1. Erin

    I went for a DQ Blizzard the night before my baby was born. Tomorrow could be the day!

  2. Heather

    Those french fries look AMAZING! There's NOTHING that tastes better than french fries when you're pregnant! I make trips to McDonalds a few times a week…

  3. Victoria

    I love their onion rings dipped in ranch sauce!! Looks delicious!!

  4. good heavens, baby, don't you know that you have thousands of people anxiously awaiting your arrival?!

  5. jackiek

    my mom CRAVED hot fudge sundae's when she was pregnant with me and my sister. it's so funny because we both love ice cream so much now. come on baby davis! we're all waiting :)

  6. Faith

    That food looks incredible! In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than a hot fudge sundae.

  7. amber

    okay naomi, i am now instantly craving a hot fudge sundae! ha!

  8. That hot fudge sundae looks AMAZING!!

  9. And you're wearing red lipstick while eating your sundae. LOVE!

  10. the sundae looks so freaking yummy, wish I had one of these right nooow!

  11. Johnny Rockets is supposed to be amazing! We don't have them in Central Wisconsin. I cannot wait to see what you have!

  12. erin

    a good way to pass the time!

  13. Emily

    Johnny Rockets is so good! Hope your baby comes tonight.

  14. Brooke

    cute photos! I've been to one johnny rockets and I wish there was one here somewhere!! I love it!

  15. oh goodness i can't imagine how ansty you must be! good luck in the next couple days!

  16. Carly

    ahh we just got back from there. i don't care that it's freezing outside, i'll eat ice cream any time of the year.

  17. Sam

    YUM! What a fun time :)

  18. Lynne

    How in the world do you eat all this stuff…pizza.burgers.fries. sundaes.donuts…..and still look so thin…even at full term!!! Really not fair, but I'm happy for you.

  19. Alivia

    We went to Johnny Rockets for the first time in Vegas a few weeks ago- the fries are delicious!!
    <3 Liv


  20. Waiting on baby is tough but can also be so fun! We bought a laptop the day before I was induced … I think I would have preferred Johnny Rockets. :)

  21. Cole

    You are the most adorable mommy to be. And the sundae looks amazing. You should have your hubby give you a really good massage and drink a cup of camomille tea. The tea causes contractions and the massage relaxes you which also brings baby. Worked with #2 for me. :)

  22. i can't imagine how excited and ready you guys are! sweet baby is almost here :)

  23. Brissa

    You look darling. I can't wait to see how beautiful your baby is!!

  24. Oh baby. It's time for you to meet the world.

  25. Chaucee

    You two are so adorable :)

  26. Amber

    Still no baby? He/she just loves it there with you too much. Enjoy your solitude.

  27. Rebekah

    waiting for baby is the worst! I have yet to meet a chipper lady at 40 weeks. It's pretty wonderful when they decide to arrive :)

  28. Jessica

    Its hard not to want baby to be here right now, but trust me, you'll never ever have quiet like you have now or alone time with your hubby like you have now, enjoy these last few hours, baby will be here soon! and your life will forever change, of course for the better though! But enjoy it!

  29. Deanna

    eeeek! can't wait for the baby, i'm so happy for you! and that ice cream looks amazing.

  30. Ashley

    "baby waiting" looks glamorous :)

  31. Ashley

    "baby waiting" looks glamorous :)

  32. How do you look so fab that pregnant?!?! No fair!
    If you're desperate for baby just raise your blood pressure… It's the only thing that worked for me! VOILA! BABY! :) can't wait to see the little rockstar. Good luck!

  33. Holly

    do they still sing every hour on the hour??
    i'm patiently waiting for your baby too!!!

  34. I agree with you…a hot fudge sundae sounds so good right now.

  35. I agree with you…a hot fudge sundae sounds so good right now.

  36. Enjoy the hot fudge while you can…I can't have chocolate while nursing! Hopefully chocolate won't make your little bundle of joy gassy!

  37. Minta

    I'm glad you're having fun together right up until the baby comes! And I hope the baby comes soon!

  38. You two are just about the cutest darn couple in the world:)

    Happy waiting!


  39. Min

    You are so beautiful. I hope baby comes soon!

  40. Lisa

    I'll join in the ideas for starting labor…did you ask for these? :) Have hubby rub the sides of your heels, under your ankles. That's the pressure point. Horseback-riding also works :) hee!

    Love your blog!

  41. mama

    you can do it. 41 weeks and beyond is typical for first time labors. take your time and cheerfully wait. your body just must not be ready yet. sleep sleep sleep. pray pray pray. and talk to your body. we prayed authoritatively for my body to line up and do what it was supposed to do.

