life lately, according to my iphone pictures.

ps. these last few photos are from a fun night we had together as a family at costco. and here are a couple funny videos i took to accompany them (watch this one and then this one). obviously someone loves her echo… and obviously her parents just like being dumb. ;)
  1. Hahahaha!! I love E!

  2. Kay

    those videos actually made me laugh out loud.. I might have a baby that likes the sound of his echo voice too (and normally in really inappropriate places.. like church.. or a funeral)

  3. So much adorableness, as per usual. Love your red shoes in picture 1!

  4. Jenna E

    lol!!!! Those videos made my night. Sooooo cute and HILARIOUS

  5. Brenny

    Hee hee, she is too cute!

  6. Kym

    those videos crack me up. too funny.

  7. Loved the videos! haha! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  8. o man those vidoes are super cute! Have you seen Kid History? They remind me of your video.
    I love costco dates!

  9. Morgan

    love your flats!

  10. Eleanor is the most beautiful baby ever!

  11. How incredibly sweet -that picture of her reaching back to Daddy. And I noticed your collage of clipboards hanging on a wall -too cool!

  12. Looks like you've been having lots of fun!

  13. Lacey

    the costco pics are to die for!

  14. Such beautiful photos. E is just the cutest little lady ever and Kingsley is awesome too! x

  15. Sometimes I say LOL, but really I didn't. Although this time, at those funny video's, I really did. She'll looooove to watch that in a couple years.

  16. Sonja

    hahahaha the videos are hilarious, i laughed so hard. amazing!
    and the photos are so cute.

  17. Oh my goodness, Naomi! Those videos are darling! She's so squeaky. It made me laugh so hard. :)


  18. That father-daughter love right there is awesome.

  19. All so adorable. <3

  20. Natasha

    your "life lately" posts are always a favorite of mine :) Eleanor always looks like the happiest baby in the world. And the photo of Kingsley with his little friend is so, so cute!

  21. love the photos!! what a beautiful family!!!

  22. I had a really awful day & those videos made me laugh…really needed that, thank you :)
    p.s. cutest. family. ever.

  23. I appreciate her early love of pizza, I hope my little ones will be like that someday!!


  24. oh gosh, i seriously just adore following you on instagram because your pictures are always so perfect!!
    and the videos you attached are simply adorable!!! i love her little scream. she was having so much fun. and you guys are hilarious as parents. perfect family ;)
    xo TJ

  25. colleen

    kingsley's big old face – such a cutie! i loved those videos, too – cracked me up!

  26. Love the pictures! And the videos! So funny! :)

  27. Eleanor is possibly the most beautiful baby I've ever seen : ) I hope to someday have a family as beautiful as yours.


  28. bonnie

    i love that sweet little eleanor has a love for books already! what a great idea to collect a library for her at your baby shower :)

  29. very cute photos :)

  30. Mary

    Hilarious. So greatttt.

  31. leyla.

    love the first one! mom and daughter share the same taste in shoes :)

  32. Absolutely precious! And so hilarious!

  33. LOVE the window picture. like to the point where i would probably frame it if it were my own :D

  34. I just love following you on instagram and seeing these on a day to day basis. You all are the cutest family in existence. And it's so sweet to see how Josh loves little E in the last photos.
    Cutest life ever. :)

    <3 Leney

  35. Love seeing your photos on instagram! Actually started following you on there before your blog … now I follow both :)
    Kel xo

  36. Kayde

    That is the cutest video I have ever seen they have such a great daddy daughter relationship!

  37. Maria

    E is just too cute! I love seeing pictures of y'alls little family

  38. MC

    Omg those videos are too funny, what a cutie!

  39. Mariana

    Omg that was the cutest video I have ever seen!!! My husband and I were laughing do much!!! :)

  40. Norbyah

    i love the pictures you take of your view (looking down at your feet) with your belly growing in between. and that one of you and eleanor playing with her panda (?)….such a sweet moment.

  41. Bleinch

    Your little girl is sooo cute… Lovely tha last 2 pictures!
    So cute!

  42. Were do you get all the pretty headbands and clips for your little girl? I would love to buy some for my 1 year old girl :) Sara (norway)

  43. Beautiful memories :)

  44. Eleanor is looking so much more grown up lately, those final photos of her in the shopping cart are hysterical! And family trips to costco are kind of the best thing ever… :)

  45. Your baby girl is adorable! Oh my gosh, she puts a smile on my face! And how darling is Josh in the video with little Eleanor? Bless!

  46. b and e

    What an adorable lil miss! She always reminds me of my niece. Such a cute gal!


    oh and HEART the purple vases of flowers!!!

