while in charlottesville over the weekend, we spent an afternoon at monticello. gosh, that thomas jefferson was something, no?  after we toured his beautiful home, we took a little break in his back garden and played with eleanor.  when i watch josh and eleanor play together, i feel like the luckiest woman on earth.  i loved watching them chase each other around the property, josh tossing E up in the air, and hearing her giggle while they hugged. the afternoon just felt pretty special on that grass… like we were the only ones there.  i loved every minute of it.
also, we somehow we got really lucky because the big rain storm which was brewing right above us all afternoon held off coming until we were getting into our car to leave. hallelujah! that sort of thing never happens for us. 
  1. I hope to have a family of my own one day and if there's as much love as there is in your own, I know I'd be a very happy woman! xoxo louise from 'today and tomorrow'

  2. So glad you three had a good weekend, beautiful photos as always! Hope this week treats you just as well xx

  3. Kipin

    Your family is so lovely! Where is your dress from?

  4. Lidia

    Your family is adorable and you look beyond gorgeous in your white dress! Lots of love from Germany xo

  5. Dianna


  6. Melissa

    Your pictures as always are fabulous. What a great place – I spent two weeks there last summer for a JAG class and fell in love with the location.

  7. Anuszka

    haahha flying baby!!!! You guys are wonderful :)

  8. Leah

    The photo of E in the air is a-MA-zing!! Great shot.

  9. beautifully spent time =)

  10. Sladja

    that baby gal is flying :)


  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  12. Beautiful! Sounds like you guys had a splendid time :) You are one lucky lady!
    On a side note, where did you get your jean jacket?! It's perfect!

  13. I went to Monticello last year and fell in love with the place and Thomas Jefferson. He wasn't a perfect person but he sured had some interesting ideas. Monticello should be a required stop while visiting VA.

    P.S. Love the pictures. Your family is adorable.

  14. What a wonderful place, it's always nice to see when your little sunshine smiles, she's such an adorable girl.

  15. beautiful place, beautiful family.

  16. Natasha

    Such pretty, pretty photos. Monticello is magical. Especially at this time of year. I am loving that you were in Cville!

  17. Skye

    I grew up in Virginia and still live there and somehow I have never been to Monticello. You've convinced me that I need to make a visit!

  18. L.

    I love the photo where E smiles hiding behind the step!!!

    sooo sweet!

    kisses from Italy,

  19. i need to visit this place now!! have you been to mount vernon? very beautiful too…

    NYC had wonderful weather saturday until we got home late from dinner… must have been the same storm catching up to us later in the day! (and monsooned for EVER after that!!)


  20. Dani H

    Awesome photos!!

  21. colleen

    Monticello is a great and easy place to visit and enjoy – glad you guys were able to go. such beautiful pictures and you look absolutely radiant.

  22. @kipin, my dress is by More of Me Maternity. it's my new favorite!

    @luvvleighb, jacket from jcrew!

    thanks everyone! monticello really is spectacular! i already would love to go back…


  23. can't even deal with the cuteness of you two! aah

  24. "gosh, that thomas jefferson was something, no?" Loved this line.

  25. Amanda

    what a great place to travel to with family. and i, like everyone else, cannot get over miss E's cuteness.

    my baby girl is about her age and it is so fun getting to travel with her now.

    happy week to you, mama!

    xo, amanda

  26. Hannah

    i totally understand how you feel. a dad, who loves his daughter and play with her, change her diaper, hold her while you're getting ready and so on is so good and value!!!
    Love the photo of eleanor running in your arms and the one of E. in the air, well love all of them!!! Hey, Naomi, you're a good mum and your daughter loves you!!

  27. Ed Rod

    I aspire to have a lovely family just like yours…

  28. Wonderful pictures and HOLY COW you really toss E up high! You are a braver mama than I am and she looks like she's loving every second :)

  29. Sara

    oh my goodness that just plucked a heart string – when I was Eleanor's age, we lived in Charlottesville. It is a beautiful place.

  30. the home fits you! i would almost think it would be yours.. ;)

  31. Wow, I hope I look like you when I'm pregnant!

  32. Madenci

    Beautiful place and amazing pictures. If I come to US one day I would like to visit this place. You look amazing. You are glowing with this pregnancy. I started following you only recently. Regards from Turkey

  33. Hi Naomi! I live in Charlottesville, and I'm so embarrassed to say: I've never been to Monticello. I've been here for a long, long time… I should probably go, huh? Looks like you guys had a great weekend, I'm glad the rain held off! xo

  34. Janell

    looks like it was quite the weekend vacay :) I especially adore the photo with eleanor peeking up next to Josh, just cheezin' with her smile. you are so blessed!

  35. Awe so LOVLEY, what an AMAZING husband & daughter you have. BEAUTIFUL pictures!


  36. allie

    damn, that baby gets air!

    love the post. you are so pretty!

  37. Elise

    You have such a sweet happy family!


