1. Janssen

    I am SO happy for you guys! I just had my first baby a few weeks ago and it really is as wonderful as everyone tells you. Congratulations!

  2. Mandy

    oh my goodness!!!

  3. kate

    the best kind of news. congrats!

  4. katie w

    congratulations! and such a cute way to share the news :)

  5. jill

    OH! EM! GEE! i am THRILLED for you! how exciting! yay!

  6. Allison

    OH MY GOODNESS!! THIS IS SO EXCITING, and I am SO happy for you!!

  7. Congratulations! Such a cute little bump!

  8. Julie

    How fantastic!! I love the way you let us all know!

    Three cheers to a family of three!!

  9. hooray! this is such happy news! congratulations :)

  10. Diana

    oh my wow! sooo incredible! what an amazing experience for you three.

  11. ahhh Congratulations! you are going to be such a cute mom!

  12. How fantastic!!!! Congrats! Guaranteeing to the be the hippest bubs in centuries!

  13. Congratulations! This is going to be great for you guys.

  14. Oh my gosh, congrats!!! You're going to be the sweetest, cutest family ever!

  15. Tara

    CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! x

  16. Gidget

    Congratulations on your future little rockstar!

  17. abby

    oh. my. goodness!!! congrats you guys! {considering that i don't even know you, i almost embarrassingly excited for you.}

  18. Sara

    So exciting!!! Congrats!

  19. A millions Congrats to you BOTH!!! wowowowow. WOW!!! this made me smile so much.

  20. Shalay

    That is so wonderful!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited to watch your progress!!! PLEASE post your progress!! :) You are going to have the cutest baby!!

  21. -L-

    How wonderful!

  22. JIN


  23. Lana Lou

    Congratulations on your little rockstar! :) How exciting!

  24. a lot of your posts seemed to be eluding to difficulties with pregnancy or being pregnant so im glad its here adn you are safe to announce! you are so adorable and I wish you health and happiness through your first pregnancy!

  25. Sam

    How exciting! Congrats to both of you! :)

  26. Soooo SUPER happy for you both!!! congratulations on your newest addition and keep us updated!


  28. Alivia

    AHHHHH! Lovelovelove the moving pictures; so happy for you two (really three, with Mr. Kingsley), and the rest of your family! Yayy!!!

  29. sheena


  30. Alexia

    !!!! how many weeks are you?!?! so exciting!

  31. of course you're an adorable pregnant lady. congratz!

  32. jaycelle

    Oh em gee!!! I'm teary-eyed, seriously! Really excited and happy for you both. Congratulations!!!

    One of my absolute favorite couple is going to have their first baby. Really really happy and excited. Go!


  33. that's awesome! congratulations!!

  34. oh my goodness! i am so beyond thrilled for you and husband (and kingsley, too). such beautiful blessing. haha, i totally second ^abby, i don't even know you… but i've been reading your blog for so long that i can't help but be over-the-moon excited for you! congratulations, and i wish you all the blessings and love in the world. your little rockstar is going to be the cutest!

  35. Congrats! You guys deserve it!

  36. Carly


  37. Ericka

    Congrats, you guys!

  38. Lindsey


  39. yessss. good going, guys! good luck with all of it!

  40. congratulations so happy for you guys!

  41. Becky

    Congratulations!!! You are going to be the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  42. haha i have never had such a visceral reaction to a blog post! haha i nearly cried. congrats :D !

  43. Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! I am so thrilled. You two will be the most incredible parents!

    xoxo Hannah

  44. how amazing!! congrats!!! I can't wait to see all the ways in which your beautiful perspective on life and love grows with this gift!! :)

  45. Stevie

    congratulations!!! i can't believe kingsley will be a big brother soon (and that you'll be a beautiful mommy!)

  46. N. Puga

    i don't even know you, and i squealed with joy.
    do you see what your blog does to me?

  47. Meliss

    Oh my goodness congratulations! I'm in my last month- its been so fun! Hope you're feeling well!!

  48. OMG!!!!!!!

  49. NAB

    Congrats to you both! (+ that is the cutest pic announcement :)

  50. N. Puga

    i don't even know you, and i squealed with joy.
    do you see what your blog does to me?

  51. OH MY GOD!!! naomi!!! hahahah this is insane! i clicked on it thinking baby but was like nooo no dont get your hopes up. gahh! that is so insanely lovely!! aw and its awesome that so many people adore you and cant wait to follow your story! so happy for you love, will definitely keep you guys in our prayers!!!!!!

  52. greatest news ever and this picture thing is so cool!

  53. Sydney

    I am so excited for y'all!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  54. Raquel

    I didn't think you could get any cuter. Congrats to you both!

  55. Jessie

    yayayayayayay! congratulations!

  56. Adele

    congrats!!!! (: xo

  57. JenRem

    Oh my gosh – CONGRATULATIONS! You two are going to be the greatest parents in all the land :)

  58. Amanda

    Yay x ten thousand! You will be the best and cutest parents!

  59. Janaan

    I'll tell you what our 96 year old neighbor told us when we had our first baby – Children make a person rich. And it's really true! Congratulations!

  60. Shelley

    yay!!! congrats! you are going to be the cutest pregnant person ever.

  61. Anna

    Oh my goodness!!!!! What a beautiful new chapter to begin in your family!!!


  62. dandee

    Ahhh! This is so happy! Many congratulations to you both!

  63. .micki.

    Oh my gosh!! So exciting!! Kingsley is going to be the best slobbery big brother ever!! Congrats!! :)

  64. katie

    congrats! you guys will have such cute kids:)

  65. YAY! I am so thrilled for you! You are going to be amazing parents! Congratulations!

  66. Amy Doll

    That is wonderful!!!

  67. Ahhhh, Oh my gosh! Congratulations!

    I totally agree with Shelley (comment above) that you will be the cutest pregnant person ever :)

  68. Omg, I am so happy for you guys..
    You gonna become amazing parents :)
    Is it a boy or a girl?

  69. k


    congratulations on your little family!!!

  70. Colleen

    OMG OMG OMG! That is so exciting!!!! You look great, hope you feel well as it continues.

  71. ahhh!!! yay!!!! much love and health to you and your new family!!!! <3

  72. meg.

    i definitely just mass-texted my friends to tell them the news. you are our inspiration.

    your spawn will be adorable.

  73. CONGRATS! Your baby is going to be the most beautiful thing.. I am so happy for you and your hubby! :)

    I can't wait to see all the great baby ideas you will share with us!

    –love, Shelby

  74. Jolie


  75. Victoria

    Congratulations! I can not tell you how happy I am for the both of you!


    Oh what lovely, happy, exciting news! I am so happy for you. You are (will be) the most wonderful, beautiful family. Many, many congratulations, lovely Naomi and Josh! xoxo

  77. that's awesome! congratulations!!!

  78. Allison

    Eeeeeek, SO EXCITING! Congrats to the newest and cutest family around :)

  79. Sydney

    I KNEW IT! I knew it! I knew it! Congrats you guys!! I'm so thrilled for you!

  80. Karen

    OMG Congrats!!!

