rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have some great stuff to give away all thanks to our sponsor, amelia johnson photography!
amelia is giving one lucky ready their very own 35mm holga camera + a roll of kodak film!

amelia is also giving away one of her beautiful photographs in an 8×10 size (you pick the photo!) to two lucky readers! below are just a few of my favorites, but go here to see all of her photographs before you make your choice!

amelia says, “behind one click of my camera lies artisitc intuition, fabulous style and technical know-how. i know what i’m doing. i shoot pure film because shouldn’t everyone look gorgeous? with a warm, creamy palette, film allows me to craft images of superior beauty. i leave a trail of dazzled clients.”
to enter to win either the holga camera or a print of your choice, please visit amelia’s photography blog, and comment below telling us which print you would choose! winners will be drawn at random and announced next monday, september 5th.
you can also visit amelia over on her twitter or facebook pages to get to know her a little bit better. she sounds absolutely adorable, i think it’s worth your time!
good luck!
  1. EC

    I love the It's A Small World print. She has a lot of cute shots to pick from.

  2. Oh man, a holga! I would love to win this! I'd also looooove the zebra print!

  3. L

    I would love a Holga! It's been on my wishlist for awhile. And Amelia's photos look awesome – love that she shoots film.

  4. Josie

    Oh, the beach, the beach. I've had such a miserable summer weather-wise, it would be the perfect antidote!

  5. valerie

    ooh! love holgas!
    i have to say, so far that zebra portrait you picked is also my favourite!

  6. Amanda

    First let me say that I am an aspiring photographer, and absolutely love Amelias work. I would chose the zebra photo because my room is filled with animal print and it would definately compliment it. Or maybe the last one with the ocean in the backround, that would go great in my bathroom.

  7. Shelly

    i love the small world print!

  8. Taylor

    i love photography, it is a new thing that really makes me happy and calm! this is an amazing giveaway! :) i am a follower.

  9. jane

    zebra all the way. i have a thing for stripes!

  10. Pick me!! Gotta have the Zebra!

  11. The Zebra print would look amazing on my walls!

  12. I love the image of the old couple…its the black and white one on the blog. Something about the way she captured there expression is so beautiful. I am a sucker for people photography!

  13. mollie

    I love the Zebra print! It would look so cute in my nephews nursery.

  14. Such a great giveaway! I love the picture of all the balloons! It's amazing.

  15. Kym

    I love photography and have been dying to own a holga!!!! best giveaway ever!!!!!

  16. renata

    wow how pretty!

    is this an international giveaway? if so, i want this camera flying straight to south america, to photograph flowers in bloom this spring :) That'd be awesome!

    Ps: i spent the weekend with my cousin and her beautiful 3 month old daughter and she'd remind me of eleanor haha, babies rock out!

  17. Brianne

    hope I am the lucky one this time!

    beautiful picture of the dried sea life at the beach!

  18. Jessi

    i would have to go with the "its a small world" print… thats where my hubby and i went for our honeymoon… :)

    brings back fond memories…

    thanks so much!


  19. tamara

    The "its a small world photo" is probably my favourite followed closly by the "daily bread" photo. I think it would look awesome in my kitchen!
    I would love to play around with the Holga!


  20. i love the zebra print! but also the small world! they're all beautiful! :)

  21. I just graduated with my photography degree. what a great graduation present!

  22. Oh pretty pretty pretty, I love the it's a small world print! xo

  23. Chelsea

    The Zebra, hands down! This is a fabulous give-away! Thanks Amelia and Naomi.

  24. Wow! What a fantastical giveaway! I've wanted a Holga for.EVER!!

    Amelia is such a great photographer, that zebra print is devine!!

  25. My computer's too slow to look at too many pictures, but just from the Magic Kingdom post I LOVE the picture of the little girl holding a map. Something about that just screams innocence & excitement.

  26. bbidiuc

    i just moved to austin, tx after living on the east coast. documenting this city through photography has been one way for me to adjust. i would love to see austin through the lens of a holga.
    one of my favorite pictures in amanda's blog is in her "5.07.2011 Cobie + Eric's Wedding – Leesburg, Virginia." It's the picture of an old wooden structure with a window and ivy. it's BEAUTIFUL!

  27. Ella

    The Zebra print would fit in with all of my decor and my personality!!! Oh how I love her photos!

  28. I love the flowers and brick wall print. I live in the city and it's easy to forget about the nature that surrounds us. You just have to look a little harder!

  29. WOW I am so excited about this giveaway! I would so so so so so make use of that Holga. I'd definitely grab that Zebra print. Growing up, a farm near my house had a zebra in their pasture, it was awesome!

  30. Yes Please! I like the dried seaweed or the zebra one best.

  31. What a lovely giveaway! I'd love a zebra print ;)

  32. Shauna

    the zebra print is super awesome.

  33. Definitely following her now- what amazing photos she creates!
    I would love love love to receive a Holga camera – it's actually been on my wishlist for a while! It will take me a while to go through and choose one, but for now I am loving the last one you posted on your page with the beach.

  34. Alyssa

    I love the shot of the flowers on the brick wall. Her work is amazing!

  35. Cas

    I love the last photo. Thanks!

  36. I think "It's a Small World" and the brick wall with the flower are beautiful!

  37. i would love the camera, but like the tiki pic.

  38. The 'its a small world print'! Brings back a lot of fun childhood memories!

  39. amy

    I love the "it's a small world" picture!!


  40. Great pics! I have a zebra obsession so I would definitely choose that!

  41. I'd love to win! The brick wall with the flowers is my favourite! I'd love her to take pics of my wedding! ;D

  42. Lindsay

    i'd def pick the zebra print :p

  43. The Small World print! So pretty.

  44. I love love love the photo of the unfocused Walt and Mickey with the background in focus, I love Disney and photography!! Pick me! =]

  45. Diana

    I'm absolutely in love with the black and white photo of the ducklings in her Washington DC post. It reminds me of the pet duck I had as a kid. His name was Fluster.

  46. Brenna

    At first I wanted to win this for my best friend (I need a great college grad/21st birthday gift).. but then I saw the Magic Kingdom Disney prints. SWOON! Might need to keep this one for me :)

  47. oh how i have wanted one of these!

  48. Sonja

    There are so many pretty and cool photos, but I loooove the zebra one. So great! :o)

  49. Great giveaway!

    I'd pick the picture of the giant hamburger on her website because I LOVE me some hamburgers.

  50. April

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would LOVE a Holga! The "small world" print is amazing! It made me smile and get a little teary eyed at the same time (so sappy, I know) but my hubby and I went to Disneyland on our honeymoon and have since been back with our little boy… Such great memories.

  51. Laurie

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Ariana

    I love the it's a small world print! so funky!

  53. i almost caved & bought a holga the other day. its next on my list of cameras. maybe just maybe…

  54. Mindy

    Love the brick wall and flowers. Reminds me so much of living on the hill and the exposed brick in my first house here! Would lovelove the camera or the print!

  55. i have recently become obsessed with photography so i would LOVE this!

  56. Lindsay

    I like the beach photo you posted. Would love the camera!

  57. I'm more excited for the print than the camera– is that bad? I just love all of the Disney themes photos. I love the castle, the "it's a small world" sign, the cluster of Mickey balloons!

  58. Hannah

    i would definitelyyyy choose the zebra print! i have a friend that lovesss all things zebra and her birthday is coming up!

  59. So cool! Love the picture with the flowers and the wall… great giveaway!

  60. What an amazing prize! I LOVE the zebra print.

  61. I personally love the acqua di parma perfume picture because it is so elegant and beautiful. She is such a talented photographer!

  62. Laurie

    I would love to win a Holga! (I have been admiring Naomi's Holga pictures for a while now.) What a great way to take pictures as the leaves begin to change colors for the fall! I love the brick wall print! It would look great in my office. (After looking through Amelia's blog, I also love the one of the wheat field with the beautiful blue sky and clouds from Amelia's December 12, 2010 blog post "Sarah and John's Sneak Preview.")

  63. I love love love the Zebra Print. It would go so well with my brightly coloured room, the black and white would stand out a lot.

  64. Rebecca

    i love all of her prints, but I'm a sucker for all things Disney! That Small World print quickly stole my heart!

  65. ko.

    I'm loving the picture of the baby ducklings in washington dc :)

  66. Camille

    oh my beautiful!! I love all of them. I loved the perfume shots that she took alot!

  67. a holga! I really like the zebra print, as well (:

  68. She is a fabulous photographer! I love the pic of the teacups at Disneyland with the paper lanterns above them…so cute! She has a lot of great pics!

  69. I really like the one that shows the back of Walt Disney and Mickey! And I've been longing for a Holga for some time now!

  70. Heather

    Oooohhhh, I would pee my pants if that Holga was mine! She would find a great home with me…my FAVORITE print would have to be the zebra one – I have the perfect place for it already!!! Thanks, Naomi, for the chance to WIN!

  71. Jenn

    The beach one!! OH MAN, how I LOVE the beach!!

  72. Kelly

    I want the zebra!

  73. That zebra print is AMAZING!!! BEAUTIFUL site!

  74. katie

    i love that zebra print!! that would look fantastic in my living room. i wish she lived closer to me — i am currently on the hunt for a wedding photographer and her work is amazing!!

  75. Karen

    Like a lot of others it seems, I would also pick the It's A Small World photo. It's just fantastic!

  76. Lindsay

    Such a great giveaway! I love her picture of the Washington Monument. It would look awesome in a huge frame!!

  77. Sea fan coral, beautiful… she has some great pics. AND HOLGA, great camera.

  78. Oh for sure the It's A Small World print! I have been to Disney once in my life and that ride was magical to me. By far my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  79. Love the Zebra print and would love the camera too!

  80. Amanda

    I love the close up flower picture from the Exposure shoot. It would look amazing as an extra large print on a dark wall.

  81. Jessica

    zebra print! It's beautiful!
    and wow a hogla camara, that would be amazing to win as well!
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  82. Haley

    The zebra print is so awesome! I love the colors. I am an aspiring photographer who wants to start shooting more in film. Amelia's photos are truly inspiring.

  83. Linsley

    Oh geez… Is this really the giveaway?! It can't be true! Please pick me and make me a VERY happy girl from Tennessee!!

  84. WOW! She is brilliant! I love the shot of the back of Mickey and Walt. Huge Disney fan and have wanted a Holga for YEARS and just never seem to have the expendable income to buy one. Fabulous contest!

  85. Brittan

    i love the it's a small world picture so much. how cool that she shoots film!

  86. Api S

    I love the 'Goofy's Jelly bean' one! The color feels antique and i just love it :)

  87. jomama

    what a great photographer! i really want to start learning how to shoot with film, and ever since i knew about holgas i've wanted one!

  88. Linley

    Oh I would love to win this camera!

  89. I love her photography style. It's so pure and lovely!

  90. Rene

    I have always wanted a Holga I love toy cameras! I am also really loving the photography and that beach shot is pretty amazing!

  91. I LOVE the Zebra! So fun :)

  92. I would have been dying to get my hands on a Holga camera… it would take my photos to a whole new level! The pic of the boat of people going into the whale's mouth is great :)

  93. Brit

    All of her pictures are beautiful but I have wanted an holga for so long! Pick me!

  94. This is great, thanks Naomi! I would pick the sea-fan picture for sure!

  95. The Toy Story pic at the end is hilariously awesome, but I LOOVVEE the Zebra one.

  96. I'd love any animal print! And that camera is fab!

  97. ElinorM

    I love the print of the pick blossom tree! Plus blossom is lucky so its a win-win situation!

  98. How wonderful. I would have to say the sea for me. My heart belows to the sea and on Friday I am flying with some friend to a tiny Island on the west coast of scotland just to swim in the sea!!
    (and buy the local fish too)
    The camera would be amazing.

  99. Sephira

    What a lovely give away. The camera is so adorable!

    My favorite print well.. its a tie between the "tea-cups" picture from the post Sunny 16 and The magical Kingdom and or the photo of a lake from Kristen + kevins engagements :)

    Amazing photos in general!

    xx Seph

  100. ad

    i love her sand pic from pacific palisades!!

  101. J

    the photo of the washington monument would be perfect for my new dc apartment, and i've been wishing for a holga to explore my new city (and coast!) with :)

  102. KLP

    She is so talented! Its a tie between the zebra and the one of Abe Lincoln in the Charlotte airport. I can't decide!

  103. Yvonne

    the zebra is my favorite! (it's my favorite animal too!)

  104. This would be a great early birthday present – just two days before! I love the brick wall with the flowers peeping over one – the colors are great!

