rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by sponsor, vivi dot!
vivi dot is offering one lucky reader any statement necklace of their choice! click here to see all the beautiful options!
vivi dot is a collection of handmade accessories; their newest addition to the line being these pretty statement necklaces. all are made with sustainable laser cut bamboo, fabric covered buttons and antiqued brass chains.

in order to enter, please visit vivi dot and leave a comment below before friday, december 3rd! good luck! xo

  1. Victoria

    The bicycle hair clips are brilliant!

    Please enter me. xx

  2. oh my gosh i just look at the options…i have so many favorites!!

  3. amber

    such cute stuff!!! I would like so many of them :)

  4. Vanessa

    I adore these! The perfect statement piece for the holidays!

  5. Rhianne

    I love Vividot, wonderful giveaway!

  6. missjack

    Amazing!! …blogs are a brilliant place for finding new fashion inspiration! I love it all xx

  7. Alicia

    Another great giveaway! I'm in :)

  8. toria

    oh pretty!!! loves this!

  9. WOW, these are adorable ands so unique. I love the dotted tree watch necklace! Great idea, and once again, fingers crossed!

  10. Katy

    how fun! I love the lace necklaces, they're so sassy and unique!

  11. so difficult to choose a favorite – they're all lovely!

    I like the polaroid ice cream one.

  12. awww I want one!!! They would brighten up any winter day at the moment :)

  13. i am loving their polaroid necklaces!

    fingers & toes crossed!

  14. O.

    I like all the magnets

  15. beckie

    goodness gracious! what beautiful necklaces…i love them all

  16. Bridget

    they're really fun and funky – pick me!

  17. Riley

    I love these necklaces! :D

  18. Sophie

    Lovely necklaces! And I want one donut from the previous post! ;)

  19. Beli

    LOVE! I love how different they are…

  20. Casey

    I adore the Jester Diamonds Presidio Necklace! Awesome- would love to win!!! :)

  21. Sallie

    MMMM, i love these!

  22. Too cute! I love the big solid colour rings, too! *bookmarks*

  23. those are the cutest necklaces i`ve ever seen. and the most colourful too.
    and i love them.

  24. Melissa

    Ooooh, there are so many pretty ones to choose from! I love "Conservatory of Flowers".

  25. Kate

    these are super creative and cool! I would love to rock one!


  26. Brianna!

    Oh WOW
    Looks Like I will be doing some FUN CHRISTMAS shopping from Vivi Dot.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jester Diamonds Presidio Necklace. It reminds me SO much of my paintings.


  27. lindsay

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. lindsay

    these are so beautiful and interesting and different! i would LOVE one!!!

  29. Margaret

    woweeeee these are TOO cool for school. i LOVE them all!

  30. lolakola

    lovely juvely! ^__^
    esp the Dotted Oak Tree Watch Necklace. I think that one wins. though I do like the bicycle ones as well :) well done!

  31. Kara

    so many cute things to choose from! i'm in desperate need of some new accesories to brighten up my wardrobe!

  32. Emily

    Love the Jester Diamond Presidio Necklace! What a lovely shop!

  33. Kate

    Cute necklaces-thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Linda

    OMGsofreakingfabulous! want.

  35. these are so adorable!!!! i want!!!

  36. I love the fall lace triangle!

  37. MegB

    They are all so fun! What a great way to dress up a simple outfit! Would love to have one of these around my neck!

  38. Ashley

    I love the modern garden sutro park necklace SO MUCH!

    Cheers! Ashley

  39. Sarah

    I love the Chocolate Brown and Lace Lexington necklace. So cute!

  40. oh my goodness. those are golden. love every single one.

  41. Meghan

    how perfect would one of these be with a simple white tee and long flowy skirt!? i love them

  42. Emily

    I loooove the Modern Garden Sutro necklace! The pattern is amazing!

  43. amanda

    i am GAGA over the burger necklace and that modern garden sutro necklace is the cats meow!

  44. So many cute things! I love all the polaroid necklaces and the Mod Flower Duboce Triangle Necklace! :)

  45. ashton

    love the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace

  46. Chloé

    the black and cream lace necklace is perfect! but i love almost everything else in their shop too!!

  47. alyse

    yes maam… those look so cute!

  48. Mindy

    the one in the top left is adorable!

  49. Kate

    The Around the Corner Alamo Square Necklace is fabulous.

    Pick me!


