1. That picture of your belly..! My goodness its darling! Looks like it really was a beautiful day :) Glad you got to enjoy it!

  2. I love the greenness! Here in Colorado, nothing is green this time of year. We do have bright blue skies, but no green. Can't wait for spring.

  3. carlotta

    so pretty! your baby bump is the cutest and that bicycle is to die for.

  4. Lauren

    This post is making me crave spring even more! Panda & Eleanor make a great pair- too cute!

  5. Yay for bump! I wanted to see bump #2 make an appearance. Gorgeous pictures, as always

  6. Lyndall

    Aww, you have the darling-est baby belly ever! Isn't it the best? I'm going to miss mine when it's gone~

    Here's to more lovely sunny days!

  7. this post is so cute! i love Eleanor's smile! xxo em

  8. I adore those shoes you are wearing!
    looks like a wonderful day :)
    Amy X

  9. Gaby

    oh my goodness your baby bump is too cute for words! oh, and the anthro shoes you blogged about in your last post, gah, i'm obsessed!

  10. this is lovely! you're baby bump ahh!

  11. Luisa

    The baby bump :) I always loved the pictures of your bump and I can't wait for more. E is so cute- like always. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 60˚ in Colorado :) I can't wait… Your pictures really make me miss the spring.

  12. Taylor

    love your brogues! e is such a cutie!!

  13. can I ask where you purchased your orange and grey stripped cartigan?

  14. It looks like spring!! These pictures make me so happy thinking about it!!

  15. kelsey

    Sounds like a great uplifting day! Such artsy pics – love the colors!

  16. Maria

    Perfect day!

  17. Chelsea

    I love that bike helmet! Not sure if it's yours or not, but it's adorable. And I love how every picture of Eleanor lately has included her panda, so hilariously adorable. So funny how kids get attached to things like that. She is just the cutest thing.



  18. Lovely photos, as usual! Eleanor gets cuter each day. And those shoes are to DIE for! I would love some like that, but I'm picky and the ones I've seen are all a little cheesy-looking. Where did you get yours?

    ~ Angela

  19. rebecca

    kingsley's looks is always… "why am i not napping?"

  20. aww baby bump! you guys are the cutest.

  21. Alyssa

    Your jeans are such a lovely color! Where did you get them?

  22. It looks like a beautiful day, I love the moss shot!

  23. What a beautiful day to be outside! I wish our mere 30 degree weather was 55 degrees! I love your baby bump, so cute!

  24. LolaDee

    Beautiful. I need some sunshine, too, just like Panda. I also need that bike.


  25. It was so beautiful in NY as well… Eleanor looks so happy!


  26. I

    Please tell where Panda is from. My daughter loves pandas and E has a very cute one…..E is cuter ;) Thanks.

  27. Janine

    Well, it looks like the perfect day. I wish I was there.

  28. Mrs. Ham

    hey that is my bike… just a different color!

    love your shoes!


  29. Looks like a great day!

  30. I can't get over how cute your baby is. I can't wait til the new one is born, just so that I can look at pictures of two adorable babies :)

  31. Sara

    Please tell us where you got your helmet and basket!

  32. I am sure I am not the only one wondering: who makes your shoes and jeans! You are so stylish!

  33. Jennifer

    What beautiful pictures. :)

  34. ah! i loved seeing snippets of your style while you were pregnant with E. excited for a repeat of that!

  35. Katz NYC

    It was beautiful in NYC as well. Had lunch sitting outdoors. Feels great to have more than usual amount of fresh air. Eleanor looks such cutie pie.

  36. Courtney

    i have a nearly identical green vintage cruiser and i love it!!

  37. Your style is so inspiring. The colors! The belly! Hooray!

  38. L!$@

    Cute bump! Eleanor is as cute as ever! I need to get a bike and go on some rides! I also really want hot chocolate now with lots of foam! oh man :D

  39. oh that bike helmet is something seriously amazing! Great captures!

  40. eden

    i love days like that! and i hope you get many more because i'm coming to town in early february! so excited to see the city again!

  41. oh goodness, baby e and her panda are so adorable! love!
    xo TJ

  42. harlin

    i really missed these kinds of posts.
    just photographs of the little things, paints such a more vivid picture of you and what you see in your everyday life.

    i love it!

