baby shower.

my sweet friends julie and hannah (aren’t they so cute?!) threw baby davis a little party last week. of course these girls went above and beyond and everything was darling. this baby is already so spoiled. :)
because josh and i are keeping baby stuff to a minimum (i swear you don’t need half the “stuff” they say you do…) and also because we haven’t found out the sex, we did a book theme to start building our little library of children books to read to our sweet little one.
it was nice to have a bunch of wonderful friends around for a morning and talk about all things baby! thanks to all who came! and thank you julie and hannah for your awesomeness… baby and i felt so special!
  1. Brit

    that's so true, then you have nowhere to put all of the stuff you used once. A library shower is so cute!

  2. good gosh, i hope when i am pregnant someday i look as good as you!

  3. What a spread… sounds like a great baby shower, you look amazing, like always.
    I love the idea of a library shower, GREAT idea :)

  4. Michele

    Such an adorable theme! You look gorgeous as well as your sweet friends. The donughts on that table totally took away my attention though….yummmmmness!

  5. what a wonderful idea for a shower! love the invitation too.

  6. love the book idea so much!

  7. so cute. i love the little blackboard sign there!

  8. Kristen

    What a perfectly perfect idea!

  9. holtkamp

    what a great idea! best wishes naomi!

  10. Maddy

    awesome! love the decorations and all the yummy looking food! Reading to kids is so important, this is a beyond amazing idea for a shower. Congrats!!

  11. Linka

    so sweet! A library is a great idea! You can never have too many books!

  12. what a great idea! and that buffet and decor is so dreamy!

  13. SO adorable, what a cute idea.

    I can't help but love the mini bunting!

  14. mama

    so far (i have two children), i have found that all you really need is a). boobies, b). a cloth swaddler with velcro closures to wrap the babe up tight (the secret to everything) and c). a warm daddy so you can eat and take showers.

    and the donuts were the first thing to catch my eye.

  15. @mama, YES! i love that you posted that! i wholeheartedly agree! well, and maybe one or two rockstar baby outfits for fun! ;)

  16. love love the idea of giving books as gifts

  17. Rach

    It's sooooo true that you don't need half the stuff 'they' say! Whoever 'they' are, anyway! I swear my daughter doesn't feel deprived in any way! :) hahah! Love the library idea!

  18. that is such a sweet idea, and the food looks amazing! love your blog for always bringing the cuteness. xo

  19. Mich

    Sweet! I love the build a library idea!! Also – is that your apartment?? Cuz you NEED to give us a tour!! it looks super cute

  20. Rachael

    I love the book theme!! Such a great idea!! Reading to kids is such fun :)
    Glad you had an awesome shower!!

  21. this is the cutest baby shower ever!!! as a teacher i will definitely be having a large library for my kids too. love love it!

  22. nicole

    Aww, so cute. I love the bunting & the "library" idea is a great one, too. xo.

  23. Aya

    Such a cute baby shower!

  24. You make me want to be pregnant! There I said it.

  25. MellyB

    Is that a giant pile of Krispy Kreme on the counter?? Perfect!

    What an awesome shower idea. Books are so important. It's the one thing we started collecting years before we had a babe. I can't wait tell my little one wants to listen to the stories rather than eat the pages.

  26. Janssen

    You are so beautiful! I can't believe you are just minutes away from having this baby.

  27. That is a wonderful idea! Love it. What cute friends indeed. It's so nice to have people like that in your life!

  28. Brittany

    Such a good idea! I agree that you don't need all the stuff they say you'll need. However, I think I would have died (and I'd still be dying) without bouncy seats. Those things entertain my girls like nothing else and give their mother a much needed break. So, if you're going to get even one 'baby item' my vote is that. :)

  29. So cute! Looks like it was a fun shower! :)

  30. Alivia

    Oh, beautiful! I hope I am blessed with a beautiful baby shower like this when I start having little ones!