  50. Jill

    The faux diamond ring is pretty hilarious… but on a more serious note, those necklaces are seriously adorable!

  51. Beautiful. What a perfect gift for the holidays!

  52. alli

    The Around the Corner necklace is pretty!

  53. Danielle

    I just love that there is so much variety in style. *crossing fingers*

  54. Margaret

    I love the lace covered buttons!

  55. Larissa

    super cute!

  56. Caroline

    What an awesome collection of pieces. What a perfect way to kick off the holiday season! These would make wonderful gifts!

  57. sara

    love the nautical anchor earrings!

  58. Morgan

    All so unique and pretty… the paisley foliage is my fave!

  59. I'm in love with both the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace and the Book Lover Polaroid. So cute!

  60. I'm in love with both the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace and the Book Lover Polaroid. So cute!

  61. I'm in love with both the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace and the Book Lover Polaroid. So cute!

  62. Chaucee

    Beautiful pieces! Crossing my fingers for this one….

  63. These are really beautiful! What a terrific way to spruce up a simple tshirt or tank. Loooove them.

  64. perfect for work and for a night out – lovely stuff!

  65. okay HOW ADORABLE! LOVE them, especially the oak tree watch necklace!

  66. Veronica

    Love the lace Lexington necklaces!! I hope I win :)

  67. Lindsay

    wow, so cute & unique.

    if i won, i think i would pick the paisley one that is on her site…. :)


  68. Allison

    So amazing and beautiful! YAY

  69. Jessica

    What great stuff! I love the Tea Time necklace!

  70. oh my gosh, these are all so cute. I'd have a hard time deciding!

  71. I love vivi dot, everything from the vino dots to the bookmarks to the necklaces and rings.

    There so cute and the fact that they are environmentally friendly just makes them that much better :)

  72. LOVE the "book lover" polaroid necklace!!! What a unique idea!!

  73. I love necklaces that are out of the ordinary! These are awesome!

  74. kellie

    what a cute giveaway! i love the stained glass sutro park necklace, but all of the statement necklaces are adorable!

  75. S

    my favorite is the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace, its a great combination between tough and feminine :)

  76. lindsey

    Oo, these are lovely! Great for a holiday party!

  77. jysika

    you spoil us!!

  78. bethani

    love love the black/cream statement necklaces – would be a nice addition to any black work ensembles.

  79. All of these necklaces are adorable (as well as all the other fun things she offers)!!! How do I even begin to choose a favorite?!

    Very cute giveaway!

  80. Erin

    Very cute, I like the bold patterns!

  81. Katers

    I love the stained glass sutro park necklace!

  82. Caty

    Oh my goodness, I love everything in that shop!!

  83. Gina

    How can you pick just one?!?! These are amazing!!!

  84. Julie

    soo cute!

  85. I love the flower hairpins!

  86. J.

    Very pretty! I'd love to win!

  87. I love the black & cream lace Lexington necklace! (Actually I love them all! It would be hard to pick!)

  88. Jayda

    So cute!

  89. Ashley

    I love the faux diamond ring! Genius. All of their stuff is so adorable!

  90. Gosh, these are lovely. SO much fun!!

  91. tdporepp

    I don't even know how I would choose which item if I won, but I think I'd manage ;-)

  92. oooooo I love these! I would for sure rock the bold prints!
    have a nice day:)

  93. Lauren

    These necklaces are so pretty!

  94. Megan

    those are so creative and cute!! love love love them :)


    oh i loooove all of the bright colors. they would go so great to make a casual outfit more interesting!

  96. Amy

    They're all so cute! I love the black and white lace necklace!

  97. Great, great collection!

  98. Jenny

    I want a whole collection! Love this idea.

  99. Eva Rose

    so pretty! my favorite is the "army green lace lexington necklace." I'm already thinking of outfits to pair it with! :)

  100. Love them, we have a similar artist who do cuties like this in Venezuela:
    "nido en las nubes" that means nest in the clouds.


  101. Oh I could really use a pick me up right about now! I love the bright colors and fun patterns of these necklaces!

  102. Breezy

    OH how cute and fun!!! =)

  103. Oh, I adore the black and white stained glass necklace! Yes please! xD

  104. J'adore !! So so pretty :)

  105. cruzh

    tres unique!
    i'd love to wear one of these beauties :)

  106. Mary

    How creative! love them!