  38. Rachel

    Aw, E is so adorable and happy smiling like a loon. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  39. soooo cuute ! :>

  40. Shelby

    Ah – I love Charlottesville. I live about an hour away from there. SO glad you were able to enjoy the weekend and the rain didn't put a damper on it. pun intended. :)

  41. Wendi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of Josh throwing E in the air! Such a great shot! My dad used to do that to me when I was little, too. So much fun!

  42. Anita

    Your little one is just adorable!! I can see her dancing when she grow up!! Love de picture when Josh throw up her in the air, it's like a mine ballerina pose.Just fantastic! And i love your Dress!! Have a nice Week!

    Greetings from Buenos Aires! :)

  43. Oh, how I LOVE Monticello!! What a great backdrop for some truly wonderful family fun pics! :)

  44. Morgan

    you guys are always dressed to the nines!
    i love it

  45. that pic of E in the air!!!! wow it's so high!!!!

    nice place, and really romantic family trip… moments like these should never end!!!

  46. lizzy

    the love you have for eachother makes me feel such fierce joy and hope. thank you, davis family.

  47. Loved seeing these pics on Instagram! I've missed Cville since my college days, can't wait to retrace your steps in a couple weeks :)

  48. The pic when E is in the air is great! Hugs from me

  49. I'm going to need Josh to teach Alex how to take good mother daughter pictures. I love the guy, but sheesh.

  50. Abi

    Aww, I love the picture of E in the air! So cute.


  51. Rachael

    You and your bump look like you're doing really well. Well done Josh for the splendid baby acrobats of late! Throwing, jumping over… she looks like she's having a blast!Rx

  52. Alivia

    These photos are just wonderful, Naomi! You + your family are too beautiful.

  53. Looks like y'all had such a fun afternoon! I've always wanted to visit Monticello, and now I really want to go. You and baby E look lovely in your dresses!

  54. Megan

    Lovely pics! And both yourself, Josh and baby E are as gorgeous as ever. I'm completely in love with your blog :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  55. lovely pictures! looks like you guys had so much fun!

  56. almost nothing better than to just sit and BE as a family. these are precious.

  57. Ana

    I understand completely how you feel. I look at my husband and baby boy and just cry sometimes. Its been such an amazing journey for us

  58. love the photos!!! beautiful!!!

  59. Sarah

    I love the one with him throwing her in the air. It's like she's super baby. You look so lovely prego too. Glad you all had a nice family outing =)

    - Sarah

  60. Hannah

    lovely photos!


  61. Awh what a lovely post to read. It made me appreciate how lucky I am for some reason… (even though I have neither a husband or child!) It's just so nice to see happiness and get it through your writing. Beautiful photos! You have the prettiest little girl.

  62. Allie

    such a beautiful little trip! your family is so adorable….

  63. Eleanor's like a boss in the picture where Josh is throwing her up into the air hahaha, she's so confident her daddy will catch her (:

  64. STOP! Baby moccassins? Can she be any cuter?

  65. what beautiful shots. and a gorgeous dress over that lovely bump-wish i looked this stylish in my pregnancy!

  66. Rhianne

    How cute is e's grin on the step, she looks so happy!!

  67. days like these…it doesn't get much better. you look stunning in white!

  68. these pics spread joy and life, it's infectious :) hope you have many more weekends like that one x

  69. {Liana}

    I have got to visit Monticello someday! p.s. your little one just puts a smile on my face! So adorable.

  70. kwistin

    gosh, the three of you just get more and more adorable all the time. it's like you bring it out in each other. i love that! what a wonderful little family you have.

    i'm so glad you got to have such a good time!

  71. your family is so sweet, and josh and E are just the cutest


  72. Amy

    Clearly, I've never met you, but you have to have one of the happiest babies I've ever "seen!"

  73. It looks like you guys had a blast! E has such wonderful and loving parents (and she totally reflects that!) I adore the picture of E walking towards you while your hands are open.

    Cutest little family ever! (soon to be joined by an even cuter baby!)


  74. seriously, her smile is just contagious!!! Cute baby:)

  75. These pictures make me smile. Love!

  76. Andrea

    i toured Monticello in 2007 when i went back east for the first time. its beautiful! and it was fun to share that with my dad who served a mission in Virginia and went to Monticello a few times. so fun that you all got to go and enjoy the day!

  77. Inessa

    the photo of the two of them with their big happy grins is so precious

  78. Aya

    What a happy, gorgeous girl you have. I hope to one day have one of my own. Thank you for sharing these happy moments with all of us.

  79. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but my goodness, you are gorgeous. You have such a beautiful family. Monticello is beautiful but you in a white dress make it stunning.

  80. Meghan

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  81. Meg

    I just love your little family. Such an example to the world of love and joy :) Thanks for always brightening my day!!

  82. Unknown

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  83. You have a lovely family. Your candid photos are extremely captivating and beautiful.

  84. Oh wow, you look STUNNING in all these photos. Absolutely stunning.

  85. i love this!! we have been delving into spring as well!! love enjoying the season.


