charlottesville, va. part I + a GIVEAWAY! (closed)

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here are a few more photos from our weekend in charlottesville! ps. that bodo’s bagels? they aren’t messing around! josh and i both agreed those were the best bagels we’ve had… and we’ve had a lot of new york bagels over the years from our time living there. ;)
also, our new sponsor,, kindly gifted us 2 free hotel nights this spring which we chose to use for our weekend getaway to charlottesville. is also offering one lucky reader a free hotel night worth up to $250 (10 of their welcome rewards credits)! just comment below to enter! winner will be drawn at random and announced monday!

UPDATE: 4/30 :: congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info, rockstardiaries {at}
  1. have i mentioned that you have the cutest family ever?! thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Jacques

    Aw what a lovely time in Charlottesville! As a Virginian living abroad, it's nice to see my home state in all its glory!

  3. Wouldn't mind a nice hotel stay with the husband! Beautiful blog.

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend!

  5. Rebecca

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  6. Rebecca

    sounds incredible! :).

  7. Elicia

    Agreed, Bodo's is pretty much the best! And I would love to win the free hotel night from!

  8. Lindsay

    Fun giveaway. Thanks!

  9. What a charming place to spend a weekend! I would love to win and plan a mini getaway too :)

  10. ad

    what a nice giveaway for summer!

  11. Would love to win the giveaway! Your blog is adorable!

  12. A hotel night would be great for my honeymoon this summer!

  13. Sarah

    yay traveling!

  14. Free hotel rooms?! Sign me up!

  15. Woo! Free hotel room!

  16. Janell

    goodness! those bagel sandwiches are making my tummy groan.. lovely photos, as always. Little E is such a ham in front of the camera!

  17. Does this apply if you're from England? If so, count me in!x

  18. Becky

    Charlottesville looks adorable…as do you & your family of course! :)

  19. if i won, i would probably use my hotel credit to go to charlottesville just to eat those bagels.

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  21. Steph

    Free hotel room! Waaa!

  22. Lindsey

    Love a little weekend giveaway, those bagels look incredible!

  23. Woohoo! That would be a great way to start off my honeymoon in August!

  24. Thank you for thinking is us for a night away! you are wonderful!

  25. Keegs

    Planning a trip to Utah this fall so I would love a free hotel stay!

  26. SERIOUSLY how much CUTER can you all get!

    Amazing pictures!!!!


  27. banksy

    Sweet! Hope we win to take a babymoon!

  28. Laura J

    Nothing much to say except you have the cutest baby I have ever seen. Hands down. xo

  29. Kitty

    I would love to take my tiny tot on an adventure too! (BTW – My parents met as grad students at UVA – it is a magical place.)

  30. Love these photos! Especially the ones with E and Josh…super cute. Your baby girl always brings a smile to my face :) Would love to be entered into this giveaway…thanks!

  31. Oh Wow! What a neat give away. I would go to Charleston with my fiance to visit some of our best friends!

  32. Sarah

    Absolutely love your blog and love this awesome giveaway!!

  33. Oh yes please! I need a vacation!

  34. My husband, little boy, and (then pregnant) self took a trip to Charlottesville last spring to visit UVA's law school. We didn't end up going there, but we absolutely fell in love with that charming town! So fun to see your pics.

  35. looks like a way fun trip!! Enter me in the giveaway so I can get a way! :)

  36. Fun!

  37. Martha

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway since I am planning a trip to NYC this summer to see New York City Ballet for the first time! I love the photos of Charlottesville – UVA is beautiful!

  38. ooh! enter me! our anniversary is less than a month away =)

  39. Rachel

    brilliant! what a great sponsor giveaway!

  40. hooray for! my hubby and I could sure use a night out!

  41. Nicole

    I need to win the giveaway!

  42. k8te

    i would love a free night's stay! cute pics, those bagel sammies look DELISH!

  43. Liz

    Yes, please! I would love to be able to afford to take a weekend trip somewhere with my biy before he leaves for the summer!

  44. Jenny

    We love Charlottesville and hope to move there one day! Glad you had a good time!

  45. L.

    I definitely love this latest pic with the ombrella!!!

    kisses from italy,


  46. You have the most awesomemest style ever! And Charlottesville looks pretty place to be!

  47. Selah

    I'm booking my honeymoon very soon, and a free night would be incredible!!

  48. We're planning to go to Charlottesville this summer too! Winning this certificate wouldn't too shabby. :]

  49. Such a cute post! And I love your outfit. :-) It'd be awesome to win that hotel night, my hubby and I travel all the time.

  50. I would love to win the giveaway! I would use the night in the hotel to go to Richmond to see my favorite band play at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in June!

  51. After seeing all these pictures I think I need to make it a point to get to Charlottesville. Looking adorable as ever!

  52. i visited charlottesville last year and loved it, too!

  53. Teresa

    I need a getaway, even a short one would be perfect!

  54. Janeal

    Well aren't you a lucky gal! Charlottesville looks lovely. :)

  55. Heather

    Love your pictures, they are always so great. Eleanor is so adorable!
    Would love to win the hotel night for a getaway with the hubs for our anniversary!

  56. Starr

    Looks fun!

  57. Carlyn

    love the outfit, especially the umbrella!

  58. Megan

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to win a special night away for me and my hubby!!!

