rockstar giveaway! (closed)

Today we have a giveaway for you from one of my favorite people…. my mother! and her new shop, Pillows by Poppy™! My mom made a few pillows for Eleanor’s nursery earlier this summer and after seeing them and persuading her all summer long, we finally got her to open up a shop! The detail work on these pillows are out of this world. I can’t believe the creativity and time that go into each one. I am so proud of her and excited to share her shop with you!!
Pillows by Poppy™ is giving away a pillow of your choice to 2 lucky readers! Click here to see all of the pillow choices. Each pillow is hand sewn, one at a time by my mother (some take her hours to complete!)
(Here are my two favorites in Eleanor’s nursery.)

I wanted to include these two little quotes from my mom shop because I feel they are so special:
Pillows by Poppy™ celebrates all that is good at home. Each pillow is unique in beauty and individuality. They are expressed in varied designs, like different people from different homes. Poppy wants each pillow to remind us of our youth and those simple days of childlike faith when a bandage and kiss would take the away the hurt of an ‘owie.’ Poppy maintains that these pillows represent homes, not houses. She truly believes a home is a place one wants to return to. It is about family, birthday cake, and feeling safe. It is the laboratory for learning and practicing fundamental principles and useful life skills. Indeed, it is the best place on earth to learn charity.
“And what about those frayed, raw edges on Pillows by Poppy™? Poppy feels those frayed edges are kind of like us… imperfect people living in imperfect homes. Mistakes are made and apologies are expressed. Home is a place from where we can start all over again and try to do better next time.”

To enter to win a pillow of your choice, please visit Pillows by Poppy™ and leave a comment below telling me which pillow you would choose. The winners will be drawn and announced this coming Friday.

Good luck!
Top photo by Josh.
All other pillow photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.
  1. I love the Cherry Lane pillow! My little sister would absolutely adore it! They're beautiful pillows, your mom is so talented.


  2. Jenn

    Oh my gosh, the Soho one is so beautiful! What an incredible gift your mom has to sew things like these pillows!


  3. most adorable giveaway!!! i love the teepee… but the farm is cute too! :) way to go crafty mom!

  4. Wow, your mom is really talented! These look so cute in a nusery!

    X Mandy

  5. The Country Collection is obviously fabulous, but I'd love "Cherry Lane"! So dear!

    Amy C.

  6. PNew

    so adorable! what a great gift! I'm also dying to know who makes your shoes?? I love them!

  7. isabug

    Wow, your mom is so talented!

    I love the Evergreen pillow! The tree on it is lovely and remind me of Christmas.. and what is better than Christmas??

  8. How adorable!! I love the three little pigs!! What a talent!

  9. oh, they are so breathtakingly beautiful! i love all of them but the ones with the curtains hanging out are soooooo cute they made me squeal a little bit. also, i REALLY appreciate her note about raw edges… it's so spot on!

  10. I agree with everyone else – your mom has such a gift, these pillows are gorgeous! I love the Cherry Lane pillow, it is precious!

  11. MoKa

    Hii, I love the Oregon Trail and The Covered Porch pillows but to be honest I love them all. They're fantastic. Have a good day/night :)

  12. K

    these are absolutely amazing! what a talented mother you have! i love "the walk up" so much. (but let's be real here, honestly i love them all.)

  13. I would totally choose "The Soho" pillow! It's too cute, and it would look glorious in my lime green home… :)

  14. Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I would have a hard time choosing between Cherry Lane (because the swing is too cute) and the Green-roofed log cabin (because I love log cabins, and also that would make an amazing birthday present for my mother…)

  15. Omg, your mother, she's very creative i absolutely adore this pillows, this s the most amazin thing ive ever seen :)

  16. isyana

    your mom is just like my mom, she loves making cotton pillow dolls for my baby.. and these home pillows are the cutest ideas!

  17. Maddy

    These are so AWESOME! Your mama is amazing.. what a neat idea.. I've never seen pillows like this before. Good thing you convinced her to open a shop :)

    I am in love with the green tipi and the walk up… it would be a hard choice!

  18. shandey

    no wonder you are so amazing, look at your mom. geez! i would be lucky to have any one of these.

  19. linda

    These pillows are gorgeous! Your mom is very talented. My favourite pillow is the Evergreen one, it reminds me of living in Austria as a child :)

  20. ahhhhhh! These are great!!! I love the covered porch pillow :)

  21. Erika

    The Soho is so pretty and colorful! I (heart) it. Best of luck to your Mom and her new shop!

  22. Oh my gosh i love them all, but if i absolutely HAD to choose… i would go for the evergreen or the soho….

    This is one of the cutest and most creative things i've ever seen. i used to live in a little danish town up the coast and these pillows remind me of all the little homes and shops i used to see while i lived there.

    darling. just darling. :)

  23. A and W

    wowzer! How awesome to have such a creative mama! I love the " Haight-Ashubury" and it would be awesome and my little one's nursery! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Kate

    These are amazing, and your mom must be too. I'd love to win the Soho pillow. So amazing!

  25. wow. they are all beautiful. but I'm in love with the American Collection!

  26. tRiSh

    I'm asking you.. How can you ever choose? They are all so cute and precious!
    Cherry-Lane reminds me a lot about our childhood house where we'd spend hours on the swing or in the forest next to our place climbing the tress and pretending we were bandits and sheriffs…

  27. Kathryn

    I love them all! I would choose the Main Street Grey Stone. These are so creative!

  28. Natalie

    hey! i've been following your blog for a while. i'm originally from the DC area, was living overseas, and now i'm back home again. i love your shoes…please tell me who makes them! ps. love your blog. :)

  29. Katie

    I absolutely love all of them! Your mama is so talented. But, since I can't have them all I think I would choose the Poppy's Dog House.

    I have the cutest little 4 month old puppy that I love to spoil. This would be so cute for her little puppy bed!

  30. Ker

    The Covered Porch is absolutely adorable. I love the details on the back!

  31. I LOVE cherry lane and evergreen. These pillows are adorable!! Would love one for my daughter's room.

  32. Brit

    The Cherry Lane pillow is so sweet. Congrats to rockstar momma!

  33. Meliss

    Oh my goodness! I'm doing a big boy room for my little boy who is 1, cowboy themed! The Equestrian Barn pillow would be so precious in his room! How creative is your mom?!?

  34. Ali

    Your family has got CREATIVITY! I guess now we see where it comes from. These are darling. I would choose Cherry lane.

  35. Omg are you kidding me, those are freaking AMAZING! I'd love the cherry lane house!

  36. These are adorable! I love the Haight Ashbury :)

  37. Gosia

    They are all kick-ass, but I'm in love with the Red Hawk Tipi!

  38. April

    These are too cute!! ^_^

    My favorites are the Evergreen, The Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin and Cherry Lane (I just adore the swing!!!)

  39. KCN

    wow, these are amazing! what a talent your mother is! i love the oregon trail covered wagon pillow. precious.

  40. The Cherry Lane pillow is absolutely darling! Your mom did a fantastic job with all of the designs. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  41. Nathalie

    Those pillows are so lovely and cute!

    I'd love to win "The Covered Porch". It would fit so great into our home. :)

  42. Fran

    I can't decide between Cherry Lane, The Evergreen, and The Walk Up. So sweet.

  43. Jenna E

    I love/want them all!!!! I would have to choose the evergreen if I had to pick one. We are moving and leaving my beautiful little home in the forest so it would be a great reminder of my life/memories here

  44. Wow! What talent! I love the ones that look like row houses. My favorite is Cherry Lane. <3

  45. Jordan

    These are amazing! I would definitely choose "The Red Homestead Log Cabin" pillow!


  46. WOW, WOW, WOW! These are out of this world… your mom is one talented lady! I would love The Evergreen for my son's room :)

    P.S. Love, love your blog!

  47. I absolutely adore Poppy's Cat House! I've just moved to college and am getting very homesick so that pillow reminds me of my little terror, Kuma, that I had to leave behind :( But each and every one of those are adorable in their own way :)

  48. ang808

    My favorite is The Lincoln Park. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season, especially with the red and green for Christmas!

  49. Your Mom's pillows are beautiful! If I won, I'd pick "Cherry Lane." It would look amazing with my comforter!

  50. K$

    these are BEYOND adorable! I love the Haight-Ashbury.

  51. The Three Little Pigs collection is SO cute–love the burlap! And I also adore all of the Country Collection. This would be a perfect addition to the nursery we're decorating–to be filled with a new babe come January!

  52. This are so cute! I'm a big fan of the cherry lane house! Such pretty pillows! Thanks for a great giveaway! :) -Lo

  53. Nancy

    I love the cherry lane one,

  54. please tell your mom that she has quite the special talent! these unique treasures are full of love. i would choose the "manhattan" one to always remember my time in nyc.

  55. I love these pillows! Truly amazing. I would choose The Covered Porch. This would make a perfect addition to my bedroom!

  56. Carlie

    She is very talented! I love the 3Little Pigs Collection!

  57. i love what she says about "a home is a place one wants to return to." and about "feeling safe". that's been something that's been so important to me lately. your mamma is super talented.

  58. oops i love the Haight-Ashbury pillow :)

  59. erin

    The Haight-Ashbury is my favorite. what a talented mama you have!

  60. Cassie

    I seriously LOVE the teepees (I mean, I love them all,) but I'm decorating (eventually) my son's room in a western theme. Those teepee pillows would be perfect!

  61. Maeghan

    I would choose the covered porch. Simply because Ive always wanted a home with a really nice one. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  62. I've been on the hunt for a little house pillow. These are so cute! I would love the Main Street Grey house.

  63. Holy smokes, these are SO UNIQUE! I've fallen in love with the tipi pillows!

  64. Lindsay

    I love the Evergreen. So adorable!

  65. Hilary

    Wow these are amazing!! I love the Cherry Lane. It remind me of my childhood. Your mom is amazing!

  66. I would choose Cherry Lane, because it is so cute that if it were a real house I would probably live in it!

  67. S

    To start off, the quote from your mom about home is perfect and insightful. Reading it was a great way to start the day refreshed. And the pillows…All of them are so gorgeous, warm and inviting. I am especially drawn to The Evergreen!

  68. Angela

    Oh, I really adore the Evergreen pillow! It reminds me of living in Colorado, which I miss so much being in NYC. Your mom is awesome to create these!

  69. they are just DARLING! so much detail- i love them. the red homestead cabin & cherry lane are my favorites! i love that little pillows are really little houses:) they take you on a trip!

    ps- i just got those shoes! love them. except that i'm taller than my hubs with them on. oh well:)

  70. Lauren

    Ohhh i would die for these! they are so perfect! I LOVE the Cherry Lane,and then it's a mash-up between the Evergreen and the Covered Porch for me =)

  71. the oregon trail && the soho are adorable. love these pillows, thanks for sharing.

  72. ad

    main street grey stone! it reminds me of a house i used to live in.

  73. the soho is fab! Your mom's pillows are great! Congrats to you all for the shop opening!!!

  74. Adorable! You're so lucky to have such a talented mom! I love The Walk Up….and your shoes! :)

  75. My gosh, I love The Walk Up!

  76. i love the american barn, we got married in a red barn! love it!

  77. Anna

    They are all so adorable! I think my daughter would love "The covered porch"
    Good luck to your mom in this new endeavor!

  78. Leticia

    All the pillows are so beautiful! It's hard to choose one! You're mom seems like an amazing lady, I love all the little quotes/explanantions of the pillows. So sweet!
    By the way, love your new frames! More of a cateye?

  79. These are so cute! What a talented mother you have. I would love the Walk Up pillow to gift to my best friend's first baby who is due any day now. The backyard swing is a beautiful detail. Ingenious!

  80. maura

    These pillows are adorable. I would choose the Walk Up. I am currently living in France for a year teaching English, and this pillow reminds me of the gorgeous French country houses in Normandy–colorful and welcoming!

  81. Samantha

    I have a little 7 month old boy so I think the Covered Wagon would be great or the Dog House since we have a huge dog- it would be cute. (Also, you look so skinny and I am insanely jealous!)

  82. mckenzie

    the red brick one of course. so cute!

  83. Gosh, the Reid family is one talented bunch! If I were the lucky winner, I think I'd choose the "Cherry Lane" pillow, as it reminds me of the house I grew up in. Congrats to your mom on her beautiful new shop!

  84. I would totally get the Main Street Grey Stone — so cute!

  85. Zahra

    The Country Collection houses (and the like) are just darling. I know that I get such joy out of just looking at photographs of these, I can't imagine how the little one would enjoy it!!

  86. These really are amazingly sweet. I love the cherry lane pillow. Congrats to your creative mother.

  87. Melinda

    I love the Country Collection! Especially the Cherry Lane pillow. :)

  88. A.

    These are awesome. The detail is amazing. I'm so impressed with your mom's talent and creativity. I really love the Lincoln Park pillow.

  89. Tamara

    How beautiful! I would love to have the Haight-Ashbury pillow for the twins' nursery. Mazel to your mama on her shop!

  90. lindsay

    I would love to give my nephew the green roof in the woods log cabin pillow! your momma is so talented! such a fun gift!

  91. Shannon

    She is so talented! I think I'd choose the Soho, but I also love the Covered Wagon and the tipi pillows. So unique!

  92. Obviously the Country Collection is AMAZING! And I also love the Manhattan. I have never seen anything like these, they are fantastic. Your mama is incredible.

    Pick me!

  93. Tara

    i would love the manhattan – it's sophisticated and super cute, and would match my B&W-themed; room perfectly!

  94. I LOVE the American Barn! My best friend is due in May – this would be such a lovely gift! Beautiful work!

  95. oh my gosh, these are all so cool. I want the cherry lane one.

  96. Lyss

    oooooo how lovely! It is a hard decision but I think I would go with Cherry Lane!

  97. I love the Cherry Lane one! They are all so cute!

  98. it was difficult to pick one but my favourite is the covered porch!!

  99. jasmine

    these are crazy! wow! I love the cherry lane! the details on these pillows are amazing. congrats mom!

  100. Sash

    These pillows are so sweet! I love the haight-ashbury pillow! That or cherry-lane.

  101. a.m.

    Oh my goodness! The Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, childhood favourite! Along with the Covered Wagon and Red Hawk Tipi! Please pass along to your mama that she is amazingly talented!

  102. these are just darling!! i really love the variety in her designs. you're mom is one cool lady.

  103. Oh I love The Haight-Ashbury! So precious!

  104. Chrissy

    Pillows by Poppy – I love the name. The 3 little pigs house is to die for :)

  105. BBC

    wow! those are simply darling!!! how beautiful!

