1. naomi that day looks dreamy!

  2. Panda is just sooo cute. Not as cute as Eleanor tho.

  3. Stormy

    Is that a Pitango choco-latte?

  4. Faith

    You capture everyday outings so beautifully! Eleanor will have amazing photo albums to look at someday.

  5. I love your blog for a myriad of reasons. I don't mean to just comment about clothing!!! But…where is Eleanor's coat from?

  6. Shikhu

    Oh how I envy the weather you're having down south. Up here it's freezing, too much snow for me, but hey! That's Canada for ya! Great pictures


  7. Hilary

    So I just found that helmet at goodwill. I snatched it up like something fierce. It was in the kids section but it fits me. A few scratches, but not bad for $2.