  59. givawayyyyy time!! Hello Rockstars :)

  60. I would absolutely love a vacation and don't have the money to take one so winning this would be fantastic!

  61. I would absolutely love a vacation and don't have the money to take one so winning this would be fantastic!

  62. Abby

    Charlottesville is the best! I love living here. Glad you got to visit the Downtown Mall, too. (And I could eat Bodo's every day of my life…)

  63. Haleigh

    Thank you for the giveaway! you have a beautiful family:)

  64. Amy

    Your photos are lovely! It looks like a nice family getaway. :)

  65. Abby

    I so wouldn't mind a getaway! And that looks like such a fun weekend.

  66. Count me in, please! Love your hair in that last picture!

  67. Unknown

    Beautiful photos and how nice of I'll take it!

  68. Better than new york bagels? I have to check that place out, can never have too many bagels. Charlottesville is going on the travel list now.

  69. KelseyK

    Weekend getaways are always refreshing! A free night would be fabulous!

  70. First off, those bagels look AMAZING! Second, you are all looking adorable as usual :). Third, what a great giveaway, who couldn't use a vacation??

  71. Enter me in the giveaway.. that is awesome.
    PS- I totally use your twisted updo hairstyle- I do it when my hair is wet and then it dries in the perfect messy waves! Thanks!

  72. kateOD

    I love bagels & hotels — love your blog!

  73. I had no idea Charlottesville was so quaint. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  74. Gosh your family is cute. And thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Ash

    brilliant giveaway for us summer travelers!

  76. ariana

    what the amazing?! i love staying in hotels. so so much.

  77. Yay! I'm so happy you tried Bodos! Your pictures sure do make me miss my old stomping grounds. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. :)

  78. Oh, what a fabulous giveaway…Perfect for a mini-vacation. Love those!!!!

  79. melanie

    how generous! and those bagels look amazing!

  80. ellen

    I love to travel and would love to win!

  81. lauren

    would love a night away!

  82. Ashley

    LOVE your outfit! And I'd love to win this giveaway!!

  83. Julie

    oh wow, this is so cute!! pretty outfit and hairstyle and your babybumb looks incredible as well. you have like the cutest family of all-time.. x

  84. Rachael

    Lovely pictures you've really done my city justice! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  85. oh I LOVE charlottesville! Would be great to visit and see my sister who lives there!

  86. manisae

    Hooray for Charlottesville, my new hometown. Bodo's is the jam. Hooray for as well!

  87. Ooh a 2 night get away with the hubs would be so fun! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  88. That picture of Eleanor with the map is the best! Kids make the greatest faces :)

  89. Great Giveaway! Traveling is the best way to spend your paycheck!

  90. Kim

    Looks like a great trip, and those bagels look amazing!

  91. Ooh! It looks beautiful! Love the picture of Little Miss Eleanor, wrong turn papa!!!!

  92. Melissa

    All of your pictures are making me want to go back to VA for another visit! How fun to win a free hotel room.

  93. I can't get over how cute E is! Looks like a fun place to visit, too!

  94. What a perfect and lovely giveaway and what an absolutely beautiful family! Your posts always make me smile!

  95. Laurie

    such a neat giveaway! it would be fun to win a free night at a hotel for the summer!

    ps: i LOVE your umbrella! where is it from?

  96. EC

    Great looking bagel sammies!

  97. Alicia

    great giveaway!! beautiful photos!

  98. laura

    i'd love a nice getaway…count me in!

  99. What a beautiful vacation! This would be the perfect thing for us, we are in desperate need of a mini-getaway! Thanks for the chance!

  100. Amanda

    what an awesome giveaway!

  101. jmarie

    Those bagels look divine!

  102. alyse

    wow, that would be AWESOME! what a great idea for a vacation. this is a great giveaway.

  103. Pick me for your giveaway! I love reading your blog Thanks:)

  104. Lindsay

    Thanks for the giveaway! I stayed near Charlottesville recently, but it was in a yurt! It was great, but I'm ready for another trip already :)

  105. Breena

    What a great giveaway! Love your blog!

  106. I love!!! I hope I win! And I love your blog!

  107. Anuka

    Thank you for holding the giveaway. I would love to go to Charlottesville too!

  108. Meghann

    Thanks for the giveway! Great pictures :)

  109. Jenn

    I have never been to Charlottesville, but meeting my boyfriend halfway on the East Coast would be SO fun! (He's in Jacksonville and I'm in Boston.)

  110. Sandra

    Your photos really capture great moments!

  111. Unknown

    this trip looks so picturesque! i can picture it now: stuffing my face with that egg sandwich ;)

  112. Amy F

    could use this giveaway with all the traveling we've got this summer for weddings!

  113. I have a one year old and am pregnant with my second. Would love to win this and take a little vacation with the husband before baby number 2 arrives! Thanks for your blog. Absolutely love it!

  114. Bridget

    Love the pics from Charlottesville it just reminds me of how beautiful Virginia really is–that sounded like such a fun family trip..

    Speaking of fun family trip-my sister-in-law and I are planning a girls weekend and would love $250 credit for a night in a nice hotel!

  115. I would love to win this! My husband and I just got accepted to UCF for grad school and we want to go check out housing sometime before we move there so this would be perfect!

  116. Unknown

    How great are Bodos?! Man I miss Charlottesville. And I live in DC so I don't know why I just said that….

  117. s

    love the look on eleanor's face in the map picture — she seems like such a happy, happy little one :)

    and what a fun giveaway!

  118. I hope today is my lucky day! Your trip to Charlottesville looks like it was an amazing time. I will be adding this to my places to visit. Love your blog, it's one of my favorite daily reads! :)

  119. And you can't beat Bodos prices either!

    I adore your umbrella, where did you get it?

