eleanor gives a kiss!

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over the past couple of weeks, eleanor has been giving mama and papa kisses on cue! they are full on open mouthed, slobbery little messes but absolutely completely adorable to us. her dolly isn’t quite as lucky as mama in this video but eh, you know, we’ll try again later.
  1. so cute! her face is picture perfect! its no surprise, when she has such an adorable mom!

  2. ………….i love her.

    i am now going to watch this again.

    and maybe again, again.

  3. She is so gorgeous, and this video just melts my heart!! :)

  4. gosh she is adorable!

  5. renata

    edible people you both… in a metaphoric way, of course hahaha

  6. Sloppy, gleeful baby kisses are the best. It's a wonderful, joyful mess! :)

  7. Holly

    those kisses are just too cute. you have the most adorable baby in the entire world.

  8. She's so adorable! I want an Eleanor too! (well, not right away, but one day :))

  9. paula.

    Oh gosh. SO adorable!! poor dolly hahaha i guess it's all about kissing her mama :)

  10. cutest thing ive seen all day! thanks for sharing!

  11. sooo cute! also, I love your linus bike! my sis just got the same one!

  12. Jessica

    AHHH that was adorbz!
    love it.

  13. So cute! I feel like every baby goes through the open mouth kissing stage and when it's over your secretly miss it because it was just so darn funny!

  14. Haley K

    oh this is just sweeter than sweet!! Eleanor sure loves her mama :) *cheers* to baby pda!…open mouth and all ;)


  15. That is adorable!

  16. Oh my gosh, LOVE this! She is such a beautiful little girl.

    I must ask, what did you use to record the video? The picture is wonderful!

  17. Samantha

    awwww, girls are so much neater when they kiss. My son grabs my face and practically sucks on it. We get all slobbery. That was such a sweet video.

  18. You both are sooo cute :)

  19. Gaby

    oh my, this is too cute! oh, and i LOVE her doll, did you make it? x

  20. Amy

    Aww. I swear, nothing is better than cute videos of babies. I'm in a language development class and half our time is spent looking at cute baby videos, I love it haha.

  21. This is so adorable! I even watched it twice. :)

  22. She already know who is worthy of a kiss! What a smart little lady!

  23. Dianna

    how cutie!!!

  24. Carolina

    such a happy family. i love that you love it so much. loved RS conference too. so so good. :).

  25. where did you get that shirt? its super cute!

  26. sara

    she is just too precious!

  27. Kendra

    Evelyn has yet to learn this trick. Way to go, Eleanor!

  28. oh my goodness. WAY TOO CUTE!!

  29. so so adorable

  30. aww! i used to give kisses like this when i was a baby!
    my parents said that it was so cute until i started growing little teeth and bit my dad!

    she's so precious!

  31. Lauren

    precious! you also have the cutest voice ever! is that a weird compliment? it totally is.

  32. You guys are the cutest!

  33. Adrianna

    that is just the cutest thing i ever did see!

  34. oh my gosh, she is SO cute!
    i used to do this with my little cousins, and i miss that they're now all too old to kiss like that (or even want to give me a kiss!)
    i am bookmarking this post so i can watch it whenever i need a pick-me-up :)

  35. this is absolutely adorable! you are such a good mommy! it's good that she loves you more than her dolly. :)
    xo TJ

  36. Cutest baby ever! And you look darling also :)

  37. Meg

    That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen! What a lucky mama you are.

  38. This is amazing! She's so precious!

  39. Emily

    confession: i watched this two times back-to-back. lol.
    i love those precious moments with our little ones!
    definitely things not to be taken for granted.
    thanks for sharing… she is just way too precious for words! :)

  40. Jacob

    this is SO precious!

  41. Caty

    This is the perfect video to lift my spirits after a hard Monday! Super cute, girl!

  42. Mrs. Ham

    ohhhh too cute! she's the sweetest thing alive!


  43. naomi:

    this is just too cute haha awwwww :)

  44. Bridget

    oh mah gosh that is so cute. i love how happy she is to give kisses. parker is not there yet, of course, but it doesn't stop me from practically making out with him all day long.

  45. Natalie

    Totally adorable. Nice to know mommy gets more love than dolly after all you do for her. :)

  46. That is WAY too precious!

    ~ Angela

  47. Awe! Love her!!

  48. Coco

    ahh! so cute!

  49. Amber

    Aww Baby kisses are the best, aren't they?!

  50. Lauren

    That's EXACTLY how my littlest sister kissed. So funny! Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  51. She's such a doll!

  52. Sini

    She is so sweet! :)

  53. I want to borrow your beautiful bundle of fun for the afternoon, and take 1,0475,037 photos of her. She really is the most gorgeous little babe ever!

  54. Hahahaa! This video is hilarious!

    I think she wants a kiss from you instead!

    I love baby eleanor so much!!

    I really hope my future daughter will be as adorable as her!

  55. L!$@

    Sooo cute! My niece used to give sloppy ones like that too…interesting experience

  56. Meghan

    Baby kisses are my favorite.

  57. Lottie

    This is absolutely adorable…hopefully one day I will get such cute kisses from my baby.

  58. Berni

    Naww haha what a cutie!

  59. Argh this is too cute! I love the little sloppy kiss noise she makes!

  60. aww poor dolly… she's no competition for mama's kisses.

  61. Oh so cute! What a sweet and gorgeous baby! I miss those kisses from my now 12 year old daughter. Enjoy them!

  62. overwhelming cuteness!! (love that simple little dolly too!)

  63. Jenni

    She is absolutely a d o r a b l e, and so are you! Very very pretty! May I ask you how did you make the video "Our Saturday" you posted a few months ago? I love the outcome, it's a bit like those old family films… Just sooo sweet!

  64. Jenna

    so sweet:)

  65. Bruninha

    She is so sweet!

  66. the two of you are sooo adorable!! xo

  67. Kristin

    Aww! Her facial expressions are just perfect.

  68. this is so sweet! cutest baby ever!

  69. so adorable! you should do more videos :)

  70. this is too cute. open mouth kisses are awesome.


  71. So stinking cute!

    We had a small blogger brunch in Alexandria this weekend, and conversation (of course) ended up about blogging & our favorite blogs. Everyone at the table talked about E's cuteness. :)

  72. Scout

    She is so beautiful! Quite possibly the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! What a sweetheart…

  73. OH my goodness she is so CUTE! I love this video. Her kisses are so sweet! only a mom and dad can appreciate those slobber bomb kisses fully : )

  74. omg that is SO adorable! totally priceless! thanks for sharing it with us! i cant wait to have kids. c:

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  75. Katz NYC

    What a cutie pie! Seems like Eleanor is one happy child. Such adorable smile. XO

  76. Linka

    That is so sweet! She has the prettiest smile! Thanks for sharing that sweet video!!!

  77. Isabelle

    you have officially inspired me. i am naming my daughter eleanor!!

  78. Sarah G

    aww! so cute! i remember when my boys did that as infants. also love the little rooting action she does right before the smooch! i was a nursing mama and i remember those little movements :)

  79. She is sooo cute! Love it!!!

  80. blythe

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  81. too adorable! i love her little smile! my mother used to say "open mouth kisses are reserved for babies and married people."

    oh mom …

  82. Maren

    ooooooooooh so damn sweet!!! :)

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