this week.

i’m not sure if it’s the sleep training thing (which is really just code for mama and papa getting no sleep), the fatigue of my current pregnancy (i could fall asleep standing up, i swear), or a combination of both, but this week hasn’t been my best.
today i feel how kingsley looks in this photo:

it’s been hard staying on top of things this week and when i fall behind i begin to feel so overwhelmed. do you ever feel that way? what do you do pull everything back together?
a few things that have helped me out this week are…
making time for yoga helps my tired body feel like myself again (even if i only have time for it at 10:30pm before bed… like this week). i’ve also been enjoying a nice big cup of tea right after we put eleanor to sleep and try to sit quietly without checking my iPhone or having a computer, book or magazine in sight. and as always, talking through my frustrations or worries with my husband helps. he’s really good at making me feel like i’m heard and coming up with solutions or ideas to solve my worries.
i’m hoping to take the longest nap of my life this weekend and make this coming week a great one. hopefully you have had a wonderful week so far, and if not, i wish you a better, more productive and happy weekend!
ps. panda got a bath! this photo made me laugh so hard. he really has become part of this family. ;)
  1. Naps cure so many things! I hope this weekend will have you feeling cheery again :)

  2. Margaret

    I have had one of those weeks too. Wedding planning and planning a career change, lots to keep up with. I want to curl up on the couch all weekend and hide from the things to do because it seems like there is more than I can handle, but getting a jump on getting some of it done would be a much better idea and help me get ready to start next week in a better place! After a date with fiance, and a thourough room cleaning, maybe we can tackle some of it together. I hope you find yourself recharged and refreshed for next weeK!

  3. I've had my 'sheepy' since the day I was born…and that was almost 26 years ago. I sleep with her every night still. HA! And I can't even count the number of baths she's had. Here's a tip: put panda in a pillow case and tie a knot and throw it in the washing machine on either gentle or hand wash cycle. ps- feel better. =)

  4. I hope you get an amazing nap this weekend and some much needed rest! I remember when we were sleep training Zoee we were so out of it all.the.time. Its hard work. And I cant imagine how more difficult it is while pregnant! It is overwhelming when things get behind, but somehow it all comes back day at a time. I hope next week is a great one for you guys and that Yours and Kingsleys faces are smiling with well rested happiness!

  5. C@r!ie

    I feel your pain. being pregnant the second time is so challenging when you have a little one to care for. bonne chance!

  6. When I get stressed, my apartment gets messy. When I see the light at the end of the tunnel (of stress. just roll with the metaphor), I clean my apartment top-to-bottom and I feel much better. Being sleep-deprived is no fun!

  7. Rockstar Naomi,
    It has felt like the longest week ever. Everyone has seemed irritable, and the weather has been crummy in my neck of the woods. Although I hate that your week has been difficult for you, I empathize with your blogpost. It is nice to know that even your bright sunshiny self has her days as well. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and get that most deserved nap :)

  8. Heidi

    Sending some ZZZZZ's your way! You seem to have this knack for doing it all and doing it all so beautifully, but everyone needs to recharge now and then. Wishing you many restful naps this weekend.

    That last image is adorable. I still have my favorite stuffed animal and don't think I will ever part with him. So I definitely can relate to Miss E's love of her little guy!

    Happy weekend!

    Live Inspired,

  9. This DC weather isn't helping much either!

  10. Naps and panda baths make for an excellent weekend!

  11. Lick

    This kind of week has been going around apparently! I'm 16 weeks pregnant and the past few days, I just can't handle things very well. I look at the mess of toys, dishes, clothes, and I just think "There's going to be even MORE of this in five months!?!?" I just try to breathe (and you're right, yoga helps a ton!), and tell myself that along with a mess, there's gonna be another little soul to love and snuggle and it makes me feel better!

  12. aw i hope your days get better!