  105. Nelly

    I'd get the "It's a Small World" print! It's lovely

  106. Nelly

    I'd get the "It's a Small World" print! It's lovely

  107. I just am smitten with the coral/beach photo! And this giveaway is amazing….made my morning better!

  108. Amelia is so talented. It makes it hard to choose but I would have to say the Zebra print. It's amazing! Plus I would be thrilled to win the Holga.

  109. Holly

    i LOVE the zebra print! and i would love a holga of my own!

  110. She does amazing work! I would definitely choose the one of the American flag waving with the blue sky and clouds in the background. I love how the colors are so vibrant!

  111. Ally

    awesome giveaway! I really like the print of the walt disney and mickey mouse statue! Always wanted a Holga!

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. tRiSh

    In her post called 'Emerald City', there's a picture of a scenery where 2 blurred children play in a lake at the foot of mountains: I think it's one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen.

  114. I love the one with the blossoms hanging in front of the 'matterhorn'!

  115. holga camera are so much fun. I love the beach print one. It takes me to a place I'd love to be.

  116. Meg

    What a lust worthy giveaway! Camera and film or a goregous print? Count me in!

    Loving the brick wall with flowers print in Palos Verdes, California (5/3) post.

    And the Marc Jacobs perfume bottle shots. Lovely!

  117. Amy

    I LOVE the picture she has of the teacups! that's my fave ride. so fun!

  118. Oh what beauties! I would love to win a Holga camera and film! ;) Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Amanda

    i would love the holga or print! i really love the it's a small world pics….makes me think of my childhood! it was my favorite ride!

  120. Briel79

    Nice giveaway! I like the zebra print!

  121. Mommara

    A Holga has been on my dream list for a while. How fun! I love the print on the top right. So so pretty! What a lovely blog.

  122. the zebra print is fantastic but that camera is what i'm absolutely dying for. best giveaway yet! fingers crossed.

  123. Kate

    I would take pretty much any print from the Emerald City post (9/25/09). I love the ones on the water.

  124. first off, i've been looking for a cam lately and this would give me an opportunity to get some quirky shots! love the 'it's a small world' shot from disney. we have this inside joke in my family about the singing dolls being a modern add on to the circles of hell in dante's inferno ;p

  125. jenny

    Thanks for sharing Amelia's blog — her photography is beautiful. I'm also a big fan of film. I really like the Disney photo showing the rear silhouette of the Walt Disney and Mickey statue. Simple, dreamy, and iconic.

  126. NSS

    Leg tattoo at Disneyland is pretty awesome. Holga is awesome too. Great work.

  127. It's a Small World! It is my favorite ride at Disney World.

  128. The fern/ocean shot captures my eye. And the camera is quite nice too!

  129. Is it cheating if I say I really like the zebra? Her wedding photos are stunning as well!

  130. i love the brick wall with the flowers. love the burst of color coming across the man made brick.

  131. i love the brick wall with the flowers. love the burst of color coming across the man made brick.

  132. Kristy

    ooooo! I would be so thrilled to own a holga!What a great give away!

  133. K

    I think it's probably really hard to photograph such an iconic place–but Amelia managed to do it in a fresh, noncliche way! I adore the teacups picture as well as the people in the water ride.

  134. i would love a holga!
    the zebra print is just perfect!

  135. Kristin

    0o0o0o how can you pick just one..Im sooo in love with the disney set, the teacups brought back such fond memories, and I love how eerie the small world sign looks..

  136. I love love love the picture of the zebra! I'm having a baby boy soon and am doing his nursery in a jungle theme! It would be perfect! :)

  137. kelly

    That beach picture is my favorite, but all her photos are so gorgeous!

  138. Emily

    i love everything about this! i have recently gotten in to photography and would love to win this!

  139. esther.

    The Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume photo is divine. I'll definitely be continuing to return back to Amelia's site. Absolutely gorgeous work!

  140. -L-

    What an amazing giveaway. I've been working on filling the walls in my home with my own artwork— it would be great to be able to hang my own holga prints!

  141. I don't know how she nailed such an iconic place like DISNEY!! Kudos! I love the one with the pinks and dolls and gorgeousness. I would look lovely in my little girls room :] Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  142. jamie

    these are gorgeous! i love the it's a small world print so much.

  143. micah

    oh my goodness! i am suuuuch a disneyland geek! i have so many books and visit every year and read micechat online. I would LOOOVE to hang that Small World photo in my living room, just to be in the happiest place on earth a little bit every day!

  144. Erin

    I am so excited about this giveaway! My favorites are the Summer Sweet Sunshine beach photos.

  145. Trista

    The "It's A Small World" print is definitely my favorite. That ride brings back fond memories. :)

  146. -L-

    I got so excited about the giveaway that I forgot to comment on my favorite print. The It's a Small World print is definitely my favorite!

  147. I would love any of her prints of the ocean. I miss it so much!

  148. j.peri

    oh baby do i want one of those!

  149. A.

    Love the zebra print!

  150. Katie

    i love that zebra print! and i would LOVE to learn how to shoot film!

  151. Great giveaway! The minute I saw the It's a Small World print it brought back memories of my childhood. It's my favorite. Need to get myself to Disneyland, again!

  152. I want a Holga and have for so long!!! It would be ever so appropriate as September 5th is my birthday and it would be the most exciting birthday present! I need it to capture the constant precious moments of my 2 babies. Please pick me!!

  153. Juultje

    oh…I really hope I am lucky, would love to have a holga…

    Checke the prints, so many, but i found one P712, date 1-22-2010, 2nd pic!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  154. A.

    Oh, my. Having a holga would be a dream come true! I love the print of Walt Disney and Mickey from behind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  155. That zebra picture is fantastic! I would love to have that on my wall.

  156. I'd love that Holga! :)
    I'm loving a lot of her work, so beautiful. I was browsing the blog and came across a photo of flowers that I really like.

  157. Meredith

    Wow, a holga? That's definitely the best prize I've ever seen on a giveaway. :)

    Amelia's site is really inspiring – I'm hoping to become a better photographer. If I had to pick, I definitely would go with the small world print!

  158. rachael

    I've wanted a holga for quite a while! I'm moving into my own place and I'd love the print of the pink flowers over the wall to put up on my wall.

  159. Rachel

    I've been wanting a Holga forever!! I love her pic of the balloons at Disney, as well as the teacups one. (Love those tea cups..). That zebra print is so gorgeous, as well.

  160. Darilyn

    Love holgas and the zebra print! Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. Mrs. Ham

    she's good with the film. thats for sure! i like so many of the prints! can't just pick one and cheat the others out.

  162. Brianna

    Oh how I would love to win! I really like that picture right next to the zebra print you posted- the one of that plant with the beach in the background! I don't know what plant that is, but it looks awesome!

  163. Wow, this is a popular giveaway! I hope I can win the holga camera! I love the brick wall picture with the tree branch that you picked!

  164. I love all the Disney photos but It's a Small World is definitely my favorite!

    And that camera is amazing!!!!

  165. Karissa

    I love the Disney photos, BUT I'd really REALLY love to have the Holga camera! I'm so wanting to win!

  166. Emma


  167. Emily

    Ooh what a generous give away. She's so talented, I'm inspired by all her pictures! However, I particularly like the zebra print you chose as well.

  168. I also looove love the zebra print – it would look so fun on my wall!! Thanks – Chrissy

  169. I'd definitely go with the perfume shot of Aqua Di Parma. Love this!

  170. yes yes yes! great giveaway! i love the zebra

  171. simona

    I love the Zebra print and I'm a
    Holga addicted!!
    please pick me!!!


  172. Sophie

    I'd love to win!And I'd love to have the print withe the flower behind the wall :)

  173. dem

    Love the zebra print, what beautiful and happy photos! Of course the camera is incredible too!!!

    What an amazing giveaway!

  174. the It's A Small World print is adorable! i have been eyeing the holga camera lately & hope to use one someday! thanks for the giveaway!

  175. so cute! i like the zebra one, I am dying for a Holga!

  176. Sini

    I love the beach photos! Holga would be a dream come true :)

  177. tdaya

    Oh a holga camera sounds amazing for my travels to Kenya this fall!

  178. molly

    it's a small world for sure! love it.

    ps. monday is my birthday!! :)

  179. Pam

    A holga has been on my wishlist for a while now, and her pictures of Sundance are beautiful. I'd love the "pick up" picture!

  180. Dakota83

    The zebra is beautiful and definitely a favorite! The colors remind me of a living room I've seen with deep, sky blue walls and a black and white furniture palette. I've been consumed with the thought of recreating a similar color theme…but maybe a Holga will help calm me down. :)

  181. I love the zebra print or any of the ones from the ocean. Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Her blog is lovely…makes me want to grab a camera and go find things to capture! I am in love with her print of the exotic looking flower, the red pops and the background is so soft!

  183. The It's a Small World print brought a smile to my face. I was able to experience bringing my niece and nephew to the Magical Kingdom for the first time this summer…and this just reminds me of the smile I saw on their little faces.

  184. I would love the first print- the beach scene.

  185. pievutė

    oh God! holga?!? I really need one, 'cause my old camera is lame and almost broken :(
    there's a bunch of photos I'd like to have hanging on my wall, but man, that zebra is awesome!

    very very nice giveaway!

  186. Tamara

    smallWORLD photo and I'd love a Holga!!

  187. As an aspiring photographer I would love to learn on this camera. Plus, the leafy ocean print is beautiful!

  188. MJ

    I would love this camera! Especially with a baby on the way I will be taking lots and lots of pictures!

  189. Beautiful photography! I am a little in love with zebras and that print is stunning so that's what this gal would pick :)

  190. Jessica

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  191. a HOLGA?? oh, please pick me! "she's" been on my wish list for ages- and would be so perfect to take with us to disney next spring! speaking of disney- that ballon photo is fab. my little elle would just die for this in her room. princesses + balloons? what more could she ask for? oh… except maybe that holga;)

  192. Lois

    I love the pic of the Walt and Mickey statue <3

  193. Omg I would love to win an Holga I love them :) And the print whit the flower behind the wall it's gorgeous*

  194. I love Amelia's photos in her sundance post. I would love to give a holga a try! Thanks

  195. belle

    I would adore that Holga camera! My favorite print is the one of two birds in a field.

  196. Jessica

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  197. I love the Disney pictures, especially the one of the tea cups. Too cute!

    Such a great giveaway!

  198. lulu

    i have been wanting a holga camera for ages so i would LOVE to win. photography has always been something i'd love to improve upon. i absolutely love amelia's picture with the brick wall & flowers.

  199. emjay

    wow. this is such a great giveaway and what beautiful inspired photography… plus a holga! this has been on my wishlist forever. i really like the brick wall shot contrasted with the flowers. very simple and very pretty.

  200. Emily

    i love the it's a small world print! it's so cute. great giveaway. :)

  201. bbmer

    holgas are amazing! love the beach print! it's just so summery!

  202. manthony

    Wowza, she's talented! I love the shot of the teacups at Disneyland – so fun and whimsical! I also ADORE the picture on her home page of the perfume and pearls… so classy :) And ohhh, what a camera…

  203. cristina

    i love beach photographs so that's definitely the one i would choose. and it's been on my wishlist to own a holga for years! awesome giveaway!

  204. I would love the holga, it's so exciting to see people holding onto film photography, it feels authentic. I love her photos; I would choose her birds photo from 7.16.11, the muted colors and barren landscape remind me of my favorites Whistler paintings.

  205. such a great giveaway! i love the zebra print.

  206. Lea

    The zebra print is pretty awesome.

  207. Jessica

    I love the ocean print, it's so calming. I just moved into my very 1st apartment and would love to put this print up on one of my many bare walls to make it feel like more of a home!! The holga camera would be a wonderful bonus since then I can take more pictures to decorate my new place with!

    Good luck to everyone entering!!

    : )

  208. Rachel

    I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to win this!I have been wanting a Holga for FOREVER…I would definitely pick the flowers with the brick wall…it's an amazing shot.Awesome givaway!

  209. A Holga! How awesome!

    Love the photo at the beach…would go great in my living room.

    Awesome Giveaway

  210. sarasue

    I would pick the zebra print, and cannot imagine having a Holga! How exciting!!

  211. Becca

    Oh man, I would want either the Small World print or the zebra. Probably the Small World one though. It's magic.


  212. nicole

    I have always wanted a Holga! Thanks for the chance to win. Her work is amazing; I would love a print of the man feeding the seagulls. Thanks again! xo.

  213. That huge bundle of Mickey and Minnie balloons – I love it!

  214. Zuba

    Oh, I would love to get this camera! I have recently started making photographs, and this would be a great gift.
    Of all the pictures I like the one with a bunch of baloons most. It reminds me of my childhood.

  215. I'd want the zebra print, to remind me of the African safari's I've been on. Or I'd just take the camera to capture my own adventures! :)

  216. oh boy! It would be a dream to have a holga…and film. She takes beautiful pictures!

