a baby shower for julie.

our friends mark and julie are about to have a baby! hooray for friends having babies around the same time as us! don’t think we haven’t been campaigning to all our married friends over the past year… “babies are the best!” “she never cries…. ;)” “here, hold her, oh my gosh you look SO GOOD holding a baby!” it hasn’t really been working.
so you can imagine our excitement last spring when mark and julie came over and were all, “so looks like eleanor is going to have a little friend soon…” i mean, seriously! it doesn’t get any better then friends having babies around the same time as you. we are pretty stoked to meet that baby boy or girl soon. (and yay for friends who aren’t finding out the sex of baby until birth! we highly endorse that method!)
anyway, i got to throw julie a baby shower brunch last saturday and here are a few photos…
p.s. i feel like it was just the other day when our roles were reversed in this photo and julie threw me my baby shower last january. i guess it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. ;) also, how cute is her baby bump?
the morning was a lot of fun! i don’t know how people coordinate so many hot plates at once for a party though. the cinnamon rolls didn’t make it to the table until 15 minutes after everyone started eating because they were still in the oven and of course julie arrived promptly on time (am i allowed to say that our friends are never really on time to stuff? well, neither are we, but…) so of course josh and i were still running around trying to get set up because we assumed by saying ten, no one would show up until after ten thirty. we did survive however, and i think everyone had a good time.
josh made the cinnamon rolls (this recipe) and quiche (he made up both the pastry crust and quiche recipe). i made pumpkin cookies (recipe here) and caramel apples and a vegetable and fruit salad. i made the fabric garlands based off this pretty photo i found on pinterest and bought the invitations here on etsy. i decorated the table with gnomes because i never even noticed them until i met julie, who kind of loves those little guys a lot.
hooray for babies!
  1. alissa b

    awh it all looks so lovely! and super delicious!

    hooray for babies x2 :)

    alissa b

  2. Tina

    omg this looks so amazing! your apartment looks adorable, you need to show it off to us! lol and all that food looks so good. i am stealing that cinnamon rolls recipe immediately!! congrats to julie!!!

  3. moniquay

    love it all! you just inspired me with those garlands :)

  4. beautiful brunch shower! those are my fave.

  5. i would like to take this opportunity to invite you to host my baby shower, too.

    i'll let you know in around 5 years when i'm expecting.


  6. colleen

    a few things.
    1 – your dress is amazing.
    2 – the food looks amazing
    3 – there is no better surprise than not knowing. i've never gotten why people find out. but then again i've never had a baby, so what do i know.
    4 – congrats to your friend! i hope her labor goes well and she meets her little bundle of joy soon.

  7. Lyndall

    I love how you set everything up! Want to come to Australia and throw me a baby shower? Hehe.

  8. everything looks so perfectly amazing i adore the subtle tones and the gnomes! ah! love!

  9. Bri

    aww, looks like sweet & happy memories were made celebrating the soon-to-be bundle of joy! congrats to your friend :)

  10. I'm so thankful for this post! I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend in November! Thanks :)

  11. Michelle

    everything looks so yummy!

  12. L!$@

    um WOW that looks so good :D Nice work!

  13. Jenni

    Thanks for inspiration! It's my son's Bday on Sunday… Say hi to you firend Julie, she looks great! You're right it: It's great to have friends with babies :D

  14. that looks so lovely! & those invitations are too cute!

  15. Sarah

    You did SUCH a great job! Especially since it was only you and Josh doing everything. I can't do it that way. Anytime I throw a party I need at LEAST 3 other people helping me. Two working on decorations, two working on food. I love the pom poms. So cute!!!

    - Sarah

  16. Mrs. Ham

    so happy eleanor will have a friend!!! great shower! and i love the gnome idea! makes it really personal and fun!



  17. Aww! Everything looks so wonderful! I can only hope whoever throws my baby shower someday takes note of this post! :)

  18. Looks like you did a really great job! the shower looks adorable! Congratulations to your friend Julie and you for having friends with babies!lol

  19. Looks like you did a really great job! the shower looks adorable! Congratulations to your friend Julie and you for having friends with babies!lol

  20. such a beautiful friendship and party! love the photos :)

  21. Beautiful!!!! Gnomes are the cutest!!!


  22. I love everything that you did! Hopefully the baby shower that I'm throwing next week goes just as smoothly as yours ;) Question, where did you get the straws???

  23. Melu103

    how cute!
    this brunch is adorable
    and food looks really yummy

    the old picture from your
    baby shower .. how crazy
    :) now she is pregnant

    happy hump day!


  24. sinika

    You throw a pretty party!

    And- I'll have to make cinnamon rolls for my little Elliott's morning baptism in 2 weeks… thanks for the idea. :)

  25. so patient to wait to find out the sex of your baby! we keep throwing the idea around (to wait) when we get pregnant again but…we'll see!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  26. This is awesome. What a great friend!


  27. hello.

    how beautiful! :) the food all looks to die for + i love the sweet garland you whipped up. we also decided to wait until our two kids were born to find out their sexes. we've never regretted it; still think it's one of the best surprises there is in life!

  28. Sarah

    I love the colours, decor and that table setting looks delicious! Beautiful!

  29. Lisa

    i want cinnamon rolls so badly right now! They look so good!

  30. Gaby

    looks lovely, and it's so sweet that josh made cinammon rolls AND quiche. what a catch!

  31. you guys made everything look so beautiful!! i love the garlands up against the window and how they are all different sizes. also your dress is adorable. those cinnamon rolls so delicious, I may just have to attempt baking some of these. :)

  32. This is such an exciting post, because my friend is also pregnant! I can't wait to throw her a cute party!

  33. Anna Log

    love love your dress! where is it from?