  81. Maddison

    This is the happiest news I have had in ages! Yay yay yay =) Massive Congratulations!! xx

  82. Brianne

    Awwwww! Congratulations! That is such happy news :)

  83. Lisa


  84. amanda

    oh my gosh! that's such exciting news! yayyy! i love the way you did the little animated picture. super cute.

  85. Aly

    That is so exciting! I love the way you told us!! Congrats!

  86. Congratulations!! When are you due?? Can't wait to hear all about baby!

  87. Holy Moly! Congrats!! That's the biggest happiest news ever!

    love love
    Talia Christine

  88. Rachel

    Congratulatons from Australia!!
    well maybe not the whole of Australia but from me in Australia!!!

    Wishing you all the best for this wonderful new phase for your family ahead, and hoping for lots of cute baby related posts.
    You guys are so sweet, and I love reading your blogs! God Bless you.

  89. Mia

    Such exciting news! Congratulations :)

  90. jenn

    Ahhhh!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  91. Congratulations! That's fantastic news.

  92. Legs

    Congratulations!! This is the most magical news!!! :D

  93. j0wwww


  94. j0wwww


  95. TEA

    Wonderful way to break the news! Congratulations!!! Best wishes for a great pregnancy!

  96. erin

    congratulations to both of you! sending along oodles of good thoughts!

  97. Katie

    oh my goodness this is so exciting!!! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and can't wait to see/read about your new addition!

  98. so awesome for you! a big happy congratulations! (cute bump, mamacita!)

  99. CONGRATS TAZAAA!!! soooo happy for you guys. you will make the best parents and have so much love to give!

  100. Camille

    congrats!!!!!!!!!!! that is fantastic!

  101. Congratulations Naomi!! I am so excited for you guys! Being a mom is the best and you will be great at it! PS. You look gorgeous in these pics!

  102. Ahhh Naomi I am SOO happy for you!! Congratulations–and what sweet photos of you and Josh! :)

  103. Jessica

    Awww congratulations! This is such an adorable way to share your precious news! Best wishes! xoxo

  104. OMG!!! I am so excited for you! Congratulations! You look fabulous and I know you will be the most fabulous mommmy!

  105. i am so excited to hear pregnancy/baby stories. you guys are adorable! so happy for you!

  106. OMG Congratulations!! This is so wonderful! I've been following you guys for a long while now & I'm so happy for you guys!!!! =)

  107. congratulations! the two of you will be the coolest parents on the block :)

  108. Congratulations! How exciting!

  109. congrats! i can't wait to see your preggers clothes! you look fabulously happy. both of you!

  110. CONGRATS!!! What amazing news! I can't wait to read about your journey of parenting. Best of luck :)

  111. becca

    so incredibly awesome. congrats!!

  112. Chaucee


  113. My Oh My! That looks like a blooming baby BOY bump! Can't wait to see if I'm right. Congrats!

  114. Sarah

    Congratulations!!! You look darling!!

  115. kid.

    oh my gosh, i am so excited for both of you. you two will be such adorable parents. what a lucky baby!

  116. Courtney


  117. Oh my goodness! I was so excited when I saw this!! Congratulations! Hopefully King will take sharing your affection well;)

  118. Katie

    AHH! I just screamed out loud and all my roommates think I'm nuts but I'm so happy for y'all!! Can't wait to follow this journey with y'all!

  119. Alex

    Aaahhh! Congratulations to you both! What a wonderful new chapter :)

  120. kate

    congratulations!!! so happy for you guys, and can't wait to see all of your pregnancy posts! :) :)



  121. Emily

    LOVE the way you shared the news! Congratulations!

  122. alli

    How freakin' cute! Congrats you guys!

  123. Vanessa

    WOOOOOO!!!! Congrats!!

  124. Kelsi

    okay, could you BE any cuter?! seriously. you are going to be (well, you already are) the cutest little pregnant lady in the world.

    congratulations! how far along are you?!

  125. B

    I just knew it!! I had such a strong feeling from your posts! CONGRATULATIONS!! YAY!!! So very, very happy for you!!

  126. yay! i'm so so so so happy for you two!

  127. Brooke

    Awesome news. Congrats. Get ready for the best journey of your life! xo

  128. Congratulations!! So exciting :)

  129. Jalene


    congrats you two! you already look like fabulous parents.

  130. savy

    Congratulations! So happy for you!

  131. Cassie

    Congrats you lovely two! You will make an even lovlier three! xx

  132. Shannyn

    Congrats!!!! =)

  133. Alisha

    Beyond excited for you guys! You'll make the best parents!


  135. delaney

    i feel as happy and excited for you guys as i would for my own family members!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  136. Merrick

    Delurking to say congratulations!! Our first baby came along in April, and it's the best thing that has ever happened to us! So so happy for both of you!

  137. Shelly

    Congratulations! You guys will be GREAT parents… :)

  138. Sasha

    AWWWW YAY!!!! I know this might sound strange but I actually thought today before I saw your post that you might be pregnant. It's very weird that I came on here and found out that you are! How exciting!! :) Congratulations!

  139. so so so so happy for you!!! congrats congrats!!

  140. Danielle

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  141. Danielle

    Congratulations! The most adorable family just keeps growing!

    Sad part is, I look like that after eating!

  142. chelsey

    this is just the best ever.


  144. Meredith

    WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations – this is the best news! I hope your are feeling well, and I can't wait to hear all the updates!


    You're so adorable and tiny. Love this little .gif and that it's called 'Mother'. Congrats you two!

  146. oh my goodness!! congrats. congrats. congrats.

  147. L!$@

    Congratulations!! That is such a cute way to share too :D Hope everything goes well for you and your family!! How exciting!!

  148. L!$@

    Congratulations!! That is such a cute way to share too :D Hope everything goes well for you and your family!! How exciting!!

  149. SO happy for you!

  150. michelle

    Many congratulations!!

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  152. Rachelle

    now that is exciting! congrats!

  153. katrina

    ahhh YES! you will be the most adorable family in the world! i cant wait to meet baby via the blog.

  154. Oh my goodness a little on the way?! That is awesome. So happy for you guys!!:)

  155. Erica

    i am so thrilled for you!! congrats! you will be the cutest mamma ever!

  156. So exciting! The two of you are adorable. I have been following your blog for just a few months and really enjoy it. I can't wait to see what is to come.

  157. Nicole*

    no wayyy!!!! congrats congrats congrats!!!
    and I love the way you announced it. you two are so precious! YAY!

  158. I love this! So happy for you! You will be such a wonderful mother. Happy happy family!

  159. Shauna

    YAY!!! congratulations!!!

  160. jill

    congratulations! you are already such a beautiful little family… and you're going to make one heck of a cute pregnant lady!

  161. your first babe, the most exciting time of your life!

  162. Anne.

    Oh my goodness, congratulations!

  163. your first babe, the most exciting time of your life!

  164. OMGosh!!!Congratulations….You're my mostfavorite blog couple…I'm so happy for the both of you…

  165. Katie

    Congratulations! What a cute way to do the announcement!