  106. Ella

    Those pillows are exquisite! I love the Cherry Lane pillow. Would love one of these!

  107. Your mom is so talented! I love the covered porch!

  108. Amanda

    these would look so precious in my new baby girls room! i am in love with any from the country collection & the haight-ashbury.:)

  109. Sam

    These are just dear. I am over the moon about the Green Eagle Nest Tipi, what a darling work of art. Pick me, pick me!

  110. Sini

    Your mom is so talented, amazing work! I love the Soho pillow and the pillow house for cats :)

  111. Love the Evergreen! I can hear the leaves crunching under my feet as I walk up to the cottage! I love the idea behind the frayed edges too.

  112. Tough choice but I think my favorite is the Main Street Grey Stone. Your mom is a talented lady.

  113. They are all amazing but the swing on the Cherry Lane won me over. People's talents blow me away.

    Jessica E.

  114. These are so darling! I love the Main Street Grey Stone; it 'll help me an my husband remember we won't be in a tiny apartment forever!

  115. I love these! My friend just had a baby at 24 weeks, and he passed today… I think I might need to send one of these sweet pillows to help her grieve the fact that he went "home" to Heavenly Father!! Love the "walk up" one :)

  116. The Green Eagle Nest Tipi is SO CUTE! I absolutely need it!! Or Cherry Lane! Your mother is so talented! :)

  117. Amy

    Congratulations to your mom and her new venture! I love the Lincoln Park.

  118. These are wonderful!
    I am so in love with the log cabin with the green roof! My parents just built a cabin that looks exactly like this! I would love to give them this as a present for my new sibling! (He or she is supposed to be born this weekend!)

  119. Asty

    oh my those pillows are just too cute!
    I really like Cherry Lane :D

  120. I'm in LOVE with the "Green Eagle Nest Tipi" would be an adorable addition to our new baby's nursery :)

    Your mother is so incredibly talented!

  121. Jaclyn

    Ahh, red hawk tipi! No way! These are so cool.

  122. carykate

    I was interrupted mid click and ended up visiting the site before reading your post. It is your MOM! The pillows are so youthful and exquisite as she is, I'm sure. I would have to pick the evergreen. I am REEEEEALLY hoping this will be my first give away win ever!

  123. Anni

    "The Covered Porch" would look adorable in my new apartment at college! Your mom is so talented, I'd love to have that pretty thing sit on my couch!

  124. These pillows are gorgeous, I especially love them on the couch in the picture with you and Eleanor. I love the Covered Porch, Cherry Lane, and Haight-Ashbury for myself, but for my itty bitty son's room, I think the log cabin or 3 Little Pigs sets would be more appropriate.

    BEAUTIFUL pillows, thank you for the generous giveaway!

  125. All the pillows are absolutely beautiful, your mum is very creative! My favourite is the Covered Porch, so cute! I'd love to have it ready for when I start a family, I'm getting married in December and we hope to start trying for a baby straight after :)

  126. I have to admit I got a little choked up when I read the two quotes from your mom. What a neat lady. If I were to win, I would LOVE the Cherry Lane Pillow.

  127. Hi Naomi! These pillows are adorable and such a cute and original idea. I love the red hawk tipi. It would fit nicely in my living room.

  128. MellyB

    I love them all! And I love that you convinced your Mama to open an etsy shop. I've been trying to do that for years! I'd choose the evergreen. We live 30 minutes from Tahoe so trees are pretty special to our fam.

  129. Lyndee

    I love the Manhattan. These pillows are amazing.

  130. April

    These are beautiful! Well done for convincing your mama to sell them! I would love love love to have the American barn! We are doing somewhat of a rustic/ barn themed nursery for our new little one, and this pillow would be the perfect addition.

  131. Wow! These pillows are so beautiful! I love "The Covered Porch" pillow (amongst others, they are all so lovely!). What a talented mama you have!

  132. i would love to have The Evergreen! recently to utah while my husband finishes up school, i left my lovely home back in washington (the evergreen state). i feel like this pillow will be a little home away from home :)
    xo TJ

  133. Tai

    I love the The Country Collection. These pillows are amazing!

  134. sara

    I'm expecting my first little girl in February, and I think that the Haight-Ashbury's colors and style would look perfect in her little nursery :) thanks for the great giveaway!

  135. Obsessed with the Cherry Lane pillow!!! Your mom is AWESOME!

  136. Amber

    These pillows are breathtaking! I love the covered porch! Looks like a pillow version of my dream house. so perfect!


  137. rain06

    I love 'em all, your mom is so talented! I would pick the Cherry Lane. =)

  138. I simply love both of the t-pee pillows… they are so cute for a childrens room! Your mom does a fantastic job on these pillows :)

  139. i'm in LOVE with these!!! my mom would just love the american barn (the dairy farm) she grew up on a farm and just loves that kind of stuff.

  140. Bridget

    i'm loving the whole american homestead one. and the covered porch.

    gah, as soon as i saw this new sponsor on your page i clicked on it–before the giveaway–and was LOVING the pillows. and now i know it's your mom! how cool.

  141. ezrazoe

    oh I would choose the cherry lane since it looks like the house where me and my husband got married, which is also where I take my kids every summer for us to reconnect with nature.
    What a beautiful line!

  142. hanna

    They are all awesome and it was really hard to choose one, but I would pick the Manhattan pillow :)

  143. These are so special! I would choose the Covered Porch…too sweet!

  144. Mariah

    All of these pillows are beautiful!! You have a very talented mom. I would love to win the Cherry Lane pillow.

  145. Alicia

    The covered porch is just lovely. What a talented mother you have!

  146. erohde

    I love them all but I think the Cherry Lane is my favorite. They are so great, such detail.

  147. Erin

    These are wonderful! You have a very talented mother :)
    I especially love The Haight-Ashbury, so cute!

  148. I am in Love with the mainstreet grey stone. Hooray for your Mommy and congratulations on the new shop.

    Fritzi Marie

  149. Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like these. Your mom is such a talented lady.

    I love the American Barn – Dairy Farm pillow. It would be an honor to win.

  150. Laurie

    This is priceless, so adorable! She really captures the feeling of a home perfectly. I love the covered porche one!

  151. Kathleen

    OMG THESE ARE TERRIFIC! I love the 'Three little pigs and the Soho'

  152. I literally gasped when I saw that your giveaway today is PILLOWS! I have a slight obsession with them :) It was SO hard to choose just one, but I fell head over heels for The Main Street Grey Stone. Can you say DREAM HOUSE! ;)

  153. lauren

    what beautiful craftsmanship! the covered porch pillow would look perfect in my daughter's nursery.

  154. Truly

    I am digging the cabin in the woods with the green roof. i think it would look pretty amazing in our little boy's nursery.

  155. renata

    oh i love the tipi!!!!!

  156. Abby

    I love them all! So unique. My favorite is Cherry Lane, love the swing.

  157. what an amazing talent and gift. the brownstone would look perfect in my little guy's room! hats off to your mama!

  158. MK

    I LOVE the Cherry Lane and the Main Street Grey Stone!! Your mom rocks! How creative and fun for a nursery! I have a nephew on the way (my first). What a great gift for my brother and sister-in-law!

  159. Brooke

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  160. Amanda

    They are so cute! I would love one of the tee-pee pillows because I was an Indian Princess when I was younger and I love all things Native American.

  161. Burgess

    WOW! These are the CUTEST things I've ever seen! I love the red homestead. I've been marvelling over how amazing your mom is for sewing all of your costumes for the Fort Bridger thing (yes, I ran right from the computer to tell my husband all about it) and now this!!! FANTASTIC!

  162. Brooke

    Oh goodness these are to DIE for! I love the Cherry Lane pillow…but it sure was hard to choose just one! What a talented mommy!

  163. OMG! These pillows are totally adorable!

  164. I love the manhattan one!!It would look great in my room!!I love them all though.They would make adorable gifts!

  165. Without a doubt lincoln park. I love it. Well done to your mother and doing it for such a good cause. What a warm heart she has.

  166. I love the Evergreen pillow! You definitely have an eye for things that are darling and unique and these pillows couldn't be more of either. What a great idea!

  167. Ann

    So so sweet! I love them all, but especially the Main Street Grey Stone… the curtains are so cute!!!

  168. Anna

    These are so cute! The Frontier Collection would have to be my favorite with the tee-pee & covered wagon.

  169. I simply adore the covered porch!

  170. These pillows are beautiful. I love the evergreen and think it would go perfectly in my bedroom !

  171. Amanda

    I love the Manhattan! Your mom is such a talented lady!

  172. Whoa, these are so beautiful! Your mum is fabulous!

    I am totally in love with the Soho cushion and think it would be fabulous in my little boy's nursery. I've just found out that he needs feeding on the hour from now on, so I'm definitely going to need something nice to lean against :-)

  173. Jessica

    The covered porch for my girls room!

  174. Maggie

    Beautiful words — and pillows — from your mom indeed. I totally have a mom crush on her! I adore the teepee pillows, and the red barn is fantastic too. Thanks for encouraging your mom to open a shop; we should all be so lucky to have one (okay, several) of her beautiful, inspired pillows.

  175. Those are SO darling!!! I love covered porch!

  176. Those are SO darling!!! I love covered porch!

  177. ginakaye

    So hard to pick just one!! My favorite would have to be Cherry Lane, with the big tree on it! Climbing trees was one of my favorite things to do growing up!

  178. Emily

    The soho is awesome and so are the teepees. Congrats to your mom for opening a fun and unique shop!

  179. Skye

    love them all but i'd have to go with the haight-ashbury.

  180. PeBu

    Love the red hawk tipi!!

  181. Laina

    I am in LOVE with these pillows, and we live in a log cabin so of course i love the green roof in the woods log cabin and the red hawk tipi is cute too!!

  182. mbdurham

    I love the Cherry Lane pillow. I can't believe the detail – your mom is awesome!

  183. D

    The Manhattan. It will be a perfect gift for my sisters unborn little girl, Madeliene, due this February. So she can daydream about her fabulous life when she grows up and lives in the big city.



  184. ALC

    truly works of art. with that said, i think the covered wagon is the best!

  185. Oh my! What a talented mama! I loooove the tipi pillows and also the barns…and the soho…all of them!

  186. Felicia

    How cool! The pillows are so unique. I would probably pick the evergreen pillow!

  187. these pillows are genius. truly. what a talented and creative mom you have! would love to hug "the evergreen"!

    such a sweet idea, and sweet give away!

  188. mpierce

    I'm in love with the Evergreen. Makes me think of growing up at home. Love these. Make sure to pass on to your mother how beautifully creative she is. Her inspiration is lovely.

  189. Alaythea

    I love The Soho! I'm hoping to redecorate my room in those colors when we move next year. The detailing is gorgeous!

  190. Valerie

    What a great Idea! I Love the Soho :)

  191. skaggs

    wow! your mom is *seriously* talented! I adore the cherry lane pillow. so sweet!

  192. Our little one is coming in April and I would LOVE to have The Green Roof in the Little Log Cabin pillow!!

  193. I love the Country Collection. I think they are perfectly unique.

  194. The Height Ashberry is so cute. I'm from right outside of DC but my husband and I live in the SF area now. I'd love that in my "for my little one" collection.
    Your Mom is very talented.

  195. i love the red hawk tipi! so cute!


  196. Chelsea

    Oh my goodness, I can't get over these pillows. I don't know if I could choose, but I love both of the tipis. They are too perfect. Your Mom is amazing!

  197. Paige

    The Evergreen! But oh my, is the 3 Little Pigs Collection SO cute.

  198. I think the cover wagon is the cutest thing ever but I think my daughter would love Haight-Ashubury the most, love your moms work!

  199. Connie

    These are soo cute! I love the red hawk tipi and cherry lane!

  200. omg I never knew pat had an amazing hidden talent! I love the Dairy Barn. It reminds me of your backyard.

  201. I love the red hawk Tipi!! Too cute!!

  202. Donna

    I love the covered porch. It's adorable! To be honest, I'd be happy to have any of them!

  203. I would love the Haight-Ashbury one! They are all so lovely!

  204. Lou :)

    I love the Cherry Lane one.
    With that cute tree with a swing on it and the red door. Too cute !!
    Reminds me of childhood :)

  205. Carly

    WOW these are soo wonderful! I absolutely love the Frontier Collection. It reminds me of your Ft. Bridger posts too!

  206. These are just too cute! I would love the country collection! The style would def match my newborn's nursery<3 These are just awesome :)

  207. I love The Soho, it would be great for my nursery. Matches perfectly.

  208. Cherry Lane is darling!

  209. Josi

    Oh my god, they are sooo adorable! I LOVE them!
    I would take the "Covered Porch", because it's so girly. My husband and I want to start conceiving in November. I'd love to have such a beautiful pillow for my baby (I'm so hoping that I will get pregnant soon!!!). It would be such a beautiful gift!

  210. Lisette

    They are all adorable, but I love the Haight-Ashbury the most.

  211. rachel

    wow, your mother is so talented. what absolutely stunning work! I am in love with the Oregon Trail , Cherry Lane, and The Red Homestead Log Cabin.

    I'm obsessed.

  212. t.m.

    Those pillows are beautiful! I love the Cherry Lane one!

  213. I love the Brownstone. It matches our sunny front room perfectly!

  214. wendy

    I LOVE these!! The country collection is my fave.

  215. so cute, i love them all!

    ps. where did you get your shoes?!?!?

  216. Rachel

    I love the Red Hawk tipi one- so cool!

  217. Lillian

    I LOVE this idea for pillows. ANY pillow your mom has made would look SO cute on my green couch! I hope I'm lucky!

  218. Emily

    Cherry Lane or The Walk Up. So clever! :)

  219. They're so adorable, and gorgeous!

  220. Abby

    So cute! I love the Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin pillow!

  221. These are SO original… I love them!! I really love the Evergreen pillow! Tell your mom she's adorable.

  222. amber

    These are so amazing and unique!! It's hard to choose just one, but I think I would go with the Cherry Lane pillow. Your mama is one talented lady :)

  223. Moira

    I love the log cabin. What a talent!

  224. tabian

    I love the frontier collection..I could give it to my 3 month old nephew he'll surely love that..:)

  225. Wow. Those are amazing! Sooo lovely. I love the cherry lane, but they are all beautiful. What a talented mother you have!

  226. Oh. My. Gosh! Those are so adorable and I hope I win so I don't have to save up for forever to get one! Ideally I would get the three pigs collection, but since I don't wanna be greedy, I'll say either the log cabin or the cherry lane. You are so lucky to have a creative mommy!