  107. MaieDae

    I just love this giveaway and her precious designs!!


  108. Haley K

    Oh I adore the "Conservatory of Flowers Amber Lace Necklace"…but I'd choose the "Book Lovers Polaroid Necklace" for my Mom, she'd love it! :)

  109. Sydney

    I'm in love with the stained glass sutro park! wowza!

  110. beth

    so cute!

  111. those are gorgeous!

  112. awesome! love these :)

  113. Suzanna

    i love this shop!


  114. Brittany

    i love your blog and these necklaces are gorgeous

  115. they are all sooooo cute! i really love that "book lover polaroid" necklace. :-)

  116. Sarah

    love the stained glass necklace!

  117. i love these necklaces!
    such a fun way to brighten up an outfit.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Erin

    hmmm… do i want something for myself or as a gift…??

  120. I love them all! If I won, I wouldn't know which one to choose.

  121. KT

    I love the Conservatory of Flowers Red Lace Necklace!! SO pretty!!

  122. SP

    Wow her stuff is so unique.

  123. Cori Sue

    Ohmigosh, It's all so cute! I love the earings and the bow hair clips and the flower brooches… I die. {fingers crossed that I win!}

  124. ladybug

    Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace for me please , :)

  125. Shalvi

    Wow! So cute!

  126. they are all so fun! i looove the army green lace necklace… so pretty!

  127. cool! never seen something like this before.

  128. Amber

    Yes please!

    Amber R.

  129. It's amazing, love it :X:X

  130. Amy

    oooh these are really just so so pretty! I want every single thing in her shop!

    Wee! Thanks!

    Amy M.

  131. I love the Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace! Awesome.


  132. Brittany

    So pretty and interesting! I've never seen anything like these before. Beautiful

  133. So cute! I love the Conservatory of Flowers Red Lace Necklace!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Emily

    I love the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace! These are so cute.

  135. kelly

    how to pick just one…

  136. this stuff is superb! I need some superb added to my wardrobe!

  137. Liz

    I'm not sure if my last comment went through….


  138. Liz

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. Very Unique! Love the fabrics.

  140. I love all their accessories, so vintage and classy!

  141. mckenzie

    cool stuff!

  142. SO adorable! Hoping to win one of these cuties.

  143. wow are these ever pretty! i would gladly take each and everyone home!

  144. joolee

    oooh, love! pretty please??

  145. Tish

    They're all so cute! <3

  146. Danielle

    These are so unique. I would love the chance to win!

  147. It's hard to just pick one… They're so many beautiful ones!
    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this giveaway!

  148. These are stunning! I love all the designs :~)

  149. katie f

    if i were a statement necklace i'd like to be the downtown anaheim polaroid one.
    black and white is always classic.

    [keeping my fingers crossed!]

  150. Emily

    these are so cool! i really liked all of the lacey lexington ones.

  151. There are so many good ones. How will I choose?!?

  152. MB

    These are VERY nice. I have some old buttons and, these have inspired me!

  153. I adore the polaroid necklace!!

  154. These are all so gorgeous! I definitely need some awesome jewelry to beat the winter gloom. And I LOVE the Fall Lace Duboce Triangle necklace. Talk about pretty!

  155. What a lovely idea! Buttons for necklaces!!!

  156. julieb

    thse necklaces are amazng!
    love love!

  157. Oh, I love Vividot! Her dotted oak tree watch necklace is so pretty!

  158. Patricia

    maroon feather…downtown anaheim….dotted oak tree watch… jester diamonds… i can't decide!! :/

    the watch necklaces are so beautiful, simple and subtle.

  159. amylou

    they are all so beautiful! hope I win!!

  160. so pretty! a must have for the holidays. :)

  161. Lily

    so beautiful!

  162. Wow! So fun and original! Everything they have is just darling!

  163. Sharon

    The modern dot sutro park necklace is my fave! Love the shape.

    yepfinleywedding (at) gmail *dot* com

  164. Val

    I love the ones with bright colors to wear with a solid tunic top! So cute!

  165. Moses

    Mhmmm. Lovin the buttons. These would make a great gift for my kid sister. :)

  166. SMS

    Very cute! I love it!

  167. heather

    i've never seen necklaces like these before! i LOVE them. so original and really cute.

  168. Love the black and white ones!!

  169. I LOVE THESE! I've been looking for something bold and beautiful to add a pop to my outfits!

  170. oh. these necklaces seem to be calling my name. c:

  171. Molly

    love it! i neeeeed one!!

