christmas tree.

on saturday we fell in love
with a tiny christmas tree at eastern market.
so we brought her home to camp out
in our living room for the next month or so.
she’s very colorful and sparkly.
eleanor can’t stop reaching for her and giggling.
merry christmas!

please check this out!

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some of our dear friends have started a nonprofit organization, the foundation for survivors of abuse, in the hopes of bringing awareness to and help with removing the statute of limitations for sex abuse crimes. these laws are in need of change and i commend deondra, desirae and melody for their courage in coming forward to share their own painful story and also for their efforts with this organization. please check out their new website and help spread the word! josh and i know the 5 browns personally and they are some of the most down to earth, loving and kind people we know. i was talking with deondra last week and her positive outlook during our conversation about all of this was so inspiring to me. i’m just really proud of them and the difference they are making.
you can read more about their story in the daily beast. and also follow updates on their progress through their facebook page,

eleanor’s first thanksgiving.

thanksgiving day was wonderful this year.
eleanor did this really kind thing where she slept in until 9am (which meant we all slept in until 9am…. ahhhhh-mazing) which started our day off quite nicely.
we then spent most of the day cooking, eating, skyping with family and checking out some monuments together in glorious 65 degree weather. we loved having my little sisters come to town. they are always a lot of fun (and such big helps in the kitchen). and we loved polishing off left overs all weekend long, too…. turkey and stuffing is somehow always better the second day. it just is.
hope your thanksgiving day was great, too!

here’s to happiness – holiday edition {by jacqueline}

here are 10 things about the holidays
that make jacqueline terribly happy:
  1. secretly listening to holiday music in mid-october…
  2. ..and hearing your favorite holiday songs for the first time all year
  3. getting december holiday issues of your favorite magazines
  4. saying “happy holidays” and giving a big smile to everyone when you’re out and about (and having the sentiment returned!)
  5. that first bite of pumpkin pie
  6. making a stocking for your pet
  7. tracking santa’s trip online
  8. watching elf and home alone repeatedly, because once is not enough
  9. finding that perfect gift for a loved one…
  10. …and the look on their face when they unwrap it
thanks for sharing, jacqueline!
find more happy lists here.
photo by jacqueline, too.