eleanor, mama, and a baby bump named ‘boy’.

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my dear friend carissa takes the most special photographs. she snapped these of eleanor and me and my baby bump the other week in the park and i just love them so.
i love eleanor very much. looking through these photos gave me that overwhelming feeling i often get of just how special she really is. and of the energy and love she can bring into a room at just 14 months old.
this sweet little girl- she is mine. mine. that little girl in the red sandals who has entered toddler-hood with the most contagious giggle but also with a touch of sass, she is mine. that little girl with 7 tiny teeth who tries to breast-feed her panda bear and battles me on eating her greens every.single.day… she is mine. that sweet spirit who is so observant at just 14 months and wants to mimic every little thing that i do (oh how she can keep me in line!)… who makes me want to be a better person, better wife, and better mother every day. she is mine. it’s so wonderful to think about, and so overwhelming at the same time. what a large responsibility we as mothers have on our shoulders… caring for these beautiful children who come to us with such innocent spirits and endless potential. who will grow up and can change the world for the better. gosh how unworthy i feel for the task. and how mortifying it can be to really think about sometimes… you know?
i remember sitting on the bathroom floor with eleanor on my lap last september while i waited for the results of my pregnancy test to show up on that little stick. i remember feeling complete shock and joy when the test read “pregnant” but at the same time experiencing this teeny tiny hint of “wait….not yet…” too. not yet, because expecting another baby meant there was a deadline on this special time of just me and eleanor and, of course, her papa. i was, and still am, loving (almost) every minute of this time as just us. and while josh and i had discussed for a long time that we were ready to get pregnant again, in that moment, i didn’t know if selfishly i’d be willing to welcome another baby into the world when life with eleanor and her papa was just: so good.
after the bathroom incident, eleanor and i drove over to josh’s office as fast as i could buckle her into that carseat and hit the gas pedal to share the news. he came out to the car to meet us. the second he sat down in the passenger seat i handed him my pregnancy test and tried not to blink so i could study his face to see where he stood. it didn’t take but 2 seconds for him to burst into some of the most joyous tears i’ve seen from him as he pulled me into his arms and hugged and kissed me, over and over. that was all i needed to know that everything would be ok. that having a deadline on our time as a family of three wasn’t so terrible. and that a family of four would be even better.
there are moments when i still wonder how i will ever love another baby the way love eleanor. but deep down, i know it will happen. just like the way I didn’t know i had this deep and profound capacity to love eleanor until she was placed in my arms. i remember looking at her little pink face for the first time and feeling this new love rush in from who knows where. but it was there. it’s still here. growing and growing by leaps and bounds every day. i’m thankful for my time with her over the past 14 months. when i think of her taking on the role of “big sister” soon, i get so excited. being her mama has been the sweetest experience. i really love it. and i love her so.
ps. there are a few more photos on carissa’s blog as well as her portfolio from this day together if you’d like to see.
  1. These are really very beautiful pictures of you two! The Cherry Blossoms are so magical this Spring. : )

  2. Such beautiful photos and I honest and lovely post.

  3. Amanda

    They're so, so, so, so lovely. I really like the wreaths! What special pictures :)

  4. Such beautiful photos and I honest and lovely post.

  5. Such beautiful photos and I honest and lovely post.

  6. alayne

    gorgeous photos.
    even more beautiful post. you described motherhood so well. my baby girl is 9 months old – I know exactly what you mean about loving your baby beyond words and being in constant awe.
    you inspire me!

  7. So sweet and so honest. I believe that our mama hearts can stretch to a capacity for love that we don't even know. It is a beautiful thing.

  8. i love this post. so precious. she is precious!

  9. helen

    well, now I'm crying.
    We're trying to add to our threesome and what you've written really hits the nail on the head about the dichotomy of wanting more and treasuring what you have. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I am grateful for this post. I have been having these very same thoughts the past 2 days. Wondering when the right time is to have our next one… will I be able to love another baby as much as my little guy now?

    Love Carissa's blog and photos. I'm a recent follower of hers and love the photos she took of you and Eleanor!

    Along Abbey Road

  11. I had the same worries about adding our second baby to the mix. However, the old cliche proved true- your heart just expands to fit that much more love. Nothing gets compromised.

