how to stay positive.

oh this had me laughing pretty hard.
what would our days be like if we started out
in front of the mirror like this?
certainly better i would assume. ;)

my pregnancy lifesavers, take II.

at the end of my pregnancy with eleanor last year, i blogged about a few of my pregnancy lifesavers. little things that seemed to work magic on my tired and uncomfortable body. all of those life savers have proven to remain absolutely magical this time around as well, but i’ve also found a couple of other things over the past few months that i can’t get enough of…
1. l’occitane’s certified organic pure shea butter. i’m still a girl who is prone to stretch marks (thankfully none of you have to see the inside of my thighs) but somehow still not a single stretch mark on my growing belly and i credit this entirely to the shea butter which i like to use every day.
2. prenatal yoga. over the years i’ve become a big fan of yoga. i like to do it at my own pace, in my own home either early in the morning or right before bed. while my tummy likes to get in the way on occasion, nothing beats how i feel after i’ve done a little yoga, stretched my muscles and limbs and worked what’s left of my core. sometimes i throw a little martha graham floor work in there, too. (i can’t help it, i’m a dancer.) image via here.
3. massage tools. hopefully you have a partner who is loving enough to work on all those awful knots in your back at the end of each day. carrying around a 14 month old has only worsened mine. and side note: if you’re noticing you have to beg a little to get that massage from your love, it’s been proven at our house that bribing with ice cream or mexican cokes can help. but maybe that only works with my husband. ;)
4. i’ve noticed there is still an argument out there about drinking herbals teas while pregnant. i’m not a doctor so i’m not going to tell you what to do, but i’ve discussed this with mine and was given the ok to have a cup on occasion. sometimes i find it’s the perfect way to end the night. tazo’s wild sweet orange is my absolute favorite!
5. i live in socks and slippers these days. sometimes i feel like it’s the start of a downward spiral, especially since this week i’ve resorted to wearing my husband’s t-shirts everywhere and have a pony-tail holding up the button on my jeans. but i feel like if the socks are fun, girly and stylin’, i made an effort. you know? (socks in photo from here.)
6. citrus. i simply cannot get enough. especially grapefruit. every morning. mid afternoon and evening, please. so good!
7. sabon’s dead sea salt scrub. this is my beauty “splurge” product because i think it’s expensive. but i keep it stocked in my bathroom because i swear it’s full on magic.
8. burt’s bees nourishing body oil. this oil is where it’s at. it will help make #3 less painful. i also use it on my legs after i shave them twice a year (i kid. i kid. sort of.) and it always makes them smooth and soft, which helps me feel pretty and put together as i waddle down the hallway.
hope this list might help some of you pregnant ladies, too. also, what are your pregnancy lifesavers? have you discovered anything you’re willing to let me in on?

eleanor, mama, and a baby bump named ‘boy’.

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my dear friend carissa takes the most special photographs. she snapped these of eleanor and me and my baby bump the other week in the park and i just love them so.
i love eleanor very much. looking through these photos gave me that overwhelming feeling i often get of just how special she really is. and of the energy and love she can bring into a room at just 14 months old.
this sweet little girl- she is mine. mine. that little girl in the red sandals who has entered toddler-hood with the most contagious giggle but also with a touch of sass, she is mine. that little girl with 7 tiny teeth who tries to breast-feed her panda bear and battles me on eating her greens… she is mine. that sweet spirit who is so observant at just 14 months and wants to mimic every little thing that i do (oh how she can keep me in line!)… who makes me want to be a better person, better wife, and better mother every day. she is mine. it’s so wonderful to think about, and so overwhelming at the same time. what a large responsibility we as mothers have on our shoulders… caring for these beautiful children who come to us with such innocent spirits and endless potential. who will grow up and can change the world for the better. gosh how unworthy i feel for the task. and how mortifying it can be to really think about sometimes… you know?
i remember sitting on the bathroom floor with eleanor on my lap last september while i waited for the results of my pregnancy test to show up on that little stick. i remember feeling complete shock and joy when the test read “pregnant” but at the same time experiencing this teeny tiny hint of “wait….not yet…” too. not yet, because expecting another baby meant there was a deadline on this special time of just me and eleanor and, of course, her papa. i was, and still am, loving (almost) every minute of this time as just us. and while josh and i had discussed for a long time that we were ready to get pregnant again, in that moment, i didn’t know if selfishly i’d be willing to welcome another baby into the world when life with eleanor and her papa was just: so good.
after the bathroom incident, eleanor and i drove over to josh’s office as fast as i could buckle her into that carseat and hit the gas pedal to share the news. he came out to the car to meet us. the second he sat down in the passenger seat i handed him my pregnancy test and tried not to blink so i could study his face to see where he stood. it didn’t take but 2 seconds for him to burst into some of the most joyous tears i’ve seen from him as he pulled me into his arms and hugged and kissed me, over and over. that was all i needed to know that everything would be ok. that having a deadline on our time as a family of three wasn’t so terrible. and that a family of four would be even better.
there are moments when i still wonder how i will ever love another baby the way love eleanor. but deep down, i know it will happen. just like the way I didn’t know i had this deep and profound capacity to love eleanor until she was placed in my arms. i remember looking at her little pink face for the first time and feeling this new love rush in from who knows where. but it was there. it’s still here. growing and growing by leaps and bounds every day. i’m thankful for my time with her over the past 14 months. when i think of her taking on the role of “big sister” soon, i get so excited. being her mama has been the sweetest experience. i really love it. and i love her so.
ps. there are a few more photos on carissa’s blog as well as her portfolio from this day together if you’d like to see.

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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