  86. p.s. !!!

    you should check out my blog right now! i am have a series of daily blog giveaways. lots of lovely stuff.

    thanks for your fun blog :)

  87. Anika

    you guys are so cute :)

    it's so great that E will have so many great, cute, beautiful photos to look at one day and remember all the moments with her family <3

  88. alayne

    E's little moccasins are so darn cute! Where did you find those? I just love your little family. :)

  89. Kate

    I adore these photos – Eleanor looks so cute! That one of her up in the air, grinning from ear to ear, is my absolute favourite :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  90. oh gosh, those pictures of josh and baby e are just so precious. you can just see the special bond that they have. and this location is beautiful! i really need to visit the east coast!
    xo TJ

  91. E's so smiley!

  92. Laura

    Wow. I LOVE the pictures. You look gorgeous and little E with her dad……

    All the best from Berlin!
    xo Laura

  93. you're a darling preggy! and that post below with josh jumping over e! is so funny! she is LOVING it!

  94. she is such a cutie…i'm sure that she is going to make an amazing big sister!

  95. Sarah

    Awww such darling photos. Monticello's lawn is the best place for jumping shots, as my grad school classmates and I can attest.

    Now that I think about it, my parents took me to Monticello when I was a wee tot and Mom was pregnant with my brother. I should dig up those pictures and look for similar joy on their faces.

  96. Ash

    these are such lovely photos..

    your blog always makes me want to visit DC again (my family is from there).. the history, the flowers, the architecture..

    and can i just say- all three of you have the best smiles (: LOVE it

  97. Looks like such a dreamy day! Xo

  98. Please don't be annoyed with me for saying this, Naomi, but what Josh is doing there can be really dangerous. My hubby used to toss our little boys up in the air and they LOVED it. But then someone sent me this link and I've never let him do it again {much to his annoyance}. It's a risk I'm not willing to take.

    Your family is beautiful and I always love to read about your life. Sorry to sound critical, but I thought you'd want to know!

  99. Such a beautiful place! Love your white maxi + denim jacket combo. :) And little E's dress is way too adorable. I love that she wears so much yellow- SO cute!

  100. janis

    those photos of you + e in the grass are so lovely.

  101. your posts make me miss growing in virginia so much, it actually hurts. you are such a beautiful mama.

  102. you guys are precious and beautiful, and your joy is so contagious. <3

  103. Sounds lovely! I can't wait to be a mom one day and experience things like this.

  104. kLr

    1. You have a BEAUTIFUL daughter!
    2. I love Monticello! Growing up my mom would tell me about Jefferson's bed that would allow him to wake up and have two options of rooms to step into. I was excited to finally see it a few Christmases ago (odd it took so long since I only live two hours away).

  105. Alyssa

    You guys are all just too cute :] I love what you're wearing here, denim jackets with spring dresses are so adorable!

    Shop Vintage!

  106. Saumya

    This might sound crazy, but I remember from one of your previous posts from a few years ago, you and Josh were at a wedding, and he was tossing up a baby, and you commented on how you could not wait for that day when he was tossing up your own baby..and now he is! I just wanted to remind you of that :) You all are precious!

  107. kate xx

    That one of josh throwing E is truly gorgeous! Well done you for getting such a great shot! :) x

  108. gosh! the air picture is amazing! ahha

  109. Your family look too beautiful and amazing. Also this location is wonderful. You enjoy your weekend with your family. Thanks for sharing this post.

    promotional umbrellas

  110. E is the most adorable baby girl i've ever seen!

  111. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love the photo of Eleanor smiling for the camera, she's so adorable :)

  112. great pictures :) i've always wanted to visit monticello!
    xo, cheyenne

  113. Charlottesville is one of my most favorite places ever (I'm from Richmond!). You have to make it up there (I guess it's 'down there' for you) for apple picking in the fall on Carter Mountain. They have homemade donuts and apple butter and a wine-tasting and a cute little 4-piece stringed folk band (with an upright bass!) and barbeque and of course, apple trees. Need I say more? Oh, and it's dog friendly. Has been my favorite event of the year for almost 10 years. It's so beautiful there!

  114. Brenny

    Your pictures are amazing!!! Especially the one of your husband tossing your baby:) such a lovely family:)

  115. Yesenia

    Absolutely beautiful images. Looks like you had a great weekend. ~Yesenia

  116. gushing at these pictures.

  117. I cannot get over how beautiful your family is, E is an absolute joy and your belly my goodness I just want to hug you! I am so excited to see the little guy :D

  118. The photo of your husband throwing the babe up into the air could not be more adorable! Love!

  119. Honestly, by far you guys are the cutest blog I have ever seen. I have shown all my friends in college your blog and they have fallen in love with you and your family! Your style is so classy, and clean cut. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and my friends at home in AZ.

  120. Susie Q

    Thank you for the memories of Monticello. We were there with our four children 10 years ago while traveling in USA from Sydney, Australia. Loved it, saw the most amazing bumble bees there, we don't have them here.