family outing.

we hopped on our bikes last night and enjoyed the new chilly autumn air while riding around the district (although today it was hot again. so confusing!) we stopped by taylor gourmet for sandwiches and ravioli on our way home. we can’t wait for more autumn weather!
*MY BABY IS ALWAYS IN A HELMET. this last photo was taken before the helmet was put on as we were leaving taylor gourmet.
  1. ah! so fun! love your outfit naomi and your little girlie's too! :)
    love to ride bikes, although i don't get to do it enough :

  2. i love these!!! i want your clothes, i even want adult sized eleanor clothes! the family is glowing as always! she gets it all, bike rides, cinnamon rolls, everything cool!

  3. You dress your baby girl SO adorable! I wish i could find things so cute for my 6 month old boy…seems like girls are so much fun to dress ;)
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  4. Oh my god that is the best dressed baby I have ever seen!!! I love her shorts. :D

  5. Those shorts are too cute. And with the red tights, perfect!

  6. shal

    oh my goodness, her little red tights KILL me!! too cute! Naomi, I was wondering if you could share some good shops to buy fun patterned tights (for grown ups that is ;)) I've got UO and American Apparel on my list – any others? Thanks! :)

  7. love your sweater! where is it from?

  8. those walking pictures are just adorable! and you must the most fashionable momma i have ever seen. lovin' the outfit!!
    xo TJ

  9. jillh

    this is adorable! you must share where this sweater is from! xx

  10. My mom used to ride around with me on her bike like that, too! Cute!

    And I agree about the weather. Here in WI, they're saying 70s for the rest of the week, and next week as well. I miss the cold autumn weather we had last week! Hmph.

  11. Jennifer

    What a sweet family! Your girl is darling!

  12. renata

    oh gosh eleanor is soooooo pretty!

    here weather's confusing too, we're supposed to be in spring and it's chilly!!!

  13. Malorie

    what an adorable family!!

  14. what a fun time! and love your outfit. perfect for an autumn evening ride with the family :)

  15. maggie

    I love your bike! I've been shopping for one and was wondering what kind you have?

  16. YAY for family outings!

  17. Ahhhh okay 3 things.
    2. That is the CUTEST outfit I've ever seen on a baby. Omg…the little shorts, red tights, sweater, JEAN JACKET, and hat….tooooo cute.
    3. I love Taylor!


  18. I really honestly think you have the world's cutesy baby!!

  19. isn't this weather so confusing?

    little E is so adorable and so are your clothes!

  20. Alanah

    It makes me so happy to see a family that regularly has outings together. No wonder you are all so happy!

  21. I love Little E's red tights and frog cap — so incredibly adorable!

  22. colleen

    i forgot about little baby tights!!!! oh gosh i can't wait to see what she's dressed in all winter.

  23. Oh my gosh, those little red tights kill me!! And I am in love with your sweater too–where is it from?

  24. Sarah

    What fun! Your little sweetie is so adorable. That hat is so cute. I'm totally living up the Fall weather too. I made homemade chicken and rice soup with crackers tonight. Since it's raining over here it was perfect. Our little family has no complains =)

    - Sarah

  25. You have such a beautiful family!

    ps. I love that scarf! Is it yellow? May I ask where you bought it from?

  26. Lauren

    You ride your bike in a skirt? You're a superwoman! Very sweet pictures :)

  27. Awesome mom bike love it! And I don't think I have ever seen a baby in shorts so stinking cute!

  28. Oh my word, I love your sweet little family!! I love Eleanor and I love how you dress her. There's just a lot of love. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  29. Love your hair, so pretty! Baby E looks adorable and its so great you guys ride bikes together, I wish we had some to ride. Im excited for fall too, so many fun things!

  30. look at your cute little outfits :) and she looks so happy in that little bike seat!

  31. jkd

    aww, she's so cute.

  32. Gaby

    you are just too cute (the whole lot of you) :)

  33. E's hats are the cutest – and filled with humor at the same time.

  34. Ann

    That sounds like a great fun time…

    I love your images… so yummy

    and you people are so adorable you ought to be on tv or mag or something.

  35. you look amazing, I love what your wearing! You've made me feel the need for a vintage bike and sandwiches…

  36. I love E's bloomer shorts, and your jumper. It looks like you had a rad evening :)

  37. I wish I could bike around where I live! I'd feel so unsafe though, there are no bike lanes and supposedly the county where I live has the highest accident rates in the UK for cyclists. Love what you're all wearing too – you and Eleaner look absolutely adorable! :)

  38. Mela

    You're so lovely guys!!!I love your outfit with different patterns and your baby girl is the sweetest :)

  39. I looooooove your skirt, where did you get it??

  40. Olivas

    Ooooooh!!! She walks!!!!(walks or walkes?or walkies?) My english is horrible!!! :S

  41. ok…eleanor's outfit…i'm trying to decide if i'd rather steal from your wardrobe or hers.

