rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a lovely giveaway for you by sponsor mayfly designs!
mayfly is offering a necklace of your choice
from the everyday collection to one lucky reader!
mayfly designs is a little online shop
that offers beautifully handmade, made-to-order jewelry
by owner and creator, holly.

to enter, please visit mayfly designs
and leave a comment below before friday, january 28th!
update: congrats to ashley below for winning our giveaway!
please email me your necklace choice & shipping information!
  1. Anna

    love her wedding collection!

  2. What a lovely giveaway. The Nadine necklace is so unique.

  3. The Kelli necklace is so beautiful, I love the links on it.

    Great giveaway Naomi.

  4. The first necklace is gorgeous!

  5. Åshild

    How wonderful! :)

  6. Sher

    Hope I get lucky!


  7. That first necklace is gorgeous!!

  8. emily

    oh my goodness these are all so beautiful! i have to say, the naomi necklace is my favorite ;) fingers crossed!

  9. jlbyers

    oh gosh are those beautiful necklaces! I love would love a Naomi or a Kayla. Guess I will have to cross my fingers!!!

  10. Saara

    Never heard before but now I am happy that i did! Amazingly cute :) !!

  11. SMR

    Oh wow, all of the necklaces are beautiful (and I'm normally a silver chain and pendant kinda gal)! I especially love the Amelia one – my niece is called Amelia and I'm obsessed with turquoise too. That would help get over the January blues! Suze xx

  12. i love the naomi necklace and the grace necklace! thanks for the giveaway opportunity. hope you are enjoying the last few days of your pregnancy! :)

  13. Michelle

    those are all so gorgeous!!

  14. Kali

    love these necklaces! They are so unique.

  15. Emily

    Ah! I'm in love with the fabric rosettes! Such pretty things :)

  16. The first one is breathtaking!

  17. kiki

    Gorgeous. My sista's birthday is coming up and I bet she would love one of these! Hmmm, it would be hard to giveaway though…

  18. Tara

    Oh, wow, her designs are spectacular! What a fab giveaway!

  19. PeBu

    Love them!

  20. Ohmyword! They're all so gorgeous its so hard to just pick one!! I really love the Lori necklace and the June one too!!

  21. Shona

    oh ! please please please pick me. They are so so pretty !

  22. Megan

    oh my. so lovely. I don't know how i would choose..

  23. Vera

    I´d love a Lori or Katelyn or Brooke or….I guess I love them all…

  24. Britti

    What a great giveaway! All of her pieces are so lovely!

  25. ayka

    lovely! and its handmade..

  26. Becky

    Great giveaway, I love the turquoise 'Lucy' necklace.

  27. These necklaces would go so beautifully with the headbands I purchased from Naomi last year. Hope you have your baby before this giveaway is complete :)

  28. Hello…just found your blog from a friends blogroll…love all the pics and the posts…and totally in love with the necklace in the upper left. Im a new follower:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  29. Ashleigh

    those are lovely!! and i'm usually so picky with jewelry!

  30. Kathryn

    Pretty! Girly but not too frilly. I guess that's why it's the everyday line…:)

  31. love the turquoise! rebekah(dot)mcclure(at)

  32. Love these necklaces, all of them are completely wearable. Fingers crossed I win!

  33. Gina

    can they get any more delightful?! <3

  34. jackiek

    oh goodness these are lovely!!

  35. angela

    These are so pretty!! ^.^ love!

  36. caroline

    LOVE these! Great find! Hope I win :)

  37. Ronise

    so many pretty necklaces, it's hard to chose a favorite

  38. Emily

    These necklaces are to die for! I would love to be able to show them off around town :)

  39. Trina

    Ooo! These are all so fun! <3! Good give away!

  40. Angela

    Wow, these are so lovely. I have been on the hunt for a great necklace. Thanks for pointing me to mayfly!

  41. I particularly love the material one – it's so unusual! :)

  42. Maggie

    I wish I was crafty enough to make something like this! So cute!

  43. I love the first one with the 4 flowers. love it!

  44. Flora

    What pretty necklaces!


  45. Rach

    so so pretttty !!

  46. k + b

    so gorgeous!

  47. amber

    such beautiful pieces!!

  48. jenny

    what beautiful necklaces!!!

  49. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. (starting with upper left – going counterclockwise)

  50. Roxy Te

    oh my! The first one on the left is absolutely stunning! Yes, please :)

  51. D,E,&P

    I love the Juliette Necklace, so girly and sweet!

  52. *amanda*

    Lovely neckie-laces! I could use one. :)

  53. stardust

    I adore all of them! So chic, timeless, and BOLD.

  54. Michelle

    Beautiful pieces of work! I would love to wear any of it!

  55. I love all of them…her rings also are great!
    greetings from snowy vienna!

  56. Linda

    holy moly, how perfect for spring!

  57. lauren

    what would we do without all the wonderfully creative people in this world?
    she makes such beautiful things! i love all her designs!

  58. Victoria

    Great designs. I'd be hard pressed to choose just one! Good luck with the imminent labour (hopefully).

  59. Une

    ou, such a beutifull pieces in the everyday collection!

  60. jlc

    Need these!!

  61. emily

    their stuff is so cute!

    i check your blog every-five-minutes, hoping that you've got a baby in your arms!!

  62. gonia

    perfect for upcoming spring!

  63. These are absolutely gorgeous and might have to inspire some diy if I don't win (I never do!)! I love the colorful ones, like the naomi necklace.

  64. Marion

    Those necklaces are wonderful!

  65. Casey

    the pink pearls are sooo pretty!

  66. such a beautiful collection!

    eewingo (at) gmail (dot) com

  67. Ah, I love the Kayla necklace. Gorgeous!

  68. Asty

    aww pearls and flowers! perfect!

  69. These necklaces are to die for! The Lyla is especially wearable art.

  70. Jenny


  71. dot

    Love the Naomi necklace!

  72. ria

    All of them would go with my new outfits I bought for my new teaching job! Maybe they'll provide me with some good luck! :)

  73. I love their simple styles. Especially the Kayla necklace. I hope it's my lucky day!

  74. Sandy

    oh man, these are fantastic. i'd have a tough time choosing between the penny farthing on the brass chain or one of the big, flowery statement necklaces. love!

  75. caro

    so much awesomeness!

  76. laurie

    These are GORGEOUS. I would rock mine all the time if I won!

  77. Meg

    each necklace is prettier than the next! i love them all.

  78. Jen

    I would love to find something awesomely fun to wear for my wedding!!!

  79. Whitney

    I'm in love with these necklaces!!!

  80. Hannah

    The jewellery is so lovely and reasonably priced! I love it! And I would love to win this!


  81. April

    I love the Naomi necklace soooo beautiful!

  82. Oh, the Addy or the Naomi… how can anyone choose?! These are really lovely.

  83. They are all so pretty. I love the nadine necklace!

  84. OOOOOh. So pretty. The blue one on the bottom left is my fave. I am so jealous of this amazing artistic talent:)

  85. everything is sososo beautiful! can you love everything? cause if you can, i love `em all!!

  86. The Christi necklace is my favorite!

  87. A.

    They're all gorgeous! I want them all. Count me in!

