we’re going on a bear hunt…(or rather, to the zoo!)

on saturday we took eleanor to the national zoo to see the animals. i don’t think she really cared for much besides trying to eat my snow cone, but josh and i really enjoyed ourselves. the weather was beautiful, all the animals were out and about and the gorillas put on quite the show for us!

this tiger in the last photo made josh and i laugh so hard. he reminded us of kingsley when he’s scratching on the front door because he needs to go potty or wants to play outside. this tiger would not stop scratching at the door and looking through the window. i think he wanted dinner. and a friend.
*ps. anybody else obsessed with the children’s book, we’re going on a bear hunt? i think i could read it every day to E, imitating how my own mother read it to me (she’d chant the words in the most animated voice ever) and never grow tired. i’ve probably already read it one hundred times since february. i love it so.
  1. delightful day! minus i'm deathly afraid of anything in the primate family.

    if possible e gets cuter by the min!

  2. Great zoo pics! My boys love that book! We love making all the sounds together.

  3. Bree

    Yes! My mom used to read that book to me too! The odd time out of nowhere, she'll bring it up and say parts of the book :)

  4. Love your dress! How did you not spill all over yourself carrying Eleanor in one hand and wearing white – this is talent!! :)

  5. Kelsi

    Your hair looks so cute, Naomi! Did you get it cut? It looks so much shorter!

    And I loooovelovelove that book, and the zoo, too!

  6. Katie

    This zoo looks way better than the zoo my husband and I went to today in Denver. I love your dress!

  7. Naomi, you are so beautiful. Wow!

    Eleanor is growing up so fast as well! This looks like such a fun day.

  8. That place looks fun! Love your outfit btw…

  9. Lauren

    I am so amazed that many animals were out! Whenever we go to the zoo (quite frequently, actually) so many of the animals are hiding!

    And, I loved the bear hunt book growing up!

  10. For several years in my 20s I worked in a children's bookstore and discovered that book. I still love it so much, and it was always a hit when we read it at storytime!

  11. Lovely post – and I love 'We're going on a bear hunt'. Also that tiger reminded me of the lovely book, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. It is a gorgeous book, you should add to your collection. -Hannah x


  12. emily

    i would have spilled the whole shaved ice on my white dress if i were you. but you know i get really involved with my frozen treats!

    p.s. my old coworker from newsweek was just here. we were talking about blogs. she said was at the zoo and saw naomi from the rockstar diaries there! she said was too nervous to say hi. then i told her, oh she's a good friend of mine.
    it made me laugh.
    i'm sure it happens to you a lot, but still made me smile :)

  13. Ash

    what a delightful day! you look so adorable :)

  14. L!$@

    I love that book! I really want to go to the zoo now.

  15. very cute zoo photos!

  16. hahahaa i love how josh looks like he's saying "this guy…." with the gorilla. hilarious :)

  17. Megan

    I LOVE the lions drinking from the water. You definitely got some great shots!

  18. April

    Love the dress… Please tell me I can buy it somewhere?!

  19. I adore the last photo oh so much! There's nothing better than when zoo animals get animated with the visitors. My last visit to the zoo the monkeys ran to the window when I unwrapped my camera film because the packaging was yellow. They followed me all around begging for my "banana."
    I must make a zoo visit soon!

    XO Andrea

  20. Lauren

    Going to a Zoo is delightful, no matter what age you are! I enjoy reading your blog so much! I've "re-vamped" my own blog and a lot is inspired from you!

  21. janis

    ah you're such a stylish mama! i hope to be one too (somewhere down the line, haha!)

  22. That apple onesie is the cutest thing ever! And I envy your ability to pull off the round sunglasses!

  23. leigh

    As soon as I read your title I said–out loud–"we're going to catch a big one!" I think I have the entire book memorize & I, too, read the book in a sing-song chant.
    Is there any other way to read it?
    <3 Leigh

  24. katrina

    you've got to be the coolest mom ever!

  25. OH my goodness, that book is the BEST ever! Lots of good memories of my mom reading it out loud and then my sis and I acting it out in the backyard! LOL
    A must have, definitely!

  26. Such a cute dress! I didn't know there was such a thing as a National Zoo.

  27. when I taught kindergarten that was my kids FAVORITE song – and yes, it had many fun dance motions that went along with it!

  28. Looks like such a fun day! Totally loving your outfit; you always look so stylish!

  29. i think eleanor's birth has turned you into more of a rockstar than ever.

    and i didn't even think that was possible.