  217. LizMarie

    The zebra print and the beach print are beaut! Love her work! And I love these giveaways :)

  218. win

    beautiful colors! I love the contrast of the zebra print

  219. the zebra print! … it might be creepy to get a shot of some random wedding… although those are all gorgeous too!

  220. Louise

    Love the Zebra print! It would look fabulous in my son's nursery!!

  221. julian.

    There's a photo from 7-16 of a field that is amazing, that I would love. The out of focus foreground really makes the rest of the photo visually striking :D

  222. These are great! I especially like the one with the zebra :) And that Holga camera is so cute!

  223. Ohh pick me! Pick me! Such beautiful images! I love the Zebra or the gorgeous flowers shot from 8.19.2011 Exposure.

  224. Kaylea

    i love this giveaway! that holga is fabulous and i love that zebra print. she is super talented!

  225. Sulli

    Agh! I love the small world one! My family got stuck on that ride in the Russia section and had to listen to the song about a zillion times while they fixed the ride…it is funny nowadays, but not at the time :)

  226. kelly

    i would love the zebra print!

  227. jessica

    i love the picture of the strollers at disneyland.

    i love the whole disneyland album. i love how amelia captures the people. it is obvious she has a great eye for the things most would overlook.

  228. Stacy

    I think I would go for the floral shot under the 8.19 "Exposure" post… but then there are just so many lovely choices! I also love the angel Moroni & clouds one from 6.12.

  229. tsg

    I love all the Disney land photos! It would be hard to choose only one.

  230. hanner

    Oh my gosh. I love Amelia. She is a gem. And so is her photography.

  231. i've been wanting a holga forEver! i'd take it to disneyland, as i'm now inspired by amelia's images in sunny 16. i would love one of her disneyland prints!


    anelieze from cali

  232. Meredith

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I'm digging the zebra print… but wow, what great use of light in EVERY photo on her blog. Such happy pictures!

  233. A.M.

    I love the nature shots. My husband and I would love the zebra or leaf shot! My husband also used to practice photography and I would love to surprise him with that great camera to get that passion started again!

  234. jenny

    I love love love the zebra print. And of course the camera as well. (:

  235. Breezy

    I didn't see how to know what the photos are called but I loved the last one from her trip to Palos Verde. So gorgeous!

  236. I would love the Holga- it's so exciting to see people holding onto film photography; it feels authentic. Amelia's photos are lovely, I would choose her birds photo from 7.16.11, the muted colors and barren landscape remind me of my favorite Whistler paintings.

  237. Caroline

    I love the sea fan photo. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  238. Erin

    I definitely love the Zebra print. It caught my attention right away. And what an awesome giveaway!

  239. Lyss

    WHHAAT?! A new Holga Camera would be glorious! I really like her Teacup Picture at Disneyland!!

  240. Awesome! I think I would choose the beach or Disney prints you featured.

  241. i really love her zebra print, it would look adorable in my bathroom! she also has a few shots of my favorite perfume on her site that would be perfect too…so many to choose favorites from!

  242. Denae

    I would probably choose the print of the beach plant in focus with the out of focus ocean in the background. What a great giveaway!

  243. I looooooove the one with all the pink dolls. I hope I win!

  244. Ash

    I've always wanted a holga to go with my loom :) and thatbeach picture is sooo fun :)

  245. kelsey

    I love the cherry tree picture!

  246. LOVE this giveaway! Such a great idea! Hoping I get picked this time because I'd love a camera to take on my honeymoon!!!

  247. I was born and raised in Southern California, so any print of the beach or Disneyland would be a welcome addition to my Michigan residence! They're all so beautiful! What a great giveaway

  248. I love the one you posted with the brick wall and flowers!

  249. Abi

    Love the zebra print and wouldn't a holga be fun to play around with?

  250. MegB

    I would love a holga! Also, the zebra print is adorable, and would look great in a kids room one day!

  251. Jenna

    The beach scene is dreamy, i'd pick that one.

  252. Karen

    I love the coral/beach print. I had a hard time finding it on the blog, but I will say that after viewing so many other photos, I am in love with her work.

  253. megan

    How awesome! We have the same taste because I would choose the zebra too. Mostly, I want that dang camera!

  254. I love the zebra print. How can anyone not? And I would be so happy to win a Holga! :)

  255. I would LOVE to win this giveaway and get more into photography. I always love the photos you take with your holga. I absolutly adore the zebra print too! Thanks

  256. Britney

    oooo I love the zebra print one! I've never been to Disney Land, and now she's totally got me wanting to take my little boy–like tomorrow.

  257. Unfurled

    I'd love to try this camera and the photo of the mother and daughter in pink is killing me.

  258. McKenzie

    I absolutely love the zebra print!! Gorgeous photos & super fun giveaway :)

  259. I love the picture of the flowers in a small wooden crate/vase from the wedding post on 6.21 in Arlington, VA. I can't resist a pretty photo of gorgeous, colorful flowers:)

  260. pics i love the most: zebra, it's a small world, cups at disneyworld, seagulls at the beach, and acqua di parma…i hope to win! i neeeeed ART on my walls, neeeeed :) the camera is amazing!

  261. junebug

    If I win, would she come with our family next time we go to Disney World? Amazing photographer! Thanks, too, for the new addiction of a blog to follow.

  262. It's a Small World for the win…I'm a Disney addict!

  263. Megs

    this is such an awesome give away!! any of those photos would be an honor to have.

  264. Sara

    Definitely the beach scene with the bikini clad lady holding the reflector. Perfect.

  265. Frances

    i would love to win a Holga:)

  266. I love the bottom beach pic. So peaceful and beautiful. Fingers crossed for a Holga!

  267. Frances

    I would love to win the Holga camera :)

  268. tmc

    Love the print of the brick wall and the It's a Small World prints. What a cool giveaway–I'd love to take some shots of my city with that Holga!

  269. Small World Print! I am a Disneyland fanatic. Thanks!

  270. film photography is becoming such a lost art. but i love that amelia is keeping it alive. and so beautifully at that. i really like her "birds" picture in the large open field. such a talented artist.

  271. Wendi

    I love the teacup shot! That is my favorite Disney World ride! P.S. Your blog totally rocks my sox!

  272. Abby

    I WANT THE CAMERA!!! I've been wanting to get one for a while now. I would die. I would also pick the zebra print. Absolutely love.

  273. Kat

    I love her work! what an awesome giveaway. All the prints are gorgeous, but I really love the zebra

  274. TaylorA

    I absolutely LOVE all of your Holga pictures! One of these cameras would be so cool to have!

    Amazing giveaway!

  275. Laura

    winning a holga would be divine! i love the brick wall and flower print!

  276. Nicole*

    this is an awesome giveaway! I love the Disneyland prints and a Holga camera would be so much fun!

  277. T

    Oh, a holga would be so much fun! I've been thinking of getting one for a while now. I would love the print of the high heels wrapped in diamonds. So beautiful!

  278. LindseyP

    Love this giveaway! Pick me! :)

  279. Brandee

    Love looking at photos! My favourites would have to be that cluster of strollers (at disneyland?) and the last picture in Kristen & Chad's engagement set-gorgeous!

  280. mere...

    so excited about this giveaway! I love the print on her July 24th post that has wine bottle in a wheelbarrow with flowers in front of it. The colors (and the wine) would work perfectly in my kitchen.

  281. Emily

    Love the close up of it's a small world.

  282. L

    the seashell print is really awesome!

  283. Lacey

    Love the print of the brick wall with the flower behind it!

  284. Oh! Please, please let me win that Holga camera. I have fawned over them for so long now. Amelia's prints are also fantastic. The zebra print would go splendid with my yellow walls though. Crossing my fingers extra hard!

  285. isabug

    I love the many Disney balloons shot and It's a Small World!

  286. Becky

    That zebra print is just the coolest thing ever! Plus, I've always wanted to get my hands on a Holga, & overall fabulous photos!

  287. Such stunning work. The film in black and white is so great. I would want the duck one under Washington DC. My husband and I have a special memory with feeding duck.

  288. Love the zebra print! And the holga… dream come true! I'm an aspiring photographer myself!

  289. heather

    I actually love the picture she took of the sky with the Angel Moroni in it. IT's beautiful.

  290. BMarie

    That camera would be amazing for all of my daughter's candid moments. The zebra print would go lovely in our home! Fingers crossed I win!!

  291. Megan

    Wow! What a fun giveaway!
    I love, love, love her photo of the flowers and lights.
    Beautiful photography!


  292. Erin

    Eeeks! How fun is this giveaway? I would love the holga for life documentaion, and I'm in love with the brick or zebra print.

  293. the zebra print for my kiddos room. they would love it! great giveaway

  294. Brittany

    Ooh! Always wanted a Holga. Her work is beautiful! I love the, and I hope I get the name of this place right, the bottom image of the Palo Verdes place? I also love the bottom right image in this post.

  295. I like the angel Moroni temple shot. Ooh, could I be lucky enough to win the Holga.

  296. I would definitely pick the zebra print…I'm a little obsessed right now. They're all so beautiful!

  297. ben+alex

    Oh I would love this! The beach photo is perfect!

  298. Monica

    Those prints are fabulous! Not to mention the camera would be awesome!

  299. Courtney

    I love the brick wall with blossoms topping it! The lines are divine!

    I love that she shoots strictly in film! Major props!

  300. oh my gosh!!! i've been looking to buy a camera like this one! it would be SO cool to be able to use one like that! i also love the marc jacobs perfume photo from her blog:) so beautiful.

  301. I love that she shoots in film! When everyone {pretty much} shoots digitally these days that really sets her apart. Love all of her pictures. I really adore the Disney Land one with all of the balloons, so ubber cute!

  302. I would LOVE the Holga!! I also love the print of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney out of focus. It is an amazing shot, and I absolutely love Disneyland.

  303. Kaitlyn

    I'm digging that zebra too, her photos are gorgeous.
    Plus HOLGA! YAY!

  304. Chanty

    Yaay! i would love a holga! I am crazy about the it's a small world shots, the colors are incredible.

  305. the teacups! so cute! i love those things!

  306. Jena

    What a fun giveaway! I love the "It's a Small World" print, it have a great prospective. I've also always been dreaming of my own Holga.

  307. Ohh what I'd do for that camera… and that flower and brick print. Sigh.

  308. Amanda

    I would get any of the natural prints with flowers or nature. I am a horticulturalist so I love plants and the outdoors. Plus it would be a great birthday present as I am celebrating my birthday on Labor Day!

  309. Calis

    Definitely would choose the camera, but the horizontal "It's a small world" print is great!

  310. Jessica

    i would LOVE that camera!!! or the zebra print is awesome …would go great in my room

  311. Allie

    What a fantastic giveaway! Me being the Disney fanatic that I am, would LOVE either the It's a Small World print, balloon print or the tea cup print. :) Wonderful giveaway

  312. I love the "iT's a smaLL worLd!" picture! It really brings me back to a happy memory with my family when I was little considering that we don't talk much anymore.

  313. i've always been an admirer of peoples holgas and really wanted one, but never been a confident enough photographer to buy one….
    te zebra print is magical

  314. Sarah

    I love the last print of the sea. I have a series I did at the sea (not with a Holga- which would be awesome!) There is someting so calming about the ocean and it's environs.
    Did you check out her wedding album work? I love how she incorporates so many elements- especially her nature shots! Maybe it's time for another photo shoot, Naomi!

  315. Megs

    I would LOVE a HOLGA! I've been dying for a new camera-or any camera other than my phone. I also really like her picture with the flowers and the white balloons at Disneyland.

  316. My husband and I are moving to Hawaii in a week and we would love to have the Holga to take beautiful pictures with every day!

  317. Justine

    I would LOVE the Zebra print. My boyfriend and I have a Shiba Inu puppy and she looooooves her zebra toy. Every time we see anything zebra like, we always bring up Mika. She's bascially our baby. :-)

  318. Jane M.

    I would pick the spinning teacups photo — reminds me of my mom.

  319. Wow, her photos are beautiful. My veterinarian husband would love the zebra print and I know both of us would love one of her flower/nature shots.

  320. Kathryn

    this is my dream come true! I would love this camera. And my favorite print is the brick wall. It is so lovely.

  321. i love the photo with the cherry blossom tree. so beautiful!

  322. I adore the brick wall photo that's above. I love that the flowers on the branch are peeking out.

  323. Hi naomi, im from mexico! and its hard to write in english and understand but that's ok, i usually see your blog and i love it .

    Really, i think i can't win haha but i just want to comment to say something about of the amelia's pictures, for me its hard to choose just one picture, but i really love the pictures of the people, REAL PEOPLE doing REAL THINGS, i love the photo of the sleeping beauty , these photos are magic like disneyland , i write it in spanish:
    Captan lo que hace a las personas a cada uno especiales, su esencia y felicidad,si eso es, capturo la felicidad .