  13. alayne

    this week has been insane for me too! I was just blogging about it actually. when I feel overwhelmed, I usually start making lists… and then I end up feeling more stressed. obviously I need to come up with another strategy! during the warm weather, I go for a run/walk, but that is hard when it's freezing outside and have a baby! hang in there! I hope you get some rest this weekend. you amaze me.

    p. s. what shoe size are you? ;)

  14. Kelly

    Yikes! The sleep training will be worth it in the end (though it's probably hard to convince yourself when you're falling asleep standing up!) Hoping you are having an epic nap soon! If you need a baby/panda sitter, I'm your girl!

  15. tRiSh

    I'm sorry your week's been hard! But I love the optimism you put in the post anyway!
    What I do when I feel overwhelming is sit down and make a list of what I really need to do and then start doing the easiest ones first.
    Sometimes I feel like it's so much I have to do, but crossing out those lines is exhilarating.
    Taking naps or watching an episode of my favorite series help too, I find it calming and it really does give me a boost.
    I hope your weekend will be really nice and sooting. x

  16. when i feel overwhelmed i write down the 3 most important things that i must do and tackle them as best as i can. sometimes our to-do lists are just too long, so as long as i get the major ones out of the way, the little ones can just wait a bit. also, i always remind myself "what a difference a day makes" . this past monday i felt like i was at the bottom of a barrel and today i feel like doing a mary poppins kick (but i'd for sure fail with my giant pregnant belly.) all that being said, lack of sleep makes me feel like a mental patient, so yes, get a good nap. xx

  17. Those weeks are the worst… I always find that these things help: taking a long, hot bath, stepping back and thinking for a moment about the big picture, asking for a nice big hug from someone I love, or, if all else fails, eating ice cream always helps :) Cheer up! Here's to a better week next week!

  18. Leticia

    my mom shared some advice with me years ago, when I was pregnant with number 2 and couldn't stay on top of things. she said this; "if you get one thing for the house done each day, like the dishes, and the rest of the day is spent with your children you are doing a good job!" loving those babies is the most important thing you can do, that's why they were sent here, is to be loved! i hope you have a fantastic weekend and don't feel overwhelmed just remember one thing a day! :)

  19. I hate when I'm overwhelmed with so many things to do. Definitely putting down that iPhone and computer helps but I sometimes forget. Here's to a better week! At least Panda is clean!:)

  20. Ashleigh

    Both of those pictures are hilarious! Heres to hoping that next week is stress free next week – When I'm feeling crazy stressed (like this week too!!) I make up a big bowl of pasta and sit on the sofa…works like a charm!

  21. I was going to suggest yoga. Keeping up with it all is really tough. I agree with Leticia, if you can get one or two things done a say, PLUS do something FOR YOURSELF, and of course enjoy your little sweetie, you are doing all you can. Make sure that you are getting some rest! Hugs!

  22. Ash

    i totally understand this post (minus the pregnancy parts).. i get so overwhelmed once i fall behind that it's often hard to even figure out where to start… i usually just take some deep breaths, do yoga like you said, then realize i'm only one woman, who is having one bad day/week/month, and if i can just get up and do something, anything, i will feel like i've got my control back.. and hubby and naps work, also.. and maybe a bath (: hope you can relax and catch up this weekend (:

  23. Hang in there! Everything will be okay. She'll get it soon. :) hugs!

  24. Mrs. Ham

    Thank heavens for the weekend right?! By the time I'm done working for the whole week I just wanna sit on the couch and stare at a wall! Hope you get that nap!!!

  25. The Egg

    KINGSLEY! love that little man. you definitely need some time for yourself this week to play catch up. your body needs a nice long bath then nap!

  26. Aw, Naomi I will say a prayer for you… my son was 18 months when I delivered my baby daughter, and now they are 6 and 4 and bffs… things will get easier. Remember to be easy on yourself if you cant keep up. Try and not sweat the small stuff (its tough) and ask for help, too… hope you have a relaxing weekend and a better week next week!