  42. mama

    another point related to your.. uterus and stuff.. :) is the spot between your thumb and index finger, that fleshy fatty tissue. my chiro sent me home with tiny acupuncture needles there and on the inside of my calves between my knees and ankles and it stimulated contractions.

  43. A nice way to wait! Love icecream ;)

  44. I discovered your blog a few months ago and even though I have an incredibly busy schedule, I visit your blog every single day. It's my guilty pleasure!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing times with all of us. Good Luck with baby Davis … Very excited for you.

    Lots of love,
    Bailey from Sunny South Africa

  45. lauren

    ah, the waiting game.
    i played this with my sister and two of hers, both of which came around 40 weeks. don't worry. baby will come when he/she wants to.
    for your sake, i hope its soon!

  46. tvmom

    No joke, I ate at Johnny Rockets with my last baby on Wednesday and he was born on Friday…so here's hoping the baby comes today!!!

  47. bethani

    mmm french fries and ice cream sundaes.. it doesn't get much better than that. ♥

  48. What a fun date! You look simply amazing!

  49. Miyan

    "this is us, just hanging out, waiting for baby." –> that's the cutest line EVER! the sundae looks so yummy!! are you having any smell sensitivity or unordinary food cravings?



  50. They make one of THE BEST veggie burgers ever, love going there!

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  52. I love that you both always look so stylish and put-together, even for a trip to a wholesale club or Johnny Rockets. You are eye candy for the masses.

  53. charity

    Is it awkward having all these strangers commenting on your life? I feel awkward for doing it ;) The weekend before my son was born, I definitely didn't feel like I was going to have him (on his due date). Two days later though, I just knew he was coming. I called my mom before I went to bed and told her to move her flight up and get here the next day. Sure enough, 4am I was in labor. Rest as much as you can at home. The hospital is definitely not as comfortable. I know it sounds crazy, but try eat a big meal and to go back to sleep or take a nap when your contractions are still only like 10 minutes apart. You've got a marathon ahead! I will be praying for you guys. And there is a recipe that is guaranteed to put you in labor… http://www.scalinis.com/Bambino.htm
    It would be interesting to see if it works!

  54. Sasha

    Johnny Rockets is one of my favorites! Best BLT's ever :)

  55. De-lurking to say that I CRAVED Johnny Rocket's chocolate malt milkshakes when I was pregnant. Every Friday, especially towards the end, I made sure I got that shake!

    My little bits was a week late, she was super comfy on the inside, so I know your pain!

    Best of luck to you!

  56. Brittany

    Everytime I see that you made a new post, I can't help but think, this is it… "It's a _____!"

  57. officially starving now.

    and need chocolate!

  58. Katie

    yum. I randomly got sent an issue of 'The Nest' and they used a few photos of you two. I was like What??

  59. those look heavenly!

  60. Rachel

    You guys are adorable! When I was {over}due with my first, we went canoeing, hiking, golfing, walked all around downtown. ANYthing to get that little girl out! Full-term babies are much superior, however. Enjoy meeting your sweet babe, nothing beats that experience!

  61. I've given you a Stylish Blogger Award!

  62. Now I want a hot fudge sundae! I am obsessed with hot fudge, I always order extra :)

  63. 2busy

    Ah! You're killing me….I need to run.

  64. andrea

    Those fries look sooooooooo good!

  65. Victoria

    Aww hang in there, won't be long now I'm sure :) x

  66. I have the sweater your wearing! Jealous of you sundae I haven't had a sundae in forever!

  67. Rachael

    Love Johnny Rockets!
    Yum….fries…..YUM….hot fudge sundae….

  68. Leni

    i love that you can get various flavored syrups added to your soda! my favorite is the cherry syrup added to diet coke. :)

  69. Connie

    the waiting sometimes seems longer than the 9months you carried him! (I think it's a him;)

  70. hot fudge sundaes!
    best time-killer. xo.

  71. I went into labor at Costco running errands while waiting for my little one. Maybe a little trip there will help out. I had a hot dog and soda there too… try it out :)

    I can't wait to visit your blog and read the good news…. or notice that you have been away for a few days and anxiously wait to see if you were in labor… and to see a sweet photo of your family!

    Many blessings to you, Josh and your sweet baby. I hope you have a beautiful and smooth labor.

    xoxo H

  72. Maria

    I have a softspot for milkshakes. I just love them so much!

  73. I was was reading The Nest magazine and saw you guys in it, photos that Nicole took. Wasn't sure if you were aware but thought I'd let you know!

    PS. You are the cutest pregnant person ever!

  74. Sera Pie


  75. you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen. I hope you get some sleep this weekend (or get a baby! :)

  76. Chelsea

    what a darling pregnant mama you are!

  77. Bridget

    gosh i want that food righ tnow.

  78. Jessica

    These little dates are adorable! I love your pictures!

