waking up on a wednesday.

yesterday josh woke up at the crack of dawn for his morning run. in the process, another person who lives in this house and who doesn’t quite yet understand what a beautiful thing sleeping in can be also sat up wide eyed, ready to play. i looked at them both and just rolled over. noooooooo. i can’t do this yet. please don’t let it be morning.
and somehow, within the next 3 seconds i was back asleep. so josh kindly skipped out on his run and managed to shower and shave all while holding eleanor. he also bathed my little girl and then, as i was finally waking up, he suggested the most wonderful thing i could hear at 7 in the morning… “let’s go to mcdonalds for breakfast.”
that man sure knows how to steal my heart.
and that, my friends, is how a pretty rockin’ wednesday began. sometimes starting the morning off with a little mickey d’s together is the only way to do it.
  1. OH mY GoSH! The little lion hat! LOVE

  2. Those are the best words ever!

    And maybe he's the best man ever ;-). Next to mine ofcourse ;-).

  3. Hi!
    Eleanor has a beautiful sweater! She is a beautiful little girl! :)

    I like breakfast on the town, too! :)

    Greetings from Poland ;)

  4. I am not a morning person either. But, I love it when my hubby has great ideas. It's the little things that make life fun.

    You Had To Be There

  5. Hannah

    awww. you guys are too cute! sounds like a perfectly fun morning. :)

  6. I love a morning where I am not in charge of breakfast, it gives me so much more energy for the other two meals of the day!

  7. Kuleigh

    I see breakfast burritos! Those are my favorite. Love yours and Eleanor's outfits!

  8. Woah, what time does your hubby wake up at??? I'm with you. Sleep is goooood!

  9. Eleanor's hat is beyond cute! And you are so beautiful. Your husband is a lucky man!

  10. so cute!


  11. nicole

    that's a perfect morning.

  12. What a sweet start to your day – it's funny, my husband and I go out to dinner quite a bit but we rarely take the time to have breakfast together. I think that's what makes this feel extra special!

  13. Good man! You really can't beat a McDonald's breakfast.

  14. such a sweet guy!

  15. kate

    pretty perfect!

  16. Cutest little familiy ever!

  17. Suggestion taken. Definitely doing this tomorrow morning.

  18. aaahhhaha! that lion hat just kills me! too too cute!

  19. Melissa

    So cute! Eleanor's hat and outfit is to die for…If dad picked that out, then he get's even MORE points!
    By the way, your hat is so cute and perfect for an early morning breakfast!

  20. What adorable pictures! Now I have a craving for a breakfast sandwich…

  21. Maria

    That is so sweet! E's hat is just too cute for words!

  22. Love your photos.
    E's hat is just so funny :)

  23. Honestly, McDonald's has never looked quite so appealing to me. Or stylish. Your sweet baby in that hat!!!! She has no idea she is a lion. I love it so much.

  24. Jessica

    There's nothing better than Mcdonalds in the AM :D
    My FAVORITE!!!! That's enough to wake me up any time. It's the most delicious breakfast I'll ever eat. HAHA…too bad I don't feel very well after eating it.
    Have a great morning!

  25. Naomi, I have been coveting that gorgeous cozy hat you've been for months! Do you mind sharing where you got it? Thank you!

  26. I completely agree! So sweet. :)

  27. C.

    It's so true, Naomi – there are times when only McD's will do!

  28. Kate

    Eleanor, what a perfect start to your Wednesday! I too, share a love for MCDs breakfast, so yummy :)

    Ps, I just love how cute and stylish your little love bug is! True fashionista in the making!

  29. Tabbi

    Last year when I was visiting DC, I was behind you in line at the Eastern Market. My friend recognized you and I've been following your blog ever since.
    Stalker alert! :) Anyway…I had something I wanted to tell you.

    I received an informational packet from Strayer University this week. I could swear your husband's face is on it…that or we have a serious imposter on our hands. I wish I could attach a photo so you could see for yourself.

    Hope you're doing well. BTW, could your baby girl be any cuter?! Have a great weekend!

    Tabitha Perkins

  30. This made me smile…I am going to have my 3rd in March…and I still having adjusted to the idea of being a morning person…lol

  31. What a cute little family outing…and what a sweet husband for letting you sleep in :)

  32. Aja Lake

    today is my husband's day off and he let me sleep in! these guys. <3

  33. I am a sleep as late in the morning as I possibly can kinda gal. I don't have kids yet, but I can only imagine what those mornings are going to feel like. What a treat to go to mickey d's to start your day :) Y'all are precious.

