pool side baby.

we took a break from all our unpacking yesterday to enjoy this hot summer weather by having a little BBQ with these friends on their roof top pool. and since E only has probably 2 more weeks before her little 4 month old body outgrows this bathing suit sized for a 9 month old (this child knows how to eat!) we hope to get in as many pool days as possible in that next little while. :)
hope your week is off to a great start!
  1. Krysta

    I can't get over THE CUTENESS!

  2. Eleanor is the cutest! Look at those legs! :) So adorable.

  3. seriously, the cutest!!

  4. that is adorable!! you all have the perfect little family!

  5. analise

    those sunglasses!!

  6. Eleanor is already so cool- look at those sunglasses!

  7. Look at that little lady. She already knows how to pose… Too cute for this world, really!

    Enjoy the summer! XO.

  8. Her face in the first picture is priceless! She's like "Yes Mom, I know I look adorable in this swimsuit." Haha! Such a cutie! Enjoy your times at the pool!

  9. Good gracious, wherever did you find that pineapple bathing suit for E? It's fantastic!

    She's so beautiful—what a joy!

  10. Leonie

    cutest baby i have ever seen :)

    the sunglasses are great :)

  11. Oh my gosh, she's the cutest little thing I think I've ver laid eyes on! That face is so precious! The sunglasses are adorable :)

  12. Ahh seriously I'm melting here – this is just too cute! These sunglasses , haha she looks adorable in them – & ahh those cute little chubby thighs ♥
    she looks suuuuper cute. & i envy you for having the chance to visit a roof top pool ! have a great day xo.

  13. I love her sunglasses!!haha
    she´s so cute, bigger and bigger at every post!

  14. Nina

    she is so adorable, and beautiful!! she really is growing up quick!

  15. beth

    oh my goodness! so much sweetness and cuteness in one post!

  16. carissa

    sometimes i wonder that eleanor is really so amazing. do i just imagine it? that bather and those sunnies!

  17. amber

    She is so adorable! I just love her little bathing suit :)

  18. julia

    oh my god,her sunglasses!
    very cute.ı smile when ı see her face and her legs.very very precios.

  19. OH MY GOSH- that swimsuit! the best! she's seriously, so completely adorable! i'm jealous of your sunshine. darn utah and it's "spring" weather!!

  20. Rhianne

    I guess we should have known that your daughter would have as cute swimwear as you do but seriously, I'm dying over how adorable she looks and I love the glasses. She looks so happy :)

  21. colleen

    love her pineapple swimsuit! she is such a cute baby.

  22. Maddy

    the chubby legs!! they're so cute. she is precious.

  23. Laura

    Where did you find those sunglasses!? They are adorable. I want to get some for my 3 month old!

  24. Kelly

    She's the cutest baby alive!

  25. marci

    So cute! I love the whole outfit…especially the sunglasses! :)

  26. Katie

    E is one of the prettiest little babes I've ever seen! Everything about these photos of her is so precious!

    Now I just need to find a cute pinapple bathing suit for myself haha.

  27. Lili

    Yeah, yeah… baby is srsly cute and all, but… OMG A ROOF TOP POOOOOOOOL !!

    *lol* This much from a not-mom sitting in her office looking at the rain :-)

    Relatable Style

  28. Emily

    oh.my.goodness! little E has never looked more adorable than she does in that swimsuit with those sunglasses on! she is just SO BEAUTIFUL! that precious face of hers belongs in baby magazines for sure! :)

  29. naomiiiiiiiiiii, that first picture! frame it! hope the move went well!

  30. Amy

    baby E is so precious!! : )

  31. she is so cute! LOVE the sunglasses!

  32. So cute!!! :)

  33. So cute! My son was 90% weight-wise for a long time at 6 months was wearing 12 month clothes…then he hit 9 months and started stopped gaining and started growing taller…he now is back 3-6 month pants, haha! so she might end up fitting in that swim suit again before you know it!!


  34. Okay that swimsuit is THE CUTEST!! I'm jealous of your pool day. We actually had a bit of snow here in Utah :(

  35. aw look at that cute lil swim outfit and glasses! ADORABLE!


  36. WHERE did you get those adorable sunnies?!?!!? So cute!

  37. Oh my god, she looks amazing but she really doesn't seems like 4 month!

  38. i am in love with little e! she is seriously the cutest thing ever, im biased because i have a precious little neice, but little e is right up there with her:) that face. those glasses, ah!

  39. Sophia

    that face and those big ol baby legs, she is so cute!

  40. SUPER CUTE PICS. she is gorgeous and so photogenic.

  41. Tiby

    awww!!! she´s so pretty and so glamorous with her glasses.


  42. oh my gosh i am dying!!!! thats bathing suit! those sunnies!! most stylish adorable beautiful little baby ever!!!