  42. Eleni

    Oh, your baby is just too cute! Please have lots more!

  43. Another thing I love about autumn: It's hat season!

  44. Eleanor is so stinkin cute! I can't take it.

  45. Eleanor

    Eleanor's outfit is the cutest thing ever!

  46. Jacob

    looks like a great way to spend your weekend!!!

    love all the outfits!

  47. LeeLee

    So cute!!

  48. KLP

    Adorable! How on earth do you gracefully ride your bike in a skirt?? I do not have this talent and really need a tutorial!

  49. aww you're all so adorable! and yea, fall weather is so confusing. >.<
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  50. I hope my next baby will be a girl so I can dress her up in cute clothes like baby E!

    In the meantime, I'll keep making bowties for my baby boy!

  51. you have a model baby… seriously taza your whole family is like out of a magazine i can't get over it. taylor gourmet is so good! love that place.
    looks like you had a good time, the weather yesterday was so perfect. i was getting my car inspected and while i was waiting, i started to text on my phone. this older man called out to me and said young lady you need to get off that phone and feel the sunshine… he was right and i did :)

  52. Rona

    Aaw, Eleanor is cute as a button!
    Love your blog, it's amazing :)

  53. Kara

    wow, E's outfit is amazing… and i'm obsessed with how you paired that sweater with that skirt and josh's trendy hat! you are certainly the best dressed little family that i've ever seen :)

    i love dc in the fall… enjoy those bike rides, what great memories you're making!

    xx, kara

  54. I'd like to take a moment here and congratulate your hubby for being so stylish. Not many guys could pull this look off and he did it quite well!

  55. Mrs. Ham

    She looks adorable!! and you do too!

  56. My Husband was there M-W! The weather has been nice in Fla, but not quite crisp yet. Waiting…

    PS. Cute skirt, lady.

  57. Katz NYC

    You are the coolest and chicest family in DC for sure. Love your outfit. And love that you ar etaking the bike out instead of the car that Americans seems to love so much. I wish to see more bikers in this country. In Europe that's the natural way to get around and I miss it.

  58. Jenna

    Looks like fun!

    Where did you get you beautiful dress?

  59. Dang, you always look so cute! LOVE your outfit..and E's too! She is getting so big!

  60. sberrong

    Love Taylor Gourmet! They used to drive their bread in from Sarcone's Bakery in Philly, but I think they stopped that. I can't imagine it was sustainable.

  61. Joy

    That looks like a crazy amount of fun; it's the smaller things in life that mean so much!! Have a great day! And random, but I know right the weather needs to pick a norm! I keep trying to wear sweaters and then it's hot when I walk outside.

  62. Caty

    Your photo editing style inspires me! I love the calmness of all your photos. Great update!

  63. What type of bike do you have? I have been in the market for one, but unsure is to what type….any suggestions? P.s. Super fun outfit!

  64. looks like a fun outing… I can't get over Eleanor's shorts!! ADORABLE!

  65. Just when I thought Eleanor couldn't get any cuter…

  66. Whitney

    please, please start a sartorialist baby blog! JUST for Eleanor! it would be a huge hit. I guarantee it.

  67. I love your cute outfits! I just pinterest the last one :)

  68. Amelia

    such a beautiful family :) and stylish too! where is your sweater from naomi?

  69. Cortney

    I've had friends who have been hit by cars, even in residential streets, even going quite slowly, and they were saved by their helmets.

    Even if you don't want to wear one, please put one on your child. It's not really fair to make that decision for her. You'd put a seatbelt or a life vest on her, right? You put her in a car seat, right? I think as a society we are getting way to danger paranoid and uptight about a lot of things, but putting a helmet on a baby less than a year old while you are biking through D.C. is not being paranoid, in my opinion.

    You can label me as a concern troll if you wish but I'm truly not trying to be a jerk. I'm an avid cyclist, and my small college town is super bike friendly with lots of signs posted and bike lanes and bike trails- but people still get hit and killed. I can understand making the choice to decide if you want to wear a helmet or not- you're an adult. But making that decision for your child is no different, to me, than deciding "oh, we don't need seatbelts/life vests/car seats." Even if the bike just fell over on accident while you were getting off or holding it while you were getting on it could be a deadly accident.

    Missionaries are required to wear helmets while they bike, and they are capable young men and women who know how to ride bikes. Why? Because why take the risk?

    I'm not saying "you're a bad parent!" and I know in the end it's your decision. I've just had far too many bad encounters with bicycle accidents to be able to be ok with babies riding without helmets.

  70. Laura

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Can you please share the details of E's outfit? Like where you got those amazing shorts! I have to get some asap!!!