  31. Fenke

    aww how sweet! i would go even further and say you don't need 80% percent of what they say you need. we also try to keep everything as simple as possible. but books are always great!

  32. Such a beautiful party! The food (especially donuts) and all the pretty things are greatly to my liking!

    Did your friend paint her home herself with the design? Yesterday I was looking at Caitlin Wilson's design blog (before our power went out for 7 hours!) and she did a DIY for something really similar and I LOVED it!

  33. ps: I am constantly checking your blog every morning in hopes of seeing a new little rockstar! I don't know about you, but the wait is just a wee bit of torture! :)

  34. Jessica

    I too check our blog constantly throughout the day and twitter to see if you've got your little bundle yet!

    Such a cute idea!

  35. Looks like so much fun! Congratulations! <3

  36. What awesome and fun friends. You had such a cute baby shower. I have always loved the idea of the book themed baby showers.

  37. You look SO adorable in that bottom photo. Can't wait to see baby Davis! xo

  38. Tara

    I love the idea of building baby's library… so sweet!

  39. @Mich, it's my friend julie's apartment. isn't it darling? she did a great job decorating.


  40. SUPER CUTE! oh, and it's so true. you need SO LITTLE with a child… especially the first year. after that? leave it to the grandparents! they buy enough gifts for the babe… you're off the hook until kindergarten (at least that's what i'm banking on!:)

  41. savy

    I love baby book showers! So fun!

  42. Lauren

    What a delish looking spread! Yay for babies!

  43. Laura

    the book theme's a lovely idea!

  44. geri e.

    THE BEST baby shower theme/invites/favors I have ever seen! you've got yourself some awesome pals….

  45. SarahAnn

    What a cutsey shower–and the best idea. We've been building a library for our little one too. Friends who throw great parties are such a blessing! :)

  46. that's so sweet! i love that quote :)

  47. Shelly

    That is a GREAT idea! Baby library? Genius! Can't wait to hear the big news once it happens! :)

  48. Haley K

    Oh that idea to build your babe's library is brilliant! You should share with us a few of the favorite books you received :) Glad you had a such a lovely time at your shower! And loved the hand-written invites, too cute

  49. Rachel

    That is the best idea for a baby shower that I have ever heard! I am definitely remembering that for when I finally start to have my own babies. I love childrens' books and it is always fun to get recommendations from people.

  50. Lainey

    Aww, Hannah! She and I went to high school together in Monrovia, when she still lived in California. That's so super sweet of her to throw you a baby shower. But it doesn't surprise me in the slightest, since Hannah was always amazingly sweet. I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl. I just voted. :)

  51. You are RADIANT.

    Our friends threw us a book shower too. Someone printed out book plates for us with the baby's name, and then everyone signed the books they gave us. I'm SO GLAD–I'll always remember who I can thank in my mind when I'm reading to him at night. Such a wonderful way to welcome a new kiddo!

  52. i couldn't agree more…baby won't need much more than food, a warm bed and you! i love your baby shower theme. my favorite things to buy our soon-to-be-born baby are books too. and that invitation is adorable!

  53. you have darling friends who are so creatively lovely! aw! i maaay shed a tear or two when you finally have your precious babe. i'm just so excited for you two!
    x anna

  54. Awh! How cute! My sister did a library thing too. With every present the baby was brought, there was a book dedicated to him. The person who gave the gift wrote him a little message to remember them by.
    I love showers(:

  55. nadia

    What a great idea! I love it!

    So excited for you and your little family! Wishing you the best always :)

    xo Nadia

  56. how cute! i am needing ideas for adorable showers since all of my friends are about to have babies!

  57. janis

    ahhh! incredible décor, theme & goodies! you're so blessed!


  58. kim

    Great Idea!

  59. ambiesch

    I am so in love with your site! I have already spended two houres on your blog, while I needed to learn for my exams…. aaah! Love it :)

    I would love to see a picture when the little davis is born…

  60. Becky

    This is such a good idea, much better than getting a million items of clothing which will only fit for a few weeks!

