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eleanor’s first rock concert :: beirut.

earlier this summer, josh surprised me with tickets to see beirut! (ahhh!) after months of anticipation and excitement, so we drove down to richmond virginia on tuesday to see them perform.
we debated what to do with eleanor. leave her in d.c. with a sitter? no. how about with kingsley? no. maybe find a sitter in richmond? noooo. so…. what about taking her? and take her we did. i guess her little baby banz noise silencing headphones were comfy because she fell asleep before it even started and didn’t wake up until the last song. somehow you can’t take photos at the national theatre (where beirut performed) but i very quietly snapped these two during the last song anyway because i am a mother who wants to annoyingly document everything for my baby…. and also, this way i can kindly remind her when our taste in music clashes someday that once upon a time when she was 9 months old, she had really good taste in music and shows. ;)

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

Today we have a giveaway for you from one of my favorite people…. my mother! and her new shop, Pillows by Poppy™! My mom made a few pillows for Eleanor’s nursery earlier this summer and after seeing them and persuading her all summer long, we finally got her to open up a shop! The detail work on these pillows are out of this world. I can’t believe the creativity and time that go into each one. I am so proud of her and excited to share her shop with you!!
Pillows by Poppy™ is giving away a pillow of your choice to 2 lucky readers! Click here to see all of the pillow choices. Each pillow is hand sewn, one at a time by my mother (some take her hours to complete!)
(Here are my two favorites in Eleanor’s nursery.)

I wanted to include these two little quotes from my mom shop because I feel they are so special:
Pillows by Poppy™ celebrates all that is good at home. Each pillow is unique in beauty and individuality. They are expressed in varied designs, like different people from different homes. Poppy wants each pillow to remind us of our youth and those simple days of childlike faith when a bandage and kiss would take the away the hurt of an ‘owie.’ Poppy maintains that these pillows represent homes, not houses. She truly believes a home is a place one wants to return to. It is about family, birthday cake, and feeling safe. It is the laboratory for learning and practicing fundamental principles and useful life skills. Indeed, it is the best place on earth to learn charity.
“And what about those frayed, raw edges on Pillows by Poppy™? Poppy feels those frayed edges are kind of like us… imperfect people living in imperfect homes. Mistakes are made and apologies are expressed. Home is a place from where we can start all over again and try to do better next time.”

To enter to win a pillow of your choice, please visit Pillows by Poppy™ and leave a comment below telling me which pillow you would choose. The winners will be drawn and announced this coming Friday.

Good luck!
Top photo by Josh.
All other pillow photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.