  88. LOVE them all!!! Simply beautiful! Heres hoping that baby of yours comes TODAY!!! :)

  89. bethani

    i love the julie & lori necklaces from her everyday collection. but all of her items are extremely beautiful; what girl wouldn't like her stuff?

  90. Arlene


  91. llaMc

    I am in love with these sweet necklaces. Please pick me!!

  92. Tamara

    I'd love to win

  93. J

    These necklaces are just darling! The Lori is my favorite. :) And the rings… I wish I could have one for every finger!

  94. J

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Felicity

    Thank you for introducing me to Mayfly Designs.

    If I'm fortunate to win I would choose the Kaylah.

    Hope all's well in Rockstar Land,

    Felicity x

  96. love the lucy and grace! Gorgeous!

  97. Carly

    those are all so pretty! they would make great additions to any outfit.

  98. ashley

    i love thata chunky jewelry is coming back….but with a hint of dainty-ness!

  99. Drew

    Such a pretty collection! I would love to win

  100. Liz

    Lovely! I like all of these.

  101. Every necklace like a little gem. I fell in love with the Lori necklace. Oh pretty please.

  102. Leah

    I absolutely love the Naomi necklace…and not just to be a suck-up! The mustard mixed with the plaid is gorgeous!

  103. Kim

    So adorable. If I win I will have a hard time choosing.

  104. abc

    Very sweet! The Lori necklace is my favorite.

  105. What a great giveaway! I LOVE the Kelli necklace and Naomi necklace. Something I'm always hesitant to buy but ADORE.

  106. Erin

    this is lovely!

  107. danielle

    Wow! What beautiful jewelry

    danielle at daniellefinley dot com

  108. wiley

    these necklaces are gorgeous! the perfect way to spice up a winter wardrobe that is getting boring.

  109. Emily

    What beautiful, beautiful jewelry! Great giveaway! :)

  110. Embo

    pretty pretty pretty!
    *fingers crossed*

  111. Kat

    These are really nice and sophisticate! pretty

  112. Ashley

    I would get the sarah or the nadine…so cute! Pick me!

  113. oh goodness how to choose. i lu-hu-huve the very first one though.

  114. mallory

    so impressed that you're still keeping up the blog right now — would love to win a fancy little number!

  115. Margaret

    So pretty!

  116. s + b

    i love holly's style! so cute!

  117. What a beautiful shop! : )

  118. jamie

    These are all so pretty! :) Have a great day!

  119. Sherry

    Love all of the necklaces. Love their brooches as well.

  120. Two

    Oh goodness! It'll be hard to choose if I win! I love these!

  121. Katie

    So many pretty pieces! The Andi necklace is one of my favorites!

  122. loved the website and what gorgeous work. way to upcycle!

  123. The Naomi Necklace is my fav! Beautiful collection at a reasonable price.


  124. Allison

    le sigh. beauty.

  125. Brandee

    I'm so picky but these I would totally wear! So feminine and pretty!

  126. Brandee

    I'm so picky but these I would totally wear! So feminine and pretty!

  127. Wow! These are really beautiful!

  128. Shiloh

    how simple and sweet. I love it.

  129. Brandee

    I'm so picky but these I would totally wear! So feminine and pretty!

  130. Brandee

    I'm so picky but these I would totally wear! So feminine and pretty!

  131. All of these are so unique and feminine! I love the Juliette necklace in the Wedding Collection.

  132. Melissa

    That Naomi necklace…wow.

  133. Candice

    How lovely these are! I would definitely wear one of these to add the prettiest feminine touch to my outfit! :) Great giveaway! xoxo

  134. Brandee

    I'm so picky but these I would totally wear! So feminine and pretty!

  135. Sharon

    Love all the designs! Hope I win!!!

  136. Erin

    i like the giveaway. thank you.

  137. Alison

    Beautiful jewelry!

  138. Bridget

    loooove all four of the ones you're showing there!

  139. Brandee

    I'm extremely picky but these are so feminine and pretty! Love that she has longer necklaces available too

  140. Kourtney

    Oh my, they are all so beautiful! I would gladly take any and all of them!

  141. valerie

    wow these are gorgeous!!!

  142. Benthe

    Gorgeous shop, love it all! The second one is soo pretty! Love it :)

  143. haley

    O my goodness these are beautiful! they would look great with my prom dress :) checking out this shop asap!

  144. Cedar

    Beautiful necklaces!

  145. Jill


  146. Morgan

    All so very pretty!

  147. Natty

    Oh my, beautiful pieces. Would find it hard to choose….

  148. These are gorgeous!

  149. Julie

    I don't think I've seen so many that I love in one shop before. It would be fabulous to win!

  150. Caroline

    What awesome jewelry! Thanks for the exciting opportunity! Id love to win any of those pieces!

  151. Lauren

    Beautiful necklaces!!

  152. i resolve to wear more pretty jewelry, and i think this is just what i need! : )

  153. I love these necklaces! I would love to win one!

  154. oooh I love these! Especially the upper left necklace! So cute!

  155. Susie

    Awesome, enter me please!

  156. The naomi necklace is my FAVORITE!!! I love when pieces have people names.

  157. Katie


  158. These are stunning! Her wedding collection is quite lovely as well! Great giveaway! :o)

  159. These necklaces are all beyond pretty! Pick me!! :)

  160. These necklaces are all beyond pretty! Pick me!! :)

  161. These necklaces are all beyond pretty! Pick me!! :)

  162. These necklaces are all beyond pretty! Pick me!! :)

  163. These necklaces are all beyond pretty! Pick me!! :)

  164. These are so awesome!!

  165. Beautiful necklaces!

  166. Tiff

    Beautiful! All of them!

  167. Heather

    Wow those necklaces are gorgeous! Sending happy labor vibes your way today! :)

  168. Pretty pretty! I love them all!

  169. Kate

    The Lily Necklace is a must-have!


  170. Leah

    Oh my goodness, I really wish I would have known about their wedding jewelry 6 months ago! Some of those pieces would have gone perfectly with my wedding dress. Beautiful.

  171. lynette

    I'm loving the Lily necklace — but they're all beautiful.

  172. LC

    Such a gorgeous collection! I would choose the 'Amelia' necklace, though I have to say I love them all.

  173. Margaret

    So pretty!

  174. Ally

    so cute!

  175. kellynD

    I love her rings and necklaces! Everything looks so delicate and gorgeous! :D :D I hope I win! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  176. What great choices! I think the Madeline is my favorite. I love navy.

  177. Liz

    Oh my goodness! I love these necklaces so, so much!

  178. Wow! Her stuff is GORGEOUS!

  179. Megan

    Love the earrings!

  180. naomi:

    how cute! I love the Christi necklace :]

  181. Oooh pick me! I'd love the first one!

  182. I love it, I love it, I love it! Please pick me!

  183. Necklaces are gorgeous! Hope your little baby bird makes an appearance soon!

  184. Regan

    i love the juliette necklace…and so many others! woo would love to win one!

  185. lindsay

    thank you so much for featuring this website! I have been searching for a nice necklace for a wedding I have next month and the Lori necklace will be perfect!!

  186. I love the blue one. It's adorable. Pick me pick me!

  187. Amy

    What a great giveaway! I looove the Naomi necklace!

  188. brooke

    Oh my goodness, those necklaces are so sweet. Live the one with a flower.

