bicycles and (almost) autumn!

on sunday mornings, josh has meetings before church and by the time he runs home after they end to pick up me and eleanor, plus swinging by any homes of the youth in our church to see if they need a ride, we often end up late! so today eleanor and i decided we might as well bike to church so we could be on time and save josh from coming home to grab us… just as we were out the front door with my foot literally on the pedal, josh shows up and is all, “waiiiiiitttt! i’m here! let’s bike together!” and so we did.
the weather is perfect for biking in d.c. right now… so crisp and cool. but not too cool. if you know what i mean. i’m just holding my breath waiting for those leaves to start turning pretty colors! ahhh. i could dance around right now i’m so excited. i’m in love with autumn. and biking with my little family is pretty swell, too. i love them.

happy autumn!
  1. amber

    what a fun time!! super cute photos :)

  2. colleen

    look at that little helmet – love it!

  3. So fun! I love biking or walking to church!

  4. MellyB

    We tried biking to church in the summer but it was so dang hot we showed up all gross. I'm pretty sure everyone was relieved when we grabbed the back pew. Must re try now that the weather is swan diving.

  5. You have such a fun spirit, Naomi!

    And little Eleanor is adorable in her helmet. Way to be safe!

  6. Jacob

    This looks like a really fun way to break away from the norm of your routine.

    Have a good day!

  7. I was thinking about you this weekend because my husband and I are looking at a home a few doors down from the LDS church in Eastern Market!

  8. oh this is too cute! A little family riding bikes…yes.

  9. Jessi

    What kind of bike seat do you have for Eleanor? I've been looking for one for my little boy.. just a couple weeks older than your baby girl. Thanks!!

  10. I love biking when you don't have to change into sports clothes! I love Eleanor's little (big) helmet!

  11. L!$@

    I love that you got to bike together :D Sooo cute! Wish church was close enough for me to bike here…

  12. Abby

    Boy, your family is adorable…I love Eleanor's smile! She looks like such a happy baby!

  13. Katrina

    Oh my gosh, Eleanor's little helmet is too adorable!

  14. Alivia

    Ohmygosh her helmet.
    HER HELMET. I die, it is too cute.
    And I love that Josh picks up people that need rides. That's beautiful.

  15. Juliette

    Golden and red trees
    Nod to the soft breeze,
    As it whispers, "Winter is near"
    And the brown nuts fall
    At the wind's loud call,
    For this is the Fall of the year.

    Good-by, sweet flowers!
    Through bright Summer hours
    You have filled our hearts with cheer
    We shall miss you so,
    And yet you must go,
    For this is the Fall of the year.

    Now the days grow cold,
    As the year grows old,
    And the meadows are brown and sere;
    Brave robin redbreast
    Has gone from his nest,
    For this is the Fall of the year.

    I do softly pray
    At the close of day,
    That the little children, so dear,
    May as purely grow
    As the fleecy snow
    That follows the Fall of the year.

    by Ellen Robena Field

    Yayyy for fall! :)

  16. Alisha

    I also want to know what kind of seat you have. I have a bike that would be perfect for family rides!

    You guys are ADORABLE!

  17. fall is also my favorite, always has been.
    but i think eleanor in her helmet is my new favorite.

  18. Yay for Linuses! I love mine too : )

  19. We biked to church last week and there was something magical about it! Besides, it can only last so long! I'm all for soaking it in as long as possible! Love this!

  20. Jinggy

    too awesome! Eleanor looks so cute in her helmet & denim jacket ;)

  21. JeNeal

    I love this!!! It makes me NEED a bike!!
    xoxo Pieces of Luv

  22. oh elenor is so sweet :) <3

  23. oh this made me so very happy. xo.

  24. carissa

    so cute! eleanor looks like she's getting used to that helmet, too. :)

  25. mekatsu

    I need to jump on this and get some bikes! Especially since I moved back to a big city!

    Sweet post as always! love your family!

  26. And the cutest Sunday family pictures award goes to you guys! Love it!

  27. I'm dyyying. Love the baby seat!

  28. Just when I thought y'all couldn't get cuter…you do this. Eleanor in that bike seat…too cute for words!

  29. Cassie

    Miss E looks so happy on the back of the bike there! What an adventure!

  30. buhdoop

    Wonderful photos. If it's okay I have a few questions.

    My husband and I plan on starting a family soon. May I ask how you have settled into your job as a stay at home Mom? Do you miss your former job as a dance instructor? You never wrote about it but I got the impression that you loved it.

    I only ask because we are facing the same questions/decisions albeit in a different field.