  172. kileelu

    what fun necklaces ~ so cute!

  173. Amanda

    The Conservatory of Flowers Amber Lace Necklace is so pretty! :)

  174. Ashley

    These are really fun pieces. Would love to rock one with a simple white tee! =)

  175. Madeline

    What a cute idea!!

    The Cuff Links would be such a cute/unique gift for my dad for Christmas!!

  176. ohh, i really love the checkerboard lexington necklace!

  177. Molly

    ooooo i LOVE the aztec watch necklace. sooo cute :)

  178. Stacey

    What wonderful necklaces! I think my favorite is the yellow and black one.

  179. Esther

    These are gorgeous necklaces–would love to be the winner!!

  180. Kelly

    How fun! And different! I've never seen anything like them!

  181. Shorty

    Oh, unique!! I love the army green necklace. And the hair pins are precious. I might have to order a few. And I LOVE the watch necklaces. Thanks for this link!

  182. Marigold

    oh my, I absolutely love the green lacy one!

  183. AubreyMo

    Love the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace!

  184. Oh my gosh I LOVE these!! They'll be perfect Christmas gifts!

    –laura elizabeth

  185. Casi

    Love the modern garden necklaces!

  186. Shannon

    Cute colors! I love!

  187. ck

    oomg these are brilliant! the Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace has to be my favorite!

  188. I love the hair clips, also, the green one on your website.

  189. Julie

    I love the black and white flower necklace! So cute!

  190. Valerie

    Wow, what a unique site! I love the black and cream lace lexington necklace. Too cute!

  191. Leanna

    the necklaces are great! i love them!

  192. ELLIE

    cute cute! I love the black and cream lace lexington** Pick me (:

  193. wow – fun stuff! I love the Maroon Feather watch necklace! Too cool!

  194. kristen

    i love everything in the shop, but the black and cream lace statement necklace is to-die-for.

  195. Fawn

    I Love the necklaces! they are lovely!

  196. Philam

    So great and graphic! I love all the necklaces.

  197. what a cute little shop! i'm in love!

  198. i love the alamo square necklace :D

  199. Emily

    Pretty! Love the colors!

  200. mel.

    Ack! So Cute! I love the black and white stained glass flower necklace and all of the Polaroid necklaces. I think I just found where I'll be doing my Christmas shopping.

  201. shannon

    super fun!

  202. shayna

    Totally awesome.

  203. Nikki

    I have a button fetish…and these are the CUTEST!!

  204. Jilleun

    oh yes please these necklace are lovely!

  205. rebecca

    so cute. love the green/lace one

  206. Lizzy

    they're so cute!
    i love the Army Green Lace Lexington Necklace xx

  207. joyce

    oh so modern but vintage, i love it!

  208. Jill

    What a cool shop!

  209. autumn

    I love the polaroid necklaces and the flower brooches! I'm a teacher and am always looking for great brooches to wear as a throwback to the old school style of teaching clothes. Those put a great modern flair on them!

  210. these are nice and unique! i can't decide between between the pretty black/white conservative designs or the beautiful earthy tones. the prices aren't bad either!

  211. autumn

    That green lace covered necklace is so pretty!

  212. malee

    How adorable!! I love the necklace with flowers and lace.

  213. Melody

    Wow, interesting necklaces! I'm always looking for something that adds a little bit of "unique" to my collection. I really like the conservatory of flowers necklaces.

  214. Ah I love these! I would be so happy if I had one and would wear it all the time!!

  215. oooooooooooooooo.
    i want i want.
    that red white and blue makes me happy.

  216. Jen

    How cheery! I would love one of the necklaces for the holiday season.

  217. Alyssa

    I love the army green lace lexington piece. So dreamy!

  218. I love the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace. It is absolutely adorable!

  219. How fun- I LOVE the orange one….I think I need it!

  220. boatx2


    My mother would -love- one of these beautiful pieces for Christmas! She's a fashionista, that one, and I'd love to make her holiday!

    :crosses fingers:

  221. Oh My! I love the squirrels kissing! Such fun necklaces.

  222. Sarah

    LOVE the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace! Thank you!

  223. kristy

    what a beautiful xmas pressie these would make! :)

    Love it!

