an afternoon at mt. vernon. {+ giveaway winner announced!}

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while josh’s parents were in town
we spent a good portion of christmas eve at mt. vernon.
i can’t believe all the history that surrounds us here in d.c.
i’m hoping we’re more proactive in 2011
at taking advantage of all the great things around us.
(mostly meaning all the free museums and monuments!)
i imagine mt. vernon will be gorgeous in the spring and summertime,
so hopefully we’ll be back!

and inside was the sweetest little ginger bread rendition of mt. vernon.

also, thanks to all who entered our giveaway this week!
below is our winner!

congrats to shelby rad! please email me your contact info!

2010 in review.

a few of our favorite highlights from this past year….
in january, we spent new years day in NYC and kingsley met stellie his girlfriend. he also got sick with pneumonia and had to stay at the pet hospital for a few days (let’s not talk about it… it still makes me sad). we ate cheesecake, i developed a really old roll of diana film, we celebrated josh’s birthday with a big homemade hamburger birthday cake, and we put kingsley in a turtleneck!

in february, we were snowed in on capitol hill 2 weekends in a row (see here and here), we visited utah with kingsley (although delta lost him at the airport for 45 minutes and i almost died)…where we went snowboarding and spent time with family (and at my favorite tea shop).

in march, we celebrated easter with a crepe party and egg decorating, kingsley went to a bulldog birthday party, and our friends got married! i started trying to use my dad’s old film camera more often, josh introduced me to cheese fries with bacon, and we became obnoxious dog owners and put kingsley in a rain coat. my mom and little brother also came to visit!
in april, our wedding photographer leo was in town so we snapped some photos at the cherry blossom festival (see here and here and here).
also in april, we made donut runs on saturday morning with kingsley. kingsley had to wear the cone of shame for 2 whole weeks and meg came to visit. i got really sick, but i’m better now… we also went to mexico where we documented our trip through polaroids, diana’s and instax mini’s.

in the summer, we had a family picnic up the blue ridge parkway, celebrated memorial day, my birthday and also our 3rd wedding anniversary. we sadly totaled our little beetle (which i’m still crushed about) but discovered the best gelato in d.c. and celebrated the 4th of july here in the district.

i also went to paris and beynac france in july. (see more france posts here and here and here and here and here.)

in august, kingsley swam in a creek with other bulldogs, we saw spoon and arcade fire in concert. we went on little dates with kingsley, finally explored the arlington national cemetery and discovered the dairy godmother. we also ran into these guys and i went to the u.s. botanical garden with my sisters.
in september, we finally started telling people the glorious news we had been keeping a secret since may, we explored the national arboretum, we went back to NYC, our old home, for the weekend where we ate at all our old favorite places, saw our favorite sites and i got to see all my best friends.

in october, we spent a weekend in florida at the beach and explored st. augustine. kingsley also attended his first football game at josh’s old high school. we had a little donut date, watched capitol hill change colors, visited the market, we carved pumpkins together, dressed up kingsley as a little devil for halloween and shamelessly celebrated his first birthday which falls on halloween!
in november, we made a little film with our friends, kingsley rediscovered his love of the fireplace, we went bowling, the sisters came to town, we celebrated thanksgiving with family and decorated our christmas tree!

in december we hosted a pie night, made gingerbread houses with friends, spent our weekends at the holiday market, saw the beautiful christmas lights at the temple and celebrated christmas on capitol hill with josh’s parents.

last year around this time josh had said to me, “2010 is going to be our best year yet, naomi.” since last december had proven to be our hardest month yet, i was kind of skeptical and sad and wasn’t sure if he was saying that to just try and cheer me up. but i decided to believe him anyway and move forward with a positive attitude. fortunately, 2010 has proven to be a lovely year, the best part being we found out we are expecting! and now, 2011 promises to be even better with our first little baby due any day in the next few weeks! we are scared and nervous to become parents, but also feel really blessed that we’ve finally been given the opportunity and i cannot wait to share the new year with a new little baby!
happy new year everyone! may it be our best year yet, for everyone!
see 2009, 2008 and 2007 in review.

the u.s. botanical garden, holiday exhibit.

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we checked out the annual holiday exhibit at the u.s. botanical garden with josh’s parents yesterday. the exhibit included a number of different railways and trains, historic landmark buildings in d.c. and others around the world made out of plant materials like tree bark which blows my mind. it was impressive.

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christmas day.

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we had a lovely christmas here in d.c. with josh’s parents. i love spending this time of year with family and friends, thinking of our savior, eating good wonderful rich food, finally having a valid excuse to be gifted baby things and enjoying the d.c. snow “dusting” (we’ll have our blizzard one of these days…at least i hope. in the meantime, i’ll just keep looking at snow photos from last year here, here, here and here.)
hope you had a merry happy christmas spent with loved ones and good food, too!
p.s. baby didn’t show up on christmas! it was my only christmas wish…. besides wishing for a healthy baby and uneventful birth. :) baby, you can come any day you want now! we’re ready and waiting!