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today we have an exciting giveaway for you from our sponsor, ShoeMint! they are offering 3 of you your choice of a new pair of shoes!
if you aren’t already familiar with ShoeMint, the website is a fun collaboration between designer, steve madden, and the ever-so fashionable actress, rachel bilson, and celebrity stylist, nicole chavez.
to enter to win a fancy new pair of shoes, please visit ShoeMint and become a member if you aren’t already (it takes only a minute and it’s completely free!), then come back here and comment below telling us which pair you’d love to win. (i’m currently obsessed with this pair!)

the winners will be drawn at random and announced next friday, the 30th. good luck!
ps. ShoeMint is also offering 15% off your first pair of shoes with the promo code DIARIES through the 31st of this month! (first time buyers only.)
UPDATE! 3/31 Congrats to our winners below!
please email me your contact info- rockstardiaries{at}

  1. megan

    I am in love with the black Katy shoes!

  2. Rebecca

    Jolly is so perfect for transitional springtime weather with a billowing full skirt! I like them in black (actually, I like all the colours, but if I own one more bit of leopard print I'll turn into a big cat).


  3. megan

    Kathy, with an h, that is :)

  4. taylor

    i'd love to wear the lambert with dresses and bright colored denim this spring!

  5. Jolly in Taupe Suede or Leopard Pony would be me VERY Jolly!

  6. Bekah

    Holy moly their shoes are beautiful! I swear I want them all!!!! I'm really digging. I love Pauline, but of course it's sold out so I would go with Chloe in either black or aqua.

  7. Annies

    I love the black Hattie shoes. Perfect for a stay-at-home mom.

  8. I would have to flip a coin to choose between the rosemary pumps and the Hattie flats.

  9. I love the Lambert in black leather! Love the style quiz to get you started as well…very good idea!

  10. Elle

    I love the ones that you have picked… in all the bright colours, but I think for this spring/summer I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be rocking the Lambert in Cognac Leather. So pretty and versatile :)

    Love Elle xo

  11. Ew@

    Beautiful collection. I love Hattie in all colours, but black would be perfect for me :) Please, can I have it?…

  12. Ew@

    Also, Veronique in citron is lovely!

  13. I'm so drawn to "Jolly", I'd wear them with everything. I like that they seem a bit tougher looking.

  14. mamamac

    hattie shoe in blush snake! love it!

  15. as a total flats girl, i'm loving hattie in the color block suede…

  16. I'm in love with the Veronique in Citron!

  17. Anjani

    I want Lambert in Cognac Leather! So awesome! :x


  18. Ison

    Even though they are sold out, I totally <3 the Pauline.

  19. great giveaway! I'd love to get the hattie

  20. jill

    I love the black Hattie with the snack skin….

  21. I absolutely love the Jolly pair! They are so adorable!

  22. Kathy

    I'm smitten over Jolly & Chloe,such beautiful shoes! But I'll have to say Jolly, I could match it with so many things! :D
    Good luck,everyone!

  23. Allison

    Lambert in black! Looove.

  24. Thanks for this giveaway…
    Jolly (taupe suede)are so "arty", I love it!


  25. OHHH Rosemary in Nude! Makes my heart flutter a little! Love! xo

  26. S

    they are sold out for the moment but i love the Pauline in black suede.

  27. ACM

    I LOVE Kbell! Thank you :)

  28. laura

    I'm beyond in love with the Chloe pair, in Taupe. How beautiful.
    Thank you for this sweet giveaway, I'd be the happiest girl alive if I won!

  29. Lindsey

    I love the Lambert pair in Cognac!

  30. Jackie

    Edith in blush for sure…as soon as they are available again. Thanks :)

  31. tdaya

    The pink Veronica!!!! SO so so pretty!!!

  32. I'm loving the collection! No wonder why most of them are already sold out!

    Choosing within the non sold-out ones I would pick the Rosemary in Black Patent ones.

    Thank you for the giveaway, Naomi!

  33. Annick

    I love the Chloe in Taupe – those would definitely be my pick. I'd wear them with a cute, bright dress!

  34. Tough choice, love the collection.

  35. Shayna

    Love the dark brown Lamberts!! :)

  36. Hillary

    anything with steve madden is a win, but a free pair of them? Amazing!

    I'm loving the bright colored hatties

  37. Hattie in nude!

    Heart heart heart!!

  38. Absolutely in love with Hattie in Black Snake! They go with everything and the mixed prints adds a twist to your regular flats!

    Good luck everyone!

    isabel mendoza

  39. beckie

    I love the hatties, all colors

  40. Jess

    LOVE the hattie. I've been eyeing these for months. Months, I tell you.

  41. The Veronique heels in Nude are so classy & pretty!

  42. A.

    Joined the site. I'm loving the Hattie in the nude blush-snake. It would be perfect for all of those Summer skirts and dresses!

  43. I love the Veronique in citron! The perfect pop of color for a neutral outfit…

  44. Diana

    I love them ! will be happy till the sky if i win :)

  45. A pair of the Lamberts in black would make a great addition to a spring collection! Casual or dressy!

  46. I love the lambert wedge sandal in cognac!

  47. Hannah

    Amazing shoes! I particular love the multi-coloured suede Hattie. Gorgeous.

  48. Julie

    loving the hattie in black snake as well!! :)

  49. The Rosemary Snake patterned shoes are so cute!

  50. I'm obsessed with Veronique!! in nude!!

  51. Miia

    I really love the Chloe and Lambert shoes :)

  52. I am loving the Veronique in Citron. We all need a pair of yellow heels!

  53. MoKa

    Oooh, I love Jolly in Taupe Suede.
    Have a great day!!!

  54. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hattie Shoe in blush snakeskin!

  55. Amber

    I LOVE the Hattie colorblock suede which is sold out in my size right now, The Black Lambert are my next favorite! I hope I win :)

  56. Jess

    Hattie in blush snake or black snake! love them. Veronique in nude are also great, but I'm bad at walking in high heels :/

  57. Elaine

    The yellow Veronique shoe is so me it's ridiculous!
    Crossing my fingers for this one!

  58. The Veronique in Citron. What a great way to kick start the Spring season!

  59. Nicole

    Hattie for work….yes please!

  60. Oh the Hattie…Makes me cringe that the neon is sold out. I would go for it in black as well! Great giveaway!

  61. the cognac lambert wedges would fit right in with my shoe collection…70's casual. i heart them!

  62. rosemary in snake – something different for me, how fun?! thanks for the opportunity :)

  63. Amy

    Definitely the yellow veronique!

  64. Avery

    Ooo I would love the look of a pant suit in greys and white paired with the Veronique in Citron for the office

  65. I love the Kbell shoes! So cute for spring :o)

  66. I love the Hattie in Black! They look stylish and comfy.

  67. Kate

    I love the Lambert shoe in either color. It looks like the perfect wedge for spring and summer!

  68. Jill B.

    I'm feeling Jolly!

  69. Morgan

    Love the Veronique in citron!

  70. Sarah

    I'm not a big heels gal, so I'd love the black snake Hattie pair as well! Thanks!

  71. I liked Hattie a lot!!

  72. I've been eyeing the Hattie (either colour) as well! I need a new pair of flats.

  73. Love love the Rosemary nude! Perfect for a go-to-work outfit and a night out! So sexy & chic.

  74. Suzi

    I would love the Hattie or Lambert pair! They are both so cute! Thanks!

  75. Kate

    The Rosemary in snake, love them!

  76. I love the KBells. The style is so cute, and I love the color as well.

  77. Already a member! And I love the Rosemary in all colors :)

  78. Rebecca

    I am currently obsessing over "Jolly" in taupe suede. Already daydreaming of pairing outfits with them..

  79. Carrie

    Very cute! I like the Hattie in black – simple stuff for me.

  80. Yay! I've been ogling the Jolly bootie for a while now. Would love it in leopard!

  81. hayley

    absolutely love the "Hattie" in black! great giveaway :)

  82. jslyn

    You and Shoemint?! Amaze. I am currently drooling over the gorgeous Lambert wedge. Lovely show. Good luck to you all and thanks again :)

  83. Ohhh I LOVE the Chloe in taupe-suede!

  84. Laurie

    I would LOVE a pair of the Veronique shoes in the citron colour :)

  85. Camille

    The Veronique or the Jolly are amazing…or anything, really!

  86. Merin

    Lambert in Cognac!

  87. jessica

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. jessica

    While it's so hard to choose because I love them all; the turquoise Chloe would look just fabulous in my closet!

  89. kendra

    Jolly in taupe is dreamy

  90. Marlo

    Janice is a shoe for every single day. Fingers crossed!

  91. I would choose the jolly in leopard- AMAZING!

  92. Hands down…the Jolly in Leopard Pony. Need, need, need!

  93. I am loving rosemary in nude! I need a good pair of nude pumps for work!

  94. c.

    J'adore the Veronique in yellow and Jolly in black!

  95. KK

    I love the Veronique pair in nude!



  96. maggie

    i would love to wear the chloe in nude with skinny bright pants!

  97. Veronique in citron – so fresh!

  98. netty

    I would love to win the Chloe in any of the three colors!

  99. I am also loving the Hattie shoe in blush snake! Perfect for work or the weekend.

  100. Louise

    I am totally in love with the pink Edith´s. They really match with everything! Black rockstar – outfit, beautiful summer dress,glamorous party look. These shoes are perfect!

  101. Thanks for sharing your collection. I like your dress colours and material so much. You have done fantastic work. I like this post.

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  102. vee

    OMG! Already a member, saving my dollars! I love the Chole-nudes!

  103. I LOVE the Chloe in taupe suede! Thanks!

  104. I love the Hattie blush-snake skin flats! I actually have been looking for a tan flat for awhile and these are PERFECT!

  105. Let's just start out by saying that I am obsessed with pretty much ALL of them. Moving on, I would have a reeeeally hard time deciding between the Lambert, the Chloe, and the Michelle. *swoon*

  106. allie

    I LOVE the Lambert! I've been searching for the perfect pair of black wedges for spring!
    Fingers crossed!

  107. Nicole

    the jolly in taupe! thanks for the giveaway!

  108. what a great giveaway! gosh, all the shoes are to die for. i'm loving the veronique in nude, so versatile!