  61. 2busy

    What a great theme for the shower! I'll have to remember that if I ever throw one…

  62. I can't think of a better gift to want for your child than a wonderful book. I've noticed that library baby showers have become a bit of a trend recently and I'm so thrilled. I have a feeling this new generation of kiddos are going to be quite the little readers at early ages. Now, perhaps this is a silly question, but how do you prevent multiple people from gifting the same book? Did you send around a list?

    One other thing–I completely agree with you about little ones not really needing tons of stuff. Remember the Namibian child in the documentary Babies? She was just as happy as could be with whatever object she found around her. Just imagine how great her imagination was as she got older…

  63. what an amazing theme! and the execution was impeccable. how wonderful all around.

  64. Love it – what a sweet idea!

  65. Allison

    Such a cute idea! My husband and I are pretty far from the point in our lives where we want to start a family, but the #1 thing I'm looking forward to about having a child is reading them all my old favorites. Well, that and decorating their rooms. :P

  66. @like a cat, yes! i remember in that documentary Babies just how happy and content a baby could be with a tin can and stick! it seriously makes such sense. and leaves so much room for the imagination. i know it's different with dogs, but i've learned with kingsley he's much happier with an empty plastic water bottle (and will play with it for hours) over any expensive dog toy i might have purchased him over the past year. it just makes sense.

    also, i was fortunately only double gifted one book, and there was a gift receipt for it so i can exchange it. :)


  67. stefanie

    What a great idea for a baby shower. You have the best friends!

  68. that is SUCH a neat idea. I love it!
    I may have to do that for one of my friends.

  69. Maria

    This is such an adorable idea!

  70. Ashley

    that is SOOO adorable!!! the announcements, treats, you! it's all to cute! yay baby davis!

  71. Tiff

    I had a baby shower this last weekend too! I didn't have a book theme but ended up getting 16 books anyway. I found that the trick to getting books is inviting a lot of teachers…plus they know all good ones :)

  72. rachel

    Um, those donuts look OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD right now.

    Your photos have gotten really good lately, too! Nice job, and good luck with getting through these last few days.


  73. Miss B.

    job well done baby shower planners!

  74. Fantastic!! Love it all to bits!! :)

    xoxo Jenny

  75. Sasha

    That is the sweetest idea ever! My sister and I found all of our children's books in a box while going through our storage space this past Christmas break. We sat down and read every one. It was really special. So save those books! :)

  76. you are so special! can't wait for this sweet one to come!! and i have been thinking so much about simplifing and keeping things minimal too! i have been trying to think of a good way to tell family/friends we don't need tons of STUFF (thanks, but no thanks!) and i think not finding out the sex is a great way to keep from getting millions of little baby pinks toys and blankets!

  77. Becky H.

    A book shower is an awesome idea! You have the beautiful mom-to-be glow in all of your pictures! Love that! And I completely agree, so many expectant moms go crazy with baby stuff when there really is no need for tons of gizmos and gadgets. Great thinkin'!

  78. Helen

    oh that is such a sweet idea! Books are always such good baby presents :)

  79. What a great idea for a baby shower theme! I truly believe in getting your children reading. before my first daughter was born my wife and I ran to the book store and purchased our favorite children's book:

    My wife got "The Giving Tree"

    I got "The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh"

    I am now reading the books with our second daughter!

    I offer a Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Invitation for the reason that our customers wanted to offer book themed baby showers.

    Reading starts with the parents!

  80. Ann

    as i teacher and parent, i think that is a fantabulous idea! how sweet!

    we have a christmas tradition of buying each of our children a book that represents them and their interests each year, with them having a book collection by 18 years old. it's very fun to search for just the right book, esp. now that they are 16, 13, and 11!

  81. What a gorgeous, sweet shower. Books make great gifts! (And I may or may not have just decided to go get donuts for breakfast tomorrow because of the large mound of donuts in the pictures.)