  166. Cheray

    Ahh congratulations! :)
    That's the cutest set of pics ever!

  167. Amy

    I thought you may be prego in those pics with your sistas. Congratulations!

  168. jenny

    How Fantastic!!! Congrats! What a beautiful family you two rockstars will make! (:

  169. cutest way ever to announce it! congrats!

  170. Such a brilliant way to announce the news! :) Congrats, you are freaking ADORABLE.

  171. Congrats! Such an amazing blessing!

  172. christy

    Thrilled to read such wonderful news, Naomi! So happy for you and Josh. And what a very lucky baby!

  173. D*mac


  174. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you! You are going to be the greatest parents. Kingsley's gonna get a run for his money! I thought you might be trying because of the messed up medication a few months ago. I did that same thing when we were trying for our first. Hurrayyyy!!!!!

  175. Sara

    Wow oh wow oh wow! There is NOTHING in the world like that first baby – NOTHING! Congrats! Details please – how far along are you? Due date? Boy or girl? Do you know yet or will you opt to wait? You look adorable!

    So excited for you both!

  176. HillsRus


  177. Anna


  178. Anna

    You guys are going to be great parents!!!!

  179. Ashley

    What a surprise! Congratulations!!! I'm happy for the both of you! You will be the most awesome parents!

  180. OH MY GOODNESS!! okay, i don't wanna sound creepy or anything, but i literally screamed "SHE'S PREGNANT!!" like we're friends or something. haha, this is so exciting. CONGRATSSSSS AHHHHH!!!

  181. Woot woot! Congratulations!

  182. Amy


  183. Kari



    You are going to have such a DARLING little baby!


  184. Karen

    Congratulations to you all! (Kingsley too )

    That is the most adorable way to announce it :)

  185. Tay.

    I'm so excited for yall!!! I can't wait to see what the next 9 months and beyond hold for you!! Congrats!!!


  186. Mikaela

    congrats!!!!! Your bump and dress are so cute!

  187. becky


  188. Malinda

    Congratualtions! That is super exciting!…and I love your dress!!

  189. Wahy

    congrats! the little rockstar must be as awesome as you both! xx

  190. congratulations!!!! so happy for you both! and, as always, you look adorable naomi (and josh, too!). :)

  191. How can I not leave a comment?!! You are a gorgeous momma already, for some reason this totally makes my night! I have a three year-old and a baby, and my husband and I love having those two girls in our lives! Wishing you two the best.


  192. openid

    Congratulations! Have a beautiful family!

  193. vvk


  194. yeayy!! congratulations ♥

  195. Meg

    Oh my… you are so, so, so, so, so, so DARLING!!! Congratulations to the both of you!

  196. Hooray! You already know how thrilled I am for you two. Finally – the secret is out!!!

    Darling presentation ps.

  197. Grace

    Congratulations! You look great!

  198. ooooh, these are such great news :)

    congratulaaaaaaations :)

    kisses and cuddles :) and a cupcake for the future-mommy ;)

  199. ooooh, these are such great news :)

    congratulaaaaaaations :)

    kisses and cuddles :) and a cupcake for the future-mommy ;)

  200. How exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    You are both glowing and I love that dress on you showing off your baby bump…beautiful!!!

    Liesl :)

  201. Rach

    I dont even know you but I am so happy for you. You guys are in for an amazing adventure, being a parent is so…really there are no words, you'll see, so amazing

  202. hooray!!! i love you!
    now please eat a twinkie! or FIVE! woman! my belly is bigger than yours! xoxo

  203. eden

    yay for you! that's so wonderful and exciting!

  204. Betty


  205. Thao

    Oh, dear! What a lucky, lucky baby to have you two as parents! Congrats x 100! So happy for you.

  206. Congratulations!! I read your blog all the time but never comment because you don't know me and I'm a chicken!! Congratulations again, you and your hubby will be wonderful parents!
    p.s. Your baby will be adorable!

  207. evelyn

    Really?! Thats exciting news! Congrats to you guys! you gonna be parents and great ones too! ^_~ i cant wait to see photos of the baby when it is finally born! Aww! <3

  208. congrats you two! so truly special :)

  209. Jen

    Oh I've been suspecting this announcement was coming! Congrats, you guys are going to be fabulous parents and it will be so fun to see your journey!

  210. No. Way.

    Congratulations! <3

  211. ADORABLE dress. aaaaw congratulations!! love your blog and this lil post just made me so so so happy. many blessings!
    x anna

  212. Krysta


  213. Melany

    you are too cute! i can't wait to see your cute maternity outfits. hope you have a healthy pregnancy!


    (i've never commented before…your blog is one of my favorites!)

  214. Congrats, that's great news!

  215. Oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS!

  216. Kate

    Oh my goodness Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about your little bean a-growin'. So happy for you guys. *big smile*

  217. kylee

    oh my goodness congratulations!! you two will be the most adorable parents around!

  218. I knew there was a reason you were being secretive ;)

  219. jill

    congrats to you both! This is going to be one super cute baby :)

  220. Tara

    I knew that's what the post was going to be as soon as I read the title! Hooray hooray hooray! I'm so happy for you!

  221. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  222. Oh, congratulations! Can't wait to see the little rockstar! You guys must be thrilled! <3

  223. congratulations!!!!!! look stunning. this baby is going to be gorgeous

  224. Heidi

    Hooray! Congratulations on your wonderful news! Poor, poor Kingsley though. He can call our dog, Gus, if he needs some fur to cry on.

  225. Krissy B

    What wonderful news! Congratulations to you both and best wishes.

  226. Michelle

    yayy!!! So excited for you!! Can't wait to see how cute your baby is!

  227. Amy

    Oh my goodness that is the best news! Massive congratulations to you both!

  228. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. YAY!!! I had a baby 5 weeks ago and its AWESOMEEEEE!!! She is the love of my life (besides my hubby) you will love being a mom!

  230. I am soooo excited for y'all!! That's so great.

    You will be the cuuuutest preggers girl!

  231. Emily

    Congrats! Love the announcement. :)

  232. Congratulations! You guys are gonna be such cute parents!

    PS cute dress

  233. Danielle


  234. How exciting…congratulations! My husband and I just announced our pregnancy to our families…we're due in March and also thrilled!! When are you due??

  235. oh my gosh!!! congratulations!!! you look beautiful :)

  236. Jennifer

    Mazel tov! What wonderful news!

  237. Briel79

    OMG congratulations! That's awesome! When are you due? Will you be finding out if it's a boy or a girl or will you be surprised? :) How exciting!

  238. YAY for new baby!!!!
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! :D

  239. kwistin

    AAAAGGHHH! i am SO happy for you! judging from your treatment of kingsley and the kind of people you are, you will be just wonderful parents! and that kid is going to be adorable! congratulations!

    ps, you're also gonna be one of those really cute pregnant ladies. i can tell. i hope i'm like that when i get there. : )

  240. Rachel

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is so exciting.

    now kingsley will have a little one to play with :)

  241. Cathi

    Oh My Gosh!
    Your announcement photos are absolutely adorable!

