rockstar giveaway!

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you by {a} vintage poster!
there will be 2 winners!
{a} vintage poster “designs posters as an inexpensive way to spice up a room with clean graphics and bold colors.” the posters are 11″ W x 14″ H (or you can choose a mini poster, 8″ W x 10″ H), printed on an off-white, textured, heavy cardstock. both winners will get to choose which poster and color they would like!
to see all the poster and color options, head on over to the shop!

to enter, please visit {a} vintage poster
and leave a comment below before friday, october 1st!
also, {a} vintage poster is offering 10% off
through friday, october 1st for all rockstar diaries readers!
just use the code ROCKSTAR10 at checkout!
good luck!
  1. Those are too cute! What an inexpensive way to brighten a room.

  2. Steph

    OOH! Me, please! (:

  3. Lindsay


  4. Denise

    I love these!

  5. sara

    i love the let them eat cake poster :)

  6. these posters are great! simple and colorful

  7. How adorable :)! <3

  8. Rhianne

    these are so cute, I adore say cheese!

  9. Rhianne

    these are so cute, I adore say cheese!

  10. felicia

    i love the "love love love" poster… it would look great in my new babes nursery!

  11. Kaylee

    really cute stuff!

  12. JoJo

    i love these! my house is in desperate need of some art!

  13. Flora

    I love the "love, love, love" poster. I'd put it up on my wall in a second!

  14. S

    all i need is a poster saying that all i need is love :)

  15. ali

    SO CUTE! love love love love love

  16. Tata


  17. What an awesome giveaway! I love all of these. Love, love, love.

  18. Mariele

    just what i'm looking for for my new place! love the camera one especially!

  19. I'm getting married on december 4th and the beautiful "Let Them Eat Cake" poster would be absolutely perfect ! J'adore !

  20. Emma

    Those are gorgeous; especially love the "Let Them Eat Cake" poster, although they are all very sweet x

  21. amber

    i just love these posters!!

  22. so cute. I'm going to have to get the bridge one for my soon to be engineer hubby who is obsessed with bridges.

  23. Oh, these are so cool!

  24. so many possibilities here for so many different spaces in my house! love their work.

  25. yaaaay! love these <3

  26. I really love the pony tail cameo and the great escape but all of them are awesome!

  27. jenna

    Ooooo! So cute! How would I choose?!?

  28. Kate

    these posters are great! I want one.

  29. I totally love those posters! So cute!

    eewingo (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. CM

    These posters are amazing! I want every single one.

  31. so cute.. and the colors are so beautiful!! i especially love the "let them eat cake" poster.

  32. I love the "all you need is love" one!

  33. Wahy

    simple and cute.
    I love it ;)

  34. Love, love them! You should get one for the baby's room!

  35. HMB

    I love that red against the bright blue wall!

  36. Sher

    oh, they're all awfully pretty!


  37. Amanda

    Since I am getting married in 11 days, the "Oh Happy Day" would be perfect!

  38. jsanalak

    Oooohhh, hope I win!

    <3 January

  39. Maya

    oh wow, i love them all! pretty! would go perfect in my Dorm room :)


  40. nico

    Love them! I'd want the "love love love" poster in tomato– perfect because we are just decorating our new grown-up apartment :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. So pretty! And my birthday is coming up… i think it's a sign. haha

  42. Truly

    i love these, especially the paper lantern one. cute.

  43. Oh how awesome! I would love one for my kitchen :)

  44. Emily

    These are just beautiful! Love them–especially the camera print!

  45. Krissa

    how lovely!!!! so many cute choices!

  46. Love the simplicity and the bright colors of these prints! Beautiful.

  47. Holly

    So cute!

  48. Love these. So simple and chic. All you need is love!

  49. Molly

    I just moved into a new place and a print from vintage poster would be perfect in my bedroom!

  50. kelley

    Very cute idea. Love it!

  51. Jessica

    I love the Mary Poppins poster (for the nursery for my baby-on-the-way??) and Here Comes the Sun! They make me smile.

  52. Kat

    Super cool! Would look nice in my entryway!

  53. Erin

    My sister collects silhoettes… The Ponytail Cameo would be a great one for me to give to her to add to her collection!!

  54. Kat

    Super cool! Would look nice in my entryway!

  55. G & M

    these are super cute. i love the giraffe for a new babies room!

  56. Elisa

    me me me!

  57. Ashley

    Oh my gosh, I love these posters!

  58. A series of these posters would look great from my front door leading up to the top of my stairs. "All you need is love" is classic, but then again, I guess they all are!

  59. I love the Let Them Eat Cake for the kitchen.

  60. Love them! (LOVE the giraffe. There's just something about giraffes….) :)

  61. Love them! (LOVE the giraffe. There's just something about giraffes….) :)

  62. TeriLyn

    love these! I wasnt the orange elephant. It's so cute!

  63. I REALLY want on of these prints! So cute. :)

  64. These posters are so great! I love the tea party print!

  65. the "let them eat cake" poster would make my kitchen space that much sweeter :)

  66. yahoo!

  67. My mom said "Good Morning Sunshine" to me every single morning growing up, and now I say it to my son. That one. I want that one!

  68. Ashley

    eep! I love the simplicity of the designs. Fingers crossed! :)

  69. Jenni

    Oh pick me, pick me! Wonderful posters! :)

  70. Laur

    love them!

  71. Orby

    I LOVE the giraffe/spotted one. I just moved into a new place and my walls really need some color!

  72. Jenn

    great giveaway, these posters are great!!

  73. Dip-tea

    Cool giveaway! Would definitely love to have that artwork on my wall. :)

  74. i love "the traveler" and "all you need is love." very cool store.

  75. Maddy

    Silhouettes!! Oh man.. I love these!

  76. Camille

    darling! just the thing my apartment needs!

  77. OMG. LOVE. I want all of them!! Would look so great in my studio/office.

  78. Em

    I just moved into a new apartment and one of these posters would be perfect for my bedroom! I love the plaid elephant in pumpkin :)

  79. lgiove

    I adore the "All you need is love" poster. It would go perfectly in my bedroom!

  80. i love your giveaways… and one day i'm going to win! :) this one is so cute!

  81. OH! Pick me, please! These are SO fabulous! LOVE them all!

  82. Christie

    Oh, I can just see several of these hanging in my children's play room..

