rockstar giveaway!

today, our sponsor gussy sews is offering a $50 shop credit
the shop is full of ruffled accessories…
zipped pouches, wristlets, tote bags — even headbands!
in may, gussy quit her day job to sew and blog full-time.
she has one of the cutest little handmade shops around,
and a cute little puppy too, named bauer.
to enter, please visit gussy sews
and leave a comment below before friday, december 31st!
  1. Ha ! This is so adorable ! I love the ruffles and all the beautiful colors !
    Bisous !

  2. Lilly

    Those make-up bags are so adorable!
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  3. Rach

    such cute stuff!!

  4. What a wonderful inspiration to follow your dream and create beauty to share!

    I would love to win one of these lovely items,

    Felicity x

  5. Love it all, hope to win!

  6. Benthe

    Amazing giveaway! Can I enter too? I'm from Holland. If yes, then this is my entry ;)

  7. so adorable! ruffles are my weakness!

  8. EShanley

    these are so very cute :D

  9. amber

    super cute shop!!

    xo amber

  10. that would be an asweome late christmas present for me :)

  11. Jessica

    The red plaid make-up bag is so cute. I would love to organize my things with a little added ruffle!

  12. t.

    so cute!

  13. Another fab giveaway! Please enter me :)

  14. Krissa

    oh i love gussy!!!

  15. Asty

    I love ruffles!

  16. I am STILL reading everything on Gussy's site! She's got such an awesome story! :) I love the yellow/gray bird cage clutch. Perfect for when spring (finally) arrives! Holls

  17. Juultje

    Make me happy, let it be my lucky day!!! Such cute stuff.

  18. Kinsey

    Those headbands are wonderful!

  19. Linda

    how sweet!

  20. l.c.s.

    obsessed with the headbands. i wish i could leave my job and blog full time. one can dream, right? :)

    Lauren Schab

  21. Dea

    I love how fun and cheerful each piece is!!


  22. Jenny


  23. Heather

    Gussy Sews is such a great place of inspiration and delight! I love all the ruffles :)

  24. Claire

    i love the wristlets and headbands!

  25. Oh my goodness, the peppermint polkadot pouches?? NEED! ;)

  26. Sarah

    So cute! Hope I win!

  27. Jess

    I LOVE her work! Their all so gorgeous. I won't know where to begin with which is my favourite, I want one of everything!

  28. Jenny G

    LOVE Gussy!

  29. Jessica

    LOOOOOVE the ruffles! So girlie!

  30. bethani

    I love Gussy – and all her little pouches/clutches. Totally Chic & Perfect for any outfit!

  31. Casey

    AWESOME giveaway- I adore all of her stuff!!!!


    caseycenator @ gmail . com

  32. Rachel

    cute cute cute!
    Can't wait =]

  33. Oh what beautiful pouches and clutches! I live all the colors! Everything is so bright and vibrant!

  34. Oh what beautiful pouches and clutches! I live all the colors! Everything is so bright and vibrant!

  35. Jenni

    What beautiful items! Would be great to win this one :)

  36. Jenny

    I love Gussy! I've been coveting her laptop bags!

  37. Ashley

    Love Gussy! Cute stuff!

  38. Jo

    oh gawwwd everything looks lovely!

  39. SOoooo cute, I just learnt to sew ruffles, i like these one, she's a pro!!!

  40. Emily

    Very cute..and so happy.

  41. Kehly

    Ah! Gussy is totally cute and so are you Taza! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  42. Elise

    Ruffles are my fave! So cute!

  43. Tara

    I love the wristlets and zippered pouches!

  44. MellyB

    Yay for ruffles!

  45. love ruffles. LOVE!

  46. Louise

    Oooh! Love the vacay toes. Louise xxx

  47. she has got some super cute stuff in there! Love ruffles

  48. ariel

    adorable stuff ♥

    i'm loving all of the red gingham.

  49. Carly

    Would love some Gussy Ruffles to help dress up my drab work outfit: labcoat and goggles everyday! Even chemists need ruffles :)

  50. Esther

    her stuff is the cutest! would love to rock one of those pouches or wristlets:)

  51. emily

    wow, so cute!

  52. Polly

    wow! I'd love to buy some of her stuff – so cute!

  53. Heather


  54. jess

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  55. So cute! Love the clutch and makeup bag!

  56. Suzanne

    Adorable!! Love all the little bags!

  57. Super adorable!

  58. Camille


  59. Caty

    Cutest baby blankets. ever.