  189. All of them are gorgeous! They really inspire me to do something creative.

  190. Love her designs but I am drooling over the Naomi necklace! Absolutely adore it!

  191. LOVEEE the Lucy necklace, its perfect! ps hope baby comes soon!

  192. darling!

  193. darling!

  194. Michelle

    i'd be happy with anything from this site. it's all so timeless :)

  195. Jessica

    I love the Naomi necklace and the Lori necklace. Great rings too! So romantic!

  196. Autumn

    Perfect for spring!!

  197. Barbara

    oh my goodness! just what my winter-blues heart desires! :) ♥ them all!

  198. Ella

    Gorgeous! I love the mid-length everyday wear!

  199. Soo cute! Absolutely adore the first necklace.

  200. CHIARA

    i love all the necklaces!

  201. Getting Married in September and would love to rock one of these!

  202. Jessi

    oh i love the styles… especially with stones… like the Kayla or Lucy necklaces.

    good give-a-way!

    thanks so much,


  203. Claire

    i love that top left necklace. so fun to spice up a plain t-shirt.

    hoping you get to meet baby VERY soon.

  204. I love the June and Lily necklaces. I can't decide which one is my fave!!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  205. Whoa whoa whoa! These are adorable! I love adorable jewelry (hint hint) ;) Fingers crossed.

  206. This comment has been removed by the author.

  207. Gerri

    I've been looking for a great long necklace for a long time, and the Nadine one is so beautiful and simple!

  208. Esther

    Love the Naomi necklace…was it named after you?? Beautiful:)

  209. Robyn

    Oh goodness, I love them all and would happily wear each and every one. :)

  210. Jessica

    So many pretties!

  211. weesa

    I love the Lily necklace! Such pretty things, I really wouldn't mind giving any of them a home!

  212. Tess

    Love this! Also, I'm a new lover of yours … in a completely non-creep kind of way. :)

    Best wishes with the last couple of days of your pregnancy!

  213. ashley

    i would love to own one of these pieces, they are beautiful!

  214. Courtney

    oh, what lovely stuff!!

  215. LadyLiz

    I love jewelry. Especially if it's a little bit funky! :)

  216. J2

    Hello! I am a new reader, and just got done going back through and reading from the beginning! You and husband are so adorable!

    All of the mayfly designs are precious! My favorites are lyla, lori and I love madison!

  217. Sarah

    I love all of the necklaces! So pretty! :)

  218. winning for me would be as awesome as you giving birth.

    there, I said it.

  219. Sara

    BEAUTIFUL! Love them!

  220. abby

    Stunning and versatile enough to either way dressy or adorably casual!! I am loving these!

  221. the juliette necklace!?! omg. want

  222. Hannah

    These are beautiful. I love the Juliette in the wedding collection x

  223. I love the Grace necklace! It's beautiful and will look perfect dressed up or casual!

  224. Pick me!! So adorable.

  225. Roxy

    Breathtaking necklaces. adore them!

  226. joyce

    these are beautiful!

  227. Kayla

    what a great shop! love the lyla, lucy and addy. thanks!

  228. Katy

    These necklaces are amazing, I would love to win one.

  229. Lacey

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I love the Naomi necklace! :)

  230. Samantha

    So pretty and feminine!

  231. Aya

    These necklaces are adorable!

  232. Nadine and Hillary are pretty dashing.

  233. Those necklaces are so pretty!!Pick me, Pick me :)

  234. lar

    these are beautiful. would love to win this giveaway. hope your little one comes soon!

  235. I love the Lori Necklace and the Addy Necklace. They are beautiful.

  236. pretty pretty! so dainty and i love them all.

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  237. So beautiful! I'd be so happy to be chosen!

  238. Rae

    mmmm… i want that.

  239. sara

    ohhh that first necklace is beautiful! also love the grace necklace. fingers crossed!

  240. So beautiful! I'd be so happy to be chosen!

  241. Vanessa

    I love the colors and seemingly random patterns of these pieces. I'm really draw to the last two you pictured, especially the last one in the right. Too cute!

  242. Normally I don't comment because I never win anything, but those are really cute!! Pick me!!

  243. I am in love with the bicycle necklace!

  244. kendall

    These necklaces are so sweet!

  245. zelina

    these are so beautiful and unique :) I want one :)

  246. I so incredibly love all these gorgeous necklaces! Especially the Nadine one- it's so unique! I may even put it on my graduation *wishlist*. :) Hope I win a little something, these give-aways always have me crossing my fingers.
    By the way, I can't wait to here about the baby! Lol. It's funny how I've been antisipating your posts! Xoxo

  247. great giveaway!

  248. Mrs. Ham

    these will make any girl feel pretty!

  249. These necklaces are fabulous! I would love, love, love to win!!

  250. Love the Juliette necklace! Would be perfect for the wedding I'm going to in June!

  251. brooke

    the pearl chain-necklace you showcased on the front is gorgeous! would love to win that one!

  252. Emily

    I need some pretty things to make my pregnant self feel cute

  253. Jill

    I love the Naomi necklace! (The name is lovely too, :) )

  254. i <3 the collection- so pretty!

  255. Crystal

    Their use of fabric is great! Really lovely pieces.

  256. Hi Naomi,

    I love statement necklaces like these!!! I also love to rock broaches to jazz up my winter coats. Please pick me!

    Mondo love and prayers for you on ze babi!

  257. Katie

    i love them! such pretty beads. pick me!

  258. Kym

    The cloth flower necklace is darling! Yes please!

  259. Micaela

    oh wow, these are GORGEOUS!!! i love the first one you've showcased but if i for some chance of miracles win, i'd get my little sis something from her wedding collection, since she's getting married this summer!


    wishing you a safe delivery!!!!

  260. Lindsey


  261. Wow, that Juliette necklace is gorgeous!!

  262. Okay these necklaces are darling! I'd LOVE one!

  263. Veronica

    I'm getting married and would love to win the Elizabeth necklace. :)

  264. Those are lovely lovely lovely necklaces! Each and everyone is so unique and beautiful!

  265. Sara

    Since I have been reading this blog for a while and haven't commented, I'm just going to mention I love the blog. And this jewellery! Hehe. Seriously I want to buy all of them.

  266. Blog

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  267. Jewles

    They are all so beautiful! I love the creativity!

  268. Jewles

    They are all so beautiful! I love the creativity!

  269. Laura

    So beautiful! The Naomi necklace is my favorite. :)

  270. amanda

    thanks for introducing me to mayfly designs! i loveeee it.

    what a great shop. and that first necklace you posted is my FAVORITE!

  271. ellen

    surprise, surprise, I love the naomi necklace!

  272. These are amazing! I'd love one :)


  273. So nice!! I will LOVE to wear this necklace!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  274. Wahy

    oh my, they are just so pretty!

  275. Wahy

    oh my, they are just so pretty!

  276. Lex

    These are beautiful! I love love love the lori necklace!

  277. Miss Amy

    beautiful!! I love the mix of textures. Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. Jill

    What beautiful things. I love the "Naomi." Fingers crossed!

  279. Amanda

    love love love!

  280. Lisa

    SO pretty! I would choose the Naomi Necklace. By the way… Can't wait to see pics of this new little one!! Good luck!