    Thank you Naomi, Thank you Amelia to take me to a really magic world

  324. Oh my goodness! I have ALWAYS wanted a holga! How sweet of her! I also love, love, love the zebra print! She is very talented :)

  325. Shayna

    I love the image from Julie & Daniels wedding of the dove on the wall (or whatever bird it is). With the hands everywhere. It really speaks to me. I'd love to win that Holga though! :)

  326. Gayatri

    Love the "Its a small world" photo print :)

  327. dagny

    zebra! so cute.

  328. Ashley

    I love the brick wall with the peeking flowers – it reminds me of home!

  329. Jillian

    The Zebra print!!!!

  330. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Holga! i love the print with the totem poles on the fence. Cool stuff!

  331. Claire

    I love the it's a small world print, but I could really use the camera so that i can take a photography class at school this year.

  332. Karen

    LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY! I absolutely loooove Disneyland and my favorite photo would have to be the It's a Small World picture with a lot of sky! All of her photos are beautiful and I'd love to win!

  333. ashley

    OH MY GOSH i would LOVE to win!!! the zebra print is adorable and i LOOOOVE the holga camera!!!

  334. Kelsi

    Sweet! The zebra is my favorite. So pretty.

  335. jsanalak

    In LOVE with the Zebra print!!!<3

  336. There is a closeup of an old man with seagulls flying right in front of him. I love that one.

  337. k8te

    i would LOVE a holga! amelia's work is so gorgeous. i would pick the zebra print!

  338. joolee

    lovely giveaway! i adore the brick wall/flower print. her photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  339. There are so many lovely photographs to choose from. I love the zebra, but I think I would have to choose the one of the angel Moroni on top of the Seattle Temple.

  340. Ashley

    Wow! Winning the Holga would be amazing! I also LOVE that she has Disney World prints for sale. We're total Disney junkies. I'd claim the "It's a Small World" print that's a close up of the building w/o the sign because most people wouldn't know what it was, but we would and it would be awesome!

  341. Alex

    I love all her prints, there is definitely a warmness that comes with film photography. I also love her wedding pictures – really capture beautiful moments.

  342. I would choose the picture of the mom holding her young daughter. When I was really little I lived in California and (back when it wasn't so expensive) my parents would take me to Disneyland all the time. That picture reminds me of the times I spent there with my mom.

  343. So lovely (: I've been waiting to buy a holga. I'd be like Christmas!

  344. Jmares

    i adore the disney photographs!

  345. I love the print of the "It's a small world" sign. Reminds me of going to Disney world after my little brother survived cancer. Call it cheesy, but the Magic Kingdom is a great way to remember that you're still a kid.

  346. I love the It's A Small World print! They're all beautiful, though. I love the colors.

  347. Beth

    i'm a personal fan of the zebra, or of the one of all the mickey&minnie; balloons. =)

  348. Beth

    i'm a personal fan of the zebra, or of the one of all the mickey&minnie; balloons. =)

  349. rori

    wow! i love them. I like the pink tree in the foreground with the disney mountain in the background. le sigh. i miss disney

  350. alissa b

    with winning the camera can i get the talent to go along with it? ;)

    what a great giveaway!

    alissa b

    p.s. my favie print is the one at the beach.

  351. photography is so beautiful, I'd love to own a Holga of my own! Her work is amazing as well.

  352. Nicole

    I love the fact that you shoot on film. It's my favorite medium, and I've rid myself of digital unless I need something fast. Yay!

    Any of your wedding photos that involve heels would be my choice, should they be available. Who doesn't need a gorgeous photo of heels on their office wall?

  353. Love the zebra print! So beautiful! I would LOVE to win that camera!!

  354. It's always weird when you are scrolling through a strangers blog and run into a picture of someone you know.

    Anyways, I love the Zebra Print. Such a great picture, as are all the rest.

  355. She is so talented! My husband and I went to Disney on our honeymoon so I'd have to pick the it's a small world photo :) It would be a lot to me!

    And that camera! wow…

    This is an amazing give a way!

  356. Oh my! A holga would be amazing! I looked through her site for something to beat that zebra print, but it is just too cool!!! Love it!

  357. i love the photo of the old man feeding the seagulls.

  358. i love the overexposure print of the flower on her website! and the one at the beach, next to the zebra print! she's clearly very talented and hopefully if i win the holga, i can take pictures that are at least as good as amelia's when she first started out! i think i have a few years before i work my way to her level now :)

  359. DC

    a holga would be perfect to help me jumpstart my own photography business! i really love the zebra print, or the pinkish/redish flowers from michelle + taylor's wedding photos.

  360. Erin

    what a great giveaway!!

    I love the wall/flower print, so pretty!

    etespedal at hotmail dot com

  361. Oh gosh! I'd love that Holga camera with all my heart. I've been an avid photographer for a long long time and have still never gotten my hands on one.
    The it's a small world print is lovely, as well as the one with all the balloons on her website.
    Amelia takes some really nice photographs.
    Thanks so much!

  362. Breezer

    Love the zebra print!

  363. OMG!!!!! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! That camera would be an amazing edition to my collection!!! I would love to win that camera!!! :) and what a great give away!

  364. Sofia

    Oh it would be amazing to win a Holga :D
    I love the seaweed at the beah print!

  365. I love the zebra print.. her work is amazing!

  366. I really like the zebra photo!

  367. Taylor

    The zebra print! Yes, please. Amazing giveaway! I need that holga.

  368. Milly

    Loving the zebra print.

  369. that zebra print is pretty awesome. and i love me some holga! yes please!

  370. great photos. i LOVE disneyland so i would choose the "it's a small world" photo… and i would not even be mad to own holga :)

  371. Elaine

    I'd get the zebra print!

  372. Jonni

    i would love to have the print of the pink tree and the Matterhorn in the background at Disneyland. it seems to capture the magic of Disneyland! but i what i would REALLY love to win is the holga!!!! i have seriously been obsessed with that camera for at least 2 years. i haven't ever had the money to start up my wishful hobby (even though the camera it self is only around 40). but if i got this, it would be the icing on my cake! i would be the happiest human being on this planet if you choose me!! so please please please please please pick me!! :)

  373. Alie

    I've always wanted to try this!

  374. missijay

    Love the camera, && it would be great if i win, cause i never win these things.

  375. Haley J

    I love the print with the mickey balloons at Disneyland! It reminds me of when I used to work at Disneyworld

  376. missijay

    Love the camera, && it would be great if i win, cause i never win these things.

  377. jennifer

    everyone's enchanted by the zebra but i love the one at the beach posted to its right. or the beach… it's too hard to decide!
    of course, with a holga of my own i could just make my own prints!

    thanks, naomi!

  378. Alaura

    her photos are amazing! they really capture the beauty of life! i would love love love a holga camera so i can be my own rock star too!

  379. Babs

    OMG–definitely the zebra print! Love the black, white, and aqua. So pretty!

  380. JKreids

    I would love the camera!! The zebra is breathtaking! Would love to try this camera at my wedding in Oct!!

  381. Jeska

    awesome giveaway!! I would pick the zebra print! my (unborn) daughters nursery is jungle :)

  382. I want a Holga so bad! & i love the fern/ocean print!

  383. Bobbi

    I have always wanted a HOLGA! And I am in love with that Zebra print.

  384. Kristyn

    I've always wanted a Holga! Also, I would love to hang the beach print (next to the zebra one) in my dorm!

  385. Holgas are so great. So simple, and so beautiful. Love the zebra!

  386. Candice

    Walt and Mickey.
    Love it.

  387. Isabelle

    Oooo la la! a HOLGA would be a dream :)

    i love a lot of her prints, especially the mickey mouse balloon :)

  388. @lliE

    I love it's a small world. That would be So fantastic in the kid's room.

  389. Allison

    Gahh! The holga camera would be a DREAM to have! Lovvveee it! :)

  390. Kate

    Oh my GOODNESS- i want a Holga SO bad!! And her photography is GORGEOUS! Her wedding shoots were absolutely beautiful. Seriously, she will be my photographer at my wedding. I mean, when I actually get married and stuff. :] I'm pretty sure the Zebra one is my favorite- SO cute!

  391. I really would LOVE LOVE that camera!!

    My fav print is the brick wall with flowers print in Palos Verdes post.

    Also love the "It's a Small World" print – like everyone else :)

  392. chloé

    ohh i would love to win a holga. i really love the beach print…so so pretty.

  393. Sophie

    I love the Zebra – makes me feel about 8 years old again!

  394. i hope i win and post pictures of my little girl (20 year old). haha

  395. UOW, what a perfect giveaway! Beautiful! (:

    I'd choose to print this tree trunk ( to remind me why I enjoy listening to love stories… And why mine is absolutely special.


  396. sa-weet!!! I would love a holga! and i'm going with the zebra

  397. Oh wow, I would love a Holga!

  398. Aubrey

    I love the Zebra print. Beautiful. The camera would be pretty darn awesome to have as well. Great giveaway!

  399. Love the holga! Amelia is a rockstar! It's a small world, all the way.

  400. I love little pops of red all over my house, so I love the Lola perfume bottle photo, and also a photo of a fuzzy red flower she took. Although, the beach one you posted is cute too!! Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  401. i LOVE that she shoots in film! i'd have to say the Zebra print in this post is my absolute fav. :)

  402. i want to capture life on that camera!!! :)

  403. i love the zebra one and the small world one.. really great photography!

  404. Britti

    I loved all your giveaways but this is like the best one ever… Would love to win the camera! And I adore the picture with the brick wall and the flowers.
    Fingers crossed.

  405. Cambria

    This is sooo crazy! I just posted on my blog about how I want a holga so bad! I love her brick wall print with flowers. So beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!!


  406. april ng

    I love Holgas! I also love the print of the zebra :)

  407. Pick meeeeeeeee!! I love it allllll!!

  408. jenna

    I love her photos of the pretty couples, beautiful! To own a Holga would be a dream.

  409. Beth

    i would love to be a holga owner! wow what a prize. i also like the beach print.

  410. MoKa

    The cherry blossom photo is great, I love Amelia's work. Greetings from poland

  411. ooh ooh! pick me pick me! what a lovely little giveaway!

  412. Raaaaad! I have been itching for a Holga! What a fun way to feel inspired in my new environment! I'm pretty sure the zebra photograph is a definite winner!

  413. I've been on a animal print fix…so I would want the zebra print. love the blue sky against the zebra

  414. great giveaway! I've always wanted a Holga!
    I would want a print of the photo of the Lola perfume bottle!! It's one of my favorites. <3

  415. I like that print of all the balloons at Disney! How fun!

    This is a great giveaway!

  416. Jazz

    I would pick the tea cups with the lanterns for my daughter. I love that magical feeling!

  417. Katie

    I like the fall photographs and the contrast of the fall colors and the blue sky. Would love to have a holga!

    katie.muirhead at gmail dot com

  418. I love the cherry blossoms!

  419. she is re-donk-ulous! so talented!

  420. Jen

    Love! I would want one of the photos from Disneyland but I'm not sure which. Probably the Tea Cups. I love that ride!

  421. Sharon

    I am a shutterbut – would love to win the holga :) Love love love the zebra print – all the photos are pretty amazing though!

  422. Ashley

    I have been wanting to experiment with a Holga! All of her shots are simply wonderful. She has a creative eye. =)

  423. Ivy

    I like the teacups photo! It's very mood-lifting. And, the camera would be fun too! :)

  424. I love the flowers and brick wall picture. Wonderful giveaway!

  425. amazing- its hard to choose a favorite print but the first one that jumps out at me is that one of the beach

  426. Love it! And she wins bonus points with me, because my daughter's name is Amelia. :)

  427. tori

    I’d choose the picture she took of the Seattle temple; it’s so gorgeous. Great giveaway!

  428. i'd love to start getting more involved in photography and the holga could do just that! and the zebra print isn't too bad either;)

  429. Shea

    I would love to have that camera! So awesome!! I also love all of her Disneyland pictures! They are so lively and colorful! I would love to have it in my dorm room to have a little piece of home with me :)

  430. I would love to win this holga! I recently had my camera stolen so I've been bummed. I would choose the beach picture! Love her work!

  431. I would probably pass out if I actually won this! a holga would be fantastical! And the zebra print is so lovely!

  432. Lyndee

    O I love all the Disneyland photos. It makes me want to blow off school and go right now!

  433. I love the bronze statue of the man and woman sitting on the bench taken at Aleigh's wedding. I would go wonderfully in my office. Simply beautiful!!

    I would love to win the Holga!! Thanks for a great give away.