  12. Kendra

    You two really are the sweetest. I can remember when my little sister was born, and it really did get even better than when it was just me and my mom. Thanks for sharing! :)


  13. Olga

    This was such an amazing post. You make me look forward to a time when I will be a mother and a wife. And I can certainly bet that you will love baby boy JUST as much as Eleanor. It will be great for them to grow up together.

  14. this made me tear up. i love your little family.

  15. these photos are so lovely. and i love how honest and open you are. you can feel the love of your sweet little family through your words.

    and i am loving your dress and denim jacket. would you mind sharing where you bought them from??

  16. Carly

    As much as I /love/ your pictures, these words were so lovely to read. Your thoughts are nuanced and interesting — I'd love to see more posts like this!

  17. Naomi, this was an absolutely beautiful to read, thank you for posting this. Our sweet little girl will be here in roughly 54 days and reading this just excites me about her arrival even more (though I didn't know it was possible). The photos are stunning and candid. I cannot wait to see 'boy' and watch him grow as well! :)
    Much love and abundance to you and your sweet sweet family!
    Elise Nicole

  18. little

    this is so sweet. and your little girl is beautiful! belated congratulations.

  19. what a masterfully weaved map of words to describe motherhood.
    i wholeheartedly concur.

  20. I think this is my favorite post yet. Your family is so beautiful and you have such a contagious spirit. Reading your blog always brightens my day. I can't wait to see pictures of your baby boy!

  21. Kieren

    This was so beautiful and I can relate to so much of it! My daughter is 8 months old and I'm am so afraid to get pregnant again, because I can't imagine loving another baby this much or messing up this wonderful trio we have going on here! I know I'm being irrational, but I can't shake my fears… Thanks for being so corageous!

  22. You couldn't have said it any better! Love this post. I understand exactly those feelings about "loving another baby the same." I often wonder if my heart could love another baby as much as I love my son. I'm excited to follow along with y'all on your journey as y'all welcome your son! :))


  23. You are such a sweet lady! I cant wait to see you with your new baby boy. You will only have more fun with another babe in the family!
    Amy xo

  24. You are such a sweet lady! I cant wait to see you with your new baby boy. You will only have more fun with another babe in the family!
    Amy xo

  25. leyla.

    so beautiful! you two girls have a very special connection and there will be plenty of love left for the new addition to your family.
    the photographs are so lovely and it's great to have these moments captured by an obviously very talented lady.

    best wishes!

  26. Stacy

    this is beautiful.

  27. Your blog is amazing. You are blessed to have such a wonderful husband, daughter and family.
    I am so so so looking forward to having kids and experiencing exactly the things you describe.
    Good Luck!

  28. so beautiful! that gave me chills the way you wrote about your daughter, if i were in your situation i would feel the same way. but everything always works out and you'll end up loving both your children exactly the same, its just pure magic

  29. Shalay

    What a lovely lovely post! My husband and I are going to start TTC in August this year and hearing your thoughts on your GORGEOUS little girl and how you feel about bringing another little one into your heart is just making me ache with desire to feel that love that comes from becoming a mother. I simply cannot wait to experience that! Thank you for this post!

  30. Brielle

    love this post :) it is so special and the pictures are so gorgeous!

  31. Brielle

    love this post :) it is so special and the pictures are so gorgeous!

  32. 29

    I also have a 14 month old baby girl – also my first – and I understand very much what you are feeling.

  33. Erin

    Such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing these thoughts on motherhood, they brought tears to my eyes! What honest and simple feelings of love and responsibility.

  34. Cassie

    Well said, mama. I had those exact same wonderings when I was pregnant with baby number two. Now I am mama of three, and can testify that your heart has no bounds when it comes to love. It's amazing and terrifying and wonderful!

  35. Wow tthis is soo beautiful your pictures and they way you write how your life is i mean eading this gives me so much positivity in life to look forward to! by the way I am in university and in my second year but reading this gets me so excited for the future one day when I have a beautiful family of my own! your posts and pictures of eleanor have a unique spark in them which I think many who read your blog get an amazing vibe from!

