographer, these photos are so sweet and it looks like you guys have a fun time. i love reading your blog and looking at your wonderful photos.

    p.s. little e is Adorable!

  45. Kelsie

    these are some of the most beautiful pictures i've ever seen! such beautiful girls.

  46. Alex

    Can I just say, you and your daughter = adorable! I think she is the cutest little thing ever! This is what I aspire to be like when I have kids. :)

  47. Loulou

    What wonderful photographs capturing a beautiful day to remember. Eleanor is the cutest. She looks like she's just brimming with character!


  48. I love this! Eleanor is too cute in those boots!

  49. Love Eleanor's Hunters. And the photo of her and her friend sitting in the field is absolutely stunning. I think I may need to go strawberry picking! Lovely post.

  50. Tiana

    Uhm… I just died of cuteness. :) So adorable!

  51. Shannon

    Naomi, have you done any posts about photography and pic-taking? your pics are always so stunning. I'll go dig into those archives to try to find something, cuz i'm dying to learn yo skills sista! the pics on my blog: yeah they kinda suck. here's to improvement! :) xoxo


  52. These photos were almost to cute for me to bear! What a lovely post to brighten up a friday afternoon. You look radiant and little Miss E looks so cute! I want to go strawberry picking now :-D

  53. These photos were almost to cute for me to bear! What a lovely post to brighten up a friday afternoon. You look radiant and little Miss E looks so cute! I want to go strawberry picking now :-D

  54. oh. my. goodness. i don't think i can handle all of her cuteness!!!

  55. Jo

    strawberries!! yum!

  56. Alyssa

    How precious is that picture of Rinah feeding Eleanor a strawberry? So so cute.

  57. you are the cutest pre go ever!!!


  58. Demmy

    These pictures are so adorable. The strawberries look yummy. xoxo Demmy

  59. This may be the happiest blog post I have ever seen :) talk about a child's utopia

  60. I want to go pick some strawberries now!!
    You always have the most darling yet simple adventures with your little family. Is everything really that close in D.C?!


  61. jumos

    sweet baby :D

  62. Daisy

    This is so sweet! Love the colors :)

  63. Kate

    Oh, my word. Can you say "perfect big sis figure"?! What patience and sweetness. This absolutely melted my heart.

  64. Karin

    Ahh…these photos melt my heart! I love the little bond between Rinah and Eleanor…so precious. And those strawberries look delicious. I also live in the dc area, may I ask where you all went strawberry picking…I'd love to go before strawberry season is over.

  65. You are looking stellar with that little baby boy bump!

  66. Beautiful photos! I absolutely love the first one of Eleanor! So cute! :)

  67. oh how lovely are those pics of Eleanor in the field with strawberries…great shots!

  68. gorgeous girls! sounds like a beautiful day.

  69. kaitlyn

    These pictures are absolutely adorable! Eleanor makes those strawberries look so cute :)

  70. kaela

    those pictures of e and rinah are BEAUTIFUL. i just love the one where e is taking a big bite of strawberry! toooo cute :)

  71. abby

    I have a lifelong dream of wanting to go strawberry picking…I cannot even imagine how divine they taste!! I will however need to add to my dream-small child in little yellow hunter boots-cause those are just beyond adorable!!

  72. These pictures are too cute! I haven't been strawberry picking in ages, but it makes me miss the good old days of picking berries with my mom and sister!

  73. Erin

    Beautiful pictures. Eleanor is absolutely adorable. And now I want strawberries for lunch.

  74. Tiana

    eleanor's little hunters are riot!
    i know I've told you this probably a million times before but you have the most beautiful family :)

    your family makes me excited for whats to come in my own future :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  75. kmr

    oh for the LOVE your daughter is just the cutest thing EVER! i can't even with these photos, it's out of control!! she just gets more adorable by the day. can't wait to "meet" her little brother :)

  76. that kid is like "holy-crap!" cute

  77. Megan

    Cutest blog posting ever, Naomi! Such beautiful children!

  78. Strawberry Shortcake. I love it!

  79. I'm obsessed with the photo of rinah feeding eleanor the strawberry!

  80. zezee

    Gosh im crazy about your fam….you re guys re soo awsome!!!!
    kisses from Turkey

  81. eleanor is too cute with her hunter boots!

  82. Jessica

    oh my gosh these pictures are adorable! you guys are too cute!

  83. What field do you guys pick from? This looks like Larriland, but, then again, all farms look somewhat the same.

  84. Joanna

    I look your blog today for the first time, and his amazing.You have a beautiful daughter. Pictures were is Your Husband and Yours daughter are great. From the first time I see a big love and ingenuity on creation pictures. I'm sorry if on my writing are mistake, but I'm from polish and I long ago I wrote from english. Gretting for all of you.