  227. Lacey

    Ooohh!! The Walk Up pillow would be so cute in my new baby girl's nursery (she's due any day now…actually she was officially due last Saturday, but she's making us wait!).
    Congrats to your momma for launching her own little business!

  228. @lliE

    Wow, how beautiful! I love the Main Street Gray!

  229. I love the American Barn – Dairy farm. Cute!

  230. A.

    I love them all, but definitely LOVE "The Walk Up." What a beautiful and unique art!

  231. These are THE cutest pillows I have ever seen!! I wish I could afford all of them! If I won, I would pick the American barn (dairy farm) for my 8 month old son, Mason's room!!!

  232. wow, your mom is very talented and creative! i am just smitten with the cherry lane pillow, it would complete our couch then later our children's room…then to pass on when they're older! yet another great giveaway!

    lauren gabrielle

  233. Hay May

    These are so beautiful! I would love The Covered Porch or Cherry Lane!

  234. It seems that your whole family is extremely talented. The pillows are so beautiful.

    My favorite is the Red Hawk Tipi, though the houses in the Country Collection are amazing too.

  235. Your Mom is so talented! Why am I not surprised :) I spent way too long on her site trying to sort out through my favorites but these are my top 3:

    1. Evergreen — because it looks exactly like my own little lovenest
    2. Haight Ashbury — because I used to live in SF and this gives me a warm comfy feeling of my time in the bay.
    3. Main Street Gray Stone — just because it's oh so adorable!

  236. Beth

    these are amazing! i love, love, love the houses w/the curtains gently blowing in the wind! love! but i think my favorite is "the covered porch" with it's flower boxes! adore! your momma ia one talented lady. fingers & toes crossed. x

  237. i love cherry lane. tree swings always tug at my heart. xx

  238. Ellis

    OH my. Either the covered wagon because it reminds me of where I come from. Or the Haigt Ashbury because the colors make me super happy. Your mom is amazingly talented. And I just might need to steal the little couch you are on.

  239. Daniela

    Hello! I just discovered your blog yesterday. I think it's amazing, love the pictures and the video of you and your husband.
    I live in Ecuador, South America.
    I think the Cherry Lane Pillow is absolutely adorable, definately my favorite (crossfigners for me).
    Your mother's work is fantastic!


  240. Staci

    oh my goodness how sweet! Cherry Lane and evergreen would be the sweetest in my lil girls room!

  241. Oh my goodness!!! you have one talented mama! I absolutely love The Haight-Ashbury pillow! So enchanting and seems like it belongs in a fairytale!


  242. Your mother is so talented all this pillows are adorable my two favorites are the red hawk tipi and the soho.

  243. I love the Covered Porch!! Your Mom is very very talented! I love them!

  244. megh

    The Soho – modern and homey :)

  245. Maggie

    These are gorgeous! What a talented woman! My favourite is the American Barn (The Dairy Farm), my best friend would love it

  246. Hannah V

    These are incredible! I love Cherry Lane and the Evergreen! The log cabin ones are so great too!

  247. Cassie

    These pillows are fantastic!! I haven't seen anything like them!

    I'd definitely choose the cozy home with the tree out front. :)


  248. WOW. so darling! i would love to win the Cherry Lane pillow for my baby girl's nursery. these remind me of the townhouses of our old neighborhood on Capitol Hill, but also of some of the charm of our new home in Sicily!

  249. Oh my goodness, these are amazing!!! I just love any of the pillows from the country collection. I am SMITTEN!

  250. Alexa

    Oh my gosh, how charming! Your mom is seriously talented.

    I love Cherry Lane :)

  251. annie

    Oh my heavens, these pillows are gorgeous! I think that Cherry Lane is probably my favorite with the tree and the swing– love it!

  252. Your mom is so talented. These are Absolutley beautiful pillows! I am in love with The Haigh-Ashbury piLlow!
    It matches my guest bedroom perfectly!

  253. Whit K

    I would love the Cherry Lane pillow for my daughter. They're adorable!

  254. isabel

    It's hard to choose just one! I would have to pick "The Walk Up" So much detail and so cute.

  255. Banana

    awww that's so cute!! :)

  256. Congrats to your Mama! The pillows are darling. I love the Haight-Ashbury for my oldest daughter's room!

  257. looovvee the american barn! kids would love these just as much as parents!

  258. these are adorable! cherry lane and the evergreen are my favourites and that quote by your mom is lovely!

  259. Brianne

    Wow… the cherry lane would be a welcome addition to my home… cherished forever! The teepee might just have to be purchased for a friend!

  260. Ingrid

    i like the evergreen – it looks warm and welcoming, and i can imagine music and the smell of baking bread wafting from its open windows!

  261. Rachel

    those are beautiful! I'd love the tipi for my little man.

  262. My favorite is the three little pigs!! so cute!

  263. mattie

    these are amazing! i would love the cherry lane or the evergreen for my baby's nursery!

  264. Nancy

    These are just lovely! What talent!

    I think the American Collection is my favorite although really hard to choose.

    Love it!

  265. LaurenT

    I would have to say the Haight Asbury or the Cherry Lane. They are all wonderful!!

  266. Love The American Barn! What a beautiful shop.

  267. Anna

    I would most definitely choose the Red Hawk Tipi! They're all amazing and so well done!

  268. G

    Wow! Such beautiful work. Your mother is a true rockstar. I'm in love with the Red Hawk Tipi, and the Haight Ashbury pillow. Masterpieces!!!

  269. The Haight-Ashbury.. ADORABLE! <3

  270. Em

    Oh, the covered wagon pillow! Makes me want to bust out my old Oregon Trail disc! XD

  271. Brittan

    omg the covered porch! i'm in love!

  272. Carolyn

    Love the Red homestead log cabin

  273. Nea

    Your mum is so talented! I like the red tipi.

  274. Katy

    These are so adorable. I would love to win The Green Roof in the Little Log Cabin pillow!

  275. Lindsay

    i love the frontier collection, cherry lane, the mainstreet grey… ahhh!! all of them are so adoarble! what a cute mum you have <3

  276. green

    Wow wow wow those are the mOst amazing gorgeous pillows ever! I love the green roof log cabin!

  277. the 3 little pigs!!! LOVE these.

  278. I love the Red Homestead Log Cabin. Your mom is very talented!

  279. So pretty much your whole family is super talented. These pillows are absolutely amazing!! I love the house with a blue roof, red door, and swing. So so so cute! Thanks :)

  280. emily

    those are so cute! I would go for the evergreen or cherry lane, I think.

  281. Naomi

    I would love the "Evergreen." The pillows are amazing. Hope I win!

  282. Kandice

    i couldn't help but enter this giveaway once i saw that tipi! i love it :)

  283. these are so sweet. i'm so impressed. i love the entire country collection.

  284. Wow – these are all gorgeous! So hard to choose, but if I had to, the Cherry Lane is my favorite. Your Mom is so talented and I love the charitable giving side of it too. Brava!

  285. Kelly

    Holy cow! These are fantastic. Your mother is so dang talented! Regardless if I win {the awesome Red Hawk Tipi one ;} I'm so happy to learn about her new shop AND that Christmas is right around the corner!

    Hoping the best for her new adventure!

  286. Kelsi

    Your mother is so talented! I love Cherry Lane… the little swing is so cute!

  287. Aubrey

    I absolutely adore the red hawk tipi! My cousin just had a baby and this would be perfect. :]

  288. Paige

    I'm an exchange student and won't see my mom or be home again until next July, so I would really love to have the dark grey house pillow to help with a little homesickness!

  289. nicole

    Super cute! I love the American Barn (the dairy farm) pillow. Thanks for the chance to win. P.S. Love the photo of you and E. xo.

  290. Laura

    stunning! Your mom is talented! I'd love the second home from the left on the second line-up of photos. The one with a sky blue roof and flowers at the doorstep. SO cute!

  291. Cherry Lane and The Walk Up are my favourites!

  292. Aimitha

    The red teepee one is soooo awesome! Your mom is very talented :-)

  293. Oh my gosh! I haven't seen these before! I love the American Barn ones (the dairy farm or the equestrian one). (The Soho pillow is so cute too!) These are amazing!

  294. Kaylea

    i love the tipi one! she is one talented momma! i just had a little boy and that pillow would be the perfect addition to his little room.

  295. Laura

    These are so stinkin adorable! I'd pick any of the homes made by your mom. My favorite is the red house on the bottom of your post. Your mom is amazing!


  296. KMChaps

    Your mother's pillows are beyond lovely and positively whimsical! I am in love with the "Cherry Lane" pillow. What a lucky girl you are to have such a talented mama and how lucky she is to have you! Nothing beats mamas (:


  297. I love the Evergreen. What talent!

  298. Rie

    the three little pigs is my favourite!

  299. sandra

    Wow, they're beautiful. If I had enough money, I'd buy a few of them but my favourite one is the Cherry Lane. Fingers crossed! :)

  300. I would love to have the cat and dog house set on my bed! The colors are perfect for my dorm room!

  301. I love the pillow called "Green Rood in the Woods Log Cabin."

    These pillows are absolutely beautiful! Your mother is so talented!! :)

  302. Philam

    Wow! These pillows are one of a kind! What a treasured gift they would be for anyone. My favourite is the Covered Porch pillow, totally reminiscent of idyllic fairytale setting.

  303. Jayme

    Your mom is so talented! I adore them all but I think I would choose the red hawk tipi.

  304. Melany

    ooh, i think the cherry lane pillow is my favorite! so pretty!

  305. Sharon

    The Haight-Ashbury is my absolute favorite! Must be the "flower child" coming out in me :) Cutest pillows ever!!

  306. Julia

    way to go mom! these pillows are amazing! i love the American barn, and the country homes.

  307. karlee

    I am obsessed with the green roof in the woods log cabin! Because my parents have a little log cabin in the woods with….a green roof! What a wonderful gift this would make!

  308. wow. wow. wow. these are AMAZING. i lovvvve the green eagle nest tipi. i'm so glad you persuaded your mom to start a shop!!

  309. Suzie

    These are beautiful! I'd love to win the Haight-Ashbury! It's perfectly hippie.


  310. linzi

    Wow, they are incredible! I really love them all. I love the Walk Up and Cherry Lane – or just make it the Country Collection. Beautiful work. And I love the tipi's. All are adorable!

  311. kira

    What beautiful words and work by your mother! I love The Evergreen.

  312. soojin

    you're mom is so talented! these pillows are adorable. wish her luck with her new store.

    I love the cherry lane and covered porch!

  313. Jenna

    The straw, sticks, and bricks of the three little pigs…reminds me of my childhood.

  314. Darling! I LOVE the Country Collection, Cherry Lane, and the Evergreen! :)

  315. Liza

    How do you choose just one : ) My daughter's room would look lovely with the Manhattan. It's just too cute.

  316. Those pillows are absolutely gorgeous! Your mom is so talented. I'd love to have Cherry Lane for my little girl's room!

  317. moogs

    They are all incredible, but I think the covered wagon is my favorite!

  318. I LOVE the Cherry Lane pillow! Seriously adorable :)

  319. Janaan

    I would go BANANAS for The American Collection! They would go perfectly in my baby boy's nursery.

  320. wow, these are beautiful! i absolutely LOVE the soho!

  321. Ambs

    those are so cute! I like the Main Street Grey Stone best!

  322. Ellen

    My little nephew would have a ball with the Red Barn pillows!

  323. elena

    Adorable! The Haight-Ashbury is beautiful.

  324. I love the tee pees!!!

  325. Kacie

    these are brilliant!
    The Covered Porch is so perfect.
    i love it!

  326. Maggie

    What amazing talent! They are all great, but my absolute favorite would have to be the floral Haight-Ashbury. Congratulations to your mom!

  327. Meggie

    These are amazing! I love the Main Street Gray Stone and The Evergreen. What a talented mama!

  328. These are amazing! I love the Cherry Lane.

  329. Jessica

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  330. How adorable! Your mum is way clever! I love the Country Collection pillows, especially, the Evergreen. Too cute! xx

  331. awesome! i am in love with the Haight-Ashbury!

  332. danielle

    These pillows are very adorable. The Haight Ashbury would be at home in my apartment!

  333. These pillows are amazing! I love The Grey Street – the curtains and flower details are too cute!

  334. Sofia

    I would love Cherry Lane or The Covered Porch for my daughter, Amelie.

    Your mother is very talented! All of the pillows are beautiful.


  335. WOW!!!! These are amazing! Even if I don't win, I think I might get one, because they would be such an amazing addition to my home! Your mom is amazing!

  336. These are so cute! Your mom is awesome! I love the Evergreen and Cherry Lane pillows- I just wish I had an adorable little home to match. So darling! Thanks!

  337. p

    i love the cherry lane pillow! i have a little girl a week older than eleanor and would LOVE for her to have a pillow like this in her nursery as well!

  338. I'm so obsessed Cherry Lane!! I can't wait to have kids someday and put some of these sweet little barn-inspired pillows in their nursery :) Can't you just see a nursery/kid's room inspired by one of these pillows? …I'm envisioning a mural on one wall with fun windows and tree branches! I'm so glad I know about Poppy!

  339. Helene

    I seriously wish I was 5 years old again, cause then THE EVERGREEN would so be the comfort pillow in my playhouse tent.

  340. These pillows are absolutely precious! I'm completely smitten by "Manhattan," such a dreamy little pillow. Sure hope I win!

  341. Haley J

    your mother is one talented lady! I love the organ trail pillow :)

  342. Hollie

    WOW! These pillows are amazing! The Haight-Ashbury is definitely my favorite.

  343. I love the Indian tipi from the American Frontier Collection. Her pillows are stunning works of art. Thanks so much, Poppy!

  344. Jenna B.

    I would LOVE the Haight Ashbury, but the Teepee is amazing too. Would look so cute in a little boy nursery! Too bad I'm only 10 weeks preggo, so we don't know what we're having yet :)

  345. ange

    Pretty! I would choose the Cherry Lane. So sweet with the tree swing.

  346. The American Barn pillow would look GREAT in my mama's house, or my future classroom.

  347. Wow, your mom is so creative & talented, thanks for sharing her shop! My son loves farms so I would choose one of the the barns. Thank you again for this chance!

  348. amaezed

    All of them are so precious it's hard to decide which is my favorite. I adore them all.

  349. Wow! What an amazing gift your mom has. I've tried doing crafts like that, and it is no easy talent. So, props! I love the country collection. The covered porch is adorable!

  350. moniquay

    i love all your mom's pillows, especially the frontier collection and the 3 little pigs collection!

    i would just love to win The Green Eagle Nest Tipi!

  351. Either the Manhattan or Cherry Lane :) oh man these pillows are so cute – I can't wait to fill my future home with handmade goodies! [about 4 months to go!!!]

