we finally got our snowstorm.

after being teased with teeny tiny little snow dustings in d.c. the past few months, we’re finally experiencing our first major winter storm of the season. it’s beautiful outside… and it’s making up for my terrible-no good-still no baby day. thanks for showing up, snow. i like you, lots.
  1. Ashley

    THIS MAKES ME FREEZE just looking at it!!! I don't know how you snow lovers do it! I ran outside in 65 degree weather today… I can't imagine not living in PHX in the winters!

  2. Ugh! I'm so glad I don't live in the snow anymore.

  3. Doing the happy dance in the western burbs…we got 9 inches!

  4. Michelle

    so my gosh you must be freezing! the storm missed our tons by about 30 miles ha!

  5. Chels

    Everyday you post I am AMAZED the baby isn't here yet!

  6. Renee B.

    Yaaaaaaayyyyy for you!!! That must mean baby is right around the corner!

  7. Peaches

    I cannot wait until you are with baby!

  8. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that the snow is gone here because NOTHING works in London with just an inch of snow. Tubes, Buses, even Cabs.
    Looks beautiful though.
    I hope your baby comes SOON!


  9. Holly

    holy moly!! where's your baby?? i had high hopes for over the weekend for him or her to surprise you, but i guess not yet :(

  10. Jessica

    Have fun in the snow! It only last so long :(

  11. Bekah:

    I seriously admire you being so strong. Many women would have been induced already. Way to let your baby take his/her sweet time. I know it may be that you'll have to be induced but I think its very admirable to be so selfless as to allow your baby as long as you can to grow and develop.

  12. Jo

    What fun pics!!
    And…no baby yet?! My goodness! Soon, I hope!! :)

  13. kami

    jealous!! AZ winters are just not quite as lovely. can't wait to see your little babe…hang in there…he/she will come when he/she is ready!

  14. Courtney

    STILL no baby?! Goodness gracious that little one is taking it's sweet time.

  15. it looks so magical! sigh… i love snow. i feel deprived here in orange county. ;)

    sending you good thoughts, naomi… hoping your little rockstar gets here SOON. <3

  16. Sarah

    i would probably enjoy this more if all my DC friends didn't have 6 hour commutes today due to the snow (no exaggeration!), but i suppose if you don't have to drive then it's quite enjoyable! stay safe and here's to a little davis very soon :)

  17. Ashley

    the pictures are great! the snow looks like fun! it's been an awesome 65-70 for 2 weeks straight here in Northern California!

    And when will this baby show his or her face!!?? lol

  18. Beautiful! It would be a lovely beginning of a story for your baby "On a very very snowy January day, you decided to make your way into the world…"

  19. Gaby

    Looks beautiful! It's stinking hot in Sydney this week and I would gladly take a snow storm right about now. Somehow, I just don't think that is going to happen :)

  20. Love the snow too, jealous! I've been google reader stalking you in hopes that your little muffin has made a grand entrance.

  21. I like a good storm. Promptly followed by hot cocoa, warm fire, a movie in bed & some snuggle.

  22. Oh my crap, I'm dying. Seriously checking in like every few hours for baby updates! Here's hoping this storm will bring some progress. :)

    (And holy crap, that was a big storm!)

  23. Leslie

    Both of my babies were late. My second I went to almost 42 weeks! Don't worry, baby will come. If you'd like to try for natural induction, I'd recommend acupuncture. It sent me into labor a little over 24 hours later. :)

    In the meantime, enjoy the snow!

  24. amanda

    yayyy! such fun, eh?

    we're getting toppled with it, too.

    i hope the little baby comes out soooon. i know you're just dying to meet him or her. i wonder what it is! eeeeppp.

  25. Fiona

    Yep, jealous of the snow in sweaty Singapore. Not at all jealous that you're overdue. Enjoy the snow, hope you have a baby to wrap up warm and share the sights with VERY soon. x

  26. JessLa

    We are getting that blizzard here in NYC too! crazy snow. I've been checking in everyday and can't wait to see the new babe. Stay strong :)

  27. Come to Idaho! It snows almost every day here and I am SO sick of it. I wish it didn't snow often. Or maybe I should just live somewhere warm. I like that idea the best!

  28. Kelly

    i dont know you but i love to stalk you. creepy? oops. I found your blog on Rachel (Lanham) Kitto's blog. She was a friend of mine from HS. Good luck with the upcoming baby! I hope you dont mind that I keep checkin in because I am now just as anxious as you to find out what it is. ;) Mommyhood is amazing. Hardest thing I have ever done but worth more than all the pennies in the world.

  29. oh MAN! I can't believe you haven't had that baby! I have nothing helpful to say but that I feel your pain and the baby WILL come, even if you think s/he never will! Good luck!