  120. Katrina

    This trip looked so perfect! I'd love to win a little getaway of my own!

    xx, Katrina
    Sparkle is a Color

  121. would love a hotel stay as we are going to CA next month for my little brothers wedding!

  122. B

    Those pics are amazing. I need to head to Charlottesville soon!

  123. rori

    Would love a little getaway! Thanks!

  124. Stacia

    I love Charlotttesville–my fiance and I are getting married in 23 days and would love to take a trip to unwind after all of the wedding planning :)

    Thanks for posting–I love love love your blog!

  125. Katelyn

    yay! i need a hotel for my best friend's wedding in june :)

  126. Jen

    Would love to win the free hotel stay courtesy of! I love to travel and this would give me an excuse to getaway with friends :) I wanna feel like a "rockstar!"

  127. I wanna win! :)
    xo, Vanessa

  128. Enter me in the giveaway! (: Id love a little vacation Thank youuu

  129. allie

    This would perfect, as I am planning a mini-getaway with my guy now!

    Fingers crossed!

    (Keep up the great work, Naomi!)

  130. oh how fun! that place is SO charming!

  131. amanda

    what a fun trip!

  132. You and these white dresses – gorgeous!

    Would love to win a hotel stay courtesy of!

  133. sloan

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! My roommate is getting married in July in Chicago and I'd love to use hotel points for that!

  134. geelove

    better than David's Bagels in Stuy Town?! :) now i have a reason to go to Charlottesville.

  135. Thank you for entering me in the giveaway! Love that umbrella in the last picture!

  136. Virgina looks so beautiful! What a great trip. I'd love to be entered for the giveaway to use as a babymoon!

  137. Hay May

    I would love to win this giveaway!!

  138. Nicole

    Very adorable. I'd love to win this giveaway and use it for a vacation this summer!

  139. Emma

    I am in major need of a weekend getaway! Your trip looks super cute!

  140. Kate

    Free travel anywhere? Can't pass that up!

  141. That sounds simply lovely. :)

  142. Abbie

    I would love to win this!!! So looking forward to traveling this summer. On a side note, you are absolutely stunning pregnant

  143. maggie

    i love charlottesville! and would love even more to win that giveaway!

  144. Those bagels do look delicous! Free hotel nights sound awesome :)

  145. So glad your time in our little town went well! Bodo's is the best, truly. Would love to win this giveaway!

  146. Roxanne

    What a cool giveaway! These pictures from your trip have been so sweet — thanks for sharing! xo

  147. I would love love love to win this giveaway. I just graduated and me and my husband would love a nice little getaway!! P.S. Your family is beautiful!

  148. Caitlin

    The building in the top photo of the last two posts is Brooks Hall, which houses my cute little grad student office/dungeon in the basement. I wish I could have given you an insider's look (darn final papers!). I'd love to have a vacation eventually, so please enter me in your giveaway!

  149. I now have a desire for a yummy bagel! Plus I absolutely love your clear umbrella.

  150. amy

    what a fun trip!! bodo's is my favorite..and so is uva and charlottesville and everything about virginia. :)

  151. megan

    Would LOVE to win this!

  152. Louise

    Love to win this giveaway!!!!

  153. Anne

    My husband is joining me in Utah next month (all the way from our home in Africa) for the birth of our first baby. I would love to plan a little staycation/babymoon when he arrives (we'll have spent two months apart) so we have some time together just the two of us before the baby arrives.

  154. Looks like a great time! I'd love to take a babymoon [is it still considered a babymoon when you are bringing a 2-year-old?!] this summer!

  155. Sarah

    I love Charlotesville, my mother grew up right outside and we would visit every summer.
    I'm going to visit my sister in NYC this summer and could use a hotel, since her place is the size of a closet!

  156. huss

    wow, i would love to win this! i've been wanting to take my mom away for a while, and this would be perfect for a mother's day get-away!


  157. Laura

    I'm glad y'all are having such a good time on your road trip! Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway!

  158. Lauren

    I used to live in cville!! Definitely recognize where like all these pictures were taken. Ahh and I'm SO happy you tried Bodo's. :) They're one of a kind! I always have a mini heart attack when I go in there because of all the choices! haha its so intense.

    –very cool giveaway by the way!

    xo, Lauren

  159. I would love to win this!

    I loved the pictures of your trip!

  160. Elisa

    Oo, we'd love to go on a little weekend getaway! Looks like you guys had lots of fun! :D

  161. JK

    Great giveaway! I love your blog!

  162. i could definitely use some credit this summer! what a great giveaway.

    bodos bagels really do give nyc offerings a run for their money! :)

  163. JenLynn

    Great giveaway; we all need a mini-vacation from time to time.

    Fingers crossed.

  164. MCC

    I'd love a free hotel room for a night! Who wouldn't, really? :)

  165. looks like so much fun! i have the same umbrella and its my favorite!

  166. Julie

    Love your site! Getting married May 19th and since we are still in college could use a newlywed getaway this summer :)

  167. Allyson

    Oh goodness. I'd love to win this!!

  168. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for sharing your family's adventures with us.

  169. i would love to win a free hotel night. in fact, we were in cville this past weekend too!

  170. what a fun weekend! virginia is for lovers <3

  171. Tess P.

    Awesome giveaway!!
    Thank you!

  172. Amanda

    Love, love, LOVE that maternity dress on you!