  31. caitlin

    makes me want to get my bike out and go riding! love this, all of it, you guys are insanely cute. ;)

  32. How so very fun!!!

  33. I love the red lipstick and biking just seems so much fun/romantic!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  34. my husband and i are saving up for linus bikes! they are so awesome.

    also, we booked tickets to come to d.c. over thanksgiving! can't wait!

  35. Krystal

    I'm obsessed with bikes! I wish I lived in a better town for itm but I can't wait to ride around with my cute little one soon too!

  36. bethani

    i cant wait until the weather gets like that here (texas!) and i must say eleanor is the cutest in her little bicycling helmet..

  37. nothing better than biking and autumn!!!

  38. I've read your blog for quite a while and don't think I've ever commented. But this post is so lovely. Biking to church. I cannot wait until I live in the type of location where I can actually do this. You all look wonderful and like you're having a blast. Keep it up! =)


  39. Fall really is such a wonderful time! I would love if my husband and I could bike to church…but the highway might not be the safest route. :)

  40. Laetitia

    Eleanor looks so precious in her helmet!

  41. Selina

    I love cycling :)
    And autumn, too. It already snowed where I live, so it's pretty freezing!
    Lovely photographs, as always :D

  42. Banana


  43. Kari

    Your hair looks so pretty down like that and your little girl is just getting more darling every day.



  44. Kamille

    one day i hope to be as cute as you and your cute family.

  45. Sephira

    AWWWW she looks so cute sitting there :D It looks like a fun time!

    Happy autumn to you too!

    xx Seph

  46. Carolina

    dreamy. i love biking around to get to places too. makes me more in love with life, so i can't imagine doing that w/ my own little family. hooray for making a beautiful life!

  47. LeeLee

    So fun, and perfect time for biking. Lovely photos.

  48. Adorable! I love it when you do posts like these :-)

  49. Caty

    LOVE your hair!

  50. Aw! Y'all are such a cute family!

  51. abby

    what an adorable family you have- that little girl of yours is mighty lucky. (i bet you say the same about yourselves as parents too, huh?)

    i would love to bike to church if it wasn't all up hill . . . no one would ever sit next to me in a sweaty post biking mess, so i'll save my trips for saturdays when i don't have to see anyone ;)

  52. Gorgeous photos! You're all so adorable ^_^

  53. I took my wee one for a ride recently, and now that the weather is cooler it was a lot more awesome. No sweat, just nice morning breezes and lots of nice things to look at. Here's to a nice long autumn with plenty of biking!

  54. Bridget

    yeah you guys aren't cute at alllllllllll.

    (sarcasm. read: cutest)

  55. Hi there! I love your blog and hope to see it around for a long, long time to come. Which is why my heart dropped to my stomach when I saw neither you or your hubby wearing a helmet! Yes, E looks super cute in hers… and you two would look great sporting them, too! Do it for her… and your readers that love seeing your cute family together healthy and happy. Love, a concerned reader that cares about your safety.

  56. You guys are all adorable, but I wish you and Josh were wearing helmets too! Your heads are just as important and just as vulnerable to injury as little Eleanor's :)

  57. Angela

    How super fun! I wish Southern California would start cooling off a bit. No luck. Not that I don't love the sunshine, but I'm ready for autumn, too! Take lots of pictures of the leaves changing; we don't get that here so I'll have to live through you!

    ~ Angela

  58. Kym

    oh my! Eleanor in that little helmet is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  59. Samantha

    Omg! The fact they make helmuts that small is adorable. I haven't ridden a bike in so long, I don't even know if I'd be able to do it.

  60. janis

    pretty bike, pretty mama, pretty baby, and pretty couple!

  61. Banshee

    I seriously love how much love your family has!

  62. Daphné

    Pictures look great! I'm in love with autumn as well!

  63. Anna

    great pictures again, love that bike!
    you always look so happy in these pictures :) (sry for my english btw ;))

  64. i second (3rd, 4th?) the sentiments that momma and papa should wear helmets too. helmets for everyone, hooray! :)

    i just got a cute new helmet b/c my old one was kinda meh (bought at the time out of necessity and not for looks); bern and nutcase have lots of fun helmets!

  65. i love these pictures! how sweet to bike to church as a family. :)

  66. Diana

    I love Eleanor's tiny yellow helmet. She looks so happy to be along for the ride. This has inspired me to go cycling. The only problem: I don't own a bike!

  67. Erin

    So so cute! Makes me want to get on bike and take a ride.

  68. Aah Eleanor is sooo cute :) A very cute baby you two have.. So sweet!

  69. Jennifer

    Bikes + family + nice Autumn day = perfect!