  60. Juliana

    Ohmygoodness! I've been eyeing their stuff for weeks, thanks for the giveaway!

  61. everything is lovely! fingers crossed

  62. Sophie

    Lovely colours!

  63. Carrie

    what a fun little shop!

  64. I <3 ruffles!

  65. Ooooo I want! Super cute.

  66. Carly

    so cute, love the ruffles!

  67. Everything is so cute. Hope I win!!

  68. Ruffles are by far my most favorite embellishment. It's amazing to see them strewn all over these cute little pouches. Even more adorable are the baby blankets. Just wish I knew a little bean to wrap up in one!

  69. Ella

    Everything in Gussy is gorgeous.

    It makes me want to go home and sew.

    Even though I am dreadful at it.

  70. Clara

    it is all so fun– hope I win

  71. Aww even the headbands are adorable!

  72. jordan

    Adorable – I love ruffles. :)

  73. Jessi

    oh my… everything is so adorable! :)

    i would love one of those little baby blankets for my new little godson…

    thanks so very much,


  74. oh my! ruffles! AND cute little bags that could be potentially used for pencils and pens (i am that brand of nerd.) so so lovely!

  75. Those ruffles are SO cute. I love the make up bags and wristlets! Adorable.

  76. Molly

    The headbands and purses for little girls are just fantastic!

  77. Hanna

    Too adorable! I want it all! <3

  78. Wendi

    love all those ruffles!!!

  79. Nakia

    Such a cute shop! The makeup bags and clutches are adorable.

  80. A

    So awesome, i loovvee those wristlets, how cute :)

  81. Kat

    ohhhh!! I would love to win this! I sew a lot and I'd love to sew with this stuff!

  82. Jennifer

    Such cuteness! Thanks for the giveaway chance! :)

  83. Kim

    Cute stuff! Pick me.


  84. j.peri

    oh man! i love ruffles.

  85. j.peri

    oh man! i love ruffles.

  86. MamaQ

    can you have too many little pouches for all those odds 'n ends laying around? i think not! especially when they come in such cute colors and patterns. nice work, gussy!

  87. Hay May

    So cute! I would love to win!

  88. Amy

    Oh my laws, I've been a lover of her shop forever, and I would just love, love, love to win! So pretty!

    Amy M.

  89. Angela

    I love love love Gussy! I bought my sister a makeup bag from her for Christmas and she just loved it, I would love to treat myself to something :)

  90. Mandi

    I LOVE Gussy. Her stuff is so adorable and she is a lovely person :)

  91. Sarah

    such cute stuff!!

  92. Sarah

    I recently found Gussy through your blog and l-o-v-e all her stuff, especially the stockings!

  93. I love the shop I cant wait to get my nook so I can by a pouch from you for it

  94. Julia

    So cute!!!!

  95. Jessica

    Ah I have been eyeing her stuff! Love it!!!

  96. Tamara

    the ruffles are so fun

  97. Tamara

    the ruffles are so fun

  98. Tamara

    the ruffles are so fun

  99. Tamara

    the ruffles are so fun

  100. Jessica

    Her stuff is so adorable :) my nook would enjoy one!

  101. xxflavah

    i love this stuff..

    cute and perfect to use.

    michelle (

  102. Julie

    cute! cute! cute!

  103. Jennifer

    I love all the colors!

  104. What girl couldn't use more ruffles?!

  105. Kate

    I love how everything has a mixed media feel to it. Pick me!!


  106. So cute!!!! Ruffles + polka dots = a happy happy girl!!! :)

  107. I like how colorful everything is. It all looks so wonderful.

  108. I have been drooling over Gussy's ruffles for such a long time! I hope I get it!!

  109. These are so cute! I would LOVE to see my little girl in those cute headbands!

  110. DaniMac

    I loce the houndstooth pouches!

  111. sarahlee

    Love it!

  112. Love everything from the shop!

  113. Laura

    Cute! Pick me! :)

  114. love the ruffles!

  115. Houndstooth & Ruffles?! Love these!

  116. I love the ruffled pouches. And the baby blankets are beautiful! Definitely a gift my nephew would adore :) Thanks for posting about the shop and happy new year!

  117. Becca

    I am a SUCKER for ruffles.
    Pick Me!

  118. too cute. pick me! pick me!

  119. Anke

    i love it! s cute :) i'll make handmade stuff, too. at the moment i make something crochet. buttons and other things… i love to create something handmade :)

  120. Meaghan

    Everything is so adorable! What a fantastic little shop!