  224. Jessica

    cute, cute, cute! so many cute choices to love <3

  225. Jen

    Super cute. Love them

  226. Sarah

    I have been looking for some new necklaces to go with a volunteer uniform I have to wear with a white or off-white shirt, so these would be fantastic! I love the garden and lace-covered versions.

  227. i love the paisley foliage necklace!

  228. srbrown6

    The polaroid necklaces are AMAZING, but I also love the dotted tree necklace. This is seriously such a cute shop!

  229. Grace

    I'm in love!

    <3 Grace.

  230. Sasha

    I love the lace necklace! So pretty :)

  231. Carolyn

    these are darling! they make me excited for springtime!

  232. ohhh! the squirrel necklace would be so perfect. my fiance loves them, he'd be so excited to see me wearing that necklace!

  233. Jen

    So cute! Would love one!

  234. Gina

    What fun and beautiful necklaces! I love the Duboce Triangles!

  235. I love these! They're fabulous, I can already think of the outfit I would wear them with!

  236. Pretty Pretty. <3

  237. Rebecca

    so creative and fun. i love the watch necklaces. hope's it me.

  238. Bri

    i just love them all
    PICK ME!!!

  239. Emma

    the polaroid necklace idea is brilliant!

  240. Ooh I would love to wear one of these!

    Felicity x

  241. i love all the squirrel things.
    hair pins, clips, rings, etc.


  242. j.

    wow, these are stunning.

  243. I love the aztec pattern! This would be the perfect christmas present!

  244. These are so fun without being overbearing. They would fit right in with my wardrobe. :)

  245. I wear a lot of black, so I'm thinking the Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace would match a lot of my wardrobe!

  246. brooke


  247. cristina

    these necklaces are so cute! i would love to wear one or perhaps give away to a friend :)

  248. Shelly

    You have VERY talented giveaway contributors! Beautiful!

  249. The modern sutro garden park necklace is to die for! Stinkin cute!

  250. valerie

    so pretty! count me in!

  251. Tanya M

    I love some of their magnets and buttons! The designs are so fun. My fave necklace has to be the Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace. It's pretty awesome!

  252. holtkamp

    love all the earrings! great giveaway! :)

  253. Melissa

    I love the Hot Pink Heart Watch Necklace and the Purple Bicycle Necklace. How are you supposed to CHOOSE?

  254. I would love a cute pair of cuff-links for my my love's stocking this christmas. what a cute store!

  255. ABC

    i love them all. what great holiday accessories.

  256. April

    I love love love all of the lace necklaces, especially the Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace…it would be an attention getter at all holiday parties for sure :)

  257. Kelsey

    I love! Any of those necklaces would look adorable with a white t. And the peppermint earings! So cute.

  258. Caroline

    The peppermint candy earrings are so cute! Perfect earrings for the holiday season. I love all of their jewelry!!

  259. Aw yes please :D
    IMy fave is the checkerboard duboce triangle one XD


  260. Oh oh please pick me! I'd love to wear one to my wedding in September!

  261. Ali

    I've been seeing these necklaces lately and really like them!

  262. YES! I love how dainty and delicate the lace-covered ones are!

  263. Trisha

    So unique and beautiful!

  264. i am loving the pink and army green lace necklace … really unique and pretty!

  265. I simply can't get enough of the oak tree and watch double necklace. it's to die for! they're all so great.

  266. I would love to give one of these as a gift! Darling.

  267. These necklaces are great! I will definitely be purchasing them for Christmas gifts.


  268. Oh what a great giveaway. these necklaces look like so much fun to wear and to make!

  269. silvana

    precious! would make a darling xmas present for someone, too!

  270. kstaples

    So adorable!

  271. Angie

    Beautiful necklaces! Love it!

  272. I LOVE the Pink and Army Green lace Sutro Park Necklace!!!! It looks like an adorable addition to any outfit!

    Great necklaces!

  273. ashley

    so cute! i love the Jester Diamonds Presidio Necklace!!
    crossing my fingers!

  274. jlynn

    would love to win this!!!

  275. Anne

    I love quirky accessories like these!

  276. Marie

    Wow! Such lovely pops of color! It makes me happy just to look at them!

  277. ooh it has to be the modern garden sutro park! Love it!

  278. Whitney

    Oh my gosh; the squirrel necklace is too cute!

  279. aww these are so adorable! i can't even decide which is my favorite. really.


  280. laurwilk

    Wow! These are so unique and cute. What a great idea; I love them!

