1. Lauren

    Oh my gosh, I love her adorable face!!

  2. Awwww … she's adorable even when she's upset!

  3. hey! i'm always craving pizza too (thanks to the baby inside of me) it's fantastic!

  4. you are twins with your matching blue striped shirts. ….and I definitely just pulled the leftover pizza from last night outta the fridge. I LURVE pizza.

    Chris Loves Julia

  5. Ashley

    Oh my word – that face! Too cute. :)

  6. AJD ∞

    (1) i LOVE your hair. i'm tempted to "pin" it.

    (2) that pizza. holy mama… where can i FIND that?!

    (3) babies make the most adorable faces when they cry. sad but true.

  7. Brooke

    aww she's so cute and so is your famil! I love her headband!

  8. love that you and eleanor are matching! too sweet.

    Latte Love

  9. Bridget

    oh my goshhh, her faces. i die.

    and you guys are matchin. love it.

  10. LR

    Ahhhhhhhhh she is seriously the cutest!!

  11. haha, i love it!

  12. miriam

    with your love of pizza, she couldn't possibly be crying "no more pizza!" I say it's "give me some pizza!" :o)

  13. If I was able to find pizza that looked like that…I would be eating it all of the time too.

    my first giveaway

  14. Hi! LOVE your hair in this picture!! You should do a tutorial on how you did it! I would LOVE to try it!


  15. Rene

    So freaking cute! I am also addicted to pizza ( i have had it for the past three nights)

  16. Emily

    Love your hair… that pizza looks delish… and LOVe the last picture.

  17. You're baby is a DOLL! And why not? Just look at her Momma!

  18. eleanor is such a doll. i love love love your freckles!

  19. Holland

    Oh man, your hair is great! Any chance of explaining how you did it?
    Thanks for scenes into a happy family.

  20. Everybody loves a sad crying baby face! Adorable!

  21. i seriously can't get over her cheeks! SO CUTE!!!!

  22. Alisha

    Oh so sweet! That baby of yours is just adorable!

  23. joolee

    she is absolutely DARLING.

  24. i'm loving her stroller. and her. she is too cute.
    that pizza is making my tummy growl

  25. I love that momma & baby girl are matching! That pizza looks delicious.

  26. Lily

    I love the picture of Eleanor where she's resting her hand on her cheek. It's almost as if she's sighing… like Charlie Brown's memorable utterance, "Good grief!" lol. Love the faces. Love!

  27. That face! She's so squeezable and delicious. You're killing me in two ways. One- I'm about 3 1/2 weeks from my due date and I could eat pizza every day. And yours looks like it was yummy. Two- I can't wait to squeeze my little girls thighs and kiss her cheeks. You two are so cute :)

  28. Mariela

    Your baby is so beautiful, God bless her, and her head bands are just beautiful. Have a great weekend!.

  29. Tiffany

    These are precious. The angle on Kingsley's face is cracking me up! I love how far out his little lower jaw pokes out. Oh, how I love him!!!

  30. Jessica

    she is so precious!! that little face just melted my heart!!

  31. mattie

    i love her pudgy belly in the last picture. she's adorable!

    and yeah, if i had pizza that looked like that readily available every day, i'd be obsessed too. there aren't many options north of salt lake city unfortunately!

  32. bonnie

    her little faces!! she's growing so fast! <3

  33. Alivia

    So sweet. I love that you two beauties match!

  34. I just discovered your blog! Love it! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. What a doll!

    Take care,

  35. that face she's making in the second to last photo just melts me! <3

    She is so beautiful!

    I don't know if you'd be interested in some free artwork, but there's a pretty little giveaway taking place on my blog right now. <3 who doesn't love some pretty free art??

  36. um, eleanor grabbing her face…i'm dying. the cuteness hurts.

  37. that last picture, oh mama. I can *feel* that soft baby belly skin just looking at the picture. that sweet little chub smooshing in your fingers. oh, I miss those squishy baby days.