  434. hello.

    the zebra photo caught my attention straightaway! a holga camera would be a hoot to have :)

  435. Zebra! Oh zebra!

  436. So want!
    I would love to have the "I <3 shoes bags and guys" girl print. :)

  437. Kelly

    oh dear, i absolutely love the zebra print!

  438. Jordan

    I love the pic of the scallop with the barnacle on it.

  439. I am totally diggin' the Zebra. And I would love to get my hands on that camera, what an amazing giveaway!

  440. Lindsey

    would love a holga or a print!

  441. Kristie

    I love that last print you posted. The one of the beach. Incredibly serene and beautiful!

  442. Scarlet

    I love the first beach print or the zebra the best, though all of the shots really showcase Amelia's great eye and style! Thanks to you both for hosting such a fun giveaway :)

  443. i like the picture, from the disneyland shoot, of the matterhorn mountain.

  444. a holga would be lovely. a picture of a cool ocean shot would be nice. pick me pick me pick me. there i said that thrice.

  445. CandL

    holga i need you! you can help me take beautiful pics of my baby girrrl!

  446. Chelsea

    I'd love the statue of Walt Disney with Mickey photograph! What a great giveaway – my sister's wanted one of these for a while. I'd love to give it to her if I won.

  447. what beautiful images. simplicity.

  448. Miss X

    They're all amazing but I choose the brick wall photo =)

  449. I would choose the Zebra print. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!

  450. On Amelia's photoblog, I would definitely go for the beautiful and stunning photograph with the cherry blossoms. It's a lovely photo worth more than a thousand words.
    *crossed fingers* I hope I win, even if it's just the photo :)

  451. I would love this one.

    Omg! This camera and print giveaway is so exciting!

  452. I love finding photographers how firmly believe film is not dead! Hooray for Amelia! That beach print is awesome! I'd love to add this camera to my bag!

  453. I would love to give the camer to my twin sister she would be over the moon to get it!

  454. Ooh, I've been dying for a holga ever since i gave my sister one!
    Fingers crossed more than ever!!

  455. Why Hello! What a fun giveaway! I'm going into photography and love love love it. I love the bottom right pic. It is beautiful! You are great!

  456. Melissa

    she has so much talent! I would love to win that holga!!

  457. Meg

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  458. Mich

    I would LOVE the camera!!I like the brick wall picture!

  459. What a talented lady! I love that she described her palette as "creamy"-it really does sound dreamy! These are the type of colors that attracted me to photography in the first place!

  460. Meg

    She is such a talented photographer and I love her work! I adore the photograph of all the balloons at Disneyland and that is the one I choose :-) Ok ok you can throw in the Holga too :D

  461. Connie

    Love the It's a Small World print! I have such a soft spot for Disney Land!

  462. kreganb

    So much fun! I think the Toy Story photos are so fun. :)

  463. Wow i would love to win the holga camera! I have been debating on majoring in photography and i think this would help me make my decision:) the photos are beautiful too, i especially love the zebra one! it would look great in my new dorm:)

  464. naomi:

    I'd love to have my very own holga! hands down, i'd choose the zebra print :D

  465. nova

    I have to say I really like the It's a Small World photo! I'd choose that. I've always wanted a 35mm Holga!!!

    Fingers crossed.

  466. Such an awesome giveaway! I think the beach shot here is so delicate and gorgeous. I'd love to have that one :)

  467. i love the zebra print! the camera would be amazing!!!

  468. Amber

    Ooooh, who doesn't want a fun camera (and film) for free! She has great prints too. I love that one of the flowers.

  469. I have to pick just one?! I love some of her flower shots! You can tell she gets distracted by pretty things with amazing results. :)

  470. Oh I hope I win! I love the beach photo!

  471. Aubrey

    I would love the camera! And the brick wall pic!

  472. jaime

    oh, that zebra print is so cool. would love it!

  473. Hana

    I love the "it's a small world" print! so pretty!

  474. Abby

    Oh I love Amelia's work, FANTASTIC. I am crazy about the picture of Walt Disney and Mickey statue that is out of focus, with the people in focus! LOVE IT…and the Holga camera too…THANKS!!!

  475. i admire that amelia shoots film, thats die hard incredible! For me, i think i would appreciate the frail sea kelp photo.
    Thank you!

  476. I absolutely LOVE the Holga and have been looking to get one for some time now. The 'It's A Small World!' print is my favorite by far- a great print of a great ride!

  477. This comment has been removed by the author.

  478. I've always wanted a holga camera. Loving the all the disney images.

  479. melissa

    i'd choose the zebra print for my roommate! :)

  480. Kelly

    I would absolutely LOVE the holga!!! The Ocean Details – Pacific Palisades, LA shots are beautiful! Especially the seagulls with the hill in the background.

  481. Please pick me :) I would love that camera for my photography class this fall, yay!

  482. Melissa

    I REALLY want that zebra print. I think her pictures are amazing!

  483. cindy

    I absolutely love her pinnochio's whale eating picture the most. I have so many wonderful memories of that ride. :D

  484. Ashley

    OH MAN! A Holga! I've always wanted one. I also love the beach print and there's one of a man with seagulls that I adore.

  485. Great giveaway! I also love the red brick wall with the pretty flowers peeking over, lovely!

  486. Liz

    Of course I would choose the zebra! What a great shot!

  487. m.e.

    Love the coral/beach photo. Also love the giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

  488. When I saw this giveaway I seriously heard the Dirty Dancing song "Take My Breath Away". My holga recently broke and I haven't been able to replace it yet. Love, love, looooove this giveaway!

  489. I'm such a sucker for DISNEYLAND! I'm thinking the statue of Walt with Mickey would make a good print for this Southern California girl! What an awesome giveaway!

  490. Oh la la…loving all the beach and plant prints. The camera? Icing on the cake. Oh, pretty please!

  491. i love every single disneyland picture esp the teacups because that is my favorite ride and the strollers because homefully one day i will be one of those moms leaving my strollers with everyone else to enjoy the happiest place on either. my other favorite is the angel moroni of the seattle temple. its amazing how one thing can be such a beautiful picture.

  492. pick me please! I would love love love this giveaway. how fun! yay for art.

  493. Love the bottom beach one!

  494. i love the it's a small world print. So sweet!


  495. Sara

    The photos from the P712 post I quite like. All of Amelia's work is quite beautiful though.

    Good luck to everyone and I adore your blog!

  496. Tiffany

    Love the zebra! her prints are fantastic! Thanks!

  497. Awesome giveaway! And I <3 that zebra!!!

  498. joyce

    sh i've been meaning to buy a holga for a while now! and i would choose the zebra print. :)

  499. Mayra

    I would love the bottom right picture with the coral, it's breathtaking. I love ocean shots and would compliment my bathroom's "spa-esque" decor very nicely.

  500. Linka

    I love the zebra photo. I have been looking for art that would go in my son's nursery and it would be perfect!!

  501. Zebra love! Pick me please.

  502. Like the zebra print but would prefer the Holga to capture my own :)

  503. I'd choose the Page + Ted's Wedding – Sneak Preview. It's breathtaking

  504. Jess

    I love Holgas! The plant print at the bottom is gorgeous…

  505. Hilary

    I admire her confidence! I love the Zebra and there was also a picture of a flag on her blog that I really liked. The camera and film would be awesome too.

  506. maryse

    I love the one with the alge/kelp!

  507. Wifey

    I would definitely have to choose the silhouette of Walt Disney and Mickey holding hands. Not only is it a beautiful picture but it reminds me of my in-law's, who are Disney fanatics. It would be a great anniversary gift for them!

  508. Jessica

    Great giveaway! I'm loving her Disneyland photos. One of my very favorite places.

  509. a Holga! I'd love to have the second print – the flower behind the wall!

  510. E

    That zebra is too cool!!!

  511. Lizi

    What a great give away! I would love to be an owner of a Holga camera! I love the print of Its a Small World. I am a Disneyland fanatic.

  512. Elyse

    Love the zebra print! It would look great hanging by my black & white striped couch!

  513. Dianna

    the zebra would look great in my bedroom!

  514. yes please! That zebra belongs with us!

  515. Janna

    the Marc jacobs daisy print! So classy and elegant

  516. oh i would love to win a holga! my favorite print is the beach print :)

  517. kyorton

    I love the beach shot and I would love to win the camera!!


  518. Emily

    Awesome giveaway!

    The photo she posted on her Twitter post is beautiful!

  519. I love this giveaway! I especially love the its a small world and zebra prints. and a holga? yes please. i am crossing my fingers.

  520. I never win these giveaways, but I have to try because I have been WISHING for a Holga for the last 2 years. Oh please universe, oh please! (Thanks again Joanna for organizing these!)

  521. would LOVE LOVE LOVE the holga camera and I really like her picture of the twirling teacup ride :)

  522. i love the teacup picture (with the beautiful lanterns hanging from above) most of all because i went to Disneyland a long time ago as a kid and to be able to capture this shot in all its color and magic only reminds me how much fun i had back then and how much i cant wait to go back there again

  523. Oh wow, that's awkward. I entered your giveaway right after reading Cup of Jo, and while I know that you are Naomi….I wrote Joanna instead. Hehe….sorry 'bout that!

  524. Kelsey

    I've always wanted a Holga; the little girl blowing bubbles is adorable!

  525. I would be in heaven if i won this time! a holga for my very own?! Also, the small world print is so great. I go way back with that place…awesome giveaway!

  526. Kathy

    I would LOVE the holga camera! I just debuted my very own blog (thanks to inspirations like YOU) this past week. Now all I need is a camera to help me out with some photos.

    Such an awesome giveaway! I hope i win :)

  527. I'm beginning my own blog and look to this one for inspiration! I have been dying for a Holga camera to boost the images on my blog. Additionally, the "Its a Small World Print" would be a perfect addition to my room! Goodness, this blog is just the best!!


  528. Chloe

    Absolutely love that Holga, I've always wanted to get into film photography! Those prints are lovely too, my favourites have to be the brick wall with the flower peaking behind and the zebra too. They're all lovely!

    Thanks to you and Amelia Johnson for such a fantastic giveaway! :-)

    Chloe xxx

  529. hanna

    I love love love the zebra print!

  530. Hmm…it's a toss up between the zebra and disneyland/world(?). Of course, a Holga would be nice, too :)
    Great giveaway!

  531. tori

    I'd go with the flower/brick wall print!

  532. c.e

    i would love the "its a small world" photo… i'd be so stoked to win this……this would be amazing!!! (fingers crossed)


  533. bebe

    this is amazing

  534. B and B

    I've been wanting a Holga since forever! I love those things! As for the print, I think I would choose that pretty perfume with the pearls next to it. I really like it.

  535. Helena

    I LOVE the Holga! I'd definitely pick the brick wall and flowers picture, the colours are just perfect.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  536. I would love to win the holga camera for my boyfriend. He's a photographer as well & it would be the perfect gift! Her shots are beautiful. My favorite is the teacups shot from Disney or the Zebra!

  537. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  538. 200+ comments! Gorgeous work:)

    I'd definitely ask for the Sperm Whale print. My daughter would flip to have it in her room!

  539. mina

    I love it! I would pick the zebra print in a heartbeat!!

  540. I love the Disney Photo set on Amelia's website. I remember riding the "It's A Small World Ride" with my sister, pretending that it was a horror filled, roller coaster of mayhem. We have photos to document the annoyance of the families around us. I love the pink cancan dancer photo… I'm pretty sure a similar photo graced my room bulletin board in my teens.

    ALSO… Holgas are the bomb. I need to buy myself some medium format film and get cracking.

  541. OH MY GOODNESS, I am dying right now!! I am crossing every single thing I can cross in hopes that I win that holga camera. I want one SO SO bad. Also, the prints are incredible too! I would choose the ocean/plant one(on the bottom right). Ah, wonderful day!

  542. Friedl!

    Wowww, I love Holga cameras! Any print with flowers on it would make me happy!!!

  543. Tara

    LOVE the zebra! and what an A-mazing giveaway!

  544. Awesome! Amelia takes a lot of great photos but I am just in love with that zebra!!

  545. Marta

    Lovely giveaway! Love the print with the sea plant and the waves! So gorg… Would be perfect in my new home's guest bath!

  546. I love that beach shot. It moves the eye so well. And I have been dying for Holga! Pick me Pick me Pick me!

  547. april

    I love, Love, LOVE the picture of Mickey and Walt Disney holding hands from behind! Too cute. I would love to win!!

  548. Lori

    zebra print for sure! love it.