  34. Her little lion hat is adorable! :D

  35. @channelingcontessa, it's from h&m; from years ago.

    @tabbi, it's him! it's an old stock photo we did for a friend years ago and it just won't quite circulating! we are getting such a kick out of that stayer university pamphlet!

  36. I'm totally not a big fan of McDonalds (maybe it's nicer in the states!) but this post has made me crave one a little bit!

    What a lovely husband you have too, eh.


  37. Melu103

    i really look forward
    to having a wonderful
    family like yours

    you guys are amazing
    and i can't believe how
    big Eleanor got!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ xoxo melina

  38. Oh my. Cutest little story ever!

  39. Chelsea

    that lion hat is SO SO SO cute on her!

    what a sweet family you have!

  40. rach_t

    Sometimes the only way is a mcy D's way! You all look so lovely. Hope your day was wonderful :)
    Im pretty new to your blog, but i have to say, every time i read your posts i have a big smile on my face by the end!!

  41. Sarah

    You guys are the cutest lil fam! I adore that lion hat… HOW CUTE!

  42. lol! sometimes mcdonalds breakfast really is just too good to pass up.

  43. Roxy

    not only does mcdonalds make kids happy but it makes up grown-ups happy too.

    p.s i love when hubbys are thoughtful


  44. man…my little boy doesn't go to sleep until later, but at least he sleeps until 9 a.m. because i think i'd die (literally die) if i had to wake up that early every morning! Go you!!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  45. mcdonald's breakfasts really are the best kinds of breakfasts. it's sort of making me resent the bowl of cheerio's i just ate.

  46. Aww! Love it! Sleep is such a precious thing.

  47. Deborah

    Yay for sleeping in and wonderful daddies!

    Boo for MickeyD’s! Watch Food, Inc. or any of the hundred documentaries on fast food, you don’t want your baby seeing you eat that or letting her eat that!

  48. dardame

    aw, i love it. what a great morning! you have an adorable loving family.

  49. Ingrid

    what a man!! you are blessed!

  50. Ashley

    Aww what a nice way to start out the day! Plus McDonalds has the best breakfast! =)

  51. Caty

    That sounds like a sublime way to wake up!! Love that lion hat on E!

  52. It makes me feel tons better to know that you guys also partake in a little Mickey D's every now and then! My eating an egg mcmuffin isn't something that I usually like to fess up to, but if rock stars like you can do it, then so can I! I feel slightly liberated.

  53. Julia

    lovely. thats why I love the US. In germany noone would ever to to McD for BREAKFAST!

  54. that sounds so amazing. you married such an incredible guy. mcdonald's and extra sleep is perfect!
    xo TJ

  55. LMT

    haha. I'm a fan of this kind of morning!

  56. What a sweet husband and a darling daughter you have. :)

  57. Astra

    he sure is a catch! I love the pics :)

  58. jamie

    noooo … don't get your little angel started on micky d's – it's terrible toxic stuff! sorry if that sounds preachy, but it's true!

  59. Beck

    is mcdonalds sponsoring your blog?

  60. I think Eleanor needs her own fashion blog. I always want to re-create her outfits! She's stylin!

  61. What a wonderful text :)

  62. I agree with Deborah. McDonald's. . . really? Why expose your darling baby to such horrible processed food? Though I know she isn't munching on McMuffins, you're her greatest role model. DC isn't short on great places to rise and shine, I'm sure.

  63. Emily

    TOOOO cute :)
    I have a technical question: how do you get your photos to line up side by side!? I just recently got an iPhone and have been trying to post my photos side-by-side to no avail :(

    Love you and your cute little family :)

  64. @beck, no! mcdonalds is not sponsoring this blog.

    @6556db……… and @deborah, i hardly think indulging in fast food every once in a while makes me a bad role model for my baby girl.

    @emily, i take a screen shot of both photos beside each other. perhaps there is an easier way but i don't know it! if you figure it out, let me know!


  65. mmm yumm. family breakfast date in the next few weeks maybe? :)

  66. Jenny

    i think they have a point! you're obviously very smart and socially aware – mcdonald's is beyond shameful in its business practices. its extreme treatment of animals aside (granted, i say that as someone who isn't a vegetarian), it ravages the environment in a way unmatched by almost any other corporation, has contributed very significantly to global warming, and is a huge part of america's obesity epidemic and frightening rise in type 2 diabetes. but most pressingly, its unabashedly filled with harmful hormones and chemicals that are terrible for anyone, let alone growing children. obviously it's your own choice, but its important to consider those things. obviously you're a wonderful mother though – just adding to the debate.