  38. ditto. i'd say it's at least 1 out of 4 meals i eat lately. and i use the term "meals" lightly.

  39. I am so envious of your freckles. Gorgeous! xo

  40. Amy

    That pizza looks sooo good!

  41. Jane

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  42. Jane

    Her sad face and squishy tummy in that last photo are SO cute!

  43. Your blog is so fabulous! Your hair looks adorable, the glasses, and the baby!! Love it all ;) Now following.


  44. Caitlin

    cute shirts! I could eat pizza everyday too

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  46. E* looks so pensive in that second to last photo. Adorable!



  47. The picture of Eleanore with her hand on her cheek is absolutely adorable :)

  48. amanda

    precious! where did you get eleanor's sweet head band? i looked at the coco penny website and i didn't see any with the thinner band.

  49. Aww The pic with her hand on her cheek! "Not again! Please, Mom. NO MORE pizza!"

  50. these pictures are just precious! I adore them!

  51. gsw

    I've started reading your blog, and oh my gosh Eleanor is the prettiest baby I have seen :)

  52. Goodness I can't get over how cool your glasses are and baby girl's facial expressions are priceless!

  53. JulieD

    What kind of a stroller is that?? I'm so curious. I'm due in October, and doing some stroller research. I love the minimalism of that stroller!

  54. you and eleanor are the cutest twinsies.

  55. Shelby

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting so regularly this week! As I am a fan of your delightful little blog it is always such a downer when there is not a new post :(

    Of course, life in general is busy and stressful so no pressure or anything. Just wanted to shoot some praise your way!

  56. @amanda, i get her headbands and hair accessories from Lou and Lee on Etsy.

    @JulieD, the stroller is by Stokke.


  57. julia

    Eleanor is beyond adorable as always! May I ask you where you got your fab. glasses?! I ran all over town looking for some today with no such luck!

  58. Meagan

    I absolutely adore that you and Eleanor match, so adorable! And pizza is my favorite food. :) The more the better!

  59. She is cute cute CUTE! And pizza has been one of my top favorite things to eat while pregnant. I'll be visiting NY (to see my fam) this weekend, and I plan on devouring a delicious slice of pizza as soon as I get home. Yum!!

  60. hello.

    she's such a doll!! {i almost want to have another one…almost!}

  61. Xandy

    This is too cute, you guys are wearing matching outfits.

  62. Lyndall

    I loooove pizza! We bought a breadmaker a few years ago and it makes the most perfect pizza dough! I like making it at home, it seems healthier somehow :3

    Oh and baby girl is the cutest ever!

  63. can u pleeeease do a tutorial on how you do your hair like that?? (:

  64. colleen

    i love her little hand holding onto her cheek. too cute.

  65. Bonny

    Oh my goodness, I don't know how you do anything but baby girl!!! She's soooo adorable I'd never want to miss a second of her!!!

  66. i was just in capitol hill today and i thought of you!

    perfection as always

  67. @corina.dm, it's just twisting two pig tails across your head and criss crossing bobby pins at the ends to keep it down!

    @julia, the glasses are by oliver goldsmith!

  68. Delaney

    that pizza looks soooo yummy :)

  69. Sini

    So lovely looking pictures, E is sooo cute! and Kingsley too! and all of you :)

  70. Renée

    beautiful photos!

  71. Silvia

    Gosh, Little Eleanor is beyond gorgeous!

  72. 8th st, where did you get that pizza from?

  73. Aww you all match wearing blue! So cute! xx

  74. @tout de suite, the pizza is from 7th Hill.

    @gabylonglegs, matching is the best!

  75. These pictures are just killing me! Babygirl is too adorable<3

  76. I have been living in France for the past 4 months and it's amazing how much pizza I've been craving/inevitably eating!