  82. I love the theme of the baby shower. I agree with your comment about the necessity of the baby stuff. They grow up SO fast! And as a teacher it is awesome to see parents that know how important reading to their children is.

  83. Ashley

    what a CUTE shower idea!!!

  84. I love this! Such a good idea. So what were the awesome books you got? Any classics?

    PS Where did your friend get the awesome pic of the dapper cardinal? So adorable!

  85. Felicity

    What a wonderful way to welcome a child into the world.
    Little baby Davis is truly blessed to have such thoughtful parents and friends.

    In Australia, one of our favourite children's authors is Mem Fox. She is a wonderful advocate for reading aloud to your child and has written lots on the benefits – here's a little snippet…

    You might like to look at for her books too as they are wonderfully musical in their text and the illustrations are just gorgeous,

    x Felicity

  86. Hope

    Aw how cute! That is such a fabulous idea. :)

  87. Chaucee

    Aw what great friends! They really did a great job with all the details.

  88. Lisa

    I love the theme and the decor! What a great idea, requesting books for a library instead of "stuff!" You guys have such wonderful friends!

  89. Rhianne

    ohhh I'm just so excited for you still :) a book theme is the best idea ever!

  90. We had a book party for our son's 1st, you can definitely have too many toys but not too many books! We read to him at just 3 or 4 weeks and haven't stopped. He now demands that we read 6 or 7 books before bed every night and hes just 15 mos old. Such a good thing to do!

  91. Aw it looks lovely! Great theme, too :)

  92. Berlyn

    I love that quote on the bookmark! It's absolutely true. With all the other mindless entertainment kids can find, it's so important to teach them to love reading!

  93. Johanna

    Whoa, look at those delicious snacks! The baby shower looks fantastic. I love the library idea.

  94. jlc

    I love how down to earth and NON materialistic you guys are… way to keep it real for a young couple just starting out. This baby is SO blessed already just to have the two of you!!!

  95. amanda

    so so so so cuteeeeee!

  96. this is such a fantastic idea, i love it!! and i love the cute bunting on the invitations. :)

  97. What an awesome idea! Looks like they did pretty good in the food dept as well :)

  98. I'm sure "cute" is grossly repeated on this blog's comment section… But it's just that you all are so darn cute!!! :)

  99. What a wonderful idea! I love this – it's just perfect. What wonderful people to do this for you and baby Davis. What a magnificient spread too. Wow! :)

  100. liz

    I'm very impressed! With these sorts of ideas you two are bound to be fantastic parents!

  101. Emma

    oh that quote is so great. that's an amazing idea to get a library for your child to grow fond of books so early.

  102. Katie

    i love the book theme! so smart!!

  103. Michele

    I usually don't comment, I just lurk. I couldn't help but say how much I love the theme of this baby shower. Everything about it is just perfect. You are so wise to keep the baby stuff to a minimum. It can consume you and take over your house. I wish I would have had that philosophy with my babies (who are now toddlers) were infants. The quote about reading is so true. My 19mth old grabs books and comes to sit in my lap all the time. It's just the sweetest thing. My 4-yr-old did the same thing. We love reading to our children. It's precious time in our busy day. Our house is full of books and it’s one thing we never feel guilty about purchasing for our boys. If you haven't received any Mo Willems books, you should check them out. Our little guys love them. I personally love Margaret Wise Brown and Eric Carle, too. I could just go on and on about children’s books so I’ll stop now. Happy Tuesday!

  104. Naomi…I seriously cannot wait any longer for you to have the baby! I cannot WAIT to see him/her!

    Lots of love to you and Josh…and of course baby davis and Kingsley!


    Oh and PS – I think it goes without saying that you look insanely gorgeous!

  105. your friends are the sweetest ever!!! i love that the theme was 'books'
    one of my earliest childhood memories is reading books with my mom. i turned into quite the little bookworm!

  106. Colleen

    Can we have an electronic baby shower?!? Lol…but really Naomi – we love you, even though you haven't met us, and wish nothing but the best for you, Josh and baby!