  27. Maria

    I always try and get a little me time in! It's so hard to keep going and going, even without kids, that every now and then I want to sit with a hot cup of tea and maybe even a magazine.

  28. Wishing you rest and refreshment this weekend! Next week is going to be great! :)

  29. That last image is adorable :) I always find that having some time to myself with a big cup of tea like yourself works a treat and chatting through things with my mum!

    Happy Friday!


  30. Tae

    i love big cups of tea and yoga! yoga made my week better, too. just a thought…is there caffeine in the tea you're having before bed, or is it herbal? if it is caffeinated, could that be disrupting your sleep? or maybe you need the caffeine to keep you going through sleep training… either way, hope next week is great!

  31. Aleina

    My husband has been working outside of town during the week for 5 motnhs now and we had our second child right at the begininning of all that…I have had many weeks where I have been so overwhelmed trying to do EVERYTHING (wwith no sleep), but my husband always reminds me to take a step back and look at your life, your family, and see how blessed you are in so many ways. When I get stressed, I stop what I'm doing and just watch my kids play and see that they are being well taken care of, which is much more important than that pile of dishes haning out in the sink. I pray that you get some much needed rest this weekend and that Elenor realizes how wonderful sleeping through the night is!

  32. We all have those days. But having a loving one by your side is a key. Fell better and rest up! Next week is going to be amazing! XO

  33. colleen

    yes, yes, yes. i feel this way! work today even – i had to come in at 6 am to make sure i got everything done. but when i feel overwhelmed i make a list – because i feel like something keeps coming up, or i'm thinking of a few things and then i remember that thing i forgot about an hour ago – because this calms me to see everything i have to do. it makes me feel like i can start on one thing. even though it doesn't get any of the work done, and the list can keep growing!, it focuses me and helps me not feel so overwhelmed anymore.

  34. gapgrad

    No advice but lots of "I know how you feel!!" I felt this way through most of my own recent pregnancy. It's amazing how your vision can tunnel when you're tired–you seem to lose track of everything but your exhaustion, but always–eventually–it passes. I'm enjoying your blog–best of luck and hang in there!

  35. Kate

    Hang in there! I heard a great tip once, and it works for me when I'm overwhelmed: start by making the bed. It doesn't take long, and helps at least one room look tidy. Then, just give yourself 15 minutes to do one more thing. Set an alarm, and take a break when it's finished. You can do a lot in just 15 minutes and it will help you feel so much better! It even sounds short. "Oh, 15 minutes? Piece of cake!" :) Have a great weekend!

  36. Laura

    You got it girly! I wish you the most wonderful nap ever this weekend and a happy lil E who takes on to this sleep training soon :)

  37. have you thought about putting eleanor in a mothers day out program one or two mornings/days a week? it would be fun for her, and you could have a few hours to give in the those pregnancy naps. elliot will be a little over a year when we hope to get knocked up again and i'm planning on giving him a little vacation from a sleepy mama.

  38. Emily

    I don't normally comment, but a bad stomach bug made the rounds this week and I get dizzy when I think about how behind I am on everything.

    Hands down, what helps me the most is to turn on an audio bible or an excellent message while I clean or work on something for a chunk of time. It stops my brain from focusing on what I have to do (or what I am doing…like cleaning a bathroom) and I find that I get so much more accomplished and, more importantly, have a stronger spirit and a more accurate outlook at the end of it.

  39. Leah

    It's always good to make time to feel like yourself again and get refreshed. Hope this weekend allows for some down time.

    xo L.

  40. Haley

    rice bag. i'm a grad student in literature so i'm constantly bent over books, and my neck hurts so bad sometimes it makes me cry; ruins the whole day.

    so: rice bag. or a heating bag of any kind, really. but i like rice bags because they form to your body really nicely. and there is NOTHING better on a gloomy day (or during a gloomy week) than having a hot, intense, pillow-like bag o' rice to warm up all those sore spots that are missing out on the love because we're so busy.

    i hope you have an amazing weekend, full of naps and cupcakes!

