rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have some great stuff to give away all thanks to our sponsor, amelia johnson photography!
amelia is giving one lucky ready their very own 35mm holga camera + a roll of kodak film!

amelia is also giving away one of her beautiful photographs in an 8×10 size (you pick the photo!) to two lucky readers! below are just a few of my favorites, but go here to see all of her photographs before you make your choice!

amelia says, “behind one click of my camera lies artisitc intuition, fabulous style and technical know-how. i know what i’m doing. i shoot pure film because shouldn’t everyone look gorgeous? with a warm, creamy palette, film allows me to craft images of superior beauty. i leave a trail of dazzled clients.”
to enter to win either the holga camera or a print of your choice, please visit amelia’s photography blog, and comment below telling us which print you would choose! winners will be drawn at random and announced next monday, september 5th.
you can also visit amelia over on her twitter or facebook pages to get to know her a little bit better. she sounds absolutely adorable, i think it’s worth your time!
good luck!

our weekend with irene.

well, irene didn’t exactly stop by our house like she said she would this weekend on her little tour of the east coast. rude!
we did get a bit of rain and wind saturday night, but the power remained on, everything stayed in place and all seemed normal the following morning besides a few tree limbs down here and there. is it terrible of me to admit i feel a bit cheated with my first hurricane experience? but no no, i know, i know. i really am glad d.c. stayed safe, and that irene wasn’t as bad as predicted for us in dc. i hope everyone and their loved ones are safe… i know other areas weren’t as lucky as ours and we’re praying for all affected…
we spent our weekend inside. we read lots of books to eleanor, watched lots of movies thanks to netflix, ate lots of unhealthy food (irene was the best excuse for ice cream sandwiches for breakfast or peanut m&m;’s at midnight). it was quite nice. we love finding reasons to stay inside as a family all weekend long and just be together. thanks for being a good excuse, irene.