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i have always wanted to see and tour versailles. i was so glad we (candice, nicole and their husbands) made the trip out there before the retreat to check it out. regardless of visiting on probably the hottest day of the year (and having not slept in 24 hours because of my red eye flight + jet lag) it was still breathtakingly beautiful and worth it. if you ever get the chance, GO!
*i think candice took that picture of me. but it might have been nicole. i can’t remember. and the photo of the three of us is by candice’s husband, mark, but with nicole’s camera. :)

while in france…

i had my favorite big mac sandwich while in france at my beloved mickey d’s.
familiarity in a foreign country is always nice.

you know what’s extra cool about mcdonald’s over in france?
they sell macaroons and other fancy pastries there!
and even though i don’t like macaroons,
i think that’s pretty cool. and fancy.