  30. Maybe the snowstorm is a very good omen. Good things take time ;) My sister and I read your blog avidly and we hope bubba comes soon. Love xx

  31. Yay! I love snow storms, too. Problem is…I live in the desert now. Sad face.

  32. TV

    You're so lucky! We don't get much snow in the South of France and even Paris is being stingy this year.
    I'm pretty sure that baby is just fashionably late, searching for the exact moment.
    (I myself was a day away from being induced and my mother likes to remind me of that :p )

  33. Brr! We had our snow storms in december, now it's only rainy….

  34. I love snow. As long as it comes in winter, not in march (like it sometimes does over here..) Hope the baby comes soon!

  35. Jay

    It looks lovely!! Hope your baby arrives soon too =)

  36. Melanie

    hope the baby arrives soon! i check your blog everyday for news!

  37. your baby wait is just unreal! you deserve an award or something. although i'm sure your baby will be your reward in and of itself. :)

  38. i'm with ya– woo hoo! we've been in the same situation in baltimore, continuously teased with a couple of inches here and there. how happy i was to finally get a storm. today it's piled thick, sticking to every branch, and i'm loving it. kane, our english bulldog, is currently looking out the back door whining because he loves playing in the snow!

  39. lessyloo

    I love the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and you used it in the clever way in your post. I hope you have your baby day soon!

  40. jlc

    My husband was born in a snowtorm in Canada in April!! It always made for THE best story.

    Maybe baby will come in a storm…. as long as mommy makes it safely to the hospital. :)

  41. What a beautiful sight!! Hang in there…the wait is well worth it! Hope you are able to relax these next few days before he/she makes her amazing entrance into the world!!!

  42. Shiloh

    The snow was very generous last night in Brooklyn and now husband gets to work from home. Huzzah for accountants and working remotely. Company is the best on snow days. I am sending labor vibes your way. Good luck.

  43. dEJOISS

    The snow was so beautiful! I will never see the snow in my country.:(

  44. lala

    Beautiful snow! I've been checking for days now to see if baby Davis had made an arrival yet. So excited to hear the news! Best wishes.

  45. DC in the snow is so beautiful! I loved it when I lived there! Hang in there until le bebe's arrival!

  46. Ella

    I wish I had the same attitude about snow you do! I just can't convince myself to like it at all!

  47. Aly

    I keep checking to see if you've had the baby yet! Glad you have some snow to keep you busy! When are they inducing you?

  48. kelly

    boo. i am feeling for you in a major way. baby no. 2 was 2 whooping weeks late and an overdue pregnant lady is not something you want to mess with;)

  49. Kristen

    Bless your heart! But the snow is beautiful – we've been enjoying ours in TN, too! At the same time, though, I'm so ready for spring. =)

    Hope your sweet baby makes its arrival very soon!

  50. Courtney

    My sister once described being overdue as every day being your birthday, and no one remembers.
    My daughter was two weeks overdue and then induced, so I feel your pain! Good luck!

  51. Katy

    The snow is gorgeous, and sending all my positve go-into-labor thoughts your way! :)

  52. Chelsea

    how fun! i want snow too!!!!

    (come baby come!)

  53. manthony

    isn't it beautiful outside?! My first winter here (from Southern California) and I'm enjoying my first snow day in DC.

    stay warm, and tell baby to get a move on! :)

  54. Just Me

    I just started following your blog, it's great! We live in Leesburg, VA. We got a few inches last night, too. My kids are loving the snow days off of school. Have a super fun snow day!

  55. Shorty

    Ooo, this is beautiful! We only ever get teased in AR. So for now I will live vicariously through you (and your pictures.) :)

  56. New Jersey got hit with the storm too. Although we haven't seen the ground here in weeks…

    enjoy the snow (:


  57. April

    I was happy about the snow until work decided to keep us as long as they could. I work in Vienna and live near the Branch Ave. metro. What is normally an hour commute, turned into 8 hours!!! It was not fun! I left work at 3:50pm and got home at midnight! I'm glad you and your family were safe and bundled up! Needless to say, I'm working from home today!

  58. Ayeyay! That is a lot of snow! Those are HUGE snow flakes! Kingsley looks so cute in his little jacket! I'm glad it snowed for you. . . I think that means baby is almost here. Baby knew you wanted both. Hang in there!

  59. I hope the snow brings so much excitement that you go into labor. :) My friend is a delivery nurse and she said that whenever there is a big snow storm they see more patients than usual. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

    Come on baby Davis! The world is eagerly waiting to meet you.

  60. Nicole

    oh lucky you with all that snow! i live in wetern pa , and was secretly hoping for the storm to move this way so i'd be snowed in with my hubby and babies! :)
    … my fingers r crossed for baby to come soon!!