  549. i absolutely love the photo of Minnie Mouse balloon attached to the baby stroller. I will like to hang it up in my baby daughter's room so every time i look at it, i will tell myself someday i will take my baby daughter to Disneyland for the first time. :) Also i will love to have holga camera so i can take a lot of pictures of my 3 months old baby girl & the world. :)<3

  550. The beach print is really pretty. I would love to get my hands on it and the camera!

  551. one+one

    i just moved into my college dorm and my white walls are oh so lonely. the beautiful photo of the statue of the boy and girl in love would fill my wall wonderfully, but then again, so would all of the lovely photos that i could take myself with that wonderful holga. [i am taking a photography class this semester, so holga would be in good hands!] pretty please!

  552. Havilah

    there is a landscape one on the second page of her blog that I would pick for my own. also, the holga would be excellent as I've been trying to get into hola photography, bought one off of ebay, and think I may have bought a dud. Thanks!

  553. i woul have to pick the beach print :) so lovely!

  554. Lara

    I looked through pages and pages of her beautiful photography but I kept coming back to the photo of the Teacup ride at Disney World. I have a minor obsession with teacups and since I've never been to Disney World, I'm always fascinated by photos taken there so to me it's the perfect picture!


  555. Jessica

    I love the "It's a Small World" photo!

  556. shandey

    holy moly! what an amazing giveaway! i love the small world print. it makes me happy on the inside!

  557. I would love the camera or the coral print! Bottom right.

  558. Kristen

    I would love to win the Holga camera!! The Zebra photo is amazing!

  559. Miss K

    As a traveler, I would choose "It's a Small World". What a fun giveaway! Thanks.

  560. My favorite give-a-way so far! I would want the Small World print. It brings back memories.

  561. lisa

    I love her photographs especially the one with the zebra! thanks for sharing.

  562. I think I'd choose the one of the boatload of people entering the whale's mouth. I love the rides that tell a story and the feeling of anticipation you get when you're entering a dark cavern and don't know what delights (or frights) await you.

  563. Amy

    Love it's a small world. I think it's time to go to disneyland again (:

  564. What an amazing giveaway! I love the its a small world afterall photo…that was my favorite ride as a kid and used to make my mom go it time and time again!
    xo emily

  565. What an amazing giveaway…a HOLGA!? Sign me up ;)

    As for her prints…wow…very inspired! Love that beach shot as well as the zebra…both are fabulous!

  566. The "it's a small world!" photo is magical!

  567. The picture of the wooden cheeseburger and soda bottle is so awesome! I love it so much, I would choose it hands down. Great photography!

  568. I love her American flag print. It would be the perfect picture to keep on my desk :)

  569. So many lovely photos! I really love the zebra one, though. :) It's my #1 favorite.

  570. Megs

    i love the Zebra print!! what an awesome giveaway!

  571. amanda

    well now, isn't amelia quite the doll! and by golly-talented! a holga camera would be super dazzline. and that "it's a small world" photo is just the best!

  572. Taylor

    Having a Holga would be awesome! I love the zebra print!

  573. I would love to win this! The picture you posted with the wall and flowers is one of my favs! Too many to choose from! Thank you

  574. Bri

    Such artistic prints! I always love the outcome of film. I love her disneyland photos, especially the one on her blog of the little girl with a bubble machine. so cute :)

  575. Love the print of the wall with the flower! gorgeous!

  576. Hi! I love the picture of the teacup ride on her blog.

    I would love a Holga. I have wanted one for years!

  577. Kristen

    I love that zebra print! What cool pictures she takes! I would love that holga!

  578. HM

    I really love the Toy Story Space fight photo. I'd give it to my sister because I think she would love it! :)

  579. THAT ZEBRA! wowza.

  580. Emily

    love the holga, love the it's a small world print as well. such a great givaway!!!!

  581. I would LOVE to win this! I love the zebra print, zebras are my favorite! And I've always wanted a Holga.

  582. Holga is officially my new favorite for all my picture-taking needs! I'm obsessed and would loove to have another! And amelia's photographs are gorgeous! i especially like the Small World print :)

  583. Erin

    I love the 2nd one from Time Traveling Photographer!

  584. great shots! i love the beach one with the … fan coral? is that what it's called? :)


  585. great shots! i love the beach one with the … fan coral? is that what it's called? :)


  586. Dawn

    The It's a Small World Print is perfect (and so is that Holga)!

  587. This would be such an amazing thing to win.

    I love all of the Disney pictures on her most recent blog post (I am a disney fanatic) but I mostly love the Mad Hatter's tea party ride picture.

  588. Ooo! I love the it's a small world print! :D

  589. WIN WIN — because the camera and prints are both awesome! I love the Small World Print — I'm originally from California and I'd love to have that in my office.

  590. Awesome giveaway! I would love the teacup print.

  591. A Holga! Oh my! The shot of the "It's A Small World" sign in front of its lovely white building is my favourite by far. Must get back to Disney!

  592. Nana

    I love the picture with the hedge shaped like bear! This is a great giveaway, I hope the holga goes to a great home!

  593. Definitely the image with the flowers creeping up over the wall, although those Disneyland photos are fantastic too!

  594. Melissa

    Ok that beach shot is glorious to me.

  595. susan

    love the one of the rocks on the sand taken in pacific palisades!

  596. Erica

    I would love the print of the little girl blowing bubbles! It is super cute and would amazing and happy on my dorm wall. What a great give-a-way.

  597. Sarbear

    I'd pick the zebra print to go in my zebra bathroom! :)

    go holga go!

  598. love all her photos, but i'd especially love to win the camera as i'm going to disney this fall!

  599. Hannah

    I like the zebra print. I just moved into my first apartment post-college and my walls are so empty because I have more than half a room of personal space! That print would be perfect!

  600. jahoda.

    I love the shot with mickey balloons. fun!

  601. I am really into digital photography, but have always wanted to explore the world of film. That Holga camera would be the perfect introduction.

    Oh, and I absolutely love the photo of the brick wall with the amazing jewel-toned flowers.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  602. Emily

    I would looooove a holga! (Or that fine zebra print!)

  603. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A HOLGA!!! aaah, the Palos Verdes photos are my favorite. The beautiful blue window with a spray of flowers flowing down the side is my idea of a dream home….

    keeping my fingers crossed!!

  604. Melinda

    I love Amelia and would love to have any of her photos. She is amazing!

  605. Oh boy. I feel lucky today, maybe I'll win. I love the zebra picture!

  606. YJ Park

    i love the zebra shot!

  607. Would LOVE the Holga! And wouldnt mind that Zebra print either! All of them are fabulous!

  608. Julie

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the beach photo and the tree with the blossoms from Disney Land! And the camera would be so great to have!

  609. Janet

    Wow it would be a tough choice between the zebra (LOVE) and the It's a Small World (SO FUN) She does amazing pictures!! Hope I win one!! :)

  610. Laurie

    I have been wanting a Holga for so long! Please, please, please let me win this one!

    Also I'm loving the close up of the towers on It's a small world.

  611. Lori

    I just spent the last 30 minutes looking at her beautiful shots. The most recent post makes me want to go to Disneyland. She captured what is so great about it (and not the lines).

  612. How fun! I love Holga images, plus we are currently trying to cover our walls (actually hide our hideous wallpaper :))
    I would love a print and the means to make more!

  613. Love the Small World photo!

  614. I've always been wanting to try a Holga! And I'm loving her photos, especially the one with the quote about food and how it tastes, it'd be perfect in the kitchen :D

  615. I've got to have that zebra print…and the Holga!

  616. sita

    My Holga broke last year.. have missed it so! Beautiful pictures especially the one with the big Magnolia tree. We just bought a house which has a big Magnolia tree in the front lawn… it's my favorite!

  617. Lina

    My favorite is the Zebra one. It´s so pretty.
    I would love to win a Holga camera because from the moment I stumbled opon your blog (two years ago)I wished to have a Holga camera.

  618. Oh my, I would go for the "It's a small world" print, too. Like so many others. It's so neat. :)


  619. Jodi

    I love the beach and the zebra!! I've always wanted an Holga and it's be birthday Saturday! Hope the random pick picks me!!

  620. oh my gosh, i've always wanted a holga! so fun.

  621. jaimey

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love the zebra or the It's a Small World print. I can't decide! (But I would if I won. :) )

  622. like the zebra print the beach print with the dry kelp (i think it's kelp?)


  623. Emily

    zebra please. the camera would be perfect for shooting my Clara and our many adventures.

  624. Hello to Naomi and Amelia,

    Firstly, let me say, I'm a big fan of the blog. Please do not be fooled by my lack of comments, I am a daily reader (or viewer, when I am lazy).
    I think I should win the Holga and photo print for two reasons:
    1) I love real film, and not just in an "isn't it retro" type of way. Photos taken with actual film hold a great place in my heart. There is chance, and suspense, and such joy and satisfaction when you tear open the photo envelope to discover a truly good shot. The artistic, and wild card aspect of taking photos with a Holga, I think, would bring about this same type of suspense, and hopefully, reward.
    2) I love Amelia's photographs, especially the photo displayed on the Rockstars blog, of dried seaweed(?) taken at close range, with a blurry beach back ground. This is a very beautiful, melancholy shot (in a nice way), that would look great in my fiance and my apartment in Boston. It would bring a clam happiness to it's place on the wall. Just right for gazing at during those long winter evening ahead!

    Lauren Pyle

  625. Marissa

    i definitely need that holga! or that zebra print. either would make my day.

  626. Barbara

    ooooh! zebras are so coool! :) love her eye, beautiful composition.

  627. clara

    dang. i want to win. this is sweeeeeet!!!

  628. Madelyn

    I would chose magical_kingdom30. It reminds me of going to disneyworld with my grandparents as a child every year. Love the photography!

  629. I can't imagine all the cool photos I could take with the Holga!

  630. This is an awesome giveaway! As a photography student (and just as a photgraphy-loving person) I would LOVE to win the Holga camera. My favourite print has to be the last one, with the ocean in the background – it is so dreamy and amazing!

  631. Riley

    OMG i love EVERYTHING disney and would absolutely LOVE the picture of "it's a small world" with lots of pretty blue sky in view! thanks.

  632. Amazing giveaway! I would want the brick wall with flowers print. Love it!

  633. This comment has been removed by the author.

  634. Caitlin

    what an awesome giveaway! i love all things disney and i particularly love the shot of the whale with the flowers/grass in the foreground. but i also really love the picture of the jungle cruise skull/tiki sticks!

  635. Mara

    ooh I've always wanted a Holga! Crossing my fingers :) That zebra print is too cute!

  636. sarinac

    ooohhhh…love the zebra print! A holga of my own would be lovely!

  637. Mallory

    oh my heavens. i NEED the holga!! i would absolutely love to win it. i really love the zebra and the picture of the birds in the field on her twitter post as well!

  638. Shayla

    we made a big move to new york city & i'm thinking a black & white theme for the front room…so the zebra print would be perfect!

  639. I love the picture of the flowers on top of the brick wall. I would love to take pictures like this! I have been very interested in cameras like this but haven't found one I love, this would be perfect. :)

  640. i love all her pics of foliage, the colors are so vibrant. i especially love the pink and yellow flowers in her 'exposure' maternity shoot. but i would also love a holga camera. we are expecting our first little one come february and i would love to document our growing family with such a fun camera.

  641. Oh my god! I've always wanted to study photography and never did because my parents couldn't afford a camera. So expensive!
    The zebra picture in this blog post is by far one of the best photos i've seen. He's so quiet, cool & "on top of the world". Love it!

    Taking my chances right now. Hope I win (:

  642. I love magical_kingdom34. The one with the little girl blowing bubbles! It's so cheery and adorable!

    I would love to be able to take photos like this! :) Thanks for sharing!

  643. Allison

    What a LOVELY giveaway! Amelia's work is just so magical- I love her photos of Palos Verdes! And oh, to own a Holga!

  644. evita

    I love the zebra print!

  645. How I love taking pictures! Holga would be my perfect companion to support my artistic dreams.

  646. I love all of the prints, but I love the Zebra the very most.

  647. I always love a good Disneyland photo!

  648. Justina

    I love the composition of the zebra print, bright, colorful sky with the stark white and black detail of the zebra.

  649. kelsey

    Oh my goodness – a Holga!!! Amelia's print of the brick wall with the flower blossoms peeking over top is definitely my favorite.

  650. You have so many great entries already, but I actually like the picture of the little girl with the bubble machine. It just reminds me of a simpler time and how I wish children had more opportunities to use their imagination instead of being stimulated by technology.I am an obsessive picture taker ever since I had my little boy 5 months ago. I just don't want to miss a thing!

  651. Andrea

    OH MY, I would seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE to win that HOLGA!!! Amelia's work is fantastic. There is one photo from an engagement shoot she did in the botanical gardens of a petal and stem that I ADORE. it would look wonderful blown up and on my wall. Great great give away!

  652. L and I

    What an amazing giveaway! I would love to learn how to use a camera like this.

    Her prints are stunning…especially the adorable zebra!