  85. Eleanor gets cuter in every blog post you do!


  86. OH MY WORD so so cute!! LOve the hunter boots

  87. Are you kidding me with that first photo??? SO ADORABLE!

  88. out of control cutness. my word.

  89. Carrie

    I'd love to know where Carissa got her sandals — they're super cute.

  90. how fun!! love the photo of Rinah feeding Eleanor a strawberry…so so cute!

  91. how fun!! love the photo of Rinah feeding Eleanor a strawberry…so so cute!

  92. Morgan

    could she be any cuter?! gosh

  93. Bri

    seems like you had a lot of fun! perfect photos

  94. Oh my gosh, I think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! You are such a good mother for taking her strawberry-picking! I love it, and I'm 13! I'm definitely going to do that when I'm a mother. Something so simple, can be so enjoyable and memorable!

  95. beautiful!! this makes me want to go strawberry picking immediately :)

  96. Lovely photos! I adore strawberry picking, looks like you had an amazing time! Sophie X

  97. Chelsea

    her boots are the best!

  98. Emily

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  99. Anke

    The little strawberry marks on Eleanor's bum are the cutest! And Rinah is growing into such a pretty little lady!

  100. Janell

    This entire post looks like it was styled for the J.Crew catalog :) looks like it was a fun time. I'm sure eleanor and rinna loved it

  101. Love, Y

    i love strawberry picking! So fun!! and baby girl's baby hunters are to die for! such a cutie!


  102. Sarah

    Awwww this is so fun and makes me so sad at the same time. My little one is allergic to strawberries =(, but there are other berry pickings to attend like raspberry or blueberry so we'll probably take advantage of that. You all are lovely =)

    - Sarah

  103. Carey so cute!!!

  104. Candice

    Aww that's the sweetest thing. Looks so fun.

  105. Priya

    You girls are adorable in your matching Hunter's!

  106. Allison

    These are some of the cutest pictures I have ever seen! How sweetly you captured the day. :)

  107. Anca

    It's so good to see Rinah! She seems to love E!

  108. Love Miss E's outfit! What a cutie! How great it is to have good friends to go do things like this with.

  109. Beautiful pictures! I love all the colours. So summery :)

  110. strawberry picking is one of my favorite things to do! this entire post is too much- all four of you ladies are so beautiful! and you look ridiculously amazing! my pregnant heroine forever!

  111. Those are some of the cutest pictures ever!!! When is your "how to stay amazing while preggers" post?? I'm putting my next baby on hold until I know the secret.


    oh my word.

  113. I can't tell you how much I needed to see happy images today, thank you for sharing :)

  114. okay, seriously, baby e in her little hunter boots are the cutest things ever!!! i can't handle it! so very precious!
    and your friends are beautiful!
    xo TJ

  115. beina

    This baby girl is wonderful!!!
    I love this post!!!
    Buon sabato!!!

  116. Erin

    I adore that last picture of you and E.

  117. eleanor looks darling in her little yellow boots!
    and those strawberries, yummm.
    xo, cheyenne

  118. I wonder how you can take such gorgeous and romantic and funny pics!!!! Miss E is sooooo sweet e you are beautiful!

  119. You and Carissa seem like such classy ladies, it's fun to see pictures of you all together!

  120. so cute! Where did you get those tights?

  121. Oh my oh my! These photos are so cute :)

  122. Alexis

    Little E getting fed a strawberry just melts my heart! And so does the one with her indulging herself! Those pictures are priceless!

  123. adorable pictures! We are planning on going strawberry picking next weekend, I am going to give all of my strawberries to my mother in law because she makes the BEST strawberry jam. My husband and I fight over it ;-) its just really tease fighting, but it sure is yummy

  124. Sarah

    So friggin cute I can't even stand it. Love the tiny Hunters. Looks like you had such a fun day!!:-)

  125. Scout

    These are such lovely pictures! Eleanor is just too precious for words.

  126. Nikki

    That is too cute! And the boots are just precious.

  127. J and K

    Eleanor just look perfect, i'm in love in her from a long time ! strawberries look delicious !
    have a nice day !

