we have a secret!

we’re not entirely sure how it happened, but we had another ultrasound this week, and we found out the gender of our little baby on the way! all week we’ve been so giddy! before we announce it here, we thought it’d be fun to see what you think… boy? girl?


little friends.

this is eleanor’s adorable little friend, evelyn. she’s only a few days older than eleanor (although we won’t tell you how many months before eleanor she started walking… eh hem.) ;) anyway, evelyn lives a little ways out in northern virginia so we don’t get to see her or her cute mama as often as we’d like, which is perhaps the reason eleanor can’t hold back the hugs, poking, in your face obsession with evelyn when she gets a chance to play with her. we’re grateful evelyn is willing to put up with it all. i need to set up more play dates for her, obviously.
ps. watching eleanor crawling all over her friends, poking, hugging unannounced, invading their personal space… reminds me of when she tugged at evie’s ear in utah last summer. that girl just can’t contain her excitement.

eleanor at play.

it’s amazing how much fun i can have
hanging out with eleanor in her nursery.
i mean, building blocks, story books, stacking toys!
sometimes, i feel like i’m 4 years old again.
i also love stepping aside and watching eleanor
play quietly by herself.
figuring out how to stack a tiny tower of blocks,
giggling out loud when they topple over.
this girl makes me a very happy mama.
i love her.

over the weekend…

hope your weekend was beautiful!
we stayed around the house for most of the weekend. josh made us a delicious brussel sprout and pancetta dish. some darling teeny tiny hunter boots arrived for miss eleanor (i couldn’t help myself from ordering them since they were so marked down on gilt the other week). we went to church meetings on sunday (and saturday! hello stake conference) and took a long peaceful nap together as a family on sunday afternoon. josh and i stayed up late one night just talking. it’s been a while since we’ve done that. and i don’t think it’s possible to count how many books little lady eleanor read.
josh and i also saw jim gaffigan’s show over the weekend. i had gotten tickets for josh’s christmas stocking back in early december so we had been anxiously awaiting february 24th for a long time! we really love that guy. but what’s not to love when he’s cracking jokes all night about raising babies, big families, hating the gym, taking 6,000 pictures a day of your life and then spends 30 minutes straight just on the topic of mcdonalds alone? a comedian right up our alley. ;) i mean, you’ve seen this, right? so good.