  173. Olivia

    OH BODO'S BAGELS!!! I miss them so. they are literally the best bagels in the entire world. Did y'all by chance stop by gas station that has the sandwiches (i can't remember the name of it now) – but the Farmington is quite possibly my most favorite sandwich ever.

    Maybe if i win I'll got to C-ville for those two things :)

  174. Barbara

    what a lovely treat if i'd win! :) a getaway sounds fantastic.

  175. YAY BODOS!!!! Yes. No other bagels compare fo' real. Thanks for the giveaway!!! Everyone loves!!!

  176. This is a giveaway I could REALLY use! :-)

  177. L

    I'd love a night or two away before my baby is due in August :) Thanks!

  178. oh where to go! fingers crossed (;

  179. those bagels look insane! and i'd love a free night :) crossing my fingers!

  180. Maddy

    I love a good bagel! & I love traveling even more. I want to take a trip with my boyfriend before he studies abroad for 4 months, this would be perfect! And seriously, the 3 of you are so cute… I can only hope to look so amazing when I'm pregnant some day. :)

  181. I would love a getaway–fingers crossed. :)

  182. tori

    LoOkd like such a fun trip! And what a great giveaway!

  183. bling

    i live in canada and i've always wanted to go to virginia! soooo exciting!

  184. Emily

    great giveaway! would be nice to help with summer travel plans!

  185. I LOVE Charlottesville. Such a beautiful town.

  186. Lindsay

    Enter me, please! I'm in the midst of planning summer trips as we speak :)

  187. LOVE! so awesome! your lil weekend away looks amazingly fun!

  188. Those bagels look excellent! YUM! Thanks for the giveaway :)


  189. ashley

    i want!

  190. so glad you enjoyed C'ville! I called it home for 4 years while at UVA. And yes, Bodo's is the BEST ever.

    Would love to win the giveaway, thanks for hosting!

  191. Lovely vacation photos – makes me want to go there. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  192. Kelly

    LOVE your blog!!! Hope i win :)

  193. You and your family always seem so full of smiles and like genuinely down-to-earth and good people. I really enjoy seeing what adventures you'll have next and watching Eleanore grow up!

  194. This is an awesome giveaway! My boyfriend and I love taking our bike out to Skyline Drive in VA (to get out of Nova) and I keep wanting to go farther down to stay in Charlottesville once we finish our ride! We only hear good things about that little town. Would love to be able to go!!! Glad you had a great little trip.

  195. What a lovely little weekend with your family! So happy for you!

  196. Maren

    I love your little family! What an awesome giveaway too! Thanks!

  197. alice

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! That's so nice of to offer one of us a night as well :)

    lovealice22 at gmail dot com

  198. Just wanted to send you a little note that I love reading you blog every morning as I am getting ready to start the day at the office and I would love to win a stay at one of the hotels from!

  199. Anna

    We are actually heading to Virginia in a few weeks for my husbands graduation- you are giving me all sorts of ideas of places to visit during our trip. Thanks! :)

  200. I love I have used them for years and would love a free night :)

  201. Lauren

    Truly nothing more beautiful than Charlottesville in spring – it was my favorite in spring and will always, always have a place in my heart!

  202. i'd love to win this!

  203. I love a good giveaway! And i love your blog :)

  204. I would love a free hotel stay!

  205. Erin

    You are so beautiful. I love the dress. And "wrong turn papa" made me laugh out loud. haha

  206. fawn

    Those bagel sandwiches look so good right now, ha ha. Please count me in.

  207. I'd love a free night from!

  208. Love your pictures and the giveaway looks awesome!

  209. Dawn

    I love the pic of you in the rain. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity. As a full time nursing student, hubby and I would love a night away to relax!

  210. what a lovely giveaway for someone who has the travel bug! you're looking wonderful as always, too.

  211. Lindsey

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time despite some rainy weather. Would love to go on a mini getaway myself!

  212. I could use a trip for sure!

  213. Susie

    Please enter me in this giveaway! my husband and I love to travel and would put this to good use! =D

  214. Mindi

    I'm also pregnant (18 weeks!) and would love a little Babymoon getaway with my husband. Sign me up :)

  215. Lindsey

    I could certainly use a vacation!

  216. Alyssa

    What fun! Husband and I have been hoping for a weekend getaway soon (:
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  217. Andrea

    Looks like a fun road trip! I would love to win this giveaway.

  218. Hannah

    First time commenting on your blog since finding it just recently. Lets just say I've logged many hours looking through your old posts.

    I'd love to win a hotel stay. We're due with our second little one in July and we want to visit family in Maine after he's born. We'd drive up there so it would help out so much!

  219. B

    wonderful giveaway! glad you enjoyed your trip.

  220. I so enjoy staying caught up with you through your blog, Naomi. Congrats on your growing family. It's hard to believe you are that little girl at Jackie's dancing with Kori. How did the two of you get 'all growed up?' You both did it beautifully!

  221. Love the bubble umbrella! I've been looking for one just like it.

  222. Awesome giveaway Naomi! Your photography is wonderful, as usual.
    Thanks so much.

  223. Allison

    We would love to have a free hotel somewhere! It would help with our summer travel plans :)

  224. Mary

    i'd love to have a mini vacation to celebrate finishing third year! ;)

  225. Natalie

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  226. Lara

    Would love a trip!

  227. Free weekend getaway! Sounds like a date ;-)

  228. Joy

    Love the pics of Charlottesville! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  229. sweet of to do that! and you look beautiful in that white dress.

  230. You are the cutest family!!!! Would love to win the giveaway! My son just turned 6 (our only so far…#2 just won't come!) and has not been to the ocean yet! Would love to take him there!