  281. These would be a perfect Christmas gift for my sister! What a great giveaway!

  282. Lulu

    What fun jewelry! I'd love to win :)

  283. Nicole*

    those are super cool!

  284. adorable! I hope I win!

  285. Natty

    Love them! Great giveaway!

  286. Those necklaaces are TO. DIE. FOR!

  287. Lexie

    Oh, wow! I need to own ALL of those statement necklaces!! Looks like it's time to update my Christmas list…

  288. these are gorgeous! I love em!

  289. Chelsey

    I love love love the watch necklaces!
    These are all so creative, and look like so much fun to make!

  290. Wow, so many comments only show how pretty this collection is. I simply adore handmade stuff and I would love to get something from it! :))

  291. Maren

    This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my cute sister, Rachel. i love them!

  292. Erin

    Cute & Vintagey! My favorite :)

  293. Shea

    cute! I want one :)

  294. Lyss

    oh my greatness! love.

  295. Courtney

    i'm a sucker for anything with buttons. love. :)

  296. I'd love a statement necklace or hair clip for myself, but if I won I'd gift it to a friend for Christmas!

  297. i'm loving the jester diamonds presidio necklace! everything is so cute!

  298. savy

    Stinkin' genius. Love 'em.

  299. Love the Modern Garden Lexington Necklace! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  300. Lauren

    oooh la la!

  301. Everything is SO beautiful! I think my favorite would have to be the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace. I think I can finish about 70% of my Holiday shopping on this site. Happy Holidays to me indeed!!!

  302. I absolutely love these! I have been in the process of making fabric jewelry for my friends for Christmas, but these are much more fantastic than anything I could ever think up!

  303. HMB

    such great statement pieces!

  304. SUCH a great Christmas present! :)

  305. Kerstin

    The watch necklaces are lovely!

  306. Please?

  307. Sarah

    lovelovelove all of these!

  308. Kat

    I really like the clock necklace, it would be practical and cute for when I had to dress up and didn't want to keep looking at my phone for time. I would just have to learn to read it upside down!

  309. Sara

    Please enter me!

    I love love love the Paisley Foliage Lexington Necklace!

  310. Annis

    i love almost everything they have!

  311. I simply LOVE statement pieces!

  312. Holly

    everything on the website is adorable! my favourite is the gnome bookmark….would love to win a goregous necklace!!

  313. Lily

    oh wow, those are GORGEOUS!!

  314. Angie

    I love them! So colorful and cute.

  315. obsessed with these necklaces!!!! absolutely lovely.

  316. Michelle

    very cute! could wear them all!

  317. I am torn between the Sutro Park and the Paisley foliage. All of their works are amazingly creative, I have to peruse further!

  318. I LOVE the downtown Anaheim polaroid necklace. It reminds me of home (California girl presently living in Alabama).

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  319. Shannon

    Love them! They are so unique.

  320. Kristen

    so cute! It's hard to pick a favorite.

  321. Carly

    vivi dot rocks! pick me!

  322. Lisa

    How sweet!

  323. becca

    LOVE these and vivi dot. so fun!

  324. Katrina

    Their creations are adorable! Love the garden sutra necklace.

  325. Erin

    I'm digging the Black and Cream Lace Lexington Necklace. So elegant. So almost mine.

  326. how gorgeous! i would love to wear one of these to a Christmas party!

    corrie mae

  327. Becs

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  341. Leah


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    p.s. can't wait for baby davis to arrive!

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    love your blog
    xoxo rachel

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    Been collecting some to make felt flowers for my wedding, and I just keep hoarding them…the idea of a wedding registry of buttons HAS entered my mind…not sure how hubs would like it :)

    Loving the modern garden sutro park necklace…it's gorgeous!

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    what a great giveaway!

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    I'd love to win one of these lovelies!

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    Thanks for the entry!

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  415. EE

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    i would love to win a statement necklace.

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    the striped one has my name on it.

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    Thanks for the opportunity!

  456. It would be an early Christmas present to win this giveaway!!

  457. amanda

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  458. love love love love!!
    i LOVE when accessories are made from buttons. i think they are just so cute.

  459. love love love love!!
    i LOVE when accessories are made from buttons. i think they are just so cute.

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    I'm dreaming of Modern Garden Sutro Park necklace at this very moment..

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  473. hilly

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  475. Great giveaway! Would love to win this!!