  242. Kelly

    i KNEW it! i kinda suspected it when you were feeling sick a lot lately!


  243. I knew it! The last month or so I thought this announcement was coming! Congratulations!

  244. molly

    You two are going to be the best parents! Congratulations!!!!

  245. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY!!!! AND THE MOMENT I SAW GUESS WHAT AS THE TITLE–I KNEW!!! I am so excited for the two of you! You will be such great parents and give that baby everything he/she deserves in this life. Congrats!

  246. yaaayyyy!!! That's the best news ever! So excited for you!!!

  247. Awwwww! Smiles =). Congratulations!!

  248. Courtney

    I had wondered due to your mentions about feeling under the weather in some of the recent posts– I hope you have escaped the abyss that is morning sickness. you are positively radiant!

  249. Congratulations! xxx

  250. Sum

    CONGRATS you two! Can't wait to see the new rockstar baby!

  251. Mrs T

    Oh congratulations. You two are going to have the cutest baby!

  252. CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE PHILIPPINES!!! :) Such great news :)

  253. tvmom

    congrats! you'll be awesome parents!

  254. Sini

    So great news! Congrats! :)

  255. Kristina

    congrats!!! you look beautiful – as always!! viele grüsse, kristina

  256. mare

    you will be a fantastic mother, hands down. congrats.

  257. Congratulations!!!! Your baby bump is adorable :).

  258. Juultje

    Yeah…such great news!! Which would explain some of your previous posts that you were not feeling so well;-)

    Enjoy this wonderfull news and give us some updates on due date etc:-)


  259. Gisela

    Congratulations!! And you look so beautiful…both of you!!!

    Lots of love


  260. Oh my God Naomi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow! You won't believe me but I am crying right now! I am so wonderfully happy for you guys! And you're such a beautiful woman! Oh my God look at you!!! wooooah!

    Hugs hugs hugs!

  261. jackiek

    ahhhh! i don't even know you guys but like everyone above im beyond excited right now! such amazing news. you're going to make the most amazing mama!

  262. Mez

    Oh Wow
    That is amazing news!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. Rhianne

    oh wow, Naomi I am so excited for you all – a puppy and a baby :) what a wonderful family you are making!

    I love these photos – Josh's face is wonderful.

    I hope everything is going smoothly so far.

  264. super news. congrats. from what i see over here, you two are going to be wonderful at this gig! x

  265. I had a feeling this was coming soon! I am so happy for your little family! I hope Kingsley doesn't get jealous! And could you be any cuter as a little mommy-to-be?! I LOVE your dress!

  266. Congrats! This is fantastic news! xx

  267. Congrats! This is fantastic news! xx

  268. Congrats! This is fantastic news! xx

  269. Congrats! This is fantastic news! xx

  270. Jess


  271. welcome to the mommy club!!! :)
    it's the best club ever!!!!!!

  272. Lidia

    Congratulations!!! You are so beautiful!

  273. Fenke

    aaah – me too!! (but it is already old news, since i am already due in three month…) congratulations to you two! enjoy your pregnancy :-)

  274. oh so sweet!!congratulations!!!

  275. congratulations!! :D you look glowing, happy and so beautiful!!
    i love the moving image! :)


  276. I've been hoping for some good news- this fits the bill about a thousand times over! Congratulations! You will be brilliant parents!!

  277. kez

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Soon we will here the pitter patter of baby Rockstars! Yay :)

  278. MamaQ

    yea, she's out! am so, so happy for you and excited about the journey you've embarked on. hope you'll be able to come over for playdates and more fun mama moments. great photos, by the way. look at your little baby bump!

  279. Lizzy

    congrats!! x

  280. Oh my! How simply wonderful!

    P.S Beautiful dress.

  281. i started to get a but teary when i saw this haha. congrats!

  282. Emily

    Huge congratulations to you both!!

  283. lexianne

    congratulations on the wonderful news! you and josh look so gloriously happy and you deserve to be! xoxo

    (ps. where did you get your dress? it's amazing!)

  284. lavelle

    Awhh congratulations!!! xx

  285. Oh, wow! That's awesome news! Congratulations!!!! ^.^

  286. Leigh

    Congrats! So happy for you both!

  287. congratulation, Taza! this is the best thing I've know today, and you both look so thrilled as it is! super duper exciting of this news! so take care, lovely. be well with your new baby :)


  288. Congratulations!!! That baby will be the cutest ever with you guys as it's parents! Looking forward to lots of cute pregnancy photos and the baby too, of course!

  289. janis

    oh my gosh! so excited for you two!! ♥

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  291. Vera


  292. OH MY GOODNESS! Naomi, Josh, this is the most brilliant news I have heard in forever. I actually squealed a little when I was scrolling down my reader.

    I know you two will be the greatest parents in the world. I've always thought so, but now, you'll just get to prove it. I wish you all the luck and joy in the world!

    Much Love,
    Norah xxx


  293. Sher

    Oh my, congrats to you both! I've been a blog reader for sooooo long and I too am thrilled with your news!! You and your bump look lovely in the dress:)


  294. maria

    congrats!!! so excited for you guys, so glad we get to tag along!! how ever did you create this picture, please please share!!!

  295. amber

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That is so so so exciting!!! You guys will make great parents, and kingsley will be great too :) yay!

  296. congrats! i am so excited for you both!!

    can't wait for baby rockstar <3

  297. cherie


  298. Name: LC

    congratulations, naomi and husband! i have always loved and admired your blog and your strong faith – best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and blessed new family!

  299. Maddy

    Hooray!!! Congratulations!!! you guys are going to enjoy it so much… you already make being pregnant look adorable :)

  300. Congratulations !!! :) I'm sure you'll both make wonderful, caring parents

  301. t.

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    Oh my gosh, this just made my day.
    I love happy pregnant people :)

  303. Congratulations!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!

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    ah congrats!!!!!!!!! I am due any day now and cant wait! its our first and we are so excited! enjoy the coming months!

  306. toria

    ah congrats!!!!!!!!! I am due any day now and cant wait! its our first and we are so excited! enjoy the coming months!

  307. Yay! That is so exciting!
    Kingsley will have a new friend haha :)

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    Wow! Congratulations to your family! What a huge blessing!

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  311. What a great way to tell everyone!

  312. Sooo exciting! I just got chill bumps~what a great way to share the news. Very happy for you guys! <3

  313. This I have been waiting for :)
    Congratulations from me in Norway

    Mette :)

  314. denise

    Congratulations! I have been wondering when you two were gonna start having babbbiess! What cute pictures! I don't even know you, but this makes my morning! Yayy! :) :)

  315. Casey

    Congratulations!! After reading your blog for awhile but rarely commenting, I have to comment and say I know you will be such a great mother! Hooray!!

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  317. Bridget

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    <3 gina

  322. Gina

    congratulations! you are beautiful, these are SUCH happy pictures :)

    <3 gina

  323. Chloé

    AAAhh! You guys are going to have the cutest baby ever! I'm so happy for you!!!!

