eleanor at play.

it’s amazing how much fun i can have
hanging out with eleanor in her nursery.
i mean, building blocks, story books, stacking toys!
sometimes, i feel like i’m 4 years old again.
i also love stepping aside and watching eleanor
play quietly by herself.
figuring out how to stack a tiny tower of blocks,
giggling out loud when they topple over.
this girl makes me a very happy mama.
i love her.
  1. Sarah

    I totally feel the same way. I childs nursery is totally a magical place for both momma and baby. These pictures are precious =) Glad you girls are having fun.

    - Sarah

  2. Mrs. Ham

    Eleanor we're so glad you came along!! You're so fun to hear about and watch grow up!!


  3. I love watching my little guy open up his books and smile at the pictures. Makes me a happy mama!

  4. How beautiful is she! I can't wait to be a Mommy. Your relationship and love is so inspiring xx

  5. she is precious, and looks absolutely delightful. i'm so glad you're enjoying her so much! you take really stunning pictures of her too. love the black and whites. Xx

  6. Stacey

    She is just the cutest thing! She is looking more like you too. You are very blessed :)

  7. These are such great pictures of her! You can see that little personality coming through! :)

  8. sarah

    she reminds me so much of my little girl, Lucia!!!!

  9. SUCH great photos! We've got those blocks – we love 'em! x

  10. Xenia

    Eleanor is literally the cutest baby ever!! Beautiful photos xox

  11. Lindsay

    She is just so beautiful. :)

  12. While I think all babies are cute, there are some that are just way cuter than others.

    Yours is one of them! :)

  13. Melissa

    Precious and so lucky you get so much time with her.

  14. She is the sweetest, most cutest baby girl ever! There is something so amazing and completely indescribably beautiful about watching your child develop, play and learn. :)

  15. your girl is so sweet!

  16. Atalie

    This post made my day.
    Even though I am a newlywed and not ready at all for babes, seeing all the pictures of your darling girl make me want a baby for just a minute, just so I can experience the joy you do!
    She needs to be a baby model.
    You should do style posts of her baby outfits! She is always so well dressed :)

  17. 2busy

    And her smile is infectious!

  18. Ash

    she makes the cutest faces! oh my goodness..

    it's fun to be a kid again, and with eleanor for a best friend, i'd say you've got it made


  19. her little girl attitude is so sweet!

  20. kelsey

    oh i love this post – eleanor is so adorable! i love babies who can play by themselves and still laugh out loud

  21. this is so sweet! she is adorable! looks like she is having a blast!

  22. MC

    She is the cutest baby ever!

  23. Taylor

    shelooks like you!

  24. I love the serious concentration on her face in the third picture down, but it's hard to beat that delighted smile that lights up the whole room in the second black and white.

  25. you're daughter is so cute. and i love how the love you have for her is so evident every time you write about her.

  26. I think that's the cutest baby I've ever seen.

  27. she is seriously so adorable….sometimes i get upset that she is not my child haha you are one lucky mom!

  28. Carly

    oh those adorable smiles! :)

  29. alissa b

    such big smiles! and look how long her hair (/bangs) are getting :)

    too cute!

    alissa b

  30. Andrea

    I love the messy baby hair when it gets fuzzy on the back like in that first picture. Adorable!

    What camera and lens are you using these days? The photos are so perfect.

  31. Laura

    shhe is SO cute !!!!!

  32. oh goodness, that bed head and chubby cheeks. i can't stand it!!! adorable!
    xo TJ

  33. Oh E. Your cheeks are too sweet. Naomi, she is growing so fast!

  34. She is the cutest. I think that's one of the best parts of being a parent that you can play again and being reminded of yourself when you were little. Like time traveling.

  35. Emily M

    I love these pictures of her. She is so cute!!

  36. soo cute!! i can't wait til my baby boy is older and can play!

  37. Awe so cute! I can't wait for that one day (hopefully soon). She's such a cutie ♥

  38. To watch children play can be so adorable…my little girl to a big bag full of "pixie" books and about the cutest thing is when she sits down, taking her baby doll and start reading all the books in her toddler slang to it.

    Love Eleanor's trousers!


  39. she's sooo cute and the fringe – just adorable!

  40. amberly

    Oh the first picture…. oxox such amazing photos and memories!! <3

  41. Hannah

    so sweet! and oh, that last picture, she looks so much like you. just adorable! x

  42. b and e

    what an adorable gal!
    We love her too! Hehe but not as much as our little maxwell! That's the way it should be though right?

    Adorable thing.


  43. Aubrey C

    you are such a good mama!

  44. how adorable!! your nursery is so prettily decorated and full of bright colors – i don't blame you for wanting to spend time in there with your baby either!!

  45. Bri

    baby e is such a cutie :)

    this post makes me excited because i'll soon be able to do the same with my baby on the way due in june! it's been fun reading your pregnancy posts since i'm 25 weeks, close to you haha

  46. rachael

    her faces are priceless! what a doll.