  231. Love the hair and the picture of E looking at the map! Too cute. This post makes me miss real bagels like mad; I'm studying in the UK at the moment and, while the Brits have sticky toffee pudding down, they need to work on their NY style foods. Those sandwiches look beyond amazing!

    (oh, and awesome giveaway much? thanks!)

  232. KLV

    Love the picture of E & the map! Hope you're having a wonderful vacation.

  233. Sarah

    my husband and I are taking a much needed vacation to charlottesville in 2 weeks, so this giveaway would be perfect for us. thanks for the chance to win!

  234. Katy

    Would LOVE to win so that the hubs and I could take a little babymoon!

    Thanks for the maternity fashion inspiration!

  235. Lindsay

    This is a great giveaway!

  236. hello!

    beautiful photos! I would love to win this giveaway!

  237. You really have such beautiful photos and a beautiful family! The trip looks wonderful and with a giveaway like this it could be possible for someone else. (me?)

  238. I can alway use a free night stay at a hotel!!

  239. heather

    I almost forget what a vacation feels like! Looks like you guys had fun on yours :)

  240. Katie

    Giveaway sounds amazing as that bagel looks! xx

  241. Someday

    Charlottesville! We have family there and have never had a bad visit!! Enjoy your road trip. :)

  242. I would love to get away with my Mister for the night! Great giveaway.

  243. Cortney

    I could definitely use a night away at a fun hotel :)

  244. Yum, the bagels look super tasty!

  245. It looks like such a quaint town!

  246. Rockin' that white dress on a rainy day! :)

  247. Dianna

    oh wow, my husband and I could greatly use a weekend away!

  248. Katie

    Great giveaway, would love a little getaway this summer! Thanks!

  249. Lyndsay

    I love Charlottesville! I hope you went to Splendora's for gelato!

    This is such a great giveaway. I hope I'm lucky enough to win:)

  250. taylor

    need a getaway!! i love your blog! Charlottesville looks lovely! makes me want to go there. thanks!

  251. your family makes me so excited to have my own one day soon. :)
    p.s. love the last photo.

    & here's to winning.

  252. Charlottesville looks beautiful! Such a great giveaway, count me in!

  253. Great pictures! Would love to win this Giveaway!

  254. Jessica

    Love your blog!

  255. I always use when I book! Would love to win, thanks!

  256. Love the pregnancy dresses.
    Excited for the giveaway too!

  257. Annie

    These are adorable. I'm sure they'll be even better with a cute little boy in the pictures.

    A free hotel would be awesome with all the travel plans we have this summer!

  258. awesome about the new sponsor and perfect photos as usual!

  259. a.

    Please enter me in this giveaway! I am in love with your outfit…so beautiful in the white dress!

  260. Steph

    I think I need to take a trip to Charlottesville!

  261. Yes! We are trying to head out to Seattle this summer–this giveaway would be awesome! And those bagels look delish!

  262. jessi

    Lovely pictures (:

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  264. Elvs

    I would absolutely love to win this getaway! Perfect timing for my trip to NY next month! *First time staying over in the Big Apple!* ;) Thanks!

  265. Megan

    Cutest family ever, I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  266. Yay for free hotel stays!

  267. fabulous photos!

  268. Oohhh we're moving to the east in two weeks. This would be perfect for a little temple getaway. Woot! Count me in.

  269. millie

    What a great getaway and giveaway! The picture of you in the rain is darling:)

  270. megan

    i actually was in c-ville this past weekend too, it's one of my favorite places to be!

  271. Emily

    Awesome giveaway! And you always looks so dang cute; I wish I looked that cute while pregnant.

  272. evelyn.

    Nice giveaway! Perhaps I can plan that summer trip now :)

  273. Oh! Why, hello new sponsor :)

  274. melissa

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    And I'd love to win this giveaway as well :) thanks!

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  311. such a great giveaway! Count me in!!! Also love your dress and really just the whole last picture in general!

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    I'd also like to enter to win the giveaway!

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    Would absolutely love to win this giveaway, thanks for hosting!

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    p.s. Now I am super hungry for an egg and cheese bagel.

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    Also your trip looks so fun and beautiful.

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    Also, it would be really cool to win this giveaway. I'm trying to plan a weekend getaway for my boyfriend and I for his birthday and this would so help!

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  338. mamamac

    love your maternity look!!!! you guys are all so cute :)

  339. mamamac

    love your maternity look!!!! you guys are all so cute :)

  340. mamamac

    you guys look beautiful!!!

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    I have been loving all of your posts and photos from Charlottesville! I went to college at UVA and I miss that town so much, especially this time of year when everything is in full bloom. And as a current NYC resident, I definitely agree with you about Bodo's bagels – so delicious and a contender with NY bagels for sure. Thanks for your wonderful blog (and instagram!) Naomi – I always look forward to reading your posts.

  344. Shea

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    P.s. how is it that you always look so perfect?!


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    *crossed fingers for giveaway*

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    PS why is your family so adorable! And you look amazing, I wish I was that stylish when I was pregnant :)

  352. Hannah

    Looks really lovely there. As a new US resident I will have to add this to my ever increasing list of must visit spots!

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  359. I'm partially sad to hear about Bodo's Bagels. Whereas before I was ignorant of the most amazing bagels being out there in the world, now I acutely perceive the lack of them in my life. Glad your trip was such a success though.

  360. emily

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    My good friend lives there and has been wanting me, my husband and baby girl to come visit, those hotel rooms would really come in handy.