  83. these posters make me happy…
    could use a little happy;)
    thank you.

  84. holy goodness!!! i loooove the suitcases and the chandelier prints! i also really love the 'all you need is love' print. (that's the name of my blog.) prints like these are my absolute favorite!

  85. Bridget

    in im!

  86. I love the camera one!! and the giraffe print would look great in my nephew's room! So cute!

  87. Thanks for sharing! I love those posters!

  88. ashton

    i love "bridged" in eggplant

  89. Emma

    love the big city print! perfect since i just moved to nyc!

  90. mk

    I'm trying to decorate my tiny apartment and I would love to have a vintage poster print to put on my wall!

  91. madison

    Bridged is my favorite because it reminds me of walking across the Brooklyn bridge. great giveaway!

  92. thanks for the giveaway. my house has been in need of sprucing up lately. and you're right, these posters are perfect.

  93. miriam

    I basically want them all! So cute!

  94. Brianne

    These print are fantastic! I love them all, but my favorite is Love,Love,Love. I'd pick the poppyseed color :)

  95. Suzie

    that would go so perfect in my tiny NY studio, i <3 the giraffe. yay!

  96. Super cute!! Love the chandelier one!!

  97. OOo! I love the "all you need is love" poster! It would look so cute in my new apartment!

  98. Meaghan

    super gorgeous prints! love the let them eat cake one!

  99. Shandi

    I love these!!! So cute

  100. so cute! these would be perfect for my new place!

  101. Jo

    beautiful posters!!! Just what my bedroom needs :) xxx

  102. Kelly


  103. love love them!!! i hope i win!

  104. I love the camera print!

  105. Those are some great prints. We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and I think the giraffe or the elephant would be perfect for the baby room. We would love to win, but may just have to buy a print even if we don't. Thanks for sharing!

  106. Wow! Give aways are fun! I'd never heard of {a} vintage poster before.

  107. K

    i love how colorful and simple the designs are!

  108. Deanna

    so cute! i love 'tea party!'

  109. Legs

    Too cute! I'd love to win one of these. :)

  110. Kat

    I absolutely LOVE the plaid elephant! My two favorite things! It would be an amazing addition to the new apartment… as soon as I find one :)

  111. pilar

    I love these! Such a great addition to any room!

  112. Kate

    The vintage luggage poster is adorable. Must have.


  113. I love the "Here Comes the Sun" in red maybe! What a great thing to wake up to each morning!

  114. soooo cute!! hope to be the winner!!

  115. AmyLynn

    I love this store, especially the chandelier print!

  116. Kait

    I LOVE these! Would love to win :)

  117. Carson

    I love the "let them eat cake" poster, it goes great with my love for Marie Antoinette!

  118. AM

    I love the chandelier print! What beautiful prints…fingers crossed!

  119. J.

    One of these would be perfect in my new apartment!

  120. These are adorable! The giraffe would be so cute in a nursery, but I also love the paper lanterns one.

  121. Kate

    LOVE that giraffe!

  122. lynette

    I love the camera print! Awesome giveaway once again :)

  123. Boc Boc! I love the posters I think the best has to be Let's Party.

  124. Lyss

    This would be a way to spice up my dull apartment! Lovely!

  125. Kate

    Absolutely adorable!

  126. Jess $

    I'm loving all the prints and colors. Such a fab giveaway!!

  127. so pretty! love all the bright colors…i think i absolutely need the "all you need is love" poster. it would look awesome framed above my desk…:-)

  128. Esther

    I love these! Especially "All you Need is Love." Would love to hang that one in my brand new office:)

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. The giraffe poster would make the perfect baby shower gift! *love*

  131. stace.

    oh goodness! I love!

  132. shayna

    I have saved a wall for one of these posters.

  133. Lacey

    I love these prints- especially the plaid elephant and great escape birdcage! How cute! I'm crossing my fingers :)

  134. I love The Beatles inspired "All You Need Is Love".. b/c that statement is so true, what a cute website! ~Libby

  135. amanda

    okay, there are so many awesome prints! great for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or wherever one may decide.

  136. Brit

    Thanks so much for introducing me. I'm buying at least three.

  137. I LOVE the Let them eat cake poster!! It's so cute!! Count me in please!

  138. How fun! I want one for my bedroom!

  139. Sharon

    I LOVE the All you need is love poster! :)

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  140. zoe.k.

    the chocolate "A Creative Mess" is calling for my house!!! :)

  141. Kami*Sue

    Love these. You always have the best giveaways!!

  142. These are awesome!

  143. Linh

    We just moved in to our new house and our walls are bare. These adorable posters would be perfect for our walls!

  144. Linh

    We just moved in to our new house and our walls are bare. These adorable posters would be perfect for our walls!

  145. These are adorable. I love the colors and the clean designs. My favorites are the birdcage and the chandelier. Just wonderful!

  146. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!! the mary poppins one is just practically perfect :) rock on vintage poster!! they are all loverly <3

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. Heather

    I love the colors and the sweet sayings. Thanks, Naomi!

  149. I really love the marriage announcement-like poster! Love the colors!

  150. This comment has been removed by the author.

  151. I love the little giraffe- so sweet!

  152. Samantha

    I was just looking at this website the other day! Love the poster with paper lanterns…

  153. These posters are cute. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  154. Alivia

    Love these! :)

  155. Sara


  156. Adorable! I want the "Let them Eat Cake" poster for my kitchen!

  157. Rachel

    These are so wonderful! Just seeing the plaid elephant poster brightened up my day

  158. wowza! too cute :)

  159. Need one of these for my little guys nursery!!

  160. Erin

    Those are so cute!

  161. Jessica

    What a lovel√Ĺ way to add a splash of color to a room! These are so fun! And the giraffe would look adorable in a nursery. :)

  162. leah

    love it!

  163. Sarah

    Ooh, I love them all.

  164. Ash

    They are so adorable!

  165. Mindy

    One of these would be perfect for my son's room!

  166. Ashley

    SO lovely!!! I would love to adorn my walls with the 'all you need is love' poster!

  167. Jenny

    So colorful and happy! These make me want to ignore work for the day and create. :)

  168. Ally

    I love the giraffe!

  169. Amander

    I really love that chandelier poster – the birdcage is awful cute, too.

  170. Anna M

    I love cake.

    I'll let them eat it all day long!

