music for eleanor, check ups, and getting ready for june!

this child can’t seem to get enough music in her life. always wanting to play the piano, bob her head up and down to music and dance. a car drove by our home the other day with rap music so loud we could hear it inside and eleanor immediately stopped what she was doing and began shaking her little body to the beat....

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a birthday party, for eleanor.

on saturday we had a little birthday party for eleanor. since valentines day is right around the corner, we went with that theme. i gave myself a very little budget for her party as i realized early on how easily i could get carried away with everything. ;) i made homemade valentine invitations and decorations and kept the menu to some baked treats, fruit kabobs and a little spring salad.... Read more

birthday celebrations all week long!

i feel like there is a ‘cool kids club’ at my house and i’m not a part of it since my birthday didn’t take place this week and everyone else’s did. but that’s ok because this new baby will most likely show up on my birthday in june and we’ll have our own little month to party!...

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