1. Oh how exciting for you!
    Amy xo

  2. taylor

    Yay! So excited to find out, either way, what a blessing!

  3. Jean

    yay! i am excited for you guys & can't wait to hear what baby will be!

  4. Aimee

    i'm going to guess…..boy!

  5. MC

    I can't wait to find out!

  6. either is a wonderful blessing, but I'm selfishly hoping its a josh jr. so I can soak up all the inspiration you'd be sure to bring concerning baby boys! I'm expecting our first boy at the end of march!

  7. I saw the "big secret" tweet and thought the secret was TWINS! but this is exciting news, too!! :)

  8. I'm going to vote boy because all my friends that accidentally found out the gender of their baby had boys, I guess because there was something to see?
    Obviously, either way it's super exciting!

  9. Jane

    i am so excited to see eleanor as a big sister. she is going to be even more precious.

  10. Aww, I can't wait to find out! I voted girl because it would be cute if Eleanor had a little sister to play with : ]

  11. I cant wait to hear what you're having!!!


  12. Aubrey

    AHHH! excited! Also, since when and how does little E look like a full blown toddler here?! She's gorgeous.

  13. Oh wow I thought most people would think it is a girl but evidently I was wrong. How fun to know and have Eleanor be a part of it.

  14. Crystal

    yayyyyyyy can't wait for you to tell us all!!!!

  15. I'm not going to lie…I was kind of hoping you would find out so we could celebrate along with you! <3 I vote for another girl. Either way, congrats!

  16. Shana W.

    Girl! Another girl to dress up in Eleanor's cute clothes would be awesome, right? :)

  17. Such a cute picture!!!!! Can't wait to here if its a boy or girl!! I think girl!! Congrats!!!

  18. can't wait to find out. I'm going with boy!

  19. Malea

    You have a beautiful baby!

    Check out my blog!


  20. I said girl but now that I'm thinking about it, is much easier to tell if it's a boy… !

  21. kelsey

    what a fun way to share the news!! you all are so creative in sharing good news on your blog

  22. Jessica

    So very exciting! I was so anxious to find out the gender of my little bean too!

  23. Kelly

    OH MY GOODNESS! At first I thought you were having twins. :) but this is even better… well twins would've been awesome because then you'd have 3 rockstar babies, and a husband, and you two make cute babies and such… But you'd be super stressed, I mean 3 babies under like 1.5 AND A BLOG… we may never see you again!! AHHH! Am I rambling? Whoops.

    Anyways! Congrats again and BAHHH how exciting!!!

  24. Amanda

    Promise you won't keep us waiting too long, ok?

  25. Tracy

    so exciting! i'm thinking b-o-y this time.

    we chose not to find out the sex of our baby born last year, but the ultrasound tech blew the surprise. i hope that didn't happen to you, i kind of wanted to throttle her.

    unrelated: you are a constant source of inspiration! we're coming up on my daughter's first birthday (which two days after daddy's birthday) and I've been following your lead on how to handle both with such a short turnaround!

    thanks for sharing your beautiful life with all of us!

  26. Elisha(:


  27. Mary

    I have a boy and twin girls. I'm going to guess boy because of how you're carrying + that you're eating meat. I couldn't eat meat while pregnant with the girls; with my son, it was no problem.


  28. Mrs. Ham

    i say girl… but then i think boy because how else would you find out… boys are kinda obvious… hehe

  29. Ah!!!! How exciting! No matter what it will be thrilling!!



  30. MK

    Congratulations again to you and your family Naomi! I voted "boy." Regardless of the sex the baby will be born into a wonderful family. :)

  31. eeeep! you guys must be so pumped!

  32. Susie Q

    Word of advice from a mother of 4 boys: Don't tell anyone the gender until the baby arrives, otherwise all you have to tell that is exciting is that the baby has arrived and its name. Not ohhhh what did you have? You lose some of the suspense and excitement. By the way, we never knew with any of our babies what was coming.

  33. How exciting! I'm sorry that it wasn't a surprise though like it was with E. But now you will have experienced both and you can tell us which you think was better. Because I haven't quite decided what I wanted to do when I'm pregnant.

  34. Sini

    Exciting! I voted for gitl, but it would be so adorable to see Josh jr!

  35. weeee I can't wait to find out!!

  36. haha how fun! i feel like it would be SO hard to not find out when HELLO the doctor can totally just tell you! i voted girl! so fun to have to little girlies!

  37. Anuszka

    We are also waiting :)In two weeks it will be know – he or she :) It's so exciting!!!

  38. Vanessa

    This is so exciting! I can't wait to find out!

  39. I guess Boy too (the meat fact!) – thought you're having twins too x)

  40. Claire

    That picture is just too sweet!

  41. Claire

    So happy for you three (four)!