  43. Mariana


  44. CC

    Ahh..you just made my day a little bit better :) xoxo

  45. Nathalie

    Lovely pictures! Eleanor is such a cutie and so adorable. And the pic of your belly is great. :)

  46. Gorgeous photos! I can't get over how adorable the one of Eleanor holding her panda is, so sweet. :)

  47. What a lovely baby bump! I hope Your trip was great.

  48. Absolutely adorable belly shot & pics of your lovely day.
    I cannot wait for days & weather like that.

  49. Leslie

    You take the best photos, Naomi! You have an amazing eye.

  50. Kait

    As someone sitting at a desk all day in the same area, thank you for letting me live vicariously through you (and E! and Panda!)


  51. Hannah

    gorgeous photos, love the shoes!!



  52. Melissa

    Cute cute cute

  53. Tay

    Stumbled across this blog… Love it! So entertaining, can't wait to see your next post!

  54. Olivas

    Oooooooh!!! I love that baby bump!!! :)

  55. Tarana

    love your pictures! and yes, it was beautiful weather yesterday!

  56. Mariela

    Lovely images, beautiful weather and nice bike : )!

  57. 1) I am one of your avid readers. Eleanor is so precious, isn't she.
    2) I just repinned like 5 of your pins…hopefully you don't get pinterest emails. Obnoxious!
    3) I met your sisters in Florence last summer!

  58. Meg

    Gosh you take the prettiest pictures. I love that moss! And Eleanor is just beautiful!

  59. shandey

    Ok, here come an off the subject question. I've been holding this back since you get it a lot, but. I have been on a quest. and yes, it has been a quest, (i am not exhaggerating)to find mustard yellow tights. I have been unlucky. the one place i thought for sure would have some, Target, does not. a worker even told me they have discontinued the colors. PLEASE, for love of all things holy, tell me where you get yours. i've noticed you have worn a few different colors.

    ps you and your family are too cute. makes me jealous.

  60. i love the belly pic!
    but it makes me cringe as i took the same pic this morning intending to capture my necklace…sadly i'm not preg (just leftovers from the last one!) but our pics look the same.


  61. rroosh

    Your family is adorable and your baby is the cutest thing!

  62. Hye Soo

    Cute Shoes! Where did you get them? Cute, cute family. ☺

  63. @our little happy life, shirt from h&m;!

    @shandey, i get my tights all over the place. ruche had a lot of bright colored tights for sale in the fall, not sure if they still do. and anthro and urban outfitters are also safe bets on bright colored tights. i don't remember specifically where the yellow ones are from. but mostly likely one of those places.

    @sara, that helmet and basket (and bike) aren't mine. just saw how darling it all looked parked right there and had to take a photo!

    @hye soo and @petya, thanks! my shoes are from madewell.

  64. jones

    love that bump

  65. Jennifer

    i LOVE the color of your jeans! where did you get them?? I NEED them in my life!

  66. Jessica

    Lovely photos!

  67. kwistin

    i absolutely love absolutely everything about every one of these photos.

    i opened up your blog and felt like it was a breath of fresh air! thanks …again!

  68. Kelly

    Thank goodness! Panda WAS looking pale…:)

  69. It was beautiful in Philadelphia today too! looks like you had a great day!

  70. I love our pictures!

    P.S. i love coffee art :)

  71. Brenny

    Baby bump!!! Cutest!

  72. abc

    I swear there is a picture of you on page 64 of the January Issue (choc cake on the front) of Midwest Living. I mean I can't say for certain, but it sure looks like you blowing on some snow! Hmmmm.

    Beautiful pictures, as always. I love visiting your site!

  73. Jaclyn

    We had our babies a few weeks a part and now you are having another! I have loved seeing your baby grow. She is a sweetie. Now I just need to be brave and have some more!

  74. yes to all of this. so so lovely :)

  75. Eleanor's smile always brightens my day! :) And today was really beautiful! Sometimes this fluctuating weather has its perks!

    <3 Kelly

  76. LOwe

    hey hey
    Thank you French Glamour.
    I am fan of your blog.

    Good job I really love your style .



  77. naomi that day looks dreamy!

  78. Panda is just sooo cute. Not as cute as Eleanor tho.

  79. Stormy

    Is that a Pitango choco-latte?

  80. Faith

    You capture everyday outings so beautifully! Eleanor will have amazing photo albums to look at someday.

  81. I love your blog for a myriad of reasons. I don't mean to just comment about clothing!!! But…where is Eleanor's coat from?

  82. Shikhu

    Oh how I envy the weather you're having down south. Up here it's freezing, too much snow for me, but hey! That's Canada for ya! Great pictures


  83. Hilary

    So I just found that helmet at goodwill. I snatched it up like something fierce. It was in the kids section but it fits me. A few scratches, but not bad for $2.