  36. Oh my gosh, such a cute story! First of all, your pictures are too cute! Also, I am one of 6 children. I'm the oldest! Each child was such a blessing, a joy, a pain and loved as an individual! Your family is so blessed and I love keeping up with you on here :) Eleanor is going to be such a great older sister :DDD

  37. this is so so sweet. You are such an amazing mama; Eleanor is so lucky.

    I've followed Carissa's blog for a while and her work is so amazing. Not surprising she was able to capture such beautiful photos.

  38. Susie Q

    Thank you for these beautiful thoughts on motherhood. It gives me a different view of it all. As a mother of 4 beautiful boys, (22,17,14 & 12), guiding them into manhood and being the best men they can be is a challenge to say the least. It sure has had its ups and downs! It was wonderful to spend 5 years with the first one uninterrupted by a sibling but you get other different precious times when you have more than one. Also some of the times are not so precious, teenage boys can give you a rocky ride in life. I love your writing, keep up the posts. xx

  39. Sarah

    This honest got me a bit teary eyed. I'm so glad you said what you said about initially worrying about your "deadline" because it was the same way with me too with this pregnancy (#2). I also know there will be plenty of love to go around, but it's always nice knowing I'm not the only one feeling that way. These photos are so lovely and loving =) Your friend did an excellent job.

    - Sarah

  40. beautiful photos… what's even more beautiful are the thoughts in this post. i'm not a mother yet, but this post brought tears to my eyes. thank you.

  41. These are the most beautiful, heart warming photos. I think I will copy the idea if we have a second child. Just divine :)
    sincerely, s

  42. Leny

    Beautiful photos.. ♥ :')

  43. What a special post. You have truly been blessed!

  44. Love this post. I remember when pregnant w/ my second, I felt overly worried that I was short-changing my first child somehow by introducing a sibling. Those feelings are silly of course and adding #2 and #3 (also announced to dad in the car pulled up at his work) only compounded the happiness in our family. The capacity to love more and more will amaze you.

  45. Autumn

    I love the photos and the words.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your heart.

  46. Jess

    After reading everyone else's comments, I feel a bit silly asking this – but where did you get your denim jacket??? It's perfect. I love the matching garlands too! Wishing you all the best for the coming months xx

  47. Jenn

    Eleanor is going to be a great big sister! Those photos are so precious of you two!

  48. great post. i'm so excited for you and your growing family! you guys are too precious! what a blessing!

  49. this post had me in tears. i can not wait to experience this same love and compassion and growth that you had had while raising baby e. you and josh will be just the perfect parents to your two beautiful children :)
    xo TJ

  50. Oh my gosh…I could just die from Eleanor's cuteness in these pictures!

  51. What an abosulutely sweet and touching post. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your joy at being a mother and the anticipation of another family addition. Your blog is truly lovely and you are so very deserving of all your faithful followers.

  52. i love your longer, more transparent posts like this one. and when i saw these photos on carissa's blog the other day, i was in awe (and still am). so very precious!

  53. these are some of THE most beautiful photos i have seen. it's just all so perfect. the composition, your beautiful baby bump, your stylish clothing, your precious little girl. i am sure you will treasure these photos forever!

    i love what you wrote, the honesty of how you're feeling, and the hope that comes with change. your baby boy is so blessed to have you as a mama. i have no doubt that you will fall crazy in love with him and your new family of four. xoxo

  54. Kate

    Oh my goodness, these really are the cutest photos ever! They made me smile, Eleanor just looks adorable! I love your flower head pieces, so cute :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  55. These photos have been all over pinterest this weekend, and every time I see a new pin I think "Wow she is such a beautiful momma!"

    You really are girl! You can just tell how much Eleanor adores you and your new bouncy boy is just going to add to the fun.

  56. Oh Taza such a touching post, I can't wait to see how much love you have for your new baby boy!


  57. Vivi K

    These photos are so beautiful! It's so sweet to see little Eleanor growing up and how much of an awesome mom you are! Love your blog!

  58. oh gosh, is it strange that reading this made me cry? namely, the part where you describe breaking the news to josh… i'm sitting in my kitchen, neglecting heaps of books, crying in empathy for a complete stranger. but how could i not, with such an unbelievably sincere post? i absolutely adore you, through and through.