  42. Lisa

    I have 17 year old twin girls…managed to keep their gender secret throughout my pregnancy which took some doing as everyone was desperate to know! Boy or girl your baby will be beautiful and much loved..and read about:)

  43. nora

    wow! I'm so excited.

    I voted boy. But I think I just changed my mind…
    I grew up with a sister, we are two years apart and it is just the best!
    anyway a brother sure is great as well?! :)

  44. Steph

    We're finding out the gender of our second in the next few days and I can't wait. Our daughter is 16 months and I'd kind of love another girl for her to sister around with. I grew up with four older brothers… So I can only guess how fun having a close sister would be. Girl is my vote (but of course a dapper little brother wouldn't be so bad either…). Best!

  45. Alicia

    My jaw dropped when I read this post! I can't wait to meet the newest Davis :)

  46. amy D

    Awesome! I'm going to say girl :)

  47. One of each? :)

  48. BMarie

    I say girl because after a few boy pins, I saw acouple 'sisters' pins and thought… Awwww!!:o) Praying for a healthy baby! So very happy for you!

  49. I am going with girl! :) Wish you and your family all the best either way!

  50. Megan

    It's a boy.

  51. Morgan

    I voted boy b/c I hope that's what it is but I'm secretly thinking it's another little girl. Either way congrats congrats congrats!

  52. That is the cutest stinking photo of you and Miss E!! Also, I'm convinced it's a boy;)

  53. Heidi

    Cant wait to find out your little secret.

  54. I voted boy, just on the fact that you said you were "giddy". :)


  55. Weeeee!!! YAY for finding out! Waiting patiently over here for your announcement!

  56. YAY! So exciting! So happy for your growing family!

  57. i am guessing girl since you used the word "giddy" to describe how you are feeling. having had your precious little eleanor, just thinking about another one like her would make you feel giddy!!!! (i have four girls and one boy … giddy, giddy, giddy!)

  58. ah! I'm so excited for you!

  59. for the record i guessed girl. and apparently that is NOT what the concensus is thus far!

  60. Now having done it both ways, waiting to be surprised and finding out ahead of time, which do you prefer? And I may have missed this but you found out the gender of your baby on the way to the ultrasound? not at the actual ultrasound?

    Super excited for you, Josh, E and Kingsley!

  61. Kate

    Your little girl is so adorable. I love the pictures you capture of her. I voted that you are having a boy as I can't even imagine how handsome he'd turn out. But another beautiful little girl would be wonderful. Either way Eleanor will be a great big sister!

  62. omg! omg! omg!

    how exciting! i'm too excited to even wonder and vote.

    can't wait to find out! congrats again to your little family for this new blessing :)

    alissa b

  63. arena

    Naomi, can i ask you how many children would you like to have? :)

  64. so exciting! I think is a boy!

  65. I guessed boy but am basically….so excited to find out. Your family is adorable.

  66. oh my gosh your blog is sooo much fun!

  67. oh my gosh your blog is sooo much fun!

  68. Daphné

    So exciting, I can't wait to know!

  69. Paige

    tell us!

  70. Tonia

    So, i like your blog so much!
    I love photos, yours and no. I like your thinks. Your family…
    You have a talnet! You make a beutiful "place". It isn't onley blog. It's so much more!

    I this like photo!
    And Eleanor on this picture.
    She has great mine ;))
    Injury that she won't remeber this moments…

  71. Jenna E

    Eeeeek So exciting!! I want to find out so bad but my husband wants to keep it a surprise. We have our first ultra sound tomorrow!!

  72. Ugh. I seriously come to your blog and look for pictures of the nursery so I can drool over that sofa, and over Eleanor. She is beautiful.

  73. that's the same! boy or girl, your family is an inspiration for me (and my dream for future!) :)

  74. oh congratulations! what a fun little surprise for your family. i'm betting on a baby brother for E!

  75. Sonja

    oh come on . tell us , tell us! :o)
    i'm betting on brother too.

  76. i can't stop refreshing your blog in hopes that the gender reveal will pop up!

  77. Your having a boy.

  78. Kaylan

    so exciting! My husband and I know the sex but have so far kept it a secret…not sure how much longer we can hold it in! GIVEAWAY for your readers on my blog today http://www.kaylanbuteyn.com/?p=2978

  79. Rhianne

    eep how exciting and I love the photo too :)

  80. Rhianne

    eep how exciting and I love the photo too :)

  81. oh my goodness that is so exciting!! you guys are adorable!

  82. Nessa



  83. Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy :)


  84. i'm guess a boy! can't wait to hear.

  85. Liesl

    Such an exciting time for you all around! My vote is a boy! Also, congrats on your The Homies nomination too…just voted! :)

  86. Kelly

    I realize it's only been two days since you posted this – but tell usssssss!


  88. what a cute post! have a good weekend!

  89. how exciting!! i REALLY LOVE reading your blog, and seeing kingsley!! he so cute!!