  324. I dared to hope when I saw the title of your post and hadn't yet seen the photos. So thrilled for you guys. You're going to be really wonderful parents. And now I want the details. How far along? How are you feeling? Cravings?

  325. congratulations! that's seriously so exciting for the both of you!

  326. Molly

    A beautiful rockstar baby!!! Congratulations Naomi and Josh!

  327. Lindsay


  328. omg! congratulations!!!!!!!
    best news! and I love the way you announced it.this is so exciting!

  329. Mary

    Can I say I knew it? Because I knew it! And I am so incredibly happy for you guys — reading your blog has made me fall in love with your little family.

    And don't tell anyone, because we just found out yesterday, but we're expecting too. :)

  330. Haley


  331. Emie

    Awwwwww! CONGRATS! :)
    I don't know you, but I feel like I do and I got teary eyed seeing/reading this post.
    You two are going to make incredible parents.

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    Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you both! And that is such a cute way to announce your great news!

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  338. it's a really great news , waouhhh !
    really happy for you & josh!
    ps: & kingsley too !

  339. Pia

    That is amazing!! Congratulations!!!!

  340. catzie

    Congratulations! Even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do and I'm so thrilled for you both! I know you'll both be great parents!

  341. congratulations!!!! that explains why you haven't been feeling well lately!!!!

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  343. D&D


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    OMG OMG OMG! That's so exciting!!!!!! CONGRATS! Look at that lil bump :)

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    Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you two. You'll be wonderful and really cute parents :)

  348. AAAAHHHHH! YAY! Oh my, you two are adorable parents already! :D

  349. congratulations… you are headed down the best new road. (although i was very car sick in the beginning) the destination is one of a kind. xx

    how'd you get your picture to do that??

  350. Kait

    OHMYGOSH! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!!! CONGRATS to you both!!!

  351. Yippy! I had a feeling you were expecting… dunno why just did. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    PS- Must be in the water because I am too as are several other bloggers (& friends of mine but you wouldn't know them obviously, LOL) … funny the way it works out like that sometimes, eh?

    xoxo :)

  352. Jessica

    YAY!!!!!!! Congratulations to you! When are you due? I'm expecting my first baby in February! I look forward to following your pregnancy and expect lots of posts! CONGRATS!!!!

  353. Just stumbled upon your blog, LOVE IT. Your dress is super cute! Congrats on the baby!

    Hannah :)

  354. Nikki

    CONGRATULATIONS!! This is such wonderful news!!!!!

    You look absolutely gorgeous!


  355. Sarah

    What an adorable way to announce such great news.. Congratulations!

  356. Sarah

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  357. yay! so excited for you- and the picture is ADORABLE!!

  358. congratulations!!!
    super excited for you two!

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    CONGRATS!!!!!! What a fun and perfect picture!

  360. Naomi! What exciting news! Congrats. I couldn't be happier for you.

  361. lizzy

    oh taza & husband,

    wishing you every happiness, much strength, & impossible wisdom as this adventure begins.

    i adore how you announced the news. and still cannot stop smiling over the joy on your faces & the developing babe.

  362. SCREAAAM!!!! AHHHHH you are so ADORABLE! CONGRATULATIONS you both!!!!

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  366. oh my goodness! congratulations to your little growing family!

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    I knew it!! you haven't been feeling well, haven't been blogging much…ahhh!! too cute!!! congrats to you and the hubster!!!



  368. What a lucky kid! you will be the cutest parents ever. Congratulations from Utah!

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    Absolutely precious! What a precious precious gift! :) Congratulations!

  370. Congrats! A rock star baby! This is amazing. Send you a lot of love from France <3

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    Congratulations! I had a feeling you were going to be telling us this…

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    ohh may god!
    i am so happy for you!
    your little rockstar will be beautiful.

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  376. chels.e.

    oh my goodness! congrats to you both!
    i have never commented, for which i appologize because i read your blog daily and love it!
    thanks for sharing and i look forward to reading of your new adventure.

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    Oh Boy!!! You guys will have the cutest baby and you seem like the coolest greatest parents! So exciting!! Congrats!

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  384. Alex A-G


  385. Alex A-G

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  386. Can our babies marry each other?

    SO happy for both you and Josh. xo.

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    Congrats! LOVE the pictures. what a fun adventure.

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    congratulations! what a happy and exciting surprise to see on my morning blog hopping!!!! :)

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    so exciting!

    PS. You are so pretty! Love that dress!

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  393. Abigail

    No way!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys.

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    This is amazing!!!!! I have followed your blog for so long and I am sooooo happy for the both of you!!! You look absolutely stunning, the whole pregnancy glow must be true!!!

    Great pictures too!!!



  395. Katz NYC

    Holy Moly! Awesome! Congrats! Looking forward to your pregnancy time outfits! :)

  396. AplusB


  397. audrey

    CONGRATULATIONS! you are going to be such wonderful parents. :)

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  403. best announcement ever! so incredibly happy for y'all!

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    congrats! you look beautiful!

  405. Congratulations!!!!

  406. Oooooh my goodness!!!! I've always wondered when you would break this news to us all, as you would both make amazing parents! Huge congrats! Kingsley…watch out! ;-)

  407. CAPow!

    Congratulations! You, Josh, Kinglsey and Baby will be such a beautiful family!!

  408. ah! that bump is precious and you are glowing! Congrats!

  409. Jenny☮

    You will make a wonderful mom. :)

  410. what a wonderful way to share the good news! congratulations!

  411. OMG yayyyyyyyy CONGRATS!!! So happy for you! Kingsley's gonna be a big brother!! XOXO

  412. Blicious

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU AND JOSH!!!


  413. Congrats!! That is so exciting!

  414. OH MY GOSH!!! That is SOOOO exciting!!! Congratulaions! Here's wishing you an easy/not so much sickness first trimester!

    That is the cutest dress … and, HOW'D YOU DO THAT? (With the picture, not the pregnancy!) ;)

  415. Katie

    AAAHHHHHHH! congrats! you are gorgeous!

  416. I'm an avid reader of your delightful blog and am so excited for you two. :)

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    this makes me so happy it's not even funny! congratulations to the two of you!!!!!!

  421. Sita

    Congratulations! You look great. It's such an exciting time! I am starting my last 2 months now and I feel /am huge!! Enjoy and I wish you a wonderful pregnancy.

  422. A big congrats to you guys! What a cute picture! We recently found out that I am pregnant with #2 and are very excited also!

  423. Bethany

    Oh my goodness yay! Your baby is going to be so precious! Congratulations to both of you!

  424. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that's so exciting!!!!

  425. Diana


    That's fantastic, I'm so happy for you two :)

  426. Oh my goodness!!! This is so exciting! Your baby is going to be super cute!!! What a wonderful message! Congratulations! God bless you!!! I'm so happy for you two, oh sorry I have to say three! :)

    ps: I love your dress.

  427. Tory

    I've only been following for a few short months…but COngrats! Looking foward to watching and hearing your journey into parenthood…it truly is amazing. We have 2 year old daughter who is just the apple of our eye!