  107. Whitney

    That invitation is adorable.
    And I'm in love with all of the bunting.
    Mmm, mmm, good.

  108. What a lovely theme that is quite magical. You're very wise parents indeed when it comes to keeping things simple!

  109. Li-Sha

    i love the bunting banner!

  110. Sharon

    So cute & such a great idea! I've already started reading books every night to my little nugget (3 months) & she already sits contently and looks at the pages! You're going to have so much fun!

  111. Lindsey

    That invitation was absolutely adorable. And a library theme is such a great idea.

  112. Izzy

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful shower, and a beautiful theme! I'm stealing that quote to make bookmarks for all my friends with kids. So happy for you.

  113. This is the best idea ever!

  114. SOOO neat!!! I have a feeling I may be having a little niece or nephew here soon and OF COURSE I'm going to rock out when I plan my Sissy's shower… that's why this is "favorited" already… thanks for the inspiration – your friends did great!

    PEACE and LOVE.

  115. Kc

    What a cool idea with the library! :) I ALWAYS buy my friends and family's children books for their birthdays and christmas – best present ever books teach you so much :)


  116. Amanda

    WHAT a good idea for a baby shower!

    btw a saw some pictures of you and your husband in the nest magazine, it was stock photography or something, so funny!

  117. You have BRILLIANT friends!! :] The food looks delicious too!

  118. Crystal

    Cutest idea ever ♥

  119. That's amazing and what a great idea for throwing a book shower!

  120. oh my goodness! this idea is beyond brilliant. it has me excited for my future bookish babies :) a girl can dream, right? and i loooooove the bookmark!

  121. I love the idea of building a library!! I'm in school right now to become a reading specialist, so reading to children is something that I am quite passionate about. What a wonderful idea!

  122. Chloé

    This is a great idea for a baby shower! I know people who use their baby as an excuse to fill their home with mountains of baby things and it drives me crazy. Babies get distracted too easily to let one thing hold their attention for a long time, which is a reason NOT to keep buying stuff, not a reason TO keep buying stuff. It's not the toys and "stuff" children remember for the most part anyway. But they will remember being read to by their mommy and daddy :)

    Also, if my friends threw me a shower as amazing as this one, I would probably just go into labor at the sight of it. So cute!

  123. this is so adorable, and such a cute idea! i love it!

  124. Lindsey

    Love all the buntings.

    Your little one will surely be a smart, well rounded, well spoken, strategically loquacious, powerful little number with a start like this.

    I recently READ that millionaires read, on average, one non-fiction book per month. (I want to read two so I can be a two-millionaire.)

  125. Paula

    lovely pictures!!
    i look every day on your blog to look whether the baby is there!
    you wont believe it, i'm very excited! :)

  126. lauren

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. lauren

    i love the photos and baby shower theme! too darling!
    question: how did you get those cute borders around your pictures? i have never seen that before! do share!

  128. Breanna

    A library shower. What a wonderful idea! Your little one is going to be so blessed.

  129. Nicole

    Hey Naomi! Just wanted to let you know that I am currently sipping tea at The Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City thanks to your blog! I read your post about The Beehive not too long ago and since I'm passing through Salt Lake City on my way to Montana.. I had to stop. Thanks for posting about it! It's ADORABLE and the tea is delicious. Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Your shower looks like it was wonderful!

  130. Kelsey

    cutest baby shower ever. And you don't even look preggers!

  131. Kate

    Love the bookmark! So true!

  132. Victoria

    You have some wonderful friends! Everything looks so cute and well organised! xx

  133. OMG, you;ve got the sweetest friends! That's sooo true, baby dont need a lot of things, just basic necessities and lots of cuddles and care :) Libabry for the little one, what a lovely idea :) I hope everything will go well for you :)

  134. hanner

    ahh my bowl cut bangs!!