  171. Ali

    Oh, one of these would look perfect in my new apartment! Fingers crossed. :)

  172. KMB

    Fun! I love so many of them, especially the cake one and the giraffe one for a baby!

  173. Megan

    How adorable! I love the giraffe! :)

  174. Megan

    How adorable! I love the giraffe! :)

  175. Shea

    love them! just moved into a new house and would love new pictures to hang :)

  176. These posters are fabulous! I hope I win!!

  177. Kristel

    So lovely!

  178. Amy

    ah man! these are so pretty! I'd love love love to win. Huzzah!

    amy m.

  179. Katie

    ooooo.. i LOVE the good morning sunshine poster. they have GREAT stuff!

  180. brooke

    those are cuties!

  181. Kara

    loooove the airplane poster!! xo

  182. i am in love. seriously.

  183. r.

    These are beautiful! It's so hard to pick a favorite!

  184. These are lovely! I love the camera!

  185. jamie

    Love them all (especially the "All You Need Is Love" one).!

  186. I am in love with these posters!! they would be so perfect for my when i go back to uni for my dorm room :)
    lovely giveaway!


  187. I actually love the chandelier one, and the camera!! My new dining room is in desperate need of something beautiful on the wall… this would be perfect!!

  188. DARLING!!! so simple, so creative… Love them.

  189. Lauren H

    I love the vintage camera print (I'm a photographer!) – it would be perfect for above my workspace!!

  190. Caroline

    I love them! Te camera print is my favorite.

  191. Karen

    Love the vintage camera print and the tea party print with the lanterns. How charming.

  192. Amber

    All the posters are awesome… What to choose??… I love it.

  193. I'm all about free stuff…especially vintage free stuff!! Let it be mine! :)

  194. Enter meeeee!

  195. Tiff

    That blue plane would be perfect. I just found out we're having a little boy and my husband is going to school to be an air traffic controller and loves planes.

  196. Nicole

    They're all so adorable! I really love the giraffe though. It would be perfect for one of my nieces or nephews!

  197. theyre all so cute. i'd love to have some new decor because my husband and i are closing escrow on our first house this week.

  198. Ruchi

    These posters are too adorable! I love the paper lanterns and the "good morning sunshine" the best. As a law student, art is a source of brightness in a very intense and grey world!

  199. Oh my! I am in love with so many. My hubbie and I just married and that Oh Happy Day poster would be perfect. That sunshine was is so fun too!

  200. Natty


  201. Erin

    I'd love to win one of these for my travel themed bedroom.

  202. Alicia

    Just moved and this would look so great in my house!! Please!!

  203. simply beautiful! love to have a chance. xo.

  204. WESTYLE

    very cool way to decorate. I also use old calendars, but these prints are fabulous.

  205. Shorty

    The photography (camera) poster totally fits my style and hobby and my future photo room that I'm designing. :) Love it!

  206. Leslie

    Oh, I can't choose between the "all you need is love" and the vintage luggage! they are both so lovely!

  207. Loving these prints! My walls are still bare!!

  208. Kimba

    love that giraffe print!

  209. My boyfriend calls me his Sunshine and he is a graphic designer simply MAD about good typeface. I'd love to win the "Good Morning Sunshine" poster!

  210. alison

    ooooo my room now has a big blank wall just dying to be filled!

  211. oh, these are lovely!

  212. Sarah

    So sweet!
    Thank you!! Thank you!!

  213. I would love some of these for my classroom!

  214. Emily


  215. Jennie

    Love these! I've been looking for something just like them:)

  216. so cute! i think the chandelier is my favorite!

  217. Allison

    SO PRECIOUS! Thanks for a great giveaway, eek!

  218. Cute! I love the suitcases!

  219. Hanna

    I love the vintage tea party inspired poster! I would love it for my workspace :) What a great giveaway! Thank you.

  220. I shall need one I do believe!

  221. How dang cute are these!?
    Oh goodness… I don't even know which one I would want… how about all of them!?

  222. Want, Want, Want! I love the simple design and pop of color.

  223. Jami Dru

    These are lovely! oh my I like the pony cameo!

  224. Leah

    I love the bold simplicity! My favorite is the elephant (& the ones that can be customized!)

  225. kylee

    sort of just in love with those.

  226. Oooh… so cute! These would look great hanging in my living room or home office!

  227. I love the "perfect in every way" print. I am designing my little ones nursery and she is of course so perfect! Even when crying! I hope I get picked…I even tweeted about it!

  228. A La Phantom in Butter please :)

  229. Caty

    I am obsessed with prints! Love these.

  230. Katie

    these are so cute! I love the colors and how simple everything is. The Mary Poppins saying has to be my favorite. Such a lovely throwback.

  231. Cool.

  232. Melany

    would love the traveling suitcases in poppyseed!

  233. oh pick me! i just moved into a new casa and i'd love new pics to decorate with!

  234. Lauren

    great giveaway — thank you!

  235. Jillian

    would look great in my apartment

  236. Tara

    These are fun! I'd take the Let them eat cake sign in red!

  237. Lisette

    I love the clean simple lines. Any of them would be perfect in my home.

  238. G

    Those are wonderful. I love the Marie Antoinette print. :)

  239. Jessica

    I love that you can make a poster of a wedding date….I'd love one for myself, or it would make a great wedding present for a friend!

  240. Deanna

    These are beautiful prints! I love the colors :-)

  241. Barb

    Lvoe the bright colors

  242. kwistin

    oh. my goodness. my graphic design 6th sense just got all giddy just looking at those. so. pretty!

  243. Laura

    I love the Tea Party print–and all the beautiful colors to choose from.

  244. Jessica

    so cute!! :)

  245. ck

    ooo! so cute!

  246. Alie

    These are lovely and would spice up any room! Count me in!

  247. jo

    love the simplicity!

  248. Mandy

    I LOVE the chandelier! What a great giveaway.

  249. I love so many of these! "Silly Marie", "Plaid", and "Traveler" are my favorites. Dang, these are great. :)

  250. I love the zebra and the Mary Poppins' quote: "practically perfect in every way!"

  251. beautiful! would love to add these to my home :]

  252. junebug

    Practically perfect in every way. I love it.

  253. adorable! love the "spotted" giraffe one, among others–aka, them all :)

  254. I love this site!

    Would be perfect for my vintage themed 16th on saturday!

  255. rebecca

    i love love the birdcage. just found the perfect gift for my mom for christmas.

