“ma ma.”

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on monday, our flight out of salt lake city was delayed about an hour or so, so eleanor and i sat down on the floor of the airport together near our gate. i was standing her up on my legs to face me as i held her arms and talked to her. a few minutes into our chat the biggest grin came over her face and she looked up at me and said clear as day, “ma ma.”
i think my heart stopped.
i kept saying, “what did you say? did you say ‘ma ma’?” all the while she just kept smiling up at me repeating it. sure, i know she hasn’t fully made that connection yet and she’s mostly just saying “ma ma ma ma” as she’s learning to put new sounds together. but i have to tell you, whether or not it’s legit, i’m claiming it as her first word.
also, not going to lie… it’s making me feel like a million bucks.
  1. worth a million words… adorable

  2. I bet that is the best moment as a new Mum :)

    She looks super cute in this photo.


  3. Taylor

    Aww, wonderful news!! So happy for you! What a moment!

  4. my son did the same thing and I have definitely claimed 'mama' as his first word! even if she is just putting sounds together, she knows who you are, and that totally counts!

  5. AJD ∞

    oh my gosh. that's so adorable!

  6. Olivas

    Oooooooh!!! His first word!!!!!

  7. oh my goodness, i bet your heart totally melts. she's adorable.

  8. MellyB

    Best sound in the world. Really. It still makes me smile every time.

  9. A perfect moment! I love it

  10. Emily


  11. oh my goodness so so sweet.

  12. colleen

    she looks so tuny and cute in that picture. way to be her first word!

  13. jenny

    YAYYYY!!!! Congrats sweet little E.

  14. Dianna

    awww I can't wait!

  15. Naomi, can I just say that I'm so happy you became a mother just a bit before me? Because you let me know all the awesome stuff I have to look forward to even as I'm enjoying my little boy Everett to pieces right now.


  16. I mean, this is one helluva cute photo. What a face!

  17. i'm officially obsessed with eleanor. she couldn't be sweeter! and you deserve that first "mama"!

  18. Kristen

    She is seriously one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen. Gerber is going to be knocking on your door any day.

  19. adorable! this is so precious! So happy for you.

  20. Haley K

    oh that's the best thing. ever. I can only imagine how your heart must have jumped when you heard her say ma-ma :) maybe get some video of your beautiful El and her first words! (i vote legit:)

  21. best moments ever! you thought those first months flew? just wait! i LOVE that all the connections are coming together! oh, she is SOO sweet!!!

  22. fanny

    I'm so very happy for you. so happy I'm now smiling. joy is contagious! x

  23. So amazing! I have been DYING in anticipation of this moment. And since Iris is only a few weeks younger than E…maybe it will be soon!

  24. How very cute of her :) she is just so adorable you must be very proud! x

  25. So cute! Totally worth that hour delay at the airport :)

  26. the cutest thing i ever did hear.

  27. She has absolutely the most beautiful smile I've ever seen on a baby!

  28. Britney

    Haha awesome! I'm still waiting for my little Jude to say his first word–he's about 1 month and a half younger than your little girl, but I can be hopeful, right?
    What a sweet baby girl–so gorgeous and I love her lovely little head of hair!

  29. Taylor

    AW! That is wonderful:)

  30. Alicia

    awww congratulations!!! :)

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  32. Benthe

    That must be an amazing feeling.

  33. Aww yay!!! She is so cute and check out that smile. I'm going ahead and going to say congrats, because let's face it, you must be a pretty awesome mom to deserve "ma ma" as a first word. :)


  34. L

    So sweet! I can't wait for that moment one day! :)

  35. Monique

    so sweet her first words were mama…usually kids say da-da because its easier…she's one smart cookie!

  36. WhitMc

    Oh my gosh. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

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  38. Dani

    Roll with it! ha…my lady said ma ma too! The best feeling ever!

  39. so sweet. what a beautiful moment :)

  40. What a happy beautiful girl you have! That is the best feeling ever, all the worries and frustration go away!

  41. claire

    Gahh! She is SO cute. And that is such a special moment. Claim away… x

  42. linzi

    It's moments like this that make motherhood so glamorous! Isn't it wonderful?!! She's beautiful, by the way. That smile! And you are a beautiful mother.

  43. wish you ALL THE BEST ! It so lovely. Keep warm, pozdrowienia z Polski ! :))

  44. that is the cutest story ever!

  45. Kristen

    this is adorable. this moment is great for a mother, and i agree on saying it's her first word =) her smile makes me smile, so i can imagine what it does for you!


  46. Jenn

    That is one gorgeous baby. Every time I see her sweet little smile, it puts a smile on my face!