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    These are all stunning!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

    -Irlanda A.

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    Nothing is better than antique jewelry. These are a true American staple…along with a cute apron and apple pie!

  481. rebecca

    very cool! love the Checkerboard Duboce Triangle Statement Necklace.
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  482. These are so cute! How nice to give a piece of themselves away! At least that's how I feel when I make something….

  483. those necklaces are so adorable!

  484. Lindsay

    Im loving the "Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace" and the watch necklaces are great as well! (And all affordable!)Crossing my fingers! P.S. Your baby bump is the cutest..congrats to you both!!

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  490. ding ding to sustainable productivity and creativity in these adorable stylish pieces! what would a book lover and bicycle enthusiast choose! options options…

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  504. these are so cute! and i love that they're eco-friendly :)

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  510. Button necklaces!! What a great idea!

  511. Faiza

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  523. Caiti


    Buttons+Lace=Pure happiness.

    Love it!

  524. Sarah

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  526. these are sensational!!
    i'll keep my fingers crossed!

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    I love your giveaways….and your dog. When I officially move out of my parents house, I shall buy myself a Kingsley.

  529. Lauren

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    they are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is the Modern Garden Lexington necklace though. So simple & pretty.

  531. I adore the Book Lover Polaroid necklace!

  532. Erika

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  533. Hillary

    So many pretty things, especially the oak tree watch necklace! Since I broke my left wrist, I've been missing my watch, so this would be a great solution :)

  534. Kari

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    the paisley lexington is cute!

  536. absolute adoration! these are simply delicious! love, love, love. these truly rock my world.
    taylor rose

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  538. whimsy

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  539. heather

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  540. PICK ME!!!

  541. V

    one of these necklaces would be the perfect gift for someone i love… I hope I win …

  542. Lauren

    I just bought earrings similar to this style from a different shop on Etsy. People comment on them every time i wear them. How cool would it be to win a necklace.

  543. Alex

    LOVE the green & lace one. would love to win this!!! i adore your blog.
    Love, Alex

  544. jenbern

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  545. i love love them! I've been craving an eclectic bib necklace to sparkle my wardrobe!

  546. Megan

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  551. Sidney

    love this idea! so glam and funky! i definitely want ONE!

  552. These are super cute! Any one of them would be perfect to completely brighten up the plain black t-shirts & turtlenecks that seem to have taken over my maternity wardrobe! LOL


  553. DaniMac

    I love that they are stylish and eco friendly!

  554. MSimone

    Cute jewelery. I really like the necklaces espeically the Modern Garden print.

  555. These are magnificent! I'd love to wear one! *wink wink*

  556. Nancy

    I love the necklaces – everything is so cute on the site!

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  560. Oh my goodness, the chocolate brown & lace necklace is darling! They're all wonderful. I'd love to bring one home :)

  561. JAH

    These are truly beautiful pieces. Please enter me. I'm simply in love with the 'Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace'.

    Happy Holidays!

  562. Layla

    Tons of cute items, can't decide which one I like the best!

  563. TomAce

    I am currently putting together a list of my top 10 Christmas challenges. Most of them have to do with non overeating and/or not spending too much. However, one that stands out is to spend more time with my kids. They love Minute To Win It and its a great Family show. So, on December 7th we will be snuggling up in front of the TV to watch Minute TO Win It at 8/7c on NBC. Two Mormon sweethearts are going to be competing. Can't wait

  564. Amy

    I'm usually not a fan of button jewelry, but these are surprisngly GORGEOUS. I want it all.

  565. There are at least 4 of them on the site that I absolutely LOVE! Thanks for the introduction to the shop! I definitely want to be counted in on this giveaway :).

  566. Samantha


  567. Alexa

    Their stuff is adorable! I love their collection and I'm so tempted to get some stuff. But if I win, I'll probably be giving it as a present to my sister!

  568. missbee

    so so so cute!

  569. danica

    These necklaces are adorable. Lucky, whoever gets picked!

  570. Hunter

    What cute necklaces!!

  571. Caiti


    Buttons+Lace(on a necklace!)=Pure, unadulterated happiness.


  572. Ku'ulei

    i'd wear one every day.

  573. Asty

    I love love love statement necklaces!

  574. I'd like one!

  575. Shifra

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  576. Kate

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  577. Jennifer

    oooh these are so beautiful! i hope i get picked!!!

  578. Brittany

    I love that bright green one! so unique!