  352. Veronica

    I love The Covered Porch pillow! I would give it to my good friend who just had a baby. These are gorgeous!!

  353. I love the Height Ashberry one! its so cute! She's really talented.

  354. Katy

    Oh wow, I love The Brownstone, which would match perfectly in my family room :)

  355. Oh my god, they look amazing!!! I absolutely love the covered porch

  356. Kat

    I would choose the Cherry Lane pillow-so whimsical and cute!

  357. SLAgirl

    I love the redhawk tipi! How fun for you and your mom! super talented.

  358. the cherry lane pillow is absolutely amazing and so adorable! i could definitely find a good home for it :)

  359. Jules

    The covered porch or cherry lane! Sooo cute!

  360. Jennifer

    I LOVE Manhattan! So adorable!

  361. jaime

    your mom is so talented! it's no wonder where you get your creativity.

    ps. love the evergreen!

  362. I would chose the gorgeous cherry lane pillow! Your mum is so talented. Thank her for the giveaway!

    Fiona x

  363. Adorable! Your family seems fascinated with the great frontier! I love the Red Hawk Tipi and Oregon Trail, but they all have charm.

  364. Brittany

    these are so beautiful! you can tell how much time and love is put into each one. i would love any of these pillows, but i think the evergreen house is my favorite.

  365. How could I choose? After MUCH consideration, my two favs are Main Street Grey and Cherry Lane. See? I still couldn't pick one.

  366. d e e

    Your mom is so talented! What a creative idea for a decorative pillow! I love "The Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin". It combines two things I love… buttons, which I collect. And my dream of owning a log cabin some day!

  367. Chelsea

    Adorable pillows! So many cute ones. Tough choice to pick just one, but I think I'd have to go with the Soho.

  368. gioia

    WOW. truly work of art. I particularly like her thoughts about raw and frayed edges.. i needed to hear that home is where you can go back to and start over and try to do better. what a talented woman. if i could choose anyone of them it would be the tipi pillow. Thank you!

  369. jamie

    Those are just lovely! Your mommy is so talented. I love the Haight-Asbury.

  370. Oh, I love The Frontier Collection or The Red Homestead log cabin pillows. Thanks for the giveaway!

  371. Kristie

    Your mom is so talented! These are amazing! I especially love the Chery Lane pillow. It's so perfect!

  372. your mom is just so talented! these are all so wonderful – it's a tie for me between the red hawk tipi and the green roof in the woods log cabin! they're so sweet!

  373. oh my goodness how can you even choose!

    I love all of the little cottage homes you have posted above. those are adorable.. my favorite is the covered porch.
    but since I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl yet- the green eagle nest tipi would be a close second.

    your momma is a talented lady. these are adorbale.

  374. I love The lincoln Park pillow. The detail and design is amazing! Your mom does a wonderful job. How special.

  375. JustUs

    I love them all — I had been wondering for a while where you got those adorable pillows, good to know! Your mom is so talented. I can't decide between the Evergreen and Lincoln Park — they're both my favorites.

  376. Hikari

    The 3 little pigs collection is adorable, but I think I love the Red Hawk Tipi the best. I love the sentiment behind the frayed edges. Beautiful.

  377. jess

    i love the pillows, i LOVE the couch, and i REALLY LOVE your shoes!! where did you get them?!?!

  378. Olga

    So talented Mom! :)

    I loooove the Cherry Lane pillow!

  379. Love the Frontier Collection! With two young boys who play Cowboys and Indians daily, anything from this collection would fit right in! Beautiful detailing!

  380. katilda

    i like soho in a big way. i always try and like things that aren't green, but then i always want the green one. i've come to accept this.

  381. Unknown

    Love – Cherry Lane! So sweet.

  382. adorable pillows. your mom is so talented. i like the green roof pillow.

  383. Paula L.

    Cherry Lane — so sweet!

  384. kevi

    Beautiful pillows! Your mom is so talented. I would have a hard time choosing just one… but if I had to, I think I might pick the Covered Porch. It would look so cute in my daughter's nursery (expecting in December).

  385. The Covered Wagon! I just had my first son in May and this pillow would make the rocker in his room!!!! Your mom is so talented!

  386. I would choose the Main Street Grey Stone… although it's a very tough decision. Your mother is very talented!

  387. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely beautiful! I think I've narrowed down my favorites to two: the Manhattan, and the Covered Porch.
    p.s. I loved reading on the "About" page about the charity work your mom does. My mom also works with a food/book bank (at our church) and I know how important those women (and men) are. <3

  388. andy

    wow i am in love. love love love. i'd get either the tipi one or the cherry lane or the walk up!!! they are so amazing!!!! and i LOVE her quotes.

  389. laura

    I love the log cabin. Your Mom is so creative and talented!

  390. Emma

    the tipi pillows are bound to be a major hit!! so adorable. my best friend loves native american art, the green or red tipi would be a perfect christmas present!

  391. audrey

    the cherry lane!!!

  392. Izzy

    Cherry Lane…oh my goodness…crossing my fingers to win!

  393. Michelle

    They are all beautiful!! I think I'd like the walk up!! So cute!

  394. Oh, it would have to be the Haight Ashbury. I live in San Francisco and not too far from Haight Ashbury. It would be perfect!
    Diana from San Francisco

  395. b.tsu

    These are so adorable. I would definitely love to adorn my home with the "Cherry Lane".

  396. I love the Red Log Cabin pillow! They are all so lovely though — it was a hard choice!

  397. So adorable – all of them! As much as I love them all, I think, my babies would love them even more. Maybe the The Main Street Grey Stone? (Oregon Trail is very unique as well.) I hope your mom reads all the comments and sees how incredibly impressed every body is! I remember being "oh! and ah!" about the costumes she made for your family – for the trip this fall. Your mother is a talent and an amazing hard worker.

  398. Katie

    I really like the Soho! Such fun and beautiful designs!

  399. theresa

    Wow- what a creative idea for pillows. I love Cherry Lane!

  400. Darling! Cherry Lane is my favorite, but I also love Evergreen and The Walk Up. So sweet for a nursery one day (soon maybe)! :)

  401. I can't believe your mom makes these! They are adorable!

    I would loooove to have Cherry Lane. It would look great in my little green house.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  402. I love The Haught-Ashbury! The Country Collection also looks amazing!

  403. My daughter, who is 25 and who lives in Denmark, told me about your blog. Initially, we were drawn to Kinglsey, but Eleanor has stolen our heart. You and your mother are SO talented! I hope one day I can have an ounce of your and your mother's creativity and be able to create clothes and decorations for my grandchildren.

    Sue C.

    My daughter and her husband remind so much of you and Josh – after I read your blog, I email her and say "Can you please have a baby who looks like Eleanor?" Sadly I don't think we'll be living in the same country when she finally has children, but there is always Skype and frequent visits!

    Regarding the pillow give-away – I would love to give my colleague at the school where we work the red tipi!He lived on an Indian reservation for several years after college, and has his Anthropology class to his home each semester to live in his tipi for the weekend. My colleague beads moccasins and just loves everything Indian.

    Thank you for your wonderful writing and fabulous photos! You are a bright spot in many people's lives!

  404. Mariana

    I've just remembered your labour day weekend in fort bridger wyoming… Your Mummy really is such an artist!

    And if I would have to choose, I would choose 'The Walk Up'.

  405. Ryan

    The Three Little Pigs collection would be perfect in my little one's nursery!

  406. catiepat

    I love the red hawk tipi!!! so cute!!

  407. Ashley

    Love the Red Hawk Tipi pillow. They're all so original, nothing better than having a talented mom!

  408. Lindsey

    your mother is so talented! i love the cherry lane pillow!

  409. I really like the Evergreen pillow!

  410. Sasha

    the tipi is my favourite. boy, is it a special pillow.

    thanks for convincing your mom to make more and to share!

  411. Melina

    Your mother is so incredibly talented! I absolutely love the red hawk tipi pillow… though it's hard to choose, they're all so cute!

    xx Melina

  412. I LOVE the "Covered Porch" pillow! What a great project for your mom… these are so whimsical and cute.


  413. I love Lincoln Park!! Or the Flower Power one. These are so precious! I would love to have one of these in my new baby girl's nursery!!

  414. I love the country collection!
    My favorite is the Cherry Lane, though.
    The little swing is adorable!

  415. I am melting over the Evergreen pillow. It would remind me that eventually my husband and I will not always be students and will someday own our tiny yellow house somewhere! Your mother does beautiful work!!

  416. I love everything in the country collection, especially the Haight-Ashbury. What can I say, I'm a flower child at heart :)

  417. BMarie

    I LOVE them all but I especially love the Soho. They are just so lovely and unique! Good job mom!!

  418. I would choose the adorable Cat House since my new baby kitten is named Poppy! Perfect non? Since I'm also getting a baby bulldog in January, his name is going to be Winston, I would probably have to add to my collection with the Dog House!

  419. daryll

    Oh, I absolutely love that Manhattan pillow! It's absolutely lovely!
    The country house pillows are cute too :)

  420. Kalani

    need shoes! What kind? I also olive juice the teepee pillows!

  421. Jenn

    I love all of these pillows, such a great idea! I especially LOVED Cherry Lane! :)

  422. Heidi Jo

    So lovely! I love The Evergreen!!

  423. Carly

    "It is about family, birthday cake, and feeling safe. […] Mistakes are made and apologies are expressed. Home is a place from where we can start all over again and try to do better next time."
    i LOVE this. as a college student, this what going home every month means to me and so much more. it's hard to choose, but the cherry land pillow is my ADORABLE! thanks naomi and your mom for making these beautiful pillows!

  424. Taylor

    These pillows are absolutely amazing! I think my favorites are the "Red Hawk Tipi" and "Cherry Lane". They are so precious.

  425. I adore the Soho! Thanks for this opportunity!

  426. Hana

    Those are all so cute! I really love the the covered porch pillow!

  427. Cassidy

    I love these! My favorite would have to be Cherry Lane or Covered Porch. So very cute!

  428. Boom Shakalaka! These are great pillows! I'm in LOVE with them all but it would be the Evergreen or the Oregon Trail for me (b/c I'm from Oregon)!

  429. they are all so beautiful, it's hard to choose but I guess if I HAD to I'd pick the "covered porch" fingers crossed…this would be so cute in our baby girl's nursery (due in Dec)

  430. Olivia

    Cutest giveaway ever! And seriously the most impossible to make a decision. All of the houses are freaking ridiculous – from the covered porch to cherry lane and the Soho – LOVE ALL of those, but as I've just returned from my first visit to San Fran – i'd have to chose the haight-ashbury!

  431. the green roof in the woods log cabin is darling and would look perfect on my momma's bed

  432. Loral

    Wow, these are so beautiful! I LOVE them. If I have to choose, the Oregon Trail (covered wagon)is my favorite.

  433. blythe

    adorable! i love the three little pigs collection. the red hawk tipi is also a fav.

  434. OMG! Is your mom one of the most talented people alive, or what?? No wonder you turned out as artistic as you are — with such inspiration! Does E love them or does she need to be a bit older to fully appreciate what they are? All this to say – good luck to the shop – and I would love one! :)

  435. oh, gosh! i LOVE the haight-ashbury one…but they're all incredible! what a talented mama you have! i'm expecting my first little one in april and would be thrilled to put a cute pillow like this in his/her nursery!

  436. Suzanna

    i can't choose between the haight-ashbury or the red hawk tipi!


  437. Oh my goodness, those pillows are out of this world CUTE! I would love the Cherry Lane pillow for my little one. Too cute!!!

  438. Erin

    These are so beautiful and I love the special message. My favorite is cherry lane, but I also love the evergreen. Thanks!

  439. Caty

    I love them all! I think I would choose one of the tipi pillows or the Evergreen. So cute!

  440. Cherry Lane is so adorable! Love these! Aren't mom's great!?

  441. Meghan

    So cute!

  442. Sarah

    adorable! i love Haight-Ashbury!

  443. i gotta say CHERRY LANE is my favorite! these are so adorable and unique and have such HEART. way to go, ma! xo.

  444. Emily

    Your mother is incredibly talented! I love these. Especially the country pillow colection

  445. Meghan

    Oh and I think the Cherry Lane or The Evergreen are my favorite!

  446. I would LOVE the green eagle nest tipi!! All of them are so great though!! I'm very impressed!!

  447. RED HAWK TIPI!! So cute!

  448. It's hard to pick a favorite! I would love the red homestead cabin though. What talent your mom has! And what a joy that you can share it here.

  449. allison

    oh my goodness! these pillows are so cute! what a talent your mother has! i love the green eagle tipi…but all of the pillows are so lovely! thanks for the opportunity! *allison

  450. Martha

    I would love to have the Cherry Lane pillow!
    These are amazing and so special.

  451. Alie

    soho and the three little pigs ones are my favorite. these must take her forever but they look fantastic!

  452. shannon

    Wow, your mother is the most talented person I know…seriously.

    I love the Haight-Ashbury and the Cherry Lane pillows. I'm also quite partial to the red barn ones as well as they remind me of my grandpa :)

  453. Cherry Lane or Haight Ashbury!

    So flippin' cute.

  454. marla

    how perfectly adorable. i like the evergreen…reminds of the woods, where i love to be. although that covered wagon is pretty spectacular!

  455. Sandy

    I would love the Soho one, it would compliment my son Joshua's room. We have always dreamed of living in NYC, but like your hubby's shirt said "I can't afford to love NYC" :)

  456. So-oo cute. Love the country collection!

  457. These pillows are adorable!! I would looove The Brownstone, it would go perfectly in my living room!!

  458. what an adorable idea! i love all the pillows in the country collection!

  459. ashlee

    How can you choose just one? They're all so adorable. Forced to choose one, I would probably go with the Dairy Farm Barn or the Cherry Lane. But I think my absolute favorite is the Three Little Pigs Collection. I die!

  460. Congratulations to your mom for opening her shop! It's wonderful when you can turn an amazing gift into a business. The pillows are beautiful! I'm completely in love with "Cherry Lane" and "Manhattan"! Cherry Lane reminds me of my summers with my grandparents in the country and Manhattan is just classic and simple, like myself and my dream home.
    Good luck to your mom on this new adventure!:)

  461. Lisa

    These are SO delicious. I love the Mahattan best :)

  462. brittany

    oh my goodness. your mother is a talented angel of a woman! i love these SO much.

  463. C

    I admire all the time and work your mom spends on these delightful creations! I especially love "The Evergreen". The trees remind me of our family hiking/camping trips, which signify home to me.