  109. i really like the hattie and the veronique!! so cute!!

  110. I love the Lambert in either color and the Chloe in taupe! But lets be honest I pretty much love all shoes…

  111. I absolutely love the cloe!! Super cute :)

  112. Unknown

    This is my first time entering a giveaway and I think it might be the first time I have ever left you a comment too! But I have been wanting to join SHOEMINT for so long so I figured this would be the perfect time!

    I would LA-LA-LOVE to win The Lambert Shoe!!!

    Thanks for a giveaway that forced me to sign up for ShoeMint!!

  113. maryp

    loving the Jolly in black or leopard suede!

  114. SS

    the cognac-leather version of "Lambert"!

  115. I'm in love with lambert in black leather! gorgeous shoes :)

  116. julia

    I love the Edith shoe in black! :)

  117. I heart Chloe in Turquoise! Such an awesome color for spring!

  118. rachel

    I was so sad when I missed my chance on the Janice. But the Veronique may be my new love. All of these shoes are just beautiful!

  119. Love the Hattie in Blush-Snake and love your blog, too! =)

  120. Elena

    I love the Hattie as well! It's business in the front… party in the back, hehe!

    The black is classic but I am going through a nude shoe stage so it's a toss up.

  121. Lindsay

    Loving the Lambert and the Hattie!

  122. kate

    love the hattie in blush!

  123. veronique in yellow or hattie in neon!!

  124. beina

    I love love love Lambert in chognac leather!!!
    they are fantastic!

  125. Molly

    I'm in love with the Kbell in grey! So cute!!

  126. Love the Hattie and especially the Veronique – so classic, and I have definitely been looking for a good nude pump! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  127. Laura

    I love the color block Hattie flat. So fun!

  128. Cortney

    I love ShoeMint! The veronique is adorable in the citrus yellow!

  129. Jordan

    I'm with you! The Hattie in Colorblock-Suede!

  130. Becky

    Love this! I'm obsessing about the Hattie shoe and can't decide if I like it better in black/snake. What a great flat to wear to work this spring!

  131. Lea

    Loving rosemary in snake; classic design with an edgy twist!

  132. Love ShoeMint and Rachel Bilson! Totally in love with the Hattie in Blush Snake!

  133. i love the Lambert in black!! Great for summer!

  134. Amanda

    I agree, I love the hattie in colorblock suede!!

  135. Amanda

    Love the Lambert in cognac, would be great with all the honeymoon dresses :-D

  136. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Unknown

    I just love the Jolly in Leopard… too bad they're sold out! But the Chloe in blue are pretty rad, too! Fingers crossed xx

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. Ohhh the Veronique in Citron is tugging hard at my heart strings.

  140. I love Hattie in blush-snake!

    I'm already a shoemint member, love it!

  141. Megan

    I am LOVING the Hattie in Blush… eek I need them!!!

    I am a member of ShoeMint.

  142. K

    I love love love the Chloe in Taupe suede. So nice.

    Thanks for this new giveaway.

  143. Selah

    I'm loving the Hattie in Colorblock suede!

  144. I just became a member and I would love the Rosemary in the pretty nude color. Perfect for work… and I start a new job on Monday!

  145. Shelley

    I like the Veroniques!

  146. Well hello there Kbell *.*

  147. Anne

    So fun! I love Hattie with a bit of snakeskin so my flats are still sexy!

  148. JulesLC

    I'm literally dying for Hattie in the bold color block. The perfect pop of color for spring and summer.

  149. Cara

    Too many to choose just one!

  150. Hattie is my fav!

  151. I absolutely LOVE the Jolly in either the taupe or black suede. very versatile, and so cute.

  152. Beth

    I am loving the Hattie in colorblock suede. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Brianne

    I love the Rosemary! Very classic!

  154. There are too many to choose from!! I love the nude Rosemary!! adorable :)

  155. i adore the hattie – blush/snake! so cute!

  156. Tarana

    I actually just ordered the Hattie in the nude color!

    If I were to choose another one it would be the Veronique in the citron color :)

  157. Katie

    I love the Veronique in yellow! I have nothing like it.

  158. Jillian

    i love the lambert in cognac!

  159. Lindsay

    I like the Hatie in colorblock suede!

  160. yenaled

    I love Chloe and Lambert. Can't decide between the two!!

  161. I'm trully in a LOVE with Veronique (Black) <3 If I were so lucky I would were them during my university's interview!! <3

  162. Hattie in blush-snake is lovely!

  163. Brooke

    I love the Lambert's in black! Cute cute cute.

  164. flori

    Just became a Shoe Mint member, and I love, love, love the Hattie flats. The're simple and versatile and just right for spring!

    Crossing my fingers xx

  165. I absolutely adore the Color Block Suede Hattie flats. Too cute!!!

  166. i've got two pairs of shoemint shoes now and would certainly not mind adding another pair!! i love the hattie in the multi color combo!


  167. Lambert in the brown! Im all over that…

  168. Amy

    I love them all!! but if i was forced to chose maybe the veronique!

  169. maddie

    I love the nude Chloe platforms! Perfect for spring.

  170. Lindsey

    I love the cognac Lambert and the color block Hattie!

  171. Lauren

    I'm obsessed with those Hattie flats, adorable! I think I'm leaning towards the color block ones, they'd be so fun for spring!

  172. i joined shoemint a little bit ago — their shoe collection is incredible! i've got my eye on the color blocked hattie flats you linked to. thanks for the giveaway!

  173. siobhan

    love veronique (with rolled up boyfriend jeans) and chloe (with spring's printed pants)!

  174. the jolly, the Janice, the Hattie, oh my! Those are my top pics. But I think the color block Hattie wins. Just barely.

  175. I love the Hattie too :)

  176. Kailey

    I love the Chloe in Taupe! Thanks for the giveaway.

  177. Becky

    I think you're definitely right loving the Hattie but I'm afraid I have to disagree with your color choice (like there could possibly BE a wrong answer? yeah, right)… the pink/tan color looks like it would be the perfect complement to my light complexion and perfect for all things outdoor this summer. Mama like!

  178. Abigail

    just joined! and i'm falling madly in love with lambert in congnac leather. oh yes.

  179. hattie – black snake love it!

  180. I love Veronique in Nude.

  181. Unknown

    Lovin' the Janice boot!

  182. Yay I'm already a member :) I love the Chloe heels in taupe!

  183. Jocelyn

    I love so so so many of them and i just haven't had a dime to spend on anything! I would love to have teh veronique in any of the colors!

  184. Chloe in turquoise-suede has me drooling this morning!

  185. Cassie

    i love love love the hattie flats!

  186. win a new pair of shoes, are you kidding me?? YES PLEASE! i would love love the lambert. perfect for the spring weather and upcoming summer months! and i love me a good wedge!

  187. Lily

    Oww, I love the Hattie!

  188. I like the Veronique in yellow! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  189. I'm also loving Hattie- so cute!

  190. I have been lusting over the Jolly boot in leopard!
    smith.d.brittany at

  191. Kelly

    LOVE the lambert in cognac. Perfect for my flowy skirts!

  192. Vanessa

    I love Hattie in the bright pink, orange and teal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. Oh! i love ShoeMint! I'm already a member :)
    I've been eyeing the Chole in taupe for a while now!

  194. Olya

    ha! I was just looking at the Hattie colorblock ones just yesterday! I want to win, win, win!!! ( and need to… i've been working very hard for free for too long.)

  195. mhey

    I had never heard of ShoeMint before this but now I am obsessed! I also love the Hattie flat. Thanks!

  196. Rachel

    I'd love the jolly shoes! So cute!

  197. Jenny

    Oh, I love the Jolly- wish they still had it in taupe, but the black is great too. Thank you!

  198. Meg

    Rachel Bilson, Steve Madden, and now the Rockstar Diaries- what a perfect collaboration!! I'm loving the Lambert!

  199. Jaclyn

    I signed up not too long ago and began drooling over all the lovely styles and colours! I'd love to win a pair of the Jolly shoes.

  200. izabela

    I would love the Hattie in Color block Suede… I saw them a couple months ago and have been lusting after them since!

  201. Ivy

    I'm loving the Veronique pair in Citron! And Hattie in Blush-Snake!

  202. The Hattie in blush….what a pretty spring shoe.Id love to walk around in this darling pair of shoes

  203. I love the lambert in cognac!!

  204. Jessica

    I absolutely love Hattie in the color block suede! I'd buy them right now if they had them in stock!

  205. SamEff

    Loving the Hattie <3 Would be perfect for work and play!

  206. Colorblock Hattie is my favorite, but love Veronique too!

  207. i love the lambert…perfect for spring and summer!

  208. Katy

    The Rosemary in nude for summer dresses! I need a good basic. I ruined all mine when I was pregnant last summer!

  209. Currently IN LOVE with Chloe! Perfect for spring!

  210. pjbrock

    I like the Hattie in colorblock. Very cute!

  211. samurph

    The Rex and black printed Kathy loafers are fabulous. There classic construction yet bold use of print allows for it to be dressed up with a LBD or dressed down, paired with skinny jeans and a bomber jacket!

  212. The lambert shoe in brown brings a smile to my face, they are too cute! I also love the Edith, I would buy them right now if they weren't sold out, but I'm on the waiting list so fingers crossed!

  213. Holy Veronique! In Citron of course.. yummy.

  214. So nice! Thank you for the giveaway!

    I like Hattie, especially those colorful ones :)

  215. pjbrock

    I like the Hattie in colorblock. Very cute!

  216. kg.

    I love ShoeMint! I've wanted "Edith" for so long, but everyone else must love them as much as I do because they've been sold out for awhile. :( "Chloe" & "Lambert" are adorable as well.

  217. emily

    chloe in taupe suede!

  218. bex

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!
    I too adore the Hattie but also the Veronique in the citrine color is lovely.


  219. This comment has been removed by the author.

  220. claire

    i would love to have the chloe or the kbell! thanks for a great giveaway- fingers crossed!

  221. nova

    I'd go with the Hattie shoes probably!

  222. Love the Hattie pair as well! Just joined the site and I'm excited!

  223. Pamela

    I just couldn't pick my favorite between the Veronique and the Jolly. Most likely the Jolly! So adorable :)

  224. Angie

    I love the Veronique in nude. So adorable. The citron is amazing too!!!!