  59. colleen

    I really love those first two photos. and this post was so beautiful to read and so well articulated. I love getting a glimpse into the doubts and the huge amount of joy and love a second pregnancy brings. enjoy the last few months as three – I'm sure 4 will be even better – and hold on to the precious memories you've made in your time together.

  60. J Arett

    You are really an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and personal moment. The pictures are lovely.

  61. Kelsey

    this post seriously brought tears to my eyes! such beautiful photos and words. I was worried about the same things you were when I was pregnant with my 2nd. Trust me, you will have enough room in your heart to love both equally.

  62. kerry

    I can't believe you didn't add the picture of you two on your bed to the post. They're all amazing though.


  63. What a breathtaking page in the book of your world as a mama! I was truly inspired and the thought of being a mama is just so exciting.! Can't wait to know the feelings that you are experiencing with your fam! Lots of love,

    Holly Foxen Wells

  64. I can't wait to have such wonderful kids like Eleanor…

  65. Kari


    Thank you for this beautifully written post. I know we've never talked or met in person, but I feel like I really "get" you…if that makes sense. Your thoughts on motherhood (and parenting in general) seem very similar to mine. Do you practice attachment parenting, may I ask?

    p.s. The pictures are stunning; your baby bump couldn't be more beautiful!

  66. What beautiful photos & words!

    I'm 5 months pregnant with my first – a girl! Looking at your posts with your baby girl make me so excited for my near future! :)

    Random: where do you get your cute maternity clothes? I don't want to spend an ARM and a leg for clothes that I will wear for just a few months.

  67. Kelli

    This post was so beautifully written. I can relate to you on so many levels. Having a new baby girl of my own (at whoa…7 months old already). I love her more than I can stand. And now, thinking about when that baby number two might happen….eek. It's scary and exciting all at the same time. Babies are such an incredible gift. Congrats to your lovely (growing) family!

  68. Britney

    Naomi you're such a beautiful mom. I admire you so much for how beautifully you sacrifice yourself for your family. And those pictures are simply darling! You and little Eleanor are the picture of perfect love between and mother and daughter. I can't wait to have a little girl one day!

  69. Ashley

    what sweet words. brought tears to my eyes. Little Eleanor sure is a special little girl. how you described her comes through with every photo you post!

    I know that little boy of yours will be just as sweet! Congrats on expanding! =)

  70. Caitlin

    These pictures are simply beautiful! I have seen them all over Pinterest too! I love the flowers in you and Eleanor's hair. If you get a chance I'd love to know where you got that positively comfy and adorable looking maxi dress your wearing.

  71. I love your words about motherhood. I have a 5 month old daughter and I can relate to your feelings. Your photographer captured such sweet pictures. You'll cherish them forever.

    I also wanted to ask about where your cute dress is from. I love it!

  72. Meg

    I love those flower halo things on your heads!


  73. Hannah

    Thank you for sharing your exciting pregnancy story. These photos are beautiful, I love the colourful flowers.

  74. Wow this post is amazing, I would say the best one I've read on your blog. Your such an amazing mother, Elenore and the new baby boy are going to be so so proud of you. Don't ever doubt yourself because your doing such a great job.


  75. every single thing about this post is beautiful. I may just be an emotional wreck tonight but seriously, what you wrote made me cry. I love how honest and open you are in your writing. and I can't get enough of seeing beautiful pictures of you and your family. c:

  76. I love these pics Naomi! You guys seem like such a sweet family and am excited for your newest addition! You'll love having a boy. My son is almost 12 months old and it is…just so sweet!

  77. Carley

    Wow! This made me get a little emotional! So beautifully said! You're making me want another, and my baby is only 4 months old!

  78. ayley

    all i can say is thank you for sharing such a personal and sweet moment. my love and i were truly blessed and touched reading this. i can't wait for my life to reach this point. so full of love. is there any higher calling than motherhood? so sacred and beautiful!