  428. Tory

    I've only been following for a few short months…but COngrats! Looking foward to watching and hearing your journey into parenthood…it truly is amazing. We have 2 year old daughter who is just the apple of our eye!

  429. AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! SOO EXCITING!!!! You look fabulous!!

  430. Congratulations!! I can't wait to follow along. Now I think you need to add one more to your page in Washingtonian this month!! You guys look fabulous, as usual.

  431. Sarah

    You make an utterly cute preggo. Congrats!

  432. So happy for you two! Congrats :)

  433. About 5 of the blogs I read are prego, about to give birth, just had a baby or just announced..and your #5!
    I was wondering when you would post that!

  434. sheila

    thats exciting. Congrats to you both!

  435. Maggie

    yay for baby!!!

  436. miriam

    yay! congratulations! we're expecting our 1st in about 2 months! yay for babies!!!

  437. jjs

    congratulations! you two will be adorable parents!

  438. LOVE how you posted this! And you are TOTALLY showing! (unless you're sticking it out?) Hoping you are photographing weekly… congratulations on letting the world know. :)

  439. How cute! Congratulations and good luck on the pregnancy.

  440. AMAZING
    Congratulations! All the best wishes and loads of energy and light for you guys.
    This image is fantastic!!!

    You will make wonderful parents.

    (I had a feeling though when you posted about your self called sick face…. )

  441. Suzanne

    Holy cow!! Congratulations!!!

    You two are just adorable (as always).


  442. Chelsea

    oh my gosh, how far along are you?!

  443. Niki

    OMG,so happy for you guys!

  444. carina

    Don't know if you have the energy to read comment no.463:-D
    But here it is: Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I don't know you, but just did a little skip and a clap when I saw the post. I wish you a wonderful pregnancy. I hope I get to look like that when I get pregnant, but I think I'm more the whale-kind-of-gal.

    Wonder what Kingsley will think about this?:-)

    Great and creative way of announcing it. Could be a great card idea, also.

    Good luck

  445. Congratulations! This is the most awesome way to let your readers know too!

  446. Shandey

    Congrats!! you're gonna have such a cute belly! yay!

  447. boots

    too cool! its baby season!!! horah hooray huzzah for you! and what a cute announcement, priceless.

  448. Joan

    hurray!!!!!!!!! you just made me scream in my office!

  449. congrats, congrats, congrats!
    You will be a beautiful, loving mother! So excited for you!

  450. jo

    may your pregnancy go smoothly and may all three of you (mom, dad, and baby) be blessed with health and happiness.

  451. Jill

    We are all so happy for you both! You look pretty happy yourselves. Congratulations. I hope we get to meet the little one some day.

  452. Shorty

    Aaaagh! CONGRATULATIONS! This will make the 2nd blog I'm following through a pregnancy. HOW EXCITING!

  453. Ku'ulei

    yay! this announcement is so perfect..the pictures and your faces! haha classic! congrats!

  454. Ashley

    How exciting! That's so wonderful!

  455. Morgan


    That is going to be one beautiful baby!

  456. Ash

    That is so wonderful!!!!

  457. Kim

    Naomi! I don't know if you remember me… we danced together at Utah Regional Ballet (I'm Kim Call). Anyway, your blog is too cute and I'm so very excited for you! Congrats!

  458. Wonderful news!!! Congrats to you both (and kingsley too)

  459. Congratulations! Perhaps this is the reason you have been feeling under the weather?! Definitely worth a tummy bug, I am sure! You are going to have the most awesome mommy-to-be wardrobe, I am sure!

  460. Congratulations! This is so exciting and I'm so happy for you guys! You're going to have such a rockstar baby!

  461. Congratulations! I'm so excited to read about your next adventure.

  462. heather

    congrats!!! what beautiful photos! <3

  463. congratulations! ;)

    you are a really rockstar now;)

  464. OH MY WORD!!!
    Congratulations :D What happy news!

  465. i seriously gasped when i saw the picture! congratulations!!!


    I'm expecting my first and second right now = twins. My dream for a bulldog didn't come true before them (we tried to adopt a Frenchie, but it failed), so now I am telling everyone that for their first Birthday my children are getting a puppy! :)

  467. Sharstin

    Oh My–congrats to you both! you look darling! and you guys are honestly the cutest! all the best!

  468. CONGRATS!!! You are going to make a fabulous mom!…you have a lucky little babe in your belly :) There's almost nothing sweeter than being a mom…along with how you fall in love with your hubby all over again when you see him with your little one :) Good luck with the pregnancy! When are you due??

  469. PS – how did you do that cool moving picture?? (is it weird it makes me think of Harry Potter?…their photos move:)

  470. Kris

    This kind of news warrants congratulations even from a silent lurker like myself. Having a baby is the most wonderful, life and spirit-affirming experience ever. Also, lots of poop. Enjoy!

  471. Natalie

    THAT IS AMAZING! congratulations!!! i know you will be an amazing mother. and a stylish one at that.

  472. Yay! How exciting – Congratulations :)))

  473. Ariel

    ohmygoodness!!! congratulations!!!!! :D

  474. ashley

    Congratulations! This makes me excited to start my own life, married wiith a baby of the way:)

  475. eeeeeeek!!
    This is sooo exciting! Congratulations :)

  476. Oh gosh, and please tell where your dress is from too!

  477. YOU ARE SO CUTE! i love the announcement:) my little girl, elle, is 11 months today. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT HAPPENED! i swear i was pregnant last week… enjoy the [sometimes long and nauseous] journey!

  478. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Super super excited for you!!!!! Congrats to you both on your precious bundle <3

  479. I know you've heard it enough already… but that is such a blessing!!!!
    Can't wait to keep reading the blog and keep updated..
    God Bless you two…three!!

  480. that is the cutest. congratulations!!!!

  481. Oh my Goodness yay! I am so happy for you guys!!

  482. MrsKinne

    Yay! Your announcement could not be cuter. :)

  483. Ugh, I am so sickeningly jealous!
    Your dress, your HAIR, your cute little bump!
    Congrats :)

  484. stephany


  485. Libby

    That right there is a big deal! When the kiddos show up on the scene it's definitely an adjustment…but a sweet, wonderful, adorable adjustment.


  486. em

    After reading your blog for so long, I feel like I know you, this is amazing news! I am so happy for you! Congrats, rockstar!

  487. Rudi


    Congratulations times fourteen billion! This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seeeeen!!!!

    love, rudi

  488. Barbara

    AAAW <3 Congrats!!!! :)

  489. I know I don't know you both personally, but your moving picture bought a HUGE smile to my face this morning. What brilliant news :) The love story continues as you add more to your flock. Congratulations! Such thrilling news. You are both most blessed. xxx

  490. .nicole.

    You're so cute with your little baby bump! Congrats!!!

  491. leahrae

    You are going to be the cutest parents ever! Congratulations!!!!! You guys already look so happy. This is great news :)

  492. Emily G.

    Oh my goodness, congratulations! You two will be fabulous parents! (:

  493. Hope

    Aww… Congratulations! :)

  494. omg congrats!!! you look adorable!!! you guys are going to make great parents!