  67. Eleanor is probably one of the most fashionable babies ever!


  68. OMG, thats why husbands are just so wonderful! Yay for sleeping in, I can't imagine how different life will be when I can't because of a baby because anyone who knows me, knows I could sleep til 1 – 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I know crazy, it really just wastes the whole day. ha ha

    I'm happy you got to have a sleepy day. Wonderful!


  69. McDonald's should pay for photo rights and use these pics in an ad! I never eat fast food, but that little girl's face almost makes me want to. Advertising at its finest :)

  70. Awww! Your husband is just PERFECT! I want one like that… :D
    Love E's lion hat, so cute!

    London Last Night

  71. jess kim

    this post melted my heart :)

  72. alayne

    My question is, how do you eat McDonalds and all the other yummy food you blog about and still stay so skinny?! Share your secrets please!

  73. Ok you and El look like McCafe models right there! McDonalds needs to pay you because I def. want some now! And your husb is so sweet! I hope I have someone that cute one day! :)

  74. Emily

    thank you for responding! do you mean you take a screenshot on your iphone somehow, or once your photos are on your computer? sorry for all the questions…i LOVE taking photos and posting them, but i hate having to put each one on top of the other…it makes my posts so long! i'd love to be able to figure out the side-by-side :)

  75. Emily

    one more thing, and then i promise to stop bothering you :) since i just got my iPhone and am new to instagram, i was just wondering what some of your favorite filters are that you use?

    emily :)

  76. Mariana

    Cute little family!!!
    I love the hats. Both.
    And I think that McDonald's breakfast (every once in a while) is a good idea.

  77. Lara

    great pictures, lovely family! hugs!

  78. Jacob

    I'm not a McD lover, but it looks like a great time!
    That was really sweet of Josh to do that for you. (:

  79. sleep is precious when you have a little. so nice of your hubby to give you a little extra. i myself needed a solid 9 hrs a night before the babes came. now i can survive on like 5. and 8 is heavenly!

  80. Adrianna

    i saw your instagram photos that morning and had to head to mcdonald's myself for some breakfast!

  81. Alexis

    Your beautiful little girl is the BEST DRESSED baby EVER!!! I want her wardrobe:)

  82. ezrazoe

    where did you get YOUR hat… I love it!

  83. this is the best post ever. :)

  84. hello taza! today i walked through a bookstore in germany and suddenly i recognized a book from the corner of my eyes, from which cover you smiled at me! i was really excited because it was like spotting a familiar face ;) did you know that you're on the german cover of a book? :)

  85. Jenna

    Hi Naomi! I know you get these questions all the time but I'm curious where you got your striped sweater and striped shirt you wore in the pic w/ eleanor in her nursery? I've been looking all over for stripes lately with no luck.

  86. Jenna

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  87. Sheri

    Ahhh this is SO cute! You just had me & my housemates all cooing over your gorgeous family xx

  88. I love the lion hat! Where is it from? Also, now I want a mcflurry

  89. Emily

    naomi, i found a cool app called Diptic…it lets you put multiple pictures together as one pic. it's really simple and quite fun! just thought i'd let you know :)

  90. Are you still a huge Big Mac fan? I feel like I haven't seen as many "Ode to a Big Mac" type pictures if forever.

  91. goodness, that sounds wonderful. you're a lucky woman :)

  92. Stacey

    McDonalds should really pay you for advertising. This post makes me want to eat there haha :)

  93. Chelsea

    i love your pink lip color! what is it?

  94. Charis

    Eleanor's lion hat is too cute!

  95. Brooke

    AW, how fun!! My daughter has that same lion hat too :D

  96. Daniela

    I guess that is great, to have a caring husband and a bit more of sleep (single mom here)…

    That breakfast looks delicious… and that mouse is so cute ^^

  97. Daniela

    Oops… it's a lion hehe but still cute ^^

  98. elanor always has the cutest hats! love love

  99. marli

    i love that you don't shy away from fast food (& documenting it). thank you for being real. =)

  100. OK, I just gotta ask. Are you sponsored by McDonalds? Because as a husband and father of average looks and above average weight, I envy your ability to casually make McDonalds look sexy in some kind of weird hipsterish-LDS way.

  101. @dan, we are not sponsored by mcdonalds. we just enjoy going every couple of months for a breakfast/ dinner. :)

  102. xeyno

    When I have a baby I will need to figure out where you get these cute baby hats :)

  103. K. Marie

    glad we share the same guilty pleasure ;)

  104. tiffany

    i luv you guys!! you're so real and live a life that i truly adore! xx