  653. krash

    I simply adore the it's a small world print! it is super fun and colorful!

  654. emmy

    the one featured above with the coral is pretty great!!!

  655. Michele

    I would love a Holga! And of the pics (love the BRIGHT colors!), the "magical kingdom 4" is my favorite. :) Such fun photos.

  656. This comment has been removed by the author.

  657. Oh! Be still my heart!

  658. To win that Holga would be wonderful but Amelia's pictures are amazing I love the one with the flowers on the brick wall (:

  659. karlee

    The zebra print rocks! Thats my choice.

  660. I'm in love with the little pink flowers poking out about the brick wall. And of course just might die if I were to get the camera! *crosses fingers tightly*

  661. Sarah

    ahh i've been DYING for a holga! i love the zebra print, he'd fit right in with my giraffe :)

  662. I adore the picture of the older man feeding the seagulls :) and would love to scratch the holga off my wish list !

  663. BriAnne

    I really like the one you have posted here…of the sea. I love shooting film and this would definitely inspire me to get back into it! Very fun giveaway!

  664. Vandy

    The flowers on the tree in front of the VA Temple…beautiful!

  665. Rie

    i love the zebra print. shes an amazing photographer.

  666. {b}

    Totally the Zebra! Sooo rad!

  667. i would choose the zebra print, primarily because the rich black and white complement the aubrey beardsley prints already hanging in the living room.

    but oh, the camera. i can only dream of the golden retriever portrait sessions with huxley, my pup.

  668. That would be amazing! I need a camera soo bad.

    I really enjoy the photo of the bushes shaped like different animals. super cute.

  669. Abby

    I love the Zebra print! What an amazing giveaway!

  670. Ruby

    I love the Zebra. It would look great in my room. Photography is something I've been interested in. I love Amelia's work.

  671. Larissa

    awesome give away!! id love to win the holga! that zebra print is soo fun too!

  672. the city pic she has on her blog is beautiful!

  673. lysh

    maybe the zebra print? or a beach one. i'm not sure many too choose. love. love. love.

  674. Kate

    I love the Zebra photo, the way she played with the colors, makes it feel like its popping out at you. AMAZING!

  675. A camera with actual film!? Get out! :) I looked through a ton of her prints but I still just love the zebra one. "I hope I win!" – (Guy From Rat Race voice).


  676. Holly

    i'd love to have that camera!! and wow, her photos are amazing! i loved the couple shots!

  677. Love the zebra print.


  678. i would love the zebra print, such a great shot!

  679. what an awesome giveaway! Ide love to win the holga. All of Amelia's pictures are wonderful, and any one would be a prize to get, but i loved the picture of the brick wall and the pink flowers!

  680. Amanda

    Oh my goodness! I'd LOVEE LOVEE the camera to document the amazing time I'm having in DC for the semester (post earthquake/hurricane, of course). OR else I'd love the Small World print. So cute!

  681. I love "its a small world" and the zebra photos…very nice! And a holga has been on my wish list for quite some time!

  682. Lauren

    I would die to win.

  683. Lemon

    Oh my goodness, a Holga! I would love for it to be friends with my Asahi Pentax :).

    All of the photos are wonderful, but this one of the boat is my favorite


  684. The "its a small world" reminds me a lot of my childhood. I'd pick that one.

  685. Yay that's so fun! I have always wanted a holga of my own :)

  686. Britty

    I love the Disneyland Print. It reminds me of such a happy time going there with my family!

  687. Rizza

    What a great prize! I would choose the "It's a Small World" photo. Crossing my fingers!!!

  688. Any of the flowers…thanks for the chance!

  689. I love the image of the flower! So beautiful!

  690. The zebra for sure. He looks so noble. Long live analogue!

  691. britney

    i hardly ever do giveaways but i like this one!!! i like the zebra print best! or the beach one!

  692. kristi

    love the its a small world print and also the brick wall with flower print… beautiful shots! very inspiring

  693. Awesome pictures, awesome camera. I'M PRAYING I GET LUCKY.

  694. I am a HUGE Disney fan. Her shots are great! I love the one with the man and women eating a turkey leg and corn on the cob with the minnie ears and bandana! Reminds me of my trips to Disneyland!

  695. Kenyon

    I would choose the gorgeous picture from the Seattle sealing of two bronze statued youth. Love it!

  696. Zebra print is lovely. The Holga equally so.

  697. JMVD

    The zebra! So beautiful.

  698. faith

    looooove these prints! particularly all the disneyland ones; it'd be wonderful to have one of those to look at when i'm homesick for LA :-)

  699. Carlie

    soooo excited about this! I love the right picture on the first row (of this post) with the brick wall and flowers. how lovely. xo

  700. Rachel

    Too many to choose! I really love the one of the brick wall and flowers. Such great work!

  701. I would absolutely ADORE this giveaway! That camera is wonderful and I would love the zebra photo :)


  702. kristin

    I've wanted my own Holga camera for such a long time. Of course, that killer zebra print would also be lovely.

  703. I love Amelia's work! I would love the pic of Splash Mountain or I'd love to win the Holga! :)

  704. Wow Ameila has so many gorgeous shots. Oh I would love the Holga! If I were to choose a print I'd go for the zebra :)

  705. The beach.
    Super cool giveaway!
    I'd be chasing my cats around with this all day!!!

  706. Amazing! I love the picture posted under "now on twitter"- gorgeous!

  707. i have wanted this camera for so long. i also adore the "it's a small world print." this camera would be amazing for when I take my 10 month old nephew to disneyland for his 1 year birthday in october. fingers crossed! xx

  708. zebra love!

  709. Katy

    The zebra print is amazing but what I'd really love is that Holga to surprise my little sister, the photographer, with! sshhh. . .

  710. ck

    OH i want this!!! a print OR a holga would be absolutely great!

  711. Chrissy

    Definitely the Zebra pint! Ah, to have a holga would be amazing :)

  712. There are so many but if I win I'll choose right away :)

  713. jaemae

    I love the one on the right, with the tree and the sky! Such beautiful colors!

  714. Allira

    The Zebra one for sure!
    please please please please xx

  715. Yee

    I would <3 my own little Holga :) I haven't taken actual film pictures since I was really little (and that was the only stuff available).
    As to the prints (which I would really appreciate for my new apartment): I really like the one with "it's a small world," the "chloe" perfume bottle, and the walt disney statue :)

  716. Lauren

    The Zebra pic is too fun. Love. And the Holga? I'll be dreaming about it tonight…

  717. Always looking to learn more about photography! I would love a new camera!!

  718. Jenn

    The zebra print might be my fav but I also love the tour bus/palm tree print. love love love

  719. Ooh I love that zebra print, it would look awesome in my son's new bedroom. =)

  720. I love the It's a Small World photographs! So nostalgic! :)

  721. Madison

    My friends and I are planning a trip to europe and this would be perfect!

  722. Rebecca

    I seriously love that zebra print!!

  723. Oh man! I've always wanted a Holga.
    All the pics are amazing too.

    Good luck to everyone.

  724. Here Kelp/Seaweed photo is amazing! It would be a great print to have!

  725. Katie

    I LOVE the Zebra print! It would be a great addition to my new apartment. And I wouldn't mind a Holga camera either. Sweet Givaway!.

  726. J.eiko

    I would love to have her print of the beautiful cactus with yellow flowers! Love your pictures Amelia!

  727. I love the It's A Small World print! So pretty. Man, to win this camera would be INCREDIBLE. My simple point and shoot is about 8 years old now and I can't afford a new one so this would be just amazing! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  728. Lisa

    it's a small world!

  729. That camera is amazing I would love to win it! Her prints are great. I love that print that you showcased on the top right of the brick wall. Love!

  730. Erin

    Excitement doesn't even begin to describe my emotions towards this giveaway! Amazing! Either would make me the happiest girl! Thanks so much Naomi! My mother is a beach bum and would absolutely melt for the crowded beach print. How lovely.

    Many thanks!

  731. It's a Small world! i make my hubs take me to disneyland twice a year! happiest place on earth!

  732. Marlee

    I would want a print of the giant virgin mary photograph..

  733. Pakou

    I really like the flower shot in Sunny 16 & Magical Kingdom. Beautiful!

  734. Jess

    Oh I would love an Holga. Her pictures and tutorials are incredible. I love the flowering tree branch peaking over the brick wall.

  735. I would love the Holga, I have been wanting one for so long! And I love the its a small world print :)

  736. i would love for luck to be on my side and to be randomly selected as the winner of the holga.
    also, my favorite print is the one of james ensor's painting from 1888. amelia's work is breathtaking. crisp and full of life.

  737. i love love LOVE the bottom right print! and would also love that camera so i can start shooting in film :)

  738. Rb.

    Her work is beautiful! I'd love to win the camera. I've become quite the lomography nut since my bf got me a mini diana for Christmas last year!

  739. I've been swooning over Holgas for years now! The print I would choose is the one with all the Disney balloons. So funny and vibrant!

  740. wow she is an amazing photographer! I love all of her prints but the one that really speaks to me is the brick wall with the flowers. Love it.

  741. Wow! Such an incredible photographer. I LOVE the beach photo you posted. On her site, the whole series of photos from The Magical Kingdom are fabulous!

    If only I could become such a talented photographer!

  742. Rachel

    wow, what a wonderful giveaway! I'm heartin' that zebra print.

  743. that camera rocks! and i agree, i LOVE the zebra print. amazing work!

  744. Tian

    this poor college student has been dying for a holga. please please! (the "small world" print is also quite lovely).

    your blog always brightens my day. :)

  745. Jessica

    Holy Moly! It's a small wold and Holga! yes please!

  746. i'm in love with the pink blossom photo. so gorgeous!

  747. What a fantastic giveaway!!

    The photo from Disney Land of the spinning tea cup ride would look great in my twin nieces bedroom.

  748. becca

    wow, double whammy…i love the print with the brick wall and flower behind it. so pretty! love it!

  749. Lily

    Stunning photos !! Love the shots from the Getty ! And what a cool camera.


  750. KateK

    I love the one taken in the bakery! It's beautiful!

  751. i think i'd choose the picture of the flower / plant from the post entitled 'exposure.'

    it's absolutely stunning

  752. carmen

    I would love the holga camera, but the zebra print is also really beautiful!

  753. B

    I LOVE the photo in the restaurant with the chalk board above the booth…and I would love nothing more than owning a HOLGA!!!

  754. Wife

    Ooh I love that photo with all of the small round cacti (is that really a word?)…I hope I win!!

  755. I would have to choose one of the photos from Amelia's trip to Disneyland. The photo of Walt and Mickey is probably my favourite as last year I worked on Main St USA at Walt Disney World looking at this photos makes me miss it so much. I would love the Holga to be able to create my own beautiful memories.

  756. Courtney

    Kristen and Chad's engagement pictures were beautiful!! She was able to to capture their love for each other in such a simple, and almost fantasy way. Oh my goodness!! All here pictures are great. She does an absolutely amazing job!!

  757. M.Rose

    This is such a sweet give away. I would love a holga or the zebra print to help spice up my new dorm room!

  758. amyf

    the georgian hotel… i've always had a thing for hotels

  759. I really love the "Summer Sweet Sunshine" post she made that included the beach pictures. I grew up on the beach, but I miss it so much now that I live in Nashville!

  760. Erin

    I've been lusting after a Holga for forever! I would pick the Small World print, it is pure whimsy and so magical!

  761. I love the zebra print! What a cool image.

    haute [dot] prinkus at gmail [dot] com

  762. I know it seems silly to get a photo from a stranger's wedding, but there is a boquet picture that is breathtaking that I would love to own!

  763. MsFitz

    oh, yes! the zebra would be great!

  764. crossing my fingers for this one! i love lomography and a holga will be a great addition to my very tiny camera collection! love the zebra print!

  765. i am absolutely in love with the zebra print and the beach print, they are stunning. as a student studying photography i would love to have opportunity to use film more often!

  766. Magen

    The zebra print would be a fun piece of art for my house!

  767. Sarah

    I'd love to win a holga! And I really love the zebra print!

  768. I want a Holga! And that brick wall print is beautiful!

  769. i'd love to win the holga :) and i like the top right print in this post

  770. meredith

    I love all here prints, especially the floral ones.

  771. Jen

    would love to win the holga :) I also love the flowers sticking up from the wall!

  772. Joy

    Love Holga cameras!! And my favorite print of hers is the one with the girl in the yellow rain boots! I love the rain!

  773. i would be a most grateful subject for this gift to be bestowed upon

  774. carrie

    Such a fabulous giveaway. I love the photo of the bouquet of flowers and the white balloons (I think that's what those are in the background). It's playful yet gorgeous.