  128. Her little Hunters are by far the cutest things I have EVER seen!!

  129. RosieB

    such beautiful photos! i had my first british strawberries of the season on friday and they were so delicious, they tasted like sunshine! can't wait to go and pick our own this summer :)

  130. Kathy

    I've never been strawberry picking before so looking at these photos is making me envious! lol haha I love the photo of eleanor standing alone in the back drop and pointing in the air. Such an amusing child (:

  131. Harriet

    This is stunning photography, I'm really and truly inspired by every one of your posts. Please never stop! You are all such beautiful people, bless you and your family xxx

  132. Charis

    Oh Naomi these photos made my heart melt!

  133. These pictures could not get any sweeter!

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  135. I love the way Rinah + little Eleanor are together. really sweet. looks like the perfect day!


  136. that photo of little Rinah feeding your daughter the strawberry is one of the most lovely moments. What a beautiful photograph and even more beautiful friendship!

  137. Love these pics, that little girl of yours is simply too cute. Just like mine ;)

  138. Hannah

    arrrwwww, that's another thng i really need to do this summer! But i kind of feel so stupid when i do this without any small children, isN#t that wierd?

  139. Diola

    The pictures are beautiful!

  140. hannah

    Oh, I can't wait to go strawberry picking next summer. Also, E's little Hunter boots are SO ADORABLE!!!

  141. I JUST went and did this with my little ones, and the strawberries were the yummiest I've ever eaten! We ate them right off the plant. Amazing pictures, E is the darn cutest.

  142. Izabela

    Eleanor is pretty :) And you :D

  143. How adorable! These photos are beautiful! What a smart baby– takin' full advantage of a field full of them delicious thangs! YUM! You look amazing! You make pregnancy look like a walk in the park!

  144. How sweet. I love your little strawberry pickers. Adorable!

  145. this is just the absolute sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. I come to this blog to be inspired by a couple that seems so together and so wonderful. Its rare for me to see a family still in tact. And I used to say, for all 19 years of my life, that I never wanted children and that I would never ever ever get married because it doesnt last. But this blog has done something incredible for me. It made me realize how much I want my own little girl. And how much I want a family. So thank you.

    love cortne.

  146. this is just the absolute sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. I come to this blog to be inspired by a couple that seems so together and so wonderful. Its rare for me to see a family still in tact. And I used to say, for all 19 years of my life, that I never wanted children and that I would never ever ever get married because it doesnt last. But this blog has done something incredible for me. It made me realize how much I want my own little girl. And how much I want a family. So thank you.

    love cortne.

  147. AMAZING post:) Your blog is so you have twitter or FB??

    If you want some décor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)
    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at

  148. ok, so im quite in love with your little family, especially baby E. your photos are always melting my heard but that first photo BLOWS ME AWAY!!!!

    WORK IT E!!!

  149. So this is completely random, but my daughter is just younger than yours and she's getting some Salt Waters for her birthday next month. Can you tell me what size you ordered for Eleanor? I guess I could order a few sizes and return the ones that don't fit but I thought I'd take a chance on you maybe telling me?! Thanks so much! I love your blog and your family is adorable!!!

  150. Okay, now I'm sure! You've got the most adorable daughter of whole the world! :)

  151. I've enjoyed following your blog over the past couple years. Your family is beautiful. These strawberry picking pictures are gorgeous, and they remind me of my childhood when I lived in D.C. We picked strawberries in the exact same field! I'll miss looking at your pictures over the next 18 months (I'm serving a mission in France!)…they always brighten my day. Even though I don't know you, thanks for your bright example. Au revoir.

  152. these are just about my favorite pictures that you've ever posted. i absolutely ADORE eleanor and rinah together. and you are one beautiful momma-to-be :)

  153. tRiSh

    you four make such pretty ladies!
    strawberry picking must be so fun, I'll try to find out if we could do it around here (Ghent, Belgium).

    oh and, N. you look more gorgeous every day!

  154. Wow, this looks like such a blast. Rinah and Eleanor look like such great friends :)

  155. i just got a comment on my blog about how my boyfriend and i are the grown-up version of Eleanor and Rinah! so of course i googled and it brought me to your strawberry picking post! so now i get it! because we went strawberry picking this past weekend! although, i mean lets be serious: Eleanor and Rinah are much cuter :)

  156. Can I just say that Eleanor seems to be just about the happiest and most adorable little girl on the planet?

  157. alex

    These pictures made me too happy! Eleanor looks so beautiful!

  158. Katrina

    So incredibly beautiful!!! I love the photo where Eleanor is munching down on that strawberry, just the sweetest!

  159. Laura J

    Just noticing you are BOTH matching your daughters shoes. Two pairs of Hunters, Two pairs of Seychelles. Cute!

  160. I love this set of photos. You guys are the cutest family. Period. And congrats on the newest little!

  161. lovely picture.