  256. rori

    They are so fun and bright! and my apartment could definietly use some help……:)

  257. I feel like the giraffe or airplane would be a perfect addition to my nursery!

  258. carly.

    wow. those are so cute!! so many neat designs to choose from!!

  259. Jennifer

    this would be so awesome in my new NYC apartment! please pick me! :)

  260. the 'let them eat cake' poster is delicious!! (:

  261. Amanda

    Too cute!

    As an avid baker, I would love the let them eat cake poster for my kitchen.

  262. Fabulous giveaway! I love it!

  263. I'm sort of obsessed with that giraffe poster. Maybe I'll start decorating my guest room as a nursery, even though kids aren't coming for about 5 more years. :-)

  264. Kate

    So precious! I've explored the {a} vintage poster site before – because of the link in the side bar. So many charming posters and a chandlier print is much more practical than a crystal one – ha!

  265. Amber

    Love these!

    Amber R.


  266. There posters are great and they have a huge selection!!!

  267. today's letters would proudly rock "say cheese" in our fort. just sayin. xoxo

  268. today's letters would proudly rock "say cheese" in our fort. just sayin. xoxo

  269. DaNeil

    Love love these. How simple and fun. I am smitten with the camera!

  270. Alicia

    i love big city and the tea party. they would both look perfect in my bedroom.

  271. Heather

    I can't get over these posters. Too cute. I can only imagine how darling they would look in my nursery for baby boy coming in January! I SO hope I win!

  272. -Kait-

    my friend Sara is the creator of this and she does adorable work.
    I would LOVE to get one for my apartment!
    also check out her custom wedding invites!

  273. How wonderful! This will definitely spice up my brand new apartment.

  274. Mina

    i love those! great way to brighten your day!

  275. Nancy

    Well now those are just adorable. As the one poster says "Practically perfect in every way.":)

  276. let them eat cake!!!

  277. Jalene

    our apartment desperately needs decorating! pick us!

  278. jysika

    I just moved and I have early mornings so I definitely want/need the 'Here Comes the Sun' one. Maybe I'll start enjoying my early classes more? Ha.

  279. CAITLIN

    pick me and i'll pick "say cheese!" :)

  280. Sierra

    I stinkin LOVE the Traveler, it is SO. CUTE. I would love to have it in the dark blue color!

  281. LOVING the Mary Poppins poster! Hub and I have a secret dream to play Mary and Bert at Disneyland someday :)

  282. Oh I would love the Good Morning Sunshine! Love these posters!

  283. Jen

    Love the Tea Party one and the Mary Poppins one!!

  284. Michelle

    I adore these! I hope I win! I never win anything so I never enter giveaways, but I have a feeling about this one!
    ps. Kingsley is ahdorable!

  285. I am IN LOVE with the 'Good Morning Sunshine' poster!

  286. mandy

    I love these! It would make a great gift for my friend who is about to have a baby!

  287. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I cannot say it enough. I have to perfect spot for one of these in my bedroom!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

  288. Michelle

    cute! I've been looking into getting some posters and framing them for my way too bare walls.

  289. i love love LOVE these! any of these would be amazing in my new apartment!

  290. i love the elephant and "all you need is love" and the birdcage! darling! ‚ô•

  291. These would be perfect in my little boy's room

  292. Alex

    Oh my gosh, can I have one of each?! I'm about to move into a new apartment, so this would spruce things up a bit!!

  293. Mary

    those prints would look so good in my office! :)

  294. SO cute! Love their stuff! :)

  295. Brinn

    so cute! love the good morning sunshine and the airplane print would be perfect for my son! Thanks for the intro to such a great shop!

  296. Those are sooo fun! I hope I win!

  297. ashlee

    Hooray for Mary Poppins quotes!

  298. I love the Good Morning Sunshine one! How cute! I love how you can pick the colors too!

  299. I love the Good Morning Sunshine one! How cute! I love how you can pick the colors too!

  300. These are so cute, I love them!

  301. Vanessa

    soooooooooooo cute!! I want them all :)

  302. Ooh! I'm thinking I need the "Let Them Eat Cake" poster for my kitchen! Too cute!

  303. Tae

    i love that giraffe poster!

  304. so subtle – so sweet – lOvE!

  305. Love Love Love these prints!

  306. Bri

    these are too cute! especially the giraffe one!

  307. Stef

    Oh vintage posters are great, just what I need for the new condo I'm (hopefully) getting in Logan Circle :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  308. Sara

    A poster like that adds a punch of color, but in such a simple and clean way. Love it.

  309. Karin

    Such cute posters! If I win, it will be hard to choose just one…but I do really like the paper lanterns poster. :)

  310. haylee

    So fun! I love the brown camera one!

  311. Amanda

    love the clean and cheerful lines and patterns! these would be a lovely addition to any room :)

  312. Ryan

    Oh I love those! My favorite might be the lanterns.

  313. I adore their tea party poster!! The camera(say cheese) one is great too :)

  314. those are so fun! I have been looking for something like this to spice up the apartment!
    pick me! :)

  315. So simple and so amazing. I am in love with these!

  316. Jen

    LOVE these prints!
    Thanks for doing this give-away!

  317. I really love the "All you need is love" poster! So great.

  318. Samantha

    the giraffe is adorable!
    fingers crossed!

  319. We're just about to move and our new house could use some fun art!

  320. D*mac

    Oh, I'm liking the side profiles (I'm sure there is a fancier name for that…) Cute prints.

  321. those posters are adorable! so much cuteness to choose from! awesome giveaway

  322. kendra

    i waaaaant them

  323. These are awesome!

  324. mickelle

    i need this!! love it

  325. So adorable! I love them all!

  326. caroline

    Let Them Eat Cake, I want it! I like the chandelier too.

  327. I love 'love love love', 'silly marie', 'say cheese', and 'spotted'! oh how to choose!

  328. pick me please. it must be my turn sometime soon, yes?

  329. Leslie

    I never win stuff, but I figure I'll try for this one. Love your blog!

  330. Maren

    I am in the process of redecorating our tiny apartment and one of these would be PERFECT!

  331. Kat

    Too cute!

  332. Beth

    So many cute one's to chooses from! The plaid elephant is calling out to me though. :)

  333. Ku'ulei

    i love the great escape print! so cute

  334. Kelsi

    oh my! i LOVE these. time to go poster shopping!