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    Those bagels look delicious! ~Beth

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    xx K

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  378. Morgan

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    Looks like you're having a blast!! xo

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  385. Unknown

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    Meredith W.

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    M loves D

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    My husband and I both attended UVA and he lived in C'ville for a few years post-graduation, so it holds a special place in our hearts. My mouth started watering after seeing your Bodo's picture!

  393. Great photos, per usual! =) Would love a little getaway too!

  394. Ashley

    Love your cute family!

    Thanks :)

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  401. Ainsley

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love this because I'm always traveling and I lovelove!

    mylittleartichoke at gmail dot com

  402. Ainsley

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love this because I'm always traveling and I lovelove!

    mylittleartichoke at gmail dot com

  403. Sarah

    Great photos! It looks like you had a great time! I'd love to win the giveaway!

  404. Such pretty photos. I would love to win the giveaway and surprise my husband with a night away for his 40th birthday.
    Here's to magical getaways.
    Fritzi Marie

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    your pictures are really cute, glad you guys had a blast :)

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    and bodo's… seriously the best. i lived in charlottesville from ages 4-6 and i still remember my mom taking me to bodo's for a special treat.

  414. Ashley

    the East coast looks so AMAZING!! i definitely need to spend more time out there – maybe if I win? :)

  415. megs

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    And I'd love to win.

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  425. Kieren

    Ohhhhh, I would love to win! One of the main reasons we don't take trips is because my husband is too cheap to pay for lodging! My fingers are crossed!

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    p.s. you "dress the bump" so well and it is inspiration for me as i try to do the same. :) love to you and your family!

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    Crossing my fingers…

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    beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go to Charlottesville… and let my hair grow so I can style them like yours!

  444. Oh! I need to win this, I'm going on an art themed road trip this summer and free hotel accomodations would be fantastic. Love your blog!

  445. E is just adorable! Thanks for the giveaway :)

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    It looks beautiful there! I would love to visit also. And as always, you and the family look adorable. You make motherhood look so dreamy!

  448. Charlottesville looks lovely!!!

  449. Mel

    I love any chance I can to get to south (Virginia counts!). Love these pictures and this chance to win! Daydreaming of all the places I want to escape to :)


    lordknowsilovetodance at gmail dot com

  450. Megan

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    You have a beautiful family!!


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    I think this Giveaway is calling my name! My anniversary is next month and I want to get away for a night so badly!

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  462. Great giveaway. I adore Charlottesville. Used to go to college not too far from there :-)

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    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

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  468. Lovely family you have, and you look quite stunning pregnant. I adore your fashion and look forward to further posts. Enter me into the giveaway, i would love to enjoy a nice little vacation. Thank you!

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    I would love to attend a good friend's wedding at the end of May which would include a hotel stay! haven't seen her in awhile!

    Thanks for the giveaway
    ps-that bagel made my mouth water, no joke.

  474. Rosie

    I love your photos, thanks for sharing!

  475. Ok, I'm living my my in laws for the summer and I could really use a nights get away with my honny. I could really use this. Heres hoping and praying.

  476. Ok, I'm living my my in laws for the summer and I could really use a nights get away with my honny. I could really use this. Heres hoping and praying.

  477. Ok, I'm living my my in laws for the summer and I could really use a nights get away with my honny. I could really use this. Heres hoping and praying.

  478. Ok, I'm living my my in laws for the summer and I could really use a nights get away with my honny. I could really use this. Heres hoping and praying.

  479. I can't even handle, E. She is just too perfect. It looks like you guys had so much fun!

    Would LOVE to win the giveaway!! Such a cool opportunity!

  480. Naomi, I honestly LOVE your blog. I just think your little family is so sweet, thanks for sharing your lives with all of us! Also, THANKS for offering such an awesome giveaway! If we got it, we would head to Vegas or Park City…hmmm, can't decide.

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  482. alayne

    now I am craving a bagel!
    you look stunning, as usual. :)

  483. I'll take a free hotel night!

  484. April

    Oh I hope I win! My fiance's mother passed away in March and his grandmother had a stroke in April. Between funeral arranging and visiting the hospital, we sure could use a night away for "just us" time!

  485. Charlottesville is one of my favorite places to visit! It's the most charming little city!

  486. I would love to be entered in your contest! Your sweet family is adorable :)


  487. Terri

    ooo a free night huh?

    Anyway, i LOVE that umbrella. so precious

  488. a fancy hotel room stay sounds like the bees knees right about now!

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    sign me up for this giveaway! i love the picture of Eleanor!

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  496. Your hair in that photo of you is so gorgeous. And your family is precious. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)

  497. Emily

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  498. Jill B.

    I love to travel and I'm feeling lucky today! It would be wonderful to get away with my hubby and son for a surprise getaway…

  499. BBC

    can i just say that you are just so beautiful! i love how you're able to look to hip and yet totally modest! thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  500. I neeeed to be entered! I am in the midst of planning a trip this summer to DC!!

  501. AWow

    I've been wanting to check out C'ville for awhile now. Your beautiful pictures have inspired me to plan a little summer getaway!

  502. Deb

    Oh, I'd like a free night. Thank you very muuuch :)

  503. I would love to win the hotel giveaway!!!!!

  504. Who couldn't use a night away? I know I could. Thanks for your beautiful blog, it's my favorite to read each morning and see your happy faces.

  505. kristen

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  506. Hana

    enter me please! (:

    xx, hana

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  508. You guys are too cute!! Love it, and yay we could so use this we have a vacation planned for September and we need to get booking :)

  509. Melanie

    I SO love your little family!!!