  135. Carolyn

    the invitations are darling! love the book theme. you'll have so much fun with baby davis spending quality time together reading :)

  136. you look amazing! pregnancy suits you very well:)

  137. So cute!! Would love to see the apartment. It's decorated really cute.

  138. Janeal

    Ah! This is best idea ever! I'm pregnant too and not finding out the sex, AND I'm cloth diapering so a diaper shower isn't up my alley. I really love this idea, and just might steal it.

  139. Aw, that's what we did for my shower too! Well, books instead of cards anyway. It's awesome. We read to her every night- except when she isn't patient enough for it. ha.

    And you truly don't need everything "they" say you do. But "they" market well. ;-) … although, some of the stuff really does make life a little easier… like the swing! I love that thing. We actually skipped the highchair all together though- and we've managed to feed her just fine. :-)

  140. On top of the fact that I think this is a wonderful idea…

    I hope you don't mind, but I am promoting your blog in my own ( I've been following you on and off for a while now, and it's just so pleasant to read what you have to say…it always makes my day. :)

    I only have a few readers, but I did want to give you a head's up and make sure you didn't have any problems with my doing this (if so, I'll happily take down the link).

    In the meantime, have a lovely tomorrow!

  141. Sonja

    Awww so cute!
    fantastic theme choice! :o)

  142. kim

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. I love this idea — so wise & simple.

  144. Well… I think this is the most excited I have ever been for someone I don't know to have a baby. You guys are in my prayers & we all can't wait to see your stylish little rockstar. ;)

  145. Lezly

    Hi! Do you make the Love, Taza headbands?
    I mean, I don't know if you do or not, but I would reallyyyy love to order one.

  146. BLk

    lately I was given a 'stylish blogger award' and it works like that: when you get it you should tell seven randoms facts about yourself and then you can nomintae 15 bloggers you like..

    you're my number 3!! because I love your log, your pictures are awesome and because you'll soon become a mother and that's super nice!

    keep going with your blog cause it is one of my inspirations :)


  147. Britti

    Looks like it was a lovely party! And the food looks amazing!
    I'm so excited for you! You and your little baby are in my prayers!

  148. Britti

    Looks like it was a lovely party! And the food looks amazing!
    I'm so excited for you! You and your little baby are in my prayers!

  149. va

    congrats to you on your pregnancy . all the best of health and happiness to you !

  150. i love that your baby shower was book themed, amazing!

  151. Babies really don't need much, milk, diaper changing, arms and a human face. It really is sweet… and fortunate since these Capitol Hill rowhouses are TEENY TINY!

  152. I love Mem Fox too! I was *this* close to getting you "Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes".

  153. jenn

    All the little banners are so adorable! I just wanted to say I've known about your blog for awhile now, I started at the beginning and just now caught up to present day. I love your blog!

  154. Saara

    utterly adorable pictures :)

  155. Ashleigh

    How lovely! This theme melts my heart!! I adore reading and hope our future kids get that gene from me (hubby isn't a fan, boo.) What a sweet invite & decorations *swoon*

  156. Jen

    sooo cute! what a great idea!

  157. I love that quote about readers. So true!

  158. Kiasa

    What a fun shower! It looks scrumptious!

  159. Kim

    Oh my goodness. You are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! Enjoy every second with that baby – they grow up too fast!

  160. you are the prettiest pregnant gal i've ever seen. and your baby bump is so cute and small!

  161. Pamela

    Best. Shower. EVER!!!!!!!!

  162. What a wonderful idea for a shower! I may just have to steal this idea for later = )

  163. I LOVE this! What a fantastic way to "breed" a reader! :)

    [lovely invites as well…simple, cute, stylish!]

  164. jessica

    love that top! at five and a half months, i'm having to get creative in covering this growing baby in my belly– is that a maternity 't' or just a 'normal' top??? p.s. love the book idea!

  165. I love this idea! And I'm curious–which books did you get? Did you post a list anywhere?

  166. I have been obsessed with your stripped shirt with the detail on the front since I first saw this picture.. I realize it might be a while since you bought it but where is it from!?