  70. My goodness, is there a single photo in this world that has caught Eleanor NOT smiling? What a cutie!

  71. very, very sweet. i do agree with the other commenters who have mentioned helmets – as someone who has witnessed many bike accidents in san francisco, it is truly not worth it to risk your safety for something so small! eleanor will benefit from her mom & dad being safe {and great role models as she gets older} too!

  72. you're so gorgeous naomi! the glasses, red lipstick and pretty curls are such a great look on you. i love it!

  73. Michaela

    Your hair is amazing! Did you do anything to it recently?

  74. Gaby

    Naomi you look so pretty it these photos. i love your and Josh's glasses. E just looks so cute! xx

  75. Elaine

    You guys are great biking to church and I would like to think we started it all with our bike rides in Hilton Head! And is that the infant seat we gave to Josh (and Eleanor) for Father's Day (or did you trade it for something different?) It looks pretty good but of course I didn't see it up close since I ordered it online. Hope you have a lot of great biking days this fall. And is that a bag I see on the back of Josh's bike. Your bikes look terrific, black and white!

  76. hooray, autumn's almost here!
    your baby girl looks so happy!

  77. Love these pics! I love how close your little family is! Eleanor looks absolutely scrumptious!!! And I love your lovely long hair! How do you make it look so darling and wavy?

  78. Kitty

    You look simply beautiful! What a fun way to start the day!
    Please, please get yourself a cute helmet. Here are some cute, unconventional ones:

    I am from San Francisco. My friends have DIED due to careless drivers. It can happen to anyone.

  79. Myrna

    Your family is too cute for words. You and Josh seem so happy and that's wonderful. E is so beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

    XO Myrna

  80. Patti

    Eleanor must be the happiest little girl I've ever seen! Great bike, by the way.

    Twirling in Glitter

  81. amanda

    you would look super cute biking.

    i loveeeee fall!

  82. Hooray for autumn!

    These pictures are adorable. My husband and I love to ride our bikes–it's a great couples thing to go out and do. So cute with baby Eleanor as well.

    Keep the great posts coming! Love following you!

  83. Lidia

    perfect. little. family!!! this makes me happy :)

  84. you guys are the cutest!! and how adorable does Eleanor look in her little helmet?!

  85. Sarah

    Loving this look you're rocking! Red lips, auburn wavy hair and the glasses! So sophisticated yet cute!

  86. taylor

    you three-such a cute family. love these pictures.

  87. we just got a bike trailer for our little 6 month old and we can't wait to use it…only problem is right now (at least where we live in salt lake) there isn't many places on the roads for bikes!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  88. Jackie

    yes, i need to know where you got your bike and baby seat?? pretty please. thanks-love the pics!

  89. whimsy

    these are some of my fav pics of you guys ever!! so darling. im obsessed with riding bikes.

  90. margaret

    does anyone watch gilmore girls? because how much does naomi look like lorelei in these pictures!!!

  91. lovely photos. you have a wonderful way of capturing those moments in life. i want to dig my old bike out and ride it today- maybe if the tyres weren't flat and i could find a helmet.

  92. oooh i love a good bike ride in crisp air. and what cute bikes you have?! not surprising in the least bit.

  93. I love this time of year because it's PERFECT for bike rides. Also, you're hair looks A-MAZING!

  94. miriam

    Ok, that picture of Eleanor? Oh my goodness. Pretty much did me in.

  95. I love your bike, SO cute! I really need to get me one of those. Its like exersizing on accident! Eleanor looks adorable and I love her tights! Your hair look georgous, isnt it great what a trip and come color will do? It makes you feel like a completely brighter person! Love the pics, fall, and cant wait for those leaves to change here in Provo ut as well : )

  96. Precious! Of course it's normal to take a break for a little bit,& have some alone time just to relax. I'm not a mother yet, but I'm sure it's tiring but fun at the same time, but sometimes you need a mini break from it all.

  97. wow you guys are adorable. family bike rides are so sweet.

  98. B

    Oh. my. goodness!!! Baby E in her little bike helmet; to die for!!! You three are thee cutest little family. Thanks for sharing!

  99. your bike is so cute–can i ask what kind (brand, model) it is? i'm in the market for a new one :)

  100. Happy autumn! Looks like a super-fun day! E looks sooooo cute in her little helmet!

  101. does Josh have a calling with the youth… or does he just connect with them because he still is one on the inside? :p

  102. Briel79

    How sweet! I love the photo of Eleanor with her helmet. She's such a cutie!

  103. Your bike is really cool. Go green.

  104. I am SO happy about autumn almost being here! In Arizona we really don't pretty changing leaves, or chilly weather, but I still love the whole idea of fall!

    I'm also SO excited to take my bicycle out for a spin soon! ECK!

  105. Nems

    That is super cute.

  106. so adorable! eleanor looks so snug and happy :)