  510. Those bagels look SO GOOD! Charlottesville looks so pretty! Great giveaway, the husband and I haven't been away together in a LONG time. Would be fabulous to win!

  511. Awesome Giveaway, Thanks! This looks like the perfect little trip:)

  512. awesome giveaway! i could definitely use a trip somewhere! looks like you had a great time in VA.

  513. That toothy grin gets me every time. What a cute kid E is!



  514. Shanna

    Would love to be entered in the giveaway! We just moved away from ALL our friends and family, and could definitely use a free night to go and visit.

  515. Those bagels look so good!

  516. Beautiful photos! The last one needs to be framed! :D

  517. pati

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway!!! What a charming place to spend a weekend!

  518. Such cute photos, you are all lovely! This is the best giveaway ever, I'd love to win!!

  519. oh wow! Awesome giveaway! My husband and I are going to Paris and this would come in extremely handy :)

  520. Alison

    Would love a weekend away with my husband to celebrate the arrival of our baby boy, who is due in September :-)

  521. how lovely! winning this to use as a surprise romantic getaway with the Mr. would be most excellent!!

  522. Katie

    Looks so fun! I totally want to spend more time on the east coast!

    katie.muirhead (at) gmail (dot) com

  523. Rachel

    Free hotel stay?? Yes, please!

  524. jordan

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  525. Wow this vacation is just gorgeous. I love old history buildings like these.

  526. Oh yes please…we are 7 months pregnant and very much in need of a weekend getaway!

  527. Alexa

    I would LOVE little weekend giveaway, those bagels look incredible!

  528. I love my hotels! Thanks for the giveaway Taza!

  529. Jenn

    My fiance and I are in need of a getaway. We have been trying to plan one but haven't been able to.
    If you could consider us it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you & thanks for sharing this giveaway.

  530. I would love to win, my husband I would love to have a few nights getaway alone :)

  531. kacy

    wouldn't mind a nice babymoon before our first little one arrives! you have a lovely family and i love your blog!

  532. love your blog! Thank you for reminding us to make each day beautiful.

  533. getting ready for a summer of friend's weddings, watching baseball games everywhere, and my own wedding…. I would love to win this :)

  534. Unknown

    Super cool giveaway!

  535. B+C

    love your hair! you're the cutest pregnant woman in the world.

  536. An overnight stay is just what the Dr. ordered!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  537. Tish

    Maybe winning something like that would inspire me to take a trip somwhere outside of LA…I'm due for some change.

  538. Leslie

    Your trip photos are great! I would love to win the giveaway. Gracias!

  539. hotel room? yes please! :) My husband and I live in Charlottesville. Glad you had a nice visit! Isn't it such a gorgeous town!

  540. I love Monticello! What a beautiful place to take your lovely family. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  541. What a lovely trip!

  542. Kara

    I'm itching to get away to Seattle with my 2-year old daughter to visit my bff. all we're missing is the hotel room!

  543. Julie

    I would love a getaway with my sweet husband and little one!

  544. cutest family.

    I hope i win this giveaway! eek!

  545. BK

    Ooh, I'd love to win a night somewhere. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  546. ohh what a great giveaway! I hope i win this one!

  547. That would be WONDERFUL!!!

    Thanks so much~


  548. I live only about 30 minutes from Charlottesville in a small town called Staunton. I love living so close – downtown is perfect on warm summer days! Would love to win!

  549. newcomm

    Ahh, love these photos as always. The bagel place sounds awesome, if I'm ever in the area I'll have to check it out since you speak so highly of it. (I'm excited to try Shake Shack this weekend after seeing your raves!)

    PS: who doesn't love a free hotel stay?

  550. Great giveaway and thanks for sharing!

  551. MaggieC

    Love the pics, the umbrella is super cool. They use those transparent ones in Japan a lot, and they will hold them so low they have to look through them. The bagels look super yummy too, I might have to go purchase one now. Can't wait to find out who wins the getaway!

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    PS you look darling in the last photo!!!

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    Can I get entered in the giveaway? It'd be great for a mini trip when my BF comes to visit.

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  599. my husband and i love love love to travel (ok, maybe just me)–would love this giveaway!

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    Also, those bagels look ridiculous. I'm not usually a bagel fan, but dang!

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  616. beeTa

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    Also, that giveaway is amazing! Would be great to win and use it for a weekend getaway with the long-distance boyfriend. :)

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    By the way, your little family is the cutest ever.

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    We would love a little getaway– "happy 3 years married and 1yr of law school down, 2 more to go!"

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  685. Hello Davis Family! Just wanted to let you all know my boyfriend and I came across your instagram photos on the popular page months ago and now we're glued to your blog! Naomi, you inspired me to start my own blog for my family back home in CA. I live in Hawaii With my boyfriend who's in the military and winning this giveaway – his parents could come visit us and stay a little longer ;)
    Whether we win or not, know you are so very inspirational. Really :)

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    Oh and, I LOVE I was just using them yesterday, in fact!

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    Would love to win the hotel giveaway for my family as well!

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  722. jo

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    what are your favorite bagels in nyc?

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    Also, you have the cutest daughter I have ever seen, she's adorable!


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    Your family is seriously the most adorable ever. And you have given me a serious bagel craving!

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  763. Elise

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  764. Jessica


  765. sooo perfectly adorable!! wonderful giveaway too! i could use a free hotel room this summer ;)

  766. Kale

    I would love to go on a trip! my husband just finished nursing school and we need to get away! Thanks!!