  121. Kelly

    fun! i'd love to shop around that store!

  122. love love love all the colors and prints!!!

  123. love love love all the colors and prints!!!

  124. sweet sweet sweet…

  125. Kari

    I have been on such a huge headband kick lately, so this would make a girl pretty dang happy! :)

  126. theresa

    What cute things she makes! Love the fabrics!

  127. I love the ruffles! So cute!

  128. i'd love to win some ruffles!

  129. How cute! I love the makeup bags, and one of the little purses would make a perfect gift for my cousin's 2nd birtday which is coming up in a couple of weeks!

  130. In love with her peppermint…anything.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  131. This is so adorable! I love the fabric!

  132. I love the girly touch of the ruffles on her items. So lovely!

  133. Gabby

    Love the ruffles!

  134. Those totes would be so fun to take on a warm summer vacation!

  135. Irlanda


    So much cute stuff!

    Thanks for the chance to win you guys!


  136. That 'tweet' bag is too cute or words! xo

  137. absolutely adorable!

  138. Kelsey

    i love gussy! there are so many cute things in her shop.

  139. kachmoo

    Such a beautiful and happy colors, exactly what every one needs in the gray winter time:)

  140. Sierra

    I love all of them! The fabrics are beautiful!!!

  141. Rachel

    um, i love everything in that shop. the fabrics, the ruffles, the colors… crossing my fingers and hoping i win!

  142. You always have the best giveaways!!!

    Ooooh. My dream would be to make sewing and blogging my full time job! So happy for her to have attained that dream!

  143. Erin

    I could use a punch of color to brighten up the rest of Utah winter.

  144. Legs

    Oh so girlie and sweet! I love it! I'd love to win one. ;)

  145. missy

    I wish I could sew all day too! Very cute stuff!

  146. Jessica

    how cute are those makeup bags!

  147. Sidney

    i love gussy sews! such adorable stuff!

  148. Pilar

    i love these ruffles! adorable!

  149. Gussy Sews has so many beautiful handmades! We just announced that we're pregnant so I can officially eye and share links to things like the baby blankets and vaycay totes, but really everything is eye candy!

  150. I would love the baby blanket or any of the make up bags!

  151. love love love love LOVE! and what a cute name, "gussy!"

  152. so colorful! love it!

  153. I need so more ruffles in my life!

  154. Ashley

    love it!!! crossing my fingers!

  155. karlee

    I'm obsessed with ruffles!! Love Gussy Sews.

  156. geri e.

    such a fan of gussy! all those ruffles make me happy.

  157. Mindy

    The gray & yellow floral wristlet is so adorable!

  158. Hannah

    What a sweet collection! I'm loving the zipped pouches.

  159. Amy

    Oh, I love those little pouches. They'd be perfect for the cash envelope system!

  160. kristen

    what a fun shop! love all the colors!

  161. autumn

    oooh, oo oo I love it all!

  162. Carly

    wow, way cute stuff!!

  163. brooke

    I love Gussy's shop!

  164. Bronwen

    Love these :) It would be great to win!

  165. Becki


  166. Ohhhh – I love the ruffled headbands!

  167. Stacey

    love the ruffles!

  168. would love to win something. :)

  169. These are so cute!

  170. Dawnica

    I love gussy!! my favorite is the bird cages and yellow ruffle. great giveaway!

  171. kyla

    its all way too cute!!

  172. Lizzay

    Insanely cute! I love all the patterns!

  173. Lizzay

    Insanely cute! I love all the patterns!

  174. Marie

    I LOVE all the bright colors!

  175. Justine

    My secret dream is to be able to make a living sewing and blogging! Best wishes for you and your impending family, I keep coming and hoping to see the good news!

  176. Jean

    Oh I would love one of those darling pouches!

  177. Shannon

    Totally adorable!

  178. What fun things! And all handmade?!Perfect.

  179. Bee

    So many pretty girly things!

  180. Lori

    Oh my! I love it all! How great!

  181. Corrie

    Ruffles are my favorite! I want all of that stuff!

  182. Jen

    These are ALL so cute!!!

  183. Jessica

    Cute Stuff!!

  184. Oh my gosh! I love everything about these adorable little bags! I wish I could quit my job to blog and sew!


  185. uh-dorable & so fun!

  186. Allison

    Ooh, these are so adorable! And the headbands! SO CUTE.

  187. Tara

    what an adorable shop!