  495. Oh my goodness! This is such wonderful news! Congratulations! ;) Can't wait to meet the little rockstar baby!

  496. congrats, naomi and josh!! my husband and i are expecting our first in february. i can't wait to read all of your baby-related posts!

  497. Erica

    Awwww!!!!! Congrats! I am so happy for the both of you!!! God bless!

  498. Erica

    Awwww!!!!! Congrats! I am so happy for the both of you!!! God bless!

  499. Oh I am so excited for you guys!!! Congrats!

  500. You are the cutest pregnant lady! We're hoping to have one of those soon too. Congratulations!!!

  501. Andrea

    WOW you are pretty much the most amazing looking mom-to-be!!! CONGRATS!!!

  502. wow taza, I've just been waiting for the day when this happened! Congratulations! What a journey this will be. We're both glad you are so blessed ;)

  503. oh my gosh! so exciting. i feel like you're my friend and i want to tell everyone because i'm so excited for you!!!! you guys are tooooo cute.

  504. Courtney

    oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!

  505. Savannah

    as people have mentioned in previous posts, i literally screamed when i saw this as if we were the best of friends. but really, i am super excited for you two and i can't wait to see pictures as the bump gets bigger! oh, and of course, pictures of the lucky little baby nine months from now!

  506. This is SOO exciting!!!! Babies are the best, and I can bet that yours is going to be ADORABLE!! AH! I'm incredibly happy for you!! And you are such a cute pregnant woman! CONGRATULATIONS!

  507. marycate

    CONGRATS!!!!! :D
    im so happy for yalll!

  508. lar

    huge congrats to you two! strange thing is that for the past month or so i have been looking at your blog expecting to see this. go figure. anyway…best of luck! i'm sure he/she will be precious and i can't wait to see what you wear throughout your pregnancy.

  509. Valerie

    Nothing better in the world. And cool picture rotater-thing-y…yeah I don't know the proper term ha ha ha

  510. Alex

    Freaked out when I saw this…CONGRATS! SO EXCITING OH MY GOODNESSSSS :)

  511. Alex

    Freaked out when I saw this…CONGRATS! SO EXCITING OH MY GOODNESSSSS :)

  512. Lindsey

    So happy for you! Congratulations!

  513. Bree

    Congratulations! Can't wait to see/read more!

  514. Spencer

    Congrats! That's so exciting!

  515. Jess

    Wow! I know we don't know each other, so is it weird that I'm excited and sooo happy for you guys? But thanks for sharing your life with us these past couple years, Naomi! Congratulations!

  516. Skye

    So exciting! Congratulations! Love your bump!

  517. Liz V.

    congratulations!!!! you guys are the cutest.

  518. Moocy


  519. kristin

    I adore your blog, and I couldn't be happier for you guys! :)

  520. "nuh uh!" was the first thing to come out of my mouth when I saw this! Congrats! That is so exciting! :D

  521. Congrats you guys! So wonderful!
    Love your cute pictures! Such a sweet way to share it with us!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  522. Awe! I almost started crying just now in happiness for you two!!!

  523. Ade

    this made me smile so much. you look great! congratulations!

  524. Jen


  525. love the announcement! CONGRATS!

  526. kristen

    Congratulations!! I thought a few past posts alluded to having trouble conceiving in which case the news is almost even more exciting!!!

  527. Oh my God!!! Congratulations, Naomi!!

  528. Oh my God!!! Congratulations, Naomi!!

  529. Malee

    How exciting! Congratulations to you both! :)

  530. Supppperrr Congrats!!! That is so awesome.

  531. Bri

    NO WAY!!! I'm so excited for you two!!! I literally jumped up and down in excitement!!! You're already an adorable mother : )

  532. {jane}

    congratulations!!! i am thrilled to the bone for you two.


  533. Carissa

    Oh my goodness, I'm so excited and happy for you!! You guys will be great parents, the little one is a blessed one indeed :)

  534. AAAAAHHHHHH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS?! I always wanted to see what a cute baby you two would make!

  535. kimarie

    Congratulations guys, I am a new reader from Perth in Australia and just from reading your blog over the last few months I know this little baby is going to have such a joyous and love-filled life. All the best x x

  536. Rachel

    oh my gosh! congratulations :)

  537. Congratulations! I have been lurking on your blog for a while and it is absolutely gorgeous. Its like reading a novel. Wishing you all the best, and blogrolling you for the fututre! Hoping Kingsley isn't too jealous of the new arrival!


  538. Katyha

    congratulations dear! what fantastic news

  539. JUST came across your blog, you guys are so damn cute, love the blog, content, lay out and this post, so much fun!!! Congrats!!

    d e g a i n e


  540. Ahh you are pregnant!! This is going to take your already awesome blogging to a whole new level…I'm excited! :)

  541. Brooke

    oh my gosh! that's so exciting for you two!!! you guys dont know me but im an everyday reader of your blog and i think you guys are just so cute! congrats on baby again!

  542. Jay

    I knew it!! Had my suspicions a little while ago ;) Super congrats though!! You two are gonna be great parents!! And Kingsley will probably lick the thing to death ;)

  543. Brit

    I am SO excited for you. There is nothing better than a new little baby. I have a four month old and my only advice is corny. Time goes by very fast, so stay home and snuggle that little one as much as you can. congrats!

  544. Ava


    So exciting!! The happiness is radiating out of both of you!


  545. I'm so so happy for you!!!
    I'm due to have a little baby boy this November and it's such a wonderful feeling … time simply can't go quick enough!!! :D
    You'll make wonderfully amazing parents x x

  546. Jessica

    so exciting!

  547. Carrie

    Congrats and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy! p.s. Such an adorable way to share your good news…very creative.

  548. oh my goodness congratulations! this is so exciting :] :] and you look so adorable with a little baby bump!

  549. lynette


  550. Amanda

    This is the cutest way ever to show you're pregs!!
    Love it!
    PS — Your bangs are so perfect perfect, as always.

  551. Michelle

    That is so WONDERFUL!! Congrats!!

  552. Michelle

    That is so WONDERFUL!! Congrats!!

  553. egypt

    Congrats to you both!

  554. Laetitia

    I'M REALLY REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! Looking at you and your husband being so happy and so in love makes me want to have a marriage like yours one day. Congrats!

  555. Morgan

    AMAZING!!!! So thrilled for you two!

  556. Latoya

    OMG Congrats!! You looks o beautiful (as always!)

  557. andrea

    congratulations! very exciting

  558. Biscuit

    I KNEW IT!

    Congratulations to you both!

  559. Kim

    congratulations!! can't wait to see beautiful pictures of your adorable, most littlest rockstar!!

  560. what a CUTE and SWEET announcement!! congrats to you and your husband, such a blessing! oh and, yeah…. HOW'D YOU DO THAT FOR THE PHOTOS!!! :) i just love it!

  561. Naomi!!! I read your blog everyday! I do comment here and there, but I know you get so many comments! I think you are such an amazing person inside and out!! I love that you have the biggest heart! U remind of myself in alot of ways, you are pretty awesome!