  281. Lisa

    SO pretty! I would choose the Naomi Necklace. By the way… Can't wait to see pics of this new little one!! Good luck!

  282. Lisa

    SO pretty! I would choose the Naomi Necklace. By the way… Can't wait to see pics of this new little one!! Good luck!

  283. Amazing! The first one is my favorite. Hoping today's post was going to be picutres of a beautiful baby and not necklaces though..

  284. Oh my heavens! These are pieces are lovely! Pick me!! :)

  285. Melissa

    These are beautiful! So feminine and dainty.

  286. What a talent! I would love to win!

  287. Jen

    Such a cute shop.
    Thanks for another great giveaway!!!

  288. katie

    these are gorgeous and i can't even pick one favorite!! it would be amazing to win one :)

  289. Jenny

    The perfect accessories! So pretty

  290. jess

    wow, soooo pretty! i love everything!

  291. Emerald

    I just found the site where all of my gifts will be coming from! I also have a few lovely suggestions to send my husband for upcoming anniversary and valentines day. Thanks Naomi and Mayfly Designs!!!

  292. Erin

    Those are so cute, I would love any of them.

  293. Sasha

    Oooh, pretty necklaces! They'll be perfect in the spring :)

  294. I would happily take any of those necklaces; the Naomi, the Grace, the Jen…so wonderful!

  295. Em

    Lovely pieces!! I adore the Lucy! :)

  296. emilymcb

    I love the Nadine necklace!

  297. emilymcb

    I love the Nadine necklace!

  298. jewles

    They are all wonderful, I love the creativity!!

  299. Kristen

    wow! they make me want to dress up all the time! :)

  300. Tammy

    I love the website, and would have a hard time choosing. Although I'm sure I'd figure it out. :)

  301. These are gorgeous! They would look perfect around my neck!

  302. Stacey

    These are so pretty! So unique!

  303. Alisha

    Those are fantastic! I would love one!

  304. I'm in love with the Madison and Hillary necklaces, so pretty!

  305. Megan

    I'm new around here (I linked over from the Emily Matchar article). I just have to say you have an AMAZING sense of style and your husband is adorable (I chose my words carefully, a gal is allowed to call another gal's husband adorable isn't she?) I don't mean this as demeaning towards him in any way, but do you dress him? I just wonder because he, also, has a very nice sense of style.

    Beautiful necklaces, by the way.

  306. Natalie

    Love the Katelyn necklace! So versatile!

  307. just gorgeous! thanks!

  308. joolee

    ooh, must have some prettiness!

  309. Amanda

    Oh my! Love, love love! I need a fabulous necklace just for me instead of shared with my three little girls…. so fun!

  310. joanna

    Love, love, love, the Lucy necklace. Well, they're all so lovely, really!

  311. would not even be able to choose. they are all stunning!

  312. Allison

    So gorgeous (and perfect for my spring fashion itch!)

  313. the naomi! … the lyla… the nadine… the addy! =) swoon! swoon! swoon!

  314. Odette

    so pretty!!

  315. i have always wanted one of those necklaces! they would match my wardrobe perfectly!

  316. Val

    I like the Amelia necklace because it is so unique!!

  317. Betsy

    love the pearls and rosette!

  318. Caty

    LOVE it all.

  319. lisa

    these are so gorgeous–I just love the colors. hope all is well with you and your family in the meantime!

  320. monica

    LOVE the joy necklace!

  321. HMB

    Love the Amanda necklace, the Juliette necklace, the Anna necklace… sooo pretty.

  322. Breathtaking – thank you for posting this. I started following your blog recently – I love your funky style and your beautiful photography – especially the stunning photos of yourself!

  323. Brit

    these are lovely

  324. abolutely gorgeous. all of them.

  325. Grace

    Love your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these beautiful necklaces!

  326. Leslie

    Oooh, pretty!!!

  327. Rachel

    So unique and beautiful!

  328. Rachel

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  329. Lovely giveaway! Everything is so pretty!

  330. Sarah

    Awesome giveaway!
    I love the Naomi, Amelia & Grace necklaces!

    Thank you!

  331. toria

    Wow awesome unique pieces! i would love to own one!

  332. They are so cute and elegant. I am not sure which I would pick, but you can't go wrong with any of them.

  333. Elise

    The Naomi and Grace necklaces are so adorable!

  334. silvana

    what darling necklaces! i adore each and every one of them!

  335. how beautiful! cute giveaway

  336. such pretty necklaces!

  337. Absolutely adorable

  338. her pieces are so adorable!

  339. aly goo

    too cute. You know what else would be too cute? if you had your baby already!

  340. everything is beautiful! :)


  341. Ella

    I love the handmade flowers!!! Sooo fun!

  342. Gail

    I love them all!

  343. wow..those are beautiful! Love the 'lucy'. :)

  344. Jennifer

    Wow she's a beautiful artist.

  345. i would LOVE to win a necklace by mayfly! their things are feminine and unique… how fun!

  346. I love the Rose necklace, the Lori, and about a third of the long necklaces. Gorgeous designs!

    lafillelabas @ hotmail . com

  347. Meghan

    Totally cute! Would make a great gift!

  348. Wow–the addy necklace is my favorite!

  349. Her designs are absolutely adorable – I hope I'm the lucky one here :D

    I love one of her very colorful yellow+pink floral necklaces. Amazing.

  350. How lovely. These are timeless and feminine. I love all of the designs.

  351. All so pretty! How would I ever choose one!

  352. Bronwen

    Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Pick me :)

  353. love her necklaces!!

  354. Jennifer

    Love these necklaces!!!!

  355. Julia

    very pretty. I love them, and can't pick just one favorite!

  356. Hanna

    goooorgeous! <3 <3 <3

  357. Heather

    Come home to me cute flower necklace…come home.

  358. I am in lovelovelove with the Naomi necklace. Everything is so beautiful, and would certainly add some sunshine to my rather gloomy life in Chicago right now!!!

    I've had quite a bit of misfortune lately ( ), and winning one of her necklaces would certainly brighten up my life a bit!

  359. l.c.s.

    obsessed with the necklaces. very anthropologie-esque. perfect inspiration for any outfit. ps where is that bebe? fingers crossed for you, fellow washingtonian. XO


  360. Whitney

    they are beautiful.
    thanks for sharing!

  361. Julie

    I am loving those pearls! Too perfect for my southern university!!

  362. i love the first necklace! so adorable!

  363. brittany

    these are just darling! i would never want to take mine off if i had one!

  364. oh my. i love love love necklaces… and necklaces with flowers? heck yes!

  365. all of these are so beautiful!! the juliette one is just exquisite! hope you're feeling as comfortable as can be and that the baby comes soon!!!

  366. Abi P.

    Beautiful! I love the Amelia necklace & the Naomi necklace is also a fav <3

  367. Julia

    These are beautiful!

  368. Just found your blog… loving it! I'll cross my fingers I win a new necklace :)

  369. kelsey

    So gorgeous! The pretty pink pearls are my favorite.

  370. debby

    hard to choose between the lucy and the roxanne…

  371. Marigny

    They're all so beautiful! Pick me, pick me!

  372. These necklaces are lovely. Holly is so talented.

  373. staceys

    I love the Everyday Midlength collection. Just enough to be a stand out piece but not too much that you can't wear it frequently.