  188. I love all of Gussy's pretty, ruffly items! I own a medium zippered pouch that I use as my wallet, and would love to have another!

  189. The colors would definitely be cheerful here in cold, gray Utah right now!

  190. she is amazing!! you go girl to her! love her eye.

  191. Emily

    I love ruffles and the colors!

  192. Angie

    love, love, love her stuff!

  193. Ave


  194. I love the make up bags! So cute!

  195. the wristlets are perfection. so cute!

  196. joyce

    oh my, those would serve all of my art and travel needs :)

  197. katie

    adorable!! : )

  198. Ally

    I love all the patterns!

  199. those are so adorable!

  200. oh MY that is all so stinking cute!!!!!!

  201. Love the shop!

  202. alison

    there's nothing better than ruffles!

  203. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the bird cage fabric she uses!

  204. Lee

    Ive been looking for a bag to store all my college keys and cards! Sooo cute!!

  205. Aubrey

    I love the strawberry purse!

  206. ABC

    simply precious.

  207. her shop is just chalked full of the most delightful goodies! I absolutely love the Spearmint dot zipped pouch! :)

  208. Ali

    Yes, please!

  209. So adorable! Love her work!!

  210. Cassie

    My Christmas was made merrier with a new Gussy clutch gifted to me by my sweet boyfriend! Hope you have a happy 2011!

  211. Julie

    I love ruffles!

  212. I love everything :) I hope I win. You have such a cute blog. Thx!

  213. i adore gussy! her story is so cute & she rocks at sewing.. i would LOVE winning this to get a cute little pouch or tote!

  214. Darling shop, the headbands are so sweet and I love all her colorful fabrics!!

  215. Hope

    Cute! I could use another clutch. :)

  216. Lizz

    adorable! the colors are so cute!

  217. So much adorableness!!!!

  218. Lisa

    Maggie's stuff is so cute I could die. Love love love.

  219. Shelby

    I LOVE this!!! It is all so cute!!! Thanks for the chance!

  220. birdette

    Very fun and pretty items! I have my eye on a few things :)

  221. Ann

    cute colors and patterns, so much to choose from!

  222. aspasm

    Really cute stuff that will further feed my ruffle obsession :)

  223. Val

    Love the patterns and bright colors!

  224. n.davis

    darling! love it!

    and good luck with your new baby on the
    way. being a mother is one of the most
    rewarding experiences of my life. you will
    be an adorable mommy!

  225. Laura

    gussy's products are lovely
    just like this blog

  226. Rachel

    gussy is lovely! so creative!

  227. Beatrice

    The houndstooth collection is ravishing!

  228. I love the bags and everything else:)It would be a wonderful thing to win<3

  229. I want to get one of those baby blankets!!

  230. The colors and patterns are gorgeous! It would be great fun to outfit a whole travel kit's worth of pouches!

  231. Ahh!! I love her stuff! Such a great giveaway!!

  232. Marine

    Oh, what a nice giveaway! :) I love the mix of colors with patterns !!

  233. Manda

    Love it! So cute!

  234. What else to say like "How cute!" … all the others before me already noticed that, haha. :)


  235. There is nothing I need more than those joyfully sewed goodies!

  236. kt mac

    I love gussy … those ruffles just make me smile every single time :)

  237. Samantha

    Love all the handmade goodies!

  238. Sasha

    I love that she was able to make a living out of something that inspired her :)

  239. Lola

    The little wallets are so cute!!

  240. This comment has been removed by the author.

  241. i'm definitely a ruffles girl! i love it, she's amazing!

  242. Kate

    So pretty! Love the headbands!

  243. Christy

    So cute! Happy holidays (:

  244. I love the pouch with the birdcages. But a part of me really would love to buy blankets for our someday-maybe-baby. :)

  245. Kate

    Ooo…these are lovely! And polka fave!

  246. Wylen

    this is so cute!!! I like the ruffles.

  247. Kerry

    i am loving everything about this store!

  248. i absolutely love the zipped pouches <3

  249. wow the colors are amazing! love the stuff so cute!

  250. oooh how cute!

  251. Janet

    This stuff is wonderful!

  252. Tiff

    I love the pouches and totes! Everything is so pretty and colorful!!!

  253. Julie S.

    I love Gussy stuff! I have been wanting one of her totes forever!

  254. Everything is so lovely and colorful. :)

    -Abbey F.

  255. How adorable!?!

  256. You have the best giveaways!

  257. Super cute stuff!

  258. whimsy

    oh dear. so darling! and what a cute name!