  47. sooo sweety baby! ♥ :)

  48. those little videos made me laugh so much. rock it on eleanor!

  49. love the videos. so cute!

  50. Melea

    Uhhh… sooo sweet… when you everytime come to germany i'm a great babysitter :D

  51. Mariana

    Love both videos! :)

  52. anna

    These kind of post are always so adorable!
    And i love your red shoes and your sunglasses too!!
    kisses! :*

  53. Lottie

    those videos are priceless!

  54. Kate

    My boyfriend and I have come to realized that Costco is our number one date spot. Oops…

    Love the last one of Eleanor kissing her papa!

  55. Your babe is so beautiful!! :) And I love your hair. How do you keep it so flowy and gorgeous looking?? :)

  56. Where did you get those adorable shoes?

  57. These pictures are beyond beautiful!
    I really love your blog :)
    Have a lovely day!!
    Ellie xx

  58. Mariela

    Hahaha so cute, she always look so happy, have a lovely day!.

  59. Janice

    Just wanted to share that my son, Liam, has a panda bear named Penelope that he LOVES! Eleanor's always reminds me of his.

  60. Elise

    E has such a pretty smile!

  61. Hannah

    haha, watched the videos, your baby is just perfect!

  62. eva

    soo cute!!
    wanted to ask you–where do you buy your amazing preggo clothes?
    i just discovered your blog–do you have nursry pictures somewhere? i'm an interior design addict LOL:)

  63. Cindy

    Oh, Eleanor is so adorable! I really enjoy to see how much love your family feel. I can feel a beautiful energy when I see your photos and videos!

  64. oh so sweet!


  65. Lindsey

    Those videos are hilarious! You guys always seem to have such fun times! Eleanor is so adorable!

  66. firefly

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  67. I know you receive 100's of comments a day, but I'm so in love with your window seal flower arrangement. Is it possible for you to do a blog post on the items you used, etc.? I'm so dying to do this. p.s. Eleanor is just cute as pie <3

  68. Heidi

    That was awesome! Hilarious videos :) Thanks for sharing.

    Live Inspired,

  69. haley

    That last photo is tooooo cute! She really loves her dad <3

    Have a good one! xxx

  70. Erin

    LOL Every time I hear a kid screaming or squealing in the grocery store I think, "What the heck?" But now I'm just going to laugh because I'll think of Eleanor. Too funny. ;)

  71. such a sweetie! love the instagram pics. Can't wait to get an iPhone!

  72. Do you mind me asking where your pink and orange striped sweater is from? I love love that and every time I see you wear it I swoon!

  73. Vivi K

    Eleanor is the sweetest little girl ever! :)

  74. The colors in your photos is nice. I love it!

  75. Whitney

    y'all are just so sweet!

    and I know. Josh just gets more and more handsome. Daddyhood suits him
    and of course mommyhood just suits you, too. goodness you are just an adorable little family!

  76. Nessa

    The cutest family ever!


  77. sonya

    Im dying laughing at the last video!!

  78. Can E be any cuter? I don't want her to grow up haha.

  79. seriously love your little growing family! you always look so happy, rested (which I'm sure you're not with a baby and one on the way) and just over all beautiful! love checking in daily! xo

    lydia from vinage2vogue

  80. i just really love your blog and keep coming for more..your positive outlook towards life inspires me…you have a beautiful family and i'm sending across more love and prayers to you guys all the way from india! :-)

  81. Erdmute

    Oh please more of these cute videos…i like! Greetings from Germany, Erdmute.

  82. tinajo

    Just lovely! :-)

  83. Anna

    she is so adorable!!! love her big smile :)

  84. Sarah

    Doesn't it just get better and better?!

  85. Laura

    Oh Naomi, your photos are always full of so much colour and life. Your blog always makes me smile! Thank you :)

  86. your baby has just a great smile ♥

  87. love it!

    Beyond excited that the Instagram app for Android is coming "very soon" !!!!



  88. Emily

    love the two videos! E is absolutely precious (as always!), and Josh cracks me up. you can just tell he is an amazing "papa".
    blessings! :)

  89. PLEEASE share where e's gray coat is from. It looks like a beautiful quality coat.

  90. Amanda

    Love the last picture!

  91. I LOVE YOUR LITTLE E!! she's adorable and I laughed so hard when i saw those videos! I love your family and blog! and i can't wait to see pictures of your new little one :D

  92. Charis

    Gah! you are making me broody ;)

  93. Those videos made me laugh so hard! What a great husband!!

  94. Cathi

    I am in love with the photo of darling Eleanor and Kingsley looking out into the front yard!

  95. Kristen

    precious that you and e are wearing similar shoes!