  79. Like many other readers, this post has me tearing up. I'm only 21 years old, and I don't plan on starting a family any time soon… but reading your blog really makes me look forward to being a mother some day. Thank you for putting motherhood in such a positive and inspiring light. Thank you for sharing :)

  80. Anuszka

    Beautiful girls!!!! Eleonor is so sweet! :)

  81. beautyfull post and i love the pics :))
    love from swiss

  82. Lovely post and sweet pics. Meny hugs (in swedish= Många kramar)

  83. Jen

    LOVE these photos! So adorable. You're looking amazing and Eleanor is just too cute for words.

  84. Nora

    You both are soooo beautiful!
    I'm so ready to start a family on my own after looking at those shots.
    Well done!

  85. thank you for sharing your personal moments. your post has got me teary eyed. you will be a great mom for that little boy, i am sure, as you are already for this amazing and sweet {and very very beautiful} little girl. i'm longing to have a baby of my own but wasn't granted that wish yet…

  86. jo

    these photos are too cute and the post is A love letter. so beautiful and honest. thanks for charing.

  87. tinajo

    Beautiful pics!

    Oh yes, I wondered too when baby number 2 was on his way – but oh my goodness how limitless a mother´s (and father´s) love is! I realized that no matter how many kids we would get, there would be plenty of love for all of them. And that´s an awesome feeling! :-)

  88. such a beautiful post… and amazing pictures!

  89. Oh wow, an amazing post Naomi. And simply beautiful photos – you two are just gorgeous x

  90. Such a beautiful post. When I was pregnant with our second I felt guilty all the time because I knew that our special time together had a deadline. I felt like I was cheated on our eldest and now that our second baby girl is here, I feel silly about all those doubts and apprehensions. Seeing my oldest be the big sister has been one of the most rewarding things as a mother. For as much as we love our children unconditionally, so do their siblings. It's so beautiful.

  91. Juca

    I feel the same with my baby girl, You are absolutely RIGHT!!!
    We are great Mamas ;)

  92. photos are soooo adorable! i love trhe flower headbands! looks very sweet :)

  93. I've read all comments and every mother understands all you are feeling now, there are moments I also wonder if i will love another baby the way i love my daughter…(she became an angel ofert few days after her birth), now i'm expecting a baby boy on 24th of jun and can not wait to hold my child in my arms, it is the most beatiful feeling…
    the fotos of you both are great and i realy like your blog, it's te first time i'm writing a comment here (sorry for my english, it's not perfect).have e great week.

  94. Shauna

    This is such a sweet post! I have a little girl who is 21 months older than her baby brother. I remember the time I spent with her before he was born. The emotions and time right before I delivered him were the most precious with her. I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it!


  95. Sladja

    so many lovely words, thoughts, and feelings… i'm blown away!
    i can only hope to have family like you do! and i sincerely hope i will!

  96. I got goose pimples when I read the text! So wonderful :)
    And the photos are wonderful, too!!!

  97. The photos are amazing, and your text is so, so moving. You know, I'm not a mum yet, I hope with all my heart I will be soon, but I think all the mamas around me told me that when you have children, your heart doesn't divide in equal parts of love for each other, it multiplies the love you feel for each of them, it keeps getting bigger and bigger in a way you couldn't possibly imagine before :) (sorry for my poor english squills :))

  98. What delicious and calming words x

  99. Eleni

    Aw, she looks like a Flower Fairy!

    You inspire me. Whenever I think about motherhood, all I see are the problems: the sacrifice, the demands on my time and emotions, the loss of identity, the stupid practical things like money and housing…but whenever I read your posts about your thoughts on motherhood, they fill me up with hope that one day, when I'm settled in a loving relationship with the right partner, bringing a baby into the world will be nothing but joyful :D

  100. You're amazing, Naomi. You really are. xo

  101. What a beautiful post (: Your blog always has me leaving with a smile on my face. You are such a sweet mama!

    xo Kayla

  102. Viv

    wonderful worlds, Thank you so much!

  103. So beautifully written! I read your blog daily, and always find it lovely, but particularly moving when you share these moments that let the rest of us know – we are not alone! Your love and faith in these open, honest posts are a true inspiration. Beautiful family, beautiful story, and of course, beautiful pictures!

  104. This post brought tears to my eyes. You write with such emotion! I hope one day I have a chance to experience that special bond you describe with Eleanor.

    Blessings to you, Josh, Eleanor, and baby!