  34. Jacob

    looks like you hosted a great party! :)

  35. Bridget

    i do anything for quiche. that looks like some good quiche.

  36. t.

    that party looks amazing! what a sweet friend you are to throw a shower for her. i never had a baby shower, so it's always neat to see what other people do during theirs. :)

  37. Wow, this baby shower looks like it's straight out of a magazine! You did an AMAZING job. And I like the gnomes… a little unexpected but a lot personal. Congrats!

  38. Ashley

    Both showers are absolutely amazing. I adore your blog!

  39. congrats to Julie! What a beautiful (and delicious!) way to party. Well done!

  40. so pretty ! you did such a great job! i'm sure she loved it!

  41. Kate

    those gnomes are the best!

  42. Goodness…so pretty! LOVE the gnomes! Would you mind telling me where you got them from???

  43. demi~

    what a fantastic spread! looks beautiful…you've given us great ideas. very sweet!

  44. Beautiful! Mind sharing the "how-to" on the garland?

  45. So pretty! Where are the balloons from? I am planning a bridal shower and would love a few of those large round balloons! Thanks!

  46. Wow, great job Naomi! Looks like it was a wonderful shower. And I love your dress!

    P.S. Thanks for your inspiration; I did my own Happy List post today. :) (It's pretty much the same as the one I emailed, though…too early over here to come up with new material!)

    ~ Angela

  47. Unknown

    that looks beautiful!

    question for ya: what kind of camera do you have and what setting do you use on it? I love the look of all your pictures!

  48. Sheva

    Beautiful! I love the whimsical garden feel :)

  49. Blicious

    it all looks so yummy!!! her baby bump is so precious!!


  50. ooh i love the color scheme to the shower :) super pretty. and josh helping? priceless. you got a good one right there :)

  51. emily

    looks like you throw a good party! those little gnomes are a nice touch :)

  52. {B}

    This could be the CUTEST baby shower ever. Absolutely adorable. And your dress?? SO cute.

  53. This is lovely, everything looks delicious!


  54. It all looks soooo adorable! Really cute :D

  55. Angela

    Hello from your newest follower all the way from Australia! :)
    I have just discovered your blog and can't get enough. Thanks for sharing your lovely life with us.

    I just started my own blog (judging by yours I have a loooong way to go) but would love you to check it out :)

    Thanks again, can't wait to see more of what life has in store for you and your little fam xx

  56. this baby shower is SO adorable! i love every last detail, including the tiny gnomes. and that food, i want it right now. so delicious!!
    xo TJ

  57. This is so adorable! I love the random gnomes =)

  58. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon pennsylvainia.I was just passing though and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.

  59. Haley K

    classy and darling!!! and the gnomes…oh i love it :) What a sweet friendship that you've done each other's showers! <3 You guys had quite the spread (you 2 make quite the team in the kitchen!)…goodness I'm hungry now. And the fabric garlands were lovely :) glad you had such a great time celebrating the arrival of your sweet friend's babe.

  60. Haley K

    and you're on pinterest :) following. now.

  61. Liesl

    How darling! LOVE the peach roses and how yummy do those cinnamon rolls look! Love that you made pumpkin cookies…I love anything pumpkin for Fall oh and carmel apples!

    Liesl :)

  62. Wow- it all looks amazing!


  63. It's official! You're invited to throw me any kind of party you would like. haha

  64. hooray for babies is right! and hooray for awesome friends!

  65. Roxane

    so cute, nice photos

  66. Very VERY cute set up! …and so sweet that you got to return the favor and throw her a baby shower too!

  67. robyn

    how cute are both of you! love your dress – and the gnomes are such a whimsical fun touch ;)

  68. Linka

    Absolutely lovely girl! You did a great job!!!

  69. Im making decorations for my friends baby shower now! I love the flower garland you made, so cute :)

  70. Jenna E

    Everything looks delicious, even the decorations

  71. Diana

    What a beautiful shower! Those cinnamon rolls look uh-may-zing, and I am loving the gnomes. Best of luck to Julie with her labour and delivery.

  72. Samantha

    So many things to love, first: I love the decor and food presentation for the shower. Second, you look so cute, I am jealous!. Your friend looks adorable also. Lastly, I had to know what I was having, I had to be uber prepared and ready to go, there's no way I could have been surprised.

  73. LMT

    darling! and that food…!

  74. Mariela

    Everything looks amazing, the decoration, food, and yes, babies are the best. Have a great day.

  75. my mouth is officially watering. those cinnamon rolls look a-mazing.
    could i have one please? ;)

  76. Ana

    Oh this looks like such a lovely celebration! I have a major craving for cinnamon rolls now, and I've had a similar flower garland on my to-do list for a while now! I NEED to make it happen…the one you made is some incredibly beautiful added inspiration!

  77. You have to be the best friend in the world.
    This baby shower looks amazing.
    So cool that more of your friends are going to having babies.

  78. awe she does have a cute baby bump :-)
    and great job with the shower! It looks like it belongs in a magazine

  79. what filter did you use on these photos? they look great!

  80. Libby

    the food all looks amazing! esp the cinnamon rolls and the caramel apples!

  81. Kari

    I LOVE the gnomes! I totally want to collect them!

  82. i laughed at the time thing.. being amongst friends I think it is ok to be a little late, but for an invite type thing I would never turn up half hour late for anything! so rude (unless of course big baby emergency) I'm usually half hour early for things and sit in my car cause as you stated being early is no good too (if hosts are still busy ;)

    PS food looks delish!

  83. I'm sure that you've been asked this before, but can you tell me the artist who painted the piece behind you in the first picture of this post. I just LOVE it!!! Thank you!