  374. jenny

    Such unique necklaces! Love them!

  375. These are so beautiful, I would love love love to have one to spruce up my January wardrobe rut…

  376. Lindsay

    i would definitely pick one similar to the first one. what a talented designer.

  377. Kehly

    Ah! I love the top left one. So cute!!

  378. Kehly

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  379. Hikari

    I can't choose a favorite, although the Mindy Necklace is absolutely beautiful.

  380. Jessica

    so pretty!
    Where are you baby?!!

  381. Jessica


  382. You just gotta love flowers. Chic, classy, and sassy all in one. I would absolutely love a necklace–those are stunning. Here's to the future!

  383. Heather

    Wow! How pretty!

  384. Cassie

    Fantastic Necklaces. I would love one.

  385. Lindsey

    I love love love the yoyos! Count me in, sweet friend, and good luck on expelling that bump.

  386. Krystle

    I love the one on the top left! I think I NEED it :)

  387. tori b.

    I'm loving the Lori and the Addy. So beautiful.

  388. G

    Beautiful Jewelry. So creative. :)

  389. Valerie

    I love these pieces! Thanks for sharing this great vendor with me!

  390. ilo

    they are all adorable! i love.

  391. tonifox

    Wow! What cute stuff. I really like a lot of it! The wedding collection is so pretty!

  392. j + m

    oooh! love these. Crossing my fingers….

  393. these are gorgeous! they remind me of anthropologie necklaces!

  394. Abby

    Gorgeous. My sister would love these!

  395. Cole

    They are all so gorgeous!

  396. love the first necklace!
    Great stuff.

  397. Caitlin

    Oh my word, those are beautiful!

  398. Allie

    Love these! So unique!

  399. jaime

    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I'm already obsessed with it! Now to discover that you do awesome give aways as well! I just became double obsessed if that's even possible?!?

  400. Beautiful necklaces! I would love to win one!

  401. Lizz


  402. Emuhlee

    These necklaces are pretty rad. I love the colors and the unique designs!

  403. Stacey

    yes please! These are so pretty, I may have to buy one before the giveaway…

  404. Ellen

    Beautiful! I'd love to win. :)

  405. ash2885

    I absolutely adore the Naomi Necklace. I'm in love with anything floral. Crossing my fingers!


  406. EE

    i love the big fat beads and synthetic flower necklaces. i want i want!! <3

    - ashlee

  407. jade

    i love the simple ones. just the right amount of everything!

  408. Philam

    The jade ones are so pretty! Would dress up any outfit perfectly!

  409. ck

    oh my god these are adorable. I love them!

  410. Alex

    So cute!!! love her stuff :)

  411. The Naomi necklace is hands-down my favorite (even though she also has one named after me :) It's perfectly versatile and the chain is great.

  412. Brittany

    They're all so gorgeous!

  413. Muhana

    Oh me, Oh my, I wouldn't have anything to wear with one of these… I guess that means I would get to go shopping hehe. :)

  414. Taylor10

    I love the Amelia necklace….they're all beautiful.

  415. Tyra

    BEAUTIFUL! I love it all~

  416. erikaon8

    They are all lovely! :)

  417. Becky

    I love the Juliette Necklace! Oh, such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  418. these are beautiful! i am always amazed by your giveaways…

  419. I loooove all those necklaces!!! I am seriously loving the everyday collection =)

  420. Michelle

    This is so unique! They wedding jewelry is great! SO WHERE IS THIS BABY????

  421. Sarah

    it's all so beautiful!
    very lovely <3

  422. I'm in love.

  423. Katie

    very pretty!

  424. rachel

    these necklaces are so sweet… and how totally convenient that I still need wedding jewelry!

  425. rachel

    these necklaces are so sweet… and how totally convenient that I still need wedding jewelry!

  426. Cherry

    I am new to your blog. I can't wait to see what you eat next (JK). The necklaces are exquisite.

  427. Kristen

    wow! they make me want to dress up all the time! so pretty :)

  428. Kiara

    They are so cute and girl! Would love to win one :)

  429. Kelley

    These are so beautiful! I would love to win one of these.

  430. Loni

    Quite Quite amazing!

  431. Sarah

    I love the flowered necklace you have pictured. So cute!

  432. I love the Grace and Lori necklaces! They are beautiful :)

  433. jessi

    What lovely necklaces! My collection of accessories definitely needs some updating. I'd love one of these necklaces!

  434. J Black

    Um yeah. I'm obsessed! Those are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  435. love

    these are sooo gorgeous! I just love her designs!

  436. Kacie

    I looove the kayla necklace! So cute!

  437. Briauna

    I love them all! I would love to win!

  438. LOVE their wedding collection. *swoooon*

  439. Alex

    Wow, amazing necklaces! Love!

  440. whitney

    Love this. Would LOVE to win! :)

  441. Peaches

    i love these necklaces!

  442. Allison

    Cute necklaces!!! So much fun to wear!

  443. kendra

    ooh! I love the Christi Necklace! So sweet!

  444. mk

    i love love love the naomi necklace, i can think of so many things i'd wear it with! all of her stuff is just gorgeous!

  445. These are oh-so-cute!! Very classy, but fun :)

  446. Amanda

    these are adorable! thank you for posting this! now i have a cute new site to go to when i need a cute new accessory!

  447. Heather

    I don't normally wear necklaces, but these are gorgeous!

  448. K

    oh wow, those are all so beautiful and special! i also really love how they are paired with wallpapers for the photographs.

  449. lesley

    I'd love to enter. They are just beautiful!

  450. Ali

    Beautiful stuff!

  451. I've fallen for the Grace necklace and i see that there's only one left! I hope that the giveaway is given away before that beautiful necklace is gone!

    fingers crossed and whispered prayer.

  452. Rachael

    I love the everyday necklace collection! Especially the Layla and the Amelia necklaces!

  453. LOVE the rose appliques! Crossing my fingers!

  454. Amy

    oooh they're all just so so pretty! Please oh please let me be the lucky one!

    amymorby (at) gmail (dot) com

  455. Ooooh LOVE that Naomi necklace! And what a great name, too ;)

  456. Chasity

    Oh I would SO love to have the Juliette necklace to wear for my wedding this June!

  457. oh i adore the 3rd and 4th!!

  458. what beautiful stuff! she has a great eye.

  459. Deanna

    awesome giveaway! i hope i win! :)

  460. I won a giveaway once. I never win anything and I was so excited. Then I never received the prize! So here's to hoping…….

    The turquoise necklace is gorgeous. I want it.

  461. I am head over heels for the Kayla necklace!

  462. PepeB

    The Juliette necklace would be it! Lovely.

  463. Amy

    I love the Every Day collection!

  464. They are so beautiful! <3

  465. Oh my adorable! Everything is so cute and whimsical.Love it. love it. love it.

    Gooooood luck with your baby!!!!!

  466. Kimberly

    Simply stunning and a wonderful give away.

  467. So beautiful!! Love them <3

  468. Lorraine

    Those are beautiful necklaces.

  469. love the lori necklace!

  470. marie

    these are so cute!!!

  471. Jessica

    First, love your blog. A friend recently recommended it to me and I can't get enough.

    These necklaces are beautiful! Love the Lori necklace from the website.

  472. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, I love them all!!! But I would say that the Christi necklace is absolutely fab!