  47. Britney

    oh to be able to look into her imaginative mind and see what she's thinking. she's so sweet! she is seriously so photogenic and i love it when you capture her making one of her signature looks :)

  48. That first black and white photo of her is definitely frame-worthy! So beautiful!

  49. the last two pictures are priceless. i love her messy hair!

  50. Aya

    Can she please be a baby model!? She is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

  51. Nico

    Hello Naomi & Josh! :)
    I've read a lot of your post and feel like we're friends already.
    Being said, can we talk about faith for a moment?
    Please watch this video:


    It's the third of three, but I found it especially interesting.

    It's less than 10minutes, please watch it all the way through.

    "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?" Matthew 16:26 (NLT)


  52. Rachel

    adore that cute smile and laugh

  53. The second to last photo is the cutest thing ever!

    Naomi, reading your blog for years has been so wonderful–seeing you go from newlywed to momma is inspiring. :)

  54. She has such amazing expressions! What a gem.

  55. Ohhhhhh she breaks my heart a little bit.

  56. Char

    Aww she has such a cute "thinking" face! It is so nice to see her playing and trying things out on her own at such a young age. Organic play though exploration and discovery is so important for young children.
    Char xo

  57. she is precious.

  58. I can only hope someday I will have a family as precious as yours :)

  59. what a sweet princes…

  60. Meghan

    Would love to know what some of E's favorite toys are. Those colorful blocks? That wooden toy mobile on wheels? What else?

  61. Pakou

    You are one lucky mama to have such a sweet little gal. Blessings!

  62. Kate

    Ha! My boy has those same squishy colorful blocks. He can't quite stack them on his own yet, but he loves to see them fall over. :)

    You put it just perfectly. It's fun to get lost in their world.

  63. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    excellent images btw :)

  64. Amelia

    the second to the last photo- that face! i love this new range of facial expressions she's been coming up with

  65. Kari


    I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures on Instagram because I feel like I really connect with your style of mothering. Some days I just spend the entire day sitting on my living room floor reading my baby books, showing him alphabet flash cards, and jumping off the couch making funny noises and singing songs. Sometimes I feel like nobody seems to "get" what I "do" I'll day. I'm trying to be a mother–looks like you're doing the same–and doing fabulously, I might add!


    Love, Kari

  66. Your little Eleanor is so precious. I can't wait to see pictures of two beautiful babies! Hope your pregnancy is going well. You look radiant. : )

  67. kwistin

    gosh. i daresay these are some of my favorite photos yet. they tell such a story! and i love that her personality shows through. though i've never met her, i feel like i know some of her quirks and adorable actions because of photos like this.

    little ones are such blessings!

  68. Halili H

    her smile really brightens up my day instantly !

  69. Mariana

    Has anyone told you how cute she is?! ;)

    The third photo is my favorite! :)

  70. Sophie

    I love to look at the last four pictures in a row – they're great. She's so cute but also so … I don't know, she looks so "adult" to me, her expressions, it's fascinating.

    I hope you never stop blogging, I want to see an older Eleanor!

  71. Rebecca

    She's so cute! It's so much fun to watch them play. :)

  72. Kathy

    aw she is just so precious! I love the black and white photos :)

  73. Lottie

    I love her little pout when she is concentrating–so precious

  74. Chelsea

    So I have been following your blog now for almost 3 years! Wow- where does the time go. And I just love it!
    Anyway, I don't think I have ever commented before but I just had to say that Eleanor has got to be one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! She really makes me want to hurry up and have a baby!
    Just wanted to say thanks and keep it up!

  75. I absolutely love E, she's so beautiful!!!

  76. Courtney

    She has the sweetest facial expressions! So beautiful as well!

  77. she's so darling!
    xo, cheyenne

  78. i love how panda is so close to her at all times!!

  79. Her face is amazing in the photo with the 50 Adventures on Foot! She is just a little gem!

  80. Charis

    Love the black & white shots. And love how much you love Eleanor, so plain to see!

  81. that face with the goldfish pic is priceless- don't you just wonder what is actually going thru her head there?? i just love babies- prob why i have 3 of them;) so happy for you and your family to be adding another sweet angel to this earth.

  82. LMT

    I see baskets full of books and was wondering if you would do a post on some of your favorites? I have a background in elementary education and a sweet 20 month old son who adores books. I'm always looking for new reads for our library and love to swap favorites with other moms.

  83. Eesh

    Oh my gosh she is so adorable!!! Haha look at her concentrate on what she's doing. She is the cutest!

  84. Melea

    She's so a beauty! *.*

  85. Story books especially are so much fun, even for adults.

    And i love that you've got 365 penguins, it's one of my favorite new picture books! The graphics are <3

  86. Oh, my!!!!!! She is so beautiful! :D

    Regards from Brazil!

  87. Erika

    Love your blog. I have been following for some time now but have never commented! I am expecting and wondered if you could tell me what kind of camera you used to take these pics of Eleanor indoors. Lovely light. Is it your Canon Rebel T2i? Do you have to adjust the settings for these kind of low light pics? I am hoping for a camera with a great "auto" function! Thank you!

  88. Melissa

    She is very cute!

  89. Melissa

    She is very cute!!:-) By the way I love your blog.