i love…

making myself chocolate covered strawberries.

(even after valentines day)
talking to my baby.
taking a warm shower when she’s finally sleeping.
breakfast for every meal.

friends who stop by to check in.
friends and neighbors who kindly offer to walk kingsley.
getting mail addressed to eleanor.
looking at photos of my husband as a baby and toddler.

singing songs with josh while our food bakes in the oven.
jimmy t’s breakfast. and breakfast with friends.
a husband who calls his wife to say he’s scheduled her a surprise massage.
phrases like “bill cosby. steve martin. ‘charlie bit my finger.’
michael scott. then, todd packer.”

all the faces this little girl makes during the day.
kingsley’s patience with this new little addition.
how he curiously smells her diaper and his love for licking her feet.

baby girl and big bulldog. (and other thoughts for monday.)

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here’s my darling bulldog and baby girl helping mommy in the kitchen. kingsley sits ever so still beside my feet at the counter waiting for me to drop or spill something for him to devour and baby girl makes lots of cooing sounds as she watches me cook or clean up.
i realized the other night that eleanor really loves my singing. she is also the only person in this world who does, which makes me love her even more. i also realize that her love for my singing will definitely change in the coming years once she realizes how terrible my voice actually is, so i’m taking full advantage and singing nonstop while i can.
sometimes i think kingsley and eleanor scheme together before bedtime about which nights they’re going to simultaneously be bad (kingsley) and awake all night (eleanor) to drive me crazy. in fact yesterday morning, after josh and i were up all night long, i told him, “that was the worst night of my life”. then we both glanced over at sleeping eleanor who smiled bigger than she ever has. could it be? ;)
i drove by the hospital where eleanor was born on friday morning for the first time since her birth. and i got so emotional. so much went down there, my little girl took her first breath there, and my life changed forever as i held her for the first time there. i will always have a special place in my heart for that hospital, their staff, and my wonderful doctor.
i have a new found respect for women who have more than one baby. or a baby plus toddlers. or a baby plus any other children. having a baby plus a dog is hard enough work in my eyes. but will you believe me when i say i already miss my pregnant belly and want to do it all over again, and again, and again? that thought is actually quite funny when i think about how many times in those last few hours at the hospital before meeting E that i swore to myself i would never do this ever again. how things can change…

my sisters and my little brother.

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it meant the world to me to have my three sisters and little brother here over the weekend. i love these kids so much and enjoyed spending time with them. sure, technically they were here to meet eleanor more than hang out with me, but still. i’m glad we’re all so close and am really excited to see how their relationships with little eleanor develop and grow over the years. she is a lucky lady to have such sweet aunts and uncles, on both sides of the family, in her life.


all of our family is in town meeting little miss eleanor!

and my baby brother isaac turned 13 yesterday! (crazy.)
we had two birthday cakes after we swam at the hotel last night…

and isn’t eleanor’s swimsuit cute? ;)
(she didn’t swim, but looked ever so fashionable sitting beside the pool…)
be back soon…