  473. Gisela

    Absolutely gorgeous! I want all of them!!!


  474. great giveaway! these are all so unique!

  475. great giveaway! these are all so unique!

  476. 2busy

    Love it! The Amelia necklace is truly unique.

  477. Alice H

    I love their website – the photos are just amazing. Thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at

  478. Alice H

    I love their website – the photos are just amazing. Thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at

  479. Ashley

    Oh my goodness, everything is gorgeous!!! I would love anything!!

  480. Alice H

    I love their website – the photos are just amazing. Thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at

  481. Grace

    Wow, I'm in love with all of the rosettes – precious!

    <3 Grace.

  482. Beautiful jewelry! The Grace Necklace is so pretty!

  483. Jennifer

    I am in love with the Julie necklace!

  484. Jennifer

    I am in love with the Julie necklace!

  485. oh my gosh I love all of these! especially the top two you posted! soo cute!

  486. Wow, I really love the Naomi necklace!

  487. .micki.

    I just love everything! It will be so hard to pick if I win!
    Also…sending you and the pickle good thoughts for being born today!

  488. These are so lovely…thank you for sharing.

    I'm a new reader to your site, as of last week, and now check back every day. Good luck with Baby Rockstar!

  489. Emma

    pretty please pick me!

  490. Allison

    oooo! I love the wedding collection, definitely keeping that in mind! But I reallyyyy love the Sarah necklace. Gorgeous!

  491. oh my sweet goodness. how amazing are these necklaces!!!

  492. absolutely gorgeous necklaces!
    thanks so much for this giveaway!

  493. absolutely gorgeous necklaces!
    thanks so much for this giveaway!

  494. Shannon

    What a pretty collection. Would love to win & perk up the winter blues.

    Thank you for the chance!

  495. Maureen

    I can't few her site from the computer b/c of Flash, but I LOVE that top left necklace!!

  496. I have three favorites! So hard to choose!

  497. Lindsey

    I would love to wear that first necklace in my future wedding. <3

  498. april ng


  499. amy

    I love it all! Hope I win!

  500. Chelsea

    ***FIRST, I saw you had a new post up and i got excited thinking it was the little bundle of joy, then i realized it was a give a way and was sad-but then happy again because you're giving a way such cute stuff!!!!

    (can't wait for the baby! you're going to be such a good lil' mommy!)

    Hope I win!

  501. I have been wanting, no, needing a necklace exactly like the first one for the longest time…

    to win would make me one very happy girl.

  502. Petey

    Just Lovely! They look elegant with a touch of playfulness to them. They all look fantastic.

  503. i love these! they are all beautiful!! :)

  504. Suzanna

    really interesting pieces.


  505. Trisha

    Everything is so darling! I think that I love the "Julie" necklace the most.

  506. Nicole

    Such pretty jewelry!

  507. Lori

    I love it all! I would love to win! By the way, I'm thinking of you and remembering being 41 weeks pregnant. It will be over soon.

  508. hilly27

    Those necklaces are too amazing! I would definitely have to find somewhere fancy to wear one if I won. ;)

    I hope you, Josh, and Baby Davis are all well! I keep checking to see if he or she has made an appearance yet! <3

  509. All the pearls! I love.

  510. Maren

    LOVE THESE! So cute!

  511. These are beautiful!!!

  512. Emily

    Ooh, I love! They're so pretty!

  513. Beautiful necklaces!

  514. VRH

    Oh, please! Oh, pretty please, pick me! They all look so lovely!

  515. Jennifer

    just lovely…I think the Hillary and the Christi are adorable.

  516. Carol

    I really like the top two necklaces!! They're soo cute! Also…Is the baby here yet?!?

  517. McCall

    still no baby?? i LOVE the wedding collection! what a great giveaway!

  518. McCall

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  519. McCall

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  520. Emily

    Oh! The Grace Necklace is so delightful! I hope you pick me.

  521. I know exactly what I would wear with the turquoise beaded necklace. Ahh I love it so much!

  522. McCall

    the mindy necklace is my favorite!

  523. Minta


  524. Beautiful!! I must have one! Pick me! :)

  525. jlynn

    the naomi necklace is WONDERFUL! Fingers crossed!

  526. Danielle

    What a unique collection. I'd love to win!

  527. Heather

    Those are all SO adorable!

  528. Alex

    love the chain on that first one! there's another one on the site with that same chain – don't know what i'd choose, but i'm sure i can do it!

  529. Molly

    absolutely lovely! hope i win!

  530. beautiful stuff! I would love to wear the Sheena brooch in my hair :)

  531. DaniMac

    I am in love with the Naomi Necklace! Is it named after you?

  532. becca the naomi and grace necklace! so girly!

  533. DaniMac

    I am in love with the Naomi Necklace! Is it named after you?

  534. So beautiful!

  535. Shannon

    naomi is so "me" — what a beautiful necklace!

    it looks like something you'll want to pass down to your daughter some day.

  536. I love the turquoise one…perfect for the spring we're all wishing for!

  537. Shorty

    Oooh two faves: Kayla necklace and Madison necklace. Beautiful!

  538. Sidney

    i'm a sucker for pretty necklaces! these are gorgeous.
    i pretty sure i need one…..yep….i do!!

  539. Jenna

    I love the kayla necklace.

  540. Love this stuff! I love the Michele Earrings.

  541. I love that first one. Really lovely.

  542. i adore her wedding collection!

    oh i hope i win this!

    what lovely little pieces of jewelry

  543. This comment has been removed by the author.

  544. Koobear

    I love the pink necklace!!

  545. Lauren


  546. Such a pretty shop! Crossing my fingers that I win! :)

  547. Such a pretty shop! Crossing my fingers that I win! :)

  548. Katie

    Gorgeous necklaces! Hope your baby comes soon!

  549. Andrea

    Simple, yet elegant. I love them!

  550. Oh my gosh! They're just so quirky and wonderful!

  551. Jessie

    So hard to choose a favorite. They are all so great.

  552. Sam

    I am obsessed with every last one of these! Pick me please!!!

  553. Jessica

    these are all so cute! i can't just pick one that i love! but i really like the addy necklace!

  554. Rach

    what an AWESOME giveaway! i absolutely LOVE the Nadine necklace! sooooooo cool! Thanks for the chance!

  555. Courtney

    I love this blogging world. I've discovered so many new and wonderful sites and both yours and mayfly are part of that group. Thanks for this giveaway!

  556. Amanda

    love these gorgeous necklaces!

  557. va

    colorful collection i say ! very pretty

    tumblemumbo at

  558. va

    colorful collection i say ! very pretty

    tumblemumbo at

  559. All the pieces are So wonderful!!!!

  560. How BEAUTIFUL!!! I love love love the jade colored one with the simple one contrasting bead…who am I kidding, I love them all! :)

  561. janeen

    i love the first necklace!! i hope for your sake this is a prescheduled post and that you are having that baby :) the end of pregnancy is SO hard…. lots of waiting…

  562. Erin

    wow o wow I LOVE the lily necklace!

  563. All so beautiful!
    Since you didn't post anything yesterday, I was expecting to see you had your baby!
    Babies still holding on I'm assuming?
    I hope you get your hope of not getting induced. I didn't want to be induced either but got induced with two out of my three!