  464. I would get the Red Hawk Tipi pillow. It would look so cute in my soon to be sons nursery!

  465. Erica!

    that picture of you & Eleanor is just adorable! I love it!!
    Your mama has mad talent by the way! These pillows are incredible! My choice would def be the american barn (the dairy farm).

  466. Jill

    These are great! I love the Evergreen house!

  467. These are so beautiful that they make my heart hurt.

    I especially love the covered porch house because growing up we always had a porch or a balcony.

    Congratulations to your lovely Mom, these are treasures!


  468. meredith

    How sweet. Both the pillows and the story behind them are darling. I think my favorite is the red hawk tipi pillow. Lovely!

  469. Denae

    These pillows are insane! It's so hard to choose only one! I guess it would have to be the Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin pillow.

  470. Seriously so hard to choose a favorite or two! Each one is so beauriful and intricate! The Soho and Brownstone are pretty cute though :)

  471. kelsey

    Something you should know: I'm addicted to decorative pillows. I have them all over my apartment! I love your mom's "The Evergreen"…it reminds me of home in northern California!

  472. I love the brownstone! It would look great in my living room :)

  473. Ryann

    Ohhhh- too hard to pick! I love them all–esp. the little country cottage homes. They are beautiful. Each one oozes love, warmth and soothing. So special that your Mom is willing to part with them.

  474. This is my first giveaway entry, must be something about mamas :) I love the American Barn (the dairy farm). It takes me right back to my grandparents ranch, partly because of the barn and mostly because of the outhouse! Such the perfect detail. My mom would love something to remind her of growing up there, in a sentimental and humorous way!


  475. Jen

    The American Barn or the 3 Little Pigs!

  476. The "Red Hawk Tipi" is adorable and so fun!

  477. mMc

    The covered porch makes my heart sing! I love love love these! Reminds of my house here in DC :)

  478. Soo cute! I love the Cherry Lane one :)

  479. beccat15

    The green Eagle tipi & the country collection are perfect! These pillows are so cute & the handmade charm adds a little special something to a room. Love it!

  480. Ro

    Oooh, the american barn is a beautiful pillow that would match with my bedroom's curtains and sheets. I want it, I want it, I want it!!!
    And… congrats to your mom, 'cause she does an amazing work here :)

  481. te

    they are all so wonderful, I'm not sure I can pick just one. but the 1st one that caught my eye was Cherry Lane. it's so beautiful. I love them all!

  482. Kylie

    The Evergreen would be my choice. :)

  483. These are all darling! My very favourite one is the Manhattan pillow.

  484. Maren

    I love the Evergreen! Your mom is amazing!

  485. I would love one of the tipi pillows! These are amazing!!

  486. The log cabin! I love the backside with the outhouse door. My son is in awe of the moon these days and I think he would go crazy over it!

  487. My boys would love the 3 little pig houses, I live the Cherry Hill one. So darn cute!!!

  488. Kelli

    So hard to choose!! How can I pick just one? Love the Haight Ashbury, but I think I'd choose the tipi. Love them all.

  489. The Country Collection is adorable! I would love to be able to give them to my mom, one of my favorite people, for Christmas!

  490. Megan B

    Those are gorgeous!
    I especially love The Haight-Ashbury!


  491. Meg

    Your mom is amazingly talented. These are so unique, it'd be so hard to choose. I love the Walk Up and the Green Tipi. I also love love the 3 Little Pigs collection!

  492. MOLLY

    Adorable! You have such a talented mama!

    I think the three little pigs are my favorite. I love how the pillows tell a story.

    My husband would really like the log cabin. We have family that settled parts of Idaho– and the cabin reminds me of the one his family owns.

  493. These are seriously the most adorable pillows ever! I love the Haight-Ashbury. Your mom is so talented!

  494. Jennifer

    The covered porch pillow is my favorite! Your mom must be an incredible woman– you can tell the pillows are bursting with love and kind thoughts.

  495. those pillows are insane! so much detailed work and such unique style! your mom seems like one of a kind :)

  496. Patricia

    I love the Manhattan!

  497. Laura

    These are amazing works of art! As a hippie at heart, I would love the Haight-Ashbury (and I bet my baby would too!).

  498. I LOVE THEM. xo

  499. cherry lane! how adorable it would be in my daughter's soon-to-be new room!

  500. I covet the covered porch pillow for my precious baby Lottie's room!

  501. the lincoln park and manhattan. hands down- very cool shop!

  502. I LOVE the Main Street Grey Stone! Your mom is so talented!

  503. How special! I'm loving your mother's style :) I love the cabin pillow :)

  504. erin

    How do you choose? They're all wonderful. I like the American Barn, the Haight Ashbury, the Soho…pretty much all of them!

  505. Loulou

    They are amazing and so beautiful. I just love The Walk Up! (though I really do love them all :)

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  506. Jonni

    so cute! either the covered porch, or either one of the tipis :)

  507. These are so sweet and fun.

  508. Joanna

    I love them all, but think my faces are The Cherry Lane and the Walk Up!!

  509. Bobbie

    The soho or manhattan ones are so cute.
    Love the style of pillows so unique
    :) Bobbi

  510. Rhiannon

    I love the teepee ones! They're all so adorable!

  511. Meredith

    I love the large barn pillow (dairy barn, i think). It looks like the barn my man and I will be married in next spring!

  512. sara

    i love the covered porch!! these are adorable.

  513. Katie

    I absolutely love The Covered Porch. What a beautiful talent!

  514. Ellie

    These pillows are such beautiful little works of art! I love the Evergreen pillow…it has a beautiful home and a bit of a Christmas hint to it. Two of my favorite things!

  515. audrey

    are those ruche shoes?? love!!

  516. how awesome is your mom!! these pillows are so adorable!! i'm loving the evergreen one! :)

  517. p

    This is Americana in the best way. A snuggly pillow. My granddaughter would love to rest her head at "Cherry Lane". Brilliant concept for your "cottage" industry. Thank you for sharing!

  518. Jessica

    Awww! This is SO sweet!
    Your mother is a very talented woman.
    I'd love a chance at the "Manhattan" pillow :)


  519. I love the Covered Porch. We are going to have a baby girl any day now, and it would look so cute in her nursery!


  520. what gorgeous pillows. i love the walk up, would look perfect on my lounge. your mother is so talented!

  521. Anca

    Oh Naomi, i love them! Your mom is such a creative lady! I would go for a tipi pillow.

  522. Rachel

    Those are darling! I would love to give the log cabin with the green roof to my mom :)

  523. Annalise

    Cherry lane is too cute!
    I just love the country collection!

  524. I love the log cabin with the green roof and the Evergreen house! Reminds me of my parent's home. Your mom has done such a lovely job on these pillows and her quote about the vision behind these pillows was so touching.

  525. I would love the Covered Porch and Haight-Ashbury pillows! I've always dreamed of a home with a wrap-around porch, and this sweet pillow reminds me of that! And the Haight-Ashbury is a perfect depiction of the historic streets in San Francisco…which I also adore for all their unique/vintage shops!
    Such an incredible and detailed idea! Love these

  526. Amelia

    the Manhattan! I LOVE YOUR SHOES…. where did you find them?

  527. krash

    i am in love with the mainstreet grey pillow, it is absolutely lovely.

  528. wow!! I love the cherry lane house!

  529. the evergreen is my absolute fav! the plaid fabric for the roof won me over :)

  530. This amazing, Naomi! Your mother is sooo talented. I absolutely adore the Cherry Lane pillow!

  531. Glorimar

    These pillows are so intricate and beautiful! I love the red hawk tipi; would make a great gift for my mom's birthday :]

  532. I fell in love with the "Cherry Lane" pillow! Absolutely amazing!

  533. I LOVE the Poppy's Cat House pillow. And not just because I have a kitten named Poppy :)

  534. This would be perfect for my prego bff and she's having a girl! For her, I'd love to win the country collection!!! :)

  535. wow wow wow they are so unique and lovely, well i would like one of each one jajajja they are all beautiful and if i had to pick i would be between the Manhattan or Red Hawk Tipi….!!!

    ps. congratulations to your mom!

  536. Melissa

    I am very partial to the Country Collection. Something about that tree swing blowing in the wind is just perfect.

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  538. my neice's name is poppy june :) Pillows By Poppy, For Poppy.

    I love the Evergreen. It would go straight to Poppy :) I adore her.

    I live vicariously through my future sister inlaw.

    Love Jangelah

  539. my neice's name is poppy june :) Pillows By Poppy, For Poppy.

    I love the Evergreen. It would go straight to Poppy :) I adore her.

    I live vicariously through my future sister inlaw.

    Love Jangelah

  540. my neice's name is poppy june :) Pillows By Poppy, For Poppy.

    I love the Evergreen. It would go straight to Poppy :) I adore her.

    I live vicariously through my future sister inlaw.

    Love Jangelah

  541. Anna

    The Covered porch is absolutely gorgeous, our new home would be so homey with that pillow to cuddle with!

  542. Ahhh! I ADORE these!! I truly love them all but I think my favs would be Cherry Lane, The Soho, or any of the tipi's(teepees?)

  543. Jessica

    I like the Cherry Lane pillow. It reminds me of the kind of house I'd like to own one day. I've never seen anything like these before…so original!

  544. Janet

    Your mom has got some mad skills!!! Love them all! They are so sweet and perfect! I really like the Haight- Ashburry and the Cherry Lane!! Soooo cute!

  545. I have a little boy coming in February and one of these would look so great in his nursery! I think The Evergreen is my favorite.

  546. i LOVE the red homestead log cabin. gorgeous button detailing. your mom is incredibly talented! and i love that a portion of the proceeds go to charity. what a wonderful venture.

  547. Isabelle

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  548. Eden

    I love all of the ones from the country collection! So cute <3

  549. Isabelle

    I loove the cherry lane pillow! it is so cute and classy!

  550. mike

    i would choose the red homestead log cabin, my husband and i are having our first baby in april and this would be precious in his or her room. you mom is super talented, what an adorable idea! (using my hubbys google account btw, so you'll see his name!) :) lacey

  551. what a neat and seriously awesome product! i love their imperfection. it adds so much character.

  552. i almost DIED when i saw those pillows at your house. so. cute.
    i would definitely take that red house pillow. pretty please.

  553. So adorable and creative! I love the red hawk tipi.

  554. Ali

    how cute is your mom and these adorable pillows. they're all so cute it's hard to choose, but I think my son would love the oregon trail covered wagon!

  555. Ali

    how cute is your mom and these adorable pillows. they're all so cute it's hard to choose, but I think my son would love the oregon trail covered wagon!

  556. Ali

    how cute is your mom and these adorable pillows. they're all so cute it's hard to choose, but I think my son would love the oregon trail covered wagon!

  557. Ali

    how cute is your mom and these adorable pillows. they're all so cute it's hard to choose, but I think my son would love the oregon trail covered wagon!

  558. A Talented family overall!!
    how you make everything look so easy! :D

    love your blog and happiness that shines!


  559. jordan

    i adore the cherry lane pillow! so cute.

  560. Candice

    What a talent and unique idea. Love them. I would get the Teepee for sure.

  561. Kristen

    these are adorable! i would choose the covered porch :)

  562. It is so adorable that your mother makes pillows! And very sweet that you are proud.

    I would love to win The Evergreen. Beautiful detail.


  563. Jesse

    I would have to choose the one of the house with the tree on the side. I love them all though!

  564. Kimberly

    What a delightful giveaway! It would be either Cherry Lane or Evergreen. Positively lovely! ^.^

  565. LyRei

    Your mom is so very talented. I especially love the covered porch!

  566. Your mom in insanely talented. These pillows are beautiful. My favorite — if I have to choose one — is the Haight-Ashbury.

  567. Your mum is so talented! The pillows are truly unique. I really like the Brownstone one :)

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  569. the red homestead cabin.

    cute n stuff.

  570. the red homestead cabin.

    cute n stuff.

  571. the red homestead cabin.

    cute n stuff.

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  573. the red homestead cabin.

    cute n stuff.

  574. Allison

    so special and so cute! the tippee is awesome!!!

  575. i don't mean to be greedy, but i kind of (and by kind of, i mean really) want them all—an entire neighborhood of pillows by poppy! if i had to choose just one though, i'd go for cherry tree lane. that swing!

  576. Lynette

    So pretty. Love them.

  577. Love the Red Hawk Tipi!!! They are all so cute though!

  578. LBR

    what a neat thing for your mom to do! I love all of her country collection – I would be honored to own any of those 5 and I would put them it in my daughter's nursery!!

  579. Oh my! Your mom is very clever – I never would have thought to make pillows look like homes…all mine are square. :) I'd love to give my little girl the covered wagon. It is too cute!

  580. heather

    These are incredible! It was so hard to choose one! I think I'd pick the log cabin pillow with the green roof!

  581. Adrianna

    these are fabulous! i especially love cherry lane and the walk up!

  582. Char

    Wowzers that woman has talent! I love the Cherry Lane one.

  583. Carrie

    my faves are The Haight-Ashbury and The EverGreen.. i have triplet cousins who are a little over 1 years old…i know that it would be so special for them to have one and remember their sweet time at home together, and remembering the times they would all three sit on the porch ;)

  584. Cait

    The Red Hawk Tipi is awesome. Thanks for the giveaway! Your mom is one creative lady.

  585. I love Haight-Ashbury and Cherry Lane. BEAUTIFUL WORK!! LOVE them all!!

  586. Kristin

    The Covered Porch now holds a special place in my heart <3

  587. I love the evergreen pillow! Would love to give it as a gift to my own mother. Congrats to your mom on her new business!

  588. For just ONE, I would pick The Walk Up. BUT…I really need several of the western ones for my boys cowboy room!!!! Love these! Thanks mom!

  589. Beth

    I love the all the pillows, but my favorite is the dairy barn. What amazing detail.

  590. Rileigh

    This is my favorite thing I have seen on your blog. Love, love, LOVE them all. Cherry Lane is my favorite.

  591. Kristie

    Oh my. Beautiful pillows. Love them all. I have to choose the evergreen.

  592. Norma

    i absolutely love the dog house pillow! so adorable!


  593. Ashley

    Those are adorable! Your Mom is super talented! I love the red hawk tipi for my boys' room as a nod to their Indian heritage!

  594. Katy

    The Evergreen, for sure! so beautiful :)


  595. Amberly

    So cute! I love 'the evergreen' pillow.

  596. i love the dairy barn pillow and the walk up.

  597. Jessica! these are the CUTEST pillows! i am totally in love with both the red hawk and green eagles nest tipi pillows! they are beyond amazing! SO glad you convinced you mama to start this shop! so talented!