  225. Me.

    I love snake prints, so I would so love to have a pair of Rosemary or Hattie in Snake!!

  226. Leese

    Lambert in cognac!!

  227. I would love the Veronique in citron. so perfect for spring!

  228. Molly

    i like the veronique in nude!

  229. I am loving the Lambert in cognac! They are the perfect wedge for spring! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  230. I would get the Lambert in Black!! Perfect strappy wedge for spring/summer!!

  231. Shea

    I love the Chloe heels in black! They are beautiful and would be the perfect addition to my closet!!


  232. Love the bright colored Hattie!! Fabulous for spring/summer!

  233. Kendra

    totally agree with you on the "Hattie" pair! It's perfect for when I'm at work!

  234. I love the black Veronique pair. Thank you!!!

  235. I signed up and seriously they have the cutest shoes.
    I love the Veronique in nude, even more in citron. To die for.

  236. I love love love the Hattie flat and the Lambert wedge! Awesome giveaway!

  237. Lauren

    i am also in love with those hattie flats [in the bold colors]! i would love to have those for spring.

  238. I am in love with shoemint! and Rachel Bilson is my favorite, I also am obsessing over the lambert in the cognac leather, wear with a long white flowy dress or cropped skinnies my goodness i can't wait for summer!

  239. Unknown

    I would wear the Lambert (Cognac) with jeans, spring dresses, and linen shorts…basically every outfit I own.

  240. Sarah

    I joined awhile ago, and sadly missed out on the Jolly in my size. I really love Lambert in Cognac (even if I have some that are similar already, I am too in love to let this slip away!)

  241. I am LOVING the Chloe ankle strap platform. It's very girly and chunky enough it won't be painful after a couple hours!

  242. i *love* the lambert in black! they would be perfect for the spring/summer and to wear at my new job!

    thank you so very much for the opportunity!!!

  243. manisae

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  244. Rachael

    Wow!! I'd love to have the Veronique shoe! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  245. Jolly is made for a spring stroll! i love!

  246. manisae

    Hattie flat in blush/snakeskin for sho!

  247. I looove loooove looove the Jolly in Beige! I will at least have found a great brand :) thanks

  248. I've been stalking the Lambert in cognac for weeks :)

  249. I've been stalking the Lambert in cognac for weeks :)

  250. i love the janice in taupe suede!

  251. Cynthia

    Rosemary in Nude! I have been DYING for a pair of nude heels.

  252. What a wonderful giveaway!! I adore the Hattie ones in the color block suede, but also love the Chloe shoes in blue suede!

  253. I'm keen on the Hattie. The suede color block pair makes me drool, but as it's sold out, the blush patent/snake leather is also gorgeous.

  254. Nicole

    Oh how I want the Lambert! Such a beautiful shoe!

  255. Elisha

    I love the Lambert in black for this spring/summer! I've been thinking about just buying these shoes for weeks now! Fingers crossed :)

  256. ohhhh veronique in nude, or jolly in black. CAN NOT make up my mind!

  257. ohhhh veronique in nude, or jolly in black. CAN NOT make up my mind!

  258. I like the lambert!

  259. M

    I absolutely am in love with the Lambert wedges in both colors but for some reason I am loving the dark black wedges as a little kick of fun for cool summer nights and early sunday brunches. Perfection (and totally outside my typical shoe choice!)

  260. Jillian

    I do love the veronique but the Kathy would be a much more practical shoe for me.

  261. Unknown

    chloe in nude suede are so classic and feminine! they are adorable :)

  262. I have been lusting over the Jolly in Leopard ever since I saw Emma Roberts wear them – trying to save my pennies! This is a fabulous giveaway and announcement day March 30th just happens to be my birthday.. Fate? It'd be the best present ;)

  263. Marijke

    The black Kathy shoes are so pretty! The perfect loafer if you ask me :).

  264. Jolly in taupe! Jolly in taupe!! Fingers crossed!

  265. Love the Chloe! Super cute!

  266. Laura

    i am now a new shoemint member! i would love to win the veronique shoes in citron! or the janice shoes in tan…so cute!

  267. I am crazy for the Veronique in yellow and in nude! Decisions, decisions…

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  268. Beth

    Love the Lambert wedges in Cognac. so ucte!

  269. ariana

    i LOVE the hattie in colorblock shoes!

  270. kodijo

    If it wasn't sold out, Hattie in colorblock, without a doubt. Since it is, Veronique in yellow. It's spring, all I want is bright!

  271. Berger

    I love the Veronique! It's simple and classy! Its hard to pick I like them all!

  272. Teanut

    I love the Hattie, too!

  273. Roque

    I love, love, love Veronique in citron. Beautiful!

  274. Tas

    Love Rosemary in Nude.

  275. I'm hungry for Chloe in taupe suede! I love them! Such a great give away:) Good Luck everyone!!!!!

  276. Oh goodness I can't decide. I love the Kbell and the Chloe.

  277. ash2885

    All signed up & in love with the Veronique. I want them in every color available! :)

  278. Bru

    In love with Hattie black-snake!

  279. Ashley

    I'd love to own the Veronique in nude (even though it's not available in my size :()


  280. I'm a member & I also LOVE the Hattie colorblock flats. Sooo perfect!

  281. I would love to win the Hattie in blush snake pair! love them!

  282. lisa h.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the black Jolly's!!!

  283. Lara

    I love the ones you chose – great to chase my one yo baby and also the Jolly ones are just great. Thanks for the great give away. Good luck with everything hugs&kisses; from Bucharest Lara

  284. tori

    I love the pair of Hattie's in color block suede!

  285. Wouldn't usually go for something like this but the "Kathy" shoes in red and black polk a dots really appeal to me. They're really cute!!

  286. nōms:

    love those lambert wedges! perfect spring time shoes!

  287. Aurore

    I'd love to win the Jolly !

  288. OH! I love the Veronique in yellow and the Rosemary in nude…these shoes are great!

  289. sarasue

    I would love to win the black lambert shoes!!! SO perfect!

  290. Either Haddie in Colorblock or Rosemary in Snake! Great shoes…

  291. Jessica

    I would love to win the Jolly shoes in taupe suede. These are fantastic!

  292. Hattie in color is my choice!Pretty shoes!

  293. Em

    These shoes are incredible! I love love love the veronique in nude. They are such a classy, sexy style. – Emily

  294. I'm loving Veronique, so classic but in such fun colors. :)

  295. Joëlle

    Oh MY! I love the Hattie in blush snake!

  296. Dash

    I'm loving the colorblock suede Hattie!

  297. I really like the Hattie shoe too but in Blush Snake!

  298. I'd love to win the Jolly style!

  299. kcowie

    Twitterpated by HATTIE. Love love love!

  300. Laurel

    the janice is taupe is so cute!!

  301. nadia

    I'm with you, I am in love with the Hattie flats!!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    xo Nadia

  302. Kelsey

    I love the Veronique in Nude! I don't have a nude pair of shoes yet… but I just got nude nail polish!

  303. I am LOVING the "Colorblock Seude Hattie" shoe. Sooo cute!!!

  304. Katie

    loving the michelle- been dying to try this co. out!

  305. Kelsey

    The Veronique in Nude!

  306. miriam

    I love the Michelle, but it is sold out, and is a tad too tall for me. 6" heels = 6'2" Miriam. Yikes! I also love the Lambert in Cognac. Beautiful!!

  307. ariane

    i love the jolly! so cute.

  308. I love the Lambert in Cognac also! A great spring/summer shoe!!

  309. Justine

    I signed up :] I ADORE the Chloe in the nude color – definitely my pick!

  310. Justine

    I signed up :] I ADORE the Chloe in the nude color – definitely my pick!

  311. Justine

    I signed up :] I ADORE the Chloe in the nude color – definitely my pick!

  312. Wow, I am so torn between a few styles, but I think I'd get the most use out of Lambert in cognac leather. Perfect for so many outfits!

  313. Alexis

    Oh my goodness! Jolly is taupe is just much too perfect. I would love walking around campus in those.

  314. Camara

    the veronique in yellow are amazing!!

  315. the ediths!

  316. Haleigh

    I am with you! I love the black Hattie.

  317. Great Giveaway!
    Jolly leopard print stuck in my head already, and did I mentioned that today is my bday ;)

  318. Great Giveaway!
    Jolly leopard print stuck in my head already, and did I mentioned that today is my bday ;)

  319. Kelli

    If I had my choice I would pick the Edith, it's a pretty hot looking shoe!

  320. Unknown

    Mabert in Cognac-Leather all the way. Perf wedge for Spring!

  321. Jessica

    Thanks so much for the link, you always give great leads on shops I had no idea about.

    I'm totally obsessed with the Pauline wedges… I don't even like wedges, but I looooove those wedges!

  322. I love Rachel Bilson's style – she is so adorable!

    I love the Lambert shoe – summer is on my mind! I love wedges too – so much easier to run around in once you have little ones!

  323. Zoë

    I love the bright, color-popping Hattie!

  324. Beth

    I'm torn between Janice, Michelle and Chloe…they're all so good!

    I think if I had to choose it would be the Michelle in grey, I usually go for classic style so it would be nice to own something a little more edgy!

  325. Madelyn

    I love the Lambert in cognac

  326. lsilva

    I love the Kathy! In black patent it's classic but with a TWIST! Definitely a must have.

    Fingers crossed!

  327. I think, no i'm pretty sure, that I need the colorblock hattie!

  328. Landen

    I love the Hattie in the colorblock! They would be perfect with a breezy springtime dress!

  329. Tori

    The Veronique would be A-maze-ing for work and play in Citron, and the rosemary in nude is not far behind. But like you, I'm a little obsressed with the black and snakeskin Hattie.

  330. Sara

    Such fun stuff! Love the Veronique in nude!

  331. chloe-turquoise suede. obsession. need i say more? okay, i will ! the mary jane fit and scalloped top line make for a dainty, lady-like appearance. mix it with the chunky heel and 'Chloe' is ready for a night on the town or a day walking down the River Seine.

    au revoir!

  332. Advah

    I love the Hattie!