  47. ok that story…combined with that photo….i'm gonna cry.

  48. becky

    Oh my. I hope one day when I have children (and I hope wholeheartedly I do–and can–it's a very, very big fear of mine to not be able to), I am half as happy as you. You radiate that motherly glow, still. And you look and sound and present yourselves as being so absolutely smitten. It is such a joy to read.

  49. Ashley

    awww… that's so special. =)

  50. Bri

    how sweet!! ahhh, i bet that put a HUGE smile on your face :)

  51. leigh

    What an amazing moment!! So awesome.
    Love, Leigh

  52. Kristin

    YAY!!! that is sooo awesome!!
    ps: you seriously have the cutest little baby around..

  53. Kathy

    I love your daughter. I am so happy she said ma ma.
    You are a great mom.

  54. Emily

    Oh so sweet! My daughter's first word was "da da"; cute, but not as cute as your daughter's!!

  55. nadia

    Aww, that is so special and exciting!

    xo Nadia

  56. Mallory

    awww congratulations, mommy!

  57. Chelsea

    isn't that the best?

    it only gets better!

    when my 2 year old gets up from his nap, sometimes he'll say, "I missed you momma!"

    I die!

    Love that yellow shirt on you!

  58. I love it!

    ~ Angela

  59. Laura

    Love it! What a great feeling.

  60. Aura

    What a beautiful moment. I'm not going to lie, I will probably die a thousand deaths, and come back to life only to die again when Elodie says those words to me. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest when she first started smiling and cooing at me. Her favorite sound is "bbbb" so I'm trying to coax her into saying "bous" as her first word, which means "kiss" in my first language, Farsi.

    She is so beautiful, Naomi! When she was first born and you posted a picture of her, I was still pregnant and kept wondering if I would think my baby was as cute as Eleanor :)

  61. Awww that is so sweet! Yay Eleanor!

  62. britney

    i could just stare at her sweet little face. she is absolutely the cutest!!!

  63. oh yeah!! she is so cute :)

  64. Erin


  65. I can only imagine how great that makes a mom feel!! You should celebrate by giving her a big juicy kiss.

  66. I loved the moment when my daughter first said mama. Now it has turned in to mum though lol.

    Oh Jazmyn

  67. So exciting! Love the little milestones.

  68. Priceless. What a wonderful moment. I'm glad you were able to experience it.

  69. Definitely one of those moments you'll remember and retell in your late years… beautiful.

  70. this is awesome! now, if only i can make sure that this 2nd child says 'ma ma' first and not 'da da' like her older brother!

  71. Erdmute

    The only thing I can say is: video!!! To watch you cute darling ;))))

  72. Isn't it the very best feeling in the world? Just wait until she says I love you. Makes your heart swell right out of your chest!!

  73. Leticia

    What a wonderful experience! You'll love it when she reaches up at you and says it. And I say totally claim it as her first word!!

  74. you seriously have the cutest baby ever!

  75. Sarah

    your baby always look SO completly satisfied
    greetings from germany

  76. Emilia

    That is absolutely precious! Such an amazing milestone and what a lovely first word ;)

  77. Charis

    Love x

  78. Awww to cute! I feel like their is always a race to see which out of mama or dada are said first. I nanny for a (now) 9 month old whose first word was baba (is that a word?) with dada swiftly after. Her mom was not pleased by daddies little girl.

  79. You're little girl is so beautiful!!!

  80. Laura

    my heart is melting. you have such a sweet little baby!

  81. Ahhh! That is so excited! Best feeling ever. Also, I hate when people say "they're just babbling" because I have had 3 kids and each time, I guarantee they were NOT just babbling. They said it only to me, and did it over and over. I would absolutely claim it!

  82. Libby

    awww! that would make me feel like a million bucks too! and I seriously cant get over that little face of her's, she is beyond adorable!

    Libby on the Label

  83. i hope you get that cutie pants of yours into modeling – she is so beautiful!

    Congratulations "ma ma"

    your neighbor in DC

  84. Aw! And she is just as cute as can be.

  85. Alexis

    My son is 8 months now and he says mama all the time and he looks at me when he says it!!! I love it!!! It does make your heart skip a beat and always makes me smile to hear someones elses child saying mama or dada. But between us women, I like hearing mama first:)

  86. C and M

    Both my kids say "da da da" first but let me tell you… it gets even better. My son just started saying "I love you, Mommy" as he holds my cheeks with his hands and plants a big kiss on my face. My heart completely melts. Congratulations on these amazing milestones!