  775. I would love a holga, and I love the beach shot.

  776. AH! I would absolutely love to have this wonderful camera, film, and beautiful photographs!

  777. I want this so incredibly bad! It has been on my wish list forever! The prints are beautiful – I like the flower on the brick ledge the best :) and I know just where I would hang it! crossing my fingers!

  778. Love! These cameras are my favorite. Love the photos too (:

  779. I love the its a small world print. It reminds me of my brother and my family! I also would love a camera to document my husband and I during our first year of marriage! We are obsessed with taking pictures and sending them to our family in Colombia.

  780. Cristina

    The It's a small word print definitely caught my eye!

  781. Kelly

    I would killy (haha get it? Kelly, Killy? I think I'm hilarious.) for the zebra shot, it would match my room perfectly. Oh and the camera is quite lovely too.

  782. Lauren

    i've wanted a holga for years!! oh la la i would definitely get a print if the "it's a small world ride". love it!!

  783. Kaylie

    To may favorites to choose from they are all so amazing! Awesome giveaway

  784. bairds

    I love love love the zebra print oh and holga would like to live at my house.

  785. Oh I'd love to win the Holga. I would give it to my good friend who loves photography and is Am-a-zing! at it! Because i'm sure I'd waste the entire role of film with my un-artistic ability. Love photography, but not so good at it. But, if not the camera i like the pic of the brick wall.

  786. Love the Zebra, but Amelia's pictures are all quite stunning. She has a great eye for shooting at just the right moment to catch the personality of her chosen muse at the moment! Her use of light and eye-catching colors are visual eye candy :)

  787. corinne

    Ah, I would die if I won the Holga. I have a Diana F+, but as a poor college student, I just can't afford to get the 120mm processed ($15 a roll? I need to eat, here!).

    As for the print, definitely the beach one. I'm from New Jersey but am far away from the shore at college and that picture makes me think of home :)

  788. Samantha

    I've been eyeing that little 35mm holga…and i love the print of the blue shoes in the tree! so dreamy. <3

  789. Samantha

    I would love to win one of her prints. I would probably go with the zebra, but it would be so hard to choose!

  790. Oh my goodness I am just over the moon for that zebra print. I would so love to add the Holga to my collection, too. HOW NEAT-O!

  791. Vanessa

    I would love to own that camera and i’m redecorating my room and i would love the “its a small world” picture to hang in it!

  792. Bri

    Oh a holga…I'm in love! Yes please! Her it's a small world photo makes me smile too

  793. Unknown

    I would love to win this!! My favorite photo would be the brick wall with the flower on top!

  794. I love holgas! and her prints are so beautiful- i would love the one of the girl holding the white disk at the beach and the aerial one of the cactuses at the getty :)

  795. I absolutely adore that zebra print, and I'd love a Holga camera! Hope I win!

  796. When I was a young girl I went to Disneyland and my absolute favorite thing was the "It's a Small World" ride. I made my parents take me on it over and over again. That same trip we found out my father had cancer and he died 4 months later. Yes, it's a sad story but that ride holds dear to my heart. It would be wrong of me to choose one of the other photos as my favorite; although they are all beautiful. Taza, your blog is my new favorite. I check it all the time for new updates. Your sweet family warms my heart and gives me hope to someday have one as beautiful as yours in the future! XOXO, Emily

  797. Sara

    She definitely has a unique eye for beauty. the prints all have a fun and nostalgic feeling to them! i would love to have the zebra picture shown on this blog – zebras have always been my favorite animal – what's more chic than black and white! :)

  798. Lindduh

    omgosh! I love the photos you take with the holga <3<3

  799. i would just be so delighted to have either one of those giveaways — they are so fun!

  800. Emily

    i absolutely ADORE the picture of Small World. My entire childhood floods back when i see this picture! LOVE it!!!!! :)

  801. by BUN

    I love love love the zebra print! I just moved in w/ my bf (aka…the little love of my life)…and it would be the perfect little addition to our BUNgalow. :)

    xoxox bun.

  802. What are my chances, here? Anyway, we'd love it we won. :)

  803. What a sweet giveaway! I love the photo of the girl on the beach holding a large reflective(?) circle. It's definitely one of a kind.

  804. alondra

    Wow, such talent! Being a SoCal native I would definitely have to go for a disneyland image.

  805. I would LOVE! The picture of the brick wall and the flowers! So pretty!

  806. Ahhh!! It's a small world photo for sure. What an incredible way to capture the atmosphere!

  807. Haylee

    I seriously am kind of obsessed with the It's a Small World Print. I love it so much!

  808. Ashleigh

    great giveaway!
    I love the photo she has in her most current post, its of a cactus of some sort that looks like it has corn on it.

  809. Crystal

    LOVE LOVE the zebra print!

  810. Oh I've been wanting to get a Holga! Amelia is adorable with a really great eye for capturing life! I love the print of the flowers peeking from the top of the brick wall. So simple and yet so pretty.

    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  811. I'm a fashion photographer and appreciate all artistic and creative images. Love the "It's small world" and the Zebra!

  812. Victoria

    the Zebra print is beautiful. What a great giveaway. Holgas take amazing pictures

  813. skaggs

    wow, what an awesome giveaway! I'd really LOVE the last photo you like. So pretty!

  814. Jesse

    I love the Zebra print, mainly because I love equids (going to veterinary school this next year)! or maybe the print of the beautiful flower within the maternity shoot or the pic with Disney balloons on her blog! lots of good ones : )

  815. i love the cactus photo from the getty!

    would totally love to hang that up on my wall.

    and thanks for the amazing giveaway!


  816. I love that zebra print! What a great perspective.

  817. Kylie

    awesome giveaway! she is fantastic. i LOVE the zebra print!

  818. Ooooh… the zebra print, for sure! This giveaway is right up my alley :)

  819. I love the Badgley Mischka shoes! It would look perfect hanging up in a bathroom or walk in closet. I used to shoot and develop my own 35mm film in high school and I used my mom's SLR from the '70's.

  820. Beautiful pictures! I would feel lucky to hang one in my home! That camera also looks really fun.

  821. do i get a bonus entry because i am lucky enough to personally know how fantastic amelia is?? she's a genius, a lady and a saint!

    i want them all, but i would especially like the photograph of the brick wall with flowers. and i want that camera real bad.

    i hope you read this, amelia! xoxxxx

  822. Sarah

    I would love either of these! the holga camera is amazing, but the zebra print would help my new dorm walls feel more like the dear home I miss:)

  823. Roxy

    i like the zebra print, and the picture of the flowers @ disneyland! fun giveaway!

  824. Jo

    Baaaaa!!! I would pick one of the Disneyland pictures, or any picture with the ocean in it.

  825. Jo

    Baaaaaaaa!! I'd pick one of the Disneyland pictures, or any picture with the ocean in it.

  826. I love one of the same ones you do! The brick wall with the blossoms. We just moved and it reminds me of home. :)

  827. kylee

    get out. a holga camera plus film? please oh please let me have a stroke of luck. as far as picking out a favorite, it's a small world caught my eye immediately. disneyland is sort of my favorite place for vacationing.

  828. i love film photography. & would love to own a holga!

    i would choose the picture she took of the beautiful cactus in hollywood. ever since i moved to the east coast, i've had a bit of an obsession with succulents. i guess they remind me of my west coast roots.

  829. Krystal

    L o0o0o0o0o0o0 V E !!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  830. Emma

    Oh man, I've been wanting a Holga for such a long time so I'd be over the moon excited to win! I'm totally lovin the It's a Small World photo!

  831. I'm kinda lovin' that zebra print and the sea/dried seaweed(?) print.

  832. Such a great giveaway! Too many prints to choose from. I'd say I'd love the shots of seaweed from her personal work category.

  833. Jessica

    so much great stuff to look at on her blog. but i love the zebra.

  834. If I won the Holga Camera I would gift it to a friend who is away in the Navy right now. I'm sure there are some beautiful sunsets at sea!

  835. I love Holgas and I love that beach photograph!

  836. I would love to have a print of the temple from michelle and taylors wedding. But a camera to shoot my new little girl would be amazing!

  837. Mae

    Wow, the photos are awesome! I guess I would choose the picture with the zebra you pictured above as well. I just love these animals and it reminds me of my time in Africa.

  838. I adore all the print. If I had to choose one I think I would go with the zebra print. I love that she has such a passion for film. It's inspiring.

  839. Judy

    My favourite is the zebra print. Love the colours!
    What a great giveaway!

  840. kez

    I love the zebra pic – which would be a great gift for my Dad who has always wanted a pet zebra :)

  841. I love the its a small world print. Love this giveaway

  842. I LOVE the zebra photo – it's beautiful. I could imagine that up on my wall! She seems like an amazing photographer, love that she only shoots film :)

  843. shelby

    small world! hands down it's my favorite ride at disneyland.

  844. Rebecca

    I studied photography some years back now but somehow, in between work and looking after the my stepdaughter, i neglect my camera way too much these days.
    Amelias photos are great, so full of life and joy. My favourite has to be the one entitled "Seattle6" of the old man feeding the seagulls. So simple. So beautiful.

  845. i'm totally diggin' the minnie mouse balloon-print but would be pretty happy with the holga too!!!

    what an awesome giveaway!


  846. i like the last can feel the air of this photo. i am a fan of film shootings. the best giveaway ever ;)

  847. freya

    A Holga! How exciting! I love the picture of the wall with the flowers peeking out from behind. Its very cheerful :)

  848. Alisha

    Oh I would love a Holga! Down here in Australia they are SO expensive! I love the teacups photo the most – so dreamlike and lively

  849. The beach picture is just beautiful & I would LOVE a holga!!!

  850. i would love to have a holga! i like the zebra print and also the one with palm trees and bus with rainbows motive :D

  851. Anna

    I love the "small world" photo!

  852. Lara

    I am thrilled with this blog and now with this fantastic g-a. I'd love the camera but also the Virgin Mary pic. Thanks for making me smile every day! hugs&kisses; for U and sweet Mss E. Larisa

  853. such a beauty!

  854. Fine
  855. Kali

    I LOVE the picture of the Zebra. It's awesome how it looks like it is looking right at you!

  856. jamie

    Love the zebra! And would love the camera–I've been wanting something other than my digital camera for ages.

  857. WOW, Amelia's pictures are lovely! I love the Holga, oh so cool.

    The Zebra print is pretty cool too.


  858. I don't have enough photography cred because I've never shot with film. The Holga would be a fun way to start!

  859. Wow, Amanda's pictures are amazing. I love the flowers on the brick wall. It shows how beautiful a simple thing can be and that it can be found in any neighborhood

  860. Embo

    I'm LOVING the Magic Kingdom shots, but the shot of the wheel barrow full of wine bottles on the second page of her blog is by far my fave!

  861. Marilyn

    What a fantastic giveaway! Amelia is super talented. I would gladly take any of the prints but I especially love the beach pic.xoxo

  862. I love the it's a small world print!
    What a great giveaway! Our Holga died on our last vacation, taking with it all our beach pictures.

  863. I love the print with the brick wall and flowers! It's so subtle, but so breathtaking.


  864. quite stunning! my favorite is the sea plant at the beach.

  865. Alison

    Wowzers, I'd love to win a Holga! I'd also love to win the Zebra print. Gorgeous!

  866. audrey

    ahh i can't decide!!! they are all gorgeous! the zebra! the flower! the field! the rooftop!!

    crossing my fingers for that HOLGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  867. She has a beautiful eye for beautiful things! I love the double exposure, but there is so many more that I love!

  868. What a great prize! Who wouldn't love to win both?! Would love to take photos of the rebuilding in Joplin with the Holga!The dried seaweed would look awesome hanging in my room!

  869. Kessler

    eep i have had my eye on one of these cameras for so long. and her photography is beautiful… especially the brick wall photo. i love it!

  870. This comment has been removed by the author.

  871. I absolutely love the double print of the woman holding the large white circle on the beach. It serves as an obvious focal point for the photo and I appreciate that. The juxtoposition with the brick and floral print is smart as well.

    I would love to own a classic camera like the Holga. I try to limit my spending to practical things and luxuries such as a camera are always pushed off the list.

    Your blog is so inspiring. Please keep it up!

  872. I'd love this! I adore the "It's A Small World" Print.

  873. That LA!9 is just screaming at me to own it. I love the deep purple and other vivid colors.LA!11 is also so beautiful with the textured paint so visible.
    What a incredible camera and photographer.

  874. We used to live by disneyland and the small world print is definitely my favorite.

    I've also had a holga on my Christmas list for about 3 years! So I hope to have luck on my side with this giveaway!

  875. tij.jov

    I love the Aqua Di Parma print AND the Holga of course :)

    Fingers crossed! xo T

  876. I have wanted a Holga for so long! I would love to win this!!! I am so passionate about photography and would love to play with this camera!