  41. i'm guilty of trying to pack too much into my "free" time. Sometimes we undervalue our role as mothers & try & be superheroes by rushing around making dinner/tidying the house etc. The world won't fall apart if the dishes ain't done….I try & remember this when things are getting on top of me & enjoy naptime with a cup of tea & a book.

  42. Hope you get some much needed sleep in this weekend. You should try taking a long and relaxing bath to re-energize yourself. :)


  43. You always looks so perfectly pulled together, the ultimate super momma, thank you for sharing that you are human too :)

    Naps have a way of making everything feel better. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  44. glad i am not the only one who had a challenging week. i am also pregnant, with my third, and due around the same time as you are, so i know all about the tiredness you talk about. last night i just cried because i felt so overwhelmed, and then i had a long chat with Heavenly Father and wrote about everything in my journal. it helped a lot. sometimes we just have a bad day, or week, but i read something that really lifted me up last night on a new blog i found yesterday (what great timing). it said: God doesn't care what you did yesterday, He wants to know what you'll do today. somehow that made me feel all better about having had a bad week. and thanks for sharing your experience, too. it really does help to know that we are all in this together. have an amazingly relaxing weekend, and don't look back. ;)

  45. I have had many days like that….I am sorry but if you makes you feel better when i was pregnant with my second I always felt the same way and know how you feel. Have you ever tried Bigelows Gingersnappish tea I drink it every night in bed, it's so soothing and delicious. Hang in there <3

  46. Here's to more sleep! Also, I've always washed my girls' lovies in the washer in a tied up pillow case, no dryer. The oldest one has been getting these "baths" regularly for nearly 5 years and he seems ok (maybe a little less fluffy).

  47. Char

    Ugh! I have had such a hard week, too. Things have been overwhelming but I am hoping the weekend will help me to regroup and relax. Have a great weekend! =)
    Char xo

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  49. Erin

    If sleep is what you're lacking, then I suggest sleep, even if you have to put everything else aside for an hour or two.

    PS…Panda is so stinkin' cute! lol

  50. Kingsley is so cute! I definitely understand, but I think you are doing great! Husband time, yoga, a kid, a baby on the way, and a blog post? You're super woman!!!! I hope you have a great weekend & a nice longggggg nap!

  51. Naomi!

    I have loved reading your blog. You are someone I've looked up to for a long time! You were my Clara in the Nutcracker when I was a party girl at Jackie's! Hannah was later as well. I remember thinking how amazing you were then! It's amazing how crazy and great life can be now. It has changed so much from when we were younger. It's so good to see you so happy and living life to the fullest…

  52. Janine

    i feel like i have those weeks from time to time. they help remind us we are human. keep up the trying work with sleep training. i am right there with you. my little one is so dang stubborn.

  53. Abigail

    I'm not much of a blog commenter, but I did want to just say thank you for being so wonderfully real and honest. There's a lot of blogs I read that (unintentionally, I'm sure) leave me feeling a bit of a spaz in comparison to the writer. Reading this post, though, I was so glad to see someone openly admitting when life is slightly less than perfect and the ways to work around that. So kudos, and here's hoping your next week is top notch. :-)

  54. Sleep training can be so hard. My daughter is just 2 days younger than E. we did sleep training recently and all I can say is consistency is key. If you give in it only makes it worse. Stella picked it up around day nine. Follow through. You be so happy that you did.