  105. Demelza

    Beautiful post, touching enough to bring tears in to my eyes. I really really hope I might experience all this by myself someday. & ofcourse: you and Eleanor look beautiful on the pictures.

  106. i can not wait to be a mummy!

  107. Beautifully written!

  108. Bridget

    such a great post, girl. i imagine with a blog as big as yours, you're reticent to share too much, but this was totally beautiful. that feeling… welcoming a second and wondering if you'll love them as much as the first (i mean, it seems so darn unique with the first, how could it be replicated?!) is a common one.

    your family of four will be great. and can i just say: boys are the BEST.

    and so are these pictures!

  109. Rebecca

    The pictures are beautiful! My coworkers and I were just talking about having a second child (not me — I have three), just in general how you wonder how a second will fit in with the first and how you wonder how in the world you'll be able to love another. And you always do — your heart grows a million times. I compared it to the Grinch, but I guess that's not a great analogy.

  110. these pictures are beautiful!

  111. Jessica

    omg soo sweet sweet sweet ♥♥♥♥

  112. Ka†hi

    so lovely ♥

  113. so beautiful, i hope i can experience that love someday xo

  114. awhhh beautiful!!

  115. Isn't Carissa the best? She is talented in so many ways. I'm thankful for her friendship, too.

    The photos are lovely :)

  116. You just made me cry! Such a sweet story!

  117. beautiful piece and such gorgeous pictures! actually made me quite emotional! you guys are such an inspirational family!

  118. This was such a beautiful post. So true, heartfelt, well written. Thank you SO much for sharing.

  119. these are the moments that have to be treasured for a lifetime!!!

    kisses from Spain!

  120. hilly

    this is such a wonderful post!! makes me want a family some day soon!

  121. Janell

    gosh.. they photographs are just great. The pops of color from your floral crowns make me happy! Once again, Eleanor steals the show lol. I'm sure that it feels perfect right now with just the three of you, but just imagine the perfection when your son arrives to become Eleanor's partner in adventure.

  122. Alexia

    wow, that was so beautiful.. i am close to tears! i have been following your blog for years and it has been so fun watching you and josh become amazing parents to the cutest little girl. reading your blog has made me strive to be a better person, girlfriend and sister and i am so thankful to that.
    Congratulations on the new little one. You and your little family deserve a world of happiness!

  123. Chrissy

    i love it how you can write so honest about you and your family and especially this post made me cry. it's so beautiful and i can't wait to start a family someday, too. you're really full of love and you're happy to have such a lovely family! I wish you the best and i bet you will give your little boy a lot of love!!

  124. Such great words. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  125. this post was incredibly touching. i've never experienced having a child, but i hope if i do, i will have something as beautiful as you do with your daughter! <3

  126. {Liana}

    Beautiful:) Your words, your little Eleanor, and your mama-ways.

  127. Hilary

    Me and my husband have been talking about starting a family soon, and to read about your family and the love you have for your baby is wonderful. I love how positive you are. You always hear about the negative things and it always sounds like a chore. Im sure it is hard and i dont know because i haven't had a baby yet, but knowing that it is and can be an amazing thing gives me hope. Thank you for setting a good example of motherhood.

  128. Your post was so moving! Although I dont have children of my own yet, I cant wait until I can feel the joy that you have felt with little E. Wishing you and your growing family years more of love, peace, and great joy. :)

  129. Jessica

    Thank you for your honesty. This was honestly so touching.. and beautiful.
    Love <3

  130. Elise

    Isn't that the most amazing thing about love, it keeps growing. We don't have to divide love between the ones that mean the most to us but our love expands to all of our dear ones. You and E look so adorable!

  131. Elise

    Isn't that the most amazing thing about love, it keeps growing. We don't have to divide love between the ones that mean the most to us but our love expands to all of our dear ones. You and E look so adorable!

  132. Lottie

    This made me tear up. Beautifully written.

    being a mummy is a huge responsibilty but also an amazing opportunity. Sometimes the thought of it terrifies me but I think that is because I haven't experienced that rush of love yet.