  43. That is one gorgeous baby. Very well done ;)

  44. Whoa! 4 mos in a 9 mos suit?! Healthy little thing… such a cutie… and love the suit. So sweet.

  45. Drea

    THE GLASSES!!!!!
    And little E's hair is the cutest.

  46. She's too cute for words. And my niece was in 12-18 when she was 6 months old. E's in good company :)

  47. Those sunglasses are the most adorable sunglasses in the world! Eleanor is such a fashionista!! :)

  48. Leticia

    gorgeous baby! she's quite the bathing beauty. her chunky little legs are awesome!

  49. MellyB

    Rooftop pool, posh suit? What a swanky baby little E is! Now if you don't mind sending some of that warmth and sunshine out west, we'd be forever grateful! We want to do some poolside lounging of our own. Although our pool might just be inflatable/three inches deep/covered in cartoon turtles. Still swank.

  50. what a perfect way to kick off the summer!!

    hope the move is going well for you (yuck.)

  51. j.peri

    that baby is adorable!
    and those glasses kill me!

  52. OH MY CUTE!!!
    Seriously, she is precious.
    What a fun way to start summer!


  53. Kayla

    she is so beautiful!!! Hope the move is going well for you :)

  54. C

    what a cute babe!

  55. love her little chubby thighs! we took our three-month old to the pool this weekend too and she loved it!

  56. Sarah

    I feel ya about the bebe bathing suit. Our chunker is growing out of hers too. How fun about the BBQ. Rooftop parties are super fun. Glad to see you had a nice weekend with the fam =)

    - Sarah

  57. Allie

    Cutest thighs ever and cutest baby ever!

  58. how cute is she? I can't wait for the DC pools to open. I just about died when I heard it was free for residents. awesome!

  59. Steph

    Where did you get those sunglasses??? I have to have them for my little girl!

  60. AJD ∞

    her bathing suit is SO cute! with all of her adorable leg rolls, it took me a minute to notice the ruffles peeking out of the bottom. adorable!

  61. Linka

    She has to be the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  62. Oh. My. Goodness. How cute is E!? aaah. I die.

  63. Carolyn

    If those aren't the cutest little pictures that I ever did see…

  64. Alex

    Those sunglasses!! I die.

  65. Caitlin

    those sunglasses! She is adorable

  66. Kelly

    awww her fat lil legs are soooo cute! and i love how you guys match outfits in just about every post i see!

  67. thank you for making my horrible day a little less horrible.

    (that was for eleanor)

    p.s. i can't stop staring at that 1st picture.

    p.p.s. or her legs.

  68. Her bathing suit is adorable! She really could be a baby model. She always looks right at the camera!

  69. thank you everyone! i kind of think she's the cutest thing in the world, so….

    both her sunglasses and bathing suit are from JACK AND JANIE: http://www.janieandjack.com/index.jsp

    not sure if they still have them, i bought them last fall during their summer clearance sale.


  70. oops! i guess it's JANIE AND JACK, not jack and janie! haha.

  71. Ashley

    i seriously can NOT stand how gorgeous she is!!!! i think possibly the cutest baby i've ever seen!!!

  72. She is gorgeous and her sunglasses are cuter than mine!

  73. Jackie

    Why can't I look that good in my swimsuit? Eleanor, I love your thunder thighs! :)

  74. Lulu B

    That is officially the cutest baby I have ever seen! Adorable doesnt cover it, Love that little cosie of hers, brill with the pineapple, she's a little trend setter xx :o)

  75. Lex C.

    Oh my gosh the cutenesss!!!! i can't get enough of her!! teehee :) oooo!!!

  76. Sephira

    Oh my gosh she is the cutests!!
    And what a beautiful bathing suit you've gotten for her :)
    Looks like a wonderful time!

    xx Seph

  77. Meanz

    Cutest baby ever! I love her little sunnies and swimsuit!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  78. so cute! I wish I had some friends with a pool :)

  79. hello.

    oh my goodness! i'm dying from exposure to extreme cuteness!! :D

  80. That first picture of her is amazing. She is beautiful!

  81. Clara

    I thought I would get used to seeing amazing pictures of your gorgeous baby but these pictures are by far my favorite! She is a lucky little baby girl with a gorgeous smile. You have the cutest baby everrrrr!
    I love your blog!

  82. Lauren

    She is SO beautiful!

  83. B and B

    She looks like an absolute doll! My uterus may have given a little hiccup. Sorry to talk about uteruses in mixed company. Where did you get that adorable suit?

  84. bonnie

    this is not even FAIR how cute she is. and look at her posing for that first picture, what a little diva! :)

  85. Lauren

    where did you get those amazing little baby glasses?

  86. jamie

    such a beautiful baby – your family is just darling!

  87. whoorl

    What an absolutely beautiful baby!