  55. Sylvie

    Oh I sure feel your pain. I had my 3rd baby when my first was almost 3. Sleep training is definitely one of the worst parts of parenting these little ones. Esp when you are pg. Its emotionally and physically exhausting. What has helped me so much is to go out away from the house and the babies once a wk or every other wk. I go out in the evening w/ girlfriends, or if i can get a sitter, I go out w/ hubby. When you can get away from it all, it is easier to come back and not feel as overwhelmed. Another thing I have to do all the time is remind myself that I am just going to be tired for some years until my babies are older. Somehow if I can accept that in my brain, my body handles better. Everything might not be in perfect order around your home, but when you do your best caring for your little ones, that is the most important thing you can do.

  56. e_e_west

    I've had a similar week – not sleep training but my 7 month old has a cold/is teething and has not let mommy put her down. She doesn't want to nap during the days, so it can feel overwhelming and like my house is falling apart! This too shall pass! Keep with the sleep training, it makes a big difference once it's completed. It makes it harder when you are expecting, and each pregnancy is a little more tiring!

    Naps cure all. Naps, and chocolate.

  57. Allison

    Panda reminds me of my daughter"s "Meow!" He's a black jaguar, and not the lovey I ever expected her to fall in love with, but he's one of us now!!! Hope you're able to rest soon!

  58. Ahh I love this picture of Kingsley! That is exactly how I've felt for the past month… the fatigue of little ones and being pregnant really can be a lot. To refresh I do the same things, yoga, hot cup of tea when the kiddos are sleeping, also swimming helps keep my energy up and hot baths are pretty awesome too :)

  59. mute.

    All I can say is, strength stems from the most uncomfortable times. Nourish, pick up the pieces, repeat.

  60. Naomi,
    Hang in there. I have felt so incredibly stressed this week with the launch of a new business, regular blogging, photography work, school and, of course, my baby! I use a cheap spiral notebook and just write everything down. I feel like, the more stressed I am the more little things pop in my head (get that random thing dry cleaned that's been sitting there for a year kind of stuff) which is obviously the opposite of what I need! I just jot it down and then I can let go of it. You'll catch up on things… just get some rest this weekend and you'll give yourself a good break, make a list and on Monday you'll be ready to go! That's what I'm hoping for over here anyway…


  61. i hear ya! i totally feel that way this week! yay for the weekend!

  62. Samantha

    Just know that you are completely normal and not alone. I was working full time during my pregnancy and how I didn't kill someone is beyond me. Now I'm working again with my 10 month old and there are days (pretty much everyday) where I could cry, sleep, or scream at the drop of a hat.

  63. I think I should try Yoga. I frequently feel overwhelmed as well. I hope you feel better!


  64. JOANA

    Ups *panda

  65. Dayna

    Those stuffed animals will begin to pull at your heart strings, especially if you ever lose them. I actually shed tears when my daughter's 'monkey' was lost at a mall in another state (it was ridiculous). He has a great track record though and we've managed to find him every time he's gone missing (3 times so far). Keep a good eye on him and/or don't get attached. You've been warned. Ha!

  66. Jenni

    Hang on there, girlfriend! It's hard being mom. And thanks for sharing, we all feel like that sometimes. Wish you and family an excellent weekend, let's hope the weather is excactly like this afternoon, the whole time :D

  67. L!$@

    Good luck getting more sleep this week. Panda is so cute :D

  68. today i

    Like someone wrote earlier, its good that you wrote this post because your photos always show your life looking so perfect, its good to see a different side! good job!

  69. Sherry

    Love the panda bath picture. I still have both of my kids fav teddy bears and they are 23 & 25. They have endured many baths, the bears, and make me smile each time I see them sitting on the shelf of each of their rooms. Kids don't live at home anymore, but the bears do!

  70. Curtsay

    Yes. Yes. And, yes. I've definitely had days/weeks like that. One day I realized that I could wake up the next day and just start fresh, a new day. I love that pic of your little panda…we have Teddy and Blankie (original names, I know) who are probably the most loved members of our family!

  71. Curtsay

    Yes. Yes. And, yes. I've definitely had days/weeks like that. One day I realized that I could wake up the next day and just start fresh, a new day. I love that pic of your little panda…we have Teddy and Blankie (original names, I know) who are probably the most loved members of our family!