  133. I actually just gave a talk in church about being examples of righteousness (based on the same titled talk from Pres. Monson) and I couldn't help but take the slant of being an example as a parent. I really find it overwhelming sometimes to think about the fact that my actions not only affect me but also my posterity and I want so much to do all the right things. It is challenging and rewarding…I also have two little ones close together. My second child was born in January and my kids are only 16 months apart and I remember having the exact same concerns as you. I miss those days of just us three, but it is so great to see my son give his sister kisses and now I get to see her smile at him. It is just too fun and although I'm busier, I am managing it much better than I anticipated. You will do just great and I can't wait to see the little man arrive!

  134. Rhianne

    Oh Naomi, this just made me cry at work but I don't mind. Thank you so much for sharing these and Eleanor with us for the last 14 months, her energy and love touches more than just a room. I really love how happy you and Josh are with your family and I can't wait to see your family of four now :)

    p.s. I had a nose at the other photos too, I love Eleanors face with the book, so cute!

  135. What a beautiful post. You have such a sweet and inspiring spirit Naomi. I love reading your blog.

  136. Naomi, this is beautiful – I love your longer, wordier posts!

  137. anna

    You are the most beautiful couple of mama and doughter!!love you!


  138. That was a beautiful post!

  139. Lindsey

    What beautiful pictures! Your friend Carissa did an amazing job! You both look so happy!

  140. You know? I was talking to my hubs about this last week. We've been discussing number two. I distinctly remember telling me, "I just don't know how it could get better than it is with just her…" Although, seeing my sister with 4, I know the love would grow and she would have siblings as her friends for life, but man… this time as a family of 3 is so good.

    I love the honesty on all fronts in this. How sweet it will be for you to see her be a big sister!

  141. Lovely photos! And what a beautiful post.

    (I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have a favorite baby carrier that you use for when you wore Eleanor?)

  142. kwistin

    you've done it again. this is one of the sweetest and most meaningful posts i've read. thank you.

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  144. Brenny

    You are amazing! I feel the exact same way at the moment. I'm ready for another baby but then I look at my daughter and I panic. I don't know how to love anything else like I love her and I don't want to have a favourite and I'm scared of what if I do!

    Thanks for sharing this post and sharing your worries:) Knowing there are other moms that feel the same makes it better <3


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    i love following your uplifting blog. :)

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  153. Aww…so sweet. I became unexpectedly pregnant with our son when my daughter was about 9 months old. I remember feeling such a confusing mix of shock, joy and apprehension. I love my girl so much and she's so perfect and at the time I couldn't imagine that my hubs and I could do it twice. I worried that it would ruin our special mother / daughter time, and wondered how I would ever be able to love another as much and as large as I loved her. I knew it would happen, but I just couldn't see it. AND THEN. My son was born and it was like I had known him and he had been a part of my heart for years. It was like our family hadn't been complete before him and once he arrived it was. It's hard to explain but I instantly realized that he was meant to be with us all along and we just didn't know it yet.

  154. What an absolutely lovely post. Thank you for brightening my day.

  155. Someone once told me that children multiply love…and they were so right!

  156. You made me cry, cause all the things you said about E I am now feeling with my little Stella..she has changed the life of me and my hubby forever, changed in a way we never imagined we could have and she is the brightest star of my sky….Love for your child is so important and I love the fact that I am a Mum….and when she says Mum it makes my heart weep all over again :)))

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  159. i can't tell you how important this post is and how grateful i am to you for writing it. my husband and i keep faltering between the let's do it again, let's wait and a big part of that is not wanting to lose time with just me and my little miss too soon. my mom waited 4 years in between me and my sister and i've always felt that was just too long, my sister and i never really understood each other until adulthood and i want abby to be best friends with her siblings BUT i'm so grateful that it's just me and my little bestie everyday. anyway, this is becoming a long comment, i just want to say thank you for always sharing your heart and your sweet little (growing!) family ♥

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    First born children are very, very lucky.

    No other children ever get that "3 is a magic number" time with their parents. And even then the first born always gets special time carved out for them to make up for having to share with the later children.

    Just a thought from the youngest of 4 kids.

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    I have the exact same feelings about having a second baby. My first is a month younger than Eleanor, and my second will be the same age as your little boy.