  88. Aww, sooo adorable! We put our 4-month-old in her swimsuit at the beach yesterday. Thought it would fit perfect (3-6 months) but it's TIGHT. And being a two piece her little belly was poking out. Made for some super cute photos, but probably best to buy her a bigger size. :-)

  89. Maria

    She is too presh for words!

  90. My gosh! I know you've said it before, but doesn't she sometimes look so 'adult' in these photos! Her expressions are so wise and cute!

  91. Naomi, her chub legs get me every time!

    That food looks fabulous too…what a nice way to spend an afternoon.

  92. Melany

    my word, look at the gorgeous baby! this is my favorite age, from 4-12 months. those chubby legs kill me! adorable.

  93. leelee

    why are baby's legs the cutest thing ever??! Apparently when I was a baby a little girl asked my mom why I had 4 knees… I think this proves that it's the really happy and blessed ones that do <3

  94. claire

    She is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen x

  95. Nicole

    E is so perfect, it's unreal! She is the most gorgeous baby I think I've ever seen. You done good! :)

  96. Laura

    she is the cutest thing, so happy for you!!

  97. What a cute swimsuit! Where did you get it?

  98. Melina

    I think my ovaries cried a little over that first picture! She is so adorable. Love her sunglasses!

    xx Melina

  99. Morgan

    what a posh baby!

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. I just adore you and E*. She is growing up too much in my humble opinion though!

  102. Ana

    Seeing pictures of little Eleanor always puts a smile on my face, and these ones have to be some of the cutest ones yet! She is just the most precious little thing!!

  103. she is going to look just like her pretty mama when she's older. dying over those chubby legs and (pineapple?) bathing suit.

  104. Katy

    very precious! and now I am craving watermelon! yum!

  105. naomi that first picture just melted my heart! what a stylish young lady you have, suitors beware!! haha ;) but then of course she would be so stylish with you as her mama :) God bless!

  106. What a little supermodel pose in the first photo! Baby E is so darn adorable!

  107. my goodness, you just have the most beautiful baby!!!

  108. CUTEST EVER. She is working the camera in that first photo. ;)

  109. She is so beautiful and looks so much like your husband in that top photo, you've got one cute kid there :)

  110. ummm… can i have that bathing suit in my size?!! too much cute for one little girl. love it!

  111. ummm… can i have that bathing suit in my size?!! too much cute for one little girl. love it!

  112. Ainsley

    what great photos with her little sunglasses on!

  113. Love her sunglasses and suit! Such a fashionista already. :)

  114. Renée

    aww she's the prettiest baby I've ever seen. So cute in het swimsuit!


  115. luvh8

    omg, painfully cute. I love her gums in the second picture!!! chunky little babies are the best ever.

  116. That face shes pulling in the first picture is killing me! Such a cutie.

  117. She is beyond cute! I love her bathing suite!

  118. -R

    Congratulations on the baby! She is a cute little thing with the awesomest legs ever! Too cute

  119. angie

    oh.my.god. i love her swimsuit. *squeals*

  120. jess

    I know everyone else is interested in the little babe's suit…but I want to know where you got yours! Can you offer any help in the simple one-piece swimming suit department?

  121. Okay, that suit is just too cute! And those glasses! Love!

    I found your blog a little while ago and have loved reading your posts and looking through your pictures. I live in NYC and am always excited to see other's NYC experiences on their blogs. Fellow Burger Joint lover here! hope your move is going well. And I feel you on the east coast heat. The city is sticky and smells of garbage. Ugh.


  122. never have i ever seen a baby this chic.

  123. Oh my goodness, Eleanor is starting to look just like you!

  124. Katie

    Look at those LEGS!! Wow! Adorable!

  125. Bridget

    her expression in the first one is ADORABLE. how do you keep from eating her?

  126. Paige

    my mom and i both had legs just like that when we were babies! luckily we grew out of the rolls once we started walking!

  127. She is already so photogenic!! Love those legs…she is such a cutie!

  128. Oh my gosh.

    those widdle wegs…. soooooo cute!

  129. Those shades, that hat, the suit and those cute chubby baby thighs! Too cute!

  130. Erin

    So adorable. Love the glasses.

  131. Tink

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :)

  132. Tanji

    like your blog! nice photos, you can feel the sun and fun.
    greetings from germany

  133. Jenna E

    what an adorable little suit she has, oh and those chubby little legs are amazing!! So sweet

  134. Oh.. I love the sunglasses!

  135. OMG!!! I truly want to bite her thighs!!!!!! My daughter has the same thighs but hers are even bigger. She just turned a year old. I always tell her that her legs went from chicken legs to turkey legs in just 12 short months!! Absolutely adorable!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  136. Alissa

    Oh my goodness what an adorable baby and her glasses are to die for!! LOVE it!! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and follow it daily…it makes my day :)

  137. Lexi

    I'm pretty sure Eleanor's wardrobe is better than mine!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  138. She's getting so big! Such an adorable little darling – thank you for sharing such cute photos. :)