  72. That dog is just the cutest! Love the teeth!!!

  73. Mary

    Sleep training is incredibly hard, but I want to remind you, SO worth it. We sleep trained our twins a month ago, and in addition to the extra sleep, their schedule is much more reliable. Hang in there! When I have terrible days, I like to take a long hot shower. There's something about the me-time and feeling completely physically clean that helps me feel better.

  74. just wanted to send you a hug, and wish you a happy and rested weekend :)

  75. Lievebee

    poor little panda!

  76. molly

    my husband just got back in town from being gone all week and i am exhausted. even though my three boys get me up at 5:30 and have me going all day, just spending quality time with them helps to ground me. and then when they are all snoozing I'll just sit there. stretch. breath. and gather my thoughts. but boy am I glad the mister is back. gave me a break from doing bedtime with the older too ;)

    hope you get that epic nap! being pregnant with a little one is truly exhausting. been there. just take it one day at a time.

  77. OMG I have had the SAME kind of week! First full week at my new job, first week of the semester which also happens to be my first semester of real graduate classes.. including.. Statistics (math is my enemy) and Accounting which I have never taken in my life, and I already fell SO behind, don't get it, got hardly any sleep all week, got my carpet shampooed, think I might have mold in my apartment, tried to get all of my books and school supplies, ended up getting them later then I wanted and pushed everything behind, haven't had time to workout which I've been keeping up pretty good with since after Christmas.. Was REALLY looking forward to a relaxing weekend but since I am not getting anything in Accounting I am now looking forward to a LONG weekend of studying non-stop :( I really hope we both have a better week next week, and I really hope I can survive Accounting!

  78. Lea

    The best way to heal? See Mitch for a crepe at Eastern Market, enjoy a walk through the vendors, and indulge at home in the nap you have earned! I wish I were in DC to do the same :(

  79. I always like to go to the temple to re-group and center myself.
    If only I liked tea…I often wish I could sip it in silence to feel better too.

  80. Alexia

    I feel that way often. I have a seven month old, a full time job, and am working hard on my marriage, which is having some growing pains. There are days I want to give up, curl up, and read Harry Potter all day. Two things help: re-reading a favorite old book, and walking, walking, walking. Feel better soon! You can do it!

  81. I agree, when I make time to work out (no matter how tired I am) I always feel better for doing it!

  82. Everyone has weeks like these- hope you find time for rejuvenation this weekend and come into the new week with renewed energy x

  83. Brandi

    What a fun little dog!! awww…
    hope you have a better week

  84. OMG, Kingsley is so precious!

    Keep your head up, mama! I remember those days like they were yesterday, even though it was almost 7 years ago now!

    Best of luck to you!

    Savannah Marie

  85. I like to put some music on, I usually feel much better and motivated to carry on and get things done. Oh and Lists I swear by writing lists, crossing things of the list is the best, you can see what you have achieved

  86. Ashley

    You know what will help you pull it all together?
    Making a list of the TOP TOP priorities and simply deciding not to sweat the small stuff. :)

  87. Krystal

    Having a little one is hard. Having a little one AND being pregnant?! How could you not be tired? A good nap can cure anything!

  88. Rachel

    Oh goodness, I have been feeling the same way lately….My husband always helps me through these rough patches as well. Thank God for them! I got a good nights rest and tonight we are going to go out to dinner (just the hubs and I) which I'm sure will refresh my soul. Happy Weekend to you!

  89. Faith

    I hope you get a marvelous nap this weekend (with no interruptions)! You are a super momma.

  90. Veronika

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  91. Oh, I cannot imagine sleep training a baby while being pregnant – that takes a very very strong woman. Courage!
    Also, I remember you mentioned a possibility of doing potty training very early on – how did that go? Through many struggles I sort of gave up. It was almost easier when the baby is 7 – 8 months old, now – at one year, it fell apart.