  564. Love the Madeline necklace!

    Good luck to you this week!

  565. All so beautiful!
    Since you didn't post anything yesterday, I was expecting to see you had your baby!
    Babies still holding on I'm assuming?
    I hope you get your hope of not getting induced. I didn't want to be induced either but got induced with two out of my three!

  566. Love the Madeline necklace!

    Good luck to you this week!

  567. McKenzie

    So, so pretty! Love the pearls :)

  568. Steph

    My well-accessorized sis would love the Lily necklace.

  569. I ADORE the Naomi and the Lori necklace! Too darn pretty!!!!!


  570. kimmy

    Love, LOVE the madison necklace! I might just have to buy it if I don't win! :)

  571. All of these necklaces are gorgeous. I would love any of them!

  572. Megan

    Eek how on earth could anyone choose just one necklace?! They are all so gorgeous.

  573. Keli


  574. Carly

    Beautiful pieces…would love to own/wear one :)

  575. DGriffP

    Love it!! The red beaded one with the bow- yes, please.

  576. Gidget

    These are gorgeous! what a lovely giveaway!

  577. Cassie

    Checked out the website, which is gorgeously designed! The jewels are stunning and would love to be a lucky winner.

  578. Hilary


  579. Liz

    I'm in love with her necklaces!

  580. Those necklaces are divine! I love them!

  581. absolutely love these beauties!

  582. Sydney

    Top left is my favorite. Puhlease pick me.

  583. Caitlin

    What lovely necklaces! My favorite is the one on here with the yo yo's. I've always wanted to try and even make a yo yo necklace.

  584. jenn

    I love all of them, though the Naomi necklace is my favorite.

  585. These necklaces are just lovely! Soooo girly and delicate. I am also loving her other jewelry (especially her Katie ring), so precious.

    *crossing fingers*

  586. The Kayla Necklace is awesome…would love to win. fingers crossed.

  587. Meagan

    accessories are my favorite! these are perfect! i want one! :)

  588. Really nice stuff. Love the eva earrings. Classic shape in a gorgeous shade of emerald!

  589. Kara

    I really loved the everyday collection, so many awesome necklaces to choose from.

  590. Lisa

    very pretty!

  591. Aia

    Such beautiful jewelry! Hope I win!

  592. texmimi

    wow, so so beauty- full!!!!
    lovelovelove it all!

  593. Katie

    These necklaces are beautiful!

  594. Carthey

    I love the Addy necklace from every day but the anna necklace from the wedding collection steals my breath away!

  595. molly

    Perfectly feminine :) yes please!

  596. These are all so pretty! Fingers crossed!

  597. Alivia

    I absolutely love these! What a great birthday present they would be for my sister, Phoebe!

  598. ELLIE

    ooooo me!me!me!

  599. info

    simply gorgeous. these kind of necklaces lift your spirit and make you feel like a women.

  600. SLAgirl

    I LOOOOVVVEEE the Lori and Amelia Neklaces and will be shopping there even if I dont win-but pick me anyway. Still waiting to hear about the baby. Im 30 weeks and can imagine how READY you are!!

  601. debi

    I'd love to win one! Those are gorgeous and so unique!

  602. Erin

    oh i really hope i get this one. i've been wanting a creative necklace like these ones so bad lately.

  603. Michelle

    I really love the first one…it's darling.

  604. I love the naomi necklace!

  605. Darling necklaces. The perfect touch to any outfit!

  606. Love! I love everything in her shop! So great!

  607. Meredith

    All of it is gorgeous!
    Good luck with the baby – can't wait to see him/her. :)

  608. brittany

    Pretty pretty!

  609. Emily

    I am truly in love with these beautiful pieces…please pick me!

  610. Oh these are gorgeous! I would love to win! :)

  611. Brook

    Quite romantic these are. I love the one that you posted on the top left and the Nadine necklace.

  612. I am getting married in June- and i am obsessed with her wedding collection!

  613. love the Julie necklace!

    I'm not quite sure if you'll read this but I have a bulldog that looks very similar to yours. Did you get him in Chagrin Falls, OH?

    you can see photos of my guy at

  614. Cassie

    I love all the different designs and would love even more to have one of those beauties around my neck :)

  615. Lindsey

    the naomi and lori necklace are amazing! if i don't win i think i may have to purchase one for myself! here's to hoping…

  616. Erica

    I just fell in love with mayfly!

  617. l.ptrus

    So pretty, especially the first two!

  618. Betsy

    I'd love the pink one!

  619. Beautiful stuff!

  620. kathryn

    these are all lovely- i love the clasps she uses.

  621. What fun and unique jewelry! I love the Lily and Naomi necklaces. Such fun accessories!

  622. Heather

    These are so great! pick me!!

  623. Hope

    Love the Kendra Ring! :)

  624. Kelly

    The mixture of simple and intricate designs is nice. They're all really pretty and I'd love to win one!

  625. I love these. I good necklace can transform an outfit!!

  626. Deborah

    Wow! 676 comments already! I am 677! I think these necklaces are darling! Here's my entry!

  627. bell

    oh, so pretty necklaces!!!

  628. Love the flower ones! Hope I win!

  629. I have been looking for pretty pearl necklaces like these.

  630. la MER

    Love these! So very beautiful. The first one, Naomi Necklace, is my favs!!!

  631. Kylie

    What beautiful and lovely pieces! *bookmarking for future birthdays* I'm not usually a necklace wearer, but I'm in love with a group of sisters named Rose, Brooke, Hillary, Madeline, and Rox Ann! ;)

  632. Cailey

    I never win these things… but I can't help but say how beautiful they all are! How would one even pick?! Darling.

  633. i could use a beautiful, girly necklace. love these!

  634. Amber

    Each piece is so unique and quite lovely :-) Beauty at its best!

  635. Blog

    I love them all!

  636. Ashley

    love them love them love them. :)

  637. Angela

    very simple and pretty for everyday or a special day!

  638. Berlyn

    These necklaces are all so beautiful! I love the site!

  639. ooo… pretty pretty!

  640. Hope to be lucky enough to wear one of these necklace soon!

  641. stace.

    oh goodness I want them all!

  642. beautiful stuff.. love the Naomi necklace

  643. beautiful necklaces! I love all of the flowers on the first one!

  644. Michelle


  645. Ragnhild

    Pretty pretty things!

  646. Rebekah

    Oh please pick me!

  647. Lori

    cute shop!

  648. kiko

    Such beautiful jewelry! I love the Madison necklace! <3 -Ashley I.

  649. Brooke:)

    just toooo cute!

  650. wow i love her sense of color. beautiful.

  651. simply amazing! my jaw just dropped to the floor

  652. All of these necklaces are darling!

  653. The necklaces are stunning!

  654. Megan

    I love these! I really hope Baby Davis decides it is time!

  655. Malee

    they are beautiful! so whimsical and classic at the same time. i would love to win one!

  656. eebss

    What awesome designs and affordable prices!

  657. hello!

    The Naomi necklace is beautiful. A touch of spring in these wintry months!

  658. darling! they remind me of anthropologie. and very affordable. i'd love one!!

  659. theresa

    These necklaces are beautiful! I'm surprised you haven't popped yet. :) Hopefully soon.

  660. those green beads on the bottom left are incredible!