  335. jenn

    LOVE these posters

  336. Oh, color! :) I love them.

  337. Let them EAT cake?! I ADORE that one. So cute.

  338. ellen

    I bake and take photos so I love the camera and LET THEM EAT CAKE!

  339. Let them EAT cake?! I ADORE that one. So cute.

  340. Let them EAT cake?! I ADORE that one. So cute.

  341. jaime

    too cute! would love one!

  342. Hannah

    They are so super cute. I love the giraffe!

  343. N

    So cute! I love them.

  344. oo i love these!

  345. jill

    wow, the orange elephant and yellow giraffe would be a perfect fit for my little guy's room!

  346. they would make a great addition to a nursery!


  347. Bea

    I would love to join this giveaway :)

    Bea from A plus B

  348. Those are adorable! As a lover of everything vintage these would be so cute in my kids rooms!

  349. such cool prints…would love to win one of these :)

  350. OOO, I love these posters. I saw the grey "all you need is love" poster in a friend's baby room and thought it was PERFECT!

  351. Oh this is easy! I would get "Love, love, love" in the tomato color. And then I would hang it in my kitchen!

  352. These posters are adorable!

  353. Lisa

    i looooove these!

  354. Shelly

    What great little prints! Me and my hunny just moved and can't be prouder of our new place. These would add a touch of oooh! to the place. :)

  355. I love these, adorable!

  356. Kelsey

    Great giveaway – these are funky great pieces!

  357. the orange plaid elephant is awesome!

  358. Kristina

    one of those adorable posters would be perfect for that empty frame in my living room!

  359. Leanna

    it's hard to pick a favorite! But i definitely love the colors in "Tea Party"

  360. Love the 'let them eat cake' poster! The perfect way to justify my propensity to eat copious amounts of sweet goods!

  361. lauren

    Wow, love these! My favorites are the birdcage, chandelier, and the bridge.

  362. Dayna

    I want one. Baaaaaad. Crossing my fingers!

  363. Kimber

    These are so adorable!

  364. Emily

    so many great options!
    i think i like the suitcases and the bird cage the best!

  365. Anything with the word vintage in it is always perfect…hence why these are…hence why I need them!

  366. meechelw


  367. oh my, the tea party one is too cute! it would be darling in my new apartment… :) love this giveaway!

  368. These are beautiful!! I love the bright colors!

  369. Bethanie

    I just love these posters! and I have the perfect spot for one if I win! fingers crossed :)

  370. ahlin

    um yes please! i heart posters. and vintage. and rockstars.

  371. This posters are super cute! The choices are endless!!

  372. Love these! They would look so adorable in my new apartment.

  373. I love the "Good Morning Sunshine" in butter, so cute! These are great!!!

  374. I'd love one for my boys room!

  375. aaahhhh! My best gal pal and I are about to rent a cute, tiny house together, and one of these would be splendidly perfect with all our hodge-podge, gathered-from-attics deco.

  376. Beautiful, so in love!! They would look perfect in my new apt!

  377. Alyssa

    These are so cute! Pick me please. I'd love to hang one up in my house!

  378. These are great! A perfect way to add personality and spunk to a room.

  379. I love these posters! My favorite is the one that says "All you need is love." I would totally get that in pink. Also, love your blog:)

  380. These are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  381. Rai

    i love the look of the framed chandelier one! adorable.

  382. i know a lonely wall who would love one of these posters as a companion.

  383. Courtney

    I would LOVE that elephant print for my little girl's room! THose are so fun

  384. Erica

    Holy Cute! These are so perfect!

  385. great giveaway. thanks for the opportunity!

  386. Rosa

    love the bright, bold colors! and the oh happy day one is my absolute fave.

  387. Kim

    good morning sunshine – love it!

  388. Jessica

    I love love love the tealights.. very cute <3

  389. I think chandelier and tea party are my favorites. So lovely!

  390. Wow, they are all so cute. I really like the vintage suitcases and the print with the wedding date. How cute!

  391. Awmber

    oh wow! this is so cute! i love the luggage print!

  392. I would love this for my room!! pick me!!

  393. I love the unexpected color combo. Would love one of these!!

  394. Emily

    I. LOVE. THESE. any of them would be perfect for my dorm room! thanks for this giveaway!

    xoxo, emily from NJ

  395. MJ

    Ok. Seriously. "All you need is love" It would be perfect. First of all, I LOVE the Beatles. I can't even explain how much I do. And secondly, I am getting married next year and it would be perfect for our first home!

  396. KillerB

    I love the Mary Poppins poster! SO CUTE.

  397. Mandydc

    So cute. I love them all. I hope you pick me :)

  398. so cute! the vintage camera is adorable. would totally have that in my office!

  399. Dian

    Super cute! Thanks for the giveaway. This will be perfect for my room.

  400. Dawnica

    i love the giraffe! and let them eat cake

  401. Kelsey

    I just love these! They remind me of some simple, lovely paintings my Grams had hanging in her home. I would so appreciate one!

  402. bell

    Let Them Eat Cake
    LOVE IT!

  403. Mauri

    LOVE THESE! I'm redoing my room with a vintage feel and one of these would go perfect on my wall of stuff alongside my frames.

  404. Caitlyn

    LOVE the Tea Party and Airplane posters. What a great way to brighten up any room!

  405. Victoria

    Oooo. Love them all. Great give away.

  406. So bright and cheery. Love them

  407. Kelsey

    the "Oh Happy Day!" one is cute!

  408. 500 days

    Simply lovely!

  409. oooh! I would love the Say Cheese! or Traveler posters, perfect over my desk.

  410. Monika

    I love these!!! And I have this leetle empty space on my wall that is simply perfecto for one of these loverly posters!

  411. Carly

    mememe! please pick me! I love every single print and they would look perfect in my living room!

  412. love these!

  413. love these!

  414. autumn

    How perfect!

  415. I've been looking for a fun picture for my kitchen! :) please oh please oh please!

  416. Tanya M

    I would love The Traveler in almond. By the way, I remember you posting about your sofa from craigslist. I would love if you did a little tour of YOUR home! :)

  417. Emily

    I just moved and am decorating my new room and these posters would be perfect!!!

  418. The camera print is great! They're all so simple and cute.

  419. Lisa

    Cute! I love the little giraffe.