  30. Meagan

    I love the zoo and it looks like you guys had a great time!
    You are the cutest mama ever.

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  32. -

    I worked at a preschool for this past year and all the kids were OBSESSED with "we're going on a bear hunt." There are some on CD sing-along versions and they were all about making all the sound effects. It's a hard song to get out of your head.

  33. Emily

    uhm… you may just be the prettiest mother ever.

  34. you look SO cool in that photo!! From experience, it's kinda fun to look back at photos of your parents and say "they were SO cool" and I'm sure E will do the same when she's older! :)

  35. You look so chic! And E is certainly one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

  36. Great photos! It looks like a really fun day, the zoo is such a lovely place to visit.

  37. colleen

    i LOVED going to the national zoo growing up. this makes me want to move back to dc. love the photo of the lions drinking and, of course, the tiger.

  38. amazing photos! i love the zoo , i don't think i'll ever get too old for it! & ahh snow cones.. you make me jealous now , i really should go get some of these.. (if i knew where they sell them here) :( btw i'm simply in love with your outfit , it's so safari-looking & it just suits this day perfectly! eleanor is so adorable in these photos (as always!) have a wonderful week! xo

  39. you look beautiful! I have serious sweater jealousy over here in FL.

  40. Sher

    oh, you are the most beautiful mama! E is such a cutie too:)


  41. naomi:

    what a nice day! i love zoos :) my mother would read that book to me too, and it i would always get so scared! but i always wanted her to read it haha.

  42. MellyB

    Eleanor had the right idea, I'd be all over that snow cone too.

    It just a year from now, that baby is going to be all over the zoo. We took my one year to the rodeo this weekend and little dude could not get enough of the giant Dog Dogs. I didn't want to break his heart and let him in on the fact that they were, in fact, horses.

  43. Looks like you had a fun day (and a delicious snow cone)! I enjoy taking my two-year old brother and six year old cousin to the zoo. They're absolutely obsessed with the animals and we just got a new penguin exhibit! Thanks for sharing! <3

  44. becca28

    Wow, those lion cubs sure grew up. I was at the Smithsonian Zoo in April and they were still so small. Amazing how fast they grow.

    Great pictures!

  45. We went to the national zoo last year and the pandas weren't on exhibit. So JEALOUS!

  46. Chelsea

    super cute outfit and super awesome pictures!

  47. Janssen

    We're not scared!

    Darling pictures – I haven't been to a zoo in ages.

  48. I love the National Zoo! The pandas stole my heart. I'm glad you guys had a good weekend :)

  49. how fun! great pics and I love your outfit.

  50. No Bangs. New Sunglasses. Snow cone. Baby E. So rockstar.

  51. Oh that looks like it was an awesome trip to the zoo! So many animals out and about :D Usually when we go, the gorillas and tigers are nowhere to be found, or snoozing in a corner somewhere!

  52. Whitney

    Seeing Baby E's picture over the lions picture gives me anxiety. Don't drop her in there!!!

  53. stacey

    Where is your dress from?? I love it!

  54. Aww, you look like pre-DC/bulldog/baby Taza in that picture!

  55. becky

    That photo of you and little Eleanor is so so wonderful! And these are very good animal shots, too!

  56. Leonie

    i like this book very much, i work in a Kindergarden and the Kids want to hear it every day

  57. Aw! What a fun family outing!

  58. Taylor

    My mom used to read We're Going on a Bear Hunt to me, my older sister and my younger brother. It wasn't until recently that my brother (who is now 17) admitted that he was so scared of that book because of the voices my mother used. I bought it for my little sister who's two years old and she loves it and also enjoys pulling it out of her book collection to scare my brother.

  59. Leslie

    Love the photos of you guys at the zoo! The Pandas were always my favorite at the National Zoo. I like the Tiger picture too though! The other photos just make me really want to go back to South Africa.

  60. That photo of the lions is so cool!

  61. jlc

    Love your dress, belt and cardigan!! Are you SURE you just had a beautiful baby?! You look fabulous hun!

  62. I was just at the zoo this past weekend with my fiance! Loved the orangutans… with the littlest guy doing somersaults all over the place! can't wait to take future kids there one day. Yours is adorable! :)

  63. Looks like such a lovely day!! You and your family are delightful :)

  64. you are gorgeus!

  65. Erin

    Gosh, you look elegant even going to the zoo. I need to take lessons from you. And the tiger — HAHA!

  66. I used to live so close to the National Zoo! I loved, loved, loved having it so close by. And Little Dude and I looove that book. Fun noises to make!