  598. I would choose The Green Eagle Nest Tipi Pillow. Its unique and I love that its hand made. I have a real appreciation for all of that talent and hard work that goes into each stitch. You have a special mom. :)

  599. haley

    Your mom is so talented & what a great piece of love to have in my little home! I love the Red Hawk Tipi.

  600. You have an amazing mom! Thanks for sharing this with us. I would love to win any pillow from her shop :)

  601. Jess

    I've never seen anything like them. They are all adorable. I love the Evergreen best, but there are seriously so many good choices, it was hard to pick just one!

  602. Sophie

    i really like the Covered porch!
    i am actually moving into my new home on Saturday and would love to see this little liberty cottage on my bed :)

  603. I love the barn one! Would be perfect for my kindergarten classroom in a few years!

  604. Sarah

    Love all the house-inspired ones! So cute! (And love that proceeds are shared with charity!)

  605. The Walk Up is my favorite as it pictures a perfect dream home and the swing on the back is out of words. Keep motivating your mother because her work is unique. Good luck!

  606. heatcam

    I love the cherry lane pillow! The tree swing is adorable!

  607. Bec

    i am in love with the red hawk tipi and the green tipi right at the end. my little boys would think there are fantastic. they would put them in their own teepee

  608. mel.

    The Evergreen is adorable!

  609. Amanda

    wow — cherry lane is my choice!

  610. I love the covered porch one! These pillows are so cute!

  611. Jocelyn

    I am so torn between the "Evergreen" house [perfect cabin on a fall day] and the "Cherry Lane" house, which make think of the house I grew up on on Cherry Tree Lane! Your mum has made some adorable homes!


  612. The Haight Ashbury is so cute!!! I want I want I want!

  613. These pillows are beautiful, I especially love the red hawk tipi.

  614. Courtney

    so stinkin cute. i don't care which ones i get!

  615. oooh, these made my eyes turn into little hearts!! i love love love.. i would choose manhattan, i love toile so much!

  616. those pillows are so cute!
    I would love to have the little teepee on my couch :)

  617. Chelsea

    wow! those are all so fabulous!

    I'd choose the manhattan house!

  618. cherry lane, without a doubt. so adorable!

  619. LOVE LOVE the soho pillow! It would look great in the guest room!

    Your mother is so talented!

  620. hello!

    these are absolutely incredible. It's hard to choose, but if I had to I'd pick the covered porch. so beautiful!

  621. i really, really love your mom's quotes.Her idea of the meaning of home is so inspiring…

    The country pillow with a tree. So beautiful!

  622. Ivy

    Wow! These are amazing and SO creative. Love them. Best wishes to your mom! I think the Log Cabin and the Evergreen are adorable. So hard to choose!

  623. Emily

    oh so stunning! the covered porch house is my favorite. the detail is amazing!

  624. ebe

    I like the Walk Up because it reminds me of my house.
    Delightful pillows!

  625. Cute! Love the American Barn.

  626. These are adorable!! Love the Cherry Lane pillow :)

  627. rachel

    the cherry lane pillow reminds me most of my husband's and my house! adore it.

  628. I love the Covered Porch pillow! I love the colors on it! daaaaarrrrrling!

  629. Kimb

    Your mom is so creative! I love Cherry Lane one!

  630. All of these pillows are amazing! You have such a talented mother :) I looooove the haight-ashbury pillow, but I dont know that I could decide between that one and the Cherry Lane. I love them all! <3

  631. what adorable pillows your mother makes! I'd choose the Red Hawk tipi because my background is part native american..and that pillow reminds me of my father. also that couch?? wow!

  632. Sarah

    The 3 Little Pig Collection is adorable! Your Mama is one talented woman!

  633. Jessenia

    I would love the walkup :)

  634. Trina

    definitely the house of sticks from the 3 little pigs collection. these are amazing, what a talent!

  635. id

    I absolutely adore the Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin pillow!

  636. Cameron

    Holy cow, your mom is one talented lady! The Evergreen Pillow is my favorite – the colors are 100% me and I love the woodsiness. :)

  637. Mikala

    Wow! these are gorgeous! I cant decide a favourite between the Covered Porch and the Cherry Lane..

  638. Erin

    These are oh-so sweet. I adore the Haight-Ashbury. Good job talking your mama mia into opening shop!

  639. Megan

    They are all so sweet but I would definitely pick the Haight-Ashbury!

  640. Anne

    Oh. My. Word. These are the most amazing pillows I have ever seen. I love the red barn and covered wagon.


  641. Randi A.

    i love the manhattan and soho pillows but then i also love the 3 little pig ones… hard to narrow it down.

  642. Marianne

    Red Hawk Tipi for sure!! These are too cute :)

  643. Lindsay

    So cute! Can I choose a collection…? probably not. Just in case I would love the Country Collection. If just one then The Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin

    Hope I win because I cant afford to buy one!

  644. janie

    i would def choose the american dairy farm!!! it's adorable and would look great in my little bee's nursery!

  645. Oh my gosh! They are ALL absolutely fabulous!! I would definitely choose the Haight-Ashbury. It's SO gorgeous! I love it cause even though its all about "Flower Power" it still has very subtle colors that keep it from being overwhelming. SO GOOD.


  646. Te'Anna

    I have a five yr old niece that just got her own room. The cherry lane pillow would match her room perfectly. such a wonderful giveaway!

  647. The Evergreen pillow is perfect!

  648. One

    These are amazing! Choosing one pillow would be the most fun — and perhaps challenging! — part of my day! For now, I say the covered wagon :-)

  649. angela

    I am new to reading your blog and just so happy I came across it! I love your mom's pillows- what a refreshing idea!!
    I loved all of them and would pick the covered porch pillow for myself- I picture a warm little home full smells of cookies baking and lots of happiness and laughter bursting out the doors and windows when I look at it!
    However, my husband and I made the tough decision this past weekend to give our beloved cat to his mom who lives 12 hours away. We got her when we moved in together (over 5 years ago!), but my allergies to her have just gotten to be too much to bear. We are so grateful that she'll still be somewhat in our lives, but we really miss her a lot. I would love to win the Poppy's cat house pillow, so I could send it to my mother in law as a "thank you so much" gift, and it would be a wonderful and snuggly reminder to both her and our kitty that two people 634 miles away miss them both very much! I'm sorry this turned into a novel- this is my first entry in a blogging contest and I got a bit carried away!

    Please keep up the great work on your beautiful blog! Every time I visit it, it makes me smile and inspires me to appreciate all of the wonderful things that surround me in my life like you always seem to do!! Thank you!!

  650. I love the Main Street Grey stone! Those pillows are so super cute. Crossing my fingers…

  651. Loren

    I just love the Evergreen. It's so sweet and it reminds me of my little gnome friend that lives in my garden. It's like a mini fairytale in a pillow!

  652. Tawnya

    Which one don't I love! Top of the list.

    The American Barn
    The haight-Ashbury
    The Red Homestead Log Cabin

    Please choose me. My fingers and pretty much everything else is crossed.

  653. melissa

    wow. your mom sure is talented! there are so many good ones, but i think the red homestead log cabin would have to be my favorite. :)

  654. These are adorable! So unique… I love "the Main Street Gray Stone". Lovely photos of the pillows too!

  655. lisa

    These are amazing! I love the set of 3. She is so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  656. Andrea

    It's SUCH a hard choice, but I'd pick the Cherry Lane!

  657. Alica

    I am a new reader and I have to start by saying thank you. This blog has been so inspiring to me at a time when I really needed this. Your wonderful family is how I would like my family to be one day, you can see that you all have so much love and respect for each other.
    I would love one of these pillows, I think that they are adorable and bring some much needed zing to my home :-)

  658. Alica

    Whoops I forgot to let you know which one I would choose – I think it would have to be a toss up between Cherry Lane or The Walk up.

  659. Meghan

    These remind me of my own mother- but she is a quilter… What nice keepsakes and so meaningful coming from our own moms! I am in love with the Cherry Lane pillow-loving the swing hung from the tree!

  660. I'm floored by these pillows!! I HAVE to get one for Audrey. They are so beautiful!

    My favorite is the Evergreen. Ideally I would love the whole Country Collection!

    Talia Christine

  661. toria

    i love "cherry lane" these are amazing!!! your mum is very talented!!!!

  662. Stacy

    the cherry lane house! i can't even believe how awesome these are, and i can only imagine how much time and love each one took.

  663. OH MY, I am so glad your mother opened this shop! These pillows are adorable! I just love the 3 little pigs collection! If I win this Giveaway & was able to choose a pillow I'd pick the "The Haight-Ashbury" Is too cute!


  664. kristin

    Wowzers! Your mom is talented! I love the "Green Roof in the Woods Lob Cabin" pillow. It's so precious, and the details are perfect.

  665. oh my goodness! i am OBSESSED with your mom's shop. this is right up my alley. i love love LOVE the covered porch pillow. I LOVEEEEEEEE.

  666. Jayne

    How beautiful and fun! I love love love the Haight-Ashbury and can't get over your mom's talent!
    Thank you for sharing and urging her to open a shop! And the pic you posted of yours showed me they are much bigger than I thought! FUN!


  667. SK

    I adore the Evergreen! I'd love it…unless I buy it first! :)

  668. I love the Main Street Grey Stone one! It reminds me of our home!

  669. Lauren

    The Haight-Ashbury is too cute for words!

  670. i'm in love. i wanna win! a talented mama you've got yourself.

  671. Yamii

    I just love the Oregon Trail! is so cutee!:) i'd choosed it without thinking =) so beautiful pillows!!

  672. laura mj

    Your Mom is so talented! It's difficult to choose a favorite, but the red hawk tipi really caught my eye.

  673. K

    So cute! You can see the creativity and love that goes in to every one. My pick? Cherry Lane. If this pillow became a real estate listing I would be moving in:)

  674. Clara

    the country collection– Carrie would like one in her room too!

  675. Rachelle

    I love the walk up and the covered porch. I die over these pillows! They are uh-mazing!

  676. If I had to select one of these gorgeous pillows, I think it would be "The Covered Porch", because it reminds me of my house at home. Being away at college, homesickness can seep through the cracks in all the textbooks and papers, every now and then. So I think one of these pillows, would be a nice addition in a dorm room as a reminder of home :)

  677. i LOVE them all but the Country Collection reminds me of England.

  678. Kalie

    Your mom is truly talented! I would love the Haight Ashbury pillow. But it is very hard to choose!

  679. DinaRemi

    They are all so beautiful and have such a special meaning. My husband and I have always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods so I would have to choose the Red Homestead Log Cabin. :-)


  680. I love the red teepee! Absolutely adorable!

  681. I love The Evergreen one! I knew that was the one because that looks like the little house my sister just moved into with her little baby boy!

    Your mom is very talented!

  682. "Cherry Lane" is my favorite, but I just adored all of them, it was tough to pick just one!! Your mom is very talented and I hope her new business does really well! I love the picture of you and E, too sweet!! :)

  683. Mrs. Ham

    Ok…. Your mom is so adorable and talented!! How lucky is e!!! I love the little home pillows.. I'm still trying to decide which I would pick!

  684. I have a little niece on the way, due in December, and her name is…Poppy! I love The Soho pillow! It would be perfect for my new little Poppy!

  685. joolee

    wow, those are absolutely DARLING pillows! something to be treasured, for sure. i love Cherry Lane!

  686. Marea

    I love the evergreen and the cherry tree, both are so adorable.

  687. Wow! You'r mother is so talented. I love the Log Cabin pillows. So cute!

  688. I absolutely adore the covered porch well as many others. Your mama is a talented gal!

  689. Dawn

    They're all pretty adorable, but I l think the cherry lane pillow is my favorite!

  690. those are the cutest EVER. your mom is amazingly talented! i love the green roof in the woods log cabin, because my momma raised me in a log cabin!

  691. Unknown

    Good for your mom! The pillows are great! I love "The Red Homestead Log Cabin". It would be perfect in my little Emaleen's crib.

  692. Ashleigh

    How cute!
    I love the covered porch pillow.

  693. Hillary

    Your mom is so creative!!! Good job convincing her to open a shop. I love The Walk Up pillow. Too cute for a nursery. I would totally save it for my baby someday. :)

  694. Oh Such Talent!
    I love the Manhattan and the Walk Up.

    Have a great day!

  695. These are adorable! The house pillows are too ridiculously cute. What a lucky girl you are to have such a talented mama!

  696. Debbie

    These are all so, so cute! My favorite is The Manhattan. Love the black and white colors!

  697. wow, these are incredible. i love the covered porch pillow :)

  698. Holly

    i like the covered porch….and the evergreen!!! i kinda like them all

  699. The Main Street Grey Stone is just adorable!

    She has one lucky granddaughter! They look like they popped right out of a fairy tale!

  700. i think i would have to say the evergreen home is my favorite. not only because i live in oregon, but it is just so darn cute! the cherry blossom tree is a close second tho! c:

  701. Paulina

    SO cute!
    The Manhattan is my favorite.

  702. kimdean

    seriously?! these are way too good!! i am in shock that someone's mother is so creative and fun! good work. i love them all, but the teepee one is darling.

  703. Andra

    How charming! With so many amazing designs it's difficult to choose, but the covered wagon or log cabin are my favorites!

  704. Jennifer

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  705. Jennifer

    All of these pillows are amazing! what a talanted woman. These pillows would make my husband and I's studio so much more homey! I like the soho the best!

  706. Amy

    wow! i don't often enter giveaways on here but DANG those are beautiful! i'm in love with the lincoln park!

  707. They are all ADORABLE. Love them all, but the Covered Porch especially.

  708. I love, love, love the 3 Little Pigs Collection and would use it for my special education preschool!

  709. Lindsie

    Manhattan, Covered Porch, and Haight-Ashbury. Love them. How to choose such amazing unique work?

  710. Amanda

    Seriously!???? You're mom is AMAZING! I love the covered porch and cherry lane. I can't believe the work she puts into those! What talent!

  711. Jessica

    So many beautiful pillows. The Manhattan is my favorite!

  712. Jisus

    love the cherry lane pillow but i also like the oregon wagon… arg. tough decision. hope i win! :)

  713. Oh gosh, so hard to choose! I think I would choose the evergreen. Its so adorable and sweet!

  714. Cherry Lane!! Oh goodness…that swing… =) So gorgeous! I also really liked Main St Grey Stone (?). They are all beautiful…well done Mama Rockstar!

  715. These pillows are so cute!!! I love them. Simply adorable. Your mother is so talented :)

  716. LizMarie

    The red hawk tipi pillow is so amazing!! :) Amazing talent!