  420. Julia

    gorgeous!!! i love that giraffe…

  421. carmen

    These are great, they would look awesome in my new room!

  422. i had a chandelier sticker above my bed. it was cute but it fell off 2 days later. I think this would probably look a little better :)

  423. These are too cute! Loving the "Good morning SUNSHINE" one!

  424. Hilary

    Lovely Lovely Lovely

  425. Lily

    those are so amazing!!

  426. Julia

    So fun! I love the chandelier.

  427. amylou

    I love the All you need is Love poster!

  428. Kaylea

    love those posters! super cute way to spice up a room!

  429. Lindsey

    I love that even if I can't afford a crystal chandelier, I can atleast buy a lovely (and requiring less dusting) print of one.

  430. They are all SO cute! The Love, Love, Love poster is adorable!!

  431. Rachel

    In South Florida there are days where it's too hot to let your hair down. So I, of course, love the pony tail poster! They are all so cute

  432. Pick Me! Pick Me! My boyfriend is moving into a new place and I need to decorate it a bit!!!

  433. Ruth

    ooh, me please. the phantom of the opera chandelier poster would be a perfect addition to my tiny new nyc apartment!

  434. Fun. I love them!

  435. Kelly

    fun giveaway!

  436. Kale

    Oh the chandelier one would look so cute in my little girls room!

  437. Julia

    I have no decorations in my new apartment. This would be perfect!

  438. in love with these posters!

  439. Libby

    i love the first picture with the red chandalier!

  440. love the birdcage print and the chinese paper lanterns : )

  441. ashley

    how cute are those giraffes??? i want a bazillion, can i start with a free one?

  442. CEH

    Love these!

  443. yes! the wall behind me would compliment any of those perfectly =)

  444. Gabby

    Love love love all of these!

  445. i love them all!

  446. Nicole*

    practically perfect in every way??!! thats awesome! i just saw mary poppins with my mom a couple weekends ago and I've been humming the songs ever since :) i would pick that one!

  447. i love the let them eat cake one in chocolate!

  448. These are TOO cute! I hope I win :)

  449. "Let them eat cake!" would look amazing with my cupcake print collection in my kitchen but they're all so cute that it is a tough decision.

  450. LOVE it :)

  451. Larissa

    adorable! put me in the running!

  452. Holley

    i love prints! i have just the place!

  453. there's nothing more that i love than a giraffe poster!

  454. Katie

    Those are adorable! This is EXACTLY what I've been searching for to go in my room!

  455. Shauna

    yes! i love things to put on my walls and vintage makes it even better!!! yay!!

  456. Sara

    Love all of these! Want, want, WANT!

  457. I love these because they add the perfect pop of color to any room!

  458. Jayme

    I love the "practically perfect in every way" poster! Mary Poppins is my idol:)

  459. Jayme

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  460. Danielle

    LOVE! pick me pick me pick me. (you think that helps?)

  461. Cami

    These would be great for my completely lacking walls in my apartment!

  462. -Maria-


  463. Layla

    I am a sucker for vintage suitcases so I am in love with the traveler. They have super cute stuff! Love it all.

  464. JulieD

    Oh man, I want that giraffe print! I'm slowly acquiring giraffe decorations for a future baby's room :)

  465. Angeline

    i would love one!!
    i just moved into my freshman college dorm and any of these would be perfect for making me feel at home :)

  466. fun! one of these would be perfect for my sad, bare apartment walls!

  467. maryp

    oh how wonderful!

    Practically Perfect in Every Way is the one I would choose… my mom used to tell me that all the time when I was growing up and now that I've moved away from home it would be such a great reminder of her.

    thank you for the chance!

  468. Al

    such simple, beautiful pieces of work. I would love the mary poppins one – it was my favorite movie as a little girl. this poster would be perfect in my dorm room! I hope I win!!!!

  469. Natalie

    Love this!

  470. Ali

    Mmmm I really want one! We're just moving into a new house and we're looking for fun prints like this to decorate our bare walls!

  471. ErChap

    I love the Traveler! It's perfect for me:)

  472. So simple but cute!
    Pick mee!

  473. these are so fabulous! :)

  474. tiffany.

    WOW!!! this is gonna be hard to choose!! so cute :))


  475. Wow, these are so wonderful!

  476. love the "let them eat cake" poster. it would go great in my new kitchen. love your blog!

  477. De-light-ful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  478. {b}

    Ooo goody! every single one of these fabulous prints would go in my little one's nursery! I hope I win!!


    Oh! I love these.

  480. would be so perfect in my jewelry creating area…love :)

  481. Nicole


  482. simple yet attractive! two thumbs up at our haus for "all you need is love". fingers after those two thumbs crossed for a win!

  483. Jackie

    Love the camera one! So sweet! I hope I win!

  484. Hilary

    These are so great! Hoping I win! If not, I'm buyin!

  485. These would be so fantastic in a little nursery.

  486. Jamie

    What lovely posters

  487. Hope

    I love the "good morning sunshine" and "tea party" ones. They are adorable.

  488. pick ME, PICK me! i love these pposters, too great!

  489. This comment has been removed by the author.

  490. Emily

    So fun! :)

  491. I love these! They would be perfect in my new apartment!!

  492. So Cute hope to win!

  493. Kate

    As always you have the most delicious giveaways! So cute!

  494. Meryn

    Love the good morning sunshine poster!!

  495. Jessenia

    I love the open cage poster :)

  496. Tiffany

    Love, love, love! Too cute!

  497. Izzy

    Love these! So cute :)

  498. Sara

    I know the perfect spot… ;)

  499. Lindsay

    Ohhh these are way too precious! I am in love with the Let Them Eat Cake poster!

  500. Sandy

    so cute! would love the giraffe poster.

  501. Mary Cee

    I love these!

  502. Britty

    Amazing! I would love the Let Them Eat cake one! I'd put it up in my kitchen!

  503. let them eat cake or the aqua zebra are amazing! I would love to add this to my cramped dorm room!

  504. irene

    Sooo awesome! They would look lovely in my new apartment. :)

  505. Suzanne

    I have a camera just like the "Say Cheese" poster! I love it, and what a great giveaway!

  506. Annalise

    Let them eat cake. choose me!

  507. Kara

    what a cool way to add a small touch of personality to a room! Love these!!

  508. Michele

    I like the Oh Happy Day! poster!