    I am SO HAPPY for you guys!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!! Your baby is going to be a little rockstar!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  562. Mary Van

    AAAAAHHHH!!! CONGRATS!! How exciting!!! I love the photos!

  563. Congratulations!! Enjoy every second of your pregnancy!

  564. Sally

    I am so so HAPPY for you both, this couldn't have happened to lovelier people. And Kingsley will have a little baby to befriend!

    Much love,


  565. Kayleigh


    times that by a million. or infinity. or both.

  566. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm so excited for you guys! You'll be great parents :)

  567. p+e

    Congratulations! I've been following y'all for a while and began to wonder WHEN! YAY!

  568. Congratulations! Look at that cute baby bump!

  569. OMG! congratulations!! ♥ ♥

  570. Katie

    What exciting and happy news! Congratulations!

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  572. Ahhh, you're going to be (who are we kidding, you already are) the cutest pregnant woman ever!

    Congratulations :D

  573. oh! amazing amazing amazing! congratulations.
    love your dress -with that little bow on the back its gorgeous!

    congrats congrats again

  574. saraH

    congratulations!! being a mother is the best thing in the world. also the hardest thing too but I'm sure you'll be a great one. :)

  575. elsabags

    Naomi that's awesome & those tennis shoes are amazing.

    You'll have to start making dance clothes…

  576. elsabags

    Naomi that's awesome & those tennis shoes are amazing.

    You'll have to start making dance clothes…

  577. -Tess-

    I am soooo HAPPY for both of you !!!!

  578. oh my GOODNESS!!

    your dress
    your love

    your little one!!!!!!

    i couldn't be more thrilled for you. definitely the most excited i've ever been for someone getting married who i didn't know :]

    will. be. cutest. parents. ever.

  579. Tiffany

    Very exciting! Congratulations and I love the pictures you used to announce the news!

  580. Victoria

    A big congrats from me! You must be the prettiest pregnant person I've ever seen! Lots of love xxx

  581. Rachel

    Congratualtions!! You two are going to have the coolest kid in town :D

  582. leigh

    I am so very happy for the both of you!! Congratulations soon to be parents, and soon to be big brother Kingsley ;)

  583. the happiest of newsies! you two will be such wonderful parents! can't wait to see the styles of the nursery and baby rockstar!!!

  584. cupcake

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  585. CONGRATS! When do I babysit?!?! :)

  586. no wonder you've been feeling sick lately! :)))) eeeeek! congrats! cutest. baby. ever.

  587. Kendra

    This is the cutest thing ever! I can't even see your belly in the previous posts! Congratulations.

  588. Amber

    What happy news! (Such a fun way to announce it too.) Congratulations!

  589. that is so great!! Congrats Naomi :) Oddest thing is that I hadn't checked your blog for a while and clicked on it thinking 'I wonder when they'll get pregnant…' Crazy!!
    P.S. You make such a cute preggers lady already and you two are so creative. It's inspiring! Share your secret some time haha :)

  590. Issy L

    Congratulations! I have followed your blog since you were living in N.Y, and I just love to read your cute blog. This is great news! :)

  591. raynette

    oh my gosh. so happy for you two. congrats congrats congrats. btw, how did you make that image?

  592. emma

    Oh my god!! Congratulations!!

  593. Congrats!! That is so amazing :)

  594. jlc

    omg i've been reading you for over a YEAR and this is amazing.. i'm tearing up!! I so wish me and my husband were living together so that we could start trying… very jealous.. and VERY VERY VERYYYYY Happy for you both!! You're gonna be the coolest parents ever!!

  595. I follow your blog for a long time now, but never comented before. now I have to post my first comment to say Congratulations!!! :) *

  596. Sonja

    OH MY GOODNESS! Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!
    and those photos are adorable as usual! Aaah this is so exciting (it's weird getting excited for someone you don't even know hehe…but I'm very very excited for you two!)
    Congrats again! :o)

  597. Congrats, how exciting!!!!

  598. brittany

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  599. Natalie

    Naomi, I am SO excited for you. That is so awesome! I can't wait to hear more!

  600. great news!! congrats!!!!

  601. Annie

    MAJOR congrats!!

  602. Megan

    congrats! you're gonna be such cool parents, no joke!

  603. Liz

    Naomi and Josh, so glad to hear the news is out!! So, so happy for you guys. You'll be the best of parents. Much love!

  604. Howard 6

    Congratulations! The most exciting ride of your life has begun. Months ago when you made a post about being sick but unable to talk about it, my first thought was you were pregnant. I've since been analyzing all your photos for a bump. You did well hiding it, lady :)
    How fun and exciting this is for you guys! Echoing what everyone else has said, I feel as excited for you as I would for myself or family/friend. Can't wait to see you as parents.

  605. Muffin

    how cute to reveal it like this. :) congratulations!

  606. Selina

    I love reading your blog, it makes me happy : )

  607. Lynn

    oh my goshness! I have been WAY out of the loop for far too long, how did I miss this ahhh-mazing news?!

    Super HUGE congratulations Naomi & Josh! What a beautiful little one this will be, so loved and positively influenced.

    Many wishes blown your way.

  608. Congratulations Naomi! Best of luck for an easy breezy pregnancy!

  609. I have a 17 and 14 year old…they are truly everything to me! I know yours will be the same for you. So happy to see you both glowing over the news!!! :-)

  610. Carissa

    so exciting and so cute! congrats!

  611. Congratulations! Enjoy every step on the way!!

  612. Oh my goodness, I know I'm like the six hundred and fiftieth (fiftyith??) person to say this, but CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you my imaginary friend!!!

  613. cutest gif ever.
    & congrats!!!

  614. !!! WOOHOO!! Congrats! You are going to be some of the coolest parents!

  615. Chris

    sweet. you guys are going to be such groovy parents. babies rock.

  616. Chloe


  617. beautiful beautiful girl! So happy for you and your new little rockstar!!! My happy husband and I don't have babies yet, but when we do, it will be the happiest day of our lives! Congratulations!


  618. Carolyn

    CONGRATULATIONS!! i don't know you two but have been following your blog for a long time. you guys will be totally amazing parents. your love for each other literally make me smile!!

  619. MegRuth

    What wonderful news! So happy for you guys!

  620. Emily

    Naomi and Josh, congrats from us! It's true, babies are magical. We know how hard it is to wait but believe me it makes it that much better when the little one finally comes (and changes your whole world.) Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  621. YAYYY!!! The cutest couple is going to have the cutest baby. Congratulations!
    xox alison

  622. noella

    Don't know if you'd reach reading this 654th comment, but Yaaaaaaay congraats!! That adorable little baby is soo lucky to have such cool rockstar parents as you!!

  623. Lydia

    Congrats to you. How did you put the sequential pics on blogspot? Love to know how.Th.u.

  624. I haven't been by your blog in awhile but this is the cutest thing! you guys are adorable and I wish you the best in adding to the fam!!
    so cute.

  625. Diana

    I'm SO, SO, SO late but major Congratulations!

  626. Congratulations – a little rockstar to add to the mix.

  627. Becky

    Naomi that is awesome! Congrats!