  259. who could say no to ruffles?
    thanks so much for this giveaway!

  260. meg

    What an inspiring blog and shop, I love the knit baby blankets!

  261. One

    Yes, please!

  262. ooh everything is so cute! I love the wristlets and the stockings are adorable! So happy and bright!


  263. Vanessa

    SO adorable! This would be a great way to perk up my post holiday blues!

  264. Sophia

    GUSSY is so cute!!

  265. Shannon

    Love it! SO cute

  266. I love the umbrella make-up bag! So cute!

  267. Katie

    Love the peppermint dot clutch, but I WISH she made kindle covers!

  268. Heather

    Woo hoo! I love their stuff! SO cute! Gimme gimme!

  269. AmeeLove

    So dang cute!!! Love It!!!
    Love it even more if i won!!

  270. shalynn

    this is some seriously cute stuff. love love all the patterns and colors!

  271. Shandell

    I've always loved Gussy! Her creations are so sassy! I have a red ruffled creation on the way, I'd love to add something else to it!

  272. Gillian

    Absolutely adorable! Love them!

  273. Jess E.

    What cute little creations! How fun!

  274. Juliana

    So So cute!!!

  275. Kara


  276. Sini

    Oh I love the fabrics, so so so cute ones!

  277. Lily

    I'm trying my luck! Either way, congrats to whomever wins. Those are some darn pretty ruffles!!

  278. i am crazy for ruffles pick me pick me!!!

  279. Katy

    I adore Gussy and her ruffles. I'm itching for a new Gussy to sass up my Kindle, so this would be great!

  280. Just adorable!

  281. Barbara

    oh my goodness, oh my goodness! :)

  282. SOOO cute! I just got a sewing machine for Christmas – what inspiration – hope I can win!

  283. oh to be able to sew…
    and sew well like her!
    love em.

  284. Kacie

    I love these things! Perfect for my baby girl due next week!

  285. Katie

    Love it!

  286. everything is darling!!!

  287. Maren

    oh I would just love to win this one :)

  288. im in love with everything gussy sews!

  289. joolee

    ooh, i've been drooling over her ruffled pouches for awhile now…

  290. those baby blankets are adorable! exciting giveaway! happy new years

  291. Such a cute giveaway! Fingers crossed! =]

  292. Caroline

    Love it! I'm a sucker for ruffles =]

  293. rebecca

    the pouches are so cute!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  294. Jr. Mint

    Adorable! I love the bright colors and patterns.

  295. Cute stuff!!!!

  296. becky

    love the headbands!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  297. These things are all super cute!

  298. What cute stuff! I love the little pouches/clutches. And the headbands are adorable!

  299. Stacey

    What a fun giveaway! I especially love the umbrella wristlet clutch.

  300. I'm heading to Russia for a year and a half and think these colors are exactly what I need to get me through those long winters!

  301. Jessica

    I love Gussy Sews! Such fun stuff!

  302. naomy

    All the clutches are oh so cute!

  303. amy lapi

    i love gussy! her stuff is great quality, too!

  304. Rachel

    The colors and patterns are lovely! I'd be honored to win. Fingers crossed…

  305. M

    So cute! I always have a soft spot for ruffles…

  306. Emily

    LOVE it! :)

  307. Leah

    really cute! I especially love all the red plaid items.

  308. Elena

    I love all her fab ruffles! Hoping for one of the laptop bags.

  309. Betsey

    i love your blog & would love to win! :)

  310. TayLayne

    I would love something from gussy ses! Adorable!!

  311. alc9174

    SO cute!! loving all the bright colors.

  312. laurwilk

    Wow! How cute. I love all of the clutches/purses!

  313. kristin

    How talented is she!? Lovely.

  314. kristin

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  315. Julie

    sooo cute!!

  316. Amander

    Such great colors! I'd love one of these.

  317. Monika

    Such cute stuff! I love it alllllll!

  318. Sarah

    So cute, love the use of colors!

  319. I love everything about this giveaway :)

  320. oh cute. I love them, the fabrics are great!

  321. Sara

    Ohhhh CUTE!!! Love the umbrella and bird cage stuff…I die. :)

  322. Darcie

    I'm definitely in!

  323. My birthday is tomorrow and it would be so absolutely perfect if I won this!!! Her stuff is so so cute! :]

  324. So pretty and cheerful!

  325. hello

    so so so cute! perfect for bringing in 2011 in style :D

  326. jamieliz

    Such cute headbands and little bags! I'd love to win!!