  333. "Jolly" pair is both comfort & style! Just for spring and autumn long walks in the park ^.^

  334. Found Shoemint because of your blog! Love the Hattie in Cognac. I would ROCK these for spring! Thanks X0

  335. I have been coveting the Chloe heels in nude! So perfect for spring! Thanks :)

  336. ashley

    I have been a member for a while but haven't purchased yet. I love the Hattie!

  337. Annabel

    Oh gosh, I love their shoes, can I still enter if it's an international entry? :)
    I'm such a fan of wedges, I'd love the Lambert or Jolly shoes!

  338. I am in mad love with Veronique in that great chartreuse color. It's just the shoe to spice up my spring wardrobe!

  339. The Kathy in Red Dalmatian literally made me gasp out loud. Love this giveaway and CONGRATS on Baby Boy! You and yours are so blessed.

  340. The Jolly in leopard is my all-time favorite, but the Hattie in blush-snake is a close second!

  341. Leah

    I love the Lambert wedges in Black Leather! So cute.

  342. esires

    Jolly in taupe suede is the shoe i've been looking for!!! PERFECT. really hope i win :)

  343. I love the Michelle!

  344. esires

    Jolly in taupe suede is the shoe i've been looking for!!! PERFECT. really hope i win :)

  345. I love the Brown Lambert wedge heels! Super versatile and super cute!!!

  346. Heather

    I would have to go with the Chloe in blue. Everyone needs bright blue shoes. So practical right?

  347. Jasmin

    Would go with Veronique.
    Allthough they are sold out, I really love the Kathy's!

  348. Lambert in cognac leather is my absolute favorite!

  349. Sarah

    the hattie shoes in blush are awesome and unique!

  350. I LOVE the Jolly wedges. They're adorable.

    Thanks for the great giveaway Naomi! :-)

  351. i am totally digging the lambert in cognac.
    what a great giveaway! thanks for hosting!

  352. Lucy

    I am loving the Lambert in cognac!

  353. I absolutely ADORE edith in blush suede. haha, I'm already picking through my closet for an outfit to go with them.

  354. Oh me oh my. So hard to choose. I can't decide between these three:

    colorblock Hattie platform
    brown lambert wedge
    taupe suede jolly wedge

  355. I love the veronique in citron!

  356. ooh hard decision. But, I am most in love with the Jolly in the taupe color!

  357. Tiffany

    I love the Lambert shoes in black leather. They definitely nailed my style. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  358. Jess

    I think the Labmert would be great with my spring/summer skits and dresses!

  359. NML

    Hi Naomi! Another great giveaway… I'd love the Hattie in any color.


  360. Beth

    Oooh the Veronique's in Nude are my fave.

  361. This is awesome! For something really different and out of my comfort zone, I'd love to own a pair of Veronique in Citron!

  362. I adore Veronique in nude! My sister & I are big fan of ShoeMint and with her wedding coming up in June,I would love to rock one of those beauties :)

  363. Bridget

    That was way more fun than I thought it would be! I'm rather jolly for the Jollys!

  364. i'm kind of obsessed with the black jollys. so cute!

  365. Rachel

    Became a member of shoemint! I absolutely adore the black Kathy shoes…. perfect for a carefree summer evening :)

  366. I LOVE the Lambert style in cognac and would live in them all summer long!

  367. Amie

    I love the Lambert in Cognac!! Gorgeousness!!

  368. Katie

    The Veronique in citron are on my wish list! Love the color!

  369. I love the hattie in pink, teal, and orange! So colorful

  370. So hard to pick one favorite! I love the Lambert is Cognac. Makes me excited for spring!

  371. So hard to pick one favorite! I love the Lambert is Cognac. Makes me excited for spring!

  372. i love the nude veronique or the color blocked hattie you picked out. so cute!

  373. So here is hoping that I just might win…I am a nanny and as much as i love heels its much more useful to wear flats right now, which is why I am loving the hattie pair in colorblock suede!! They are so bright and playful, just what i need right now!! Fingers crossed!! Thanks rockstar diaries and shoeMint!!!

  374. This comment has been removed by the author.

  375. LT

    I actually just bought that Hattie pair a few days ago and am anxiously awaiting their arrival via mail!

    I'd also love that red dalmatian Kathy shoe, or the citron Veronique, but both are sold out! :(

  376. I am officially a shoemint member! Woohoo! I am loving the Lambert Cognac Leather and the Chloe Taupe-Suede! So stylin'(:

  377. erin

    I love the Hattie, in colorblock and nude.

  378. Aub

    I like the hattie in blush suede

  379. Unknown

    I would love the Hattie multi color. So cute for spring!!!

  380. What a great giveaway!
    Love the turquoise Chloe!

  381. Kate

    That veronique in yellow should be mine! love it.

  382. OH I love the black katy shoes! Please Please Please!!!! Need new shoes for spring! THANX

  383. Poppy

    I love the Rosemary shoe in nude!!! Beautiful shoes!

  384. T & J

    I love the colour-block bright suede hattie flats.. so cute!! :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  385. T & J

    I love the colour-block bright suede hattie flats.. so cute!! :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  386. Kate

    that veronique in yellow must be mine! love it

  387. Great giveaway!

    I love the Kathy pair in Red dakmatian! Soo cute!

  388. Stephy

    I LOVE the sold-out Pauline bootie in red. I think it would be the perfect finishing touch on an outfit of skinny metallic jeans and chunky sweater in the winter or a flouncy skirt and striped top in the spring. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bootie!

  389. Alyssa

    I love this site and love love shoes! Thanks for this giveaway!

  390. Lizzy

    The Hattie flats are completely fun in the color block red and pink, would love to rock those this summer!

  391. Angie

    I'd love the Chloe in Taupe!

  392. Lizzy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  393. Nay

    I love the chloe! It's so cool and not anything I would normally buy for myself.

  394. cnilles

    love Jolly in the black suede! I've been on the hunt for desert boot-esque booties and these are perfect!

  395. Krista

    My first pick would have to be the chloe in turqouise!

  396. I am loving the flats!!! so sweet, love the strap around the ankle! And how cute is Rachel Bilson?!?!?

  397. I'm a member! I want so many I can't decide on just one!

  398. I love the Hattie in blush/ snakeskin but also like the Kathy… which is sadly sold out. But the Hattie looks like a great fun flat and I love the blush color for Spring.

  399. meg

    Love the Lambert in Cognac!

  400. Hannah

    oh my gosh! they're all so lovely! i want all of them in my closet!

  401. Alyssa

    I love the hattie too! Perfect for my swollen ankle with this pregnancy.

  402. I'm loving the Hattie flats in black-snake!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  403. lambert ♥

  404. tabian

    loved the same style you like "Hattie" but I prefer the bright colored patterns…it looks like candies on the feet..weeee!! ^____^

  405. C & M

    any ones would be gorgeous. i love getting new shoes just in time for spring!

  406. C & M

    any ones would be gorgeous. i love getting new shoes just in time for spring!

  407. Veronique in citron, please!

  408. i need the kathy in the red dalmatian please and thank you!

  409. I love color block hattie!!! :) Thanks

  410. i have been eyeing the Hattie in fuschia, orange and teal!

  411. I love love love the Veronique in black. So chic.

  412. I also love the Hattie flats, but I'd like to try some bright new spring styles (for me).

  413. Chloe in the cream colour!

  414. Love the Jolly shoes in Leopard in a size 9! Obsessed with leopard right now.

  415. Love the Jolly shoes in Leopard in a size 9… way too cute!

  416. AnnaZed

    I like the black Kathy Shoes.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  417. I've always heard of the website but never signed up! Thanks for this ShoeMint! Jolly in Taupe!! Gorgeous.

  418. I also love the Hattie in the bright colors! Need new flats!

  419. cambri

    if i won the hattie flats (colorblocked or snakeskin) i most likely would never take them off!

  420. I love the colorful Hattie ooo and the Jolly

  421. Nancy

    Lambert Please!

  422. sarah

    i'd love the lambert in cognac leather. would literally go with every spring/summer outfit i have in mind!

  423. I love the Chloe! So cute!

  424. I LOVE the Hattie shoes, all colors!

  425. I love the "Michelle" in Grey Suede.
    And not only bc my name is the same ;)

  426. jaycee

    I would love to win the lambert in cognac pair!

  427. B

    the Jolly in print with my Joe cigarette jeans or the Hattie in black snake with all my sheath dresses.

  428. oooh my gosh… lusting over the Chloe in blue. wow.

  429. This is the most amazing giveaway! I love the Kbell wedges and the Lambert wedges. So darling!

  430. Unknown

    I absolutely love the jolly in both the taupe suede and leopard pony. The leopard pony would look with pretty much divine with any outfit. Can rock them with skinny jeans or a beautiful short black lace dress.

  431. The Veronique shoe in Citron is beyond my favorite. I really love the greenish yellow hue – a color which I am obsessed with! I cannot wait to start wearing shows like this once the weather gets better for me!

    I can imagine jeans and a white tee, a flouncy skirt, an adorable retro dress, ah! So many possibilities while staying as cool as Veronica Lake.

    :) Ewa

  432. Ericka

    Is love a pair of Lamberts!

  433. Lisette

    I love the simplicity of the Hattie.

  434. Chloe for me. Hopefully in nude! :)

  435. I love Kbell! Such a beautiful colour!

  436. Shan

    I love the Veronique in Citron or the Lambert in black leather. Love this site!

  437. I love love love the Lambert in cognac. A beautiful spring wedge! Yes please!

    Thanks, Dominique

  438. I have been looking for a classic black pump. I think is such a staple piece that i have been missing my wardrobe for too long. The Veronique in black is the perfect pump!

  439. Ali

    i love the Hattie flats in the black/snake color! gorgeous!


  440. I love the Hattie in the spring colors but they keep selling out!!

  441. Shan

    I could so see myself in a pair of taupe Jolly's!

  442. Love the Cognac Lambert pair of shoes! These would fit perfectly with my summer wardrobe :)

  443. amy

    I am so in love with the lambert and the edith! I've never had a platform sandal like that, I would love it! And the edith would be so fun for going out!

  444. The Jolly in Leopard-Pony is kind of an obvious choice for me, they are delectable!!!!!!! Pretty excited though, if I don't get them I may just buy em my self!

