1. the list of reasons i want to visit DC just keeps on growing and growing. i love the new blog header, by the way! that tummy really adds something special.

    {and in regards to your email, i can't believe i never even thought of newborn baby's breath!}

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  3. The trees are looking amazing, I love the blossom!

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  5. All the photos are adorable. I love reading blogs of young families <3

  6. Sonja

    Wow! It looks SO SO SOooo beautiful in D.C. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :o)
    PS I like the Eleanor addition in the banner! hehe so cute.

  7. Drooling over that arancini… *droooooool*

  8. oh new header, yes :D

  9. looks like you had the perfect weekend. love the addition of eleanor to the logo at the top. that tummy is too adorable.
    hope you have an amazing time in nyc

  10. Alena

    Looks like the perfect weekend! Beautiful pictures.

  11. That tree with the yellow blossoms is fantastic! And is it strange that I now want pizza for breakfast…?

  12. I love Kingsley…
    …and what a fun time funny fun fun time weekend! ;)

  13. Zsara

    i am in love with spring and all it's blossoms this year! makes such a lovely change from the terrible winter. gorgeous post xo

    love zsara

  14. yay! i was waiting for baby to make it into your layout header! so cute :)

  15. i love your new blog header as well! we live in nova and i'm hoping my husband gets a job on the hill, the capitol hill area is SO gorgeous! thanks for the lovely springtime pictures! :) -jen

  16. Gussy

    those blossoms — LOVE them! super gorgeous ;]

  17. that stroller is gorgeous!

    Great new blog header!

  18. Can I ask where you got that stroller? It's so cute!

  19. love the cherry blossoms! we were in DC in the late summer so didn't have a chance to see them but i've always wanted to go in the spring. it's so beautiful and such a lovely contrast (or compliment?) to the stately buildings.

    and kingsley is looking as cute as ever!

  20. your cheer blossom photos will NEVER get old!!! happy spring!

  21. so much fun so much love! I'm loving the new picture addition to your header. Elanor looks adorable.

  22. Mariel

    Those cherry blossoms are GORGEOUS! And so wonderfully blooming. Still waiting for leafs up here in Montreal :)

  23. Seems like a nice weekend! Those flowers around your neighborhood are so pretty, and I love your outfit!

  24. Lindsay

    I LOVE your stroller! What a cute Momma you are. Beautiful fam :)

  25. looks like a lovely weekend! that food looks delicious.

  26. Wow – such great photos! The ones of the trees are absolutely stunning. Great stuff!

    And a really big hug for you dog :) Reminds me of our own – I miss him so much .. :)

    xx G

    Gayatri Kumar
    Look who's Wearing (LwW)

  27. Caiti

    it looks like spring there! and it looks like the middle of december here in utah! i'm soooo jealous!!


  28. Kasia

    Beautiful photos! The cherry blossoms are amazing. Your Italian food looked awesome. I really like your stroller. A modern spin on a classic.

  29. jenny

    i think flowering trees in the city are little slices of heaven. AMEN!

  30. y'all are such a beautiful little family!

  31. AJD ∞

    The new addition to your banner looks great! Your daughter is so cute. And that pizza looks amazing. It's 9AM & I want pizza. Now. :]

  32. I just got hungry haha

  33. NYC?! You lucky duck! I wanna go there just once. =)

  34. Alexa

    The cherry blossoms look beautiful. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful first weekend of April! Have fun in NYC!

  35. hooray, you added your sweet babe to your header!

    looks like a gorgeous spring weekend! i'm drooling over that pizza too! delish!

  36. Renée

    I love the cherry blossoms, and little Eleanor will be so happy to see all these beautiful photos when she's older!

  37. Becky

    Blossom + pizza, amazing!

  38. U U N A

    mmm the food looks so good! and just look at those blossoms! beautiful (:

  39. oh the cherry blossoms!! they're so beautiful!!

  40. Moocy

    Beautiful! I can't wait until the tree blossoms start showing up around these parts. :)

  41. Eeny

    I love the cherry blossoms. Can't wait for the cherry tree infront of my window start to bloom.

    Enjoy your time in NYC.

  42. Your family is so sweet! Squeee. And I adore the new header.

    These pictures are perfect: the good food, the cherry blossoms, the green VW van, and scrunchy Kingsley. He's so stinking cute.

    Have fun in NYC!

  43. Beautiful Pictures! Have fun in NYC! Follow my blog :)

  44. Andrea

    oh, those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! What a springy post! Lovely

  45. Ashley

    These photos are awesome! (& the new addition to the header is precious). I was able to make it to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday – the trees were stunning. :)

  46. amber

    looks like a fabulous weekend! love the new header photo too :)

  47. heather

    sounds like a lovely weekend. i love that you added baby E to the header banner – adorable!

  48. Brooke

    I just recently found you blog and love it! Such great pictures, and all so sweet.