  767. I am a new follower and just adore your blog! That bagel looks ahmazing! THanks for the giveaway.

  768. Lizzy

    I love this giveaway! And your amazing mama style, I'm so trying the white dress with denim jacket look this summer!

  769. andrea

    This would be wonderful

  770. Mmm, I love bagels! Looks like I would love Bodo's :)

    I would like to be entered to the giveaway!


  771. Denise

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  776. jessica

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  779. Sabriel

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  780. linsey

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  782. Thanks for the tips…we are headed there this weekend!

  783. Summer is going to be here before we all know it and that means there are so many vacations to be had! A free night would be amazing!

  784. Erika

    Lovely post! It would be awesome to have a couple of nights to take the fam somewhere fun…..

  785. Jocelyn

    i absolutey love your blog and i would love to be entered into the give away! gorgeous hair is that a braid or a fish tail? 2 or 1?

  786. I love Charlottesville! It's simply beautiful.

  787. Holy smokes! I could totally use a getaway! Count this girl in!

  788. Erin

    I could definitely use a hotel room in DC soon!

  789. These photos have me yearning for the east coast… how I miss the beautiful architecture and magical campuses…


  790. What a lovely giveaway! I so need a vacation right now and how perfect would that be to make it all free?! Stellar!

  791. Kathryn

    Cute family! Cute pictures and great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  792. Oh, I would LOVE to win a free night somewhere… anywhere! I'd take a little weekend trip too. :)

  793. katie

    i love charlottesville, especially the downtown mall. :) thanks for the giveaway.

  794. What a great new sponsor. Also I love the picture of you in the rain, adorable!

  795. I would love to win!! You have such a darling family by the way..

  796. What a seriously awesome giveaway! Those bagels looks amazing and your weekend looked so relaxing and enjoyable!

  797. Sonia

    Fun idea for a giveaway! Great pictures from your get-away :)

  798. Bodo's is AMAZING! Definitely took advantage of that while I was a student at UVA and love any excuse to visit Cville!

  799. Kellie

    I just love your sweet little family! And I love this deal too! My husband and I are actually planning a visit to DC next month to visit friends – might be nice to have a free hotel room!


  800. What a fun giveaway! I would love to win!

    BTW…you look so beautiful in the last picture! What a pretty mama!


  801. Kellie

    I just love your sweet little family! And I love this deal too! My husband and I are actually planning a visit to DC next month to visit friends – might be nice to have a free hotel room!


  802. Charlottesville looks so lovely, I will have to add it to our travel list :) My new husband and I have been using to plan our upcoming honeymoon (a Cali road trip) and they have been amazing. It would rock to win an extra night free!

    Thanks Naomi!

  803. Allison

    Adorable photos, as always :) And the giveaway would be the perfect celebration to me finally finishing up my Ph.D, woo hoo!

  804. Lucie

    Oooooh my goodness – 'You took the wrong turn Papa!' – CUUUUTE!

    And you look simply stunning in that bottom picture :)

    Maybe if I win, I'll visit Charlottesville too!

  805. Jenny

    your trip looks fab. I would love to win one of my own

  806. Love that last Picture! So pretty!

  807. Aubrey

    This is an awesome giveaway as I have some trips coming up ;]

    thank you!

  808. Lovely photos! Made me smile, thanks :o)

  809. Hillary

    Thanks for this great giveaway. I'm glad you and your family had a nice trip. :)

  810. You guys are the greatest little family! Looks like you're having the time of your life. I need a vacation!

  811. Lauren

    Love your outfit!!

  812. I would love to go to Charlottesville! I've never been and it looks gorgeous! Pick me, Pick me!

  813. Those bagels look delicious, and you are such a cute family!!! Thanks for this nice giveaway! xx

  814. I love charlottesville so much! and those bagels DO look amazing.

  815. Looks like the whole fam had a good time. I'd love to get in on this!

    Thanks taza. :)


  816. ACM

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love love a little getaway! Thank you!

  817. theresa

    A hotel stay with the hubby and our ten month sweetie would be a wonderful family vacay!

  818. Robin

    I would love to win this so I could stay in chicago the night I see coldplay with my hubby, it would make his birthday present that much better!

  819. Lisa B.

    Great giveaway and great pics from a wonderful getaway!

  820. Crystal

    i love your blog!

  821. thea

    ah, i'd love to win a hotel night! i would love to visit williamsburg, va and just take in all the history and visit busch gardens of course!

  822. I love UVA and I'm so glad you did too! Thanks for the hosting the giveaway!

  823. what a great giveaway! And love the photos :)

  824. This giveaway is great timing! My husband and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary at the end of May and we're hoping to getaway for a weekend to celebrate!

  825. Charlottesville is lovely! My hubby and I were just there for a marriage conference… we missed out on the bagel place though. We'll definitely have to try them out the next time around :) Love your blog!

  826. What a fun give away…maybe I will get lucky.

  827. Colleen

    What a great giveaway! My husband and I would love to win a night's stay. Your vacation photos are inspiring and show us that we can go on vacation with a young baby in tow too (something that we've been hesitant to do thus far).

  828. Jen

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  829. I would love to win a free night! We are heading to Seattle soon!

  830. Corinne

    You are always looking SO CUTE! Love your little family. And I would love to win that giveaway! Thanks so much :]

  831. Angela

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    By the way, as I read your blog and see your bump I wish I was as glowing as you are when I was pregnant.

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