  77. Emily

    How adorable!
    I could eat that entire box of pizza in three seconds. NOT A LIE.
    I wish I lived in D.C. and was super cool like you guys.
    LOVE IT.


  78. Toni

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and it is soo cute! But I just have to tell you – our dates match up so well its funny. I got married summer 07, I went to europe may 2010 (a week before I left I found out I was preg) I had a baby girl Christmas morning 2010. !!! funny-hu! One big difference, you live in a beautiful city!! I live in a dry desert!

  79. she is absolutely gorgeous! and i love that you two are matching! so cute.

  80. Allyson

    I would love a hair tutorialll :)

  81. Allyson

    I would love a hair tutorialll :)

  82. Allyson

    I would love a hair tutorialll :)

  83. Allyson

    I would love a hair tutorialll :)

  84. Allyson

    I would love a hair tutorialll :)

  85. I love her hair bands… Do you make them yourself?

  86. Grace

    Aww she's so prettyyyy! ♥
    You're truly gorgeous too ;)

  87. tRiSh

    I love pizza, but I could eat E, she's too cute! Even when she cries =)

  88. Baby girl is cuter and cuter with every photo!

  89. Naomi, your mother and I have some fun pizza stories about you and your sister when we lived in Chicago. We used to go out for Chicago style pizza all the time when you were infants and you two sure knew how to have fun!

  90. Jacque

    Such adorable pictures!!! I'm definitely loving pizza lately too!!

  91. Chelsea

    Soooooo sweet! you guys are matching!

    she is DARLING!

  92. Natalie

    Your hair is adorable! (Just as adorable as Eleanor's face! I love those pictures!)

    Anyway, how did you do that? Did you just twist a piece and pull it over to the other side? I love it!

  93. Lauren

    I came across your blog by accident and have been reading it all weekend! (No stalker..promise!) :) It's like reading a book. Sweet, beautiful characters, gorgeous pictures, and real life events. Plus, it keeps on going with every blog entry you write! I love your little family and I'm so inspired by your blogging! I've got one of my own, but it was put on hold during my wedding preparations. (Getting married June 11!) But, you have made me so thrilled to start again! I'm praying for you and your precious family!

    P.S. I totally stole some of your fashion sense as I got dressed for a night out this weekend! I honestly thought of you and put something together! Scarf and all! :)

  94. Brit

    Could that baby be any cuter? I don't think so.

  95. Oh my gracious! What a precious thing she is!:)

  96. Alex

    Love how you guys are matching!

  97. Lindsey

    Pizza really is the best. & I love your glasses!

  98. I wish my hair was as darling as yours. You always look so pretty!

  99. Absolutely gorgeous! Also, love your hair like that.


  100. I'm surprised that as an ex-New Yorker you like the pizza at 7th Hill. We live a block away from the place and hate it (Tunicliff's is surprisingly decent, oddly enough).

  101. oh my gosh she is so so adorable

    love m.
    keep in touch.

  102. andrea

    She is the sweetest thing!! Lovely blog! That pizza looks so delish!

  103. those chubby cheeks are so precious!

  104. Oh wow – that pizza looks super healthy actually. Must be an East-Coast thing. All the pizzas around here are grease-bombs! Lol. I like the sound of a healthy pizza though. ;)

    PS – you almost have 10,000 followers! Crazy! You should have a party when you get there.

  105. wow i just discovered your blog and i am in love!! your daughter is beautiful! i love your hair in this post and i love your sense of style. I used to work at anthropologie and I noticed your a huge fan as well! haha
    lots of love,
    your new follower..

    paola alberdi

    check out my blog if you like:

  106. Amanda

    Please tell me how you did your hair like this! I love it so much!

  107. i've never read such an adorable blog! your baby is absolutely wonderful and i love her name. i like e-names like eleanor, eden, esterlyn etc.
    i'd follow your blog but unfortunately i can't find the follow button :( but ill come back and see how you and your gorgeous family are doing!
    -missshesaid.blogspot.com <3