  67. I was always have such mixed feeling about going to the zoo. On the one hand I love being close to these beautiful, strong creatures, but I always feel guilty that they're not roaming the Serengeti.

    I do not have mixed feeling, however, about your heavenly zoo ensemble! work it, girl!

    p.s. have you see the youtube video "lioness tries to eat baby"? it is frightfully hilarious.

  68. These pictures are gorgeous! Little E is adorable!!

    PS- You have amazing taste in music! You may enjoy Josh Garrels (if you haven't heard of him already). Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMaXzRZw3Ok

    Enjoy! Keep writing! I love reading your blog. :)

  69. I started taking my Daughter to the Zoo at an early age also, Eventually we noticed she was actually taking it all in and now it's her favorite place to visit by far! Hopefully It will be the same for E!

  70. Katy

    E has the CUTEST clothes of any baby I've seen!

  71. you look so lovely!:) youre a stylish mommy! such an example

  72. You just made me look forward to taking my daughter to the zoo! Although, I doubt i'll look as gorgeous as you when that time does come. =) That snow cone looks EXTRA delicious! And your baby's chubby legs are super adorable!

  73. Fir st of all I just love your blog to pieces and am so glad I found you. Second I wanted to let you know that I featured your adorable Yellow maternity dress that you wore in your 30week post on my pinterest loves of the week blog post. So manke sure to check it out and what I said and grab my button. And third me and my readers would love to know where you got that amazing yellow dress?!

    A mommy's life…with a touch of YELLOW

  74. Fir st of all I just love your blog to pieces and am so glad I found you. Second I wanted to let you know that I featured your adorable Yellow maternity dress that you wore in your 30week post on my pinterest loves of the week blog post. So manke sure to check it out and what I said and grab my button. And third me and my readers would love to know where you got that amazing yellow dress?!

    A mommy's life…with a touch of YELLOW

  75. Oh these animals are so cute! Great photos! :)

  76. 1 – you look adorable and 2 – that picture of the cubs drinking is too cute!!

  77. Ayley

    i'd like to join the "where did you get your lovely dress?" camp! i adore it!!

  78. Oh, my goodness, the rolls on Little Miss E's legs are irresistible.

  79. Ainsley

    great photos! i love the one of you holding bb girl with the shaved ice… adorable!

  80. thank you! the dress is from anthropologie from maybe 3 years ago.


  81. How in the world did you go on such a lucky day that all the animals were out and putting on a show!?
    Glad it was fun :)

  82. you're dress is to die for. sigh. your style is impeccable like always.

  83. I first read the book in prek when my daughter was 3. The following year, I bought the pop up version of the book and shared it with my son's class. I'm keeping it with my kid's keepsakes. It's a favorite.

  84. Bob

    Or maybe the lion was simply going insane from living in a man made cage for years on end :(

    The lone polar bear at the Vancouver Aquarium Zoo did. I was glad when he finally died after at least 40 years in captivity. The last time I went he simply walked in a small circle, licking a pole as he went around :( So sad.

  85. I haven't read that book, but this post reminded me a little of the book, "Good night, Gorilla!" One of Devon's favorites.

    And, ps, how cute are you two with your little snow cone?!

  86. Alexis

    I must ask, how did you get your body back into such FABULOUS SHAPE?!?!?! I have a 7 month old boy and a 3yr old girl I look like I am about 3 months pregnant! I NEED your secrets!!

  87. Julia

    I have always loved that book. My mother is a preschool teacher and she frequently makes references to the story. She showed me a video recently of the author performing the story. Its wonderful, if you love the book, you will love the video.

  88. I used to go to this zoo all the time with my family growing up. I have so many fond memories from it that I know Eleanor will one day have too. Enjoy!

  89. Charis

    Oh! The strawberry onesie is too cute!

  90. Erin

    please check out


  91. you family and beauty is a testimony to your love for God. right on. keep our family in your prayers if you will.

  92. Jody

    My aunt used to read me that book and before she passd away from cancer when I was around 8, she gave me a copy of the book. I lost that book, but when I had my twins I got a copy and I used to read it to them all the time, I even when to their school and read it to their classes. I will forever love that book because I don't rememebr much about my Aunt Sandy (she lived in a different state so we only saw her a couple times a year)except her reading that book to me. My twins are 10 now so they are into bigger books, but every once in a while that book will show up and we will read it and make up our own verses.

  93. Lauren

    little did you know about e and the soon to be member of the family (panda) when you snapped that photo! too funny! xo