  509. Kelli

    Oh, I love. I am expecting too, at the beginning of March and I think one of these posters would be perfecto for the lil' babe's room.

  510. ohhh i love these. i most certainly loove the suitcases, as i am a little travel bug. yay!!

  511. Claire

    Very cute!

  512. These are wonderful. :)

  513. *Meliss

    I want this soooooooooooooo bad! ah!

  514. Kristine

    Loving the chandelier print!

  515. Lauren

    so fun! my sister is due at almost the very exact time as you (it's her first, too!), and i know she'd love to have one of these posters hanging over the bambino's crib. they're super cute.

  516. Hannah

    SO adorable!!! My favorite is the traveller… in raspberry maybe? but they're all so cheery!

  517. Jessica

    Just visited their site, so cute! I love all the color options.

  518. Molly

    ooooh i love the lanterns! these are so great!

  519. Pakou

    The suitcase poster will match my living room decor perfectly!

  520. Brooke

    These are super cute and would be perfect in my lonely little college apartment!

  521. wow, 550 over entries! that's some tough odds but i am going to try anyway. i love the dainty paper lanterns print, it would amazing framed on my bureau. good luck to everyone!

  522. Lauren

    looove these.

  523. Rachel

    I have been coveting these very posters for a couple of months now!!! Help a broke girl out :)

  524. jade

    simple and just bold enough! love them!!

  525. Love, love, love the chandelier print!

  526. I love the "good morning sun shine"!

  527. Kerry

    i love the simplicity of these! i'd love to have one of these on my walls.

  528. S

    Oh! Trying to spruce up the Brooklyn apartment before almost-here-baby-girl arrives around Thanksgiving. A bright, bold poster would be a great start!

  529. Oh, I love these! They're so bold and chic.

  530. hello hello!
    i have the perfect place in my dorm room for this!

  531. Sarah

    I'm in desperate need of a pop of color and these lovelies would do the trick!

  532. ooh! cute stuff.. and cheap enough to buy a few! love all the designs.. the orange gingham elephant is my favorite. great giveaway!


  533. love it. all of them actually!

  534. Dilyn

    i just moved into a new place and have NOTHING on my walls yet! these would be perfect!

  535. Kenny

    um. absolutely majestic. please choose me. i could really use one to spruce up my fluorescent-lit, windowless college apartment room. i can be reached at:

  536. these are great! i'd love to win :)

  537. these are great! i'd love to win :)

  538. oh, i love these!

    maybe you should pick me.

    yep, good idea.

  539. Jennifer

    I love the "Mary Poppins" poster in Pistachio. Actually, I like all the colors :D One in every color please!

  540. love these! thanks for the chance to win! :)


  541. Jenny

    love the posters. the hard part would be choosing which one to get!

  542. Lee

    All of them would look so cute in my dorm room!! the camera in blueberry would go perfect with my room! eeks!

  543. j0wwww

    I LOVE 'EM!!!! =D especially the elephant and giraffe one

  544. ooh, me! me! :)


  545. Kayleigh

    ooh la la! glamorous!

  546. laur

    these are amazing!!!

  547. Sofie

    Simple and beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  548. Emma

    oh goodness i want one so badly!

  549. Rachel

    love love love

  550. What a great giveaway! I am a big fan of "the traveler" poster. keeping my fingers crossed!

  551. Laraine

    Oh my goodness, what a great store! The A La Phantom chandelier poster would fancy up any college apartment quite nicely. :D

  552. Loving "Here Comes the Sun", "Love, Love, Love", and "Tea Party". Sooooo cute!

  553. Sita

    I'm working on my babyroom currently, it would look perfect in it!!

  554. AmyLee

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  555. anna

    my new apartment could use some sprucing…. love this!

  556. tanya904

    My fave is the "All You Need Is Love" poster
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  557. Erin

    Love them! So bright and happy!

  558. Juultje

    Love prints!!! They are all to cute. Eat cake of the expression of May Poppins to start a perfect day…

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  559. I LOVE the chandelier one in lime.

  560. Yes poster please!

  561. I love these – just as much as I love cake!

  562. These are so inspiring. Perfect for my bland and boring cube!

  563. Jamie

    super cool :) love these!!

  564. Elaine

    Hoping to win this one <3

  565. These posters are so fabulous! I think the "all you need is love" poster would look great in my son's nursery!

  566. rebecca

    they are all really cute!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  567. allison

    ooh love the chandelier – and perfect colors for my room already! :)

  568. These are so cute and simple. So cute for my baby boy's room!

  569. Love "Oh Happy Day." <3

  570. Those are so awesome!!!

  571. Ariel

    SO cute! Love the Mary Poppins one!

  572. what a cute little shop!! love all the posters :)

  573. Brooke

    love the bridge! I think I'll need a custom poster made for me though… a helicopter!

  574. adorable. count me in!!!!

  575. keli *

    aw, so fun + simple. I love them.

  576. Meredith

    I love the ponytail & latern prints!

  577. Carly

    oh my goodness, color for my ugly, white dorm room walls!! loving the 'tea party' design and 'here comes the sun' (something we don't get to see enough here in Washington state). thanks naomi! :)

  578. Alyssa

    I love the tea party one in poppyseed!

  579. Jules

    I'm already thinking of Christmas gifts, is that crazy?!

  580. These are awesome – and I love that you can choose your colors!

  581. C&L

    way so cute! i need. i neeeed.

  582. oh my goodness those would go SO cute in a nursery

  583. Sarah

    So cute! I would love one to brighten up my dreary walls!

  584. I love these posters! One would look great above my dresser!

  585. Michal

    I love the birdcage one! And the plane or giraffe would be a good fit for a nursery…? :)

  586. Nicky

    Love it!! It would be awesome to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  587. lrs

    how adorable! please pick me, ma'am.


  588. pick me! pick me! c:

    i LOVE the giraffe and the elephant posters! they would look adorable in our brand new nursery!

  589. Ah! So cute! One of those would really make my dorm more adorable!

  590. erinshea

    these are adorable! how cute :) i need more decoration for my room, and this would be perfect!

  591. kylie

    i absolutely adore these posters! love, love, love.
    what a cute addition it would be to my apartment…i might buy one anyway! :)

  592. j

    The prints are adorable. I especially love the TLR print and the paper lanterns print.

  593. Kate

    640 comments! wow!

    I love the Tea Party poster!