  661. All her jewelry is stunning! I especially like her Naomi necklace! :)

  662. i can't believe you're still doing giveaways while waiting for baby :) those necklaces are lovely!

  663. lrs

    gorgeous pieces! i'd love to add one to my collection.

  664. Morgan

    Love all of these! Each one is super gorgeous! Great giveaway!

  665. Morgan

    Love all of these! Each one is super gorgeous! Great giveaway!

  666. allie

    oh gurl….can i pretty please with spinkles on top be the one who gets picked randomly for this one. i want that nadine necklace probably just as much as you want that little rockstar baby of yours to come out and meet the world already!!!

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    oh, pretty things. what gorgeous designs. i like lucy and addy.

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    Here's hoping that your baby makes an appearance soon!

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  717. SJ

    oh these are precious! as is your blog! so fresh and clean and happy! its fun to this first tme reader!

  718. SJ

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  719. i am in love with the naomi & nadine necklaces! these are absolutely beautiful designs– *crosses fingers*

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    *Crossing my fingers*

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  738. Such lovely pieces! This would be wonderful to give to my best friend for her wedding day :)

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  741. i love the how simple and elegant they are!

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    Thanks for introducing Mayfly to me!

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    Thanks for a chance to win Naomi!

    Irlanda A.

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    Hope I win :)

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    i love that first's so darling.

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  776. I don't feel like I have a chance, there are SO MANY comments!! Maybe because these necklaces are beautiful! If I don't win, I feel like I might be getting one for valentines day! :)

  777. Lynne

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  789. kirst


  790. J. Mao

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  802. Britanny

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  808. So beautiful! I love these designs!

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  815. Love numero uno. By the way, I tried to skim through more of her collection on the website and I was not able to view the links. Just an FYI.

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  817. Yay! Love their stuff!

  818. Yay! Love their stuff!

  819. So………Pretty…..New Mother may I?!

  820. I am drooling over the top left one!

  821. I am drooling over the top left one!

  822. What an awesome sponsor!
    Thanks for the opportunity and the Juliette necklace from Mayfly's wedding collection just went into my wedding planning notebook! {LOVE}

  823. Courtney

    love, love, love! this might just be my favorite giveaway in the history of giveaways.

  824. Rebecca

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    Thanks for sharing!

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  826. Love all of them! Pearls are beautiful! Hope I have some luck!! :)

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    *crosses fingers*

    thank you!

  830. S. Bohde

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  831. The entire collection is stunning. I especially love Juliette from her wedding designs.

    Thanks for the intro to Mayfly! Love.

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  838. Paulina


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  846. Amy Lynn

    I'm so grateful for people with a unique and creative eye for beautiful things! These are lovely pieces! Very talented girl!

  847. ManaRose

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  860. Jennifer

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  863. ohmygosh i love everything in this store! adorable! xo (p.s. wishing you the best and most happiest time ever when your little one decides to come!)

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  865. Everything is Beautiful!!!

  866. Sarah

    Beautiful. I think the Madison is my favorite, but I find myself "oooh-ing" at almost every one. Would love to win!

  867. jaclyn

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  877. Amy

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  878. Fun! something from the wedding collection would be fun to wear on my wedding day! thanks for sharing!

  879. Her necklaces are simply loverly! I need!

    meglutenfree at gmail dot com

  880. new to this blog, you're fantastic! as is this give away! I love. Love. LOVE! the Lucy necklace!

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    here's to hoping…

  897. Love the pearls! Not usually my style, but the embellishments make them so fun.

  898. Toni♥

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  899. Loni

    I just started reading your blog and you are too cute! This is a great giveaway too! :)
    PS… I can't wait to see your little baby! Good luck! Mommyhood is the best!

  900. Michaela

    Oh my stars, these are too adorable! The first one is my favorite, but I also found another on their site too delicate and sweet to pass up!

  901. Roxanne

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  902. Kate

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  906. These are beautiful! I love both the everyday and wedding necklaces.

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  908. gorgeous necklaces! Her shop is definitely going on my bookmarks. Her wedding collection is perfect. <3

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  910. Randi A.


  911. These are lovely and very unique.

  912. Oh man – I'm OBSESSED with Penny-farthings and the long necklace with the Penny-farthing design is AMAZING! Love all of the jewelery. So fun and whimsical.

  913. Hmmm…. pick me? They are lovely :)

  914. Oh, please choose me!

  915. Those necklaces are gorgeous!

  916. Em

    So pretty! I would love a new little something for myself.

  917. I'll take one Madeline please, with a Christi to go on the side!

  918. Beatrice

    The Naomi and Grace necklace are just darling!!

    ps. I'm checking in like everyday to see if baby has come! May God Bless you guysss

  919. charity

    So fun and so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  920. Alie

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  921. vlemon8

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  923. aliboo!

    I love the Grace necklace!

  924. they're all so adorable–i can hardly choose a favorite!

  925. Katelyn

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  926. koko

    The top left one is my favorite!! So ready for Spring. =)

  927. Cydnee

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  928. Holly

    wow, those are goregous…all the little heart and bow accents are co lovely. us Holly's have talent!

  929. wow! these are all to die for!

  930. AH! Thank you, thank you, thank! I'm getting married in August and have been looking for cute jewelry for myself and the bridesmaids. Love these. They're youthful and adorable. Love love love! I wanna win :) please!

  931. how beautiful! hope your bundle of joy arrives soon!

  932. I absolutely love the design of these necklaces and would love to have one of my very own!!

  933. oooo, delicious! who wouldn't love one? i know i would…

  934. I love the 3rd necklace, they're all so unique.

  935. Rachel

    woo – those long necklaces are divine! so so pretty!

  936. melissa

    Oh so lovely!

    I'm praying that all goes well for you and your tiny little family in the next few weeks <3

  937. Blicious

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  938. Gorgeous! I need one!

  939. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

  940. Ahhhh I love these necklaces!

  941. LindsAy

    How cute and exciting! I really like the Naomi necklace! I hope I win! Also I hope baby shows up soon! : ) Congrats!

  942. Wife

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I love the first necklace!

  943. kira d.


  944. Heather

    Such lovely necklaces! *fingers crossed*


  945. i'd love a new necklace to give life to my winter wardrobe!

  946. Samantha

    ooh lala. i love the naomi necklace!
    -sam xo

  947. Anna

    those are gorgeous! I can think of so many plain shirts I have those would totally dress up.

  948. Maureen

    LOVE the andi necklace!!

  949. Kathleen

    Oh I love all these necklaces! If I had one, I'd wear it all the time!!

  950. All these are beautiful! Got my fingers crossed ;)

  951. Sofie

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  952. rebecca

    those are beautiful!

  953. kimi

    such beautiful pieces. i especially love the naomi necklace!

  954. Eunice

    Wow! These necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color schemes, length, and different materials used to create something that looks so vintage but chic :)

  955. Eunice

    Wow! These necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color schemes, length, and different materials used to create something that looks so vintage but chic :)

  956. maggie

    I love in love with the Naomi necklace! it's perfect for spring time

  957. Leka7

    All are so beautiful, how would I ever decide?! I'd love the chance! :)

  958. loveli

    This site is so cute! I would LOVE to have one of their necklaces…

  959. Dawn

    How dreamy!