  49. Luisa

    I absolutelz love those pictures :)
    I hope I can travel to Washington in the future… It seems so lovely.

  50. Hannah

    looks like an amazing weekend. that pizza looked amazing!!



  51. Faith

    These photos are awesome! The budding trees looks spectacular!

  52. ooh those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I love a good family walk. :)


  53. jenny

    if you haven't already tried the (neapolitan style) pizza at pupatella, you should. tiny little place in arlington — totally worth the trip!

  54. rebecca

    i love how it looks like your steering your stroller like a car. coolest stroller ever. ever.

  55. taza-love that baby girl, she is adorable! as a new and nursing mother who envies your style – do you think you could do a post on some nursing friendly and stylish clothes?


  56. Oh my gosh, that pizza looks to die for. And I just noticed you changed your blog header to add little Eleanor. Love it! :D

  57. I'm jealous of all the color DC has already…I'm hosting a baby shower May 21st at our house (in CT) and there better be beautiful blooming trees like ones you photographed!

  58. Erin

    I'm obsessed with your blog! I love you and your cute family! So cute!

  59. Maria

    Such a beautiful weekend!

  60. Jacq

    Your neighborhood looks so lovely. I love how you and your family live so authentically.

  61. i'm sorry if you might have addressed this before, but where oh where did you get that stroller? what brand is it?


  62. Gorgeous pictures, as always. Oh a Stokke pram… I adore! I'd have loved one for our Little Bun but unfortunately they cost a small fortune here in Australia. Please don't tell me it's the perfect pram Naomi ;) Eleanor must be so comfy in it. It's gorgeous :)

  63. Sum

    So jealous it's already spring in DC! Snowing over here. Love the new header! Also love these pictures.

  64. Magalie

    I am so jealous of your spring too! I live in Norway and we are under the snow AGAIN!
    The new presentation of the blog with your baby is great, she is absolutely cute! Have fun in NYC, lucky you again!! Best from Norway,

  65. I just found your blog and I love it :) Those arrancini looks so delicious!

  66. More E photos please! I just can't get my eyes off of her!

  67. Rachael

    Aww, you added baby Eleanor to your header!! So cute!!
    Have fun in NY!!!

  68. Paige

    It's so beautiful there! Enjoy it! :)

  69. Paige

    It's so beautiful there! Enjoy it! :)

  70. Paige

    It's so beautiful there! Enjoy it! :)

  71. Paige

    It's so beautiful there! Enjoy it! :)

  72. Paige

    It's so beautiful there! Enjoy it! :)

  73. cca319

    Great photos! You are so beautiful family :-)

  74. Where did you guys get your stroller? I've been looking for one like that, but all I can find is some thats $1700.

  75. those cherry blossoms are beautiful! i'm so excited for spring time walks again :]

  76. Naomi I just wanted to say your blog makes me so very happy. It's so inspiring and uplifting and your attitude towards life is such an encouragement! I just adore your little family. God bless you:)


  77. Oh, how I love DC in the spring! This post makes me miss living there! Also, is that Two Amy's pizza? Now I'm craving it! Yum!

  78. Meghan

    Cherry Blossoms are my absolute favorite. Your photos are beautiful!

  79. What a great stroller and such beautiful pictures, as always! I would love a slice of that pizza right about now too…yummy! I am in NYC too…hope you have a lovely time!

    Liesl :)

  80. I'm not sure if you know, but the 'next page' button hasn't been working for several days..

  81. So so so so beautiful. Both your little family and the scenery.

  82. aren't these wonderful, reminds me of my spring in the city last year! :) Enjoy nyc.

  83. @urbanrhetoric, and those who also asked, it is a Stokke Xplory stroller! sorry it took so long to get back to you… haven't checked the comments yet.


  84. and @patricia, i know! gah. don't know why it decided to stop working. will try to look into that! thank you!

  85. beautiful pictures as always. i'm afraid i'm going to miss the cherry blossoms this year!

  86. Kelly

    I love our blossoming district. I moved here 3 years ago too! Love them!

  87. That looks like a dream stroller. And that pizza, yum!

  88. Aw I just posted about cherry blossoms yesterday :) Beautiful! And that pizza looks delish!

  89. ah i love this! perfect family!

  90. Euginia


    I think we met last week at the bulldog meetup, I had the other Kingsley bulldog! Do you have any photos? I imagine if you did, they'd be beautiful.

  91. @eugina, hi! i only took a few! will try to get them on here soon. great meeting you! see you again soon!


  92. Ainsley

    one of my favorite entries you posted, so beautiful and all of the photos just…flow


  93. Dear Taza, when I am pregnant and have a little one, I hope to be as beautiful of a mother as you are.

  94. J'adore ce blog.
    Il est frais et simple.
    Bravo naomi!!!