  445. Def. the Hattie flats!!! In blush-snake!! They're almost sold out :(

  446. im in love with janice AND hattie! LOVE your blog. :)

  447. Bethany

    The colorblock Hattie's are most dreamy spring shoes. Can I have them please?

  448. I'm such a Shoe Mint fan! I want every pair! But for now… my absolute favorite is Veronique in Citron!

  449. Mia

    oh yes, the hattie in nude!

  450. I LUV the Rosemary in snake!

  451. Mary

    I would pick Hattie with the bright orange, fuchsia and teal color blocks!

  452. oh my goodness! i am in love with the hattie shoe in the blush color. so pretty!

  453. Miranda

    I love the colorful Hattie's! SO cute. They would add a perfect amount of color to a simple outfit. :)

  454. Pilar

    I think the Lamberts in the cognac leather are amazing!

  455. I've been needing a pair like Veronique for quite awhile!

  456. MeLisa

    I love the snake Rosemary!

  457. Oooo, I'd choose either the yellow Veronique heels, or the Hattie snakeskin flats. So much fun stuff to choose from!

  458. Lauren

    I love the Edith and the Michelle, but they are sold out!! Next favorite is the Chloe! So pretty!!


  459. Those Jolly shoes in black suede are awfully cute!!!

  460. What a delightful giveaway! I adore the Chloe shoe! So lovely with it's scallops!

  461. I LOVE the Veronique (yay for V names!) in the yellow!!

  462. Oh the Veronique in Citron and the Jolly and Taupe Suede are marvelous! So many outfits built around these shoes in my mind.

  463. Candice

    Ahhh… i love the Hattie as well in the bright colors!

  464. Candice

    Ahhh… i love the Hattie as well in the bright colors!

  465. Love Love Love the Chloe in Taupe.
    Such a classic color and style!

  466. lindsay

    love the edith!! and love everthing about rachel bilson!!

  467. C

    I am so in love with the Janice boot!!! I am so in need for something this stylish, fun and functional for Outside Lands 2012! So so totz amaze! It would go with everything! <3

  468. Unknown

    I love Rachel Bilson! I am about the same height and I think she has the greatest style. I joined ShoeMint and have my eye on the Rosemary in Snake!

  469. I absolutely ADORE the Lambert Wedges! So dang cute!!!

    Fabulous giveaway! *Fingers Crossed*

  470. Katie

    I'm loving the Veronique in Citron! They are completely different than every other shoe I own!

  471. paula

    hoping this is also an international giveaway… I would LOVE the black Lambert shoes! Oooh I would loove it so so much.

  472. I think Janice is my favorite, with Jolly a very close second!

  473. I LOVE the Black Hattie!

  474. I'm loving the Lambert! Perfect for day or night & would carry into summer & fall (with some colored tights)!

  475. Megan

    I adore the Hattie's in Blush-Snake! Super cute! :D

  476. M.

    Those Citron Veroniques have my heart.

  477. liljers

    the jolly in leopard!!! obsessed

  478. Elaine

    I love the Kathy!

  479. Shauna

    I would choose the color block hattie flat for sure!

  480. Loving the brown leather lambert style!!

  481. Hannah

    The Lambert in cognac will be so great for spring/summer!

  482. The Hattie in blush snake would go perfectly with all of my spring dresses and tops!

  483. already a member! love the jolly in taupe suede!

  484. Air

    I'm in love with the Hattie pair too…I'll take any colour combo; they're all fab!

    Amazing giveaway! :)

  485. Bethany

    Tough to pick just one, but the "Hattie" shoe would be it!

  486. Megan

    The Lambert in Cognac is perfect! It would go with so many things in my closet:) Thanks for this giveaway!

  487. Teresa

    Hi! Loving the color block Hattie..

  488. Jillian

    Loving the fun colors on the Hattie flats! <3

  489. Becky

    Ooooh…I can't decide! It's a toss up between the citron Veronique & the grey Michelle :)

  490. AaReAn

    totally became a member…I love the nude color veronique!

    oh i hope i win! :-)

  491. jaimey

    I dig the Hattie in black snake. Or blush snake. Can't decide! Great giveaway–thank you!

  492. Hannah

    I love the Lambert shoes!

  493. I'm with you on those Hattie flats! Those or the Chloe platforms.

  494. amanda

    a nude pair of the Veronique shoe! i've always loved the jollie but I think the Veronique may be my new fav :)

  495. I am honestly OBSESSED with the "Hattie" shoes you posted. I might have to buy them if I don't win.

  496. Kylie

    I, without a doubt, could see myself becoming obsessed with the Hattie flats in black/snake. Size 8.5, please! :)

  497. Rachel

    So pretty, I love the Veronique in nude!

  498. Kathy in Black Patent leather!



  499. I am currently swooning over the Lambert wedges in Cognac leather! LOVE.

  500. i'm so very much in love with JOLLY's leopard pony. oh, such JOLLY to have dem pair if i am lucky!

  501. Ruthie

    Loving the Veronique shoes in nude, so lovely! Great give away, thanks!

  502. ty;mich

    Love the Jolly styled shoes and ShoeMint in general. They do a great job at trying to find your specific style!

  503. Jenna E

    love the Jolly. Can be dressed up or down

  504. I think Hattie are my favorites!

  505. Jackie

    Amazing giveaway! I'm in LOVE with the Hattie – all three colors!

  506. ms.mooy

    The Janice bootie in taupe is totes my style… Love them! I agree with you and pretty much everyone else, the Hattie flats are pretty rockin:)

  507. Hannah

    Tough choice but I think it would have to be Hattie in Blush suede :)

  508. Alina

    Veronique in Citron or Hattie in colorblock. Don't think I could choose!

  509. Lambert in Cognac for my colorful skinnies! :)

  510. The Chloe Shoes! They're so on trend – I heart them!

  511. Love jolly & hattie!!
    Thanks for yet another fabulous giveaway!

  512. I'm a sucker for flats. I love the Hattie in any color.

  513. analise

    I would die for a pair of black jolly's! I'd probably wear them everyday!

  514. analise

    I would die for a pair of black jolly's! I'd probably wear them everyday!

  515. Teri

    I like the color blocked hattie shoe! So cute!

  516. The Lambert shoes and the Jolly Shoes are AMAZING!!!

  517. Unknown

    the lambert in cognac! love shoemint! thank you for this giveaway! -madison

  518. Love the Lambert (in Cognac)!

  519. Cynthia

    I adore the 'Rosemary' in nude! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  520. Melanie

    I love the Lambert & Chloe shoe! They are adorable for spring, summer, and even fall here in Arizona :)

  521. Carrie

    i like the lambert sandals in cognac!

  522. I LOVE the nude Chloe's!!! They would go with everything.. And bc of that thick heel, I know they would be comfortable!! :)

  523. Melissa

    I would love the Hattie shoes in color block suede! How fun!

  524. Kim

    It's so hard to choose, they are all so cute! I love the Veronique in nude and Hattie in black!

  525. Liz

    Hattie all the way… Black or white, that's the tough part!

  526. jamie

    what a rad giveaway (and site): i love the veronique shoes!

  527. what a cool idea. I love the jolly booties in taupe suede!

  528. Ah I love the Hatti pair. so cute!!!!

  529. I would love the Janice in leopard

  530. Carly

    LOVE the Lambert in black!

  531. kimmy

    I am in and in love with the Hattie on color block suede ! Kim

  532. Allie

    Love love love Hattie in nude and Veronica also in nude. Obviously I am in need of a nude pair of heels. :)

  533. julieb

    my favs are the black Hatties!

  534. Brooke

    I really love the Jolly Taupe pair! I've just joined StyleMInt and have now joined ShoeMint! I love it!

  535. Rosemary! In nude. Beautiful.

  536. ali

    I love the Lambert in Cognac, definitely my perfect shoe for so many seasons!

  537. Taylor

    Love this giveaway! I've been lusting after the Jolly since the debut collection in December!

  538. JZ

    I love, love, love the black leather Hattie. You have the best giveaways!

  539. Lindsay

    I love the Hattie in Colorblock Suede. So cute!

  540. I would take Hattie or Lambert in a second!

  541. Katie

    They are all so cute. I think I would have to go with the Lambert or Hattie!

  542. Susie

    I joined,
    And I would get the Chloe in tan or Edith if it were in stock. Very cute!

  543. Hailey

    I love the Chloe shoes in black! They would go with everything!

  544. sara

    I absolutely love the Edith in pink, perfect for…pretty much everything!!

  545. I'm loving the Rosemary in snakeskin.

  546. I don't wear heels often – but if I had the Lambert in Cognac I would wear them day and night!


  547. Kariane

    This is such an awesome giveaway!!! I love the Veronique heels in citron! What a fun way to add a pop of color to a basic outfit :)

  548. Stacey

    It is a draw between Kbell and Lambert in the light brown. They are both awesome shoes. Thanks for the chance to win a pair.

  549. Jessica

    excited to join Shoemint! I am loving the Jolly.. i'm going through a serious leopard print phase! ::fingers crossed!::

  550. I love the Jolly :) (any color!)

  551. I would love love the lambert in brown or the jolly in leopard!

  552. I'm in love with the Veronique and Edith, both in nude. They're gorgeous!

  553. laurel

    I'm loving the lambert in cognac leather. They're unlike anything I have but I can see them working really well in my wardrobe for spring!

  554. I am in love with the Veronique sohe in Citron! They're stunning.

  555. I love the Lambert in cognac leather!!! yum.

  556. Casey

    I like the Lambert in cognac, and although they are much too high for me, I would sacrifice because of the cuteness :)

  557. Alli

    First I must say, WOW it’s hard to pick a favorite! But if I had to go with one, I’d pick Hattie in Blush/Snake. I love the unique style of the shoe paired with a nude color that always looks good with everything! Perfect for spring!

  558. Anna

    I really like Michelle. So powerful! :)

  559. Nicole

    the veronique please!

  560. alli

    I am loving the Lambert in cognac! I love wedges this spring!

  561. I love Chloe in turquoise suede so cute perfect for spring/summer.


  562. I love Chloe in turquoise suede so cute perfect for spring/summer.


  563. Marilyn

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  564. I absolutely LOVE the Lambert pair in tan. They would be perfect summer sandals.