  72. to cortney: could have made your point far more succinctly. should we know if E was wearing a helmet or not? perhaps naomi removed it for the photo.



  74. Meg

    I love that last photo! Where did you get her cute little shorts and your amazing skirt? Please send Texas some of that autumn weather :)

  75. Bev

    Your baby is a fashionista just like her beautiful mother, love love her hat. ps. so ecstatic autumn has arrived!

  76. Cortney

    Elizabeth Ann- I suppose I could have just said it more bluntly, but I was trying to be polite, and explain why I was concerned in the first place. I rarely ever make such comments on blogs, because as I said, I really don't like concern trolling (or being labeled as one), and I hesitated to even say anything, but when you've been through some of the things I've been through it's just a very visceral response.

    Or, more succinctly, per your preference- I didn't realize you were the comment editor around these parts.

    Naomi- I'm truly sorry I didn't remember the helmet from the other post, and I'm sorry for assuming that she hadn't been wearing a helmet. That was unfair of me.

  77. Maren

    I'm in love with your sweater!!!!!

  78. Are you serious with her freaking outfit?!? It's SO CUTE!!!!
    I love baby girl clothes!

  79. Malica

    :) your family is so cute and inspiring! I visited my best friend not too long ago when she had her baby! She's in D.C. and I wish I knew about this blog before then! we could have found so many interesting things to do! I'm excited to go again and bring my little buddy all sorts of knit goodies for the weather there! We'll definitely be referring to your recommendations!

  80. Tara

    I'm dying at her outfit!! So cute!!

  81. to those who asked, my sweater is from zara and skirt is an old one from UO. eleanor's hat was a gift from a friend from peru, her shorts and tights are from zara and her jean jacket is from babyGap. my bike is a linus bike.


  82. Those pictures look like they're straight out of a magazine. Adore that beanie on Eleanor. Looks like it was a fun night out!

    ~ Angela

  83. E looks like such a little person (as opposed to little baby) in her jean jacket, leggings and shorts. Too cute!

  84. Sum

    I love your sweater and happy E! :)

  85. E is just adorable, most babies would be in onesies (btw nothing wrong with those! I'm not a mother, but I can see how convient they might be) but you guys have her dressed so cute in her jacket, and the leggings just kill me. It's really too cute. (:

    xoxo -rae

  86. I can't get enough of this little angel! Loving your outfit too – you look fab dahling. xx

  87. e's little legs are so precious! she is such a lucky girl :)

  88. michelle

    Naomi: please, please, please tell us where your sweater is from? I need it!

  89. Kirsten

    Cute photos! :)

    Really funny to read people's reactions to your biking trips. I'm from Denmark (Copenhagen) and our normal way of getting around is biking – all the time!! Yes, that also means in party dresses and HIGH HEELS and when it's SNOWING (sometimes combined)!

    Nothing beats the sight of a woman on a bike in golden stilettos and wearing a helmet. I <3 Copenhagen :)

    Quick question: Where's your adorable yellow scarf from? :)

  90. love your outfit in that last pic. so darling! now imma hafta go out and shamelessly copycat! ps darling family as always (;

  91. What a lovely night! Nothing better than fall bike rides.
    What an amazing outfit, too!

  92. Oh my goodness, her outfit is too cute! Love it! :-D

  93. whimsy

    ok you guys are so darling! i love it all.

  94. Hi! Good that you use a helmet on Eleanor, but you too should use one. Really! Even though we adults think dearly of our little ones, we forget ourselves.
    Helmets are a must :)

  95. Lulu B

    I LOVE Your blog! it always brings a smile to my face xx

  96. Rudi

    Awwwww check out that baby fall fashion!!
    I can't wait until my life is at this point. You make me want a husband and baby even more than I already do.

    love, rudi

  97. steph

    Can't believe some people are asking you to justify yourself … (sigh)…
    Anyway, cutest baby ever, cutest baby outfit ever, and I'm sure E. has the cutest helmet EVER.
    Love from France


  98. Adorable! I need a bicycle with a basket… and maybe in a few years too ;)

  99. I want EVERYTHING you dress your little one in! She's always so adorable.

  100. Wendy

    Super-de-duper awesome outfit you're wearing!

  101. Lauren

    Eleanor is such a cutie pie! I definitely think that you need to show us pictures of her helmet, because it has to be adorbs on her!

  102. Chelsey

    Oh… your baby's outifit is seriously adorable.

  103. you dress her so well! she always looks like such a rockstar baby.

  104. Strbuck4

    taylor gourmet is great! you should get the island avenue next time, one of my favorite sandwiches!

  105. Katie

    your sweater is so cute were did you get it!!!

  106. Aimee

    I love your Linus bikes!