  594. Jane

    Divine. Love them!

  595. Rachel

    these are fantastic! i'm so excited!

  596. I want to get a set of these — one of the skyscraper ones, for my husband's love of architecture and one of the camera ones, for my love of photography. If only I didn't just buy new shoes, I would snatch these up right this minute. As it is, I'll just cross my fingers and hope for my lucky number to be called!

    xo Kristin

  597. Alex

    adorable!! :)

  598. I LOVE!!!! How exciting if I was to win : ).


  599. jesska

    Oooh, my favourite is the Big City in Tomato red! Would love a little New York reminder in my room…

  600. Melody

    I love the posters, and it's great to have color options. I like the creative minds one, but I wish they had a music-themed one for my music classroom. :)

  601. Alex A-G

    Love all of these! Would love to win one :)

  602. i want the all you need is love one!

  603. d

    love the posters! excited for you about rock star baby.

  604. christy

    ALL so very cute!!

  605. joolee

    adorable posters! i adore the customized "new arrival" one, which i'd LOVE to have for baby Cora, OUR newest arrival! in fact, i'd love one for all 3 of my kiddos…

  606. Marni

    That chandelier print would go so perfectly in my new room. I have been decorating largely in black and white but that would be the perfect touch for a pop of color.

  607. love love love the vintage posters!!!!

  608. Jennifer

    L-O-V-E! Such a simple POP!

  609. Stacey

    I would LURVE the "let them eat cake" print for my daughter's room :o )

  610. Sarah

    OH how I would love to win!!

  611. these are simply adorable.

  612. Eva Rose

    what a perfect way to cheer up any room! I'll take one of each, please. :)

  613. Jill

    Ohh! I like the chandelier print AND the giraffe. Super cute!

  614. Kylie

    Lovely! I could use any of those posters!

  615. lisa

    I could give you reasons like everyone else, but really I would just really like one. Really.

  616. These are too cute, so bright and endearing. I'm especially in love with the giraffe. Great giveaway :)

  617. Kayla

    so cute! i LOVE the beatles one. and it's such a good quote for any day, any time. gives me a good idea for some art projects…

  618. I think it'd be super fun to wake up to a cute poster telling me "Good Morning Sunshine"! I think I have the perfect spot to hang it too!

  619. Kessa

    Love the simplicity of the design, would really love one to inspire me do my work in my studio/work space :)

  620. lindsay

    moving to a new apartment in NY this week and my walls will be so empty… unless there is an awesome picture!!!!! they're great!

  621. Sylvia

    super cute!

  622. ohhh pick me, pick me!! my walls are ever so bare and need some love, thank ya much (:

  623. Sally

    oh I do just love their posters! I would absolutely love to win one!

    thanks for all your lovely giveaways!

  624. Jaclyn

    I love the bright colors! I think my little obsession with Marie Antoinette is amking me love the "let them eat cake" poster the best

  625. love the camera poster and the suitcase poster!

  626. connie

    a la phantom in pumpkin. mmmm yum.

  627. la MER

    Love these! would love to win this time!

  628. Ragnhild

    Love these!

  629. I need some spice for my home… let's make it vintage spice! Love these!

  630. incredibly adorable:) i would truly enjoy one!

  631. Kerry

    these are lovely! if i don't win, i'll be buying one for sure! love love love

  632. Jessica

    These are great! The "let them eat cake" poster belongs in my kitchen!

  633. ells

    wow, LOVE these!! would definitely suit my room, especially the cake one!

  634. Rachel

    These posters are simple & so sweet!

  635. Mauri

    Oh my goodness, I love these posters, and have shared a link to the company's website with everyone I know. Now that's true love. :)

  636. Katy

    LOVE these.

  637. Stacey

    One (or a few) of these posters would certainly liven up a wall in my home.

  638. Stacey

    One (or a few) of these posters would certainly liven up a wall in my home.

  639. Hooray for cute vintage decorations!

  640. Rachel

    love these!

  641. shannon

    ooh, so funky…my fave! pick me please!

  642. Kari

    I ((love)) the "oh happy day" print. Please, oh please, pick me! I've had an awful week, and this would definitely make me feel like a rock star! ;)

  643. My fiance and I just rented our first apartment! The 'let them eat cake' poster would look amazing in our new kitchen.

  644. Sarah

    I love these posters! I keep thinking about the marriage date one and how darling that would be next to all my wedding pictures. I love this site!

  645. emily

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  646. leahrae

    i need to decorate my apartment walls!
    pick me me me!


  647. Heidi

    I love them all. My favorite is either the "Creative minds are rarely tidy" (a point I'll have to make with my roommate) or any of the images. I really like the chandelier and the the animals :)

  648. Pick Me! Pick Me! Please. :)
    Have you seen the mini giraffe commercial? I'm obsessed with giraffes right now because of it so I would definitely choose the giraffe poster.

  649. paw paw

    super cute!

  650. I haven't read your blog in a while–CONGRATULATIONS on being pregnant! You look absolutely stunning! Good luck!

  651. Ericka

    Too cute! I think if I win it won't stop me from wanting to buy even more :)

  652. Ashley

    How Cute! I love them!

  653. LOVE THIS. that vintage camera print is just fab, and also the cameo. so cute!

  654. c+j


  655. perfectly simple. I love them.. :)

    Hannah Emily

  656. I love these!! There so cute and simple. :)

  657. beeta.b

    ahhhhhh i just moved into my apt and since it was long distance i couldnt bring anything and now all my walls are bare

    i loveeee these prints!!!!! eeeeee

  658. I love The Great Escape! It reminds me of my life right now. I just left a job and an apartment and feel like a bird out of a cage! here's to new beginnings :-)

    <3 Susan

  659. Shannon

    I JUST hung an amazing antique birdcage in my bedroom so I am loving The Great Escape poster! Crossing my fingers :)

  660. i know it's today. but maybe i can still win! :)

  661. i know it's today. but maybe i can still win! :)

  662. thanks for always hosting such excellent giveaways – I love this shop and appreciate you giving us the head's up about it!

  663. umama

    I am loving that giraffe!

  664. Lulu

    i just found your blog and have spent like hours stalking it…
    your little family is so cute(:
    i would love to win this give-away!

  665. Maggie

    perfect way to add a little something to a room =)

  666. madison

    oh oh oh i want one! i'd love the giraffe! sooooooo funky