  565. Maca

    ooohh! i'm obsessed with Kbell or Edith pair!

  566. Loved the Lambert in black…so cute! love this site!

  567. oh my goodness. i would love to win the leopard print jolly! thank you so much.

  568. oh my goodness! what an amazing giveaway! i have had my eyes set on those hattie shoes for a while now. i would love to win them!

  569. i would love the Hattie flat in nude!

  570. I am OBSESSED with the KBell wedges – they are the perfect tall but non-fussy shoes for spring in NYC. Thank you Rachel Bilson + Team for creating this amazing, affordable line!

  571. Mallory

    i would LOVE to win a new pair of shoes for spring! I signed up for ShoeMint! And i love the Hattie Flat as well!!

  572. I adore the Jolly (under a long skirt or with jeans)and the Lambert in Cognac for spring and summer! or in black with tights when it's chilly.

  573. love Hattie in nude!! thanks for the giveaway =)

  574. Madlen

    I really love colour blocked Hattie flats, they look so fresh!

  575. Oh my! I NEED Veronique in citron!! HOT SHOE!!

  576. Romina

    I love the Veronique shoe in black!! See, I'm so simple right? :D
    Amazing giveaway, naomi!

    Hugs from italy :0)

  577. Chloe in taupe suede is adorable!! So fun for summer :)

  578. amanda

    i LOVE the colorblocked hattie. so cute and fun for spring!

  579. Aubrey

    I love the Hattie in blush/snake. I hope I win!

    Thank you for this, Naomi!

  580. Gina

    I love the "jolly" in leopard. So fancy!

  581. Ingrid

    i love the lambert in black!

  582. Unknown

    Woot! I would love the Janice boots! Or… the bold Hattie shoes. Love love love the concept (and Rachel Bilson). Thanks for sharing with us!

  583. I LOVE the Kbell! SO pretty!

  584. such a wonderful giveaway! I like the Kathy, lambert, and the chloe. IF I had to pick only 3.

  585. Anna

    The Janice boots are my favorites!

  586. I would love to strut around in the taupe Jolly booties! Very very cute. Fingers crossed!

  587. Iphie

    Nude Rosemary looks divine! Beautiful pair of shoes to start off my clinical summer internship in Boston :)

  588. the Lambert in brown is divine! <3<3

  589. Marie


  590. i love the lambert shoe in cognac!

  591. I'd definitely want the Hattie in colorblock or the Lambert in cognac. Great giveaway!

  592. kayla

    i'm obsessed with the jolly taupe! or even the leopard print! such a fun shoe for spring with some crops!

  593. I just love the Veronique, in the bright yellow! How amazing would they look with even a pair of jeans!

  594. I love the Jolly Black Suedes…thanks Taza!

  595. Shannon

    I cannot quite decide between the Lambert in cognac leather, or the Veronique in citron. All of the shoes are exquisite and I am so glad I have discovered ShoeMint!

  596. I would love love love the Chloe shoes in taupe suede! Loveloy giveaway – love their site!

  597. Jules

    The Jolly's in any color would be my pick!

  598. The Hattie is amazing – especially in the colorblock suede!

  599. I signed up! What a cute idea! I'm also a huge fan of the hattie flats in the bright color!!

  600. Erika

    hattie in colorblock suede….

  601. Kelli

    I love love love the rosemary in nude! Ahhh I want so bad!!!

  602. I love the Chloe ones in taupe!

  603. Tish

    I love the Hattie in color block suede…oo la la!

  604. Holly

    i`m a member of Shoemint! i haven`t bought anything from them jsut yet, but loove all the shoes!
    the Hattie is one of my fave`s too!

  605. Amber

    I dreamt last night that I was your nanny. I hope that's not weird… haha. I want those leopard Jollys!

  606. Britta

    I'm all about the Chloe in turquoise suede — such a lovely bright pop of color for spring, and I adore how the flirty scalloped edge balances the chunky heel!

  607. this shoes are all stunning. but im really a flats kind of girls :) so i would love the "Hattie in blush snake"

  608. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  609. Kendra

    I've been obsessed with the Jolly shoe since the debut, it's so cool and easy! I would love to pair them with my knee length, bright red tea skirt to play off of the masculine, feminine vibes :)


  610. ooohhh…i love those veronique heels in citron! yellow is simply my favorite color.

    and, because flats are my go-to…i am also lovin the hattie in colorblock suede. they would go with everything and are perfect for spring and summer.


    thanks for the give-away.

    rachel @swankyanddapper

  611. Lauren

    I'm in love with Edith in black! So cute!

  612. Lauren

    I'm in love with Edith in black! So cute!

  613. I really like the hattie in color-block suede. Would look great with my new maxi skirt! :)

  614. Nicole

    I would love to get the Rosemary in black patent for a new internship shoe!

  615. Taylor

    I am in love with both the Kbell and Lambert shoe. Great giveaway!

  616. Sadye

    I like the Veronique, Hattie and Jolly!

  617. Katie

    Obsessed with Veronique in citron! Perfect pop of yellow for spring.

  618. Bree

    Hattie… Color Blocked. Love!

  619. ariane

    love the jolly in taupe!

  620. Sarah

    Totes in love with Kbell

  621. Katie

    Love the Veronique heels in citron! Perfect pop of yellow for spring!

  622. Love the Rosemary!

  623. Alexia

    so hard to choose one! it would have to be between the lambert in cognac or chloe in taupe, but i am leaning more twords the lambert for work purposes.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  624. Irene

    love the hatties in colorblock suede. last season there were a similar ones in ZARA

  625. Me me some Lambert <3
    so adorable

  626. Emily M

    I love the Jolly in taupe!

  627. Jamie

    I love the Rosemary heels in Black Patent Leather and the Kbell platforms!

  628. Jessica

    I love the Michelle…but it's sold out :( Lots of other cute pairs to chose from though!

  629. Kelsie

    i am loving the veronique in citron

  630. Rachael

    I love the Hattie, especially the nude and color block ones!

  631. Erika

    KATHY! Gorgeous.

  632. I would totally get the jolly boot in leopard! a great basic bootie to spice up a simple outfit!

  633. kerry

    I love the Lambert. its a perfect summer shoe

  634. Jen

    Loving the Lambert in Cognac for spring!! thanks for the great giveaway <3

  635. Emily

    I'm obsessed with the Hattie in the colorblock suede! I need to add a pop of color(s) to my otherwise dark, winter closet!

  636. i love the hattie pair! the multi colored one is so cute.

  637. Sunja

    Love the Veronique in nude! Been needing a pair a nude heels for a while now. :)

  638. hattie!!! :)
    too bad they don't have the color block ones in 7.5.. that would be my first choice.
    black-snake it is! :)

  639. Oh goodness, this will be the death of my bank account. Oh well!

    I love the Chloe in Turquoise Suede. So funky and sweet!

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  640. Jade

    I love hattie in black :) I also adore Chloe but if I'd had to choose it would be Hattie :)

  641. Whit K

    I signed up with shoemint and I'm loving the Jolly in Black Suede!

  642. I signed up! I like the Chloe in Taupe :)

  643. Kaity

    I love the Lambert. Perfect with sundresses for spring/summer.


  644. The Chloe shoes are beautiful, already own the Hattie flats!

  645. Annie

    Lovin' the Lambert!!

  646. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  647. Hannah

    I am SERIOUSLY in love with the hattie flats in color block!!

  648. I love the Lambert in cognac. They just scream summer!

  649. I can't decide between the Veronique in Citron, the tan Lambert or the colorful Hattie! Love them all.

  650. I have been a Shoe Mint member for sometime now and they have the most incredible shoes. Currently I am swooning over the Janice shoe in taupe suede!!

  651. kacey

    the lamberts in cognac leather! oh my. fingers crossed. thanks!!!

  652. Tuany

    I love the Lambert in Cognac leather!

  653. LOVING this collection! My fav … the Veronique in citron!!!

  654. elfa

    I am in love with the Jolly shoe – perfect for the hopefully almost here spring here in Iceland.

  655. The Jolly (animal print, of course!) is my favorite!!!

  656. Ashley

    the chloe in tan are to die for!!

  657. I absolutely ADORE the Veronique pair in citron… oh yellow. I love you.

  658. tarynn

    I like the Chloe shoe especially in that fun turquoise!

  659. Simi

    Love the Michelle in Black suede or the Hattie in blk/snake leather

  660. Blair

    I love Lambert! If I could wear wedges all year round, I would!

  661. I am really in love with the colorblock Hattie and the gorgeous black Edith!!! Love them all!!

    They are perfect for springtime! ;)

  662. Nik

    Love the Lambert platforms in black! So perfect for spring!

  663. Jam

    I love the Jolly shoes! Love love love!

  664. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  665. norajo

    So in love with the Chloe in taupe! I would love to rock them this summer!

  666. Annakha

    The Lambert in Cognac are perfect :)

  667. I love the Hattie in Colorblock… So cute for spring!

  668. Katie

    I am in love with the Lambert wedge it's so fab! Perfect for summer!

  669. Currently obsessed with CLOE. She is beautiful

  670. Megan

    The Lambert wedges in cognac are awesome! I can see them with my summer dresses or bermuda shorts. :)

  671. I'd have to go with the Hattie…I'm a flats kind of girl and those are super cute!!

  672. Edith in blush suede!

  673. Kali

    What an awesome site Shoemint is! I LOVE the Lambert in Cognac Leather!

  674. I NEED the Lambert in Cognac. Here's hoping!

  675. Alex

    I love the edith shoes! I am all about platform heels!

  676. alison

    I'm loving the leopard Jolly,I'd feel like a rock star wearing those babies.

  677. I would LOVVVVE the Ediths or Chloe. They are gorgeous!

  678. i LOVE the CHLOE in turquoise suede! LOVE LOVE! great color, bold, beautiful, yet girly. :) love your blog!

  679. Unknown

    I just ordered the Chloe in taupe and am dying for them to arrive! They are going to go with all of my spring dresses and can not wait, wait, to get my toes in them :)

  680. kristen

    This is such an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

    I'd pick the Janice in light brown suede!