  174. such a sweet sweet post. you made me well up with tears! and i can relate to the feelings you have about Eleanor. i love my little girl so, so much that i often can't fathom how i could love another baby just as much. yet, i know i will one day. i'm sure your heart will be bursting at the seams once your little boy comes. it will be magical. for now, enjoy your alone time with Eleanor. she is going to be a great big sister!

  175. alli

    I just had my first about 6 weeks ago, so I'm nowhere near thInking about our second child, but I completely know what you mean about feeling up to the task of raising a daughter. Motherhood is the greatest calling in a multitude of ways. I find myself overwhelmed when I think of the long-term challenge, but I'm excited for the future too. And mostly I'm just in awe that my Heavenly Father has entrusted this sweet baby girl in my care. It's a marvelous thing, and I'm sure more love will abound when your little boy arrives.

  176. Marcus

    i love reading your inspirational writing, naomi. this post has brought me to tears. as my husband and i are discussing having another child, i have been feeling exactly what you have written. i'm so nervous to bring another child into this world, wondering if my love for him/her could possibly be the same that it is for my sweet hailey girl. thank you for your honest, sincere thoughts on this very subject. they are so encouraging for me to read. you are such a beautiful mother. you inspire me to be a better mother myself.

  177. Marcus

    darn it, i'm logged in on my husband's account. marcus is my husband. i'm makall. how embarrassing! :/

  178. I've been a long time follower and this is my first comment. :)

    Baby E is so sweet and will be an amazing big sister.

    I love these personal posts of yours!

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  181. My daughter is a couple months younger than Eleanor and my son (in utero still) will be a couple months older than your baby boy and I felt EXACTLY the same. I thought "how odd, it feels like I'm cheating on my baby girl to have another child…" then I started to feel guilty thinking that she wouldn't get the attention I so loved to give her. I'm still working through it and have been reassured by everyone that you just DO have the capacity to love one more, then two more, and on and on as they are your children. I know it will happen but was encouraged to read your testimony when we're in very similar mommy situations :)

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    You made me very happy and very sad at the same time. My precious Valeria tuned one year this Sunday and I fell as totaly mine all you say about your feelings for Ms E. And I understand you so well for as much as I would love to have another baby I don t know if i cand "produce" as muuch love for him/her as i feel right now for V. But I know that God help us always, with everything, much more when it comes about our children. be blessed the four of you, hugs&kisses; from Bucharest, L

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    custom shirts

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  190. This post is beautiful and absolutely resonates with me, as I daydream about my 15 month old (who shines like your eleanor) and my 13 week old baby growing inside of me. It is bitter sweet that the "so good" time with "just us" is coming to an end. But thrilling that our hearts will swell with that much more love the second time around.

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  192. so true and so honest and i completely agree… I'm definitely sure you will be a perfect mother of two wonderful kids!!!!

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    Love this! I'm right there with you. My SIL told me something that quieted my heart a little at having enough love for another child, though: Love is like a faucet. It can fill any cup – any need – that comes to it, and there's an infinite amount that it can fill. It doesn't have to be stingy or withhold to make sure everyone gets the same amount. It's always ready for the need.

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  210. this is so well written Naomi. i had the same fears when i found out i was pregnant with my second. i wondered how i could possibly have enough love for both children. i thought that my heart was full loving my first and my husband. boy, was i wrong. it's amazing how the heart can expand. now i have three and my heart fills with love everyday. equal love for each of my amazing children.

    i wish you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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  215. I always say this but your blog is so inspirational and it makes me so happy to read it each and every time!

  216. I always say this but your blog is so inspirational and it makes me so happy to read it each and every time!

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    this post is so touching. and so #fluff. I lovee everything fluff. I am not yet a mother but I cannot wait to be one! this post is everything. you have such a beautiful family and i just want to thank you for sharing it with the world :)

  218. Jill

    We are very similar to your story. We have a little boy and we're expecting our little girl this August. Our children will be 14 months apart and while it's bittersweet, it's going to be awesome!

    Congrats on your little boy. He will melt your heart, for sure!

  219. Love the honesty… I often wonder how I will be able to love another little one as much as the first. You know the love will be there, but can't help but be nervous :)

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  224. Jessi

    Please, please please tell me where that dress is from! It looks so comfy and flattering and you look beautiful in it!

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