  79. Rachel

    I remember waiting for baby like it was yesterday! Soooo fun and nerve wracking! Enjoy! Can't wait to hear great news. Lots of love,


  80. beatrice

    have. your. baby!!! =)

    but really… can't wait to see the adorableness! praying for an easy delivery!

  81. AJ

    another regular blog reader coming out of the woodwork to comment… i just have to say: i absolutely love how you wear red lipstick (almost?) on the daily. i wish i could rock that look!

    good luck with everything baby!


  82. i like..

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. KelliAnn

    you two are literally the cutest i've ever seen. i always look forward to your posts and hope to be like you guys one day :]

  84. I have so enjoyed reading your blog since I stumbled upon it back in 2009 and am so excited for you and Josh and this new wonderful phase of your life! all the best, amber xo

  85. Abby

    That sundae looks delicious! And speaking of food, I've been making your puffed pancake recipe quite a lot recently, and it's been wonderful. But the pancake tends to stick to the bottom of the pan, no matter how I butter it. Do you have any tips for getting around that?

    Good luck with the little one (whenever he/she decides to arrive)! It's been such fun following your family on your blog.

  86. @abby, glad you are making puffed pancakes! we're making them this afternoon! gosh, i don't know why it's still sticking if you're using the right amount of butter? perhaps it is the pan? sorry i can't be of more help.

    and thanks all for the kind comments! we are SO ready to meet baby. cannot wait to share the news that he or she is finally here!


  87. You are too cute! Happy baby waiting :)

  88. I love Johnny Rockets! It always tastes the same whether it's here in Toronto or in the States somewhere.
    You look beautiful and glowing too! I hope baby comes soon!

  89. Yum is all I have to say!
    and….ice cream makes the waiting game easier! :)


  90. ByProxy

    I think the waiting is over? And hope it went well with the little rockstarbaby:) What do you think?

  91. nidia

    i feel so much love in your blog! i love it! your family is so beautiful, and i hope your baby come happy, healthy and beautiful like their parents. :P
    I'm from mexico, and you guys inspire me so much to be a happy and full of love person. Thank you so much for your pictures and your autenticity.

  92. carina

    Does the radio silence mean that the junior rockstar is here?:-)


  93. aly goo

    I think Carina is right… I feel as though the rockstar babe is here!

  94. Beautiful photos! I love your style – it feels very vintage to me. :)

  95. Brit

    Baby time!

  96. stef

    awww i guess your baby is here, maybe?
    so fine. so excited to hear baby davis' name :D

  97. They all come when they're ready. Mine are all over by 2-4 weeks (my last baby was born at 44 weeks, and she was 7 1/2 pounds), and I've just learned to not think too much about it until it's 42 weeks at least :)

    Get as much sleep as you can now. It's when I decide to stay up late, watching a movie, that I end up going into labor. . .

    your world will change completely. Enjoy it all.

  98. Sarah

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  99. You're like the prettiest pregnant person I have ever seen. I told my Mom about "this blog I read and the girl is 40 weeks pregnant and that's craaaaziness" and she said, "you kept your little ass in there for 40 weeks. you've always been a stubborn little girl." haha. but if you ask me, that just means 'little baby' is going to be THAT MUCH better! ;)
    happy delivery wishes! peace&love;


  100. VLS

    I am an American living in Paris and experiencing all sorts of close friends' pregnancies here. The French pregnancy calendar allows for 42 weeks of gestation, instead of the American 40. This means that ladies here don't get all worked up for another 15 days! It also means that the majority of babes are born before or on their due dates.
    Ton petit bébé va montrer son nez quand il en est prêt. Il sera tout magnifique, comme ses parents.
    Courage, Naomi!

  101. in Ireland we have Eddie Rockets over here, I promise it's 5 times better than Johhny's, which I love as well!!

  102. Hope your baby comes soon! Also, thanks for posting all of your food adventures. I'm planning a trip to NYC (never been) and I went through all of your NYC posts looking for the best places to eat! We will be trying out the Shake Shack and Stand burger!

  103. I came over from salon.com. I find two things about your blog very interesting. How do all the skinny girls eat so much crappy stuff and stay skinny? And I have been reading natalie hill's blog for a long time and it was funny to put the two together that you guys were friends when seeing the photo of your dogs together. I knew without even reading the caption that it was her dog. ROFL ONly in the Mormon world.

  104. I'm sorry you're tired and moody, waiting for your darling to come. I hope he/she arrives soon, and that she/he is in very good health.

    In the mean time, eat cupcakes. They make the world a better place.

    And keep looking beautiful and so cute.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  105. i've never been pregnant, but I'm pretty sure I want to look like this when I do.

  106. YUM! That's all I have to say!

  107. jlc

    I'm praying I have a pregnancy like yours!