  681. I love the Hattie in blush – so versatile and classic.

  682. i ordered the black HATTIE. Order #: 400022403
    so adorable!

  683. Hattie, Blush Snake is where its at!

  684. Catrina

    I also love the Hattie in the pink, orange and blue!

  685. Jaclyn

    What a great giveaway! I'd love to win Chloe in Taupe Suede :-)

  686. S + B

    I love the Chloe shoes!

  687. Kristy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  688. Krystal

    I love love love the Jolly in tan!!! It would be so fun with a spring dress.

  689. BMarie

    I LOVE the Lambert!!!! So cute. Fingers crossed until the drawing that I win. Thanks!

  690. Mary

    I love the leopard Jolly shoes!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  691. Kristy

    Gasp!! Hattie or Kbell for sure!

  692. I love love love the Hattie flat! They are so darling in the cream and I would love it if I won!

  693. i have been wanting the Jolly in leopard print forever.

  694. kaity

    I love the Kbell and the Lambert! but really though – all of ShoeMint's shoes are just so pretty.

  695. ashley

    love the nude Veronique!

  696. Lani

    i'd love the rosemary in snake!

  697. jenny.v

    I would totally love the Hattie!!! :)

  698. Erin

    I am new to Shoe Mint and just joined! I love wedges, so I am in love with the Lambert in Cognac Leather! So Pretty!

  699. I love the Taupe Suede Jolly shoe. They are adorable and perfect for every occasion. Thanks soo much for sponsoring. :)

  700. *kayla*

    I LOVE the veronique shoe. It would go with everything!! Love the blog!!

  701. Ali

    I love the Lambert, Jolly, Kbell and Veronique! So many cute choices.

  702. I would love the lambert shoe. It would look great with a sundress for the summer. I can picture it now!

  703. I would love the lambert shoe. It would look great with a sundress for the summer. I can picture it now!

  704. SLAgirl

    Love this giveaway. The lambert is AMAZING

  705. Mare

    The Hattie is divine!

  706. Jilly

    I love the chloe in turquoise, great color for spring!!

  707. Hattie (love the hot pink/orange) or Jolly in black.

  708. Hanny

    I'm a member and I would love the Hattie flats in the colorblock-suede. Awesome giveaway!

  709. Jazmine

    Love the Chloe in Turquoise!

  710. I'm with you, I love the Hattie! They have so many cute shoes! :)

  711. Affreux

    Hey thanks for the amazing give away.
    I really like the Jolly.

    I adore your little girl, she's so pretty!


    Manon from Belgium

  712. Signed up!! Love the Lambert in Black Leather. Thanks for the chance!! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  713. leebee

    love the lambert in black! ive been looking for a black wedge with a fun twist for spring/summer!

  714. The Veronique in Citron are so bright and cheery, I love them. The Hattie flats are so cute too.

  715. I love the Jolly in Leopard Pony!

  716. Veronique in yellow is SO SASSY. I love it!

  717. Megan A

    Considering that this old betty can rarely wear heels, I vote for the Hattie as well!

  718. Mo

    I love the janice ankle boots.

    <3 <3

    almost as much as I love Eleanor.

  719. the veronique in citron is darling! it would def. spice up a LBD or even jeans and a white tee!

  720. Rachael

    I heart the Hattie an the Veronique!!

    And I love Rachel Bilson, she's awesome.

  721. I'm going for BOLD! I love the bright colors of the Hattie flats. Oh I love shoes!

  722. KLV

    I'd love to win the Jolly in Taupe Suede – perfect with colored tights and shorts or a romper for cool Michigan nights. I'm obsessed with the concept of the Mint websites – so thanks for this wonderful opp!

  723. Inês

    The Edith Blush Suede are just perfect.. classic and feminine
    The all collection is lovely!

  724. Yep, I'm with you. LOVE the Hattie!!!


  725. Kate

    So many gorgeous pairs of shoes! I'm stuck between the Hattie and the Lambert! :)

  726. amanda

    LOVE the chloe pumped in aqua. they are boom chick a wow wow.

  727. SW

    Rosemary in nude!

  728. ellie

    I love the Kbell, what a great color! Thanks!

  729. Chelle

    If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Hattie in nude with the snake heel. Perfection!

    Xo Chelle

  730. amber

    i am loving the Jolly shoes! i have been wanting to add a pair of these to my shoe wardrobe :)

  731. the jolly in the leopard pony print is pretty amazing! so cute!!

  732. I love the Veronique in Citron! How perfect is that color this season!?

    <3, Rae

  733. Sarah

    I would love to win the Lambert shoes!!

  734. I love the Lambert in Cognac..perfection!

  735. I would love the Jolly in the leopard!

  736. Sarah

    i would love to win this giveaway! it would be difficult to choose which ones though (:

  737. I think the Lambert in cognac would make a great summer shoe!

  738. Amber

    I adore the Edith and the Veronique! Sooooo cute. Thanks so much :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  739. Reyna

    I love the nude veronique shoes! so cute!

  740. Tiff

    I have been wanting the Janice boot for so long!

  741. Ali

    loving the turqoise chloe heel!!!


  742. Stine

    Love so many of them… My mind can't let go of the Chloe, taupe !

  743. knhahn

    Oh my goodness! I would love the Hattie in Colorblock! So cute!

  744. I love love love the kbell's!!

  745. Chelle

    I would love a pair of Kathy's. They are perfect for a mom with two very young kids! If Kathy isn't available, my second choice would be Veronique, love that yellow!

  746. Kalyse

    I love the Jolly and the Hattie i've been drooling over the jolly for some time now!

  747. Kamila


  748. Unknown

    I love Jolly in Taupe Suede

  749. I love the Hattie in the nude color!

  750. I am in looooove with the yellow Veronique shoes. To be honest I want them not only to rock out in cuffed jeans, rockabilly style, but to add to my Rogue (from the XMen) costume for comic con. I'm a geek. So sue me.

  751. Reagan

    The Veronique in Citron is gorgeous!

  752. Brooke

    I like the kathy because I work all the time and I can wear them at work, but I dress them down.

  753. Tara G

    I actually love the Hattie as I am now expecting our 4th baby so I love great flats. and need a new pair! but Michelle in the nude..would be amazing as well

  754. Lexie

    I've been drooling over the Lambert in cognac ever since you shared your wishlist a few days ago. If I don't win the giveaway, I will most certainly be getting these for myself as a 30th birthday present!

  755. I love all of them but if I had to pick one it would be the Lambert!

  756. Carlie

    would definitely get the hattie shoe in blush. LOVE, LOVE!

  757. Hattie flat in black! Love them!

  758. I've been eyeing the Jolly's for awhile!

  759. love the lambert!

  760. Tara

    I think I would go for the Hattie in the blush/snakeskin!

  761. Sherri

    I LOVE the Jolly shoes in taupe. So bummed they're all sold out in my size :( I also love the Hattie shoes in neon.

  762. I love the colorful Hattie ones! Yay for shoes and Rachel Bilson! Love her!

  763. LOVE LOVE LOVE the kathy in red dalmatian pony. the pattern is great. would love to get these!

  764. Bek W

    beautiful! I love the Lambert :)

  765. I am loving the chloe!

  766. Meg

    adore the color-block suede hattie!!

  767. Hello lovely Naomi! :) thank you for the giveaway! I'll be moving soon to the mainland and Jolly would be so nice to have as my first work booties.

  768. Love the color block Hattie!

  769. I'm obsessed with the black Hattie too! Such a cute shoe.

  770. Amy

    So many decisions, but the Hattie shoe spoke to my heart!

  771. love the Lambert in Cognac leather. They are the perfect go to shoe that can be worn everyday or dressed up for a night out!

  772. Sophie

    Love the Veronique!

  773. Mary D

    I'm pretty sure this is the best giveaway ever. I love the Hattie pair!!!

  774. love the veronique in citron!! :)

  775. Love the Veronique in nude! So cute!

  776. Lima

    These shoes are amazing! My favorite are Chole in Turquoise!

  777. I love the Hattie flats!

  778. I love the Hattie in Colorblock Suede! So many option! Luck to everyone <3

  779. gahhhh! so hard but im digging pauline.

  780. Wow, The Rosemary in Peach sre absolutely gorgeous! I can really see myself wearing those to a cute black, sumemry dress!

  781. I love the Rosemary in Peach! Those would be perfect for a summery black dress!

  782. Megan

    I love the black kathy, grey michelle, and especially the nude veronique.

  783. joyce

    the chloe in taupe please!!

  784. I would have to go with the Jolly. And since they'd be free, I'd get crazy and get the leopard print ones!

  785. The Hattie in color block swede!

  786. I think the Rosemary in snakeskin are super cute!

  787. wow, i can go for all of them!! but… i would go for the Edith, they are so my style!!!!!<3

  788. Kaba

    In love with the Lambert in Cognac! With this burst of warm weather, I can't help but dream about warm summer days with fabulous shoes :)

  789. vickism

    Veronique in Citron is fantastic! Perfect for spring & summer. Love it, fingers crossed! Thanks :)

  790. satiate

    hattie and lambert are my picks!!!!

  791. Unknown

    If I had to choose just one, it would Hattie in color block suede

  792. Heather

    I am digging the KBell! They might just make me want to wear something other than flats while pregnant! :0)

  793. love shoemint and love the lambert!

  794. jbougie

    I simply adore the Chloe in Turquoise! Divine!

  795. alyssa

    Love the Jolly Black Booties! Those will give me some loooong legs!

  796. pati

    I'd love to win Kathy! I'm in love!

  797. I'm loving the Nude Veronique! It's so elegant and classy. I also love the Cognac Leather Lambert! Both styles of shoes are so great! Thanks goes to you and Shoe Mint for this amazing giveaway!

  798. Karina

    The Chloe shoes are so adorable! I pine for them… sigh.

  799. LB

    The colorblock Hattie flats are amazing, but alas sold out of my size. I have my eye on the Chloe platform heels in turquoise!

  800. Zoe

    Great giveaway! I'd love to win the Jolly in taupe suede :)

  801. Mers

    I've already joined shoemint, and I'm also totally in love with the Hattie shoe in black–so chic.