    {i just found your blog today from kls.com about mormon mommy blogs… i'm so glad i visited here! i'll be back for sure!}

  61. i KEEP checking your blog every, single day wondering if baby has shown up yet. anticipation that it sounds like you're quite over! hang in there!

  62. I'm just north of you and we got slammed with snow, too! I actually thought of you when it started last night because this time, last year, I was hugely pregnant and scared of getting snowed in! Glad you're loving it. :)

  63. Nicole

    oops… i meant ksl ;)

  64. Heather

    Looks like SO much fun!! :D

  65. jenny

    So glad that the snow made your day a bit brighter… waiting for that precious baby! Oh the waiting is KILLER

  66. Lets just hope the Baby doesn't come during a huge snow storm. That won't be very fun

  67. Where is that bambino!? I am thinking of you two and sending love to baby on the way.

  68. robin

    I know this is a strange place to put this comment, but snow makes me hungry..? On your quest for the best burger I really think you should try 8407 Kitchen Bar in Silver Spring; It knocked BGR out of "first place" for me. Also, their burgers are served with duck fat/rosemary french fries. WHAT!

    Fingers crossed for baby day!!

  69. Looks cold, but very, very nice!
    I`d love to have some!


  70. How beautiful!!! I can't wait to move to Colorado so I can experience snow like this.

    I bet Kingsley loves that warm coat!

  71. Holly

    how many days are you overdue?!

    keep checking in on you and your lil family!

  72. ooo I wish we would get a storm like that here in Provo! They're so fun every once in a while :)

  73. Rachael

    Glad you're enjoying the snow :) I hope their won't be a big snow storm when your baby comes!! Hopefully it'll happen soon!!

  74. No baby yet? I'm traveling and haven't been reading any blogs lately and yesterday I had a dream of you having a baby girl so I thought I would check your blog to see if it was true…..hang in there ok? The baby will come when he/she is ready ;)

  75. No baby yet? I'm traveling and haven't been reading any blogs lately and yesterday I had a dream of you having a baby girl so I thought I would check your blog to see if it was true…..hang in there ok? The baby will come when he/she is ready ;)

  76. No baby yet? I'm traveling and haven't been reading any blogs lately and yesterday I had a dream of you having a baby girl so I thought I would check your blog to see if it was true…..hang in there ok? The baby will come when he/she is ready ;)

  77. No baby yet? I'm traveling and haven't been reading any blogs lately and yesterday I had a dream of you having a baby girl so I thought I would check your blog to see if it was true…..hang in there ok? The baby will come when he/she is ready ;)

  78. kylee

    still no baby?! i'm anxious enough, so i can only imagine how anxious you are! glad the snow at least arrived!

  79. caroline

    You are so lucky you live in DC. We live in Alexandria, inside the Beltway, and it took us 8 hours to get home Wednesday night. I plan on trotting out that memoir whenever my partner is dragging her heels about looking at properties on the Hill.

  80. Arrgghh no baby yet! I find myself checking everyday to see.

    Greetings from Barbados.

  81. Wondering if your lapse in blog posts and tweets means…….

    Crossing fingers and toes for you!! Hope you're doing well!!!

  82. hi! is baby here yet???

  83. hi! is baby here yet???

  84. Sini

    Aaah it's so beautiful! I love snow! :) I can't wait that in one week we will be visiting my home in the winter wonderland in Finland ;)

  85. Angie

    Every day I've been checking your blog like, "Baby? Baby? Baby?!" Not to rub it in, but it's killing me!! All I ask is that you post about it as soon as there's news, we are all dying for this baby to show up! Excited for you! :)

  86. Everytime I come here and read "We finally got our…." I think it's your baby and not a snow strom :D

  87. I'm hoping from your lack of posts, that you've gone into labor! *fingers crossed* Congrats to you and Josh!

  88. Depirox

    Love your blog! You guys are adorable. I had a dream you had your little rockstar and it was a girl and you named her Amy. Weird, considering I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday! Guess that's what I get for reading right before bed.

    Anyway, keep up the cuteness!

  89. glad you had your snowfall. now show some baby pictures please. you must have had that child by now! come on!
    :) xx

  90. Sonja

    I keep checking your blog for baby news…and checking for twitter updates. and considering there haven't been any for about a day… I'm hoping that means that you've had the baby!!! :o)

  91. aw!! your dog is adorable! I have a Boston Terrier and they look quite similar! Enjoy the winter…


  92. We have had tons of snow in Brooklyn this season. January has been very beautiful…as soon as the snow gets black and dirty we get another big storm! More to come this week! Check out my blog for pics!


  93. Germana

    The snow pictures are beautiful! I've been praying for you and for the baby to come out healthy and cute as soon as possible.

    Have a wonderful week!