  717. I think I'd have to choose the Evergreen, though Cherry Lane and The Walk up are close runner-ups! Cute pillows!

  718. Teeny

    These are awfully lovely! I love the soho!

  719. Allison

    Oh, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the Cherry Lane house with its swing and tree- so cute!! Your momma has some serious talent!

  720. Krista

    Amazing! Toss between cherry lane or evergreen

  721. Marlee

    i love the frontier collection! i can see them in my sons' rooms as much loved toys/cuddle buddies

  722. Andrea

    The red homestead log cabin! So adorable!

  723. i absolutely love "cherry lane." i am in love with the swing hung from the tree and the window shutters.

  724. Krystal

    The Walk Up is my favorite! Completely adorable. Thanks for the chance :)

  725. Lee

    Cherry Lane and The Walk up are way adorable!! Such cute ideas! Love to own some!!

  726. What a cute page. I like the oregon trail cart.

  727. Jill

    Seriously amazing pillows, the details! so unique. I would pick the Cherry Lane pillow for the win, but I really need the Three Little Pigs pillows as a collection. Amazing.

  728. I would choose the country set of 5 because it reminds me most of my childhood (growing up on 80 acres with all my mom's side of the family that includes 27 cousins..) so fun. The neighborhood was torn down last jan and the pillows would be perfect to remember it.

  729. I love these! Cherry Lane and Evergreen are my faves!

  730. whimsy

    oh my gosh! i am so proud of your mom. what an incredible amazing woman she is. no wonder you are so amazinG! your mom is like wonderwoman! i got all teary eyed reading these words! if i won this, i would save it until i had a little wee one so i could put it in her nursery! these are so sweet, and the sentiment behind them even sweeter!! oh im so impressed with her. the covered porch or the haight ashbury are my favorite:)

  731. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh. I am officially obsessed with these precious pillows!

    My favorite is The Evergreen. I don't think I've ever wanted to win a giveaway so badly, haha!

  732. Wow what originality! I would choose one of the tipis… so cute!

  733. These are SO awesome! Amy of the Tipi pillows would be such a nice addition to any house (but hopefully mine!)!!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  734. Alexa F.

    Oh my, I'm kind of in love with the Oregon Trail covered wagon pillow.

  735. bairds

    I love LOVE the covered porch and being from cali I adore haight-ashbury. Excellent taste poppy, excellent taste. Please OH PLEASE pick me!!!!

  736. Absolutely beautiful pillows! Gorgeous photo of you two as well :0)

  737. i love the cherry lane pillow! these are ALL so great though. :)

  738. hannahm

    Love the Covered Porch pillow!
    -Hannah M

  739. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I love the Cherry Lane Pillow!

  740. Cas

    Cherry Lane, and the teepee's! Amazing!

  741. Cortney

    Oh my, I love these! I'd for sure pick the American (Equestrian) Barn one – I have an addiction to barns! Such unique pillows!

  742. Unknown

    I love the 3 little pigs collection. It will be great for a show with my kids. Such a good idea.

  743. the country collection is amazing! your mom is so talented (: thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  744. I love the Oregon trail covered wagon.

  745. Tania

    Now these are amazing! You are so lucky Naomi! I would pick The Walk Up but really would be thrilled with any of them. How inspiring.

  746. Iblog

    The Covered Porch symbols all that I love about the states.

    Sincerly Rikke from Denmark

  747. These are beyond adorable! I love The main Street Gray Stone (although it's difficult to choose:) It is so wonderful that you are so encouraging and supportive of your Mom's talents.

  748. Candice

    oregan trail and covered porch are my faves!!

  749. mali

    Can you say love! I would pick the Green Eagle Nest Tipi for my baby boy's nursery.

  750. Amie

    They are all so wonderful . . . so hard to choose which one out of so many beautiful pillows! Leaning towards cherry lane or the evergreen. So adorable!

  751. Juultje

    The Tipi pillows are so cute. I loved staying in a tent as a little girl and these remind me. We built a lot of tents as little kids, inside and outside. Your mama makes beautifull pillows.

  752. I love the cherry lane pillow!

  753. awww love these! The Cherry Lane and the Evergreen are my favorites!

  754. I just adore the Evergreen, how beautiful and unique these pillows are!

  755. simona

    Ma sono tutti bellissimi!
    I love the red barn! so cuteee!
    Please pick me!


  756. amy

    The Cherry Lane is my favourite! It must take her so long to make each of these… amazing!

  757. claireb

    total toss-up between Cherry Lane and The Walk Up. Kudos to your mom for such beautiful work!!

  758. Kelly

    WOW! your mom has really outdone herself! they look awesome! my hub and i went to san fran for our honeymoon and i think the haight-ashbury would be perfect!

    ps. you are lookin' good in that pic!

  759. Miu

    Oh, it's pretty hard to choose one, because they're all really cute, but I'd be very happy to own the cherry lane :)

  760. These creations are so so special! The country collection is sooo happy feelings but my favourite is the adorable red homestead log cabin!

    Love, Christabel

  761. leah.

    You and your baby are super-adorable and you are lucky to have such a talented mom! I adore the walk up pillow and I think my baby girl would also.

  762. sydney

    they are just sooo amazing!!!your mom is pretty talanted..dont know witch one to pick for my babies thought!
    anyway congratulations to your mom she is top!!big kiss!

  763. Sus & co

    i love cherry lane. what beautiful pillows. congrats to your mom.


  764. Laura

    These are incredible! How did I not know about them before?? So beautiful. I love the details of all of them and that she even puts time into making the back of the pillow fit with the front.

    In the interest of following the rules, I think I would land on The Walk-Up. But, I'm keeping the browser tabs for The Covered Porch, The Evergreen, and Cherry Lane open to keep admiring as well. Beautiful, beautiful!

  765. Those pillows are amazing! I love the cherry lane and the haight & ashbury.

  766. Lauren

    Your mom rules! I love these pillows, and I have been looking for some pillows for my couch! I think my favorite is the green roof in the woods log cabin pillow. I don't know what it is about it, but I just think it's so adorable!

  767. J.

    I'd choose Lincoln Park, after my neighborhood

  768. Mizasiwa

    Those are so cute!! wow it must take her ages to put together what an amazingly talented mom you have! If I were to choose – and its hard to choose i love the Haught Ashbery pillow

  769. Emily

    Cherry Lane or Main Street Gray Stone … adorable!

  770. Cherry Lane! So adorable!! She is so talented!

  771. Jane

    I love these pillows! They are so cute and one would be perfect in my granddaughter's room! My favorite is Cherry Lane.

  772. Oh my God those pillows are so beautiful and cute! I love the Covered Porch pillow, Red Hawk Tipi pillow, and maybe 3 Little Pigs or American Collection. I can't choose!

  773. Melissa

    I love the Manhatten!

  774. They are so sweet! The perfect present! I love the Manhattan pillow… I'm off to New York to be with My Love. All the way from Australia.

    What pillow could be more perfect?!

    Your Mama is VERY talented!


  775. Eva Rose

    I love the Cherry Lane and Evergreen Pillows! How special that Eleanor was the inspiration and idea behind this shop. Your mama is so talented!

  776. Embo

    I've fallen for the Manhattan. Your mother is sooo incredibly talented!

  777. molly

    These pillows are so cute! Hard to pick just one favorite, but I like the cherry lane pillow. Congrats to your Mom for opening up shop! The picture of you and Eleanor is great, too!

  778. They're all so beautiful and special. I particularly love the Cherry Lane pillow.

  779. MEGMAR

    love them all! what a talented momma you have!my favorite is cherry lane :)

  780. They're all so beautiful and special. I particularly love the Cherry Lane pillow.

  781. These are so beautiful!!!! Your Mom is amazingly talented. I really love the "Main Street Grey Stone"… the daisies in the window are a wonderful touch!

  782. moconbu

    Oh wow these are amazing! I grew up in upstate ny where there were lots of dairy farms so I think (its hard to choose) I would pick the american farm!

  783. I'd pick the Red Hawk Tipi. My son would LOVE that! These are so amazing; your mom has a true talent here!

  784. Ashley

    I LOVE The Haight-Ashbury! The Evergreen is adorable as well.


  785. Jessica

    WOW! I love the pillows…so unique. Picking just one seems so difficult, but I think I would choose The Soho. What a fun addition to any home.

  786. Olivas

    I wrote in my blog about your mamy´s shop because i love the pillows!!!!!

  787. Olivas

    Sorry, mummy´s shop not mamy!!! :s

  788. Kathryn

    I would definitely pick the cherry lane pillow! Thanks for an amazingly awesome giveaway!!

  789. Oh your Mother is so very talented!
    I'd choose the Cherry Lane pillow:) I love all of these though! So lovely <3

  790. oh so cute! if I win, I would love to have the Evergreen, or the one with swing. the adorable pillow will remind me that I, too, will have a house of my own, to make our home in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  791. What a sweet idea!
    I really like The Cherry Lane & The Evergreen pillows. What a cute Christmas idea for my niece. :)

  792. jodie

    I would choose the Manhattan or Soho. Beautiful!

  793. orchidee

    So adorable! I love the Manhattan and the Soho!

  794. Shari

    the covered porch pillow is adorable! your mother is very talented. so lucky for you and your daughter to get to have some of those pillows. :)

  795. rrrachel

    What talent from your mum! The red homestead is so cute.

  796. vanessa

    I'd love to have The Main Street Grey Stone Pillow. I have never seen so creative and lovely pieces.

  797. Danielle


  798. tamara

    the country collection is fantastic, and i really like the evergreen!

  799. Cherry Lane and the Covered Porch…… Oh. My. Goodness! Darling, creative, fabulous pillows! My three girls would go crazy for these pillows, love them. :)

  800. Your mum is so creative! These cushions are a fab way to dress up the sofa/bed. I really like the tipis, especially the Red Hawk Tipi!

  801. -m

    The pillows are so tender and sweet! We are about to move from Maine to Florida with our one year old son- The Walk Up pillow looks like our first family home that we are about to leave behind. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  802. i love the evergreen or covered porch. so so lovely!
    <3 christina

  803. these pillows are amazing!!! I'd choose the American Collection as a welcome gift for my new adopted 5 year old sister!

  804. Valori

    Oh Gosh, I wasn't trying to pick the most expensive but I LOVE The Country Collection. It shows off your mom's talent to be able to compare how unique they all are. Love 'em!

  805. nazli

    I'd love to have cherry lane, and so does my 6-months-old:Alya, she loveees to chew stuff like the curtains on the pillow! Congradulations for your momy, she is so creative and inspiring! make sure she have a shop on etsy, for the people far away, like me who lives in Istanbul!

  806. Easy! My daughter has a language disorder and goes to a special school that specializes in early intervention. They read the 3 little pigs the other day. She was so excited by it that she came home and had us reenact it! First time she has EVER directed play with us. I was so proud of her and it is so cute when she acts like the wolf 'I'll huff and I'll huff and I'll… this is when she starts to blow with all her might. So fun!
    BTW, I just think your little Eleanor is the cutest!

  807. What a special gift. I read the 'about' section about your mom volunteering at the shelter. What a sweet lady! We need more like her in this world.

    I love the Cherry Lane pillow, because it reminds me so much of my childhood home that burned down last summer in the wildfires of west Texas.

  808. Ash

    These all so beautiful! If I had to choose a favorite it would be the Green Roof In The Woods Log Cabin. It makes me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Cabin in "Little House in the Big Woods".

  809. i love the cherry lane pillow dearly. it has such a warmth to it. so much talent and thought is involved in each of these pillows. i would feel lucky to have any one of them.

  810. Frances

    oh my,

    those are lovely lovely lovely pillows, when I first read the post I thought that they were just ordinary pillows, then i saw the pictures, and they are magical ones

    love the house themes! they remind me of the stone gnome houses my family used to make come christmas time:)

    I'd really love the Cherry lane pillow to brighten up our house or to gift to my younger sister:)

    Thank you!:)

  811. Becki

    These are awesome! I have to go with green roof in the woods. So cozy.

  812. Unknown

    I love the cherry lane and the covered porch. All of them are so creative and cozy-looking.
    Margaret H.

  813. Noell

    Oh I am so in love with the Oregon Trail covered wagon! What a special addition to my little boys room it would make – and a reminder of our own ancestor's travels and trials.

  814. leelee

    I LOVE the native american teepee. What a innovative idea your mom has. They are so great!

  815. love love love The Soho! That would be my choice if I was lucky enough to win. Also, the photo by Josh is stunning! *fingers crossed*

  816. yagmur

    I liked all of them but my favourite is the cherry lane!

  817. lau.mett

    Cherry lane is the sweetest of all the sweets. It reminds me of growing up in the Midwest.

  818. Lea

    I love the Green Roof in the Woods Log Cabin. I relocated from my native DC to North Carolina last month. There is a long list of negatives to this move, but the best of the positives is our new home. My husband and I purchased a house similar to a New England saltbox; this looks like a pillow version. Lovely.

  819. Karen

    These are phenomenal! I would choose the cherry lane pillow. :)

  820. I love The Covered Porch! It would be perfect for my daughter's shabby chic nursery!

  821. Wifey

    I'm in LOVE with the Cherry Lane pillow! What a coincidence that I used to live on a street called Cherry Lane with my two best friends… such great times!

  822. Jenn

    I abolustely love each and every pillow your very talented mother has created!

    Way to go to convince her to make these and sell them because her talent is beautiful and unique.

    I love the country collection, although all of them are amazing.

    Thank you for sharing.


  823. loooove the tipis

  824. Britanny

    They are all ADORABLE!!:) I think I would choose the cherry lane one, and then give it to my little sis for Christmas, she'd love it!

  825. these are amazing!!!!! i love the teepee. what skill!

  826. cherry lane and The covered porch are my favorites! these are absolutely adorable!!

  827. tori

    I love The Covered Porch pillow! All of these are so amazing, though! Congratulations to your momma for opening such a wonderful shop!

  828. Your mom is so talented! I'm glad you convinced her to open shop. I love all of the pillows but especially love Cherry Lane.

  829. ariel

    these are beautiful and so creative! The Walk Up is my favorite.

  830. The covered porch is soooo cute. I am amazed. I love the eclecticness (?)

    Harmony Marie!

  831. Jaana

    They are all so beautiful.. I especially love the frontier collection, though if I had to choose just one I'd pick the Cherry Lane. Really, really, beautiful, creative, and original work. Your mom is a talent! :)

  832. Michelle

    The Red Homestead Log Cabin in PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful work!

  833. Britt C

    What a wonderful and creative idea! So perfect for nurseries. I love the Cherry Lane pillow!

  834. I love the Country Collection, with the Covered Porch being my most favorite! My little one would really have a fun time playing with dolls, each having their own cute house!