  802. RJF

    They are all so gorgeous! I think I would choose the jolly in black, to wear with a cute skirt and tights X

  803. Tea

    Veronique in nude for the night and Hattie in black snake for the day.


  804. I love the tan Lambert shoes!

  805. Rach

    I'd get either the hattie or the lambert. Both so cute!!

  806. I love this!! I would want the Hattie in color block or the Jolly in black!

  807. the beige edits!!!!!!!!! i could see myself wearing it with everything!!!! as soon as I graduate from my undergrad I am gonna buy every pair I can afford :)

  808. Alison

    The Chloe in Taupe is a perfect staple for spring wardrobe!

  809. i need the jolly in black suede. please and thank you!

  810. Lacey

    I would love to win the Veronique!!

  811. Alyssa

    What a great selection! It's a toss up between the Kbell and Lambert!

  812. Amanda

    I love the Kathy in the Red-Dalmation:-)

  813. Emknox

    Jolly, Hattie, or Kathy!

  814. Gilda

    Hattie in colorblock suede, please! Perfect for the spring!

  815. the chloe shoe in nude is perfection!!

  816. Unknown

    what a great giveaway! i love the chloe show in either taupe or turquoise:)

  817. I love the black hatties, as well :)

  818. Vivi K

    I looove the jolly boots! So cute!

  819. Colleen

    Love me some Rachel Bilson! I desperately need a good wedge so I would pick the Lambert in cognac leather!

  820. Jaimie


  821. jasmine

    Ooop fun! I'd love the Lambert wedges in black… or the Jolly booties in taupe. Tough choice!!

  822. Mrs.E

    I'm loving the lambert and's so hard to pick just one!

  823. Angie

    I love the Michelle in Grey Suede! Awesome giveaway! :)

  824. Sara

    I love the Veronique pair in nude! They can add a cute flair to jeans and would look awesome with dresses!

  825. I dig the black "Hattie" with a pretty dress or grungy jeans!

  826. I think the Jolly pair in pink are so fab! I would love to get a chance to strut around in those in a skirt or jeans!

  827. Erin P

    love the bright hattie!

  828. I'd love the rosemary (in black or tan), the jolly (in beige) or the lambert (in brown)

  829. Stace

    Amazing! Love these shoes!

    I could definitely use the black Veronique pair – I need a great pair for court after university!

  830. I really adore the Lambert pair in tan! Size 8.5. They are absolutely adorable!

  831. Els

    I love love love the Pauline (black) but they are sold out :'( So my next choice is the Lambert (black-leather) Love them!

  832. Axis

    Like many others, I absolutely ADORE Veronique in Citron… Oh, how I love brightly colored shoes.

  833. I am absolutely in love with the Jolly especially in taupe. *sigh*

  834. kristin

    I love the Lambert wedge in cognac.

  835. kristin

    I love the Lambert wedge in cognac.

  836. Elise

    I love the hattie colorblock shoes!

  837. The Kathy in red with the black dots please!

  838. i love love the janice in taupe suede….even though its sold out. I'm on the waiting list so I hope they get more! I NEED THOSE BABIES! =)

  839. I am also in love with the Hattie shoe in black/snake leather! SO CUTE! And, I prefer flats to heels. Although, I think the sites heels are so unique and gorgeous…they just might turn me into a high heel lover! Who knows! Thanks for introducing me to this site! I LOVE SHOES!

  840. Madyy

    I'm with you girl, Hattie blush-snake! THanks!

  841. love LOVE the Kathy in Patent Black! Such an amazing giveaway!

  842. Leah

    I like Veronique in citron!

  843. Lynda

    now a member! i love the chloe in taupe

  844. Chloe in Taupe Suede!

  845. If i won the Chloe in teal i would die!!!

  846. ...

    adore veronique nude in combination with a dress in summer…

  847. Lib

    I love the Lambert in the brown! So simple and can be paired with so much :) Great giveaway!

  848. millie

    These shoes are amazing! I love the pairs in bright colours!

  849. Kat

    love the hattie in black! now that I'm a new mommy (Olivia is 10.5 weeks) I wear flats ALL the time

  850. Would love the JOLLY in black or taupe suede! :D

  851. Ashley

    I would love to win the Veronique in citron! Imagine them with tights of all colors!

  852. I love the Lambert sandals!

  853. Loving the Lambert in Cognac!

  854. This is an awesome giveaway !

    I LOVE the Veronique style in nude.

  855. Really like your blog !! I hope to win the Jolly one in leopard !!!! :D Finger cross !

  856. Chloe in taupe! Beautiful platforms!

  857. Katrina

    Love the Hatti in colorblock!

  858. I also love the Hattie! So sad the multi colored ones are sold out!

  859. wow! i love the chloe in beige, but i would never get to wear them!!! therefore the hattie in orange, fuchsia and teal would be my number one pick, so rad!!!

  860. Jena

    The Rosemary pumps in nude. I would wear those clear through till Christmas :)

  861. Stacey

    Jolly for sure!

  862. Such a great site!! I love the Veronique in citron… so great for spring. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!

  863. in love with the chloe in either taupe or black! in all honesty i'm in love with all their shoes!!

  864. oh I like the nude rosemary's!

  865. loving the lambert in cognac leather!

  866. emj

    i love the black hattie shoes too! thanks for always having great giveaways!

  867. Cognac Leather Lambert's. Love them!

  868. Helen

    I love the citron Veronique heels or the color block Hattie! You are right, the Hattie shoes are adorable!

  869. Helen

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  870. Totally crushing on the Jolly wedge ankle boots. Great site. Happy Friday, mama! Massive love!

  871. Megan

    Hattie in the bright bold colors!

  872. Lindsay

    The Chloe in black or taupe suede, they're amazing! I'm a 6.5 ;-).

  873. Maren

    Either the jolly in taupe suede or the Lambert in cognac leather, in love with them both

  874. Blair

    Oh man, definitely the Chloe in that blue-green color. Wild. Thanks!

  875. ...

    i'm completely obsessed with the Chloe… and shoemint!

  876. kenzie

    i'm completely obsessed with the Chloe… and shoemint!

  877. Love the colorblock Hattie shoes!! Crossing my fingers for a win!

  878. sarah

    I'd love lambert or kbell! all are adorable!! thanks for the great giveaway!

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    I'm in love with the black-leather Lambert shoe! So perfect

  880. What a great giveaway! I absolutely love the taupe suade Jolly shoes. Thanks!

  881. Cathy

    I love the Veronique in Citron! They are beautiful & bright- they bring a smile to my face every time I see them!

  882. Linley

    I'd love the Hattie in nude!

  883. Que_91

    I LOVE HOLLY! the booties suits a lot of my cloth and it bring the bright side of being a petite girl

  884. esires

    color block hattie flats!

  885. Chloe in nude. So perfect! I literally gasped when I saw them. Thanks a million for introducing me to ShoeMint!

  886. The black Veroniques are super cute!!

  887. sofia

    love jolly in leopard! :)

  888. I really like the tan jollys!!

  889. I really like the tan jollys!!

  890. colorblock suede hatties! so presh on atlantic pacific! and you could wear em' a million ways!

  891. MAH

    I'm loving Veronique!

  892. Jenni

    Blush Hattie!

  893. sophie

    hattie flats or chloe in taupe!!

  894. Wow, sweet giveaway! I'd pounce on Veronique in Citron because it's so different to what I'd normally wear. Also really love the Chloe in Turquoise Suede, though I'm sure I'd fall over in two seconds flat!

  895. Tina

    Chloe in taupe is to die for. They would be perfect for a pair of boyfriend jeans, maxi skirts, and everything in between. A definite must have for this fashionista!

  896. Lori

    Vernoique is super cute! I would love love love :)

  897. I would love the Kbell or even the Chloe shoes in taupe.

  898. lejdja

    I would love to have the Lambert in the cognac color!

  899. Amy

    The Veronique in Citron. I also really like several others that are already sold out!

  900. becky

    I also am in love with the Hattie in colorblock suede they are super cute and would go great with many different outfits!!! thanks for the giveaway :)

  901. Mariana

    I'm going to have to go with the Veronique in the yellow color:) it would be a perfect way to start off my new and improved look:) please!!:)

  902. Tara

    I would have to say that the Chloe's in aqua make my heart pitter patter!

  903. Such a great giveaway!! thank you!! i joined shoemint and im loving it! i would rock a pair of the Hattie in the color block or the janice in black!

  904. I loooove the color blocked hattie flats!

  905. i'm not sure if my comment posted so here i am again! sorry! i joined shoe mint and everything is to die for! i love the hattie in the color block as well as the janice boot in black! to die for:)

  906. that lambert shoes is to die for!pick me pleaseee ;)

  907. Kelsi

    The Chloe is so pretty and perfect for spring!

  908. thanks for sharing such a stellar resource!

    i have to say the lambert in cognac is making this girl's heart swoon. would be perfect with maxis & midis in the summer.

  909. I joined shoemint! I can only think of a million and one things to wear the HATTIE'S with!!

  910. I joined shoemint! I can only think of a million and one things to wear the HATTIE'S with!!

  911. I joined shoemint! I can only think of a million and one things to wear the HATTIE'S with!!

  912. I joined shoemint! I can only think of a million and one things to wear the HATTIE'S with!!

  913. Melissa

    I love the lambert wedges.

  914. Jisus

    Michelle or Edith! what a great idea to get shoes each month! like having personal stylists. :)

  915. I love the Jolly in leopard print. Looks super comfy too!

  916. vanessa

    I'm so excited about this giveaway!! I would love love love a pair of the "Jolly" shoe!!

  917. Kayyfoh

    I LOVE the Chloe in taupe. So beautiful!!

  918. the jolyy ones are so so beautifull!especially the taupe saude colour!i'd love a pair!

  919. Unknown

    I would love to win the Chloe shoes! They are so awesome!!!

  920. I love the Hattie flats in black. They are adorable. And perfect for spring.

  921. Hannah

    My favorite is probably Veronique in Citron or Black! I need a pair of shoes for a wedding this summer, and they look perfect!

  922. sasha.


  923. those color blocked hattie flats and turquoise chloe heels are adorable :)

  924. I absolutely am smitten by their chloe in black. It is amazing because it seamlessly fits with everything in my wadrobe!

  925. janna

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