  92. it is so easy to get overwhelmed by life. Sounds like you are really trying to take care of yourself so good for you!

  93. I love to take a warm bath when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I find myself taking more and more of them these days but it's so incredibly soothing, it's such a special treat.

    Happy to see that panda is so fresh and so clean clean!

  94. Alivia

    Love this, all of it. (Though perhaps minus the no sleep part! Boo.)

  95. Hopefully your nap gets you back on track! Naps can do wonders like that! :) BTW Panda is adorable! It's funny how little things like that can become parts of the family :)

  96. Maybe it was just one of those weeks because that is how I feel too. We aren't sleep training yet, but my 3 month old had a couple rough nights in a row. Then the one night she slept all the way til 5am (crazy, right?) my 2 year old got up in the middle of the night. Get a good nap this weekend. And remember, you are a great mama.

  97. Carley

    take a nap for me too! my 12 week old is teething… no fun over here!!

  98. i'm trying to do that more & more lately too. take a few minutes to just sit & exist instead of always being so plugged in. i swear, if i don't have the laptop in front of me or the tv on i have my iphone in my hand.

    it's nice just to sit & breathe sometimes.

  99. You really have such an inspirational blog, and just reading it every day gives me such happiness :) I hope you never stop blogging! And also feel better, things will cheer up :)

  100. Hope you got your nap this weekend! One thing someone said to me when I was (avoiding) sleep training was: she doesn't remember this.
    We worry and feel so wound up and guilty as our babies sit in their big, seems-too-empty-when-she's-in-there by herself rooms and cry and cry and cry for someone to come and pick them up, but then she falls asleep (she WILL fall asleep) and wakes up and calls for you! because babies don't remember that stuff, they don't make you feel bad, she can't hold a grudge. She won't be mad at you for making her fall asleep by herself.
    You will be so grateful for a whole nights sleep (and E and baby no. 2 will be, too)
    Hope it went well!

  101. Best of luck with the sleep training. It's no easy fete, but you will get there.

    We all have those days. Hmmm… what do I do? Talk to my gentleman (he always makes me feel better), talk to my parents (they are my superheros), go for a long brisk walk, drink tea and read your blog. I always find that YOUR blog provides a little inspiration when I need it.

  102. eleanor's love of panda is just so so cute! :) hope you feel better, naomi!

  103. Noell

    "Just keep on keepin on" is what always would come into my mind along with the thought that this time is merely a season in my life and will never be like this again – to each season there are strengths gained and given. You are one stellar mom! Thank you for brightening my day on many occasion. Hang in there… let all the unimportant (everything that is not those you love) take a back seat and breathe in your blessings.

  104. Olya

    Hang in there. Pregnancy is taxing , and a little baby can be too. But look at her when she is smiling! It always gets better, and soon it will be for you too. I can't sleep-train … It breaks my heart. But my body adjusted over the years, and a long weekend nap seems to save the week too :) XOXOXO

  105. aw, well i really hope you were able to get that big long nap that you've been hoping for. and even though kingsley looks so sad, i'm sure he's the happiest dog. and baby e's little panda is just precious. i love that she takes it everywhere :)
    xo TJ

  106. Amanda

    I know exactly how you feel! I'm going through my first pregnancy now and most days i don't know how to function between school and work full time too! i'm trying to regain my organization in my life schedule before the overwhelming feeling is unbearable lol – needless to say the photo of kingsley is the perfect way to describe that feeling. Stay strong though! You'll be just fine :) and remember one thing at a time!!


  107. Nick

    We are in the middle of sleep training right now. The first night we put him in his crib I think I cried more then he did. We are following a book that promises 12 hours a night for the baby. My cousin did it with her 3 and my sister with her 2 and all 5 sleep 12 hours a night with an hour nap in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon!