date night with a baby.

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we hear it’s all healthy and important to continue to have date nights with your spouse (and only your spouse) after baby arrives. leave the little infant with friends, they say. have a few hours just the two of you.
are they for real?
maybe when she’s ready for college we’ll go out for an evening without her. maybe. but for now our world will continue to revolve around eleanor, date night and all.


…wish us luck!
p.s. thanks for all your advice here
on screaming babies in car seats!
hopeful a few of those tricks you shared
will work in our favor during the long drive…

for sale.

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i put a bunch of my clothing on ebay last night. if you’d like to take a look or grab anything, here is the link.
also, my friend marci (who also happens to be the best dressed lady i know) is selling some of her stuff, too. click here to check it out.

today is thursday. and it’s going to be a beautiful day.

what a crazy and exhausting week it has been so far! thanks to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers lately. i wish health issues didn’t exist- that everyone could live a life without getting sick. and i wish my family lived down the street, so we could all be together right now. or at least that airfare wasn’t so expensive. but here we are…. and here it is… and we’ll get through it, by golly! so thanks for the kind support. it means so much. i’m so grateful.
in other news, it’s been 80 degrees here the past few days. i baked a chocolate cake the other day that i am slowly finishing all by myself. and we drove around a neighborhood in falls church virginia last night that still has christmas lights up! i want to be friends with people in falls church.
also, we’re back on the search for a new home. and it’s making me pull my hair out. is it just us, or does anyone else struggle with making the decision between living in the district or moving further out? do we want to stay on capitol hill where rent is expensive and space is limited, or do we want to move further out (and by further out, i mean…. further out), be more of a suburban family with the promise of a big yard and maybe even a parking spot (oh! just the thought of not having to haul a car seat and groceries and everything else that comes with life for blocks at a time because the closest available parking spot at the moment feels like miles from your actual home. be still my heart!) and where does one find floors like these? because carpet seems to be winning these days in practically every home we see.
we’re heading on a road trip soon and baby girl’s relationship with her car seat is making me nervous. people always tell us if you want to calm a fussy baby, take her for a car ride. but the car seems to be the one thing that makes our baby girl scream and scream. do you have any magical tips for babies and car seats?! and do you maybe wanna share them?!
today is thursday and it’s going to be a great day. i woke up and felt it. house hunting, health issues, crying babies in cars aside, it’ll all be wonderful. and we’ll all get through it. xoxo
p.s. candice took this photo when we went to france last summer. thanks for always letting me jump in front of your camera, candice.