  835. Angella

    Oh my! I would choose the American Barn, having just moved to a farm myself. These pillows are so exquisite in their "imperfection". Even though I think they are, in fact, PERFECT!

  836. sistakt

    Love them all! But I think my fave is the American barn. Yay!

  837. I love the Evergreen! It is precious and would look awesome in by baby girl's room! LOVE IT! What an amazing talent!

  838. Kat D.R.

    Those pillows are awesome! I especially love The Covered Porch. Oh, I'd love to have a bunch all in a row. Beautiful!

  839. Marae

    wow– i've never seen anything like these! i love them all…think i'd choose cherry lane (or the tipi. so hard to choose!).

  840. K

    These are beyond cute! How creative! I feel cozy just looking at the pillows :)

    My favorites are the Main Street Grey Stone and Manhattan! Tough choice, but I'd probably pick the Main Street Grey Stone… such a cozy little house.

  841. I'm loving the Manhattan! However,all of the log cabins are tugging away at my heart. They're much more realistic of the arctic place in which the two of us live. What talent your mother has! Jealous.

  842. This comment has been removed by the author.

  843. Smudge

    I love the country collection, particularly the evergreen. So incredibly adorable!

  844. Oh my gosh – the Red Hawk Tipi is fantastic!! That tiny little fur door, those feathers… love love love!

  845. lindsey

    Red Hawk Tipi! Because this is a genius idea and I'm part Cherokee ;)

  846. Julia

    These are so amazing I hope I win!! :)

  847. Your Mom is amazing. Wow! The details are amazing. I hope she sells a ton of these. :) I love them all, but the Country Collection is my favorite!

  848. they are all adorable! but i like the evergreen most! ♥

  849. Mimi

    Aren't moms wonderful!? I wish her the greatest success and happiness in this new exciting chapter in her life. I love the cherry lane pillow!

  850. I love the teepee! My two boys will probably fight over it!!! So fun and creative.

  851. OH MY GOODNESS! This pillows are absolutely precious! I never enter giveaways but I simply could not stop myself this time. I love Cherry Lane, Evergreen, and The Walk Up. I'm from Georgia and they remind me so much of my hometown! The Tipi makes me sigh too though. I just love them all!

  852. These are amazing! Your mother is so talented. My personal favorites are Cherry Lane, The Evergreen, or The Red Homestead Log Cabin!

  853. oh my gosh i absolutely LOVE the Green Eagle Nest Tipi!!

  854. Love the Green Roof Log Cabin – looks exactly like my parents house in Indiana! *sigh*

    Would go great in my boy's nursery! What a great talent to have in the family!

  855. JUST ONE?! I looked at each of them about 9 times cause I couldn't decide. What a beautiful talent! I would LOVE the darling "The Walk Up". I'm in love with the swing set in back. This was the hardest decision of my day so far.

  856. so hard to decide.. but the covered porch wins with the cute little doghouse for miss p.. thanks!!

  857. Amy

    Cherry Lane! I want to live there!

  858. jaimey

    I love all of the charming details on these pillows! The button door knobs, the doggy door, the swings . . . so beautiful and unique and cozy. I would adore the Cherry Lane.

    What a talented mama you have! :)

  859. Erica

    I love the covered porch pillow! It's so adorable!

  860. You've got one talented mama! Love them all! But if I had to chose 1, Cherry Lane is calling my couch's name. :)

  861. Megan

    Love the Cherry Lane!

  862. stacie

    Oh my gosh!!! we just moved into our house and these pillows would be perfect for my 3 yr old and baby on the way! I'm totally in love…so different,could never find anything like this ever. You're mom is amazing! The 3 little pigs pillows are my favorite but really how can I choose! SO TALENTED!


  863. Lia

    I love the Green Eagle Nest Tipi!Sooooo cute:)


  864. The Red Hawk Tipi has my heart! Your mother is so talented!

  865. Tess

    I would really like either the Cherry Lane pillow or the Covered Porch. These are really beautiful! Your mom is so talented!

  866. Me.

    How original! I love all of the designs, but my favorite has to be the country series… the middle house with the cream color walls remind me of my childhood home! I would love to have that pillow. It would go nicely on my red sofa! :)

  867. Breanna

    These are adorable. I think I just found Christmas presents for my girlfriends. We've all just finished university degrees, so I like the idea of giving them "homes". Personally, I adore the Manhattan pillow. So chic.

  868. Jordyn

    These are insanely special pillows! I would love the The Green Eagle Nest Tipi for my 3 month old son River. My hubby is Native American and we love incorporating this stuff in his nursery! xoxo

  869. congrats at your mum, she has a great talent and a wonderful imagination! I'm in love with the "green floor in the woods log cabin": it reminds me an old little house near my granma's home in the Italian coutry!
    i'm a your follower!

  870. Catt

    I am so amazed by this creativity that runs in your family!! These pillows are so so fabulous!

    That being said, I would die for any of them. Especially the Cherry Lane home, it would make a perfect housewarming gift for my parents!

  871. Jessica

    They are all so beautiful! I love the Madhattan one! (not sure if my post went through before :/)

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  875. michelle

    So darling! The quote about the frayed edges killed me – the imperfections make them perfect.

    Cherry Lane or Haight Ashbury!

  876. Meghan

    I love The American Barn (The Equestrian)

  877. Oh gosh – what adorable pillows! It genuinely took me so long to decide on my absolute favourite – which would have to be 'cherry lane'; saying that each of them has some individual quality which is just beautiful.

    I wish your mum the best of luck with her creative endeavour – talk about talented! xxox

  878. ky3405

    I love the cherry lane pillow!

    Pick me :)

  879. I love the Evergreen! So adorable. Your mom is very creative!

  880. hilly27

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  881. Julia

    Oh my goodness! These are so sweet, cheerful – what great piece of interest to add to a room!

    Covered Porch, for sure!

  882. Chloe

    so neat! I love the tipi…would look amazing in a little humans room!

  883. I don't think i have ever seem anything like this before, these pillows are so beautiful!!

    I would def chooseThe Green Eagle Nest Tipi i love it i love it! i'm sure my darling boy would love it too<3

  884. Wow! I'm so glad that you guys convinced her to open a shop. I hope she sticks with it, because I'm sure she'll be a big hit! My favorite was by far 'Cherry Lane.' It's just too precious.

  885. Liz

    I LOVE the Cherry Lane pillow. But then, it was really hard to choose just which one was my favorite. I've never seen pillows like these before, they are absolutely adorable!

  886. Love the cherry lane pillow. They are all so adorable!

  887. These pillows are wonderful! And if I had to only choose one, I'd pick the Cherry Lane because what kid doesn't love a tree swing? I know I still do.

  888. Courtney

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    What a fun treasure!

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  890. They are all so amazing, but I'd have to go with the Evergreen – reminds me of Christmas, family, and home!

  891. I love the teepee! I would have adored that when I was a little girl – I used to run around my front yard with my mom's lipstick drawn all over my face as war paint. These are so great.

  892. KayBee

    I am in love with the Covered Porch pillow….I know my neice would love it too! What a gorgeous idea.

    Also, that photo of you and Eleanor in her room is absolutely gorgeous- you post some amazing photos of you as a family- all very beautiful that you will have to look back on in the years to come!

  893. Eileen

    oh my word i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE. wow. each are so breathtakingly beautiful. i would love evergreen for my mom and manhattan for me. such beautiful work!!!

  894. Eileen

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  895. I would love the cherry lane pillow! It's very charming.

  896. Kristen

    so cute!
    either the cabin or the barn or….

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  898. j.peri

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  899. I adore the Manhattan pillow! It would look beautiful in the home I hope to have soon :)

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  906. oh my, the main street grey stone is the one i would pick! (though they are all beautiful; your mum is incredibly talented! and i love the description of her pillows!) i just moved interstate, and have come to appreciate having a home all the more during the period i spent looking for a new one. to me, your mum's pillows remind me of all that home is: baking, bicycles, blankets and too many books. thank you for sharing about them (i also think one of these pillows would also make the perfect gift for my goddaughter for christmas!) xo, rachel

  907. Kiasa

    May I please adopt your mom???

  908. Your mother is AMAZING! You can plainly see all the love and time put into these pillows! The Walk Up pillow makes me think of home and puts a smile on my face. Beyond sweet.

  909. Oh goodness I love these pillows!! It was hard to choose one, but Haight-Ashbury ended up winning. The colors would match my house perfectly and I love the little blue curtains! I can sew, but would never have the patience or the creativity to think of something sooo cute!

  910. The green eagle nest tipi is adorable! My roommate would die if she saw it, I think it would make a perfect birthday present for her.

  911. In love with the american barn :) I"m so excited for your mom – my mom and aunt recently just started their own online go moms! yay :)

  912. In love with the american barn :) I"m so excited for your mom – my mom and aunt recently just started their own online go moms! yay :)

  913. Bertha

    They're all amazing but I love the Soho. I would love to give my daughter a little reminder of home and how much I miss it.

  914. Ashlee

    I love any of the pillows in the country collection! So cute!

  915. Jessica

    First of all, I would like to congratulate your very talented momma on the launch of her new business!
    I was immediately drawn to Cherry Lane. For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of owning a home with a swing tied to a big tree out front. So picturesque. Now that I am a mom to a four month old daughter, I want to share that dream with her. Thanks, Naomi.

  916. loren

    I love the colors of Soho but am torn by the sweet swing detail in Cherry Lane. Congratulations to your mother for her creativity and talent!

  917. So adorable and creative, I loove the Cherry Lane one!

  918. Younglan

    Cherry lane is absolutely darling! I think it's wonderful that your mother is doing this. I am having a hard time convincing mine to do the same, with her paper goods. xox

  919. Brooke

    Ohhhhh I love "The Walk Up" and "Cherry Lane", beautiful!

  920. Alexia

    I love these pillows! I would love the Soho,modern and so homey at the same time. Best wishes to your mom on her new venture!

  921. Kate

    Okay, what?! I for sure need these in my life!!!!!!!

  922. WoW, your mom, she's good!
    I would love the evergreen pillow. I'm expecting a baby girl soon, would be great for her nursery!
    Alexis xo

  923. Denise

    Hard to just pick one! Cherry Lane is one of my favorites


  924. How special! And so unique! I love these!!!

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  927. oh they're darling! i love the soho and cherry lane! darling darling darling!

  928. What is in the water in Utah?? Your whole family is so talented. I'm obsessed with the country collection, and the covered porch house is incredible. What an amazing piece of work for Dylan's nursery!

  929. Holly

    I love the Green Eagle Nest Tipi pillow!! Your mother is so creative!!

  930. Bailey

    MY GOODNESS! These are SOOOOO adorable. i looooove the country collection especially the Haight-Ashbury and the Evergreen, because the remind me of where i grew up in Oregon. i miss it so much.

  931. tappens

    Cherry Lane! I love how the tree wraps around the back. Very cute :)


  932. The soho is my favorite!

  933. Katrina

    Your mom's words about home are so meaningful! Her pillows are incredibly charming and sweet. So many great lessons to learn from The 3 Little Pigs! :)

  934. Kristie

    My favorite is the three little pigs collection. These pillows are so beautiful and whimsical!

  935. Ohh they are so sweet! I have two favorites: The Green Eagle Nest Tipi (who doesn't love a tipi?) & The Covered Porch (so lovely!).

    I'm trying to encourage my mom to get back into sewing & crafting so it's great to see that you've gotten your mom back into it too!

  936. what a darling and creative mom you have! to start up her own shop filled with these adorable pillows! i love this! go rockstar's mom!!! she's going to sell out fast, you know that right?? i just love all of these pillows! so unique! i don't even know which one is my fave… maybe manhattan, cherry lane, or red hawk tipi. so darling! good luck with your shop, rockstar's mom!

  937. I love any of the pillows above this post!

  938. marissa

    Amazing. I can tell lots of talent and love went into making the pillows. I love cheery lane's curtain detail.

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    I love the cherry lane house, these pillows are just so cute!!!

  941. Meg

    I want to live IN Cherry Lane. The sing is magical. Thanks!

  942. Pilar

    Oh wow!! Totally was The Covered porch and the Cherry Lane!!
    Hope I win haha

  943. Those are beautiful!!! The Red Hawk Tipi would look great in my son's cowboy room.

  944. Madison

    How can you not love them all?! Your mom is amazingly crafty.

  945. kdub

    red hawk tippi or oregon trail. oregon trail was the first ever computer game i owned, on one of those classic cream boxy macs. the game was in 2 colours, and i just loveeeeddd it. these pillows are the cutest things i've seen in a while! what a talented mama :)

  946. So cute! I love the Green Roof Log Cabin Pillow. As always, your giveaways are awesome!

  947. Erin

    The three little pigs for sure! My daughter would love it. What fun pillows!

  948. Oh goodness, these are just adorable! I think the "covered porch" is so cute!

  949. s + b

    i love the walk up! so cute! your mom is super talented.

  950. Love them all but I'd probably pick Cherry Lane! Have a great night my friend :)

  951. Yay for Moms!
    I would choose The Evergreen. Feels like home.
    Amazing work Poppy!

  952. Cherry Lane! I wanna put it in my baby girl's room :)

  953. Beea

    These are awesome!! Kudos on the creativity and starting this up as a business. Wish her the best!! I would love the Cherry Lane. Will wait to see if I win and them maybe order another…hmm

  954. Lauren

    Your mother is adorable. I just LOVE the red hawk tipi!

  955. I love the Soho pillow! I could only imagine the stories my daughter and I could make up using these pillows as a base :)

  956. AV

    I would love The Manhattan & The Soho. I just moved to NYC from home down south & as much as I love it here it's a hard adjustment. These are just too cute & are such a great reminder that this IS home now & to cherish it all.

  957. Jess

    I love LOVE the Heught- Ashbury it would look so steller in my nursery! I love how ecclectic and different they are, just like our family!

  958. cluo

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  959. Linda

    I really like Oregon Trail!! They're all amazing and so detailed! But yes, Oregon Trail is my fave. :) So creative.

  960. Rie

    i love you wedges where are they from???

  961. Oh my goodness, almost 1000 comments. Well, someone has to win, right? I love the doghouse b/c we have dogs, and I love them. I'm also really digging the Evergreen b/c it makes me think of a little Swiss Chalet…but I love Cherry Tree b/c that reminds me of Mary Poppins, but the Brownstone and Soho are so my style. Ugh, I don't know. Maybe if I win 2, I'll just buy all the others?

  962. elaine r

    I love the Walk-Up Pillow! All the pillows are so unique and beautiful!

    Elaine R