  87. My heart just fluttered for you. That must be all kinds of glorious :)

  88. Sooo cute! Mine is 3 months old, I will have to wait some more, halas

  89. Nems

    aw, so cute!

  90. abby

    i would LOVE to see how much e looks like you when you were an infant- you can definitely see a lot of her momma in that sweet little face!

  91. L!$@

    Awwww so cute!! That's awesome. Good work little e :D I don't have any kids, but when my niece said my name for the first time I got so excited!! :D

  92. Autumn

    I'm excited to have kids someday. This is adorable.

  93. Tiffany

    i absolutely love her cheeks. So much.

  94. Kristen

    So amazing, so exciting.
    I love it.

  95. naomi:

    hooray! that's so cute :D

  96. julia

    Oh my goodness! So special

  97. oh my gosh, can this child get any cuter?! i think not…. :)

  98. That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!

    Eleanor is my favorite baby. I have to show my mom/sister/dad/friends all the pictures you post—"isn't she the cutest babyyy!?"

    they all agree.

  99. totally jealous! both of my boys said 'da da first'….even though i'm the one that stays home with them! :-D

  100. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Your daughter is seriously so cute.

    And I loveee her clothes. That dress is adorable.

  102. the best feeling ever! cherish all of it!!

  103. Congratulations! I'm sure she has made that connection and has just been crazy trying to get the words out to show just how much she loves you and her daddy :) CONGRATS!

  104. cindy

    Take it and run, she is adorable! :D

  105. haha congrats!!!!! yay. your babe is adorable.

  106. Melting! What a little heartbreaker you have, she's gorgeous :D

  107. Thats so beautiful !!! Yay im so excited.

  108. Chaucee

    yay congrats!! thats so exciting!

  109. Meghan

    I would have cried right there on the floor of the airport. What a special moment.

  110. Jenny

    Amazing!!!! Go baby E!!! :-)) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  111. awh this is adorable :) it must have been one of your most precious moments! & of course it counts as her first word & i'm 100 % sure she actually meant mama! p.s. the photo is simply beautiful :) xo

  112. OMG that's the cutest thing! Congratulations! I remember when my baby sister said her first word! It was amazing! I'm looking forward to hearing it from my own kids!
    You're a very blessed family! I hope everything keeps going well! :)

  113. Helena

    I think this beautiful little story just made my day :)

  114. Many many congrats :)

  115. Jess

    You are honestly living the life I want in the future! So cute. I'm a big fan of your blog xx

  116. That is adorable! I can only imagine the feeling that you felt!!

  117. Alex

    How wonderful!! :)

  118. aww. Seriously amazing, what could be sweeter than hearing those words. And my gosh Eleanor is just the cutest baby ever, love her adorable dress. Happy almost Friday. xx veronika

  119. Mandy

    what a precious moment! I would claim it as her first words too!! Congratulations on a talker!

  120. Oh my goodness this story made my day! I'm so happy for you, Naomi. Also I can't get over that grin on E's face in the picture. Too cute!

  121. Holly

    thats totally legit!!! congrats mama!

  122. Sari

    she's so precious.. and cute! congrats.. this should be the best feeling :)

  123. Megan

    That is awesome. I my baby boy is 15 mnths old now and I still feel like a million bucks when he says Momma. Big milestone for eleanor! Congrats

  124. so sweet! Love the picture too!

  125. How special! A mother's dream

  126. Awww so sweet :) And she's ADORABLE!

  127. That is amazing! My little Noah is 4 months old and I can't wait for his first words. My husband thinks I'm stacking the deck, because I say, "say…mama mama".

  128. this is the sweetest thing i've read! amazing, very cute!

  129. Caity

    I've got to say, your little one is just the cutest thing. She is possibly the smiliest baby I've ever seen! And be assured, that is the sign of loving, kind parents, so Kudos!

  130. What a sweet post- made my heart happy. Cute kiddo!

  131. seeing pictures of your little baby makes my heart melt I can only imagine what it's like to be a mom. though I'm not quite ready, post like these make me want it a little more :)

  132. That gives me the chills! I am so thrilled for you! That really must be the happiest thing EVERRRRRR! It probably made the lame wait at the airport worth it! :) Also, I think it's really adorable that you just chat with the little lady. Fun stuff. Can't wait for my own kiddos to come… you make it look so glamorous!

  133. Amanda

    aww!!! what a cutie! i cant wait to have little ones of my own!

  134. Ahhhhh!!! So adorable! They grow up fast, don't they? ;P

  135. totally legit! claim it. and there's just nothing like it. nothing.

  136. My little doll just said it for the first time this week. They know. Yes, they know!